The Film Emperor Asks for Divorce Every Day


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Film Emperor Ling Qing transmigrated and found himself on the receiving end of old dog blood scum abuse and must separate himself from the scum gong Yu Chen before he enters a cycle of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Ling Qing decided he must negotiate a divorce agreement.

Yu Chen was born a handsome wealthy man with countless men and women, and did not ask for marriage but married Ling Qing, who was useless except for his face.

“True love?” His friends ridiculed.

Yu Chen was disgusted, “What a joke. If I touch him then I must be a dog.”

Ling Qing was overjoyed. Great, it should be easy to divorce this way.

However, one day passed, two days passed, and Yu Chen was always unwilling to divorce.

A few months later, Ling Qing finished filming and returned home to hear, “Why do I think this actor looks at Ling Qing with the wrong eyes? F*ck, he’s not gonna like Ling Qing is he? This frog wants to eat swan meat but he’s not a match!”

Friend: “He’s not worthy, are you worthy?”

Yu Chen: “He’s my wife, we are a perfect match!”

Ling Qing: ??? That isn’t what you said at first?

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Ảnh Đế Mỗi Ngày Đều Muốn Ly Hôn
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New tharrinne rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: c93
I have to stop reading because I have to rate it first and I can't postponed my rating anymore!

Honestly I have never put this down since last night except when sleeping and eating 😂 now I'm at chapter 90s and just few chapters more before the end that I barely notice that's how good this novel for me the only thing is that I MTL the rest and barely grasp or missed some context but I can still understand the whole thing and still wish someone would continue this coz... more>> it's so good. I rarely get so invested in a book and without getting bored in a few chapters but continue to push bcoz I wanted to know the end of the story. But this is different I couldn't stop reading.


First of all the MC is so interesting and unique and yet familiar. In some stories they can be independent but somehow reluctant to open because of so many fears and some unreasonable things that makes an MC and ML be pushed and pull and passive. But here Ling Qing is independent l, straight forward l, he is smart a bit op but what I like the most is how the author made him solve the relationship around him, he is not a perfect person a selfish and arrogant but he has the right because he is capable and can bring himself. His OPness is reasonable bcoz he was already a successful actor in his past life.

The way he solve the issue of his brothers being switch made me cry that was so hard and painful if happened in real life, that you would wish that if parents can only be rational like him and handle it properly to make it less painful then they're might be less orphaned children and less broken families. MC is so sassy and full of wisdom because of his straight forwardness, his words hurt but he won't lie to you to help you improve yourself. And the part that even though the MC suffered so much in his past life and was arrogant, his feet was still on the ground, he knows his worth, knows his talent and his self very well and that he didn't selfishly kept all his wisdom to himself and reach out to those who need help and became the person he needs. That must be hard for someone who grew up in broken family without love, but instead of full of hatred he became a better person not perfect, not a saint but a normal human being.

While the ML is one of the few not overbearing president and I like it, their relationship is equal and both respect each other. The s*x is consensual, ML really love MC so much that he respects him, willing to be with him through ups and downs, had waited for MC to be ready to accept him, dotes on him and love MC unconditionally. I like that their love was not base because they just loved each other but because they COMMUNICATE which you can rarely get in other stories. Well there was a plot that they fought because the information wasn't relay to ML and he assumed a lot of things which made them fight which shows how can a misunderstanding ruin a loving relationship just one lie and miscommunication can ruin everything. And the way ML understand about how he should support MC on his pregnancy not as a third person perspective but the POV of the MC, if only in real life husbands can only think rationally like this maybe there's less mother's suffering from postpartum


All in all this novel is so good that I don't want it to end and wish it could have at least 200 chapters lol 😆😆

If you want to read a mature relationship, fluffy, funny and with sassy MC this is for you🤗👌 <<less
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KshinT rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c110
This novel is very complicated, I have mixed feelings about it. It started out quite well but soon hit a few bumps and I forced myself to read on but it's really not worth it. The author has 2 other novels in the same franchise on this website and out of the total 3 the one I will recommend the most is the Death seeking film emperor one. It's the best one although I am not very fond about the child but it's personal taste.

One of the reasons I am... more>> not a huge fan this is mainly because of the MC. Yes, he is very capable and smart and his EQ is above and beyond but he has issues that should have been addressed.


Firstly, during the past lover arc, when ML brought up divorce, MC freaked out because he recalled past truma about his past life and also he has abandonment issues. I feel like this should have been addressed, but it was just hinted at and used when convenient. Also he should have talked it out with the ML beforehand when he had the chance but he chose to omit some information and it created the problem between them. Not to mention MC said in prior chapters that if there was a problem, they should talk it out but did he take his own advice. Absolutely not. It is true that the past lover belonged to the original body but since it's the MCs body now I feel that he should have dealt with it more responsibly.

Second, MC likes to play with people's feelings. It might be intentional or unintentional but at the start people seem to be falling for him left and right but after stroking the fire he just left it laughing. But this is not that serious.

Third, he didn't want to tell their families about his pregnancy because he doesn't want to be looked at like a panda. He has absolutely no trust in his family. I mean it's understandable as he is not the original host but he could have tried to become closer to them.

Fourth, ML spoils him way too much. His personality feels flat like non-existant.


If you like lots of fluff, this book is for you so knock yourself out. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel actually did not go like what most people expected when they see the synopsis. At first glance we see that the ML here is a scum gong who got changed by the MC.

... more>>

While the reality is more surprising. The ML is not at all a scum! If anything, the original body of the MC is the one who is annoying to hell, lmao. A drama queen who see everything in his life as a miserable tragic drama, who see everyone didn't love him enough, and constantly felt jealous and wanted more. Thus, when the book the MC here transmigrated at was written from his POV, he looked like a miserable wife and unloved child. What the author of this novel give the reader is how the POV is very important. A situation can be very different when seen by different POV.


That's why, the ML here is very much sweet, cute, gentle, and funny. I applaud the author for not making another overbearing president and possessive male b*tch! Let us love this ML who love and respect the MC~

Anyway, one thing I found it lacking is perhaps only in the Male Pregnancy thing. It's not only in this novel, in most novel especially modern M-Preg, the author are always clueless with the male pregnancy itself. Most of the time the M-Preg has always been used just for the sake of having baby, and the premise was treated carelessly, without much thought.

M-Preg in fantasy genre is very understanding when the author didn't give much thought, because the fantasy thing itself is already out of reality, thus even the M-Preg can be dumped easily to be one of the aspect of fantasy or supernatural thing.

However, in modern world, a world where everything is normal, the M-Preg then could not be treated like an afterthought and treated as just a tool to be pregnant and have baby, IMO. Most of modern M-Preg author seemed to didn't even know that there is a real scientific reasoning for M-Preg, that is the case of inter**x.

An individual who are really born with more than one reproduction. Sometimes they have womb but also have pen*s. In many case whenever such baby was born, the doctor would always ask the parent which child do they prefer, female or male, depending on the answer the doctor would remove the other reproduction organ that the baby doesn't need. This case is very rare and those who got complete 2 different reproduction organ usually has already been removed since birth.

Eitherway, the case of M-Preg in modern society can be explained as such. It's not something surprising anymore for the medical world.

However, most of the author of the modern M-Preg novel seemed to didn't know about this thing, and treated the M-Preg premise carelessly, and use it as a mere tool to get pregnant and has baby, treated it as a plot armor and protagonist buff. This, in my opinion is a detrimental factor in the way the author deal with their story. It would be very interesting if those author who wrote modern M-Preg carefully weaved an acceptable notion using the current knowledge.

Regardless, that's already a thing. And many author did it. Just like how many BL author subconsciously always think the shou/bottom as more feminine and didn't deserve to be pursued by girls, this kind of mindset is already a mainstream. It's just depend on the reader. In the end, it didn't really have any impact on the overall plot and most reader actually didn't even care about the M-Preg explanation either, LOL. <<less
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jadelin rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: --
This is a really fluffy story! Though the MC and ML start off on a not-good note, the ML is actually a reasonable guy. The readers see the process where he slowly learns more of the MC's character bit by bit and falls in love with the MC first. It's definitely not love-at-first-sight, but love due to learning more about peoples' unique personalities.

For a story with high dog blood drama potential, all the characters end up being very reasonable. Especially the MC. He's one of the most practical, mature, and... more>> self-sufficient transmigration characters I've ever read. The ML has never truly had to rescue him from anything.

Whenever other characters set him up for drama, the MC uses clever tactics, his brain, acting abilities, and maturity to diffuse or resolve each situation....I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is the first transmigrator character I've read of portrayed in such a way. He doesn't seek revenge, face-slapping, or escalate tensions, he avoids conflict or resolves it from his own abilities.

Even the misunderstandings and rivalries get resolved, and he ends up often times, getting his rivals or enemies to make peace with him. ?


Even though later on there's unexplainable mpreg (lol, probably the only plot hole in this story), even their baby has a mellow and mature personality like the MC does. And the loving interaction between the two fathers and their bun is just too much sugar! The ending extras are SUPER sweet and totally worth reading.


On a side note, the MC isn't a perfect character and has flaws obviously. He had a trust issues from childhood from his original life he needed to work on and doesn't resolve until the end. This is somewhat realistic though, characters who have no flaws are unrealistic. <<less
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June 5, 2020
Status: Completed
    1. Awesome mature story.
    2. The plot is good.
    3. The MC is sensible and shameless at the same time.
    4. ML is so sweet toward MC and his child.
    5. The relationship in the story is healthy.
    6. The baby is so cute and sweet.
    7. 4.9/5
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BanniNotBunny rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I have special preference for novels where MC and ML


Why to read this novel?
    • Communication! Yes, the couple actually communicate with each other (instead of keeping it in like other novels-where lack of communication leads to misunderstandings and the whole story revolves around that; Can't you just simply talk it out? :/)
    • Mature and healthy relationship
    • MC is smart and sensible
    • ML is very very understanding, expressive and sensible. Not your typical full of pride ML when it comes to showing his feelings. Some lines from novel :

      He didn't try to hide his feelings at all. Although he'd never said the words "I like you, " his sentiments were certainly clear through other actions. Note : He did says "I like you"

    • MC tells ML about his transmigration.
    • Originally shown scum characters turns around and become positive instead of keep getting jealous.
    • Later they have a cute kid
I MTL-ed after Chp 47. Easy to understand

Totally recommended.

Here s*x is mentioned as car drive etc. No explicit scenes.
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Wolvelyn rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of those novels where the MC and ML actually COMMUNICATE. It's sweet, cute and doesn't have unnecessary drama.

Plus, the side characters actually have BRAINS, yaassss. Most of the supposedly villains are not evil/narrow-minded. They actually realized that they were wrong and even APOLOGIZED, shocking! It's definitely more appealing than your usual I'm-so-jealous-of-MC villains.

Overall, this is a pleasant read. It has some sad moments, but the MC and ML both trying hard for their relationship, what a good dynamic!

Their relationship is healthy, no one is forcing anyone,... more>> no one is cheating on anyone, and both of them are loyal and honest to each other.

The MC is wise, confident, and always end up being the winner. I like the fact that he doesn't trust the Original Owner's memory and doesn't treat people who slight him with malice.

The ML is very caring, don't be fooled by the synopsis!

If you like entertainment-circle story yet don't want too much drama, you will like this novel. <<less
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SweetNepen rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: c94
I haven’t finished this yet, but I had to come and leave a review because I am honestly so so so impressed with the ML in this novel. My review deals with the mpreg in this novel, and nothing about any of the rest of the plot line, so while I am going to tuck it under a spoiler tag, it isn’t really very spoilery, since this is tagged mpreg and it is mentioned in the summary.

... more>>

MC knows he has the possibility of getting pregnant, despite this not being a world where men can get pregnant. As of c94, no explanation is given as why he can. He insists on wearing protection every time they ‘drive’, but they forget once. ML has no idea MC can get pregnant. When MC finds out he is pregnant, both he and the ML had gone to the hospital together. ML was excited, but also INSTANTLY told MC that if MC did not want to keep the baby, he understood, as men did not get pregnant and it would be a heavy psychological burden on him. ML would be just as happy if they adopted. Shortly afterwards, he said he didn’t want MC to work while he was pregnant. MC disagreed, they communicated calmly and well about it, and ML said he needed to think about it. After all this was a sudden situation he absolutely wasn’t expecting. MC had no problem with this. ML then went to work, saw his secretary, asked her if SHE would want to work while she was pregnant, and she told him she would and listed a bunch of reasons why, including that she is more than just a baby holder. She is their mother and naturally cares the most about the baby inside her, but not everyone can just sit home doing nothing while pregnant. Their personalities don’t work that way. ML accepted this reasoning, thanked her, told her he would ask HR to give her a bonus, and decided to let MC make his own decisions.


I just think that the ML in this is so overwhelmingly unlike 99% of danmei ML. He communicates well, (even though he doesn’t LIKE to) and actually thinks about what his partner wants instead of just what he wants for his partner. All this despite also being an over-protective, possessive ML. He does that while being so very very respectful. He lets MC make choices that ML doesn’t think are the smartest ones to make, but let’s him decide and ML just has his back.

Honestly my only complaint about this couple is the ever present argument over who is the top. Just take turns honestly. <<less
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FEMA rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: --
The summary makes it sound like the generic relationship of stubborn MC and icy overbearing ML but its not, omg they truly actually act and communicate!!! Like humans beings and their relationship development has been organic no love at first sight in here (there was lust on first sight from the MC side but he is very self aware of it), its great. Also so many pluses for having this happen:

... more>>

Ling Qing was rendered helpless. Either the book was scummy or the author was scummy to make Yu Chen the kind of guy who stubbornly refused to open his mouth in the face of death. There was nothing to be done about it.

Thus, he took out his phone and handed it to Yu Chen. “If you can’t say it, then type it. Typing it out is okay too.”

Do you how many types I have screamed at the characters, "if you cant spit it out, then f*cking write it!" This scene really tickled me.


I giggled so much at how the MC decided to deal with his fake white lotus brother


He muddled him by declaring that he is in love with him and only him, its hilarious how he used it to manipulate him

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I super like the MC and ML!!! I love their story, and the novel focuses on their emotional development

No misunderstandings involved and I love how frank they are ahaha. MC is emotionally matured (despite being 27 or 29 irl) and patient unlike the ML. Instead, ML is chauvinist. However, I dislike the long dialogs between MC and ML, they are just running around the circles. A whole chapter can be compressed in 1 paragraphs without damaging the essence, plot and emotions the dialog wants to convey. Also, I find... more>> the plot a litte lacking. Anyway, this is one of the best BL love relationship. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blue Mint
Blue Mint rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: --
Usually, I will finish the novel to the latest chapter before reviewing. But I love this one so much I had to write a review. First off,

  • All characters are extremely likeable.
  • I love the MC, Ling Qing, who is teasing and playful. He is different from the usual chinese shou who are usually feminine, innocent and a damsel in distress. I get the appeal in those type of characters but find it meaningless to have in a bl. Bl is a malexmale type of content 1in the first place, why would you have a feminine-like male shou? It would be better off written as a straight novel from the beginning. Aside from that, Ling Qing is calm and composed when faced with troubles of the entertainment industry, truly serving his title as the Film Emperor. He's mature and a person who clearly thinks of the consequences before he acts. I am sold out by his background of a veteran actor. It doesn't feel forced simply for the sake of making the MC as influential as ML.
  • Next we have the ML, Yu Chen, a really refreshing character. Rather than the overbearing CEO, he's the tsundere CEO. It's impossible for him to win against MC's teasings and he is rendered speechless by MC's shamelessness everytime. It was hilarious once ML decided to get back at MC with his own set of teasings. Personally, I think he's getting better at making Ling Qing speechless. Other than that, he also sets boundary very clearly by actually communicating with the MC with what he feels he's comfortable on doing and what he's not. MC and ML's banter over who gets to be the top is hilarious. Last but not least, ML is an AMAZING husband in my opinion. We all know it was a contract marriage between original Ling Qing and Yu Chen. Despite it being a contract marriage, Yu Chen still sternly reminded Ling Qing that they're married and that he shouldn't fool around with other males too much. It shows that he takes the marriage seriously and is not one to run away to his white moonlight to cheat. Yu Chen himself takes it seriously by immediately refuting any teasing questions from Ling Qing on whether he loves his white moonlight or other people. He didn't drag things around and was clear in not being attracted to anyone else. It shows how responsible he is as a person and shows that he is willing to commit to someone that he's "not" in love with for the sake of responsibility. Once MC and ML finds out that they're in love with each other, I'm sure ML would be a great husband that would NOT send mixed signals to MC and would clearly say what's on his mind.
  • And the last core character as of now (as in the chapter I'm reading) is the white moonlight in the OG novel, Ling Bai. Ling Bai is also a character I'm starting to like a bit. He's scheming and tries to convince Yu Chen that he likes him, true. But at times it's shown that he's simply innocent if not naive in believing he truly deserves all the love and protection from Yu Chen. It didn't come from narcissism is what I'd like to believe and that Ling Bai is simply naive and spoiled. He's so used to receiving affection and protection from everyone thanks to his meek and soft appearance, that he came to this belief that being protected all the time is not out of the ordinary. From other reviews, it looks like Ling Bai was redeemed so I truly think that he's not that terrible of a person. He's so s*upid and naive I'm starting to think he's cute. Ling Qing thinks so too. And maybe it's thanks to the small theatre but Ling Bai's character is usually portrayed as this comically cute jealous hamster. I love it. Ling Bai is nowhere near as irritable as some white moonlight. He's a white moonlight on my good books.
  • In terms of plot I wouldn't say there's much going on as of now. It's the everyday life of MC and ML together dealing with white moonlight so I can't really say whether it has a good plot or not. But the writing aspects are good, something you would expect from a good novel. But I rate it 5 stars (review may change as I get later into the chapters) for the characters' likeability alone.
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DewDropsOnMellons rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c31
I know I didn't finish reading this before reviewing so my review is missing some context and if I finish reading it I might change my review but so far I'm very disappointed. I saw that this novel was highly praised and went into it with high expectations which is probably why I'm so disappointed.

First I'll mention the good things about this novel.

The MC is funny, witty and relatively level headed and the back and forth banter between him and the ML is quite nice. The fact that the two... more>> of them communicate and try to be mature and understanding with serious matters regarding their relationship is also a plus.


I also like how he dealt with his "brother". It was funny and light hearted but also smart enough.


Now on to the bad things.


I don't like the whipped ML who always looses trope so this just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like the relationship between the MC and the ML was lacking balance and the power dynamics were too skewed. I've read lots of novels where the ML falls first but I don't like the way it was done here. I felt like the ML was getting the short end of the stick too much and MC was perfectly aware that he was stringing the ML along and didn't like him as much or take the relationship as seriously.

I'm okay with stories where if one party cares more, the other party who cares less is responsible with peoples' feelings but this sort of thing where one of the characters cares way more for god knows how many chapters and the other doesn't mind taking advantage with full awareness just tests my patience. No, I don't care if the MC had prior issues that made him have trouble opening up, it's too disgusting to see the ML's one-sided groveling while the other side knows he doesn't really care for him but lets him grovel. Basically I don't like characters who take advantage of other peoples good will and play with peoples feelings regardless of their tragic back stories and MC is like that at least up until the part that I've read. That's not to say that he's too inconsiderate or a horrible person but he knows he isn't taking the marriage that seriously and he knows his partner is and he also knows that his partner is falling for him but he's okay with his spouse loosing out and happily takes his money and resourses.

The fact that both of them genuinely didn't want to bottom was also kind of meh. It got annoying at some point.

Also the ML lacked business sense and I didn't like the blatant nepotism or how he was unwilling to get the MC to sign a contract. He has business partners; it's just ridiculous. The MC's ethics are also questionable, he was extremely okay with getting resources through nepotism.

Career wise, I don't think much thought was put into this. If you want to read a novel with a great plot outside of romance this isn't it.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
k24_isavid rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c47
In terms of light hearted genre bl novels, I rate this 5 star.

I've been looking for days for light-hearted novels to relieve some real-life stress and gladly, this novel did the job well.

The MC is pretty funny and very refreshing to read. He wants to drive the car so bad lmao.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thebadgirl05 rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: --
It's great so far~

Admittedly, I wasn't that hooked in the first 10+ chapters but going on, it seemed as if things finally became more promising which I found as a pleasant surprise because it was the opposite most often than not.

I love MC for his shamelessness and I love the banters between him and ML and how ML gets defeated in their banters. Lol.
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dreiculture03 rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I love the story so much, MC may seem too OP, but it's actually pretty reasonable if you think about it. Same with his personality. He is in his late 20s before, so it's understandable that he is reasonable and rational. I also love the MC and ML's relationship. The emotional development between them is realistic. It may seem too long of a dialogue to others but that part made the story add more flavor actually.

Their baby is so cute too! The cp is definitely good at parenting. Honestly, one... more>> of the few lessons that you will learn in this story how good upbringing is very important aspect in a child's life is. It really does make a difference to a person, having a family's love. <<less
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user_bellflower9999 rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c60
Light-hearted novel, very nice to read. Misunderstandings are quickly resolved and communication is great in this novel.

Mostly consists dialogue but it's surprisingly very enjoyable to read. MC is very likeable and so is the ML. Really like how playful and smart the MC is, and how cute the ML is. I really love their relationship, it's so sweet. They're very affectionate and reading about them makes me happy as well.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
marsGF rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Clever and Funny. When you have a shameless and narcissistic protagonist, who cares about villains?

It's a sweet novel and the author is very good at making some points interesting. There are times when the characters would banter and their conversation would make you feel like the winner is so shameless but you can't help but clap at their wit.

Of course, the humor isn't just there. There's also humor in their small ponderings.

An example is when Grandpa Wang (Yu Chen's housekeeper) asks Yu Chen (the ML).... (non-verbatim) "How can a man... more>> be pregnant? What organ is used? Is there a uterus?"

Yu Chen says that he won't think about it and would just respect Ling Qing (MC), but Grandpa Wang insists "but aren't you curious?"

Yu Chen then says "So you want to dissect my wife?"

It piques my funny bone at their silly conversations. There's also a small theater at the end of the chapters which is really funny in my opinion.

It's fluffy and funny here. There's no angst nor drama, but there are a few conflicts here and there. Still, remember what kind of person our protagonist is ー Shame is not in his vocabulary.

AND THE EXTRA CHAPTERS AHHHHHHH It's so cute and fluffy. The extras focus on the child and it's just so cute!! <<less
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Lea168 rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: Completed

I dropped this story a year ago after reading 6 chapters or so and I'm glad I picked it up again and finished it some while ago.

I really didn't like the writing style in the first few chapters. It felt so detached, staccato. The prose wasn't good imo. Also the first few chapters and scenes were almost like a parody how cp interacted with eachother and why they married (so silly and unrealistic). Luckily it gets much better after a while and the story becomes quite entertaining.

I liked that author... more>> didn't go for the dog blood, evil dumb villains + face slapping route., as from the first few chapters you would totally think that. There was face slapping, but in mild way as MC convinces other through his OP acting skills and coaching others. In the end, the 'villains' have more or less good relationship with MC. MC also manages to improve the relationship with 'his' family. MC is OP and a bit black bellied, but kind. ML is supportive, respectful, but also jealous. They communicate, so no misunderstandings. <<less
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Selcouth rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c51
Easy 5 star despite me not completing it (I tried mtl but it's not the same) I laugh from Chp 1 to 47 HAHAHHA

The MC is so witty! OHMYGOD I LOVE HIM, such a smart ass, to manipulate his words like that, it's so infuriating & endearing. The banter between MC and ML is the highlight for me! And also how ML gradually learn to counterattack MC's witty remarks and making MC speechless.

//MC: I'm supposed to be the shameless one! And why do you want to drive everyday husband?!... more>> I don't want to be the shou, how about you lie down and I'll do it? ML: OK. Naval orange it is. MC: :O // HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THEM.

👉This story is also really different than those usual 'I want a divorce' tropes, really!!! IT'S SO UNEXPECTED & YOU THOUGHT WRONG kinda thing. I can't say it here cause its really a spoil. 👉But it's too sweet when the MC realises and his actions after that.. Really, their communication is so beautiful.

👉Oh and best part, lots of the villains are not one dimensional and can be reformed! Wtf so coool!

Well I'll just patiently wait for the translation then <<less
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whalien52 rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: --
It could have been better if the situations are written in DETAIL. The story was nice, but it makes me not satisfied of some situations that are not properly describe.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Very quick and light-hearted book with almost no drama at all. The best thing that I like about this is...... C.o.m.m.u.n.i.c.a.t.i.o.n. Yes, you read that right ladies and gentlemen. This novel actually has the main couples and other characters talk to each other about things and helping solve it through communicating.

The couple (MC&ML)
-understanding ... more>>

ML found out MC was pregnant and that MC was a person from another world, but still accepted it and loved him for who he is.

-ML not that possessive over the MC

Side characters
- interesting
- little to no drama, mainly jealously
- enlightened and given a chance to correct their mistakes
- actually learned from their mistakes

These are just a few points, but overall I would definitely recommend you read this novel if you are looking for something light-hearted. <<less
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