Noble Wife Wants No Love


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Xu Xinyi woke up and had obtained a system, the system told her that she was a second female lead who would have a miserable end and that she has 2 choices, to endure all grievances and change for the better, or to walk the same road as the original and become a vicious woman.

She chose the second option.

One day Yi Yang couldn’t tolerate it anymore and, at the end of his patience, he demanded a divorce.

Xu Xinyi’s heart felt ecstatic when he put the divorce agreement in front of her but she looked at her husband with a sorrowful, heartbroken look on her face, then she waited for her husband to sign.

—“Hurry up! Sign quickly! I can finally leave this hellhole!”

But Yi Yang, who could suddenly hear Xu Xinyi’s thoughts, threw away the pen and said, “Not signing.”


Ever since Yi Yang discovered that he could hear Xu Xingyi’s thoughts, he found that while his wife kept kissing up to him and saying she loved him on the outside, in her heart she would laugh at that and think the complete opposite.

She only loved him on the surface.

“Husband, you are so nice, I love you so much ah~!”

—“I won’t have to be with this arrogant man forever, will I? I am really the most pitiful woman in the whole world!”

Yi Yang “Xu Xinyi !!!!!”

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Hào Môn Nữ Phụ Không Muốn Có Tình Yêu
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Rainbownoodles rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c10
Complete tr*sh. Since there were so many good reviews, I started reading expecting a cute story, to relax. But this just made me so frustrated. So a blunt summary of this story: a woman transmigrates into the classic villain role. She is forced to get married to someone she dislikes (for good reasons), and is forced to act as a good wife. The only way to free herself is if the guy lets her. But right when they were about to sign the divorce papers the guy gets the ability... more>> to read her thoughts. He basically hears that she wants to leave, and that she doesn't love him, and decides to not divorce her because he does not want to give her what she wants. I'm sorry but I did not think it was funny how she was forced to endure a jerk who treated her like tr*sh for TWO YEARS. The guy isn't secretly in love with her or anything either. He's just a jerk who trapped a young woman and led her on for his own benefit. The grandfather, who seems to be a main reason why they were forced to marry each other in the first place, knows how miserable they are together, but he still insists on keeping up with the act. I've read a lot of good stories that start out with main characters who married each other without love but this one is truly disgusting. This woman is stuck in an abusive situation, where she feels that she needs to intentionally harm herself and her reputation to try and get out of it. And the story is going to force her to stay with the as*hole who verbally and psychologically abused her??? And try to redeem his character...? The fact that this novel has so many good reviews that comment on how "funny" her attempts to escape a life she doesn't want are, and how "cute" the guy is for being manipulative, petty and INTENTIONALLY TRAPPING her in a situation HE KNOWS she DOES NOT WANT is extremely concerning. <<less
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Aisha Ann
Aisha Ann rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: --
It's about MC getting back with scum ex husband ML. Men like him is scum in real life. Scum like him doesn't deserved any great wife but deserved selfish bad wife like original FP. If not for he depend on his mind read ability. MC will not end up with him. I am angry that author justice this scum husband.

He doesn't deserved MC. Sadly, author make him ML. I kinda wish MC meet decent guy who love and cherish her. Let this scum regret for what he did to her.
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earlgreyt rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Seems like there's a lot of people who are heavily opinionated about this story. STOP saying the MC should have given the ML a chance, she gave him PLENTY of chances and he gave her NONE.

The actual facts:

  • Before MC transmigrated over, the original storylined had the ML join hands with the original FL and humiliate the MC many times; thus the MC is constantly VERY SUS about the ML who could just switch his face at any time
  • MC was forced to stay "in-character" to be "in-love" with the ML, WHILE trying to get him to divorce her so she can finally be "free, " per one of the conditions set by the system
    • System is forcing MC to be in-character, it's not the MC or the ML's choice
    • MC resents ML for being both a shackle to her "real personality" and for being a "scum" because she knows the novel plot / later developments
  • The MC has another choice - act virtuous and stay married to the ML - and at the start of the marriage, the MC was pretty good to the ML, yet the ML still acted completely indifferent to everything she did and did sh*t like stranding her on the side of the road so he could go to work.
    • Bruh, stranding someone on the side of the road isn't something people do TO STRANGERS but you do it to your wife? Scum.
    • If I were the MC, I'd keep a grudge about that as well, what's the point of trying to get with some guy who CLEARLY hates you?
  • After that, the MC started to "act vicious" in public (but the story soon shows you that she wasn't actually vicious in the first place, she never retaliated against anyone who didn't deserve it).
    • All the MC did was openly counter people who schemed against her which is what gained her bad reputation (especially when the so-called victims were faking it)
    • Thus, there's no point blaming the MC for her bad reputation, MC should be ADMIRED for acting true to herself. If a husband cannot accept his wife's straightforward personality, they shouldn't be together anyway.
  • There's nothing wrong with the MC appreciating the looks of other guys even if she is in a relationship. Keep in mind the ML never confessed to the MC or even said to her that he wanted to chase her. Even if ML helps her, it's the MC's personal freedom to admire as many guys as she wants to.
ML also had his rights to find the arranged marriage distasteful. He didn't handle it well, but people aren't perfect. There was nothing super wrong with what he did.

... more>>
  • BLAME THE SYSTEM, not the ML for "forcing MC to continue the marriage." The MC was forced BY THE SYSTEM to "stay in-character" so she could never bring up divorce by herself.
  • The ML did not abuse the MC just because he took back the divorce agreement. From his POV, the MC was acting totally mental (what normal person cackles gleefully at a divorce inside but pretends to be utterly devastated on the outside as if trying to prevent it??). He had no clue that the MC was being shackled by the system. It's not his fault.
Thus, I wouldn't listen to all of these reviews talking sh*t about the MC OR ML, everything was quite reasonable from both their perspectives going in to the arranged marriage.

Neither of them owed each other anything and the MC is completely free to curse out the ML from the bottom of her heart; it's not like she said it out loud anyway.


In the end the ML apologizes to the MC for being the one who didn't give her a chance. This was an ON-POINT scene in the novel because it was completely true. The ML started the "war"; he had his own rights of not being into his wife from the arranged marriage, but don't fcking blame the MC for it.


Overall, it was an entertaining read. <<less
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DaBrick rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is gold!!

The comedy is way too good to be missed. I laugh way too much hahaha.

The Female Lead double facedness in front of Male Lead while he can still read FL's mind is pure comedy. Especially when FL always got the undesired result which is -> not divorced just because ML can read her real thoughts.

The ML in this novel is way different than other because oh my, he often shot himself in the foot. But one thing you can appreciate is how he acknowledged his mistakes and... more>> try to be good to FL :)

FL thoughts and comedy and also her interaction with ML is the best point of this novel!

The ending is a little bit lacking and I hope for more : (

One thing to be asure is that you will not get bored while reading this!

Must read! Must read! Must read! Important things needs to be said three times! <<less
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Itsby rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: --
I don't understand why everyone is dissing the MC??? Like yea she jeeps cursing the man even after he helped her, but it was very clear from the start that she's not into him at all???

I don't f*cking care how much someone helps me, if I was straightup abused by them before? Mental abuse is still abuse people, doesn't have to be physical.

And the worst is the ML bloody well knows she hates him. He knows she wants out of the realtionship they were BOTH forced into. And yet he... more>> keeps on trying??!?! This is worse than a bloody clingy ex. At least w a clingy ex u can tell then to f*ck off but the MC LITERALLY CANNOT SHE JUST HAS TO SIT THERE AND TAKE IT?!?! WHAT THE f*ck.

Why are we always f*cking blaming the women???!! <<less
32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 1, 2020
Status: --
Err, I don't know what to think of this. At first, it was funny until I got in the middle of it. Alright, ML's reaction considered to be normal since the FL herself acted out her role dictated by the system (which is to be a vicious female) I get it. What man would like a horrible woman like that? The twist came when ML began hearing her real thoughts and FL finally reaches the end of her so-called mission. I dunno but isn't the story supposed to flow on... more>> like how they both discover each other's uniqueness and eventually salvage the relationship?

What I read so far is FL constantly dissing ML in her mind, I know it's for comedic undertone but gawds it's getting irritating. ML makes effort but she couldn't see that due to her prejudice, mind you, she should have put a bit of allowance for him considering she deliberately blackened her image. I like the first half of this but eventually got turned off by her fangirling to little fresh meats (which seem to appear as her motivation for divorce) and cursing ML in her head. Then she appears oblivious to the developing feelings of men around her. Hell...

or maybe it's just the MTL... <<less
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lazymonkey rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c78
Edited - I have decided drop this novel from chapter 78. In my opinion MC and ML are highly incompatible. I might be a minority but MC doesn't deserve ML at all. She is extremely selfish and vain woman. Why is it that all the effort needs to be made by ML in their relationship and yet she will act high and mighty and still bad mouth ML in her mind. She doesn't make even an iota of effort toward their relationship. Initially they both were wrong but slowly ML... more>> walked on right path but MC remained as she was in first chapter... childish and arrogant. So disappointed that the starting plot was good but it went wrong somewhere in between.
Previous -
This novelis quite good but I am getting sick of MC's calling "dog face" "fresh meats" and prejudice towards ML. They were both responsible for the initial divorce debacle. ML was neglectful and MC was pretending to be horrible woman (Actually, at this point she still is trying to). At this point, ML has realised his mistake and is genuinely trying to move in right direction as a spouse. But MC is still stuck where she was in first chapter calling his dog face and all. It was funny at first but after 35 chapters, it is getting boring. I hope her character will develop too in right direction. <<less
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Imsobored rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: --
I ve only read 12 chapters but man is this novel good. The FL literally thinks everything I think about the mls in chinese novels.

Also the face slapping of ML is so good. This breaks a lot of stereotypes in typical novels. Haaah im looking forward to the FL annoying the sh*t out of ml.

Edited after mtl-ing

Oooh boy was I wrong. At first it's refreshing but after a while, it just puts me in a bad mood how when she faces a problem, she flatters him and cozies up to... more>> him while badmouthing him in her mind. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She's using him but still acting and thinking like she's the one in the right and he deserves it.

It was fun when it was just her annoying him because he hadn't done anything for her goodwill but then when a person is helping you and getting you out of messes, wouldn't you feel a little appreciative. At least not curse him every chance you get.

Even after he helped her so many times, she still for some reason curses, badmouths and looks down on him using the excuse that he's (was) a jerk, neglects his wife and blah blah when it's her fault he acted like that. She acted like a villain and did things to make ML dislike her so when he actually does, he's a bastard ????? I mean I hate the over bearing, forceful mls in chinese novels too but I won't treat every man like he's a jerk due to my prejudice. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c86
Loved how the novel started out. We have a seemingly cruel and heartbroken FL, who the MC is about to divorce... Until he starts hearing the FL real thoughts. Of course he doesn't trust the thoughts he can hear right away, but just out of curiosity he delays the divorce. As time goes on and some events happen he realises it is indeed true, and that he had been wrong about her the whole time. And that he had also been blind about people around him, ... more>> that he trusted.

That all happens quite early in the novel. Sadly, after such a great beginning the novel kinda gets dull. The MC and ML don't really progress in their relationship. Yes, ML starts to show more affection and what not, but in terms of real relationship qualities, like trust or mutual understanding, they don't progress at all. Their interactions stay the same throughout the novel, and the funny moments of ML reactions to MC thoughts gets dull, as it's the same spiel over and over again.

But overall I still loved the novel, even though it couldhv been better. <<less
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Kirara Reiya
Kirara Reiya rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c10
I feel like the person who said “her dissing her husband was getting boring after chap 35++” is a very nice and kind person. I’m at chapter 10 and oh God! She doesn’t deserve ML at all. I mean, ML hasn’t done anything good yet, but he hasn’t done anything bad either other than neglecting her for 2 years, which if everyone forgot, was her own doing and plan all along. Imagine if she actually give their marriage a chance since the beginning, the ML probably wouldn’t act like that... more>> towards her. Everything is her own doing and plan based on her prejudice towards ML for something that hasn’t happened yet, something that would be a result if she really is a vicious woman which that was what she’s aiming for. So I just don’t understand all the hate the ML is getting. Or maybe, should I blame the system or whoever that got her there with all those rules and stuff?

In the beginning, I actually started this due to lots of good reviews I’m seeing here, plus the premise looks interesting. 10 chapters in and FL calling names and dissing ML was getting annoying as I just can’t see faults in ML. He is not perfect but he isn’t bad either. His scum actions so far (both current and future) are due to how vicious the FL (she’s acting it) and real owner. Even I myself wouldn’t tolerate vicious people like that. She probably didn’t even spare a tiny part of her brain to even think and analyze the ML and just straight away jump into conclusion that ML is a total scum based on the info she gets on what the ML would do. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jeonjkook rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I finish it but how should I said there's still something left unfinished

... more>>

Like what would happened to Jiang Nian his last appearance is when he go study aboard, is there no other side story about his own ending? That's also the case with Han Xiao I know he completely give up on her when he saw the hickey made by Yi Yang, but I want to know if he got his happy ending or not sigh..

Also the main villainess on this novel left suddenly and disappeared I'm quite disappointed they didn't have any good fight yet, I'm waiting for more face slapping but there none ugh..

The story is mostly unfinished and kinda rushing to end it there could be more character and story development in this novel but the author choose not to do it and leave it like this

Well it's the author choice so I couldn't say much


Also what happened in her original life? And where is the system gone? The system feels like some random mosquito they can appear and dissapeared as they like

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eclat123 rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I swear this MC is one of the most likeable in similar genre novels.

She's not a white lotus, she's not naive, but also not evil or revenge oriented. She just wants to have fun and drown in money with a lot of young meats on bay--I'M SOOO JEALOUS!
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elvira12 rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The story was compelling, the characters' psychology are almost as real as you can get in real life. Most of all, the relationship between the MC and ML is hilarious, sometimes fluffy, and sometimes heart-rending.

This is not instant love people. You will be taken into a journey of understanding each character. And this journey is sometimes cringe worthy, sometimes bitter but oftentimes sweet.

The side characters were also cultivated well, with enough background and their own miserableness.

Overall, this story is worth the braincells I spent on mtling.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DemiUchiha rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c36
I meant to give it a 1 but 2 will suffice. It started out funny and nice but then it just irritated me the way the MC was acting with all these boys around her and stuff. I know the ML wasn't the best but he definitely is not the worst. While he did neglect her at first it wasn't as bad as some ML's. He didn't do anything bad to her at all in my opinion so I don't understand all the hate towards the ML instead of the... more>> MC. Also it didn't help the fact that the MC was doing bad things on purpose from the get go so that he would divorce her. Like it was funny at first with all the little jabs she was throwing at him in the beginning, but it got old quick because he wasn't necessarily doing anything to really warrant that and plus he was always helping her out from the very beginning because if it wasn't for him she would not still be acting in the entertainment industry with all the negative things she was doing and saying in public. 2/10 would NOT recommend. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: 49
Super super interesting!! I love this premise and I looove this MC to death. In the beginning I was confused exactly why she wanted out so badly, and it felt a bit forced, but as the story went on it became less of a problem. From her perspective, her husband hates her, her mother-in-law hates her, she has enough money anyway, who could put up with this?

Just a warning, the relationship between ML and MC really progresses very slowly lmao, even up to this point they've barely moved from the... more>> starting line.

Not super satisfied with this ML, like I get his initial feelings and I don't need him to fall in love with her so quickly but he doesn't examine his own behaviour at all and always easily gets mad at her. Like why do you think she wants to get out of marriage with you so badly??? It's not only based on the future that she "knows"!

Interested in getting to know the side characters. Especially Jiang Nian!! He seems like a good boi, I hope things go well for him....

I also found no real problems with the translation. Thanks to the team's hard work! These are proper chapters too, not those bs cut-into-999-parts where each section is like two paragraphs.

Edit: Tbh ML doesn't seem that bad??? He's very hated by the reviewers but honestly it makes total sense for him to hate a woman that relentlessly clings onto him who he thinks is a bad person that has a messy private life and loves to abuse power. Also, tbh this story is starting to get boring, lowering a star. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Himanshu6652 rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I may give it five star if the title was (I fell in love with my wife idiotic thoughts)

So author please let professional chose name for your next novel

And MC is No way near Nobel

Maybe a tr*sh can't even do what she was supposed to do
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YellowNoodle rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Oh my god, the MC is too hilarious.

The story has comedy gold and there isn't much drama that gets dragged out.

However, I rated this 4 stars for a reason. The romance is rushed and lackluster. Because we know that the MC has been acting as an evil woman for like 2 years and the ML can hear her voice, the "I love you's" felt dull. ... more>>

I honestly liked Baby Jiang and Film empeor Han more. I felt like they were given more characterization than the ML


Plus, I have no idea what happened to the system. I mtled it so I must have missed a detail but there was no mention of it again.

Other than that, the comedy was more than enough to keep me happy.


The Highlight Reel!

The MC acting like a loving wife (but is cursing the ML as a scum man) in front of her in-laws and asking the ML for a kiss before he goes to work. The ML becomes annoyed and gives her a quick kiss for revenge.

MC: "...I'm dirty! QAQ"

ML who can hear his wife's inner thoughts: *Falls in anger*

2nd Highlight!

The MC, courageously and diligently acting in a play to accuse the ML of having an illegitimate child with the original Protagonist of the novel, reaches her hands out to the ML the dead of night. Clenching a lock of hair between her index finger and thumb, she slowly lowers the scissors to her sleeping husband's face.

ML: *Opens eyes* (Think of the squidward meme)

MC: !

ML: "What are you!? A female ghost!!!"


I seriously could not find my lungs when I read those two parts.

Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Stephyy rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't listen to the other reviews that graded this low!

This is one of the best novels I've read. It's funny, witty, and just the best! It has a great writing and the translations are good. Yi yang and Xu Xinyi deserved it each other! And I think Yi yang has redeemed himself very well and his character grew well throughout the story. They have the best chemistry and romance and I find their interactions very entertaining and satisfying.

I just hoped that the other side characters stories had ended better.

... more>>

I wasn't satisfied with Jiang Huai and Xu Weiyin's ending... It should have been painted more that Jiang Huai is the most evil in the story... And there's not much detail on what happened to Xu Weiyin and her child... I just hoped that her child won't be too traumatized and for Jiang Huai to regret everything... Seriously, I kind of pitied Xu weiyin at some point but she wasn't smart and she's vicious.... While reading their parts I was scolding at Xu weiyin to be more smart and just remove her child and herself from that situation...



As for Jiang Nian, I wish he moves on from Xinyi and find himself his own little vicious but pure and cute woman.. I also wish for him to find out what happened between his brother and Weiyin and scold Jiang Huai.. cause that brother of his really gets on my nerves.. I hope he ends up like their father



I wasn't satisfied with Han Xiao... I really loved him.. if there was no Yi yang I probably rooted for him. Though the way they ended wasn't too bad, I just wished he had a more pleasant closure with Xinyi... I don't know I'm just too sad...



I also wished that they included anya any luo jin's ending in the main storynstory the epilogues..


Nevertheless, it was a fun and satisfying read. I hope I get to read more books like this. It was really good... The system is almost non-existent, I almost forgot this was a transmigration story... Anyways, I want more of Xinyi and Yi yang and their future babies!! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This is so funny and fluffy. The MC is so frank that she rules the entertainment with her tainted image lol, the ML is so sweet!!!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kingeddie rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: --
so this novel. ooh boy where do I start? the ML is actually pretty refreshing. he wants to get a divorce bc he (understandably) doesn't want to be with the fl. unfortunately, he ends up hearing her thoughts and man they are so mean. in the beginning her thoughts are hilarious and his reactions are funny. but as it progresses it just gets... tiring. she's so f*cking mean, and I can't actually picture the ML falling in love with her.

more importantly, I cant see the FL falling in love with... more>> him. it makes absolutely no sense esp because she genuinely hates him to her core. if you ask me, she should have ended with the 2nd ml.


they actually had some chemistry with his fear of women, and the gentle way she treated him. it would have been so much better if they were together im not going to lie.


also it's just boring. nothing is happening besides her acting. there are chapters where she doesn't even talk to the ML and it would be fine if this wasn't a romance novel but really? saying it's full of romance when all she does is think mean things and all he does is "have a stony and cold face" is ridiculous.

i just... didn't like this. it could have been so good but it isn't worth the hype. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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