Reborn As The Villain President’s Lover


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Ji Qingzhou crossed into a book of dogblood scum and abuse. There were two choices in front of him.

A: Choose the genuine slag Gong in the original book, and start a sadistic and abusive romance with Fang Yaoxuan filled with domestic abuse, a dead mom, and leaving the entertainment circle.

B: Choose the cannon fodder Villain, Chu Cheng, and be free of the slag Gong forever.

Ji Qingzhou wordlessly chose B without a second thought.

Chu Cheng was of distinguished birth and became the head of a popular company at a comparatively young age. He had seen many beauties in the entertainment circle but just happened to be fond of Ji Qingzhou.

A friend asked him, “Do you like this little star?”

Chu Cheng shook his head. “No, just playing with him.”

Outside the door, Ji Qingzhou nodded. Yes, that was what the book said.

A few months later, Ji Qingzhou was walking away while answering the phone, when he overheard someone saying, “Ji Qingzhou? Oh, Chu Cheng is just playing with him. Once he’s played enough, they’ll split.”

Ji Qingzhou was just about to nod, but then he heard Chu Cheng’s furious reply: “Nonsense! Which bastard told you that! Doesn’t he know that those who disturb a marriage will be kicked by a horse!”

Ji Qingzhou: ??? Wait, no, this is not what the book said!

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Transmigrated as The Villain President’s Lover
Xuyên Thành Tiểu Tình Nhân Của Tổng Tài Hệ Phản Diện
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New User.948761
December 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Completed the main story and about ten chapters of extras and it was cute. The focus was primarily on the relationship between MC and ML. The background antagonists didn’t last long. There are so many extras and are fun to read.
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New aovel
November 27, 2023
Status: Completed
first, the male lead's immature and slow comprehension was maddening. This type of story was done before, almost cliche, but sill it brought in some fresh perspective. It was a bit silly, considering it's a bit shallow but shows some depth from time to time. The interaction between the MC and ML was worth it, it was cute and sassy. There was not much drama involved just simple play of emotion which worked well with this story.",)
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June 21, 2020
Status: c31
I was gonna wait until I finished this to review but there are so many bad reviews I couldn’t

1: if you’re looking for a refreshing, face-slapping filled, love at first sight, quick-paced novel with heart-throbbing romance and hot smexy scenes, this isn’t the novel for you.

The romance is slow. Very slow. And that’s what I like about it. The characters are given time to actually get to know each other rather than diving headfirst into steamy make out sessions. It’s at least 20 something chapters before they kiss, and even... more>> at chapter 30+ they haven’t realised their feelings for each other. It’s a surprisingly wholesome story about two noobs at romance, one of which is a first timer sugar-daddy and the other of which is a first timer sugar-baby. They interact and get to know each other via dates and proper conversation (filled with jokes and puns and whatnot) and, wait for it, actually discuss stuff with each other!

A couple of reviewers mentioned that they didn’t like how much of a pushover the main character is. He is kinda quiet, but it’s not like it’s super unreasonable. It’s more that he doesn’t want to create trouble, and he’s fine with laying low for a bit. Also, it’s not like he CAN throw his weight around everywhere, since he’s a relatively dispensable newbie and all and his ‘opponent’ is a senior who’s playing an important role. That’s where the ML comes in and does his face slap thing. Another reviewer mentioned how the ML wouldn’t even realise the MC was experiencing problems if it weren’t for Anyi (a side character, more on her later), but the thing is, the ML and MC live in completely different worlds where their careers are concerned, so of course he isn’t going to realise what’s going on, especially since the MC’s really independent and doesn’t want to involve him much. Also, ML is the one who actively goes and asks Anyi about it in the first place. He’s trying! He’s also got his own work to worry about, it mentioned that the ML couldn’t hang around MC 24/7 before because he had his business to take care of and stuff already.

Also, about Anyi: she’s kind of a love rival for the MC but she’s! Not! A! B*tch! How amazing is that?!!?? A female love rival who’s not a b*tch!

overall I really really like this okay <<less
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Asdfg rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c120

Really cute. Although they're in a contract relationship they act more like lovers. Both of them had jobs in different cities, they'd call each other every night, ML would ask for a kiss and MC would send him a picture of himself doing the kiss thing or they would face time each other and MC would send a fly kiss (idk which one) . They go on little dates, and when MC feels uncomfortable (b/c of white lotus and original gong) he'd call ML because talking to ML makes him feel more comfortable. ML treats MC really well and they're interactions are so sweet. This is really different from the usual sugar daddy relationships/beneficial relationship. ML never slept with MC during their contract. When his buddies asked why, ML said that if he slept with MC it might ruin MC future relationship, and he really cared about MC and didn't want to do something that would hurt MC. ML friends were all speechless. This was during the time their relationship had just ended and so ML was really sad and depressed b/c MC gave him back the car and the keys to the suite he bought him and MC didn't tell ML that he found his own place, not only that but when he returns home MC's not there and he feels so lonely. Both MC and ML understand the status of their relationship. When ML feels that MC was getting to close (and about to cross some boundaries that they shouldnt) he tells MC that he'll (ml) will take the initiative in their relationship. MC complies and so when MC stops taking the initiatives ML regrets it, in certain chapters he says MC is to good for him.. MC starts to like ML little by little, he knows that they're in a contractual relationship so he doesn't say anything. They both treat each other really really well and it's sooooo flufffyyy.


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katiethairu33 rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow, I really don't understand people nowadays. Where is ML manipulative? It's not like MC is not clear about his role. He is getting paid to have a physical relationship with the ML which is pretty common in the entertainment industry. Despite that, ML didn't go all the way with MC. For the kind of relationship they were in, they were pretty damn pure and I'm impressed by how people can even twist this into some sort of self-righteous claim of abuse. Are reviewers nowadays fond of being justice warriors?... more>> Even when it's clearly a case of a mature MC making rational decisions, he is somehow a helpless rabbit without the self awareness to defend himself? Yes, he is getting the job through ML's connections but that's because he sold himself to ML. And ML didn't even get the better end of the deal out of it because he respected the MC and didn't want him to lose his v**ginity in such a business transaction. Even that is somehow a manipulative, gaslighting ML. I really don't know what to say.

In my humble opinion, the ML and MC were both realistic. Using ML's connections and power somehow makes the MC useless? Then what's the point of him selling himself? If he wanted to take revenge himself, then he wouldn't have gotten into this contract in the first place. It would be an entirely different novel. There are tons of those. Go read them. They gave each other what they deemed the best for their so-called contract relationship and parted amicably. The follow-up wasn't some cliche sadomasochistic plot. They gave each other enough respect which is what I found admirable. Yes, the ML is slow. He is pretty dense about his own feelings. But can anyone really separate their needs into categories when they are the one in power? They wouldn't, because they are already getting what they want for the money they paid. It's only natural that he realizes his feelings after their twisted contract ends. I thought it made sense. However, he is abusive because he unknowingly plunged a knife in MC's heart? He is not a mind-reader for god's sake. Even when ML is worried about MC's psychological state and doesn't want him to take on some roles, it is somehow controlling? Please, I also want someone controlling like that then. I almost thought it was a different novel when I saw the reviews but I checked that it was the same one. I MTL'd it. And it was pretty easy to finish. My take on it is the exact opposite of some reviews so just read it with an open mind if you choose to read it. <<less
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bingpupschewtoy rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c55
I’m very confused at how many bad reviews this novel has gotten. I’ve noticed three common critiques:

  • MC is too passive
He’s the one who sweet talks ML into getting out of trouble and deals with the two rivals through his own merits. The only time I can see him being considered passive is ... more>>

during the filming of his first drama

, but even then he wasn’t the one who asked for help, he wanted to deal with it himself.

  • ML is abusive/gaslighting/etc.
Just. Blatantly untrue. I’ve read a lot of garbage webnovels where the MLs are disgusting POSes, but Chu Cheng just is not that at all. He lets MC set the pace, never pushes MC’s boundaries, and tries to protect MC the best he can while asking nothing in return. Chu Cheng you’ve been falsely accused

  • Translation is unreadable
If you’re used to reading Chinese webnovels, this one should be fine too. I think it’s definitely readable, but I’m Chinese so take this with a grain of salt.

Personally I think this is a really cute story with a good romantic progression. It’s slow paced and more slice-of-life-y, but banter between the main characters is cute and the story is enjoyable. <<less
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jadelin rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This story seemed like it had the potential for a lot of dog blood and over-the-top drama, but thankfully, it doesn't. The ML is amazingly extremely respectful to the MC despite his scorn for him in the beginning. He doesn't pressure the MC too much into anything he doesn't want to do.

... more>>

The ML ends up being a wonderful golden thigh for the MC, pampering him and giving him every single resource he needs and doesn't need. For someone who is being paid for, the ML actually never forces the MC to sleep with him, respecting his boundaries. They end up becoming unconsciously falling in love with each other, with the MC falling in love first. The ML is a bit slow, and doesn't realize he had fallen for the MC until they terminate their contract peacefully. Of course, the original slag gong and his 'white moonlight' keep coming back as a plot device to spoil their sweet moments.


There's a lot of extras at the end, with some best friend side-couples stories, and a side-story of a supposed fantasy 'past life' with the MC and ML. It is very much a sweet HE. <<less
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Geroker rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c148
Wow I'm not sure if some of the other reviews read the same novel I did. Slow paced, sure. Emotionally abusive??? What???

The ML and MC have a reasonably healthy relationship. I say reasonably healthy because it starts out as a contract relationship where they both agree to not develop feelings for each other, and then they both do, and that's a bit of a mess. The MC is very reserved, and the ML is totally inexperienced in relationships and doesn't know how to recognise his own feelings. But they still... more>> do communicate about major conflicts and show each other respect. They work together to meet each other in the middle and take care of each other repeatedly, and are very, very careful to respect each other's boundaries. It is definitely NOT emotionally abusive. (important caveat: the healthy dynamic is NOT in the first few chapters. The first few chapters are a super messed up dynamic but then things normalise and thereafter the relationship is functional).

This is overall a pretty fluffy and warm novel. Then there's the occasional super dark note and you're like, wtf. Like what happens to the main antagonists is seriously disturbing even if it is a sort of just comeuppance...


rival MC gets trapped in abusive contract relationship with rival ML, like straight up r*pe type stuff


The side characters are very fun, including the main female "rival" who rapidly becomes a good friend.

By chapter 148 I started to get a bit bored MTLing. May return to finish it once translation is done. <<less
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December 29, 2021
Status: c122
Witnessing our little clown, Chu Cheng, dig a hole for himself.

"I have sense of proportion."

Basically our main lead is someone who's too good to be true. Here's whyyy:

    • He knows his boundaries and implicitly states his expectation. Whilst the contract was created, he really did not push through with his threats. He's waiting for the main character to be willing. Can I just say they did not even do the yellow things the OG promised Chu Cheng? It was just hugs, kisses and flirting (atm, I think they did it na after chapters 100, when they got together for real).
    • He's dumb- supposedly an intellectual but man, his attempts in restating his initial relationship with Ji Qingzhou (Goldmaster and the one he's supporting) is so cute. It was like watching an elementary student try to flirt with a neighborhood sister. I don't know, I find it kind of romantic and sweet? They're both testing waters. This self-proclaimed godfather is totally clueless to how things work. I wonder if he just offered the deal to the OG protagonist just for laughs.
    • He's not a scum who lead others on. Freaking finally a decent person who asserts his rejection due to his preference and does not encourage the love of the other party.
    • He's sentimental ah- he appreciates the expressed intention of Ji Qingzhou's gift. He even made effort in addition to the car he wanna originally solely give before seeing the value of the gift he received. (Chu Cheng, your homies might have good ideas with how to woo. You just need to replace "contractual lover" with "loved one" when you ask.)
    • He's not really a stalker. You might think he is but he mostly waits for the news about the main character from Ji Qingzhou himself. Chu Cheng do not even follow each and every move of his- weibo? Nuh-uh he just realized something went wrong when someone told him. Some might say that it's his lack of care for the other party but that's how relationships usually works. 24/7 surveillance is not protection, it's suffocating your partner.
    • Can you believe how sweet this person is? For a self-proclaimed he only did it for the money exchange he have with the protagonist, he sure did pay attention to Ji Qingzhou's mom. Broo, their only agreement includes paying for the medical expense but this man despite his busy schedule, do not fail with visiting the mother AND TALKING patiently with her- ATLEAST ONCE A WEEK. Likee- awww.
    • He do not hide the truth from his brother- like when he started and when he finally realized the change of his feelings. From the other reviews of the readers, I think as soon as Qingzhou gets the award they're gonna march to the parents xD.
    • Harmless teasing is all he did whenever he wave his shining "financial backer" tag to Ji Qingzhou. Unlike other novels who emphasize the power imbalance between two parties to force or trigger an event. His attempts are quite funny too because his temper is just too mild and childish.
    • His temper might seem unreasonable but his thinking is just- I can't even stay mad with him. Frustrating, yes but too pitiful to see him in action. Tsk, tsk.
    • He did not magically mastered acting- even the narrative admitted that they could just accept any acting as long as he showed his face (which is lmaoo).
    • Bro- I want to highlight how adorable this person is- trying to take care of Ji Qingzhou (even though he thinks the other party is violating their agreement), lonely? He's gonna drive over to accompany him. Bullied? Hah! With the power of this laozu, who dares to torment my person? Ending the contract? Hm, I'm sad and confused but I won't knock over the other party and coerce him to accept my feelings.
    • I can't get over with his ideal lover.
That's all for now.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Exraww.KO rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c35
Too slow.

I don't mind slow pace plot but this is just too much for me.

... more>>

The MC is too plain and makes me confused as whether he actually can protect himself or just talk as if he can but still needs the ML support (?) I don't have much attachment toward him. And the ML is literally an effing president of some company but act like a teenage boy in denial. He was the one who said "no romance and sh*t in our relationship" but then "I don't like the fact that MC liked someone" and then "oh it's not because I love him, it's just I 'bought' him, so yeah, I don't like that he liked someone", and so on. I'm pretty sure it'll go on like this for this damn "sweet romance" between them. It's just too unnecessary to make it longer if the main idea is both of them are in denial (as far the story goes is mainly the ML), BUT in a childish way. They both are an effing adult for god sake.

16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Narutolvr rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: c30

It's not awful but I hesitate to rate it as high as mediocre in the genre. I guess I'd say slightly below average? It's not a terrible read, but I feel like my time would be much better spent reading one of the hundreds of other BL book wear novels out there. I almost feel unfair rating the story below 3 points because it has lots of potential, but the execution is really... irritating? If I were to put it simply, the author overwrites everything to the point where it's... more>> annoying. Here's a breakdown of what I think are the best and worst part of this novel:


  • Somewhat witty dialogue. The author does have some funny moments of back and forth between the ML and MC
  • Likeable ML. ML is a refreshing change of pace from the "domineering president" and "black belly" male leads we've come to know through CNs. He's fun, doesn't run around acting like an ass, isn't an emotional moron, and doesn't have some ridiculous mental instability/fetish for torturing the MC. Overall, one of the better male leads in Chinese Light Novels and definitely top 5 for President ML's.

  • Too much witty dialogue. You know how too much of a good thing is a bad thing? If you don't, read 25 chapters and you'll understand. The dialogue was fun. The dialogue was cute. But, chapter after chapter, quip after quip, I'm exhausted. The problem with this so-called "witty" dialogue is that it doesn't actually tell the reader anything. I feel like these chapters should be allowed a max of 3 double entendres and 4 back-and-forths before moving back to the actual plot. Don't think I'm exaggerating- anywhere from 1/3-1/2 of each chapter is the conversation between the MC and ML; conversations where, 90% of the time, there's nothing remotely important said or (when the author deigns to drag the plot back in), it's mentioning something that's already been brought up in the last several chapters' witty dialogues. Of course, witty conversation is fun in real life -so is going to an amus**ent park. But I don't need to read about the characters preparing, then packing up, then getting in the car, then getting back out to grab a wallet, then getting back in, then pulling out of the driveway, etc. We don't need that much fine detail in a story.
  • Turtle plot. Snails are faster than this plot. Maybe it's the fault of too much dialogue, but this story moves about as fast as paint dries. I swear it feels like I'm reading it in real time- it takes 8 hours of reading for one night to pass in the story lol. Because the plot is so dragged out, it never feels like anything is happening. I can't even invest any emotions because it takes too long to see any results, even with skipping tons of paragraphs.
  • Telling not showing. I fear this might also tie into the slow plot point but it deserves distinction, dammit! The action is... not like action at all. Reading a chapter is kind of like drinking room temp water. You finish drinking it and your knee jerk reaction is to wonder if you drank anything at all because nothing really feels different. But then you think really deeply and you realize you're actually less thirsty than before so yeah, technically, you drank water. I get to the end of a chapter and honestly have to wonder if anything happened in 2000+ words.
  • MC. Now this is the most subjective part of my review, but I don't care for this MC at all. In the first 30 chapters, I don't understand his personality but his lack of any defining character annoys me. It just feels like he'll have some opinion/characteristic at one point and *boom* next chapter, it's the exact opposite. Also, he's too much of a holy father. He'll just suffer through anything for no reason (even with full support behind him) until the ML comes in, sword tongue wagging, and saves him from something he should have taken care of himself. It's as if he's made to be a pushover just to give the ML a reason to play the knight. Oh, but he has no trouble whatsoever smack-talking the ML- the guy who's actually helping him out. I somewhat understand the author's justification for it but it still comes off very forced and unnecessary.
Largely, that's why I feel like this story isn't worth 3 stars. The author has some good elements here, but it's either too dragged out, overdone, or both. So reading each chapter is more like a chore than an enjoyment. If I were to come up with an analogy, it's like watching an episode of an anime like Dragon Ball or Naruto where you pretty much expect 10 minutes of ads, 10 minutes of repeated scenes from the last (or current episode), and 10 minutes of new content. Only, for this book, the first 27 minutes are repeated content and the last 3 are to throw in something new.

It's not a bad read if you want to try, but there are way better ones out there. <<less
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Meow4meow rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c57
Very boring. I cant stand the ml. He's supposed to be some big shot president but apart from face slapping MC enemies he never really does anything seriously. Basically they was he was written makes it seems like his world revolves around MC and apart from that has nothing going on for himself. He's also very paranoid, scared of MC leaving before contract ends, scared MC will hook up with someone else, and think MC is playing some kind of game with him. Which is really unreasonable since he's the... more>> one buying someone's and not the MC. Sadly I dont feel much for MC either, we dont know much about his life before. And in the beginning he was very passive, like even side characters would be fighting his battles for him. It did get a bit better tho. But it feels like MC has to cater to ML all the time. Like ML told MC that he shouldn't be so affectionate with him even though he encouraged it. I feel offended but MC doesn't. So when MC doesn't call him or make him food he starts to get mad at MC. And MC has to try his best to please him. And that's not bad because it is the type of relationship they initially were going for. The problem is I dont see how love is going to come out of one person always bowing down to the other. There's too much imbalance. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shadow1716 rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: --
I'm sick of people giving sh*t novels with sh*t plot that idealize emotional abuse 5 stars. ML is an emotional abusive and manipulative POS who gaslights the MC constantly. The MC has a brain pit that makes his entire character pointless. Author tries to make him seem like a smart and strong MC but he literally can't do anything without the ML. There is literally no point to any of the conflicts or drama because its all resolved by the ML. MC cant apparently get a decent job without the... more>> ML providing one in some form or another. Essentially this novel is how the ML raises his literal pet (the MC). <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vyathra rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: c100
GAAAHHHHH !! I read this novel in one go, and still in the middle of it. GAAAAHHH !! I HATE THE ML SO MUCH !! I can't stop myself from ranting this somewhere. I've to rant somehow to whoever. I JUST WANT TO RANT AAAAHHH !!!

The ML is the most dumb, selfish, childish ML that I ever found in this website. As far as my career in reading BL these past years, I hate him the most. GAAAAHHHHHH I don't care. I'll drop this. I don't care anymore about you.... more>> Y U SO DUMB AAA ヽ (`Д´) ノ The ML is emotional manipulator, he thinks world revolves around him only.


And despite so many OBVIOUS signs of MC in loves with him, he still ignore those, and continue to abuse MC's heart by being intimate with him. WHY BRUH.



In one arc, the MC likes to initiate intimacy with the ML, but the ML thought that they can't have romantic emotional, and the MC almost "cross over the line", so he told MC that he can't initiate any intimacy again. The MC can only be passive, he can only just wait for the ML to initiate hugging, etc first. Yea, bcs they're in sugar-daddy relationship, the MC did so, and yet the ML feel dissatisfied, feel something is missing. He asked the MC to be initiative again, to be proactive again. He continue to abuse MC's emotion by pamper him, shower him love like a lover would do, and even his group of close friends that know the real story think that they've already became a real one. Yet the ML still occasionally remind MC that they can't be real lover. That their deal will over someday. GAHHHH WT*!! Then stay away from MC, maintain some distance when the MC already did so, and stop being dumb!


I gave 2 stars to appreciate the translator-san works. No matter what, I feel grateful for her/him, thanks! I love every translators out there! Keep your hard work! Jia you!

Ok, uh, sorry. Sigh, I stayed up till 5 am, and I kinda regret it. Sigh... Please ignore me and my rants and have a nice day. :D <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --
I love all novels written by this author.

As far novel is considered, I would say fluffffffff, all novels of author are so sweet.

But I would like to give translator a suggestion for title -instead of Reborn it would be Transmigrated as this novel is part of Transmigrated series (this one is second in series, first one being Transmigrated into film emperor's death seeking fiance currently being translated by foxaholic even though updates aren't regular)...
For those who feel unequal relationship let me give you a spoiler

... more>>

Relationship is equal. MLs of author are one of the best written I have ever found. All of them are so good you just want them for yourself. Even though there is sugar daddy relationship but ML never treated MC in that way. Rather he would show proper respect to MC and care for him like a boyfriend. ML never made MC fulfil his obligation only kisses and manual driving. ML takes care of MC like a baby who needs his protection so to him going all the way would create problems for his future romantic relationship even though MC wanted to but ML rejects him. So after rejection MC cried and decided to distant himself as he has fallen in love with ML so arranges his residence and everything without telling ML. Well after their contract ended ML gave him residence and car but MC rejects his care so with in few days ML started realizing he has fallen in love but MC tolds him he cant have his care but an accident happens to MC and MC doesnt contacts ML rather ML friend (i love her character) who tells ML so ML is on his way to chase his wife as he cant live without caring MC as it has become his habit. apart from scum gong and shou all characters are not just 2D rather everyone has their own charm.. I love two side stories of side couples too especially 'Straight couple'. the funny thing is ML from start didnt realise he has fallen in love with MC but one of his friend and his eldest brothe realises it way before. So whenever Eldest Brother advices him ML is like "i am not like other sugar dadies who would do such low level mistake ". Many would like Eldest brother character too, he is like cold, aloof, indifferent guy. Cutest thing is MC made promise ML that he wont have other babies apart from him and ML promises him he would be his only baby. Plus in every transmigration novel of author transmigrated MC will tell ML about their transmigration and the proposals done by ML are so sweet they are like most girls ideal proposals.


all those who love fluff like me I would recommend them. Dont hesitate, you will love all novels by this author.. these novels actually tell us how a ML should be and how a relationship should be. Maybe some wont like MC soft character for them I would recommend author First novel of transmigration series.

Edit : I am happy that Chrysanthemum garden picked this novel as they are regualr with their updates ~.

I hope Chrysanthemum garden pick up the first novel of this franchise too (transmigrated as film emperor death seeking fiance) <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rabbitson rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: c62
The beginning was rough, but it got a lot better. Although some reviewers said that the ML doesn't seem to be busy with his career, to be fair, the novel is from the MC point of view. Naturally, the readers are not going to see what the ML does day to day in his career. They will only see what the ML does when he is with the MC and usually that would be romantic stuff instead of work. Why would the ML be working during romantic time with the... more>> mc? That is bad time management. Most people think that a CEO should be busy all the time with the company. In fact, it is just like most 9-5 jobs. Just like everyone else they have time to relax. Furthermore, the ML has a brother who seems to be the real boss, which might explain why the ML has a lot of free time to visit the MC. Some people think that the ML life revolves around the MC because he isn't seen doing anything else other than be lovey dovey with the MC. But the book is, again, an entertainment circle romance about the MC not a business world fight story about the ml.

I like the banter, flirting and inside jokes between the MC and ml. It made their relationship seem more realistic and fun. Even though their relationship is quite a slow burn, I much prefer it to the insta-love stories now a days.

You get to know both the MC and ML personality as they interact and flirt through dialogue. Though the author never explicitly says that MC is xxx type of personality, you can infer it from the way he interacts with other people. You can see that the MC is a strong, street smart and persevering character. He knows when to step forward and step back.

When he is bullied by the make-up artist he stand up for himself because he knows that his status is higher than hers. But against the deputy director he remains quiet. This doesn't mean he is meek. Just that he is smart. Why would he, as a newcomer, s*upidly jeopardise his acting career and offend an established director when he can just endure the bullying during this short period of filming? Which is worse, having your career ended or having to suffer some bad make-up, no sleep and scolding? Sure, he may be able to the accept the ml's help instead of suffering in silence. But what the MC is worried about is that once the ML is not there to protect him anymore, the people the ML offended for him will target him.

The MC knows how to think long term. Also, he is funny, hard-working, and has perseverance.

The ML is a good lover, but not perfect and that makes him unique. He is not a cold domineering ceo cardboard cut out like many other mls. He is petty, domineering and can be childish which is can expected as he is a rich 2nd gen. However, he is also very respectful of the MCs wants. Though often asks the MC for s*x, he always accepts no for an answer. He is playful and considerate towards the MC. When he pesters the MC for s*x it reminds me of an annoying younger brother lol. Also the ML has actual friends that he regularly talks to, and hobbies outside his job, which is rare.....


the scene where ML folded stars for the MC is so cute.


A sweet and very original execution of a cliche contract-lover set up. Face slapping and romance was good. I personally enjoyed the book. But it's not for everyone, I guess. Don't read if you only like insta-love. <<less
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Kirara Reiya
Kirara Reiya rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c70
Probably because I read this novel after the other two from this Transmigration series by the same author, I have a very high expectation on MC only to be disappointed by him. But I don’t hate him. I just had a very conflicted feeling bout him, sometimes I like him but most of the time I got annoyed by him because of his personality (which you could see some of the reviewers already pointed bout it). The banter between ML and MC was very cute at first but it was... more>> so long and become super repetitive that reading through this is more burdensome than enjoyment. I got very exhausted trying to finish this novel, apparently I failed. I’ll probably continue when my brain is strong enough to endure but for now, this will be on-hold. I’m exhausted.

P/S: I love Anyi. <<less
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Haziel21 rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c23 part3
I created an account just to give my review on this novel.

Edit: I wanted to rate it 2 stars but I'm a freaking noob and I don't know how to do it

This novel is just a nope for me. Meh.

... more>> The beginning of the story was fun, and I thought it will turn out great or at least good. But I was wrong. The pace of this novel is so dang slow. Slower than a turtle. Thus, it managed to pissed me off even more.

Imagine. It took more than 10 chapters for mere, ordinary, below satisfactory "face slapping" scene to occur. Like wtf. I feel like I am in a desert and someone tease me for 30 minutes before granted me a cup of water.

And the MC himself is just irritating as f. What's going on with him? Does he want to be a mary sue, holy mother of god, or what? Seeing him being bullied and he accept it just a pure torture for me. There is no direction on how his characterisation supposed to be.

Anyhow, I can't imagine myself continue reading this when there are lots of good novel out there.

I will probably read this when it finish translated or when I runs out of good novels. <<less
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karwasama rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c86
There are definitely good aspects to the novel. I think the plot, while not being particularly unique or interesting, is one of the better entertainment stories out there. At the very least it makes sense, and there's no unnecessary drama or suffering that the MC has to face that doesn't get resolved within a couple chapters. None of the "antagonists" are b*tchy women that are portrayed in a way that is inherently misogynistic (I am so god damn sick of this trope) and the side characters are interesting and relevant.... more>> As other reviewers have pointed out, the ML is also very unlike the stereotypical gongs you see in other BL, and he is not forceful, obsessive, or violent toward the MC in any way.

But there are definitely some things that bothered me, and ultimately caused me to stop MTLing the novel all the way through. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but what constitutes a spoiler is different for everyone, so please proceed with caution.

  • I enjoyed the MC's character, and for the most part, he was portrayed as a somewhat naive but still very clever, independent (in terms of his career), handsome young man. He's clear on where he stands with the ML as his "sugar baby", and he repeatedly tells himself/the audience that he won't fall in love with the ML. But then.... he acts completely different to what he preaches. As we progress in the story, it becomes obvious that he's crushing on the ML and thinks about him all the time, always wants to be with him and buy him presents, and it was really irritating. If he was so aware of everything then why would he still fall into this pit? And I know he will later

    confess to the ML despite him saying from the beginning that he will not cross the boundary

    which only highlights his contradictory nature even more.
  • I also enjoyed the ML's character for the reasons stated above (i.e he's not the psycho yandere lover in other BLs), but was thoroughly annoyed at how he insisted that he couldn't love the MC. Admittedly, this is may have just been a misinterpretation as I was MTLing and the text was barely legible, but it was very frustrating to see how the ML acted as if loving the MC was beneath him. When his friends pointed it out he was like "nonsense no way that I would ever love him LOL he's not that special" and despite being the one to complain that the MC wasn't taking the "initiative", when the MC expresses even the slightest bit of goodwill the ML is like "oh no he's crossing the boundary, he's falling in love with me" and tries to shut the MC down. It's supposed to be funny, because the ML is oblivious to his own feelings and has already fallen for the MC, but I just found it irritating.
  • I don't want to speak ill of the translator, because s/he is doing this out of the goodness of their own heart and is not being paid for the work they produce, so don't take this as a slight against them. However, I would just like to point out that the translated chapters are more or less the edited versions of the MTL (meaning they are a lot more correct in terms of grammar and etc but not so comprehensive when it comes to Chinese slag and other references) so take this as you will.
Again, my overall thoughts on this novel is that it is solid. Not particularly groundbreaking for its genre or something that I strongly enjoyed, but it wasn't bad either. I rate it a 3.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c52
Originally rated 4 but as the chapter progresses, it makes me more disappointed. The story has flaws and I can ignore but not the characters, esp the ML. I know that he is unaware of his feeling to MC but the ML should at least try to learn the MC's circumstances in shooting (without Yu anyi, ML is ignorant of what's happening) . The only thing that is commendable to ML is that he doesn't force himself to MC even if he wants to do it. I also like the... more>> slow romance. Contain spoilers: I thought that the shooting is smooth and not overly dramatic (from previous review) but NO. The villain keeps abusing the MC til he is rescued by the ML. The MC should at least think and protect himself. I thought that MC is capable enough since in previous chapter, the MC told that he isn'tused to rely to others. Yet when I read the chapters 20s, he is very helpless. Good thing, in some succeeding chapters, the MC learns to defend himself at least verbally. The story is common with face slapping and some angst. I get bored. Will probably drop <<less
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urtanmei rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c138
For the first parts it was actually going so well, however, after that it just turned into a hot mess. I kind of get why people did not like the ML because he's just there as a plot decoration and he's just there to be the MC's support. The MC was ok at first but after when : ... more>>

he didn't accept the director's offer because he didn't want to get into the play too much and be depressed and also part of the reason is the ML, I just couldn't endure the dumbness of the plot anymore because that was such a golden opportunity for him to prove his self to everyone that he has a title aside from being the ML's sugar baby and to be approved of the ML's family


I kind of wanted to endure this until the very end but I couldn't do it, I was being a dramatic b'tch and had a meltdown because I just wasted my time reading 100+ chapters. Anyways, I made an account during my meltdown and rated this 1 star so this is not a rational review at all lol <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: c23
It was alright, but the face-slapping scenes were definitely not satisfying. MC seemed pretty meek and everything was left for the ML for resolve. Why can't MC fight his own battles? Why is he so forgiving towards the people that vilified him in the first place? Lmao not my cup of tea, wanted a semi-independent MC not a wallflower one.

Grateful for the translation but I've read a very similar translation from MTL. Read it twice from the beginning as I didn't realise it had a translation. Note this only... more>> applies to the number of chapters I've read. <<less
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