Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage


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Not everyone wants to live a life filled with fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there.

To our young hero Yun Xi, he felt his calling for bread. He did not want to be the Godly Swordsman of old, nor the Majestic Immortal Emperor. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker.

Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. From now on, how will his life change?

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35 Reviews

May 26, 2017
Status: c118
This is good stuff

  • MC is likeable, he's basically a normal guy suddenly thrust into a yandere maelstrom
  • So far, it hasn't really fallen into the usual xianxia trope
  • Be aware that this is harem, i.e. Pretty much all the girls the MC meets (up to now) like him
  • There are a few mildly disturbing scenes, like a 12 (and 9) year old girl making out with him as of 118.

  • Translations are very slow
  • The raws are locked behind paywall
I need more.
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May 20, 2019
Status: c118
I'm a Chinese so I read in Chinese. No idea about the English translation, just saw this title familiar so I came to check out and give a bit of an opinion. This book currently has 2000+ chapters.

Basically, a guy that is a hopeless philanderer in his past life that messed with the bosses of the the planes/dimensions what so and basically met <School Day>'s ending. Thing is, he was reincarnated in his second life w/o his past memories (will be unlocked by 18 y/o) and lived his life as... more>> a baker that has 4 childhood friends. He especially likes a particular one but it was hopeless as their gap is too big. Then, he got a system and he received part of his past's memory; one where he was cut in pieces by the few girls that came for revenge. He doesn't want to die, so he could only get stronger with the help of the system (loli).

Alright, this novel is actually a good take on a harem type, you see? It puts in a new spin on the harem genre with the system's trial and the settings. Plus, it slants more towards comedy instead of actions. Until here it's all good but there is this part that made me want to puke and after I read on, I quit.


Yep, I remember that there was one particular chapter named <MC's Seed> and this is where it went downhill for me. MC could receive seeds as trial rewards and synchronize with them and get their skills. Of course, they are all girls and this part is still OK, albeit a bit cliche. Then, he suddenly could plant his <Seed> in other girls. Guess what, he planted over dozens and the effect is to share their skills with each others. However, there is also the effect of making those girls that received his <Seed> infatuated with him. As I stopped reading around here, I don't know how many <Seed> would he plant in the girls later on.

My point is, this book went downhill as a novel that focuses on harem and comedy starting from here. I won't comment on the comedy part but harem? What he did was to brainwash the girls into liking/loving/infatuated with him. There was no romance or love in between. This is already beyond harem, its a fuc-king stallion type already! It was going good between the MC and the few childhood friends but he just had to make this s*upid thing. It ruined the book, at least for me.


This book reminded me of a Detective Conan fanfiction where a guy was reincarnated as Detective Chiba with a system and all. Setting is good and also harem but it just had to make all girls fawn over him for no reason. Let's say the maximum point of a love meter is 100, the girls that talked with him or saw him at first glance will unscientifically gets a 80/90. It just proves that the s*upid author just wants harem but is lazy to write the process and make the girls all swoon over him for no reason at all. This book is better but the way the <Seed> are used made me puke. <<less
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Dec 21, 2016
Status: c7
Even though this novel has only been translated until ch. 7, I'm throughly hooked by the concept of the story.

... more>>

so you see this story pictures a boy who's chosen by the stars which is why the title called starchild. The story begins with his ordinary life as a baker. He doesn't want to become a swordman. But the situation later on forced him to become stronger in order to not get killed by his 4 ridiculously powerful ex girlfriends in his past life (MC has power which enables him to revive whenever he gets killed, in his past life he was killed by his 4 ex girlfriends). It seems that he gains power by completing trials which are given by his spirit (LOLI). His first trial requires him to conquer a beauty.


That's all I can say for now as I haven't read further. In short it's funny and full if comedy. It worths every bit of your time. <<less
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Aug 13, 2017
Status: c79
Best way to sum this up is Dark Souls dating sim where all the bosses are yandere girls that join the MCs harem, or just try to kill him. Quite original and enjoyable compared to your standard Xuanhuan.
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Mar 02, 2019
Status: c449
What the hell happened to this novel? It got so much worse and worse over time. At first it was an interesting story about a harem leader being chased by girls of his past lives and current life.

However, the last few arcs have been slow and tedious. This last particular arc is complete garbage, with the last 40 chapters being about ... more>>

chess. 40 chapters of deus ex machina chess!


I don't see how anyone can stand the last arc. The first arc or two were great, but everything from the nonsensical plot to the army sized number of harem additions, this has become a terrible novel. <<less
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Aug 03, 2017
Status: c74
First off, don't go into this novel thinking that you'll get a super serious and well thought out piece of masterwork. The novel is more on the comedic and rediculous side.

With that out of the way I will now describe the feel that I'm getting from this novel. And it really does feel like a darksouls crossover with a dating sim. Everytime the MC has to fight an enemy he's always lower levelled in crappy gear while going against superior boss level waves. He doesn't magically one hit ko them,... more>> rather, he has to suffer a lot to best them.

In this novel, the MC is and probably will always be overshadowed by his yandere gf's in terms of power. But that's what makes the story fun. It's about a person desperately trying to survive his harem of OP yandere gf's in rediculous circumstances with a plot that doesn't take itself too serious. Oh and it has got some ecchi in it. <<less
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Feb 03, 2019
Status: c1704
I'll be honest, this novel is a complete rip-off. I actually want to give it a full 5 because I always like this kind of novels, but I just can't. The actual plot is actually very interesting and very promising for me since I always like these kinds of scenarios and this novel has lots of it.

The actual problem is that there are lot of filler/fanservice arcs before the main plot move on. Yes, "arcs", not chapters. Those filler arcs are actually not that bad since they will actually lead... more>> to development between the MC and the FLs involved in that arc, but it just takes too long. The author seems to love to create those side stories in a form of "trial/test/dream" which mostly will have a satisfactory ending but since it was only a dream/trial, it didn't really make the plot advance at all.

Another thing I don't like is that the author is BS towards Huahuo (childhood friend ship). Her power boosts are insane to the point I want to hate her. As for the MC, his character growth is close to none at all. He didn't even want to investigate the reason why his exes are chasing him.

I was actually hoping that this novel is already at its final arcs since its already 1800+ chapters but guess what, I think it's not even more than 20 percent of the main story yet. I just gonna drop this one and read the ending when the author finishes this book to see if the following chapters are worth to read.

Do I recommend it? No. Only read it if you don't have anything else to read and you got the precious word TIME. <<less
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S. Capo
S. Capo
Apr 09, 2018
Status: c155
I understand that authors want their readers to feel interested. They do this by persuading the readers that there are more to this story so don't go yet. But it causes the differently if you keep giving your readers a lot of plots until it keeps piling up. I understand you want it to be mysterious and then at the end give a shocking reveal or at least give your readers a thrill or a good story where they can be interested, but doing it halfheartedly, it gets boring.

Another thing:

I... more>> don't get the obsession for gender bending/crossdressing? I don't have anything against gay people out there but it gets on my nerves when a boy in the story turns into a girl and keeps on being liked by the girls. What is with that? I mean, does it work? I read books for my imagination, if I can't imagine it to work, it will only be irritating for me, especially when this boy turns girl stuff seems to be endless.

Anyway, that is it for me. I'm staying out of novels like this. QUIT.... <<less
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Jan 25, 2017
Status: --
The interesting of this novel is MC. He not your typical arogant xiaxia and smart MC. He just a mere baker with exeption he is good-looking. Who has no interest in martial arts. Just a simple life in plain dough. Life just put him in a difficult situations as it thicken

This is going to be good for character delevopment since he no experience in fighting.

It would totally give this a recommendation.
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Feb 17, 2021
Status: c600
Don't read this. The author has a problem of dragging boring things on and swapping genre alot. They also have a nasty habbit of ruining the world or making characters seem stronger than what they are so you can't actually depict how much you should be invested in them.

Another thing is that the author foreshadows events that won't take place because the author completely changes and flips the setting and characters for no reason. 4 EX girlfriends? Don't worry like legit appertly they just aren't that special also it's a... more>> gothic horror now... Also it's sci fi now... Also it's medieval fantasy now... Also it's...... The point is the character development is pointless and you shouldn't get attached to any of them because the flip flop on a dime. the stars are all powerful! Yet they also suck and aren't worth mentioning.

It's just incoherent BS it's not worth your time and chances are it's only written this way to drag on the story. At one point the MC is dreaming next thing ya know oops it's not a dream anymore and to be completely honest it feels more like the stars are hurting the MC then they are helping him. They keep setting up these awful trails to help the MC grow but they just end up ruining the MCs life more and more to the point it almost kills the MC multiple times. Not to mention the stars can litterly the MC dark souls like bonfires where the MC can revive over and over again but outside of the trial they refuse to do so. Also the MC cross dresses and gets breast so if you ain't into that don't worry because he also loses them and gains them back over and over again so it's just a cluster feck of what even is this book... If your interested in not even understanding what's happening... Read this <<less
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Jan 11, 2019
Status: c69
Started off interesting enough, then I hit the crossdressing section which apparently will last 70 more chapters. The MC just being a pushover and accepting it is pretty lame.
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Apr 21, 2018
Status: c197
Whenever I read this, Gir's Doom Song (from 'Invader Zim') starts going in my head, for some reason.

I should be so lucky as to have 1% of Yun Xi's problems. However, he'd be lucky to have one millionth of his problems. Sure, he naturally connects with girls... but they all either are crazy and possessive, or turn crazy and possessive... due to his nature. Even a whole planet of 'harem' couldn't be enough, and I don't think the super-powered girls and literal goddesses would get along, sharing him.

So reading this... more>> is basically watching Yun Xi's entertaining trapeze act on a razor blade.

It doesn't help that he's not a smart boy... not that it would help, even if he were some kind of genius. Occasional s*xual situations in the story mainly get him into ever more trouble, beyond his control.

"Doom doom doomy-doom!" <<less
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Feb 09, 2018
Status: --
It's a chinese novel (so not too much happens each chapter) and releases are not 1/day or faster, so I put it off to the side around c110. That said, I like it and will definitely read more after some chapters pile up. The protagonist has a fairly good head on his shoulders, a rarity for xianxia, and doesn't exactly seek his harem but does aim for good relations with multiple women so he has options if things don't work out with the main girlfriend (which is why he's being... more>> hunted by his ex-lovers now). And, while he's generally on the smart side, he's also hard-working and hot-blooded, so he'll definitely get into the kind of action and training scenes you'd want from xianxia.

But he's a lolicon. It's not that he dislikes adult women, but when it comes to female characters, the author spends a little too much time describing how attractive the protagonist finds girls who are under 10 years old. At least compared to the more grown-up characters. There's nothing explicit... that I've seen yet... aside from kissing, but this novel contains some Mature content and there's a decent chance he'll cross that line with a loli. So if that idea bothers you, don't read it even if you like the early parts.

If you get past that, the obligatory cheat cultivation technique is interesting, the harem is fun (because at least some of the members are actively trying to confine him and kill each other as suggested by the summary and the Yandere tag), the combat is decent, the setting has a lot of intriguing elements I'd like to learn more about, and the story is interesting. The protagonist and people around him grow as characters. I'd like to rate it 5 stars, but the loli obsession gets creepy at parts and I feel like it might get worse, so I'll leave it unrated until I'm sure it'll be okay. <<less
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Jul 11, 2017
Status: c12
Starts out well. Simple man living simple life and enjoys it. His good at what he does and plans to do it for the rest of his life. Until he is killed by Yanderes.

Problem comes when things get a bit too grand. It goes from simple, while hinting at other higher rankings and positions to talking about supreme dragon gods. The problem with this is that it all mixes together there are 4 gods, but it was; supreme this and gods of goddesses that. Got bored.
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Mar 26, 2018
Status: c186
One of the best harems ever. The MC is such a gentleman who only wants a simple life but he attracts girls wherever he goes so he has to get strong because of the yanderes. The comedy, kissing, fighting, trials, and story are all great! Not for everyone though, it's comedy so you can't take it too seriously.
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Kio Ciel
Kio Ciel
Sep 03, 2017
Status: c90
I'm not ashamed to say that I like yandere, so that's the reason why I vehemently enjoyed reading this novel.

... more>>

The MC is not a human but a celestial being that was born from the stars, he's not only an immortal but he's also a yanderes/ chicks magnet, where ever he go, he will make girl fall for him.


This story also have a system which is kinda like another novel that I currently reading "Hedonist Sovereign" but the system is different just to make it clear.

Any way is a good read, but the chapters are little short. <<less
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Aug 28, 2017
Status: c18
I don't honestly know how far I'll get into this story. It's got a novel concept and for the most part it's decent enough but it goes on and on about the same things.

I mean the premise itself is innovative, and most other aspects of the story are up to par, however, since it keeps repeating things I just might drop it.

So yeah if you don't mind how the author keeps reiterating things, this is at the very least an above average story. On the other hand because it gets... more>> kind of annoying who knows how long I'll be able to put up with it.

Get the idea? Or do I need to repeat myself, just to be sure.

TLDR; Okay premise, annoying execution. Repetitive, but unique-ish start. <<less
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Nov 03, 2019
Status: --
Read ahead in raw, the story pretty much turned into bad fan fic of itself where the MC spontaneously goes to random world/ realm for no reasons. Each "new" place is a set up for MC to pick up"new" girls with boring story and no mention to established characters. It's a good premise and start butchered by the author's inability to write
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Mar 15, 2019
Status: c459
I like this novel and all but I have some serious complaints about it. This novel has a lot of “tell, not show” description. I know CNs are notorious for this, but this novel takes the cake for it. There are literally chapters where it wastes time telling people useless fluff instead of incorporating it via the story normally, leaving the plot static. I don’t need entire chapters explaining background information for one insignificant fleeting event that’s occuring during an arc. It’s infuriating.
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Jan 20, 2019
Status: c409
Interesting Story,

For those who are looking for "Serious" type of novels, just look for other novels out there, Starchild is not for you.

The MC is normal and never thought of complicated things.

... more>> Entertaining Arcs and "Exaggerated" plot Armor.

(Though the cross-dressing is one of the worst plot I've read, you can see another light when you passed through that arc.)

To summarize the story in a very simple Manner,

The "Stars" are "teaching" Yun Xi, to "Love more than one woman" and know how to "accommodate" all of them.

(After all, He is indecisive and loyal to "Monogamy". Provoking a lot of girls love unconsciously, he must take responsibility to all of them.) <<less
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