The Villainess Captured The Grand Duke


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My favorite novel character died.

After being abandoned by the heroine, he lost his emotions and could no longer use his abilities. While he was weakened, the North collapsed. The novel depicts a happily ever after for the main characters, without even bothering to confirm the location of his body.

I’ve possessed the villainess, Scheuer, and decided that I’d rather he gets his emotions back before meeting the heroine, so I headed North.

“Duke, would you hold my hand? Or perhaps give me an autograph. I promise to keep it as an heirloom.”

“If you want my autograph, then the Lady should also sign here.”

“What’s this?”

“A marriage registration form.”


“Just like right now… the Lady’s behavior makes me feel nervous.”

…Do I possibly have a chance?

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악녀는 대공을 사로잡았다
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11/26/22 Salmon Latte Translations c4
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11/21/22 Salmon Latte Translations prologue
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meyuh rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c4
This is my initial review so far since the chs are few. I personally think that the pacing is fast and the narrative was kind of dissonant and awkward — like the author cannot decide which timeline to introduce first so instead, she cut off the current narrative just to introduce the typical isekaid fML backstory.

The fML so far is vivacious, a die-hard fan of ml, and immature (imo). FML is young so I feel she tends to do things whatever her feelings tells her to do and I don't... more>> expect her that much to THINK things thoroughly, which leaves a room for her growth in the future chs (cross-fringers). While the ML is almost like a living doll because of his cold expressionless face and non-existent emotions, but there's actually a reason why his condition is like that.

All in all, it's okay-ish and seems promising since the ML hadn't done anything dislikeable. <<less
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Zureah rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: --
This story is one of my favorite, the MC is funny, brave, bold and lovable. This story belongs to the female chasing the male lead (kind of) and I love it. I hope the translator will not stop translating this gem, because its one of the story that I really like to read.
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feetintheground rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c5
Funny so far! Hoping there's more updates to come, FL is a total fangirl over ML whose stone-faced, can't help but think the antics are only going to get funnier from here. :D
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