The Villainess Who Was Dumped Got Married into My Family, a Mob Noble from the Frontier, and Turns Out, She’s an Amazing Capable Wife?


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Ragna has reincarnated as the third son of a noble family with lands in the frontier.

Thrilled at the prospect of living freely in another world without the responsibility of inheriting the family estate, his excitement was short-lived. Following the death of his father and two brothers in battle, Ragna finds himself unexpectedly taking over the family.

Unfamiliar with managing the estate and continuing the family legacy, he now faces the challenge of navigating noble duties, including attending an elite academy in the capital. As if adjusting to these responsibilities wasn’t overwhelming enough, an arranged marriage to a high-ranking noble’s daughter is thrust upon him.

This is when Ragna recalls a crucial detail about his new reality – this world mirrors that of an otome game, where his fiancée is known as the game’s antagonist.

Associated Names
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A villainess whose engagement was broken came to marry my family of a frontier mob aristocrat, but she's a really good wife, isn't she?
The villain daughter who married a frontier mob aristocrat turns out to be a really good wife, isn't she?
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4 Reviews

New anyaforger
Apr 05, 2024
Status: --
It's a good post-villainess rom-com.

The characters are lovable and gets the readers invested with premise of seeing what happens after the villainess is abandoned.

I do wish the villainess is a bit more evil/villainess-ish, but she's written as good hearted and just made a bad choice out of jealousy. She's still a likeable character though as the author leans towards pity.

... more>> The MC carries the comedy of the novel; being the straight-forward mercenary type that doesn't act like a noble and of course being isekai'd.

Overall, good read but more than half the chapters are locked behind paywall. <<less
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New Infermite
Apr 03, 2024
Status: c19
The start showed promise, but it feels a bit vapid and rushed. The main character and "Villainess" are fine, but no apparent depth was shown with 19 chapters, and any conflicts seemed to have been solved with very little difficulty.

As I haven't read much I can't conclude a lot, but the first confrontation with the Noble class also seemed to scream at the author's inability to create intelligent antagonists, instead opting to showcase how s*upid everyone is and how strong and great the protagonist is.

Like, isn't it a basic ability... more>> to discern the background of a person you are trying to face? Who the hell would not expect a frontier noble family known for fighting wars to not be good at... fighting? Do you expect me not get whiplash when I see a noble jump head first into a competition the other person obviously has experience in?

Well, maybe it gets better, but I couldn't find much to hook on. I couldn't see much growth in the relationship because most of it had been resolved, and I can't trust a Japanese Isekai author to not fumble and drag out any further progression in fear of f*cking it up.

It is fine as a mindless read, but nothing else. <<less
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Mar 13, 2024
Status: c17
Was expecting mediocre isekai story but it turned out to be actually good.

As of 17 chapter all main characters have defined traits:... more>>

MC using lighthearted and simple facade to deal with mental trauma, "villainess" - former sheltered noble daughter trying to leave her past behind, super shady butler who was hinted to may not be a human and all of them support each other.


Story has a mix of cute, comedic and cruel moments and combination works because of subtle philosophical undertone. If I got it right:

finity of life and Fate vs. Choice.

It is interesting to see characters trying to make the most of their lives in spite of adversarial circumstances.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! It's isekai MC without harem! That alone makes it above average! <<less
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Mar 30, 2024
Status: c24
An interesting mix of tropes: the disgraced villainess and the reincarnated frontier noble. The translation is pretty readable, although the website's format is kind of annoying due to all the Ads.

Their relationship is pretty compelling, although it's pretty fast how quickly the villainess changed due to him. As of chapter 24, there seems to be a bigger mystery surrounding as to why the female lead was disgraced so that's pretty interesting. The MC is also quite funny in that he has a Saitama-esque lowkey OP aspect to him, its great... more>> to see the moments where other people realize this, so far its only the female lead but maybe there will be other moments later on. When more chapters get unlocked we'll see, hopefully it is consistent in that aspect, because its quite expensive to unlock all of the chapters right now.

So far it seems pretty promising! <<less
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