Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What!


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Allen, an eight-year-old boy from a poor family in the royal capital, is living a poor but happy life together with his mother. One day, however, memories of his previous life suddenly come back to him and he remembers that he is in an dating sim game and that the capital will be destroyed by war if he doesn’t do something about it.

If this continues, both he and his mother will be killed!

With a sense of urgency, he decides to rise to the occasion in order to save his precious mother’s life and save his favorite character, the villainous young lady Anastasia, the only girl he liked in the game, from her all too tragic and ruinous end.

This is the story of a man who isn’t even a character in the game, but who strives with his steely determination and uses all the knowledge he has to turn overcome fate!

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Chounin A wa Akuyaku Reijou wo Doushitemo Sukuitai
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jack hoang
New jack hoang rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c1
eh, it's not good but good enough to pass time when you have nothing to do, very disappointed with the MC's fighting style.

He practiced hard how to use a sword for years then later used overpowered guns making all that efforts meaningless.
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New Ataniphor rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c46
Extremely mediocre is the best way to describe it. Interesting premise, abysmal execution

Interesting premise bogged down by poor action writing, pointless isekai elements, bland, boring adventurer isekai shenanigans. I highly recommending reading the first few chapters then skipping straight to chapter 27. The story doesn't actually start until here and he has basically no interaction with any important characters prior to this.

these first 26 chapters tells the story of the MC as he has extremely boring isekai adventurer shenanigans. The writing here is lazy, the logic is flawed, and... more>> none of it is memorable. It's mostly consist of internal monologue from the MC and it's an absolute drab as he brings out OP and pointless cheats. I took the pain of briefly skimming through these parts due to just how unbearable it was.

However after that the story finally becomes somewhat more interesting as he finally gets some interaction with actually important characters. Here's where the story finally start, and even then it's extremely disappointing. MC seems to determined to change the villanesss' fate, but is passive most of the time during the school arc and acts mostly as a passive observer until later.

As a guy who enjoys otome isekai and want to see someone beat up some ikemen, sure the premise is there but the trek to it is so filled with so much mundane sh*t that it makes you wonder if it worth it at the end. Even the final beat up at the end is without going into spoilers, extremely boring and disappointing. Lots of pointless POV that just repeat the same dialogue while only offering a few new lines and don't really contribute much. <<less
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Funggen rated it
October 6, 2020
Status: c100
The setting started off as almost similar as to "the world of otome game is tough for mobs" With the MC using plane and gun, akward encounters and dialogues but without the tea party, robot fight, and the world is actually still a medieval land without large flying ship or island. But in later chapter, it's starting to become one of it's own novel

I love "the world of otome game is tough for mob" but it's just that Leon being too dense and easily got his way with the country's... more>> royalty

Allen However is kind of the chad in this novel, he did suggest his feeling for her, but he doesn't immidiately confest for her since he knew that the villainess father wouldn't approve since Allen is only a commoner and doesn't have any nobility, he also can't easily become a noble despite being the top of the class, achieve the feat of capturing dungeons keeping his card in his hand.

MC effort doesn't really change the plot of the game. And problem that happened in the game will happen in one way or another.

The author purposefully follow the template, so don't expect game changing plot twist. Or a strategical kingdom building/ domestic stuff (there's none) or other foreign element outside of the game world to appear.

It's light to read, without minding the realistic of the story

I kinda agree with people that says that the characters in the novel not so interesting and forgettable but it makes the MC and the Villainess to be stands out

  1. And this is not Harem novel, yet, edit: done Reading, it's not harem.
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Hurgh rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: c13
Boring. He runs around solo, other characters are dumb, no actual interaction with the heroine for the foreseeable future.

He's currently a child in the translation and states quite clearly that he won't interact with anyone related to the game's plot for years. YEARS. Anyone he speaks to in the meantime is a stepping stone and 2-dimensional. Either used for a joke, or to display how amazing, persistent, etc that the MC is.

He suddenly brings in modern technology as his newest cheats and that's the last straw for me.

The title is... more>> totally deceptive. She's just an abstract thought and the author is probably a minmaxer of the RPG type. Would never have read had I known. Last time I pick up something with under 10 chapters and multiple reviews <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c57
If you don't mind game mechanics and a lot of logic errors along the way, it's a pretty interesting story. It would be better/more interesting if the protagonist didn't try to do everything by himself the whole time, and most of the side characters (anyone not friendly with the protagonist) after the otome game part begins seem literally ret*rded, but on the whole it's an entertaining read. Then again, they're par for the course for otome game novel characters so...

I see "The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs"... more>> on recommended list. The plot flow is somewhat similar, but the protagonist and setting here are a lot more consistent and likeable, and this isn't harem. <<less
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Zeninth125 rated it
September 20, 2020
Status: c13
Dear translator, your translation is way better than what I expected when you gave the warning. There were some awkward sentences from translating Japanese to English but overall its pretty damn good.

Dear author, good job. Seriously, the build-up is pretty nice. I feel you skip a lot of character interaction but maybe it's just how you intend it to be. It would be a bit nice if you shift the focus on world-building for a bit. But, oh well, it's not really necessary.

Dear fellow reader, if you my comment above,... more>> you may thought the novel is not really good. It's both good and bad. There's no 'one cure for all' when its about boredom. So, if you like a light reading where you didn't need to seriously think of the plot, this is pretty fun read. If you like all the intense interaction and all the plotting, this is probably not for you. <<less
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Depression is my new friend
Depression is my new friend rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: --
A really bad rip off of Otome Mob. (one of my favorite isekai novels)

Like always I won't tell everyone to ignore this since some ppl don't seem to mind rushed pacing novels like the Toy Car (did I say his name correctly?) novels.

To those who don't want to read this long ass review pls head straight down to the last paragraph

... more>> Ofc I won't simply say it's tr*sh without stating the reasons.

As far as otome novels with a male protag goes I've read three and they were extremely good ones (Otome mob, akuyaku and villianess butler) so I had high hopes for this one too, especially after seeing the cover but this one just blew my mind in all the negative way possible.

It's your average

I am OP

novel where the story absolutely fails to maintain a certain pace.

This paragraph is just for those who just started reading novels and have no idea what

I am OP novels are

Imagine a guy becoming hokage in chapter one then proceeding to become a soul reaper next then moving on to being a pirate king and finally becoming a super saiyan with the title of the greatest hero, wizard king and a stand user within just a span of

100 chapters.

Sounds kinda dumb right?How can a person be so much when all the shounen protag could not even be one of them within 200 chapters.

That's exactly what these kinds of novels are. The author just crams all the OPness he can find inside the MC without any decent buildup (they usually make it extremely cliche) which either leaves the reader frustrated or brain dead.

End of explanation


Just slap Otome mob in here minus the mechas and gender reverse world. It tries to deviate the story from the main plot a lot even though the deviation is needed for the main plot.... You ppl probably must have gone "wtf is this guy saying?"

In simple words, let's say MC needs something for the future plot so he goes somewhere, he does things. You see I don't think people would mind such things if it was done right but in this one, you hardly care about what the MC is doing there and just wish that whatever he's doing, he does it quickly and leaves the area.


Meh af. Bland.

BUT BUT BUT hear me out.

This is a webnovel translation and not the lightnovel one. Even though NovelUpdates just slapped the 99 chap (completed) tag, that's for the web novel. The LN seems to have only one volume available rn and if it ever gets translated, I'll probably give it a go and so should you since LN fixes plenty of mistakes made in the webnovel. Again Otome Mob is a prime example of that.I really disliked it's WN but the LN is one of the best isekais out there for me personally.

Even the LN for this one may have similarities to Otome mob LN which I personally don't mind as long as they do it justice.I just hope they do it right and with satisfactory pace.

I did not make this review because it was an Otome Mob rip off but rather because it was a bad Otome Mob rip off, the web novel at least.

To those who skipped the entire thing

Generic isekai novel with OP MC. Wait for the LN translation since this one is a WN one. <<less
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deviru rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Behold of My Greatness!!!

I mtl'ed the rest of the story!!! and holy SH** it was a FU***** chore to do. but yeah, its worth it.

but here is an advice.

its my belief and also in my own opinion that its better to forgive than not. if you DONT forgive then make sure to end it swiftly instead of watching and taking pleasure in others suffering. no matter HOW MUCH insufferable a person is, Death is a far better option for vengeance will only bring hollow. at least that's what I think... more>> and believe.

Just wanted to tell or inform you not to read the last Amy side story. lest you won't be able to read the rest of the story. I was about to rate this story 5/5... but the fate of Amy is just far too cruel. and with heavy heart as it is, 4/5. thank you for reading this. <<less
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01 rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: c60
Already completed the raw, then I realized that the author actually copied The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs. In the middle of novel author copied one of the scene in mobuseka ... more>>

MC aka Allen recommend himself to be representative of the villainess, then provoking the reverse harem members. Not only that MC also said said to villainess that he already decided to drop out from school. All of that is really similar to Mobuseka. Coincidence? No author also make MC use gun as main weapon despite author made a chapter dedicated to MC learning sword. Mobuseka also use gun as MC main weapon although MC raiding mech most of the time.

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Nude_philoshopher rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c36
nice novel, unless you're looking novel with mystery, drama with pathetic grinding

i mean, he does grinding, but that's not the keypoint

... more>>

he was a aerospace engineer in previous life. So he applies those knowledge in the current world using alchemy. Also, the gun's making process is realistic. If you don't know anything, you'd get to learn about gun history. Looks pretty cool cause i've had enough of mana this, mana that.


we get world building for first 26 chapters, then the novel starts with the mainplot. And honestly


damn that villainess is hella cute. And yeah, main heroine is plain tr*sh.


It might resemble the world of otome game is tough for mobs or i raised the villainess daughter cute at first. But that's that.

so yeah, i've read many reincarnation fantasy. And this one seems pretty decent, judging from my bittersweet novel reader experience.

If you like fantasy novel with interesting plot, funny interactions, actions (sporadically) and most importantly romance, then you can give it a try.

And yeah, thanks to the translator to translate all those complicated stuff without hitch so that us readers have a easy time to gobble it up. TL, you're awesome


It's just my personal bantering. Many tl on this site try to encourage readers to give reviews and stars. And many readers tend to judge that in negative light.I want to say to those readers that you all suck. Plainly, unquestionably suck.I mean, he's tling free, all we readers could do is to encourage him. Now I'm not saying to give 5 stars. Judge story unbiasedly and cheer tl. They are giving free service. At least we could cheer for them. Hard work that doesn't get appreciated hurts a lot. It's about all novels on this site.

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fumufumufufu rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: --
Reading this webnovel is like eating white bread dipped in water, its bland, soggy and basic as heck.

Firstly lets talk about the MC, he is a reincarnator that is supposed to be smart but thinks that he will not stand out when he has skipped grades in elementary and middle school while being the top of class in the magic academy, while also being the youngest C-rank adventurer. Goodluck not standing out with that kind of achievements, s*upid. His goals and actions also contradict each other, MC wants to destroy... more>> the plot to save the villainess and what he does when he arrives at the magic academy is to be invicible as possible so that the plot of the game occurs, s*upid. All in all the MC is the basic Japanese isekai MC, no personality, no ambition and no interesting interactions.

Then about the writing, the novel is written like it was a summary of a summary everything is sped up training arcs are skipped, dungeon exploration are also skipped and character interactions are also skipped. Anything that the author needs to give information about is only the bare minimum, its like a speedrun any percent.

Lastly is the side characters, they are just card board cut out characters which you can see if you have read any other isekai novels. The side characters just exist to make the MC feel more awesome, which means they are also freakin dumb becuase that is the only way this author make the MC look smart. They dont even feel like people more like NPCs you can even predict the action and lines that they will do and say based on the tropes of the isekai genre.

So all in all we have a bad MC, bad word building and bad side characters. So its bad. <<less
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BrunoVilla rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: c67
I've read the novel until chapter 67 and here the things you need to know before. The plot is very similar (if not a copy) to The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, but the difference is the fact that Leon become OP after fiding the hiding technology of the game, Allen becomes OP by knowing and fiding the best skills and griding levels. Also, Leon has an harem, but this one don't. Leon controls mecha and Allen builds airships (he was some sort of "flying engineer" before... more>> isekai'd).
In the story of The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, Leon lives in a "matriarcal" world when women can have multiple husbands, in this story you will see more of aristocracy and class difference of treatment (like commoners can only talk to nobles when the noble starts talking to them).

However, here's a warning: MC doesn't straight up go to school, he spend up a lot of time griding (it at least 30 chapters of the novel).
Here's some spoilers of what happens:

How is the relationship between MC and FL (the otome villainess)

<spoiler>she starts paying attention to him because he surpasses her at exam results. Their relationship "slowly" grows each time MC prevents Anastasia from heroine's evil deeds. She realizes that she loves him when they go to the elf village, but MC also realizes that likes her. They go as "couple" because the Elves don't let humans enter in their territory (only MC because he's their benefactor). They kiss, confess at each other and have s*x. This MC is much more straight foward and less dense than Leon</spoiler>

How is the original heroine of the game?

<spoiler>She's a piece of sh1t. She thinks that the world envolves around her and thinks god is rewarding her after all the bullying she receive in the real world. She is a bad person because not only she manipulates the 5 love targets. She wants to banish Anastasia and make her getting r*ped. She tried to collect the skills that makes her character OP in the game, but MC took all of it years before.</spoiler>

How is the prince?

<spoiler>Worse than Julius. A fool that is easily manipulated by the heroine. He treats Anastasia badly all the time and has inferiority complex, because Anastasia and MC are way better than him and fighting and magic, but he can't accept that</spoiler>

Is there a beatdown between MC and the heroine's harem like The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs?

<spoiler>yeah, I think it happens at between chapters 51-53. It feel short and Allen didn't humiliate the guys like Leon did. Also, Allen is not treated like a scum after that, but the school is still divided by aristocracy</spoiler>

Is the novel finished?

<spoiler>Yes, I think it has 100 chapter in the web novel, but they only TL 67 of them. There's a lot of side chapters from the POV of Anastasy and Amy (heroine's). Right now, at chapter 67, Anastasia is kidnapped (probably a plan of the prince and Amy) and MC is fighting a war against the east country to rescues her</spoiler>

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EdgeSky rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: anastasia side (5)
Holy shit, this is a complete rip off of the world otome games is tough for mobs. if you've read that it basically tells the same story, the different is just this has weak start with a better conflict (in terms of story stage) whilst otome games has a great start but boring and weak protagonist.

Read this for spoiler where I elaborate further why I say this is a complete ripoff of the otome games.

... more>>
  • The MC was told to play the games because of his sister, it even has the exact same backstory as the MC from otome
  • The main antagonist is a reincarnated person just like the MC except it's not his sister just a random girl from where the f*ck she is.
  • Even the antagonist went to the same reverse-harem route in this novel same as in otome
  • The author has no inspiration nor he got the imagination to write a novel.
  • Tldr; SMD author, and this middle finger for you.

Also from chapter 1-27 if somewhere along the way y'all feel bored don't hesitate to skimmed through or even skipping to chapter 27, that arc was supposed to be a grind arc for the MC but it wasn't properly executed, there's no tension at all, the academy arc (27) is where it started to get interesting.

That being said, it still an okay novel other than the flaws that I mentioned. It's not special, it certainly wasn't good but wasn't bad either (unless we're talking 'bout the first arc which it's suckz azz)

I'd say give it a read, skip to ch. 27 if you're bored and enjoy the story. <<less
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evanesco99211 rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: ss 15
MTLed to the end. I enjoyed reading this so it's a 5.

No idea why the others keep complaining about it being a cheap rip-off. I like this one a lot better in certain aspects compared to Otome Mob (which I assumed is the shortened name for The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs). Just because I like Otomo Mob, there are certain aspects about it that I don't like such as FL candidates with weak mentality and harem like atmosphere. If I could write, I would like to... more>> write something with any story that I like as the main reference and then adjust it to my liking and THIS is what I hope would be the result of that attempt.

Not only it feels more realistic most of the time, both the MC/ML and FL are not idiots when it comes to their feeling. They are just being realistic and hopeful about it. The way they get around their issues is interesting too. Aside from that, it might be true that the others might seem dim compared to MC but hey, he got a cheat, the others don't. I love the ending of our 'heroine'. It's different and it shows the human side of even the most rigid lawful good type of a person.

But yeah, the writing could be better. There are times I feel like I'm reading a school note.

P/S: No, the MC is NOT a simp. I agree with his reasoning. I'm female but I'd like to save the villainess if I were him too. Otherwise, it's just too cruel. <<less
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Azure02 rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c25
Basically a super cheap rip-off of the already cheap Otome Game Mob.

Very random.

One time you encounter a goddamn Wind God with godlike ability, mind-reading, yet he cannot assume that the MC is a reincarnator. Then the next thing we gonna see is him to meet a cliche perverted wizard old man in a forest that is a pedophile and trying to "admire" or do whatever the sh*t out of a kid elf. Holy shit. That's a clusterf*ck of chaos.


Oh yeah oh yeah, there's also the thing with him

helping a shy talking male wyvern trying to mate with a female wyvern that's so out of place and I don't know why there is these kinds of thing.


From the second chapter till now, it's just about him upgrading his skill, trying to do some powerup from a completely random scenario. Everything is just set for him in a totally convenient way. Yes, there is no world building, author just jumps off from place to place in a completely random manner.


Like how he always gets quality item from random shops for cheap price like 1000, and basically nobody realized that those item expensive even though all you need to do is just washing them with water to make them look good. The price then suddenly goes to 300000 or some other ridiculous amount, then he sold them at guild.


Also, all the people in this novel's world have no common sense.

In a particular scene, he goes into a shady shop, trying to buy a scroll that is 14.000.000 from a shopkeeper lady, yet that lady isn't even questioning where did he get that much of a money even though he's just a kid.


My advice, just don't read. It's shit.
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hirokiaccel rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: c100
It was an enjoyable read for someone who is fed up with the usual harem-y trope. I personally think that the switch PoV chapters add a nice touch to the story. The story developed well with a nice pacing and a suitable amount of characters. The romance is solid and with some cliché here and there but at least the protagonist is not some beta-male. Overall, it was an enjoyable ride with a solid ending.


Amy got what she deserved lol

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kamihiro rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: c54


- The first part of the academy arc is basically otomege's vol 1 without livia and some other minor tweeks, which is a nice inspiration as it's one of the best part of that LN imho

... more>> - After that the author decides to go his own way, building the story more to a vanila romance, which is why I came here tbh (the multiple pov really helps)

- Chars do get developed properly later on, which is noice


- Because the academy arc is basically otomege vol 1, u don't have that anticipation elements when u read thru that part, which is a bummer to many ppl

- Quite a weak start tbh, sloppy world building at first, chars seemed really boring and dull. Tbh I wouldn't blame u if u only read thru ~10 chaps, gave a 1 or 2 stars then leave (which is what a lot of ppl did looking at the rating)

Overall, an above average experience, nothing groundbreaking but surely an enjoyable read. This review is written at the start of the romcom arc so I'm excited to see where this story will go. <<less
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RenModuo rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: --
Pretty fun read.

Not really a deep story, just something to turn off your brain and enjoy.
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Frittler rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: c13
pretty average read. Had lots of flaws and feels pretty generic, otome mob is far more interesting. But to be fair, still a much better read than most isekai stories out there.

would recommend reading it if you like otome game type isekais, and has ran out of good reading materials.
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lokq rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: epilogue
I already read it till the ending, and it's not bad, the first part is similar with mobuseka, with only minor differences, but the later half is quite different where mobuseka is using action harem comedy, and this novel focus on the protagonist relationship with the villainess.

Although in the beginning, the protagonist between mobuseka and this novel looks quite similar, but they're totally different. Mobuseka protagonist, leon is a dense wimp motherf*cker, who keeps running when facing his loved one, it's quite irritating when you read it actually, but because... more>> of luxion, his partner, where luxion always snide him with sarcasm about his wimp personality, it makes them a pretty good combination. It makes you really can't hate him. And luxion enhance his rotten personality which makes it better.

and for this novel the MC is not a dense wimp motherf*cker, he realize he have feeling for the villainess and act according to that, and that's one good point for you. The reason this novel is quite good is because the sole purpose for the protagonist is to save the people he cares about, and he keep focusing on that since the beginning. Oh and also he doesn't have a harem.

but yeah that's it, I think that's the only good point for this novel, the antagonist for this novel is just kinda flat where she do whatever she wants because she thought that the world revolves around her, the capture target doesn't even have personality, they just there for the sake of being there, I even forgot their name. The world building is kinda meh, it's like you're reading the first 3 volume of mobuseka but with less detail.

for overall I prefer mobuseka than this novel, but this novel have it's own charm which makes it good, I love the relationship between the protagonist and the villainess, I like how the protagonist trying his best to get her when he realize his feeling, I guess the the author really stick to the title huh? Haha.

so for the conclusion, this novel is decent, if you like mobuseka and is waiting for the next volume, you should try to read this novel while you wait, maybe you'll get angry because the plot is quite similar, but I'm sure you'll find it's own charm while you read. And for new reader who never read mobuseka before, and if you like romance genre with no harem, where the protagonist dedicate himself for the heroine, and have a little bit of sweet moment between them, then I'm sure you'll like this novel. <<less
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October 31, 2021
Status: --
The novel's title is missing some words. It should be "Villager A Wants to Save the Villainess no Matter What Even if He Had to Sacrifice His Mother!"

This dullard of an MC shouldn't be allowed to live! If I am there, I will chuck some salt into his eyes.

Any sane person would be prioritizing to evacuate his mother in the Elves Village before beating the crown prince black and blue which might land him in execution block alongside with his mother. Especially considering the crown prince braincell is even less... more>> than this dullard MC.

And people with normal braincell plus MC power would assassinating the crown prince and proceed to the two faced whore.

It will save the kingdom from destruction. But then the novel will end in chapter 10. Oh well... <<less
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Scyferine8878 rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: c59
Yo wth the annulled engagement/1 vs 5 idiots is literally like cheap copy of "The world of otome games is tough for mobs" 1vs5 idiot princes arc, The almost identical dialogues, MC sh*t on the idiot princes and all. The prologue is also 90% same as Otome Mobs too with sister sh*t and played otome to death. But before the high school arc the plot is kinda rushing a LOT. MC got that EX-rank luck, everything goes his way. The MC is good he is hard working and all as... more>> expected from a cheap copy but after the 1v5 idiots I can't see anything else other than cheap copy of Leon. After chapter 13 this got picked up by other translation team and it is bad tho I'm grateful. So maybe I should give 2-3 stars I will settle with 2 I think bcus it is literally a cheap copy (1vs5 arc) it is like author copy and paste it tho anything besides it probably original.. Probably.. Maybe they copy and paste it also.. But well it is a great time killer. I kinda enjoy this too even for a little bit. This novel will be good for someone who doesn't read Otome Mobs

Edit: I noticed that many 5* reviews said that all the otome games story is always similar in another ways but this.. This is literally copy paste I mean the 1vs5 arc maybe before that arc it is original idea but after 1vs5 I don't know if anything else are original plots or a book of copy pasta of another author works. And there is a review that said this guy is more chad than Leon.. What? I don't see Allen propose to the prince's mother aka Queen? But well they have the same element of afraid to show their feelings bcus of one is a nobility and one is commoner. And Allen did proposed to Anna even tho they kinda rushing it in Elves event arc. This novel did have other situations similarities with Otome Mobs even tho it changed or reverse like Allen will be recruits in a war or something after proposed but still I can't deny the similarities.

Sorry for the harsh review it is just that "The World of Otome Games" is one of my fav so I kinda take this sh*t seriously <<less
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