A Sweet Girl Won’t Be Fooled By The Villainess


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A wealthy young man from a wealthy family was turned into a poor girl named Ifia. A system then gave her a choice.

【Save the World】 or 【To be in a relationship with the villainess】

Compared to the heavy responsibility of saving the world, the villainess Amelia is a cold and beautiful woman with silver hair and purple eyes. As long as Ifia can deal with this rich woman, she can happily live a carefree life.

Every second of hesitation for Ifia feels like a betrayal to herself.

Later on, Ifia successfully captures Amelia’s heart. She was held in the arms of the villainess and kissed, preventing her from destroying the world. Then, seeing the devil’s horns sprout out of her head, she finally understood the system’s language trap.

She suppresses the desire to end it all with the system.

There is still a chance to be saved now, she must escape!!!

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A Sweet Girl Won't Be Fooled and Lose Her Mind by the Villainess
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laskjd rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: v1c20
A more accurate title would be "A Sweet Girl Gets Fooled By the Villainess Once Every Five Minutes"

While the main character is very s*upid and naive, they are believably s*upid. They have not done anything annoying yet so it's fine. That could change but it's much better than those "smart" characters that just have the universe bend over backwards to make them right every time.

I am really enjoying it so far and eagerly await every new update.
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Pelouch rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: v4c28
MC is a little dense but it's the best kind of dense, as narrated in the synopsis the villainess is hiding some stuff but our MC can't never see that coupled with a newbie system that's trying to survive an SSS world (that didn't get more S' because it wasn't allowed by the grading system) it makes a fun and somewhat tense story.

It makes you wonder when will the villainess snap and how far can MC take this relationship. The og FL is also interesting, it's rare to see selfish... more>> leads in aristocratic world unfortunately MC is reluctant to involve herself with her but I have a feeling we'll see a lot from both the ML and FL heck they might even end up as antagonists. Volume 1 is very good at about 160k words is also fairly long circa 2 LN volumes length. It baits you a bit with lore but it's fun I'm looking forward to the next volumes, very recommended <<less
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Laindesh83 rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: v3c12
This is a small gem of a story.

It does the characters right, like REALLY right.
Ifia is adorable, cute and Naive. She's both dense and clever and her background pretty much explains why in fairly simple ways. And best of all, she's well written. She feels alive and doesn't feel forcefully molded to the story.
In short she's the very likeable cute and dense type of character.

Amelia is also a suprisingly likeable character. If you understand that she acts purely based on her true racial nature and then plug in how well she actually treats Ifia I just can't get myself to dislike Amelia, despite how uneasy I am about things her kind commits. Her true nature and her relationsip with Ifia is actually well written. Another big + for this novel.
Edit: She never mistreats Ifia, despite her true nature.

The story itself is also good. Comedy, fluff, action, drama. It has it all. But it never overdo anything. It dives into ugliness of humanity aswell as positive sides. It even dabbles abit into theology. But it never deepdives into any of it making it much more digestable and it fits the story alot better.

Would I recommend reading it?
Oh yes, it's a delight to read.


I just have to say it, Ifia is ridicelously cute, and she's immensely dense in the right, not irritating, way. Also Amelia, despite what she is, has the restraint of a frickin Saint bless her.

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bobsirt rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: v4c20
The story is ok. Not bad, and I don't hate reading it and I do like the silliness of the MC and the yandere's relationship a lot.

Not super sold on how long it's taking to progress the relationship, though. Like, the MC is a reincarnate and not a 5 year old, so I'm a bit mystified on how it doesn't look like they will be moving on from the "We're just friends!" phase anytime soon.

Also, Every time the MC gets in danger I wonder why the story forgot about the... more>> magical sword artifact thing that was given to her relatively early on. Other than it accidentally scaring a wild animal once its never been used despite all the trouble the MC has been caught up in and that kind of bugs me ngl.

I'm also wondering how the system the MC got was ever supposed to actually help defeat the demon lord. I know that it's tasks and rewards have been somewhat tailored to helping the mc's relationship grow but like..... the system is kind of useless? It offers minor rewards for its tasks that don't do much, has an unreliable threat detection system and cannot talk about the main plot. It's most often used for random trivia about random stuff. If the original goal was to raise a hero to kill the demon lord, I'm not really sure how it was supposed to happen even if the demon lord wasn't super ultra plus OP.

Those are things that are making me lower my overall score, but I'm still giving it a 3/5. Not the best thing I've ever read, but not bad enough to make me want to drop it and I'm fine with continuing to read and don't think I will regret it later. <<less
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qyurene rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: v3c70
Running in the circles.

That is how I would summarise this story as of v3c70 for me. Premise is not bad, first volume is actually quite decent, there are clishe and sometimes cringe moments, but that is alright. Problem arises further into story where writer starts repeating themselves, describing similar situations that often differentiate between eachother only with time and place.

Character arc? Not found, with remarks of characters, I think that it may be on purpose ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯.

I honestly have no clue why there is gender bender. It serves no... more>> purpose, is mentioned couple of times at max, and doesn't impact MC in any significant way.

If you like good character arcs, and original not repetitive story, then yea, you better find something else. If you like it or don't care then it's quite good read, as it's well written overall.

Now I will give examples of my points for people who don't care about spoilers


Example of repetition is kitchen scene in Amelia's mansion and in Exotic Kingdom, in both cases you have disrespectful chiefs that get amazed by MC.

Example of lack of character arc AND repetition is Amelia. Yea at first her attitude towards ifa is changing but later is stops at "Holding demons urge hard"

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KeyonDrenson rated it
March 7, 2024
Status: c71
3.5-4* not bad, the beginning is a bit too cringe, but it gets better after a few chapters;

Plot: FL is a boss demon disguising as a human, MC is a bit oblivious transmigrator trying to get closer to FL without knowing there are such things as demons and magic in the world
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Sakiii_ rated it
April 26, 2024
Status: v4c112
I loved this novel so much! I'm not a critic and I still lack a lot of knowledge about how to judge a literary work.... but for me at the moment what matters is whether I had fun reading it and yes, I had a lot of fun with Ifia and Amelia. The development of their relationship takes a long time, so if you are someone who likes characters who are aware of their own feelings and who are very bold, I think this is not a novel for you.... more>> But apart from the long development and Ifia being very silly and naive (too much) and it's a lot of fun and for me all my time spent is rewarded with Amelia and Ifia's cute interactions <<less
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HarveyRiggs rated it
April 1, 2024
Status: c35
The Author seems to regurgitate previous chapters details constantly in almost every couple of chapters. It's like those chapters are maybe 70% story to keep some sort of moving along, but with 30 previously stated details re-written to just fill in to create a full chapter. The rambling on of the repetitive details ruins to story progression. We don't need a rehash of it constantly.

The gender-bender tag ... more>>

I would say was just created to get the story seen in other search areas, Because even thou some details at the start about the MC once being a guy, just doesn't go with how she acts. Should have just started the story off as a girl whose YURI before the transmigration.


Some of the story design is ok, but the flaws with the progression & character designs (specially the system) at the beginning make it tough to want to go further. I'll go more and see if the beginning was just a bad start, but I'll keep what I said so far & add on later if it got better because the author was able to grow in their writing design.

I'm up to chapter 75 now

& it did get some what better on the story progression, but still has issues with bringing up & wasting time on stuff we have already told countless times, which drags out chapters.

She was defiantly a girl in her past life, there is no way around her character being a girl personality.

The system is a joke addition to the story, so much wasted time on it.


End of first volume.


System kept being silent when FL was around because it feared being detected, but yet at the end talked to MC right beside FL, showing it's design is garbage, not to mention it lies to the MC

MC finally sees FL is a demon and accepts it without being afraid. Now the FL discloses her knowledge that she knows the world have been restarted lots of times & has figured a way to keep the knowledge. But that triggers a world law conflict that startes to kill the MC & FL does a thing to save her.

Start of volume 2 the world law wipes the MC memories of what she heard, but for some reason it wipes here memories back to when she was being burned at the stake, which I guess is the authors idea to make her forget that FL was a demon & make her start all over again, instead of wiping it right when she fell unconscious after being saved. Plus the system lies to her again & doesn't tell her the truth of what happened, but yet gives her credit for completing the quest. But then gives a quest to be kissed by the FL, yet she was kissed after the confession, which should have meant that it should have been completed also.

Then as of now there are holes in the MC design, she remembers to tell the FL the 2 who caused her to be caught & hurt her, but yet she does not point out the injured girl who helped her & ask where was she now.

SO it is still all over the place on rehashed content & design flaws.


Vol2 Chapter 35


Ya, I think there is a story in there, but I'm done going further. The author is still too repetitive with repeating details & creating a loop is the dialogue as if an AI was writing it & stating the same thing in a different form over & over.

The characters are not developing & just repeating their flaws that ruin the story at times. At times it's almost like the author is mangling their design to be able to adjust to changes in the story design. It just creates more flaws. Like the MC was kidnapped by a church leader & followers to be burned at the stake. But yet she doesn't try to force not being sent to work at the church. Then later she states that she thought the church was a safe place!!!! Really! How can she not forget nearly dying from what the church was doing behind the scenes? She still never found out about the girl that helped her. Then when FL says she can get her out of it, MC was so relived, yet before going, the MC thought about asking her to prevent going, but doesn't.
The system is suppose to be assisting her, but yet it lies to her & decides to not tell her things she should know. Why even write in the system if it is doing nothing but creating wasted time for us to see MC & it argue & waste talk on nothing that moves the story. Basically most of the time all we hear is the system talking to itself, but since it does nothing, it is just wasted time reading.

Well, that was my rantings about this story. It might be ok for everyone, there is a story in there, but it's not for me, just too many flaws that stick out. <<less
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LysUltima rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: v2c11
Author is very clearly an amateur and doesn't know how to foreshadow properly. It's a premise that only works when written in 3rd person personal, yet it is 3rd person omniscient.

Besides the gimmick of the novel, it is just a generic badly written shoujo novel with the ML happening to be female.
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ntww12 rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: v1c41
I really liked reading this story which is slightly different from all the falling for villainess stories. This one has a deeper storyline regarding the villainess which I enjoyed. Our main characters are also fun to read about.

Ifia is our FL in this novel, and she used to be a young man who was a pampered third-gen rich boy who was naive and carefree. Coming into this world and becoming Ifia, she takes it into stride and lives quite carefreely. She can be timid at times but Ifia is the... more>> kind that just lives her life the way she wants to, not really thinking too far ahead in the future. She's charmingly cute.

Amelia, our villainess... Wow, she's like a possessive yandere, super black bellied but covers it allllll up. She acts very lovingly to our naive Ifia and slowly charms the little bunny into her wolfish claws lol.

Their dynamic is so fun to read!

It's just that the story is far too long for me and the author hasn't even completed it yet. I mistakenly started the novel thinking it had been completed but its actually still ongoing so I'll stop for now and come back later.

As mentioned, one of the things I thought was interesting was the world boss:


Amelia being a villainess AND also the demon sovereign was actually really interesting! With the world resetting so many times. I am so curious to know how this happened and why demons are ruling a world and why the systems have to bring in hosts to save it... The only thing is the story is so long I wonder if I have the patience to wait before I get more spoilers or hints.

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ScubaBlackbelt rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: v3c94
The story is amazing. As others have stated the MC is kind of s*upid, but it is more an ignorant and clumsy kind. The villainess is the exact opposite, she is really smart. Their interactions are well written.

The only complaint I have is sometimes the MC is so ignorant that it is annoying. There are a few examples of this but this is the most blaring one. ... more>>

At the point in the story the MC knows that demons are real and has encountered them, has encountered a dead mermaid, and aquatic mosnters. They go to save a ship that stated they were getting attacked by aquadic monsters. The MC gets on the ship that was attacked and sees claw marks like a bear. Her thought process is to try and figure out why they broughta bear on the ship... rather than the aquatic monsters that the crew has stated they got attacked by.

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