I Favor the Villainess


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“I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?”

Corporate slave OL, Oohashi Rei, reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in the world of the otome game 「Revolution」.

Her preference isn’t capturable princes, it’s the villainess, Claire François.

She merrily accepts Claire’s dislike.

With the protagonist’s involvement, it’s the beginning of a unique romcom.

To make it worse, Rei’s love became directed at the villainess, what does Claire’s future hold?

It’s my second series with a screwball villainess.

A little different from ordinary… I hope you can enjoy the villainess who’s just a little different.

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Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou.
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New kumiyeonssi rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Easily became one of my favorite yuri.

Truly you really do not need to put a lot of skinship or whatsoever to make a story interesting.

You just need an interesting plot and interesting characters then viola!
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New bulachabro rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: Completed
First review here. Just wanted to share how much I liked this novel.

I've never been one to read yuri or anything like that, but this novel is espetacular. The author, even though made mistakes here and there, was able to express so many different emotions in the story. It was a joy of a reading, a learning experience and it left a mark in me. I cried sometimes, of laughter and of sorrow. The pacing of the romance is also good, not too fast or too slow.

Of course it's not... more>> all gold, some decisions are wacky and plot holes exist, but the core of the story is great.


The ending was particularly satisfactory. It made me feel really good and fulfilled my expectations for the characters. What is really difficult to happen with endings for me.


All in all, I give it a 5/5 based on my own enjoyment. This is just my garbage opinion, but thanks for reading.

I also wanted to give thanks to the translator and the author for giving us this story.

PS: definitely buy the light novel if you can! <<less
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EpicYarnBoy rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read all the chapters, I love this story as the yuri develops at a good pace, not instantly or after hundreds of chapters

... more>>

The yuri starts to pick up around chapter 45 when Claire's sister comes in and makes Rei stop being a maid for a few days, in that time Claire realises she misses Rei and also just before that point Rei starts to realise how she would get depressed if Claire dates someone else, until that point she was thinking she would be happy if Claire is happy



It ends with Rei X Claire, they have 2 adopted daughters and live together in the country side

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October 18, 2018
Status: c10
It's very funny, but if you start empathizing with Claire (the villainess), then it becomes impossible to enjoy. I'd also recommend against it for anyone who's ever been the victim of s*xual harassment, stalking, or other s*xually motivated crimes as it will likely trigger you. That said, I doubt it will ever have graphic content. It just doesn't feel like that kind of story.

Honestly, it's hard to rate. If you can prevent yourself from seeing things from Claire's point of view, then it's hilarious, and easily a four or a... more>> five, if not though, then it's basically a one, since the whole series hinges on their dysfunctional relationship. <<less
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where are the lesbians
where are the lesbians rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c15
I honestly wasn't expecting to be so invested in this story. The story is light-hearted and the interactions between the MC and Claire are hilarious. The chapters are rather short but that doesn't take anything away from the flow of the story.

I thought it stay light-hearted with no real depth (in term of characters and plot) but after reading chapter 15, my opinion has completely changed.

... more>>

the author's realistic take/explanation and comparison of homos*xuality in Rei's original world to her current one really hit hard for me and I was not expecting to see that kind of character depth pertaining to LGBT issues in a WN. And honestly ugh my heart stung at Rei's self-mocking moments. It felt very real for me.


All in all, this is quickly becoming one of my favourite stories and I can feel it in my bones that the slowburn will be worth it. (I'm begging u author pls)

OH!! And the translator is just amazing! Frequent updates and it's very easy to read the story. Very grateful to them for picking this up!

This is my first time reviewing so I apologise for any mistakes! <<less
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Lesbian rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c85

At first, it seems kind of typical of the "reincarnated into an otome game" genre with the exception of the main character's laser-like focus on the villainess noble girl, giving a breath of fresh air to the genre and creating a work that can be better enjoyed by yuri or LGBT fans. As the story continues, it deepens its themes and its story, creating a better work out of what may have just been a different take on a familiar genre.

It delves into actual LGBT feelings and themes after a... more>> while, showing that the author is probably an active member of the community over in Japan. Since most works (even yuri) rarely touch on this, it might be a little off-putting at first, but if you can work past it you can get a better insight into how people actually feel. And, speaking frankly AS a member of the LGBT community, it's completely refreshing to see it discussed out in the open.

There are some points that stick out, but are addressed (the way the MC treats Claire, as an example another reviewer brought up, can be off-putting, but are addressed in story) or seem to just be a difference in culture between Japan and the West.

Overall, it's a solid read, and I'd say to give it a chance. <<less
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Stumpeye rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Just finished the novel. I love it. This goes above and beyond the average WN. The main character's introspectives/narration are fairly interesting; it's not just your typical I have to do this and do that, etc. Her banter is excellent, and if you read it you can kinda tell it's not all cut and dry.

In certain chapters, I can feel influence taken from the 3d world. At the very least, it's a cute story about a girl hanging out with her crush, the villain girl.
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SovietWeeb rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c7
I love this story really. I just love how the story kind of jokes about the genre and the relationship between the Villainess and the MC is my favorite. I've wanted a story like this for a while. I always think it'd be more interesting instead of the cliche harem of guys around the MC If the MC decides to go for the girl like the Villainess.

I don't really like Mish, She's not funny how she will Real In the MC. Even looking past how annoying she is. Her type... more>> of character is best reserved for MC's IMO. It's funnier seeing the MC real in an overly energetic character than the other way around.

Overall it's a pretty fun story. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c56
Its a yuri novel, with active translation, instantly gets 5star. Like seriously, the disparity between yuri and yaoi active translations is sickening. Good to see even a little change.

Anyway the novel itself can feel a little bland. It is a slice of life type with not much action.

But the MC is the saving grace, with her carefree attitude always teasing claire. Really is fresh and novel. Solely on that would recommend this.
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hawlol rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c50
This lacks a NTR tag. (Edit: For me, Netorare is when the MC is chasing after someone that loves or is interested in a third party. Some might say that it's only when there's adultery but I disagree. The feeling of chasing someone that is clearly interested in others is enough. Take your own conclusions, but whether there's physical contact or not, the fact that the MC is chasing after someone that cares for a third party remain.)

It's like watching that friend of yours being rejected over and... more>> over by a local bitch and being humiliated while being rejected, over and over again. It's painful.

The MC is a lesbian and Claire (the villainess) is heteros*xual and in love with a prince. The MC serves the villainess as a maid, and helps her with the Prince. In the meantime they have comedy skits that might sound cute, but Claire is always treating the MC like sh*t.

Even after the MC has proven herself, helping in time of need, saving her and the prince's life, etc, she keeps calling her a commoner and denying simple things as having tea with her and telling she should leave the academy.

Unlike other novels in this genre, the villainess is a really bad and unlikable person, thinking herself superior to everyone. I don't think the term tsundere covers her actions and ideals.

Her ideals include the fact that she actually believes nobles are superior and commoners inferior beings who should be happy with the scraps they get.

Maybe this will sort itself out in future chapters and have a happy ending, but it's really hard to stomach the abuse the MC suffers though this 'relationship' with such a terrible person.

If you dislike NTR or abusive relationships like I do, stay away. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c59
at the very shortest; it's pretty good and if you enjoy or want to see what a story written from a shoujo manga male lead's point of view, you'll like it. If you're familiar with Usui from school president is a maid (a shoujo manga), this story is what it would be like if we followed his POV.

Yes there are some holes in the plot and it does get a little confusing here and there if you can't suspend disbelief but it's a solid read. I think the stand out... more>> is rei's characterization honestly.

If I were to break it down, Rei is a woman who is written like a shoujo manga male love interest who fell in love with the protagonist first. A little flirty, cold to the normal "capture targets", she's very focused on her sole goal of supporting Claire in love and life with a disregard for all else. Claire herself is a "tsundere" who at first attempted to bully Rei but recoiled due to rei's abnormal reactions. The three princes who are capture targets fall to the side. They kinda feel like friends (except for one who feels a little like rei's rival for Claire's love) but kinda feel mostly there to move plot. Mish is kinda weak and honestly fades into the background very quickly. She's supposed to be rei's "handler" but she shows up only a few times and then is forgotten quickly.

Plot wise, it's less "political intrigue" and more "slice of life", it follows Rei and her devotion to Claire, with some background events to cause drama. Whether or not Rei and Claire end up together is a toss up, as it feels like Claire is split between Rei and another character (a male capture target).

Overall, I think your love of this novel depends on how much you like shoujo manga. Did you like stories like Special A? The school president is a maid? Dengeki daisy? More specifically did you like the male lead of theses manga? A little flirty and cold to others, helps out the main girl a lot, skillfull, etc etc? Did you ever wish you could see from his point of view?

if you answered yes, you'll like this story because it reads very similar as long as you slide past the few chapters until Rei becomes Claire's maid and accept that Rei is a girl and not a guy. <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: c85
As my first shoujo ai/girls love novel, I came in purely out of curiosity.

The premise of the novel is very simple: A 22 year old female worker is transmigrated into an otome game as the heroine. But instead of trying to capture the male targets, the MC is in love with the villainess and will use all means to be near and flirt with the villainess.

The story is more of a slice of life genre then anything else, so it was an enjoyable and relaxing read up till chapter 50-60s... more>> when the MC starts acting like a mentally ill patient with a bi-polar disorder. The MC will be flirty and happy one moment then become irrationally depressed and self-deprecating the next. For example, in the arc where Claire's onee-sama, M (shortened to make it easier to write), is transferred to Claire's school. The whole idea of this arc is to have M, who is also a homos*xual, to question the MC's feelings towards Claire and to act as the "bad cop" so as to move the plot along. Throughout this arc, the MC's mood swings from jealousy to anger to sorrow and all the negative emotions out there because M barged in as a third wheel. All the side characters in the novel are between 15-16 years of age while the MC is mentally 22, but the MC is portrayed like a child throwing a tantrum because her toy (Claire) was stolen away by M. At this point in the novel, I was slightly turned off by the emotional swings of the MC.

As the story goes on, many more conspiracies and characters pop up, but all of the new characters are female and homos*xuals?? I understand that this is a girls love novel, but it's very surprising that 3-4/5 characters in the novel is a female and a homos*xual. I'm starting to suspect that most of the male characters are actually female in disguise because of the large amount of female homos*xuals that are turning up in the story, to the point where it doesn't really make sense.

The largest turn off/con for me is the large amount of political/social issue info dump that are in the story. From a slice of genre, the novel is turning towards a rant of the author's political and social views. It was alright to talk about poverty, the abolishment of a class system, etc. but then the author/MC started mentioning how homos*xuals are attracted to others, what counts as bis*xual, etc. which got a bit too personal for my taste.

In terms of characters besides the MC, Claire (the MC's love interest), is a noble villainess. With an arrogant and stubborn personality, it's no wonder she's a villainess. Every time the MC teases/flirts with Claire, Claire usually responds with a rude remark disparaging commoners or the like, so it is within reason to believe that the MC is a true masochist as she likes to be verbally abused. After 80+ chapters, there is very little to no character development for Claire as she is a true tsundere. This may or may not be a con for some peeps, but I became a bit frustrated with the way Claire expects the MC to always make the first move or to "take the hints". With the way how Claire has a high upbringing and a wealthy background, there are very little things the MC (who is a commoner) can do to please Claire, so it is highly frustrating to see Claire act all snotty and stubborn, waiting for the MC to "make a move", when the MC has been trying to flirt and get together with Claire for 80+ chapters.

Overall, the beginning parts of the story was very fun and relaxing to read till ya begin to realize that there is really no character development going on... so I am a bit disappointed with the way the plot is moving forward. But I would still recommend ya all to give this novel a try, since it may just be your cup of tea or coffee~ <<less
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fireutsie rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: epilogue
To clarify on the other review, there is no NTR in this novel, NTR basically means cuckhold, usually related to s*xual acts. And there is none of that in this story. You can rest assured.

The 2nd thing that needs to be said is that this novel is very politics heavy. Both from the authors view on homos*xuality, gender indentity to society. And the plot in the novel being about the MC solving political issues. This really isn't a school yuri romance after the initial chapters.

Onto the review then:

The good parts... more>> are that it's a decently written yuri novel. The characters show development in their feelings, they become much more likable later. The MC works hard towards winning over the villainess while she tries to "fix" certain events of the otome game. I like mc's that work hard for their goal. The villainess is also an interesting character. While at first glance she might seem like a selfish abusive tsundere, later on she becomes a bit more dere, starts opening up more and shows character growth as she tries to solve the issues that she is burdened with.
There are also some fights here and there, but not really the main focus of this novel. Therefore you shouldn't go into this novel expecting great fighting scenes. Though, sometimes the references are hilarious.

Now there are some bad points too. Mainly because I feel like I'm being spoonfed about the author's views on s*xuality, gender indentity and politics. Like I get it, you want to preach about it, it happens in a lot of novels, but if you dedicate entire chapters to it then I'll start feeling that it's a bit excessive.
Other than that, a lot of the time certain developments feel forced and rushed. Major plot events get introduced on a whim and end way too quick. And some of the major characters fade into obscurity for seemingly no reason. I felt like they should've taken a bit more time to flesh the world building out a bit more. But this story takes place in the world of an otome game, so again, it's not like you could've expected much.

Some spoilers and more clarification about the bad parts:

The MC is a masochist who throws herself onto the villainess, (an actual child and not a mentally mature person like the mc), with emotional scars. It literally became s*xual harassment at some point. But lets put that on the side shall we since it gets better later on.

In this story we constantly get fed on the political views of the author. Monarchy is failing, and thus it is concluded that everyone should be treated equally. I mean it's fine and all but with how the MC is "guiding" the villainess love interest on her political views I really feel like I'm being spoonfed politics. Which isn't what I was looking for.

Another thing is the authors view on homos*xuals. Yes, I get it, homos*xuals aren't accepted everywhere, there is need to preach about it, and since this is a yuri story I was expecting some kind of talk about that since it is part of the character development. What I didn't expect was again, the authors political views on homos*xuals being spoonfed on us. Also, they mentioned at the start of the story that homos*xuals were RARE, then how come we keep getting important people introduced that are homos*xual? Or is it just purely for the yuri harem the MC creates unintentionally?

Also in the later chapters we get a bombshell dropped on us that one of the males is actually a female and we get an entire lecture arc about gender identity. Like why? How is this even relevant to the plot of two girls trying to love eachother? The MC didn't even know that since it wasn't in the original Otome game.

I have no problems with homos*xuals, otherwise I wouldn't be reading this novel, but I was looking for romance, not politics.


All in all it's enjoyable as long as you don't mind the excess amount of politics in this novel.
It's a 2.5/5. <<less
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ShadowkingMS rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c38
This part isn’t really a review, but more of just a way to let everyone know that Xen’s review has skewed info: no gender bender, the MC was always a girl, always.

My short review for this novel is that it’s hilarious and great for most people. If u aren’t homophobic, can ignore Claire’s p.o.v. (Which I could, didn’t even think of until I read jacobpaige’s review which makes complete sense, bless your empathy), AND aren’t already sick of/hate the genre in general, then this will be a gem.
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Medic-chan rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
It's good, but no one ever cares that the protagonist got isekai'd. Not the protagonist, the people she spills her secret to, and especially the author. It's our initial plot device and constantly held up as foreshadowing/future knowledge, but nobody cares about the issue itself.

A lot of magic world building happens with off-handedly related clues as to what magic might really be and why she's there.

This is not an issue, though. At this point "isekai Otome Villainess" is simply the excuse the story used to get a reader, if everyone... more>> can forget the entire premise from beginning to end and simply enjoy the characters, that would probably be best for all of us. <<less
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zephyroths rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c103
I came across this novel when I was in the mood to read some Yuri.

I am pleased how this novel is not ashamed to include some taboo topics and managed to give me insight regarding those.

And recent development just makes this novel even better with madness is coming one after another.

With how things progressed, I hope this will be happy ending for both Ray and Claire.
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Xen rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: --
As it is clearly stated in the title, it is about a MC who merries on the known well tsundere type syndrome person.

The plot and the sketches of story is very simple, almost like fitting the slice life tag, because there is not much plot development, much universe detailing focus, instead it is cleanly centered in the daily imteraction of a very limited amount of characters incluiding the female gender bender protagonist and her /his crush.

As the problem comes from, the declaration stated in the title is bluntly fast, but... more>> the problem itself remains aftermath, it is very shallow and repeatitive, ocasionally fixing the MC as a merely puppet of love. He can think, but only according the priorities, after his admiration for his crush. And this admiration is the problem because in turnways author started trying to fix a rational thinking on him but latter regards more importance making him belittle and instead make a clearly contrast of the work of his, and by this reasoning it is easy to predict the story.

For those who have already been reading, ¿Where do you think the slime appeared in out town or innertown?, the answer is neither facts matter, the demon invasion popped out of nowhere detailing any fundamental previous spacial location about whether it is the logical of the situation, be it plausible or not, in contrast the continuation dialogue between characters of the baby slime and monologue of the MC just feels artificially, all in way to fit the story maybe to detail the rational thinking of him and latter losing it into blind devotion. <<less
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brightnp24 rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I really appreciate the story. Although sometimes I felt irritated on their behaviour and reasoning, this novel is still a great one.

Keep on reading, you won't disappoint.
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soulwarfare rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: epilogue
Having finished the novel, I have got to say it is a great journey. The main character Rei and the love interest Claire have great personality and seeing Rei try to get Claire to fall for her was just hilarious. There are also some great supporting characters within this series as well.

If I have to give a flaw to the series then it's got to the last third of this novel when it starts to get really serious. It feels really rushed and feels like a desperate attempt to just... more>> wrap everything up. In the end it feels like there are a couple plot holes in the end. However it doesn't ruin the whole journey of the series. I highly recommend you to give it a read for yourself and give your own opinion on it. Additionally, in the epilogue the ACTUAL author actually comments as well which is definitely a huge surprise and shows how much the author cared about the readers and the series/. <<less
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facuelfacha12 rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: c83
I was surprised by this story.

A pleasant surprise if I must say so.

The story is very good, its development, the characters, the construction of the world, but the most pleasant thing is... The relationship between the protagonist and her beloved.
First I must say that the protagonist is very nice and funny, although at first I thought she is very sincere with her feelings and maybe a little (masochistic), then she tells more and more of her thoughts and makes him feel truly human.

This is my first Yuri story that... more>> I have read and I liked a lot.

Anyway if you want to read an entertaining story that mixes sweetness and comedy to create a story whose romance is quite charming, then read them. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c59
I recommend you to read at least until chapter 40-50s before you decide whether to drop this novel or not. Per November 28th 2018, this novel has amasses 109 votes with 4, 4 rating; and let me tell you, such high rating is completely justified.


... uh, well, maybe not that high. But I believe it worths 4-stars rating at the least.


The focus of this novel is how Claire slowly developes her feeling to Rei and how Rei matures (emotionally) to protect Claire.
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Hatsune Izuma
Hatsune Izuma rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: c38
Well, I can say is, It's great! It's different from the usual Isekai power play I read.

As the synopsis says, the MC which is called Rei, she's then Isekaied to her fav love sim game and goes with the villainess route. It is very light-hearted and cute, Rei just messes around with the Tsundere Villainess/Heroine which is called Claire, on a daily basis.

But at times the plot turns serious, hinting on events that could destroy the Rei everyday life with the Claire. I really like the change of atmosphere in... more>> the novel and when that does happen I get worried and excited how the MC's going to handle the problem.

As for the characters, as the story goes on the relationship between Rei and Claire gets deeper and more Yuri, no echii thou. We also get a glimpse of the MC's past little by little and the reason the MC's so addicted to the Villainess/Heroine. The interaction between the two is, Rei teases Claire and declares her love anytime she can, this direct approach gets Claire closer to Rei, and Tsundere Claire goes Dere~ more often. (Love it when this happens!)

Finishing this off, I really like this and hope it continues to get better. I think you should totally read this if you like your light-hearted and cute novel but also like a bit of drama included. For the Isekai consumer like me, give it a try as it's a similar concept but new at the same time. <<less
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