I Will Never Submit to Miss Grim Reaper


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“Are you awake? Congratulations on turning into a girl, I won’t let you die so easily.”

“Someone gave a tip, so you have a minimum of ten updates today. If there’s a typo, add an extra thousand words. If you can’t write, figure it out yourself.”

“I’ve been busy lately, I might come over for dinner tonight. Remember to make enough for two.”

“I bought you two new dresses, wear them well. The weather has been getting colder lately, so don’t catch a cold.”

“I’ll be spending the night here tonight, make sure the bed is warm.”


— Today’s the pet girl is also fighting against Miss Grim Reaper.

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I Will Never Give In to Miss Death
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4 Reviews

Nov 13, 2023
Status: c75
Quite rough at first but after around 30 chapter the story become enjoyable and funny to read especially the main character's interaction with her friends. Furthermore the lore between her and the grim reaper is so sweet it make me go awwwww.
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Nov 24, 2023
Status: c66
The story overall isn't necessarily bad, but it feels incredibly slow. The concept is an author gets visited by the grim reaper and gets turned into a little girl, and then it goes into a slice of life type story (At least until chapter 66 from there)

Things that are making me drop the story:

So the synopsis hinting that there will be a relationship between the two, but the story is going incredibly slowly and at times it feels like its being extended for word count. Chapter 66, where I currently am, took me a few hours of reading to get to and as of this point MC has had only three interactions with the grim reaper. One where he died, one short one where she stole his dinner, then another short one. The last two probably have less than 5 paragraphs of content. Overall for a story with the main concept being "I won't submit to the grim reaper" said character is barely in the story.

This by itself wouldn't inherently make the story bad, different than expected but could still be good. The issue is the other content is slice of life that just becomes incredibly boring mixed in with long pointless sections of text. Theres long explanations of shopping with them buying each item that serve little to no purpose and could of been summarized in "I went shopping and bought a few things" which is fine to a degree but it feels incredibly long in this story.

Then the story also has long pointless rambles, there are paragraphs on paragraphs about the most random and pointless things. You will get something like 8 paragraphs straight talking about the development of this town which serves zero purpose. I guess you can call it world building but it really just feels like the author is trying to extend the word count. I can't summarize enough how many times there would be these rambles, where you get long introductions to characters back to back, pointless listings of different games or other random things that are irrelevant. It just really felt like you could cut out at least 40% of the content in this book and it would make zero difference to any world building/character development/plot.

Overall, mixing these reasons together the story just feels like its going nowhere. The initial hook never appeared, or at least won't appear until many hours of reading into the story and the content that you are reading feels like its being stretched as far as it can go, which just makes it a chore to read through. The main thread itself I think has potential but the execution has just ended up disappointing.

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May 17, 2024
Status: c88
The story is quite fast, however the pace is constant. Think of it as a slice of life novel with x2 pace. The plot and character dev is surprisingly good. However the foreshadowing can be guess quite easy. The best part about this hidden gem is in the description of the character's interiority. 5/5 Would recommend for those who want to have a cozy and deep reading experience
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Nov 11, 2023
Status: c72
Not a bad story, nor a good one. It can get creepy at times, but never goes anywhere far on that thankfully.

There's some plot twists in it, I just wish it was better handled.
The story takes time going off too.


The Grim Reaper has her reasons for doing what she does. And her reasons is explained through the MC's dreams. I had to read 70~'ish chapters before a picture of whats going on is painted. It's not a bad concept of a story it's just easy to get lost in it as the story doesn't tell much about the Reaper\MC interactions yet.


There's better Yuri novels out there, but it's interesting enough to check out regardless
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