Gender Bent Loli Is Not Cute!


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In a night full of shooting stars, I made a wish. I wished that I could at least be in a relationship once——when I woke up, I became a girl with a body of a 12 year old.

「Clearly I wanted to do it with a loli, why did I end up becoming one!!」

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WntrDrgn rated it
August 16, 2018
Status: --

Reincarnated as a girl just as he was wishing for a girlfriend. Her father is an abusive drunk. No friends to speak of. It's a tragic but somehow compelling story of a man trying to adapt to life as a 15 year old girl. Worth the time it will take to read, assuming tragedies dont bother you.

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Citizen27 rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c9
Read ahead, and the story is painful...

Ok the beginning is kinda dumb, esp some of the mc's incredulously idiotic decisions and abrupt happenings.

Try ignore that and keep sticking to the story, it's worth it if you like feeling a bit of pain in romance stories.
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Walter vi Britannia
Walter vi Britannia rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: v2c3.5
Before you get thrown off by the tragedy tag, it's not really a tragedy, it just has a bit of an intense start. But that's just the first volume. After that there is no more violence and all cute and fluffy stuff.

The initial tragic start was just to get the setting in place.

... more>>

This is a really cute gender bender romance novel. Main character wakes up in this girl's body who lives with her abusive drunk father. She makes friends with a rich boy she randomly meets who ends up rescuing her from her misery. From there the romance starts.


As a gender bender lover, I already like this a lot. Even though this doesn't have all the drama that comes with being in the opposite gender, this doesn't throw that out the window either. And logically, she has more problems with to deal with than getting flustered over her new body. But as it eventually settles it shows the struggles properly and it's a really decent gender bender story.

If you like cute and fluffy stories then you should definitely read this, this is not for tragedy lovers. Don't get thrown off of it having a tragedy tag, cause it settles really quickly and she starts living a very peaceful and happy life while facing her own teen drama. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 19, 2018
Status: --
Plot armor abandoned the MC, he transmigrated into a malnourished girl.

It seems his soul is not very strong

his body has a communication barrier, speaking in broken up sentences but gets better as the chapters progress, his/her mom ran away with another dude and his/her dad turned into an alcoholic possibly with debts and hits him/her. No friends which is a good thing because he got no plot armor to give him memories. Somehow he met a rich boy whose mom is a concubine

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Scent of Magnolia
Scent of Magnolia rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: v1c2
This is too bland for me, I tried to write a novel once and this novel looks exactly the same. I don't think I can read this any further.

There are very little details about the world he was in except that there is a very little population. The MC also somehow felt the "shock" of being genderbent but that's about it. It's also filled with rant about his new body.

Maybe it's just the writer being inexperienced.

Edit: I managed to read further and it really deserves 3 stars. It's 3 stars... more>> for cuteness, I love these kinds of stories. The plot don't have much direction cuz it's the school arc. <<less
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