Return of Mount Hua Sect


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The 13th generation disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Three Great Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung.

After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child.

But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!?

It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke.

“Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!”

Plum blossoms eventually fall.

But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again.

“But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!”

The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Saint, Chung Myung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect.

Associated Names
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Return of the Blossoming Blade (Manhwa)
Return of the Huashan Sect
Return of the Mount Hua Sect
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46 Reviews

New allsooon
Feb 16, 2024
Status: c1677
I really love this novel. But the chapters isn’t always the best,

... more>>

the war arc is not only focusing on Chungmyung’s POV and Jang Il-so always seems several steps ahead from Chungmyung. Honestly, I would love it if the author can focus more on Chungmyung. I don’t know how to explain it properly but it gets me dizzy that the author has to explain every tiny details about everyone, even the side character which will die anyway at the same chapter. I started reading the novel because of Mount Hua and Chungmyung but the author is focusing too much on others. There is too much characters on the novel. Even the reminiscing of the past of a not so important side character. The author will write 5-6 episodes which will not even mention Chungmyung or what they’re up to now.


Sometimes I feel like skipping a chapter but I still like the writing and the ideas of the author. I appreciate them a lot. I know how difficult it is to write a novel like this. <<less
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New Alderi
Feb 10, 2024
Status: c465
This story is breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful as a whole.

Sure, the jokes may be repetitive and the plot may be dragged out. But I don't even mind it anymore because I wouldn't be able to bear all the pain if not for comedic relief and prolonged breaks between the most intense scenes. If there's one thing the author excels in, it's making their characters human and vulnerable no matter how strong or talented they are. One moment you're smiling at all the foolery, and the next you're choking back tears. I... more>> do recommend stacking chapters and reading full story arcs instead of keeping up with new releases though. It'll save you loads of frustration, because the pace is slow.

Mount Hua is Mount Hua. What more to say? <<less
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: c1167
I loveee love this novel. The comedy is top tier and MC is not a loud-no brainer who only knows how to yell, he's smart and has a solid personality. I love how he's secretly very loving and regards his people preciously. There are moments that will make you sad and painful arcs, especially if it's about his the past, he's not afraid to acknowledge his emotions. Despite him being strong and recognized by people around him, it still somewhat shows that he is actually still lacking, making it clear... more>> that about his development in strength. <<less
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Mar 05, 2022
Status: c1130
VERY GOOOD, very recommended.

Fun MC, he is my best MC so far. MC see everyone equally, don't care if it's woman, old man, elder, animal.. He will beat them equally (LMFAOO). Well he still respect the Mount Hua elder tho.

... more>>

I like the part when he like to sneak around using black clothes, especially in North Sea arc. I mean how are u hiding with those black clothes in that full of white snow place HAHAHAHA


I love most of character, even there a villain that I like gosh.


There will be villain that really similar with MC personality for me. It's like MC will become him if he not get raised in mount hua sect -> Jang Nilso

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Dec 04, 2022
Status: c1000+
The story is well-written. The translation is one of the best murim translation I've even seen. The plot was slow paced yet, it was fast at the same time. The characters feel three dimensional. The comedy was gold and the occasional angst was like a delicious side dish. Not lying but there was this villain I, a reader myself, feel tense everytime he appears. Meaning- no brainless antagonists. No romance, no harem, bromance in full pack.

... more>>

This villain named Jang Ilso is so sexy. I can't even concentrate that much on the story whenever he appears. I think he show up on ch 400+ I have to keep reminding myself that he's a bastard who proudly show off his huge red flag. And it doesn't work anyway-

Speaking of villains-

Jang Ilso, Bob-jeong (well, I forgot how is he spelled but he's Shaolin's leader) and the heavenly demon. If it's normal, heavenly demon would be the final boss. But I have a gut feeling that author would somehow play us readers on their hand again and this novel itself can't be guessed at all. You will just lose your braincells- it's just that unpredictable.

And the damn Jongnam hadn't come out even after 1000+ chapters. I'm also wary of them.


This is one of the best stories that got me obsessed to the point of thinking about this everyday and can't help but self insert myself in the fantasies.

The protagonist- Chung Myung is the old ancestor with a young look who got reincarnated 100 years later after he died. You all know this, this was pratically said in the synopsis.

This novel will leave you all laughing to the point of your stomach hurting. Yet, comedy and rebuilding isn't the only point and charm of this story.

It's funny when Chung Myung yelled to the sky, calling for his sahyung, right? Right, I also thought it was actually funny at first. Until I thought It wasn't.

No matter how strong a man is, their mind is the real point. I'm not saying Chung Myung has weak mental strength. I'm saying that he is a human as well and has his limits.

War from the past where he lost his sahyungs, sajils, friend, the whole sect- his family left scars on him. Which the author occasionally shows and reminds the readers that Chung Myung is a human. PTSD, I hope you are familiar with this. And it's not to be taken lightly.

Sure, he is hella strong. And sure, he has the memory of the strong swordsman. He has the advantage of knowing the essence of martial arts, especially that of Mount Hua Sect and how to make himself stronger and stronger.

Yeah, yeah, he seems like he has little difficulty and everything is smooth-sailing for him because he is the protagonist.

Did it really appear like that to you? Really? Then, congratulations! You haven't figured out of dept of this priceless gem so far!

Face it! Chung Myung has feelings! He has the moment when he feels alone, so alone. Man's the only one who has another whole actual memory with different people in the same place. He might even feel like he's in another world.

I feel sorry for him but I'm proud of him at the same time. He felt relief when he managed to kill the heavenly demon. He managed to avenge his family. He would feel like they would welcome him with open arms in afterlife.

Until he opened his eyes again to a familiar yet unfamiliar world, with the memories only he has. If I was in his place, I would go crazy for sure.

He was met with betrayal from the other great sects. They didn't help Mount Hua when it was faced by the revenge driven invasion of the remnants of the demonic sect. To the Mount Hua that protected the world, that protected them in the process. And then, the history forgot that Mount Hua protected the world. Funnily and heartbreaking enough, the demonic sect was the one who never forgot the Mount Hua who killed their leader.

He ran and ran to the Mount Hua with the skinny -almost bones- weak body of a younger beggar. And it was on verge of ruins with their properties that was proudly shown before were sold to feed the disciples and keep the sect intact, and the sect's techniques lost. The old leaders would have felt like someone was cutting their flesh each time they were in desperation. And he never blamed the disciples and previous sect leaders for doing that. Because he felt like it was ultimately their generation's fault for setting out to the battlefield.

Despite the fact that he has a potty mouth, is an a**hole, a rotten- ahem, he has a beautiful soul. All his purpose in this new life was to make the Mount Hua not as strong as the previous one- but, stronger. To the extent, it could stand proudly even after he died. As you guessed, he would face various obstacles along the way.

The thing I love about is- Chung Myung a genius among genius, a genius that was never seen before in his previous life. His skills far surpassed other older than his age even when he was young. As a result, jealousy occurs. Thankfully, there was this sahyung and sajil that truly love and care him like a true family at least.

Facing with Chung Myung strength and skills no one know where it comes from, this new Mount Hua from 100 years later fully embraced Chung Myung. I love them so much-

His dreams- no, nightmares were the memory of the past that haunted him. And they still haunted him. And it hurts.

Return of Mount Hua sect/ Return of Blossoming blade/ Return of Flowery Mountain and whatever names it still has, we all can agree that it's beautiful.

My fav characters so far- (as some of them are from later chapters, I'm adding this to the spoiler)


Chung Myung (as you expected. I can't help but love this hardworking baby old man)

Baek Cheon- arrogant to the boot and selfish? So annoying? Frog in the well young master? Breaking head is the answer! (I want to see silver dragon)

Yu Iseol- mah baby~ so pretty, so gorgeous! I want to pat her head.

Yoon Jang- ohmygodthoseeyes- a true taoist

Jo Gal- who says you are just a small merchant's child, huh?

Tang So So- wants to commit su*cide thinking back to when she tried to marry Chung Myung to get out of her family's influence. She is a free bird now. Injuries? Saliva is the answer! *The ancestor is so proud. Jpg

Tang Bo- can't leave him out. Yo, the official art had plum blossom color hairpin on Tang Bo and green of Tang family on Chung Myung. You know what I know *winks* (Tang Bo is so proud of Tang So So, Saliva is the answer!)

Hye Yeon- baby, so cute! Literally the only Shaolin I like in this story. The former white dragon who got his color dyed into black by another black dragon (CM)

Jang Ilso- I got spellbound by this motherf*cker. And I'm glad he ain't real. If any fanfic writers are reading this, help me add more Jang Ilso fics in the holy land of ao3, humm?

Lee Songbaek- once again! Breaking head is the answer! Looks like a rabbit. I'm proud of him. The future thirty-six sword emperor of Jongnam.

And there are more but I'm tired so, I'll stop with this much lol


Perseverating and persisting, the plum blossoms will bloom again without fail even in the harsh time.

Thank you for listening (reading) to this long speech.

*Bow head*

I hope that you all can enjoy this lovely story as much as I do. <<less
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Feb 06, 2022
Status: c654
A perfect blend of action and comedy, with a side dish of adventure and growing suspense with each arc. The MC is a rogue through and through, and everyone has a love-hate relationship with him, from friends to his elders, and even to enemies.

I'm spellbound by how well-structured and refreshing the story is, considering it's your typical transmigration story in a Murim world. You will enjoy the MC's quirks together with the development of those around him. The story makes you wanna go "nakama forevah!" bruh. You will be laughing... more>> most of the time, only to be hit by awe at how smart and scheming our money-grubbing MC is—-which surprisingly blends well with how sentimental and lonely he is at the same time.

It's not just an entertaining story; it makes you wanna wish you meet similar people irl and get to believe in humanity again. Just wanna say, I feel proud to watch the growth of MC and peers throughout the novel. <<less
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Feb 07, 2022
Status: c38
A really excellent cultivation novel. I love that it's got kind of a fresh take on the whole 'joining a sect and becoming stronger' trope, and at the same time it is absolutely hilarious because the MC was a strong, but rather thick musclehead in the past. Yet it also has a certain depth to it, thanks to his love and dedication to his old and new friends, and his pride in the sect.

So all in all it is well-rounded, funny, fresh, touching, and fun to read. The translation is... more>> also top-notch and comes out super fast. What's not to dig? <<less
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Aug 07, 2022
Status: c200
This novel is absolutely hilarious.

That's start with the characters first. The MC is absolutely crazy, and his personality is a huge part of what makes the novel so entertaining to read. The side characters are also really good, they aren't introduced for a single purpose then thrown away after their purpose are done. Each character has a meaning and it's not easy to forget their names. They are also given opportunities to shine and develop their own character, which makes them feel more unique. The villains are also pretty well-written,... more>> they have their own dreams and goals they want to achieve. And sometimes, despite the MC absolutely trampling on them in a fight, the author can still manage to make the villains look actually strong. The world-building is also really good. Things are planned out and the settings are well done. The world is deep and mysterious, and there are a lot of things to be explored. The sects each has their own unique techniques and tradition that they uphold. And many things remains undiscovered in the world.

The tone this novel usually takes is a carefree and joking one, but when this novel wants to get serious, then you better prepare yourself for some epic moments.

The fights are also amazing. Some people might not really like the fights due to the author adding a lot of context and thoughts during the fight, but I actually think that is good; it makes the fight have deeper meanings and show the strength of each character.

There really isn't much else for me to say. This novel is just that good, go read it. <<less
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God slayer
God slayer
Jun 11, 2023
Status: c238
This is probably the most well written Kr Murim novel out there. Plot is pretty decent, without many holes and inconsistency. Characters have their own personality, quirks.... while they aren't really realistic but they are as best as characters of Kr Murim novels can ever hope to be. Yet I can't bring myself to continue this novel anymore. Because ... more>>

The protagonist has an extremely disgusting personality that the author tried to downplay as something hilarious. As I'm at chapter 238 where he treated a group of bandit like animals, pets, s*aves if not worse. I can see that many people find it hilarious as the author actually tried to portray it as. His justification was they're bandits heinous criminal who has blood on their hands and they should be grateful that he wasn't killing them. Alright then, he punished them by treating them extremely badly. Yet at the end he gave them up to the officials which equals to death. So I don't understand why did he made fake promises, treated them like animals, cow, horse, dog. Of course, all of this is supposed to be hilarious. I guess, I'm just a sour person who can't laugh at jokes like these. He takes advantage of people without second thought and whatever he does he does for benefit of Mount hua. Yet his senior/companions have absolutely no faith in him, they whine at everything he does despite knowing it will never end in their loss. Again it's supposed to be hilarious.... yet I don't find it funny, not anymore. It was pretty funny at the beginning yet this thing got so overused that I feel nothing but annoyance at it now. The protagonist does something bad- His companions screams, curses him, doesn't care about his intentions.

The protagonist does something good- His companions screams, curses him, doesn't care about how much effort he put. So that's what they do at anything protagonist does. Side characters do have their own shining moment like Yoon Jong in Yunnan. I liked that. But honestly the few good points it have isn't enough for me to put effort into reading it. Especially since I can't see the side characters do anything but nag at whatever the protagonist does and protagonist always being heartless and treating everyone outside mount hua cruelly or with an attitude to take advantage of them.

This one is just not for me. Not because this novel itself is bad or horribly written, instead it being a case of my own personal preference. Go read it, you most likely won't be disappointed. But I didn't liked it that much, because of the above mentioned reasons. I'm quitting this one. <<less
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Potato Tomo
Potato Tomo
May 19, 2022
Status: c136
I hated the first few chapters of this novel. Imagine reading someone whose whole generation of sect members was killed and the first thing he does after gaining consciousness was to be loud and nag at the people around him. I thought he was some kind of young elder who's in his 20s or 30s so his attitude was so out of place for his situation. It was only after reading through that I realized that he was an old bastard and that's just how he will really react to... more>> his situation based on his character. It's kinda different from the other old mc's I've read so it didn't really fit in my head for a while.

Also the power system isn't really clear and it's this weird system where your power is based on the years of accumulated qi and no defined realms as of reading the currently latest chapter. I hope it will be less vague in the later chapters.

Overall still 5/5 it's just a well written novel and will read this through the end. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 31, 2022
Status: c304
This is a 5 early on but then it drops off a cliff because too much of every chapter is everyone praising how amazing the main character is.

I would still recommend the first couple of story arcs but I had to stop reading it around chapter 250 or 300 because the verbose and repetitive boot licking really put me off.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 20, 2023
Status: 700+
Dear, I love this webnovel so freakin much. I think the most exciting part of this novel is Chung Myung itself. His character always made me giggle in the middle of the night, all his actions seemed questionable but all his comrades didn't doubt it. Sometimes he's like a child, the other time he's like a grandpa. Behind his trouble maker character, he's hiding a lot of pain. I mean, I cried so much when CM finding one of his dead comrades corpse. Really, his whole character is just beautifully... more>> written. You felt like laugh along with him, and cried with him too.

All the side character is also *chefs kiss. They're not just there like a wall ornaments. All CM comrades, the sect leader and elders are all growing and changing along with him. I personally liked it when they suffer through every CM training arc lol.

The amount of silliness, action, and drama is just so right that you can't stop reading it. Go and read it now, bcs waiting the manhwa to continue is a torture lol <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 26, 2022
Status: c176
Yup! I'm being my bratty self and couldn't wait for the regular update and read the paid chapters -- that's how much I'm enjoying this novel. It's fast paced. Not too wordy and not repetitive like several novels I've read before, which tend to get very frustrating. The ML and his seniors and elders are freakin' hilarious. The finance officer elder is my fave... ^^

One other good thing about this novel is the translation team release regular updates, so one doesn't really have to wait long periods of time for... more>> updates. Highly recommended novel. ^^ <<less
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May 31, 2022
Status: c476
5 stars. I highly recommend. I accidentally pressed 4. : ( (I don't write reviews but this irked me so much I decided to write one, lol. I'm very bad at writing reviews.

I love the MC; the way he handle things, his personality. Side characters have depth too. Very well written charcters. As of chapter 330, one of my favorite character is Elder Hyun Young (?), the one who do financing stuff, lmao. Baek Cheon too.

The writing is very good. The pacing is just right. Ehm... 100% recommended ;;

...I... more>> suck at reviews. Please don't read this, lol. I just really wanted to fix the 4 stars but I don't think there's a way :')) <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 27, 2023
Status: c244
A supreme master coming back to return a fallen sect/clan to it's prime is arguably my favorite trope in martial art novels (probably why most of my reviews center around stories with similar concepts). This is one of the novels that approaches this trope fantastically.

Despite the overall story being exactly what I look for, I'm ≈250 chapters in and on the verge of dropping. The authors the definition of beating a dead horse when it comes to humor. The jokes that started out funny are now the bane of the... more>> story, still taking up huge chunk of dialogue EVERY chapter this far into the novel making reading extremely tedious. Like yes we get it, everyone thinks the MC is crazy you don't have to dedicate parts of every chapter repeating the exact same dialogue involving the exact same characters. The chapters are long but a 1/3 of it is filled with deadpan humor that you could cut and immediately improve the reading experience. E.g. I've just read for the third chapter in a row jokes about force feeding hay to captured bandits. There was no need to dedicate so much dialogue on crap that's moving the story at a snails pace.

Leaving the authors love for repetition aside, a part of the story that is a huge missed opportunity so far IMO are the adults of the sect. Instead of getting involved in make or break sect related missions, they leave everything to the kids and hope for the best. If at least one elder would travel with the kids, if nothing else it would add more weight to a lot of the negotiation scenes happening throughout. But instead we have multiple instances of world leaders negotiating billion dollar deals with a 15 year old.

Overall, the plot starts out strong but I found it quite difficult to read a lot through one sitting (and this is coming from someone who'd usually read 100 chapters of most novels in one sitting). Still, if you can look past the repeated dialogue/jokes I'd defo recommend this. <<less
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: c300
It's pretty nice for a Korean Murim novel. The early parts of the novel before the protagonist started his first step in reviving Mount Hua was awful though. It took me significant effort to continue reading the novel while the MC repetitively lamented over how Mount Hua was fallen at least 5 times a chapter. Thankfully, the novel quickly improved in quality since then, and it's been enjoyable seeing the MC's journey in reviving his sect and learning more about himself and his martial arts in the process.

Some people may... more>> not like how the protagonist of this novel really tends to think with his heart over his brain, contrary to the stereotypical cold-blooded Korean MC. The MC has multiple incidents of almost throwing his second life away for the most ridiculous of reasons, such as dying from voluntarily climbing a cliff or dying from voluntarily using too much internal qi in a non-life or death situation. On top of that, the novel also just sometimes brings up a plot point just to never mention it again (or take way too many chapters to do so). The author also tends to like skipping past minor details, such as the various characters' cultivation level. However, these aren't that hard to look past, and so overall, I think this novel is worth reading if you like the Murim genre. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: c434
In fact this novel was a splendid read for me.

The MC has so much character. Same could be said with other characters though. The pacing of the story was great for me.

I actually just wrote this review as a show of my appreciation for this novel. I really can't put my thoughts into words. However to say this novel was worth reading.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 10, 2022
Status: --
I like this novel so much, the plot is interesting there's a comedy but when it gets serious it will really be serious he knows he's limits where he should stop, I acknowledge his emotions. He's smart I don't know how to put this on words since I have never ever write a review I just love the novel and him!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 04, 2022
Status: --
I want to put this as the number one martial arts Kor novel I read.

There's comedy but not too much. MC knows when he needs to be serious. Support characters are there and engaging.

No annoying, useless romantic plot.

I still wonder why no english publishers take this one.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 04, 2022
Status: c493
I really want to rate these 5 ⭐

They deserve it, what the used when they already set it not to be full star, can only be 4 and a half. So I will put it myself ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, 😛

As someone who really love fight and comedy, these one is the best, firstly it have no romance, so if you type to read these for romance then don't read. ... more>>
The MC is hilarious, I just can't stop thinking of what he have done to his company, they change that someone think they look like a mountain bandit, really love baek cheon, haha always get bully, being a senior is not easy. Not forget our new character which is I call brainless from shaolin Hye Yeon, why the f*ck he come to mount hua sect, haha a monk live with a bandit🤣 that is when he will corrupt. Don't forgot our elders, Hyun Jong is my favorite even though got corrupt from MC he still on his hold😂. The tragic of these story really hit especially when MC remember his past, their sacrifice and what they got, still remember when hyun jong ask is MC think him as a mount hua sect eldest cause MC don't want to hear his order, when MC want to take revenge on what happen to unam (which he has lost conscious and got hand cut)

Over all, these novel storyline is really good, it was so funny. I really like MC and the aide character, how he f*ck up others sect and their enemy... Bop Jeong he always lost something... <<less
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Oct 07, 2023
Status: c837
Comedy done well, however it does turn very sad sometimes.

i really like Chung-Myung as a character. He's someone who hides behind a happy facade, while incessantly blaming himself for the things he wasn't able to do (even when it's not his fault). Throughout the novel, he begins to grow, as he begins to trust people.

and I find the characterization of one of the villains extremely interesting,
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 15, 2023
Status: --
I came after reading the manhwa which had surprised me by how engaging it was (go check it out I think it’s better than the novel).

The novel is fine, and I will keep reading it, but it’s not the best thing ever. The writing itself is a bit poor, there’s a lot of « gossip dialogue » where people who have nothing to do with the story give us a rundown on how the crowd reacts to events, and whenever the MC Chung Myung does something there’s at least four... more>> people who exclaim a variation of « shocking!!! ». These aren’t uncommon in Asian novels of this type but it can get tiring to read as it breaks the pacing. Ironically it works great in manhwa format as the tiny dialogues of background characters. In fact I felt as if I was reading the script for the webtoon sometimes instead of a novel. It does occasionally get a few tears out of me, and lots of silly smiles too which is a plus, it just doesn’t do it as well as it could. So not the worst, but not great either.

What I do love about this story is that the struggle is believable despite Chung Myung being OP. He wants to revive his sect and it’s not as simple as him being strong and leading them. While the plot does tend to end in his favor (it is that kind of story) it feels as if it’s because he’s always looking for every opportunity to help his sect rather than because the author is making it that way. To the MC every new person he meets or situation he’s in is to be used to build a stable future for Mount Hua or cast out of the way of Mount Hua. And this is not a role he is comfortable with, in fact the way he goes about it is often unnecessarily complicated and involves at least one fight (it’s that kind of story) and a few half truths, the reason it works is because he knows that for stability he needs to make sure the other side gets something they need too. Because he’s focused on strengthening his sect he makes leaps of logic that others take time to reach and it’s a believable struggle.

Another thing I like is his approach to revenge, in his first life he was absolutely the kind to take revenge immediately, and he definitely wants to in his new life. But he’s very clear that it isn’t his goal or purpose. Oh he takes the opportunities when he can, but he’s also avoided them a few times when the outcome wouldn’t be advantageous for his sect, and that’s rare in OP MCs.

In conclusion it’s a good story (translation is good too though the writing style isn’t my taste that’s not the TLs fault). I recommend checking it out, but I completely understand why some people wouldn’t like it, and I do think it’s a bit overrated as a novel.
Definitely look for the manhwa though, much better format for this story and it’s beautifully made, I can tell those who made it were amongst those who loved the source material and they did an amazing job. They were able to draw out the subtleties of the characters feelings constantly which gives a lot of depth where the novel only occasionally succeeds. <<less
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