Silent Witch


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Monica Everett, a genius magician, was extremely shy and terrible at speaking in public.

To that end, she worked hard and mastered the art of countless magic, which she could use without chanting. After being chosen as one of the Seven Sages at the tender age of fifteen as the “Silent Witch,” she lived a quiet life in the forest.

However, two years have passed since then, and one day, Monica received an order.

And it was to secretly protect the second prince to the academy undetected.

In order to protect the prince, Monica must infiltrate a glamorous school for the children of noble families.

“I don’t wanna do this… I’m scared… Ugh… My stomach is aching…”

…said the girl whimpering.

Associated Names
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Secrets of the Silent Witch (LN)
Silent Witch 沉默魔女的祕密
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Ecirteab rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
At first glance, silent witch seems like a relatively typical hidden identity set-up used to justify otome tropes and fuwa fuwa situations but as the story thickens, the darker underbelly comes to full force, rather than a story about romance and hijinks comes a story about conspiracies and friendship.

There's a few loose ends and the resolution of the villain may be unsatisfying but it's pretty realistic from a political point of view and still a happy ending for our heroes.

Most characters appear tropey but do have reasons for acting the... more>> way they do that sometimes even manage to subvert the trope. It's nice to know there's a reason behind their actions and adds depth to a few side characters. Notable examples are Felix and Bridget.

No unnecessary villification of female characters. There's only one minor one note female villain early on but most female side characters are good and serve as a source of strength for the MC rather than just cheap foil. Really like that MCs female friendships are very important to her and directly help in her growth rather than "romantic love overcome all".

Romance: at one point a love triangle kind of exists but as a character states it's more of a "respect triangle" and only one out of three sides is even aware of their feelings lol.

Felix and Monica have very interesting interactions in that Felix rolls to seduce and Monica is completely unaffected (romantically). Very nice to see a different example of socially shy where Monica is flustered because he's a person and shes bad with people and not that she's romantically flustered. There's a few romantic tinged interactions throughout the novel but it's not a major aspect which I think works well because all the characters need to work through their issues before even trying to get together and I preferred that it was mainly left towards the end before the author light heartedly brought up the possibilities.


extremely interesting that Monica seems biased towards Cyril instead of Felix which is usually what happens in typical romance novels. Felix probably has the edge though because he's the only one aware of his feelings


My favourite parts


the chess analogy that ended up being way more important with who was considered as the real chess players. Monica's ruthlessness in chess being directly linked to the climax. The idea of every piece even the king piece being of equivalent value to the win. Not the tightest analogy at parts but interesting psychology and pivotal to her character.

The foil between the beginning where Monica is drinking coffee alone and the ending where she's enjoying it with all her friends she made at the academy. Very satisfying mirror which the author points our deliberately.

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Pixeldrum rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: v9c18
"Write an otome game novel with a reverse harem but don't actually have the MC transmitigrate."

That's Silent Witch.

To call this novel filled with tropes is an understatement. Basically every otome trope gets used and more in this novel. Is is executed fine? I suppose so. I don't want to kill myself reading in the perspective of Monica, but if I'm being honest, there were numerous cringy situations and there's a lack of finesse of the situations where Monica gets forced into.

Monica has low self esteem, probably on some sort of... more>> autism spectrum, but possesses one of the best magical aptitudes and THE best magician when it comes to calculations. She has a subservient attitude, is a pushover, lacks common sense, and doesn't understand social situations. She also happens to be one of the strongest magicians of all time. This is essentially a rehash of a transmigrated otome game protagonist in which she is flustered, but has OP cheat abilities.

Look, I actually don't think that Monica has a terrible character profile, and nor do I think that her personality has any glaring flaws. Her past and history actually make her a bit endearing, and her conversations stay consistent, with her recuperating throughout the entire novel. The main problem is the story and other characters.

At the point at which I'm writing this review, Monica basically has a reverse harem coming up, and all of the male interests are extremely archetypal or boring. The other side characters, as you might guess, are also horrendous. The ones that stand out the moust are the"tsundere cold type, " and the "perfect young prince with a mysterious background, " Oh, but the list goes on in terms of archetypes. The "noble that cares about face and rank, " the "girl bully, " and the "convenient friend that always supports the protagonist, " the "smart but cold girl, " etc etc.

The fact that these characters exist already degrade the novel to a significant degree. Of course, these boring characters are going to be the main points of interaction for Monica, but the most important thing to note here is how the characters drive the story forward.

It's not just the characters that are full of tropes: the events that happen to Monica. I mean, these events have little to no preamble or prologue, and they just get straight to the action most of the time. Whether it's the bullying scenes, the school festival, or the "assassination" arcs. There is little to no buildup, and most of them are so predictable as to what's going to happen.

Minor spoiler ahead

I had to drop the novel when Monica was confronted with assassins threatening her friend's life. Of course! It showcases her cage around her being slowly unraveled since she would risk her life for her friend! Not. There were a million better ways to handle the situation, but Monica decides to do the s*upidest thing and releases them with no plan and almost gets caught and dies. At this point, I knew that the author had no interest in making a believable plot, and would rather be focused on the reverse harem, romance, and whatnot.

Is this better than standard fare otome game stuff? I suppose so. Is it good? No. <<less
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Avocaydoess rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Just a heads up for people who want to start reading this series: Although "Silent Witch" has a lot of romance hints here and there, the main point of the story is about friendship and how each character overcome their problems (mainly mental problems), so if you are looking for some love story (like otome game or reincarnated novels that we see everywhere today) with op MC (personality wise), then this is probably not for you.

The further the plot goes, the more it becomes a " tragedy,... more>> with a little detective" story and has barely any romance in it. Also, like some other reviews have stated, our MC is a pushover, the prince seems like that " perfect prince" we see in many novels (who has a very interesting and unique plot imo), the way " villain" characters are dealt with, as well as the slow pace of the story may annoys some ppl.

Personally, this series is one of my favourites, it's like a breath of fresh air to the shoujo genre after breathing in so many fluffy sugar/ bland/ unconnected/ similar plots all over again. Seeing each character development is like looking at a blooming flower, it's very satisfying. But who knows, maybe I like the story just because I find Monica so relatable sometimes. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: extra 5
If you're not getting enough child abuse in you diet, this book should balance you out...


It's a well written story about overcoming trauma, with believable characters (both protagonists and antagonists,) but most of most of these antagonists need to just be set on fire...
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444222 rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: v10c10
This novel hits all of my likes so I will probably read it until its over.

✔️School Setting

✔️ OP Female MC

✔️ Magic and stuff
However, I do dislike that the MC has zero ambition and is easily manipulated / pushover. AND there is one glaring plot hole that I really can not get over. I have to vent here.


If the 7 sages are so powerful that the military relies on them to take out dragons, why are they so pitiful?? They get paid (not a lot) and are portrayed as being mostly subservient in order to obtain influence / money when they are literally the strongest super warriors in the whole kingdom capable of destroying a decent part of the country if they really put their mind to it. In that case if they are so powerful why does Louis always have to say yes to whatever the kingdom says? It makes no sense.

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twilightpavilion rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This book is a gem. Wonderfully written and gorgeously translated. The cast is colorful, and not in an obscene way. Even if you dislike someone at first glance, they'll have a way of growing on you later because they're so fantastically three dimensional. Although usually a protagonist that's as much as a pushover as the MC would irritate me to bits, the strength of her personality is beautifully woven into the story for the reader to discover, and makes her a much more complex character than someone who simply fits... more>> the trope of being strong outward and weak inward. <<less
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ilLUMIAnated rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: v10c2
Oh dear, where do I start with this one? This novel, personally is one of the rare few books that has managed to mend my absolutely horrible first impression and continued to grow on me by dodging some of the pitfalls that would've made me hate it with every fiber of my being.

... more>>

(The MC ending up with a sort of reverse harem, for example. Due to the extremely delicate state of mind of the MC at the beginning of the novel, she abhors human beings and while it does soften over the course of 9 odd volumes, it still doesn't mean that she is in any shape to understand the romantic interest directed towards her.)


My initial thoughts about the novel mostly stem from how every character introduced in the novel got off on the wrong foot. (Well, everyone save for the MC and Nero. The initial impressions of Lana, Casey and Glenn Dudley who were introduced later in the novel were also decent.)

Their attitudes towards the MC made them seem like irritating, irredeemable scumbags that would've been best as canon fodder. But the author had a lot more in store than those initial impressions would've suggested.

Now, if you're like me and were simply looking for a novel with a female MC in a sort of badass fantasy story, you'd be disappointed. Combat scenes are very few in this and mostly end pretty quickly. Needles to say this added to my dissatisfaction towards how things were being taken, I would've at least liked some semblance of monster hunting and the like.

But, despite everything that I've said so far, I couldn't stop reading. Because the core philosophy of the novel was getting clearer as the chapters progressed. And this is where I tip my hat to the author, they've broached the subject of physical and mental abuse immaculately. As opposed to other tragedy based fantasy novels that break the MC's heart "irreparably" and then drag and drop the poor sods into a melting pot of harem targets, the approach here is realistic. The MC's and the supporting charcters' trauma unravel themselves in all their hideous majesty to the reader in the form of flashbacks during key events. But these charcter-defining traumas don't necessarily heal after being displayed to the reader. For instance, a side charcter who worked hard to be acknowledged by their mother had finally seen some light at the end of the tunnel. Likewise, the MC, who hated social interactions took baby steps to walk out of her shell. The damages from the traumas and the way they shaped the cast may be very much permanent; but these cast of charcters struggling to take that first baby step to face their fears is beautiful.

There were moments where I felt that the writing was bad and the author wanted to simply prolong the story somehow, but I'm willing to look past that and recommend it to anyone who's thinking of picking it up. <<less
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4ltera rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: --
Barely finished volume 1 and swear will never read it again.

OP MC but a pushover, a living doormat combined with her keeps stuttering and can't even speak a single dialogue is irritating. Is it supposed to be cute? Genius and strong beyond compare but scared of everything is something illogical. If you realize you can one shoot everything, summon legendary beings, there is nothing to be afraid of.

A doormat MC is what I hate the most. That is why I only read something that the characters can get their sh*t... more>> together and reflect their confidence according to their abilities. This only 80% about her being dragged around like a little mute s*ave, 10% showing how great she is again, and 10% actual plot. <<less
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squittunzL9 rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: v6c10
this is the good stuff

really good story to follow, very interesting and new in my opinion, also very good translation
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jealyn rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: v6c2
So far so good!

The translation is great and doesn't give me a headache reading it.... (Thank you very much Paper surgery!!)

This is a refreshing read for those who got tired of reading isekai ang other otome related stories..
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pink1268 rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: --
Academy, magic, strong but weak FL

a refreshing read if you don’t mind the FL but I like how unique she is
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write rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: --
If novel was dissected, would be some interesting parts to play with. Probably a good number of them, maybe even more than in a lot of other novels. Which makes this novel so unique that its so bad.

Read until 9.13 before I just rage quit. Its a strange lingo to use for a novel, but no better explanation. This novel has some very interesting points yet author only wants to write a boring ass novel with nothing happening. The things that do happen don't really matter and they're all horrible... more>> events. Like bad things happen to people you like, only instead of bad things its just author decisions to take something that could be interesting and just use it as their toilet paper.

If a novel can let you skip chapters and in this case entire volumes without really having any trouble with missing events... novel is utter garbage. <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: v10c8
I really like what this novel was going for! The novel is mostly about the MC, as she overcomes her traumas, makes friends, and finds confidence in herself again. The MC doesn't show her badass side very often, but when she does it's awesome. Characters are written with impressive depth, with backstories and development. If an antagonistic character messes with the MC, they often have opportunities to learn from their mistakes and make amends, and many characters gain new value in the story and new personality depth through overcoming the... more>> trials of youth.

That said, I found the romance being pushed a little too forcefully for my tastes, and the author often made the MC or other characters do out-of-character things just to push the MC together with an ML. The MC has enemies trapped and helpless, only to cancel her magic from a little provocation (despite almost never doing so when an ML isn't involved) and get knocked unconscious so an ML can save her. Or her superiors might, despite knowing she's on a secret escort mission, put her in a bunch of tasks that force her to interact closely with the MLs in her secret identity (despite having numerous other people they could have picked for the job). Or an ML will swap between treating her Silent Witch identity as a distinguished personage (as they should, given their positions) and some common village girl who'd get wooed by close contact and a nice word. Also, just way, WAY, WAY too much male characters who like to bully the MC or hit her physically. Overall, while the individual developments aren't too egregious compared to what other shoujo novels do, IMO it soured the plot a bit. I doubt I'll continue going on to the MTL now that I've completed the translation up till where it is now. <<less
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Krittanop rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: v7c13
I like it alot. I recomended this. It is not that interesting at early chap but it go better every time it give us more clue
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August 8, 2021
Status: --
The translation is good, but I do not like the characters because I'm not really seeing any incentives. The MC has social anxiety, like schizoid, childhood in torment, social anxiety where she's living in the woods with no family or friends. Some people hate her, but I get why because she's constantly surrounded by bishounen who are always kissing her and holding her hand. Even her cat has a subtle romantic relationship with her. The prince has some sort of SM relationship with her. The thing that broke me is... more>> when someone pranked the MC, and the prince accused the person of libel. Mate, nothing was written anywhere. Maybe the MC could sue for slander, but also, no. <<less
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Spiritogre rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: vol. 4
I really like this. The story is about an MC who got abused as a child and suffers from severe social anxiety. The story revolves around how she is forced on a mission and slowly gets better by meeting friendly people who help her out and care for her so she gains some trust back. Somehow many comments didn’t get that.
The writing is well done, the story is slice of life. Nothing special but some neat ideas and well executed.

The name of the Silent Witch is known to the public and it’s a female name, Monica Everett, also the 2nd prince has a “crush” on her because her deeds were that impressive and the 2nd Prince always was interested in magic but was forbidden from studying it. Granted, there seems (!) to be no real reason for his evil grandfather, who is the bad guy of the story, to actually forbid it – as of now.

The sentence with the “he doesn’t know wether she is male or female” was an error. The author got a bit irritated because of the Witch of Thorns who is actually a guy but calls himself witch, anyway. I guess the author wanted to play a bit with the genders since it’s popular but only “explained” such unnecessary stuff in a sentence and just tumbled.

And there are several errors like this showing how poorly LN’s are edited in Japan (and even after translation, this is not just here but happens very often and I agree it is annoying, one should expect that such things are fixed for the commercial LN version and you rarely see such errors in ordinary novels). For example another mistake was that in Vol. 3 Monica supposedly could only use two spells at a time while in Vol. 2 there was a dialogue where she clearly stated she can chant and keep up 10 spells at once.

So up to the end of Vol. 3 there is still lots of room for speculation why the 2nd prince’s grandfather wants to conquer certain countries or if the assassination attempts of those countries are just a reaction to that threat or if they bear ill will, anyway.

There is some foreshadowing that the puppet prince really has no choice for whatever reason and has to do whatever his grandfather says, since his star can’t be read for ten years, already. Maybe something like a curse was put on him? He was a weak “useless” child who couldn’t do anything but transformed into a model athlete, fighter and so on during that time.

The seven sages specialize in different kinds of magecraft, not all are fighters. One is a star reader, one specializes in making magic artifacts and so on. The one’s who can fight, along with the dragon knights, are busy protecting cities and killing monsters. They are not spies. The country is officially at peace with the neighboring places, after all. Who is fighting is doing it in secret, many noble factions against others and the same seems to count for the other countries as well.

Oh, and as addition, I don’t think there ever will be any romance.
In Vol. 1 and 2 my bet still was on Cyril and not on Prince Felix. But when Monica and Felix became a bit closer (sleeping half naked in the same bed in Vol. 3) it only left the Prince as option but the Prince is a sl*t who sleeps around with wh*res so my bet is on the “siblings in spirit”-route. Also the prince is partly an as*hole who toys with / teases Monica.

Also I doubt the series will be long enough to completely heal her social anxiety so she won’t be able to have a real romance in the first place.
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Believefaith rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: v12c1
I honestly love this, it's got this anxiety and interest going on.

Monica our main character is very shy and it's annoying at first but she has her trauma and she also grows out of her shell, seeing her grow you can't help but really love her as a person. It's alright if you don't like timid people, but I think you should give her a chance, I mean the only reason she's growing now is due to her surrounding people's acceptance and patience.

For Felix, he honestly intrigues me, and I... more>> pity him most. I like most, but not sure how things will unfold in the future. <<less
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Ni2006 rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: extra 11
So first thing I'd like to say is... where do you guys exactly see the reverse harem!? Well the vice president might has a chance but other than the ML the rest just got shot down

... more>>

Aside from the President and Vice President, the Affair Manager not only has a fiance but was also consider to be one of the side couple so no chance, the male Secretary just only gave me an impression of a male friend who both him and MC has practically no romantic interest towards each other


The first impression I have toward Silent Witch is that the plot is kinda otome game like, yes, like that. But after reading extra 11 - volume 10's extra, my impression was totally flip like when seeing people play Mad Father or The Witch's House and achieve an ending only to hear that there was even more than just one ending but wasn't shown in the stream only to be curious looking up all of the endings only to have my view of the protagonist, the game itself to be shattered and built into something unbelievable. When reading extra 11, that was what I felt, this was not an otome plot. Only till you read ALL of volume 10 (extras exclude) can I say that I might only saw the tip of the iceberg for the actual plot (currently doubting the ML's identity) so if you were wondering:

"Why? The MC is so OP (not exactly) , she is one of the top Mages of her kingdom yet why is her personality like that?"

Pls read to understand the trauma she suffered through. Although I only just read half of it.

To some of you came thinking this is #magic #OPmaincharacter #otome I can say that it might not exactly hold your expectations. The fighting part was little and very quick. The MC is powerful but not so powerful: she is more like an anti social researcher on magic who is not only obsessed with numbers but also is a klutz among klutz in every other things other than numbers, magic, and making delicious coffee, she is not exactly useless just not very talented when it comes to stuff related to social communication and gatherings, not only that her common sense like what normal people would feel about makes me speechless (it was a good laugh). The ML have the image of a perfect prince charming, his actually personality just makes me feel sympathy to MC. And when talking about otome theme... I just felt that it's there in the beginning but not much was really going on for me to call it otome.

Though about the female secretary... up to volume 10, her interactions with MC and mentions basically only give me the first impression I have on her in the first meeting. Her presence is like nonexistent to me, it's making me think she might play a role in the future plot (maybe not)

Anyway it's a hidden gem. Recomend to read at a level of causality <<less
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pelpelen rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: v5c1
i was expecting more adventure an less slice of life/romance

and I really hate that setereotypical "mysterious and c*cky prince"
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vickFR rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: book 7chap 6
Except some typo from the translator (But the stranslation is still great), this is a great novel.

The way how the MC shyness is described and how she became like this is good and we see how she heal her wound slowly. Not much romance but some good charactere and relationship developement. As for MC's OPness, althought she's strong (brain power), she still vulnerable (Physicaly and mentaly) andthe gap is interesting.

I recommend it.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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