The Villainess Cannot Escape


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A sequel to “The Villainess Wants to Escape.” I’m the fiancée of the Crown Prince, who is a capture target in an otome game that I played in my past life. I was reincarnated as the villainess who harasses the heroine, gets convicted, and dies. But, I don’t want to die so I won’t get involved with the heroine.

Associated Names
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Akuyaku Reijou wa Nigerarenai
The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape: The Villainess Cannot Escape
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Date Group Release
11/07/20 Nani Mo Wakaranai Kedo oneshot
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chande rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
If the prequel told the story about MC and ML's first meeting and how she ended up being his fiancee, the sequel is where MC finally meets the heroine. You could guess already, the heroine turns into a villainess and tries to frame MC. But ML doesn't buy it and proves that the heroine is the mastermind after all. It's happy ending of course.

I don't know if there is any continuation to this story because it seems unfinished. I guess we only could wait and see.
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ChronoH0 rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: oneshot
As a bit refresher this is a sequel which the villainess got a shoulder injury and had a snu snu with the crown prince.

They are pretty horny though.

For not having their virginity being gone, they just have sensual s*x instead.

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FreyjaVanadis rated it
October 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the manga of this one and the accompanying prequel first and honestly I love both of them. The iseaki'd villainous noble girls trope is one of my FAVORITES, and this one is a great twist with the yandere prince. Very regulation trope, but well-executed. This is the second of the two and if at all possible I like this one better. The Evil Isekai Heroine trope is another of my faves, and this one is brilliantly done!
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DesireSai rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This must be the best smut oneshot I have ever read until now: Simple and sexy!

Although the plot is common and cliche for these type of stories of reincarnated villainess, it doesn't make it a bad novel, I think it has the perfect balance of plot and interactions between the leads.

Of course there are better stories than this with the same themes, but please don't forget this is a oneshot which makes it difficult or even impossible to create a story full of attractive traits, plot twists and a considerable... more>> amount of characters without making it large for a oneshot.


I also love how the author managed to make a steamy moment be hot and sexy without having to include penetration!

On the other hand, just imagine how weird it must have been the heroine Catalina damaging and hurting herself at every party that Lucie also attended just to frame her LOL. Idk, but to me it sounds so s*upid and ridiculous XD.

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Rainbow_Phoenix rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a really good one shot novel. The smut is good even without the piercing (ML promised MC he would not pierce until they finally got married). Translations are good and if the author wrote another one shot for this series, I would definitely read it. Mostly just because I really want the piercing scene. 😏
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