Reiryuu Academy Student Council


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Kusuhara Meru is a normal girl with an ordinary appearance, style and grades. Therefore, she had been living a peaceful, inconspicuous high school life, but by a chance accident, the beauties of the student council called, “Reiryuu’s 5 Leaders,” ended up taking a fancy to her. As she comes into contact with the cheat council members, her hidden abilities were revealed and Meru too, was thrust into the student council.

With Reiryuu Academy as the stage, the ordinary girl chock-full of secrets together with the genius boys chock-full of beauty will lead, a full of dokidoki and at times heartrending, everyday-life-type school story begins!

Associated Names
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Reiryuu Gakuen Seitokai
Reiryuu SC
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03/26/20 T.T. Translations c33
03/20/20 T.T. Translations c32
04/15/19 T.T. Translations intermission 2
04/15/19 T.T. Translations c31
11/09/18 T.T. Translations c30.5
08/28/18 T.T. Translations c30
07/26/18 T.T. Translations c29
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06/11/18 T.T. Translations c22
06/04/18 T.T. Translations c21
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Sherrynity rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c3
For every series on NUF, there will be that one special snowflake as*hole who keep giving a 1 star. So you don't need to worry about the rating, because it worth shit.

Basically, we have this average girl, who keep trying to look average by doing average thing

though pretty sure she has quite high spec.

As far as the translated version goes,

... more>>

it's implied that she's actually a massive genius but disguises herself as average thanks to something on her past.

It's also vaguely implied that her brother has some kind of attachment to her. I sincerely hope she wasn't adopted by her current parents


To sum it up:

    • MC has some kind of past
    • That past somehow made her chose to live as an average girl
    • Standard galge plot: the Stuco members found out about her unique trait (more like her "nah whatever" attitude lol) and became fond of it
    • -to be continued
Kinda weird to see people giving this series a 1 star; I bet those people often read generic delusional JP and CN shits then decided slice of life novels deserve bad ratings because their undeveloped chuuni brain cannot endure the concept of mundane life. <<less
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rn_flac rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c30.5
I was reluctant to read this at first because of some negative reviews and the prologue made me almost drop it because it sounds too predictable


I didn't expect to fall in love with this, lols.

... more>> I like the MC so much and no, unlike some cool but dense mc's from other stories, her indifference towards the guys' advances wasn't because of plain stupidity rather, it's on the "I don't care, I don't have interest " lols.

Despite her coolness and savageness, there are also time when she's vulnerable and insecure, I can relate. We can also have a glimpse of her past that'll probably be elaborated on the future updates.

The romantic scenes are a bit cliché but the MC's reaction to them makes it more refreshing! Oh my gosh, I love it.

Also heard that there will be several endings for the love interests THANK GOD I can ship her with everyone and not cry because I love everybody's interaction with her. Fufufu.

There's also a bit supernatural aspects got thrown here and there but its not that important.

Anyways! This is a fun, fluffy, romantic, cute with a hint of dark intriguing past of the characters led by an extremely intelligent, out of this world genius normal MC. It's a must read!


fun fact: there's actually an ~another story~ for this series, featuring his step brother Kei's route. I hope it also got translated

And the author also wrote character songs uwu. It's cute

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CassieJo rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: c30.5
I absolutely love this novel. It has its light hearted moments, but it also has deeper plot to it than just a reverse harem. It will be interesting to see where it goes especially with the introduction of that new school.
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Eristol rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c30
The story is a fine one for its genre. Nothing special or anything to keep you on the edge about but that's to be expected from a normal slice of life high school story. The MC is likeable and all, but as expected the only thing I don't like is how the guys.... or should I say the lead guy pushes her around? I may not like Harem but speaking from a neutral position, the harem development was a lackluster one.

Like just because all girls go crazy over you and... more>> one 'rare specimen' doesn't, that doesn't mean you go chasing her all over the school out of interest and suddenly end up developing deeper feelings for her. Well, that's incredibly cliché. And yeah she has hidden powers but that doesn't make her entitled to join the student council, she has her own life and privacy. Oh well, although it doesn't sound nice but for the sake of plot development and the MC's character development from 'a girl who wants to be inconspicuous' to 'a girl who decided to be true to her own feelings', this kind of development had to happen.

Like I said the story is nice enough, it's just that I hope they would focus a little less on relationship developments via cliché otome game style events and focus more on MC overcoming her fear of the past with the support of her new-found friends. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c22
Passive pushover MC, annoying pushy harem. Joins student council, no longer Miss Average, no longer hiding her abilities. Still gets pushed around by everyone.

She's a second year, how did she even last a year before given how easy and quickly people are in noticing her as soon as the story starts.
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Ao.May rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: --
After getting bored to read reincarnation or transmigration, this story is like a break. It's easy to read since the translation is good.

A slice of life about an average girl with ordinary appearance and ordinary IQ. Though, later she is more similar to a surprise gift that within it is another little present.

One thing I don't really like is the tag 'harem'.
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Anra7777 rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c11
Unlike a certain special snowflake’s delusions, I quite like slice of life stories, but can completely understand why people would give this one star reviews. The reason? The prologue is So. Incrediably. BORING. I can imagine many people torturing themselves through the prologue, then deciding that they weren’t masochistic enough to challenge the first chapter. Which is a shame, because from the first chapter the story becomes interesting. In fact, if I hadn’t been so offended by the aforementioned reviewer’s insults, I would have been one of those people who... more>> gave it a one star and dropped it after the prologue.

The problem with the prologue is two-fold and has nothing to do with being a slice of life story. 1) the translation for the prologue alone isn’t terrible, but isn’t very good either and makes the story seem flat. 2) the prologue gives no inner/emotional life to the characters or setting, make them seem as generic as *{^{, and as boring as *{*{. Without any inner thoughts, the story reads like something you’ve already read ten million times before.

But! This is only the prologue. As I said, the story does get interesting once the first chapter starts. I basically barely skimmed through the extra story to the prologue, but my impression was that it was similar to the prologue. While the prologue does have set-up information, I would urge you guys just to skim through it, and then start reading seriously from the first chapter. <<less
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Anikarp rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c31
I've been so pleasantly surprised with this one. It wasn't like I expected at all. The character progress is great, the slice of life is super sweet, and all the interactions just make me so happy. Not only that, but it really has a depth to it and it doesn't have that much of an obvious flow to it.

The only sad thing is that it's been abandoned by the translator - and I was turning into an addict. Who's gonna enable me now? ;;
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c24
Waaaaaaa I fall in love you just bring my imagination to this novel I love you so much ♥♥I hope it didn't have an ending like ouran high school club the girl ended up with the student council president how very cliche I am intrigued with so many secret buried in the past I kept making speculations so I'm hooked I like all the male characters (gyyaaa) and the story didn't feel like forcing all the male characters to meet with the girl protagonist but it does feel like a... more>> little bit abrupt I'm still happy she's not the closest to the student council president gyaaaaaa right now she's the closest with my type of guy ♥♥♥ (guy wearing glasses) and double personality type of guy gyaaaaa each of the student council have their own superpowers lol sound funny okay special abilities sound better lol and we still didn't know the girl protagonist ability gyaaa how mysterious oh I like all her classmates lol they all know the girl protagonist miss average pfffttt and support her lol okay I'm done <<less
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