My Mysterious Nighttime Visitor


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In the capital, Elvark, there stands the 13-floor hotel built in Hanok style. I am Master Ruby from Midnight Blue Hotel.

…….. and the innkeeper #1 eliminated by the Villainous Top.

‘That could be me!’

「Crawl. And Swallow My Desire」. This place is the world of a BL webnovel with such a title.

“I can’t die like that. I’ll live until the time I poop on the wall.”

But it’s not easy.

The head of the rebel forces, the Villainous Top, is scheming treason in my hotel.


“Please tell me what you want. I shall have it placed into your hands.”


“Anything. My Master Ruby.”

The head of the rebel forces and the Villainous Top, Eligos. There was something I want from him.

“Eligos. Stop the rebellion. You cannot become the Emperor.”

“In return, there is also something I want.”

Eligos, whose arm was wrapped around me, slowly stooped his head down, and we closely sensed each other’s breath. His firm fingers dazedly rubbed my lower lips. The moment I looked at Eligos with reddened eyes, his arm that had been on my waist tightened. Eligos, who laid me down on the bed in an instant, gave me a beautiful smile.

“Ruby. I wish for you to have me tonight.”

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The Villain Visits Me Every Night
흑막은 매일 밤 나를 찾아온다
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1 Review

Tang Sakura
Tang Sakura
Apr 26, 2024
Status: side story 3
Hi guys! I'm the translator of MMNV!

I just want to say that even though that this is not one of the best stories out there, I still enjoyed reading this series. In particular, my favourites were the scenes and details that didn't make it into the manhwa adaptation so far; the back stories and interactions (major or not) of the Tops (the Emperor's was my top favourite backstory, and Emperor and Eligos for interaction) of the og novel; plus the s*xual tensions between Ruby and Eligos. I would say it... more>> is better than the manhwa adaptation, in my opinion................

In any case, thank you for the support and I hope you have fun reading everything week. <<less
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