Swordmaster’s Youngest Son


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Jin Runcandel is the youngest son of the greatest Swordmaster. After he gets himself kicked out of their clan, he meets a tragic fate…but before he dies, a God gives him a second chance. Now he must use his new power for good.

Will Jin become the world’s strongest Swordmaster and live up to his greatest potential?

Associated Names
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The Swordmaster's Son
The Youngest Son of a Renowned Family of Swordsmen
검술명가 막내아들
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Epythymy rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: c40
Boring novel with contradicting setting.

MC is a regressor fully covered in plot armor and has all kinds of cheats + bonuses, got himself a great teacher + a full collection of secret manuals but as if ignoring all these things MC is focused on fighting against some idiotic snotty brats for needless authority in his fked up family.

What a dull sight to see. He and his opponents aren't even on the same lvl most of the time. The training he is doing isn't interesting or original in any way either.

And... more>> although protagonist has 'exiled'/'shamed' in the past setting, he isn't trying to take revenge, plot something or even just avoid and escape his psychotic family. He is living amongst them perfectly fine. Fighting for authority, becoming friendly with some idiotic nutjobs who offended him in both lives and showing signs that he will probably become next family head.

You can't say that MC is a complete pushover, but when compared to what was done/plotted against him and the character of his offenders, his actions are far from enough.

Some bastards deserve to be killed in most gruesome ways while MC is simply beating them a bit harder, that's all. And then they come back to bother him again.

Idk how this novel will turn out to be in the future but its first ~50 chapters are definitely unsatisfying. <<less
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February 26, 2021
Status: c155
I'm not even reading half of the current chapters (580) but so far it was great.

There were sad moments where you'd just feel bad for the MC, happy moments when things were starting to go right for him and funny and ridiculous moments when the dragon was just being lazy and scratching he's thigh, lol what are you doing mr."butterfly"?

... more>>

since MC is the youngest of the thirteen children, the only one he could truly call an ally from all 12 siblings was the eldest daughter Luna (she's also the strongest and also cool and badass) and sister Jonah (an assassin, she's a little on the naive side cause she's a little unstable on her emotions, in he's past life she used to secretly give green roses to the MC because sge liked her youngest and wants to play with him) well atleast from where I'm currently reading, you'll never know other sibling might unexpectedly become a doting one. The third daughter Mary I'm still not sure, her thoughts and other things that was revealed only showed she wants the youngest to become strong to fight her so he doesn't want him to die yet. The twin brothers have already their tails tucked between their legs, although when they finaly got out of the storm castle, they got arrogant once more and ended up pissing the MC only to get the taste of their own medicine, they showed some concerns but still not sure if its genuine or just their nanny Emma telling them what to do. The sisters Mu and Anna are really getting on my nerves, they'll do whatever in any way just to kill him, well unfortunately for them it always ended up in mc's favor. Joshua the eldest son is a coward and is scarred of Luna but still dangerous non the least. Ray and V and the others don't show much.




Luna's nanny was the one who helped and accepted Josua's offer because she was disappointed when Luna announced she didn't want to be the heir but she still loved luna and cared for her. Joshua made a 9 level wizard named Kidad Hall (?) To curse the youngest. The nanny regretted but died of poison but told MC and luna the culprit which is Joshua

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Cactiii rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: c64
This book runs into the same issue most regressor novels do, the "knowledge" from the regression is abused beyond recognition to move the plot along. A good example of a regression novel that did it correctly is Possessing Nothing, where his regression only helped him at the start but after a certain point his future knowledge became practically worthless. On the other hand this novel executes it horribly, he fights someone stronger than him and he knows that the enemy is about to try to finish him since he knows... more>> this knife technique or this item thats super famous is in the bas**ent of this underground auction. Honestly my biggest issue with regression is less how much the knowledge is used by how unrealistically detailed the knowledge is, they "only" know that this is here because [Famous story] but in reality people don't care about something that doesn't affect them. The extent out MC would care about these stories is "I'm jealous" and he wouldn't remember the date, location, people involved, ect. Just overall badly done regression creates a boring story with no suspense because any issue is solved with "I have knowledge of..." or "This item can..."
Overall while the story isn't bad I just can't bring myself to like it, this entire book just feels weighted with plot armor. It tries to portray itself as a non-op protagonist but at the same time he can solve all of his issues with his future knowledge or hidden power or other bs... I think this novel really needed a few times where he relied on luna or made mistakes after being c*cky to help advance his character and not create the feeling of a weak MC that readers can't enjoy asskicking with who at the same time can solve every single issue in the way perfectly. The MC just really needs to have some flaws added, something to make him not feel so... fake. <<less
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npksq rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: c25
so far it was good, but why I give it 3 star?

because it was standard regresion novel, instead of soul of old man we have a grandpa dragon, instead of betrayal we have family feud, instead of cultivation we have spirit and magic ,

so MC hate his family because they trow him away in his first time, he hate them so much that he want to kill them but in his second life time its look like he change his mind, he want to rule over them, how fast was it to change hatred

cultivation is confusing, there is sword, magic and spirit which of course our MC can master all of them and everyone of them is graded with star like 1 star, 2 star, 3 star wich is ok but the problem is what the treshold to reach next level I mean he just sit down meditate learn something and boom he got to next level (solution : maybe he can add something like color example 3start got aura aroun their body green or blue etc also like 6 star is treshold to fly or something like that)

also magic and spirit is almost same so it maybe confusing in later stage

the plot is predictable

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Samken rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: c514
Typical regressor novel, MC dies, goes back to the past to avenge his death, ends up changing stuff, discovering new ones while solving others, all that jazz. So worldbuilding wise:

... more>>

Runcandels (MC's Family) - Very Strong and Powerful clan. In the past, they were very capable Magic Swordsmen, but they were cursed by the Zipfel and had their story rewritten so most of the current generation of the family do not even know of that fact, they now think magic is a great dishonour, and their bodies are blessed for swordsmanship.

Jin: Protagonist, the youngest of the family, in his life prior to his regression he was a hard-working guy who supposedly was not talented in the sword and is kicked out by the family at 25, finds himself proficient in magic and trains with it, later on, he discovers he was chosen by the god of shadows who finds and lifts his curse that was put on him since his infancy to dump his talent in the way of the sword, also being contracted with this god makes him immune to curses. Dies at 28 while sleeping during an invasion of the city he was living with his magic teacher.

After his regression, he becomes just if not more hard-working, and becomes very cool-headed if a bit cold, since he needs to steel himself to survive in the family, they also try to curse him a second time but for some reason, his contract with the god of shadows is still intact, so the curse doesn't work, but in turn, he can't talk with him anymore like prior to his regression, and this is really an unusual situation since most contractors can communicate with their god.

Since the curse didn't work this time, his talent for swordsmanship is fully unleashed, while also making use of his life as a wizard in his previous life, on top of learning how to use spirit energy, so he essentially becomes a jack of all trades, master of all really.

Develops love and hate relationships with the members of his family, he rarely if ever loses to an opponent who's at his age or below, so most guys who give him trouble are usually either the villains of the arc or powerhouses of the world later down the line.

Luna: His oldest sister, and his 1st ally in the family, as such, she supported him from very early on, ever since his childhood of the regression, but her help diminishes later down the line since she spends more time with her father in the Black Sea. She promises to become his sword and help him ascend to the throne of the Runcandels.

Joshua: 2nd son, his oldest brother, his role is basically being a tr*sh rival for the MC. He was one of those responsible for the curse inflicted on the MC in both of his lives, but the 2nd one didn't work due to his immunity given by his contract with the god of shadows. Very entitled and protected by his mother, feels that everything Jin has or earned is for his own use, including his powers.

Luntia: 3rd daughter, 2nd oldest sister. She doesn't really appear much, and only until later on. She finds everything tiresome and bothersome, and later fights with Jin but loses, this event in turn inspires her to join the battle of succession for the throne of the Runcandels as well.

Dipus: 4th son, 2nd oldest brother. At first, he is very indifferent if not a little displeased with Jin, but ends up helping him a few times throughout the story. Very close with Mary.

Ran and Vigo: Middle brothers, they're just like air, no sense of presence whatsoever.

Mary: Middle sister. She's a battle junkie and likes a good fight, especially with Jin, for who she has a soft-spot to, and later on, ends up helping him more and more. She is close with Dipus.

Myu and Anne: Irritating sister duo. They're on Joshua's side and want to get rid of Jin.

Yonah: The youngest older sister. Adores Jin and likes 'playing' with him. In his previous life, she also liked him enough and gave him green roses secretly but he never noticed. She is quite naive because of 'chaos' but is the strongest assassin in the world. She becomes his closest sister after Luna departs for the Black Sea.

Daytona and Haytona: Youngest older brothers. They used to bully Jin prior to his regression, but he puts them in their place and became docile puppies, at last, close to him that is. Eventually, they warm up to him and began to care about him to the point of willingly helping him out. Their maid thinks they have no chance in the succeeding war, so she hopes he shelters them under his wing.

Rosa: Cold and Ruthless mother and 2nd in command of the Family while Cyron is away, which is most of the time really. Shows clear bias toward Joshua succeeding the throne, so everyone already expects that he'll become the next head of the house. While she admits that Jin is exceptional in every way, she thinks that everything will belong to Joshua in the end, but enjoys watching the youngest struggle.

Cyron: Patriarch of the family, basically a rock, an unmovable being. Spends most of his time in the Black Sea fighting monsters and looking for something. Wanted to pass the throne to Luna but she refused, so he thinks that every one of his sons and daughters afterwards is unfit one way or another. In this life, whatever, he's paying an unusual amount of attention to the youngest...


Secondary characters are kinda there as well:


Murakan: Every contractor of a major god has a designated guardian dragon, and this is the one for Jin. Very eccentric and flamboyant too, likes to tell histories of when he was the strongest in the world but lost most of his powers, and during the story, he slowly recovers them when the plot demands. Has a crush on Jin's nanny and calls her Strawberry Pie.

Misha: Murakan's older sister and another user of shadows, bullied him when he was a baby dragon, one of the strongest beings of the novel, deeply loved the 1st Patriarch of the Runcandels, and has a soft spot for Jin.

Gilly: Every Runcandel is designated a Nanny, who cares for them for most if not all of their life, they're essentially tied to their existence, be it their rise or their fall. Devoted, nurturing if a bit of a ditz, a very strong warrior in its own right and an excellent cook.

Valeria Hister: Jin's magic teacher before his regression, for some reason she dreams of meeting him in this life. They meet later on, and she becomes one of his closest allies in this life as well. Descendent of Fairies, has the ability to perfect record something with no chance of being tampered with, be it magic or otherwise, this is a stench in Zipfel's plans, so they ordered the purge of her family.

The Hidden Palace - Talaris Endorma: One of the powerhouses of the world, a very strong and enchanting woman who had many lovers in the past, present and probably in the future as well, her favourites are dragons in human form, who she claims to have excellent vigour. Has a past with Cyron, and ships Jin and Syris.

Syris Endorma: Princess of the palace, Talaris's daughter, and the closest thing to a love interest this story has. She meets Jin on a mission, misunderstandings happen, and she challenges him to a duel during his 15th-anniversary banquet, at the same time she loses she develops a crush on him.

The Free City of Tikan: Includes but is not limited to Kashmir, Alisa, Yuria, Enya, Quicantel, Jet, Latri and eventually Kuzan, Veria, Julian and the god of shellfish Olmango. They're essentially Jin's cheerleader squad, and owners of his first base and safe zone.

Samil: Yonah's place and home of the world's best assassins. They have a good relationship with Jin and are prohibited from being commissioned to kill him for 10 years, his 2nd safe zone.

Ming Dynasty: A tribe that supposedly should no longer 'exist'. In the beginning, they're reluctant in acknowledging Jin, but due to his tenacity, they end up accepting him as a brother, and not only do they help him achieve better swordsmanship, but they teach him the Ming Sword. His 3rd safe zone.

Zipfel: Magic family, responsible for the current state of most of the world today, has a deep enmity with the Runcandels in general, they defeated them ages ago and cursed them with not being able to use magic (they were originally a magic swordsmen clan), and rewrote most of the world's history, Jin is immune to this curse due to his contract with the God of Shadows.

Highland: Becomes allies with Jin after he helps defend them from an enemy invasion and shelters them from the betrayal of the Empire. Dante, the heir of the Highland and Jin are close friends.

Kinselo: A initially supposedly terrorist group that ends up becoming one of the world's most powerful forces, on par with the Runcandels, Zipfel and the Empire.

Holy Nation: A neutral state, Their Queen, Lani ends up being saved by Jin when he was a temporary flagbearer. Often ends up helping heal him and his allies. Her role after that arc ends up being essentially a high-level Cleric.

Beaumont Empire: Emperor is a pretty wacky guy.

There are a lot more forces, they're mostly neutral but end up joining the MC later down the line so...


Problems with the novel are:

    • Worldbuilding is inconsistent.
    • MC abuses his regressor status a lot, but this is the usual stuff in these types of novels, unfortunately.
    • MC's behaviour is particularly fickle, he's either overly ruthless or overly compassionate, there's literally no in between, and the author has a really hard time balancing this out.
    • MC goes from revenge to the Runcandels to wanting to rule over them pretty fast.
    • The power system is remarkably just there, as a matter of fact, the author doesn't spend much if any time explaining it, it's just 1-star, 2-stars, etc...
    • Some arcs end up being dragged out, but since the author is paid by words it ends up being an expected reality, sadly.
    • Fights are poorly written, which was surprising since this is supposedly an action/adventure novel
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fuwa.fuwa rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: --
Read chapter one and you'll know how ordinary the story-telling skill the author has. It has no-depth, both the character and the world building.

Example events that not-so-much but are made like 'important' events:

  • Beating a bully twin siblings, dumped them outside to death = made the 'strongest' family member came out of seclusion :/ there's lot siblings, but the ruthless one is only MC, everyone just ordinary cold hearted chara
  • Heavy plot armour = something inhuman called god/lord + old dragon + 1, 2, 3 star could be achieved by meditating
  • Fortunately could get into secret space with lot of hidden information, and a dragon
  • Get a gift for his faster leveling-up plot armour
In short, this guy is what kind of guy with massive luck that Fang Yuan hated to the bones because how... more>> ridiculous the plot armour could be <<less
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seekingsnow rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: c514
The plot is great, and the characters are interesting. I'd give it a 3.5/10.

The MC is intelligent and hard-working. While he is quite overpowered for his age, there are still a lot of opponents who are stronger than him and he has to give his all when fighting them. Some of the villains are more overpowered than him, if I say so myself.

The plot is very interesting. There are a lot of mysteries that are gradually revealed, and it's clear that something big is happening. There is no direct romance... more>> so far, but there are hints to a female lead and it's likely that they will end up together. This is not a revenge story - the MC is making up for what he couldn't do in his previous life, uncovering the secrets of the world and getting some revenge along the way.

The family is really interesting:


Luna: Best older sister. She has supported Jin for a long time. Later, she finds out about Joshua's schemes and promises to help Jin become the head of the house.

Joshua: A cowardly tr*sh. He wants Jin's powers and has tried many times to harm him.

Luntia: Doesn't really appear until later on. She finds everything bothersome and fights with Jin and loses. This causes her to feel motivated and she declares she wants to become the head of the house too.

Dipus: A good brother (?). At first he is indifferent but later he helps Jin a few times. He is close with Mary.

Ran and Vigo: No sense of presence. They don't have a big impact on the story and don't appear much.

Mary: A good sister (?). Likes fighting, especially against Jin, but she does care about him and helps him. She is close with Dipus.

Myu and Anne: Annoying sister duo. On Joshua's side and wants to get rid of Jin.

Jonah: Chaotic sister. Adores Jin and likes 'playing' with him. In his previous life she also liked him and gave him green roses secretly. She is quite naive because of 'chaos' but is a genius assassin.

Daytona and Haytona: Trying to cling to Jin. They used to bully Jin but they became scared of him. Eventually they seem to care about him and are willing to help him.

Rosa Runcandel: Annoying mother. Shows clear favouritism for Joshua and wants him to become the next head of the house. She acknowledges Jin's talents but believes that everything will belong to Joshua in the end.

Cyron Runcandel: On the road to becoming a fool for his son. An emotionless rock that pays a lot of attention to Jin in his current life. He's still crazy.


The other characters are great too:


Murakan and Gilly: Best dragon and best nanny. Have always supported and cared for Jin.

Misha: Murakan's sister. Beats Murakan up a lot but they have a good (?) relationship. Very strong.

Valeria Hister: Jin's magic teacher in his first life. She dreams of meeting him in this life and after they meet she helps him with Solderet's recording device.

The Hidden Palace - Talaris and Syris Endorma: Syris is probably the Female Lead. They act favourably towards Jin.

The Tikan group: Including but not limited to Kashmir, Alisa, Yuria, Enya, Quicantel, Jet, Latri and eventually Kuzan, Veria, Julian and the god of shellfish Olmango. Jin's number 1 fans and owners of his first base.

Samil: Jonah's place. They have a good relationship with Jin.

Ming Dynasty: A tribe that no longer 'exists'. At first they don't acknowledge Jin but they later provide Jin with a safe hiding place and teach him the Ming Sword.

Zipfel: All of them are despicable except from Veradine.

Highland: Allies with Jin. Dante and Jin and close friends.

Kinselo: Crazy people who want to rule the world. Very strong.

Holy Nation: Their King, Lani was saved by Jin. Often helps to heal the people around him.

Beaumont: The Emperor is crazy. Why are there so many crazy people?

There are a lot more forces but these are the ones that have played important roles so far~


So why not a 5/5?

    • The world-building is confusing. There are a bunch of kingdoms ruled not by kings but overpowered families and organisations? I'm very confused.
    • The MC's behaviour is inconsistent. There are times when his actions and words contradict and he diverges from his goals. Sometimes, I think he is too lenient towards his enemies.
    • The power system is illogical. The MC can do one thing without putting in too much effort but struggles to do another thing which is supposed to be easier.
    • Some events are dragged out for too long. Of course, that's just my personal preference. The writing can definitely be detailed.
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jon95 rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: --
This might only be my personal thoughts but somehow although this is a Kr novel it gives the vibe of a chinese one.
    • too much plot armor
    • arrogant self righteous cheating MC who believe that he is the world biggest genius and expect everyone to l*ck his *ss or they become rude
    • everyone targeted by the MC or go against him are vicious villains
    • d*mp and unremarkable characters
    • poor plot execution
The translation is good and the story itself isn't that bad (if you read too much regression novels you may feel cliche though) but I expected more and feel somewhat disappointed, the MC of the novel isn't really my favorite type, I don't know if he is ruthless, compassionate or just a hypocrite. The side characters aren't that remarkable, the review of @Samken covered almost every thing. Sometimes their actions and thoughts are too d*mb and annoying.

Despite the dramatic and tragic setting of the novel, after the Mc's regression things developed smoothly, too smoothly without any competition, setbacks or someone who can be truly called a rival in the chapters I read.

I do like OP MCs who always win but that depends on the plot, it either makes me feel the MC is cool or just a plot-armor id*ot.
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Hell_me rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: c118
It's interesting novel at first, but at this point (chapter 118) it's a real drag.

Let me explain, the author formula basically give MC power and/or plot armor, then author make MC face off against villain/plot that "one-up" MC current ability, ofc MC overcome it by either new power up or new plot armor...

That formula isn't obvious at first, but once you reach chapter 102 and read through the arc you'll realize it. The power creep of enemy the MC face is getting ridiculous and getting out of hand, and he's... more>> 16 at best.

Perhaps dropping this is for the best, it's getting ridiculous to the point if you read the comments basically most reader point it out.

If I had to make analogy then takes Naruto, but he faces off against Akatsuki one against another at the 3 years timeskip. Or from Demon Slayer, Tanjiro he trained for joining demon slaying corps by facing lower moons.

It's getting tiresome real fast. <<less
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Krisp rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: v1c10
Really exciting off the bat and I love it so far. The MC is smart, not naive and he has a clear plan. Not only that but the world is generic but still has a lot of unique elements and I'm excited to see a lot more of it. Also, the translator and proofreader are hot.
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Ed Elric
Ed Elric rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c515
MC is quite smart, but what impressed me was that his enemies were many and strong, not only from other clans but in his own family especially people who cursed Jin, very muchkin.

the conflict in the family is extraordinary, the fight is very intense, so far there is no sign of romance, just a misunderstanding, it's better than a harem. The mysteries of the clan leaders, the clan's past are all interesting.

MC has a loyal partner, who is also strong. I don't really understand the standard level of swordsmen, but... more>> I enjoy fighting more.


and the good friendship of 3 people from different clans, they want to be friends but know one day they have to attack each other on the battlefield.

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Emtee rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: --
Hopefully there would be a slow romance, like a female lead or something, it has great potential in that department, especially in character development and interactions + the female should be from the Zipfel clan. The novel is so far so good.
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BigOnii rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: c150
I have read till ch 150 ish and my review reflects my opinion till this point.

Thanks to ReaperScans for picking this amazing novel for translation! This one of the top Korean novels I have read in the recent past.

Things to love about the novel:

  1. Story about re-incarnation and redoing stuff! If you like reincarnation stories, this is one of the top ones!
  2. Male lead MC - he is intelligent, determined, balanced character - not a psychopath, has empathy, treats friends and families with care.
  3. MC is not super OP from the start - he slowly learns, builds up power - has quite a few close call throughout the novel. He never “cruises” through all difficulties. There’s sufficient edge in all his encounters.
  4. The family is completely dysfunctional! But the interest ion between the siblings is amazingly done! It’s a cut throat, dog eat dog world where each sibling is out to take the leader’s throne. It’s sad, heart wrenching, wrath evoking... and amidst these there are such pure gems Of interaction between MC, and few of his siblings...
  5. Yes the story has Dragons! Yass! But they are not portrayed as super OP...
  6. Well done action sequence, and great plot. I have been reading it non stop for last 48 hrs.
  7. No nonsense Harem, there’s potential of slight romance... and it’s building up naturally. MC’s life is way too busy escaping the clutches of his siblings and getting stronger.. who has time for romance?
  8. Has quite a few super strong girl characters! Love it!
  9. MC’s interaction with his OP dad is fun to read.
Overall it’s gem of a novel!
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comeetomama rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c160
So I am just gonna say that this novel is really good. I read tons of novel with the same genre and I can truly say that this has a unique charm. Like tfc or orv. It has an average plot but it is so well done. World building is slow but crazy.

u can clearly see jin's character development. He will understand that not everything is what is seems to be. For example his sister yonah.


And also side characters gets development too. I like the chaotic trio. Give this a chance you won't regret it.
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Mad jackal
Mad jackal rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c18
I'm shocked the rating on this novel is so high, its terrible. The writing is disjointed and there are very few proper descriptions to paint the scene. The characters aren't fleshed out in any way, while the ones that are there are nutjobs. To top it off it is just boring and unrewarding to read which is the final nail in the coffin for this novel. Side note for the idiots who think that a novel getting good after 100 chapters is a justifiable retort, it's not. That just means... more>> that its poorly written, it's the same with games that require 20 hours to get good, it's not a good game. <<less
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Fellyciach rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c86
I love this story so far. It's your typical hero story but with its own twist. The MC is OP but not in annoying way so it's a plus for me. You know how OP characters can be too much sometimes, but our MC isn't.

Anyway, I'm done reading until the latest chapter and I must say that the translation is very well done. I'm trying to read the mtl version and tbh it's such a pain in the a**. I'm confused most of the time. So I really appreciate the... more>> translator hard work. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: c45
Definitely one to look forward to, but so far, it is just standard fare. A classic Korean series with family relationships and revenge themes mirroring dramas, it has a few hinga going for it. A level-headed protagonist who is seeking to become the strongest t escape his oppressive (and rather inhumane) clan. That's it. That's the entire series.

None of the side characters are truly worth mentioning. The action is decent at best, while the easy cheats he gets are quiet confusing. It's ok if he got them because of rebirth... more>> related memories, but when he gets them due to random butterfly incidents within the first 2 arcs... The plot armour is plenty thick.

The entire world is set in a weird place where clans are more powerful than empires. These clans themselves are pretty inhumane. There is a lot of orld building left to be done, but while this entire premise might feel fascinating, it comes off as rather generic due to the lack of interesting characters placed in this world.

I am rating this a 3 for now, but I hope that the author stays bold and actually tries to go in a fresh direction in he future. Otherwise, this may end up as just a 2-star series. <<less
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Kakihino rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: v1c10
Only 10 chapters into it, but it's the best novel I have ever seen. Maybe because of great translation, maybe because it's placed in magical, medieval setting, which is my favourite. MC is smart and strong, but still not OP (at least for now). Great humor, interesting story.
There's only one thing I don't like. Translations come out kidna slow, when the chap ends, you just want MOAR!!!
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punisher87 rated it
September 15, 2023
Status: v43c1059
It is a good novel in overall. It has powerful characters and also family dispute. If you are looking for novel that doesn't have unnecessary romantic or female characters dependent on MC and harem then this novel is for you. I have read it up to the latest chapters and I can say that you will definitely like this novel. I don't say all the 1059 chapters are good. There will be some boring chapters and you want to drop it but it is worth the time. Every novel has... more>> there bad phases, so will see those in this also, and this also has everything you can ask from a fantasy novel with magic and sword.

Gods, demons, Phoenix, beastmen, dragons, regression, powerful characters (MC's father is my favourite character even though he is mentioned in handful of chapters), swords, magic, different dimensions. I have uploaded this novel on my website but unable to upload it here. You can read it there if you want. You can get link from the spoiler form.

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Dart rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c124
This is an amazing story. Very well executed, perfectly balanced story telling where the MC earns all of his powers and there are no undeserved power-ups. So far, there seems to be a hint of romance but no indication of a harem (which is just the way I like it), and the story is building up quite nicely in terms of plot development.

There is a paid translation on a reading app as well, where they have translated up to 120+ chapters and update regularly, so that is much appreciated.
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