Swordmaster’s Youngest Son


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Jin Runcandel.

The youngest son of the continent’s greatest clan of swordmasters, the Runcandels.

The worst tr*sh in the history of Runcandels.

He was miserably kicked out of the clan, and ended up dying a meaningless death.

However, he was given a second chance.

“How do you want to use this power?”

“I want to use it for myself.”

With his memories, his overwhelming talents, and his contract with a god, Jin is finally ready to become the world’s strongest.

Associated Names
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The Youngest Son of a Swordsman
검술명가 막내아들
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04/02/21 Reaper Scans v1c10
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4 Reviews

New Krisp
Apr 08, 2021
Status: v1c10
Really exciting off the bat and I love it so far. The MC is smart, not naive and he has a clear plan. Not only that but the world is generic but still has a lot of unique elements and I'm excited to see a lot more of it. Also, the translator and proofreader are hot.
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New Emtee
Apr 05, 2021
Status: --
Hopefully there would be a slow romance, like a female lead or something, it has great potential in that department, especially in character development and interactions + the female should be from the Zipfel clan. The novel is so far so good.
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Feb 26, 2021
Status: c155
I'm not even reading half of the current chapters (580) but so far it was great.

There were sad moments where you'd just feel bad for the MC, happy moments when things were starting to go right for him and funny and ridiculous moments when the dragon was just being lazy and scratching he's thigh, lol what are you doing mr."butterfly"?

... more>>

since MC is the youngest of the thirteen children, the only one he could truly call an ally from all 12 siblings was the eldest daughter Luna (she's also the strongest and also cool and badass) and sister Jonah (an assassin, she's a little on the naive side cause she's a little unstable on her emotions, in he's past life she used to secretly give green roses to the MC because sge liked her youngest and wants to play with him) well atleast from where I'm currently reading, you'll never know other sibling might unexpectedly become a doting one. The third daughter Mary I'm still not sure, her thoughts and other things that was revealed only showed she wants the youngest to become strong to fight her so he doesn't want him to die yet. The twin brothers have already their tails tucked between their legs, although when they finaly got out of the storm castle, they got arrogant once more and ended up pissing the MC only to get the taste of their own medicine, they showed some concerns but still not sure if its genuine or just their nanny Emma telling them what to do. The sisters Mu and Anna are really getting on my nerves, they'll do whatever in any way just to kill him, well unfortunately for them it always ended up in mc's favor. Joshua the eldest son is a coward and is scarred of Luna but still dangerous non the least. Ray and V and the others don't show much.




Luna's nanny was the one who helped and accepted Josua's offer because she was disappointed when Luna announced she didn't want to be the heir but she still loved luna and cared for her. Joshua made a 9 level wizard named Kidad Hall (?) To curse the youngest. The nanny regretted but died of poison but told MC and luna the culprit which is Joshua

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Apr 02, 2021
Status: v1c10
Only 10 chapters into it, but it's the best novel I have ever seen. Maybe because of great translation, maybe because it's placed in magical, medieval setting, which is my favourite. MC is smart and strong, but still not OP (at least for now). Great humor, interesting story.
There's only one thing I don't like. Translations come out kidna slow, when the chap ends, you just want MOAR!!!
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