I Became the First Prince


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Reborn as a sword, he lived for hundreds of years, and then he occupied the body of a 15-year-old prince.

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Ego Sword Became a Villain Prince
I Became the First Prince: Legend of Sword's Song
망나니 1왕자가 되었다
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39 Reviews

New Kahelila
May 08, 2021
Status: c268
Wow. This novel is amazing. The story is lit, the way it was written was stunning, and the characters are well written and complex. I dare say, this is the best korean novel I've ever read. The concept of using poems as a means to power up is unique and epic. The MC, our dear Adrian, is strong but not like the OP characters I usually see in some of the novels I read, and because of that, his fights are always exciting, it makes you up on your toes,... more>> and the outcome of each fight are just as satisfying. As mentioned in the synopsis the MC was a sword so it is always heart clenching whenever he struggles to understand the human emotions he's starting to feel. As for the other characters, I really love them, they don't just rely on Adrian for everything, they grow along with him, they want to fight alongside him.

For those who are curious of the story if it's worth the read, yes it is, so read it please. I cried and laughed in this story so much that I put a review for the first time gosh. <<less
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New BookedOnAFee
Apr 28, 2021
Status: c263
I am very fortunate that in the absence of an official translation, I get to read an excellent unofficial translation for free.

Let's take off the common sense hat for a bit.

Everytime the translation gets delayed or the chapters released are fewer than normal, my eyes bleed and my vision dims. The effort of holding back the rushing tide of entitled resentment bursting forth from what I call a soul, cracks my mind and for a fleeting instant, bends reality.

The hat is back on.

Good book. Read it.
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Sep 22, 2020
Status: v31
At the first, this story is kinda boring. I really wanna drop it but now I am glad that I didn't.

You know what... I really like the development of characters here. The stubborn sword is now seeing the world as it is and not dwelling on his era (400 years ago).

And the uncle. I like him too. He meant what he said and do what he think right. Like him.

I just don't like the possibility this story will become a harem. :") that's all
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diego duque
diego duque
Sep 16, 2020
Status: c50
Typical cliche of an ancestor waking up to find weak humans, the ancestor's mission is to return them to old ways. For once I believed that it would take a logical story that would show that with the advancement of time humanity becomes stronger not weaker and the reaction of the ancestor towards this change as well as how he adapts and helps to strengthen even more the humanity. In conclusion typical sh*t of: -I know more than you because I lived 1000 years ago-
How would a mathematician feel... more>> if one from Roman times told him that? <<less
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: c4
Maybe this is a good novel, but it is impossible to enjoy, because the translation, while maybe readable is terrible. It needs an editor. The story itself in the moment is nothing special. A sword got transferred into the body of a good-for-nothing prince and he will change the mind of everyone around him, so that they will see him in another light.

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Jul 01, 2020
Status: c9
This was surprisingly good.

We have an old sword spirit take over the body of the most useless and hated prince. His methods and knowledge have all faded from the common sense and new techniques have taken over.

I won't spoil more, but it was a fairly good read. Well I am a sucker for these kinds of "take-over useless people and change their image"-kind of novels, so I might be a bit biased.

I'll rate it 5 stars for now, I might update this in the future, however.
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Mar 05, 2021
Status: c221
I am rather choosy with what I read because I am not fond of harems and I easily get fed up when there is a romance subplot so this novel really works for me so far. It has all the elements of amazing kingdom-building, politics, family, and I just love the fantasy! Reminds me of LotR in lots of ways but in an easier and reader-friendly scheme, and also without too much description of places! The MC, dragon slayer Adrian is also amazing! He is cool, a bit inhumane... more>> (which is understandable, of course!) And extremely war/battle maniac. Somehow reading this could really draw some emotions.. I sooo love reading and is thrilled of their war/battle strategies, I cheer in their celebration of victories and also shed tear from their defeats.


Specially during and after the fall of the Winter Castle, what became of Adrian was so heartbreaking! I got teary eyed with the death of one of his most important person. Loved how he became a madman slaying all those idiot nobles and then after they finally defeated the Orc King.. The cool, inhumane Adrian just broke down and cried as he remembered his lost. This is my favorite part! Also his angry exchanges with his father about the kingdom's abandonment of the north, one of the best!


Definitely worth reading!

Edit: urgg I caught up! Now I understand why some people say that it has a bit of ORV concept. What ORV refers to fables/stories are songs/poems in this wonderfully epic novel. Anyways, those with the blood of a Balahard are the best! Whoever is reaďing this review still waddling in confusion and boredom amidst the quarantine life, yes you, just read this novel. This is the sign you are looking for! XD <<less
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Oct 27, 2020
Status: c56
It’s really good and I’m really glad I didn’t gloss over this. The MC isnt op or anything because of his age and he does make mistakes in assumptions and corrects himself (character development). The action is well written and some parts gave me goosebumps.

It’s like a serious ish fantasy, you aren’t gonna be seeing the MC blow a hole in the mountains anytime soon (maybe in the future I dunno) but you will see some brutal wars and fights against overwhelming opponents
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: c13
Love every part of it, but I am very scared from the betrayal tag, the more happy the novel is the more sadness I will feel when something go wrong.

The normal strong OP guy go inside a loser and fix his mistakes and his surrounding life.
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Nov 21, 2020
Status: c60
It has a rather cliche premise: super old powerful being possesses a younger body, beats up everyone's expectations, and gets really strong. He also finds that the power system/standard has "declined", and uses the ancient version instead of the modern one.

But it stands out in a few ways:

    • It has a certain writing style which sounds kind of archaic but definitely adds to the medieval fantasy mood. The translator did well with this.
    • The "decline" of warriors has an actual believable reason, and isn't super ridiculous.
    • The MC acknowledges that the "decline" has its own perks. Technically, it was more of an equalizer where people with weaker potentials could climb to levels not achievable with their talent in the old system, but talented people couldn't reach the heights they could with the old one if they used the new one.
    • So far, no blaring signs of a harem :D

Unfortunately, there are also a few cons:

    • I have to say that the rate of development of a fantasy world is disappointing. Language and ideas should have developed at least a little in 300 years, but the MC doesn't have too much of a problem adapting to the newer world. Kind of a plot hole there.
    • There is a bit of fat shaming, which might tick some people off, but I think it's kinda justified considering the MC wants a strong, efficient body and the fat prince's body isn't exactly strong or efficient.
    • I find it hard to believe a sword would be able to magically know swordsmanship. Being a sword is definitely different from wielding one.
    • Races seem to be kind of like the "Planet of Hats" trope...I typically don't like this kind of thing. For example: all the elves are manipulative jerks that are basically a race of green teas/white lotuses.

Someone defended the original owner of the prince's body... you realize the guy tried to r*pe someone, right? You realize you can't just call that "immature" and say he doesn't deserve the insults... right?

FYI: You should probably ignore the ratings from people who read less than 10 chapters, it's not enough to judge a novel.
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Sep 12, 2020
Status: c37
Not much to say really except it's really good, theres a few reviews talking about the translation itself, though they seem a little nit-picky, in all honesty it's not that bad.

The way I know this is good and will be great is the mere fact that I'm annoyed there arent more chapters at the time of reading this and that's from a guy who's been reading novels for about a decade.
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Sep 10, 2020
Status: c35
I really like this novel. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to expect on this story but as of the latest chapter, I got a glimpse on the goals of the MC and his possible future struggles and I'm very excited about it. The idea is not that unique - a sword becoming a human but to me it's much better than the usual transmigration/reincarnation stories in this genre. The MC is also likable, he seems somehow arrogant and a bit narrow minded in his beliefs (justifiable since he's... more>> an ancient & you know how closeminded most old people are) regarding powers however that changes later though he still holds true to his beliefs and that's very admirable. Granted, we're still in the very early chapters of this novel but I really look forward to seeing his character growth <<less
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Jun 21, 2020
Status: c8
I'm enjoying it a lot. Not much has happened so far but at the very least it's relatively original. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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Dec 04, 2020
Status: c93
I imagined a different tone and theme after looking at the cover art and the first few chapters, but this is unexpectedly enjoyable. Several elements are quite familiar. For example, we have the Game of Thrones barren North and its main family who maintains a fortress to guard the kingdom against invasions of monsters as well as the wealthier South with its useless nobles. There's even a scene where the Northern rangers take the monsters to show the Southerners. The novel also recalls Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint a bit: in ORV,... more>> characters create "myths" through trials and tribulations, and these serve as the foundation for their strength and power; here, it's the same but with "poems."

I'm nearing the hundredth chapter, but the mana and the "system" are not yet fully fleshed out or completely explained. Also, sadly, there are hints of harem elements that I could do without. <<less
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Nov 15, 2020
Status: c73
I really love the novel. I don't have any fancy words to say about it but the translation is amazing and has certainly widened my english vocabulary. (They hired a new edditor and are even redoing the translation on the first few chapters)

The protagonist is pretty awesome and makes you want to cheer him on. The way the author writes makes you feel like you are also there in the middle of a battlefield with the soldiers. There is already some character development and I hope that the novel... more>> will keep going this route in the future.

I would definitely recommend it! <<less
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Mar 22, 2021
Status: c236
You really just don't know how much badassery this series has. Instead of the usual Wuxia bs of celestial techniques that ultimately don't mean anything, the wars in this series remind of the reading the Iliad including the epic poems. You don't have the usual bs about the moral quandary of first kill and angst of all the bs typical in young MC stories. Instead we have a MC who is a literal human weapon and embraces the slaughter inherent in war. It also helps that the foes he kills... more>> deserve it so you are rooting for him to lay waste.

Exquisite build up before each battles lends to gravity to each battle and then graphic details of weapon impacts on specific body parts perfectly illustrate the brutality of war with cold weapons. Best military webnovel for sure.

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Sep 06, 2020
Status: c5
I don't think the translation is at fault here, the translators did a good job, but the story itself is terribly bland and depthless, it just jumps wildly around without even trying to sound cohesive, things just happen conveniently for the MC's sake and the characters feel soulless and don't have much personality going on for them. The world-building is not that bad but is the only thing good about it.
The MC keeps fat shamming the boy he possessed, calling him a pig, and judging his character even though... more>> he doesn't know him. <<less
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Mar 22, 2021
Status: c279
About why I love this novel:

1. The friggin language. This novel made me look at other novels in scorn with the archaic speech that makes me cannot even leave one sentence unread. When I read this at first I could really believe if they said that they made it in a very early year. It really tastes like a legendary tale with the flow swimming through your brain.

2. They have no interference from god in this novel - until this far. As writing is human culture, the use of poems... more>> is fresh and exceptional - even when poem originated to tell about god. It induces the heartwarming scene and luxurious feels of art and good goosebumps every time it read.

3. A gracious plot with enough thrill, character development and warm relationship with every other char, a bit of humour splashing here and there - just enough to melt the climax, believable kinda story I could deeply relate to.

a splendid choice for me and my picky brain. <<less
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Jan 31, 2021
Status: c160
The most underrated novel ever! Totally masterpiece! The thrill! Characters! Plot! And the sword dance poems! I love them all! I hope they can upload like 10 chapters/week lol thank you!
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Dec 21, 2020
Status: c72
The story can be a bit over the top at times, but it improves as the story progresses. The beginning of the story is not noteworthy, but my 5 stars are precisely for the later parts. The translation was good at first, then it went downhill for some time. There were some changes in their team, so now, I believe the translation is quite good and hope it remains so for the rest of the story.
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number 999
number 999
Jun 04, 2020
Status: c56
3 chapters in and I can say it seems interesting and have a good potential. I think, if you like "How To Live As The Enemy Prince", you will like this too. also fight scenes and the atmoshpere seems very good. writing is good. not just some words put here and there..... and ignore that one review or whatever. like, regardess of anything he said, just what does that mean "The world-building is not that bad". lol. we didn't even get a world building yet in ch 20. anyway, give... more>> it a try guys and you will be amazed. he just made conclusion so very fast. <<less
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Apr 20, 2021
Status: c257
I caught up with TCF so I read this to fill the void (both stories are somehow similar, yet has their different and unique and strong points). Personally, the beginning was so-so. I like the writing style and the use of archaic words, and the story was right-up my alley (MC being recognized by the people and no harem). Even though I like the theme, I was just reading it because I have nothing else to read, but I changed my mind once I got further and further immersed in... more>> the story. I got totally hooked in the story when the MC went to the north.

Anyway, what I like about this novel are:

  • The use of poem/songs as a source of power. This was the first time I came across something like this, it felt new and refreshing. The poem and songs were wonderful. Also, the way the author used them in the right moment creates a powerful scene, I got goosebumps, which rarely happens to me when reading Korean novels (I was just often amazed for their big brain moments, but no goosebumps).

    I was even imagining the soldiers and people singing 'Do you hear the people sing?', from Les Miserables, when they're gonna war with the Empire. Lol.

  • Lovable characters *major spoilers*

    that will bring you to tears.

  • Loyal, trust-worthy comrades, and great camaraderie
  • Sick and amazing fight scenes
  • Character developments.

    The MC tasted defeats, and every time, he learns from his mistakes and makes sure that he will correct them or act in a way that will prevent for something like that to happen again.

  • Some comedy
  • There's no harem but the way the story's going, the author seemed to be hinting that there might be a little romance. I'm here for the camaraderie and action, but the quantity of romance is bearable (and there are many things going on that they were buried in the back of my mind). Anyway, I don't dislike it.
There were some loopholes in the plot, but I don't really noticed them because I was so immersed in the story and excited for what will come.

For the people who's contemplating of dropping this after reading a few chapters, I encouraged you to give this novel a chance, because nothing really happens at that point, yet. I might be biased with my review because this is one of my favorites (hehe), but I sincerely think that this novel is worth your time. I pour an hour and half of my time writing this review, so I hope this will be helpful. <<less
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