Goblins[ ]

KR (4.5)
71 Chapters Every 6.1 Day(s) 3186 Readers 14 Reviews 08-16-2022
Luisen was a lord who wasted his life away after fleeing his castle in the middle of the night during a war. He died experiencing bitter regret, but when he opened his eyes, he found he had regressed back to that night he ran away!... more>>
JP (4.2)
150 Chapters Every 6.6 Day(s) 5095 Readers 23 Reviews 08-16-2022
One day every human on the world suddenly receives a mail claiming to enact the World Salvation Project. Half in doubt Kurosaki Shion, a diligent... more>>
CN (4.3)
72 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 670 Readers 2 Reviews 08-16-2022
Humans across the world ended up joining a “Demon Kings and Heroes game”.... more>>
JP (3.5)
149 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 2580 Readers 3 Reviews 08-16-2022
While returning from work, I was run over by a car. At that time, my soul goes out and was transferred to another world. The goddess I met sent me out to the world she manages.... more>>
JP (4.2)
240 Chapters Every 6.7 Day(s) 9922 Readers 63 Reviews 08-14-2022
After the soldiers’ mercenary group where he used to work had been utterly destroyed, Loren, who survived the disaster, decided to walk the adventurer’s path... more>>
KR (4.2)
80 Chapters Every 7.7 Day(s) 2284 Readers 12 Reviews 08-13-2022
I somehow ended up in the world of a novel with magic and dragons.... more>>
JP (3.8)
407 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 10938 Readers 58 Reviews 08-12-2022
After a tear in reality pulls Kagari Shuya into a white room he discovers a futuristic interface for reincarnating in a different world. After looking... more>>
JP (3.9)
186 Chapters Every 16.3 Day(s) 6272 Readers 62 Reviews 08-11-2022
“I will have the 1,000 people I have chosen go to a parallel world.”... more>>
JP (3.8)
644 Chapters Every 2.8 Day(s) 11044 Readers 59 Reviews 08-10-2022
With a hideous visage they came to be known as goblins.... more>>
JP (3.2)
93 Chapters Every 7.3 Day(s) 1067 Readers 2 Reviews 08-03-2022
I noticed that I am a weed in the forest, but for some reason I can think and have an ego. Besides, there is also strange knowledge. I have no choice but to live for the time being, even though I feel something is wrong with the status screen and level like a game.... more>>
KR (3.9)
158 Chapters Every 2.5 Day(s) 1047 Readers 4 Reviews 08-01-2022
Inspired by the rumored house from the urban legends, the goal of the TV show is to find the “true exit” and escape the house in seven days. To film this, eight celebrity guests were gathered in this strange mansion on a deserted island.... more>>
KR (3.7)
147 Chapters Every 22.9 Day(s) 4440 Readers 21 Reviews 07-31-2022
One day he suddenly found himself in hell.
All he had was the desire to live and a predation ability.
From the first to the ninth thousand circles of hell, he absorbed dozens, hundreds of thousands of demons.
Even the seven great dukes of hell bowed down before him.... more>>
JP (3.2)
73 Chapters Every 56.6 Day(s) 5161 Readers 12 Reviews 07-30-2022
An S Rank Adventurer that’s feared by everybody, Egil, had only done monster subjugations alone the whole time since becoming an Adventurer.... more>>
JP (3.5)
98 Chapters Every 20.2 Day(s) 2714 Readers 16 Reviews 07-10-2022
In the selection ceremony where the Goddess bestows people their classes, Russell was given the class called [Saint], a high-tier class, and formed a party with his childhood friends whose classes are [Hero], [Holy Knight], and [Sage].... more>>
JP (3.9)
572 Chapters Every 16.7 Day(s) 19583 Readers 90 Reviews 06-25-2022
“Hey, hurry up and massacre those bandits!”... more>>
CN (4.3)
63 Chapters Every 19.7 Day(s) 694 Readers 8 Reviews 06-21-2022
It is said that a sage once took water from the Yellow Spring, soil from the Netherworld, and fire from Purgatory, and made a bowl in which he sealed the souls of the divine beast and called it the bowl of seven emotions. Afterward, the bowl of seven emotions entered into the mortal world and tossed and turned in there until it fell into Tang Susu’s hands. ... more>>
JP (3.2)
368 Chapters Every 29.9 Day(s) 2659 Readers 10 Reviews 06-10-2022
I went into rehabilitation.... more>>
CN (4.4)
114 Chapters Every 63.8 Day(s) 7703 Readers 52 Reviews 06-06-2022
When a person dies, they either die light as a feather (aka unimportant) or heavy as Mt. Tai (aka very important).... more>>
KR (4)
258 Chapters Every 14.6 Day(s) 7855 Readers 53 Reviews 05-25-2022
A man betrayed by a comrade dies a wretched death as a third rate swordsman. His existence, his life, his emotions are all a nuisance... more>>
KR (4.1)
0 Chapters Every 18.9 Day(s) 3598 Readers 16 Reviews 03-28-2022
While working overtime through several nights, he fell asleep for a short while. When he woke up, he seemed to be possessing the villain of the webnovel he was reading.... more>>
KR (3.1)
10 Chapters Every 26.2 Day(s) 440 Readers 0 Reviews 03-21-2022
Lee family books, the book store Joo Hee ran for many years, is notified by a termination of lease out of the blue. Since she cannot sit on the street like a homeless person, Joo Hee visits Park Shin-woo, the owner of the building and chairman of Hansung Group. But the first meeting with the owner of the building turns into a naked meeting where she happens to run into his bare chest. What was even worse? He has even made a strange suggestion to go out with him for three times without any preconceptions.…. ... more>>
JP (3.6)
98 Chapters Every 25.6 Day(s) 2854 Readers 14 Reviews 03-19-2022
Crest was born as the fifth son of a duke. However, as the fifth son, he was in no position to talk. His childhood friend... more>>
JP (3.6)
223 Chapters Every 26.6 Day(s) 6481 Readers 36 Reviews 02-23-2022
On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound... more>>
JP (3.6)
86 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 741 Readers 2 Reviews 02-13-2022
It’s been ten years since this world was connected to another world. The world has changed a lot with the appearance of dungeons and real gods.... more>>
CN (4.7)
80 Chapters Every 16.3 Day(s) 1110 Readers 15 Reviews 12-31-2021
In The Kingdom of Elves, the War of Gods 1000 years ago caused the fall of the World Tree. In a world where true gods rule, the fall of the elven civilization came soon after.... more>>
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