How to Live as the Enemy Prince


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After his death, Bern awakens 10 years into the past as the third prince of Kailis, the enemy country.

He became a weak and incompetent prince who was to be assassinated before turning 15-years-old.

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Jokkkuge Wangjaro Saneun Bop
적국의 왕자로 사는 법
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New killerpotato100
July 30, 2020
Status: c23.1
This novel is really good at the beginning that is. Overtime the plot is quite long with barely any progress for the MC. Read it if your looking for something new, and not the overused reincarnated as a villainess, heroine, etc. All in all I just wish there was more development in the plot at a quicker speed.

I f*cking hate Franz and the Queen. They can get away with tarnishing the Princes name in front of him in public.

This novel has potential, but didn’t use it to its fullest.
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Monique rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: c535
It's with a heavy heart I write this and it's to say that the author of this novel has left our sides, they had lost the final battle against a chronic illness. They will forever be remembered.
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anjoy23 rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: c13
I'm gonna give this novel a 5star because I could see a great potential in the story plot of this one.

This is definitely a good one! I'm actually surprised on why this novel's not making enough noise in the forum. Might be because of the crappy title--I personally think that the title is not catchy enough and is quite confusing 🤐 (stop judging me people, I'm a simple man😂😒) and also because of few chaps, slow update, and their unnecessary effort on breaking each chapters into several parts.

Anyways, I've... more>> already red until chap 13 part 2. I will spoil few parts to stir your interest.


This story's about Bern, aka sword of the King of Secretia, who was killed by the commander of the Caillis (or Kailis, the enemy kingdom) magic division. Ironically, after dying, he woke up 10 years in the past in the body of Calian, the third prince of the Kailis kingdom--yup, the same kingdom which destroyed his past kingdom (Secretia) and the brother of first prince Franz (who in the future will be the mad king that causes the fall of Secretia!). Anyways, Calian is a weak timid boy, no power nor influence, but he is unique because he owned red eyes and black eyes (which resembled Sispanian). Calian is supposed to be assasinated soon but will be reported as 'suicide'. But now that Bern is in this weak body, he will try to change the body's fate and survive like other transmigration novels.


I really like reading this novel. It's interesting and the plot is my cup of tea. The MC's character is really cool, noble, and smart. He quite reminds of Cale Henituse in tr*sh of the Count's with his sneaky planning and smile 😂. The author is also full of surprises in his revelation in the few first parts of the story. I want to keep reading despite of its flaws to know how the story will flow.

I'd recommend this to the fans of transmigration and weak to strong type of novel (don't misunderstand, the MC is not superweak and all, he is just restrained due to some reason--read if you want to know!). Is this political? Hmm. Not sure yet, but since they are princes, the fight for throne is a big possibility kek, and I'm pretty sure MC won't let first prince get the throne 😂😂😂.

Anyways, this is just based on the first 13 chapters of the story. Really looking forward to this. <<less
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Bugis-san rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c9.2
This is a hidden gem

Im surprised that this doesn't get more exposure.

I can't say anything more because lack of chapters but I can feel that this novel will be a hit.

I like the style and I hope that this novel get more exposure.
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hawlol rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c24
It's... very... slow...

Not that it's bad, but if you are expecting adventure/action fast paced novel, you'll be disappointed. The Shounen genre is misleading, there are no angry teens screaming magic names at each other and having 5 transformations/power ups in name of frienship.

What this has, though, it's court politics, which was surprisingly well done and interesting. The characters are also well done and not random mustache twirling villains and there are well written plots and reasonings.

The worldbuilding is the only poor aspect. It's too medieval England, and the magical... more>> aspects are not reflected into this world, which looks plain.

But overall, if you like court politics, you should definately read it! Just ignore all the Genre Tags before going in! <<less
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Fuchou rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c93
I think most of the problems of the other reviewers/readers here who rated this low is the simplistic writing, which I'm really not very clear if it's due to translation or the Author's writing style itself. The translation could have been better, but there was effort, and it made the story somewhat understandable.

All I can say is that this story has one of the most decent worldbuilding I've seen in a while. It doesn't give you a whole block of text explaining about the world, using flowery words and all... more>> that other unnecessary details just so the word count would increase; No, it explains the world to you in snippets, and you get to build it up by yourself and you'd remember it much better because you've understood it and not bypassed it because you found it lengthy.

It's filled with politics, kind of like Game of Thrones level, and it shows that you don't have to be physically powerful to be declared a force to reckon with. Influence, backing, and station can mean power. Just because he's the King doesn't mean that he can make a move carelessly without expecting a rebellion breaking out; Just because she's a queen and a woman (whom by all rights should be under the King's rule), doesn't mean that she doesn't have enough influence and backing to remove anyone she dislikes. It's like playing a chess game, and even the pawn can turn the tide upside down.

The characterizations are spectacular too. Every relevant character, even the antagonist, is a shade of gray, not just pure white and pitch black, even though they weren't given a sob backstory to make the readers emphatize with them. MC uses his knowledge in his past life and the few he has during his merge with the original owner of the body to rise above the ranks; the people who'd turn to serve him have personalities, likes, dislikes and relationships of their own; antagonists can be seen to actually have a breakdown when pushed to a point, some of them can be redeemed, and others far too gone.


The Queen reminds me of Cersei from GoT. She uses all the cards she has, however underhanded, just to be successful. It actually took Bern's reincarnation as Carlian, her father, her husband and her own son, whom she played like a puppet, just to finally defeat her. It was indirectly because of her why Carlian's last life became so messed up.

Then there's Franz, who at first seemed shallow and deadbeat. Everyone would hate him and think him arrogant, except he's actually depressed and suicidal. He's trapped in a position he doesn't want due to an overly ambitious mother, but despite his mother being evil, he can't help but love her still. When his mom finally snapped and ran towards MC with a knife, despite knowing that MC is encased with a sturdy invisible shield and the knife wouldn't have touched a hair of MC, Franz still moved to shield MC and took the fatal plunge of the knife, in hopes that he would die too.

In the last life, his younger brother (Carlian) was dead, his older brother (Randall) ran away to another country, his father was also dead and Franz ascended the throne in name while his mom reigned over the land unhindered. Of course, he went crazy. So, he turned back the time, hoping that everything would turn out for the better. It had been a right choice for him because Bern became Carlian, but turning back the time asks for a heavy price (his existence being erased, much like how Bern didn't exist anymore because Bern was the one who turned back time first before Franz did. If somebody else turns back the time again, Franz will no longer exist too. It's a domino effect, and Carlian is working to get all the time fragments and destroy them so nobody can turn back time anymore).


At any rate, the plot turns more deeper as the story goes, and the character growths (especially the supporting roles) had been my greatest pleasure when reading this. MC learns to forgive but not forget, and seeks to reform a better future that wouldn't end in tragedy like it did before. <<less
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QuinNefertari rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: --
This is actually good. The latest chapters is very unique and strew together quiet well. Now we will wait if the story becomes cliche along way and loses its uniqueness or become a very good read with awesome mc's and political intrigue.

I really hope there is more chapters.

It's difficult to judge it now when it's only a few chapters.
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RedRyder rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: c14
Boring garbage, pretentious and full of itself.

Author spends most of the words on explaining the minute details of everyone's clothes or describing the mundane details of the setting, all of which have literally zero relevance to the plot or story going forward. Characters are one dimensional and even then still boring. We're given no reason to give a damn about any of them, not even the MC, who apparently is afflicted with some disease once transmigrating into the body, yet he spends zero time thinking about it and just plain... more>> ignores it while going about random uninteresting meetings.

TL;DR decent premise at the start, too much boring fluff that goes nowhere afterwards. Read if you like hearing someone describe what a picture looks like. <<less
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Reise rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: --
A novel with good potential due to its unique setting. I cant say much right now as the novel is still in its early phase but im quite hoping the novel to retain its uniqueness and be able to distinguish itself from its peers. Giving it a 5 since the potential is there and adjustments will be made after reading more of this hidden gem.

There are hidden mysteries regarding the people in the series. You can see that the characters have their own goals and reasons. That is nice to... more>> see. People whom the MC interacted are also not just blind followers but have their own thoughts. Some relationships are also complicated which makes it even better since human relationships are never as simple as we make it out to be. The only downside for this novel for me is that it no longer updates. If you are looking for a good story where development might seem slow, but the plot is solid then you should read this. Maybe if more people read it then maybe translator-san might pick it back up again. <<less
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Pichiminie rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: c24
are there really no translator that will pick this novel? Do I have to wait for a year?

this novel is slow building, and the way he fix the event occur in the future is so smooth, like he doesnt want to be involved right away, but he will use other person to fix the problem, but not in the annoying way. And when the story started to evolved, the translator abandon the novel. This novel has a good reputation in korea, I think. I always found a fan art about... more>> the main character and his brother, frank. Has a good element of BL for those who interested. <<less
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ExtremeRampage rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c24 part2
Pretty interesting premise.

The MC dies but gets reincarnated back in time and, as the title says, as a Prince of the Enemy Nation he fought against before and died in battle in. But unfortunately for him, he is a Prince who "mysteriously" died a lot earlier in time in his previous life since he was assassinated by his competing Brother for the Crown Prince "seat".

So the MC's first goal as of now is to survive the assassination attempts from his Brother and his mother (they have different mothers).
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NotSoProud rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: --
Really good.

Some people say that it's too slow, but I think that the peace that the story progresses in is just right - not too fast and not too slow. The details are not omitted, but there are not too many of them either (not so many that the story would become boring). If you think that this is slow, try reading a few chinese novels, the contrast can be quite drastic.

The story is interesting and with great potential, the lack of chapters is a real pity, I hope to... more>> see more of this. <<less
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: --
Just started the novel, and it is as if there wasn't any introduction. So I'm really confused right now.

Update :

Okay.. In my opinion, this novel is too slow-paced. It's not bad.. But, it's just too casual for me to read.

... more>> I fell asleep twice while reading this at different times. At first I thought I was just too tired, so I tried to read again another day. Finally, I just got too bored and fell asleep again.

For me it's just the story of a prince who's trying to prove himself. He was previously the prince and heir of another Kingdom before going into the past and becoming another prince from an enemy kingdom that he is now.

We're never really introduced as to what kind of person he was before. I deduces that he's the kind of guy that wouldn't suspect anything or anyone since he doesn't find all of this strange.

He knows he'll die, so he knows there are enemies around him.

I wouldn't mind it if he had countermeasures in place, but he doesn't. And most of it is that as a previously grand character (ex heir, ex "one of the most powerful swordsman", etc.) he doesn't have any etiquette.


Not my cup of tea. I fell asleep. That means this novel wasn't entertaining enough for me.

Too slow, the "back into the past" isn't needed since it's never used in the plot (besides giving info). <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Milady7e rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: c24 part 2
This is one of the interesting story i've read! I'm tired of romance so it was a gamble for me to read this. It's been a really long time since I read an action novel whose main character is a male that leave such a strong impressive. Still waiting for the update!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lazyprinzez rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: c30
As of writing this review, this WN has 430+ chapters. Sadly, the translator has stopped translating after ch24.

I don't know why they stopped the tl, but I've read the mtls until ch30, and so far it was good. I would not say anything final though as everything is just getting started right at this point.

So far, so good. MC has a good head on his shoulders and let me just say that the author loves being figurative. Sometimes it passes, sometimes it's forced, but I would not hold that against... more>> the author. For all I know, perhaps his figuratives do make sense in Korean but not in English (in which case I would feel awfully sorry for the translators since translating figuratives are DIFFICULT++). But yeah, I'd say author is also big on foreshadowing and has an interesting way of narrating.


NOTE: If you've read this spoiler before you've read the reveal then the magic will never work on you. It's in a spoiler tag for a reason.

MC knew his current body was going to be assasinated so he was being vigilant, but what he didn't know (or rather, neglected to notice) was that his body was already poisoned when he took over.

Props to the author as he was good in hiding it--the telltale signs were blatantly obvious, but the narration was skillfully biased towards the MC's confusion that even the readers were misled just like the MC until at a later scene when we see the queen question her brother why the MC's body has not yet succumbed to the poison.

I really loved how the author handled this one.


Narration is 3rd-party, character-biased. And I think it works well with the author's style of being figurative. Again, the figuratives are a hit-and-miss as some intances the words just become awkward, but that's cultural barrier for you.

I cannot comment on anything plot-wise or with regards to character depth as everything is just getting started at ch30, but yes, it has great potential. Premise is unique and interesting, and at ch30, I now see a hint of the story's direction, and it's promising.

I will continue reading the mtls and I may or may not decide to polish the mtls for the rest of the fanbase to read. (It all depends on my work schedule; and, well, I'm a jap translator... not a korean translator... so there's that too.)

I don't know why wordexcerpt dropped it but well, translating is never an easy job. I'm just thankful they translated this far. <<less
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CatCat19 rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: --
The pace and how the MC accept his fate, kinda remind of tr*sh of Count’s Family.
For me the pace still ok even its slow, because I binge read it.

There is many mystery that need to solve, even he use the 10 years future event he knew but since MC reincarnation, some story change. Its really too sad, that MC back life but not to his body. Also his real identity lost from the world like his past existence never born.

Too bad the translator drop it tho, its really worth... more>> 5star. I continue read the raw with google translator 😭. I wish someone will take it again. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c10 part2
I'm going to go with a 4 for now because it's kind of interesting, though I don't normally like court intrigue stories. I don't understand why, with all of his symptoms, he doesn't suspect his body might be poisoned or something similar, but maybe he does and the author hasn't said yet? In his position I certainly wouldn't be drinking tea or anything but water, but then, if I was in his position I would have left a long time ago; I hate dealing with all the back biting and... more>> politics. <<less
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holizshit rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: c49
Amidst stories that involve transmigrating into a duke's princess, or a sect disciple, or a villainess, this one is a refreshing one. This story is like a breath of fresh air with an interesting premise and steady developments. Actually, I'm quite surprised that it currently has 505 chapters and still ongoing. I just don't see how it can be that long, but maybe something huge will happen along the way.

As the story goes, more mysteries will be uncovered. I love how the MC approaches problems and tries to resolve it... more>> despite being a little bit rash sometimes. Looking forward to more interactions between characters and more character development. I personally want to see more of Kyrie (is that how you spell his name...?) since he hasn't really stepped into the spotlight yet, a pity.

Will update this review, maybe? We'll see if my opinion will change. <<less
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dtfyg rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c40
Interesting premise brought down by bad translation (possible due to lack of editor) and generic writing.

The first thing that stood out to me about this novel was how weirdly the sentences were structured in the first few chapters. Maybe it was less confusing in Korean, but the translations just kept switching between using Bern and MC's new name (Cailin or smthing) every few sentences. At some point, the sentence just started with something about this Cailin guy but then they just continued by inserting a flashback for Bern. Anyways, the... more>> translation quality gets better as you read on, but there's just a ton of minor mistakes like "Raven climbed off of Raven" or something like that.

The only thing that really kept me going was the cute relationships between MC and all the side characters. Though really, aside from the premise, there's really nothing unique about this novel at all.

This novel kinda reads like a xianxia novel in a fantasy world setting. Its has all the xianxia cliches of finding op master cuz "going back in time makes everyone like you duh, " the by looking into your eyes I can tell how skilled you are thing (which annoys me to no end btw), and no determinable main antagonist (which means a bunch of petty naturally evil ppl who are pretty damn bland). Based on how the plot is developing, you can kinda already see the route MC is gonna take.

Though honestly if there were less grammar errors that made this annoying to read, I'd probably give it a 4, simply because it was a cute read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
akhdanp1234 rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: c10
I agree with the other review. It's too slow. 10 chapters in and nothing happens. It's even slower than tr*sh of Count Family. The author like to stretch 1 scene into 1 chapter. Honestly most of text is pointless. It's no wonder the translator dropped it after only 24 chapters. The title is interesting but the writing itself is frustrating to read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SassyCanoeWizard rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c50
Meh. Title is good. The story however isn't that promising. Writing style is generic, nothing worth mentioning. As most of reincarnation type of stories it's interesting to read at the beginning but it's barely readable when it comes to around 20th chapter. True. If you don't have anything that's good to read or if you feel that you want to binge read something without serious base, then it might be a reasonable choice. Otherwise it's not worth reading
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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