The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman


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Raon’s entire life had been lived as a dog on a leash.

Through a twist of fate, he obtained a new life.

Wrath remained in the wreckage of his destroyed leash.

Finally capable of standing on his own feet, he decided to live life by his own will.

He would slay anyone standing in his way…

Even if they were a god.

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The Reincarnated Assassin is a Swordmaster (official)
환생한 암살자는 검술 천재
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36 Reviews

Jan 13, 2023
Status: c54
Boring. I gave it a go since it was pretty popular but from the beginning, it hasn't stopped being cliche after cliche.

Obviously the MC is OP, and you don't stop getting reminded of this at least every 5 chapters by other characters calling him a genius and having limitless talent, they literally cannot stop sucking his dick. He hasn't had a single actual struggle, at most they're for show. His character is plain, ... more>>

he was an assassin in his previous life so he's all heartless and cold, has the capacity to kill, do what needs to be done, whatever

He's a Gary Stu.

The rest of the characters are your boilerplate side characters, most of which are obviously going to underestimate him, then consider him as a rival, then they'll be get humbled by how incomparably talented he is in comparison to them, and of course they'll all come to respect him, some even be friends with him. The usual. We can't forget about that

annoying demon in his head that's always so surprised when he gets one-upped whenever he tries to take over his body or have a bet with him, that obviously aren't really problems and conveniently give him stats somehow.


I'm at chapter 54 and the plot is slow, or actually hasn't moved at all, it feels like it's still at the stage of introducing characters. I don't think I can keep reading it. If you have the patience and time to see if you'll like whatever this novel is heading towards, which you probably already have an idea about, go read it. Just don't expect anything unique.

Frankly, if you wanna read something that has parallels (quite a number of them too) with this novel but is executed better, read Damn Reincarnation instead. <<less
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Apr 19, 2023
Status: c570
Definitely good! Great even. Though, I feel that if this isn't right up your alley, you really are bound to dislike the story.

Once I finished all the available chapters at Reaper, I broke my brain by continuing with MTL. I even lost sleep as I binge read the raw chapters available at the rabbit. And oh boy, the lack of sleep and slightly understandable MTL gave me a headache lol

The read started very wonky for me. I would've been fine if it was just a fusion of martial arts and... more>> fantasy, but the author decided to even add a system so it took me some time to really accept the setting of the story and be immersed in the world it's trying to portray. But hey, I guess it payed off, enduring I mean, because it kept me entertained.

Some plot points remind me of other stories, which I felt bad for, cause I kept comparing to those that came to mind. Though, that was also one of this novel's charm (I guess). I found it interesting and saw myself anticipating what kind of cliche would be thrown my way haha and how it would deviate from what I had expected. So that's fun.

Raon is also a great MC, perfect when you want badassery. However, him getting praise and recognition every damn time would give people the ick. Yes, he struggled at the beginning but he basically sailed through all the things that happened next because he had a system, because he had Wrath. I would've like it better if we saw him struggling a bit more, so that we can witness growth as the story progresses. Would have also liked a bit more depth and showcase to the characters that have been with Raon in this second life, so that they and the relationship/friendship don't feel as shallow. The comedic element is fun though! Really gave the laughs when I needed it, but can be tiring because it is repetitive.

In conclusion.. Would be better to not read reviews first. Don't mind the nitpickings of others and dive in head first haha. Continue the read if it got you hooked and entertained or Drop it once you get fed up, THEN read the reviews so you know what gave you the ick haha. <<less
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: c39
It's ok so far. You'll find many parts of the story is similar to the The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius (or aka Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble on asurascans). It almost felt as if some Korean authors just copied from the same template and then add their own flairs on top and gradually branch out or something.

The cast is similar:

The MC is a kid going through academy, gradually proving himself in front of other kids.

... more>> There's a white haired girl who is cold to everybody else but nice to MC.

There's a rival character with high status who hates the MC at first or look down on him then gradually gets some "character development" and become closer with him

There's a brusque girl who is from the streets who also hates and rival MC but gradually grow closer to him.

MC has a loving family who cares for him, comes from noble background.

Both are also regression stories.

Like I said, there are differences like the authors adding their own "flair" to a template, but this is just too strikingly similar in this regard.

Still a decent read I suppose but it feels too slow at times.

The novel is also similar to other Korean fantasy novels in that it takes East Asian martial art concepts and try to "Westernize" it. There's qi deviation but author tries to word it differently, then there's also just basically cultivation but for mana and levels. There's also meridian channels but it's also "westernized".

Then there's also that (imo really annoying) system popup kind of thing where there's just a game-like message allow MC to view his own status and crap like that, but he could gain extra "stats" because of this system and he's the only one in the novel with that cheat. These kinda stuff really just takes the immersiveness out of the novel and I take it less seriously every time a half-serious half-gamey novel uses it.

I'd rate it 3.5 but there's no 3.5 so I'll give it 4 on a good day. <<less
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Jul 08, 2023
Status: c227
Alright, listen up peeps!

I'm officially up-to-date with this masterpiece, currently chilling at chapter 227.

And let me tell ya, this novel is straight-up *chef's kiss*!

... more>> Now, don't be fooled by those who say Raon (the MC) hasn't faced any struggles. Oh no, he's constantly pushing his limits, breaking boundaries left and right. And the reactions? Priceless! People go all like, 'Whoa, he's a freakin' genius!'

But let me spill the tea, it's the thrilling and heartwarming situations that bring out those comments. Don't even sweat character development 'cause Raon is the ultimate example of someone conquering their emotional battles.

Seriously, folks, I had to drop this comment to let y'all know that this novel is legit inspiring. Yeah, Raon's got that 'genius' tag, but trust me, you'll feel inspired AF, like you're his rival or loyal sidekick. It's the kind of cool that'll give you chills!

So brace yourselves 'cause I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapters! Come on, author/translator, bless us with a massive update already! 😭😭 <<less
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Nov 13, 2022
Status: c236
I enjoyed the story so I read a MTL that had more chapters.

While the MC is op for his age, there are plenty of people more powerful than he is. One of the things I like is that the MC recognizes this, and so will purpose competitions that can even the odds. (Like restrictions on energy usage, or a drinking competition)

Also, the MC isn't just getting stronger. There's a fair amount of character growth for the MC, who doesn't really have experience with positive emotions, and the kids around... more>> him.

Like many stories, at the beginning the MC has a single goal he's working towards, but as things happen the goals increase, and the scope of the story grows. While it can't be everyone's cup of tea, it's a story I'm really enjoying. Not only does it have lots of action, the author does a nice job sprinkling in humor to make the story more dynamic. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c400
For me this work is amazing and I agree with Chiechan_ that the filling from reading this is the same as The t*ash of the count's family! I really love the interaction between MC and other characters. From the beginning it may be unsettling because many did not like MC but as the story progress they made MC as their goal.

The author did a good job describing the fighting scenes because even I who don't really like them was so fascinated. The comedy is also amazing that after chapter 200... more>> in nearly every 3 or 4 chapters I found myself laughing. The characters development is also very interesting and dynamic, I love how MC friends at some point understand their own faults and are doing their best to develop and progress together with MC.

About the love interest there are none even untill chapter 500.

At the beginning it may be somehow slow or boring but as the story progress it becomes more and more dynamic and interesting with a good dose of comedy. At some point I realized that reading how MC is constantly challenging himself and his own limits made me more positive and energetic and even if right now at 500 chapters it's not nearly half through the story, I am still very fascinated by this book and I don't mind reading 500 more.


I laughed so much at how Wrath, who at the beginning was an enemy whom MC need constantly to be warry of, now is a money giving tree because he is s*upidly losing every bet😅 and can be smoothed every time with food, sometimes Raon is questioning Wrath if he is a mix of wrath and gluttony🤣


Sorry if I have mistakes🙏, English is not my first language 😅 <<less
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Dec 22, 2022
Status: c90
I've really only read the description, but the reviews I've read say it's an interesting story. I stopped by just because Raon's name was there, I won't compare anything, it's just that Raon's name is already imprinted as a cute black Dragon in my head. I'll read this first, then I'll come back, whether it's to add more stars or reduce them. I hope I'm not disappointed.

I did say I'd come back when I read it... But....

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I was so shocked while reading this novel that I was... more>> immersed in it!!! This is the 2nd novel that made me enjoy reading it!! I only felt this feeling when I read the novel Tr*sh of the count's family! This is crazy!!! I can't believe this novel turned out to be so BOOM!!!

Well, even though there are still some things that are a bit disturbing, but overall this novel is very good!

Perfect for people who enjoy light reading.

The translator is also AMAZING. Even though there are a few difficult words, as long as you read them you will quickly understand their meaning. Wow this is even better.

This novel is very good in some aspects, but still a bit ambiguous in others. But, that can still be ignored I guess.

I hope the writer will not include the romance genre, if there is a romance genre it will be bad! I've read a lot of novels, and most of the good stories would be terrible if the romance genre were added.

Granted that I saw very little of that interaction, it's just that I wished Raon was only focused on his goals. That's all I hope.

Ps. I'm going to give 1 more star in addition, because the story is quite enjoyable.

Ps. I still couldn't imagine Raon even though his appearance was clearly described. Raon will always be the cute black Dragon in my head T_T

Ps. In one chapter, why should there be a discussion of apple pie? It instead reminds me of a certain black dragon who likes apple pie T_T

Ps. I didn't compare anything about this novel and other novels, it's just that the names Raon and Apple Pie would always remind me of a certain black dragon. <<less
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Jan 22, 2023
Status: c36
Overall the novel just feels like a sub-par version of some similar novels. I forget its name right now but there is a novel about a guy who I believe was a counts son who basically just laid in bed until he started dreaming of a man who just swings his sword, later he goes to an amazing swordsmanship academy where he is seen as the weakest but due to his strong will it motivates all the other trainees, he has a giant lump of iron in his body that... more>> he uses fire to melt, ect. This story is very similar to the point where I think one was inspired by the other but compared to the other one this story is just lacking in many ways.

First is his past as an assassin, the author just did this very poorly in my opinion. While you can make arguments for him having emotions and stuff in his second life due to growing up in a loving environment (Humans learn emotions at a young age by those around us, if you fall and someone laughs you find it funny, if they are terrified then your terrified as a simple explanation) but when it comes to his previous life we get no explanation on how he broke out of his indoctrination, then the author uses a cheap plot device of the rage worm that can somehow kill him, transfer what his emotions are, and track his location all to a person. That basically sums up this entire novel, a decent premise but executed poorly due to countless plot devices.

The system itself is just bad, very few system novels are good. We get some bullsh*t about how the system is from wrath but it still doesn't really explain anything and its just unnecessary. This story could of easily been written by removing the system and then just have a world building setting like where he is creating fire rings (Which he is already doing) and then number of rings is his level... Overall the system just massively takes away from the story since it just feels so unnatural. Fantasy stories like this create their own logic, if the story says people can manifest an element but not any others than you expect every character to have one element, otherwise the story doesn't follow its logic. The system I think violates this principal, where we have a mostly sword and magic type world but then you get a dues ex machina in the form of a system that's sole purpose it to make it easier for readers to check his stats when it would be better for the author to just keep his abilities to a lower amount (2-3 skills rather than like 20) and then just narrate that he has grown in x ability.

Another major issue is the relationships, especially his relationship with his mother and the maids. In the story it honestly just feels annoying to read about because so little effort is given to the characters, the author gave a little bit of time and effort but it just feels so lacking that I don't care about the characters. His mom and the maid are so similar of characters that its hard to tell them apart, because their entire character type is "love mc" which just makes them horrible characters. When creating a relationship in this type of story its normally easier to have the other party be powerful so they don't become a weakness for your enemies to target and in this story his mother feels very worthless and I'm guessing she will just be a plot device where people want to attack her and he retaliates. Overall the issue is just that its showing the MC being protective of her with things like "its fine to investigate me but once it extended to [mothers name] and the maids then its crossing the line" but we have so little development. So far she has fed him medicine, stood up for him in a way that makes sense but feels annoying to a reader since its going against what the MC is doing, limiting the MC from training when he wants to, ect. but overall doing very little development wise with him. The author to make her a viable character needed to add some bonding chapters where she wasn't a side character interfering with what the MC is doing but with this genre thats not what the audience wants which just makes her overall a underdeveloped character that just serves to lower the quality of the novel.

There are quite a few more things I could go on about where the story violates its own laws or has developments which make it very hard to tell what is and isn't possible in this world or characters that are poorly developed and plot devices being used left and right without them feeling like its a proper way of obtaining that power but its basically just repeating the above issues that this story has, its relationships feels lacking, it uses plot devices like the system, and it doesn't have a solid world building.

The story is fine if you can ignore these points, I'm pretty picky on this type of thing now since I've read a lot so my standard is higher and if I read this a few years ago I probably would have enjoyed it so you might enjoy this story. <<less
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Jul 06, 2023
Status: c330
Every time people would recognise Raon's might I am just smiling from ear to ear like heck yea! That's our boy! I'm excited to read more and see his interactions with people around him and finally defeating his life-long enemy. Also I love the fact that he has no romantic interest (tho some characters are pushing it) he personally is very focussed on his goal and I like that A LOT! Also it has good pacing. It never felt slow it's becoming painfully annoying to read, nor too fast that... more>> you feel like you have to physically take a break from reading. 10/10


When he got kidnapped and we finally got to see Glenn's might I was crying bawling my eyes out because Raon finally realized, he's not alone anymore and— AAAAAA it hits me in my feels! Look at his reaction at Dorian bro it's so heartwarming and just I'm so happy at this. Plus Wrath is becoming a better character too!



When he finally got face to face with Derus I was like "owww shiiittt" You can feel Raon's anger through the text and it's so insane. I can't wait to see how he finally whoops his ass.

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Dec 19, 2022
Status: c86
My favorite Manhwa from reaperscans and honestly at least tied with my favorite novel currently being translated right now (Return of the Mount Hua Sect) as well. Most light novels from this site do not update as often as I would like but luckily this one gets frequent daily or almost daily updates so it is easy to stay invested in. The story is similar to a lot of reincarnation types but the author and translator make it flow really well with the plot always being interesting. 5/5 A very... more>> good novel so far. <<less
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: c732

Ahem, anyways, I absolutely love this novel. The chapters are long and Raon gradually changes for the better throughout the chapters. Wrath also slowly becomes a friend and there are almost no characters that I hate! We all hate Derus tho-
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May 20, 2023
Status: c191
I really love this novel, yes its is kind of cliche and all but most reincarnation novels are so thats not a valid reason to degrade this, someone in the reviews says that you should read 'Damn Reincarnation' instead of this one, well I like 'damn reincarnation' too but both of them are similar, if this MC was someone who had no problem in killing due to his past life, the MC of Damn Reincarnation is was same, the side characters also praise Damn Reincarnation's MC for being a genius... more>> every five chapters. If there is a difference then that would be the harem in Damn Reincarnation (I am not exactly a fan of harem themes personally) .

What I want to say is, most reincarnation novels have similar plotlines (ofc there are some exceptions) so degrading a novel based on that is ridiculous, and the side character in this novel have quite a lot of depth and the world building is also great, there are some mystery elements too regarding the villains and mc's past life and even the origin of someone very close to MC is very unclear <<less
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Ed Elric
Ed Elric
Feb 14, 2023
Status: c570
I'm not good at reviewing, sorry. MC clear OP. Side characters are also interesting so far no love interest. Everyone focused on their own goals but there are fans of handsome faces and weird stalkers.

and my favorite character is the food-lover demon king he never let me down with his behavior. He is the biggest reason I look forward to the newest chapter. Tsundere grandpa Glen is also quite entertaining.
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Jul 03, 2023
Status: c47
Mid or 2 stars. It's just unending reactions and praise for MC. MC is so monster like. A genius even greater than others.

"No way, he learned it so fast, so unexpected." - Some dude

We have a annoying companion that says he wants to kill MC but is used by author to give MC's more power.

47 chapters in, everything is just a repeat of something said or done earlier. We even had jokes involving characters mocking others for doing what they had done in the past. Ironic. Yet the author doesnt... more>> seem to want to look a bit further out and realize the entire story so far is literally just the past 5 chapters on repeat in some iteration. <<less
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Jun 25, 2023
Status: c216
This one is a good novel, if you want to know about the story read the others reviews, what I can say about this novel and the reason why I think it is a good novel is mostly because it is a consistent novel, every character that appears in this novel will always act according to his personality, there's no BS of a character suddenly becoming s*upid for plot reason, and no character becoming a genius or knowing everything for plot reason, and while keeping that consistency the whole time... more>> it still manage to surprise you many times while having a good amount of comedy and serious moments.

Overall a good novel writed by an author that have a good thinking head. <<less
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Dec 30, 2022
Status: c50
Pros: Most of the characters aren't that bad, and the shifting POV keeps things more interesting. Cons: The premise of this story is not very original, and 50 chapters in, the plot is pretty much all a rather boring training arc. The main character is somewhat overpowered, and most confrontations or conflicts he gets into boil down to the same formula: Someone underestimates him; he defeats them spectacularly; everybody goes, "Ooo, what a genius." If you want a really good read, this isn't it. If you want something to pass... more>> the time, you might want to try it. <<less
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Jan 06, 2024
Status: c282
Chapter 282 [Dropped] 6.9/10

My first review, my writing has always been so bad you'd think I'm autistic so read at your own risk. {LOW EFFORT}

... more>>

The main storyline is entertaining enough. The best character in the novel is The King Of Essence. The way I visualize the King of essence is an icy floating head with hands having a meltdown. TKOF Hard carries the novel. The major downsides are there is too much cringe. I despise his mother and the maids because they are overdramatic, annoying, cringe, and overdone. The bits get old real quick and the author just doesn't seem to know when it isn't funny anymore and everything starts seeming childish. I'd rather his whole annex building get erased off the face of the earth. Just the storyline is pretty good but everything else gets kind of old.

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Sep 21, 2023
Status: c250
I really like this novel even though I usually hate these types of op tropes where the MC never stops growing. But the action scenes are exciting enough to make you want to cheer on the MC and grow. I also like how theres no harem or any focus on romance beyond platonic and familial love.

I know many people seem to dislike this novel, but if you are looking for an exciting and mindnumbing read (in a good way) then I would definitely recommend this. Although its a little frustrating... more>> on how the side characters are constantly admiring and praising the MC, its still pretty enjoyable.

Thus, I recommend this only if you want something to be swept away in and just read for entertainment. The translation is amazing as well, and each chapter is pretty long so you won't finish this immediately (I say as I am close to finishing all the free released chapters). <<less
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Sep 19, 2023
Status: c120
I wish this story was better, as it's just somehow super boring for reasons I can't pin down. Maybe it's because MC's path of growth is a straight f*cking line: do more work! Grow more! Become stronger through effort! Become stronger through deus-ex-system stat boosts precisely when you need them! The in-lore explanation for the system is actually decent though, it's not just a random thing but has a (malicious but s*upid) ego.

I think the story really suffers from the threat level rising precisely in tandem with MC's combat level.

The... more>> family elements are cute, but the fights aren't all that great and just like MC I don't get any catharsis from beating up children. His power set is also fascinatingly boring: regular weapons and an aura that can burn everything (and a duplicate frost one). Incredibly innovative 10/10 I really don't know why he's a regressor-posessor at all <<less
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Aug 25, 2023
Status: c654
This novel is about the grows of the strongest swordman which is an Assassin on his past life and had suffer a terrible life. MC is trying to take revenge on the person responsible for MC dead in his past life. This novel have Reincarnation, OP and Genius MC, martial arts and System. I highly recommend to other to read it ESPECIALLY If you like a novel such as "The Second Coming of Gluttony" and "The Overlord of Blood and Iron". I'm not saying they are the same but if... more>> you like that kind of storyline, you would love all of them. <<less
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