Rebirth Begins With The Titanic


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Upon awakening from a deep slumber, Monet realized that he had been transported to the world of The Titanic after the ship had sunk as a passenger. After being rescued, armed with the advantage of foreseeing events over a century ahead, he embarked on creating his own career.

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2 Reviews

Oct 11, 2023
Status: c30
The story had an interesting start. But it deteriorated quickly.

The MC transmigrated into a Titanic survivor in another world where popular fictional characters like Jack & Rose's Titanic exist. Newly arrived in the US, the MC sought livelihood by copying novels and treasure maps from our world.

It could be a good one. But the "good" only lasted for a handful of chapters. The author wrote about an era and a country that he did not know, without sufficient research. And so, crude stereotypes & cliches dictated the development of the... more>> story unrealistically.

Also regrettable: character development. I agreed with other reviewer for this one. <<less
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Oct 03, 2023
Status: c30
Nothing special.

None of the characters have any depth. Not the girls that surround the protagonist to rely on him, nor the guys that exist to be in awe of MC’s abilities, not even the protagonist himself has any real goals. He just wants money and stability yet even that minor goal has been achieved early on so now he’s got nothing going on beside making more.

If you want to read about a protagonist that awes others with his creations there are better books out there. If your bored you can... more>> go for it.

I’m just not attached to such empty basic characters.

It’s only chapter 30 and a harem is already forming around him. He got one chasing him with regret, one he hired to cook for him, and one he’s already slept with despite meeting the woman only like 3 chapters ago. That was the most character defining moment I’ve seen from him so far too. I’m not hopeful of anything better so I’m dropping it here.

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