A Tale of Strategies For the Throne


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It is said that Garlan, believed to be the child of destiny, returned to his distant past life in order to break the curse that ensured his death upon reaching adulthood. He valiantly battled his arch-enemy, vied for the throne, and sought to save a kingdom on the brink of destruction. However, he was defeated by his arch-enemy four times. Upon being reborn once more, he felt incapable of defeating his nemesis and was determined to escape, yearning for a life of freedom and happiness.

Yet, in this lifetime, his former arch-enemy became a loyal follower. Pushed by the people around him, he unwittingly embarked on the treacherous and glorious path to the throne, filled with thorns and honor. A millennium later, the song of the “Wise King” still echoed throughout the land.

This story depicts the journey of a reborn youth who, with the support of numerous followers and the protection of his once-enemy-turned-loyal-ally, gradually transformed from a young prince into a wise and noble ruler.

The writing in this text is delicate, with an intriguing and captivating plot that maintains a sense of grandeur. It subtly carries the style of ancient European and Eurasian epic legends, with meticulous descriptions of scenes and emotions, creating vivid imagery. Through the words, one can experience the distinct charm of the fantasy Eurasian era.

Each character in the story possesses distinct traits, and the interactions between the protagonist and his ally are filled with sweetness and charm.

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Notes of a Strategy For the Throne
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Chiaroscuro rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: Completed
10/5 stars. Such an exceptional writing. Truly a masterpiece.

Did I just read 300+ mtl chaps? Hell yea that's how good it is

MC and ML's characterization is a bit juvenile, but they're alive and not 2D. MC is an extreme Gary Stu but in a good way, and not by choice. He IS THE gary stu and he MUST be THE Gary stu. It can get cringy if you hate "feminine looking MC" because author will wax poetic about his flaxen haired beauty often. But he's not without strength. He might... more>> look weak but not a damsel in distress. He's like a harmless looking rabbit with a very very sharp, poisonous teeth. His strength lay in his supreme bright wit and some knowledge about past/future. He's also not dense, just in denial LoL

ML I find quite basic (cold, talented and capable) but still sexy and not 2D. I like that he's tanned lol. His character growth is marvelous and also funny. His past was sad. And he have clear motives for everything he's done in the past. In the current timeline he's always hovering between extreme yandere and wolf pup. Other characters are also not a caricature. They're people with feelings and motives. The "villains" are not shallow/ s*upid. (Some of them are, but the kind of s*upidity that makes sense, not the ones that rots your brain)

Again, what makes this novel great is how vivid author paint the scene. And the plot is great too. The writing alone won me 5 stars. If you like romance-type fantasy historical kingdom building politics (?) BL it's for you. Even with MTL it's still great. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: c115
When one of the reviewer here said: "This novel is when Arslan Senki is BL".

I was immediately interested and read it. And yeah! That statement is so damn true! I mean, I already like Arslan Senki even without the BL element (have been shipping Arslan with Narsus or Silvermask, LOL) and now finding this novel with similar premise complete with BL, damn that's really something.

I MTL-ed this until chapter 100 or so, it's awesome.

... more>> Though, In the end I still want a translation QAQ

Even though I can enjoy it with MTL, but who doesn't want a proper translation??? I really, really hope a translator out there would kindly translate this novel.... sigh. <<less
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applebeans rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c315
Several times during reading I think that this feels like if Arslan Senki is BL.

The similarities are: the teen becomes king, beautiful prince who can pass as female, Prince has broken family, loyalty and betrayals, governing a kingdom, the fight for the throne, prince leading troops and winning battles.

Differences are: Prince is adopted, the king loves him and pampers him, Prince comes from modern world, has modern knowledge and not that interested in throne, Prince has a childhood friend who grows up with him and eventually... more>> 'warm frog' him. There are several elements that sounds greek or persian kingdom to it, but not entirely. The world has its own myth and customs.

There are several gods and they are similar to greek gods: many and they have one for fate, love, war, underworld, but the difference is, they also have God of Sunlight (law, fairness) who is the main god symbolising wise and just ruler and God of Dark Night (wit, mystery). The lores for the gods are really nice. This novel has fantasy/myth element, so the gods play a role instead of just being pretty statues. There are certain differences between the gods' descriptions so I don't feel like they are imported straight from a certain country.



    • MC has long blonde hair and white skin, he usually gets described as very good looking, like an elf, like a fairy, a beauty loved by the Goddess of Beauty and Love. Author says MC's Luck stat is E, but his Face is S. His appereance sounds very fem, but his character is still masculine. It's just that people who pampers him has a filter to whatever he does, he appears very cute and weak like a little paw kitten. He's also softer to ML because he doesn't want to really hurt him. Once, his brother said, "Garlan, you don't understand how scary a man can be." and he's like, "I'm -fRICking- a Man too", but he's actually a teen inside, he never got to grow up and have fun, he's lived 6 lives not touching anyone.
    • ML is the typical Tall, Black hair and Manly, what I really like is his character. He had a traumatic childhood so he's extremely sensitive to animosity. It's implied that Original-Timeline!Garlan detests Heimos and butts head with him. OT!Garlan also got involved in an event that thoroughly breaks ML's hope in humanity. On the flipside, ML's like a wolf cub or lion cub, when you treat him with kindness he recognises you as family forever. When Present-Timeline!Garlan treats him cautiously, he thought aww little guy got scared. When PT!Garlan treats him well (because Garlan doesn't want to hit a kid who's not hostile to him YET) Heimos gets pulled in and grows to care about Garlan. It is hinted very early why Heimos falls in love. The way he always picks the WORST place to confess his most fragile feeling is a kind of special skill.
    • MC's entourage is so cute, they fangirl/boy about him. Prince! Prince, praise me! Prince is awesome! I believe Prince!
    • King Kamos is very cute too, I love his character and his brother-con. Really important to note, that even though he spoils Garlan, he will not joke around with kingdom matters. He is not particularly revolutionary king, but he is powerful and is good enough for the standard of the world. At first I doubted him, when he listed reasons why he thinks Garlan is the perfect heir, I just think, 'haha yea ok, I know you just want to hug milk bun boi everyday and have him call you big brother' but he's serious. He doesn't joke about the throne.



I'm fascinated by the world building. The surrounding countries story and climate is fleshed too. Yalun-Landis is placed smack in the middle of continent, enjoying the best climate, soil and terrain. It's warm all year round, only two months of winter and no snow. It's not very hot either (everyone wears cloaks and boots). To the West, there are desert, to the North, cold snowy plains. They have two main allies, Tasta and Kanal, one is military aid, the other is friendly kingdom who aided them with food during dire times. There are two kingdoms in north and west often attacking Y-L during winter because they don't have enough food.

There are problems described that Garlan feels are weakening the kingdom, so he works step-by-step to mold it to a system he feels will make Yalun-Landis stable and stronger. It's kinda modeled after cn, but I can accept it because the reasoning makes sense. Garlan also uses the forces available in the world and devises his own schemes to gain control, so it's neat. Both uses his transmigration backstory and shows us his capability.

People often discuss whether Prince Garlan or Prince Heimos should rule. The answer is obvious for us, but while Garlan is restricted by prince status and can't show off his policy making skills, Young Heimos is off winning wars, basically being a mini-Kamos. People only knows that there are invaders from north and west, and King Kamos is a deterrent for their enemies. In truth, they are both mini-kamos. If you divide Kamos into two, one will be Garlan (extreme care for citizens) and Heimos (extreme battle power). They should just marry and become dual kings. It's for the best interest of the throne and Yalun-Landis. There will be way less bloodshed in succeeding princes battle if you allow them to get married.

The world allows kings to adopt from distant relative, it's a system I don't often see in other novels. All king's blood have brown skin and golden eyes. Garlan has shining golden eyes, but he looks similar to his mother who is a lowborn. Heimos happens to both have brown skin and gold (red) eyes. Just by looking people can 'gauge' just how worthy each prince are of the king's throne.




I also really like that it's a brown-skin supremacy setting. OT!Garlan is bothered by this and tries to tan himself. PT!Garlan doesn't really care so he just lets his skin be, and is frequently insulted because of it. I like it, it's the opposite from our world where white is high, brown is low.

I'm guessing long hair and long beard is normal in the kingdom.... Or what the king/prince do is right. Anyway, no one ever singles out Garlan for having long hair or mocks him for looking girly. They clearly recognise him as male person with long hair, and is not surprised he grows his hair long. So there must be many men around with long hairs like him.

Garlan is mostly associated to the sun god for his fairness and law-abiding ways, then goddess of wisdom, and goddess of beauty, goddess of fate. The temple of god of wisdom/medicine is dually used as public school. Goddess of beauty came into being as flowers bloom, and the world has their own flower language (red rose coincidentally have similar meaning as our world). Goddess of fate/star manages the thread of fate and can see the past and the future. The god of sun seems to have authority like a king, because god of war is willing to kneel to the just god. People also makes oath to the sun god, because he oversees the fulfillment of oaths made. There is also god of plague and underworld. I don't know what the night god oversees, I think just for witty people who likes to scheme or mystery? He's a foil to the sun god, their believers don't like each other. Garlan is not associated to the night god, so only sun god's animal mascots and myths gets described in detail.


After ch 315, BIG spoiler about story conclusion


MC (Garlan) eventually returns to his original 'world' that actually is SAME WORLD BUT IN THE FUTURE!!!!!! In the original tragedy, a old god (think the Titan) wrestle with the gods (think Olympus gods) because she doesn't want to succumb to her fate. She is god before anything is there and was preordained to disappear and turn into 'all things'. Her fighting her fate ruins 'all things' and destroyed Yalun-landis's gods who were born from her too. As a result Yalun Landis turns into mere myth and legend like lost Atlantis.

When Garlan died in past!Yalun-Landis, a messenger told him that the gods didn't curse him, it was minor gods, who weren't the immortal gods, resenting him for dying. That resentment turns into curse because the immortal gods were defeated and can't protect him. When he was born, the Major Gods celebrated and gave him all the best things they have, that's why Garlan is just, beautiful, and wise. He also shows several time that he's intelligent and shrewd (god of night). Goddess of Fate often visits him and tells him the future, in my head she's about to turn into a gossipy elder sister!

It was great to fully realise that the gods love him and always on his side! It's correct to call him the son of gods!! I'm so happy when his big king-bro came back!!!! When the story moves to new direction, all the foreshadowing has been put before it, like how "Garlan has always been called 'The Wise King' not wise emperor" later it's revealed Yalun-Landis doesn't become empire under his rule, "The young boy becomes King" and later Kamos died before Garlan comes of age, and "Son of Gods" This author is so good!!!!!!!

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YoriMei rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Frankly, I read a lot and it's been a good while since I've ran into a story that had me reading into the early hours of the morning simply because I couldn't put it down. I was so into this story that I literally read till 5 am, went to bed and then got up at 8 am to keep going because I wanted to see the rest of the story. The world building is really nice, the cast of characters is great and have really fun interactions, and honestly... more>> "MC saying the right sh*t so it jabs all the other characters in the heart" is my absolute jam. I love when MC's say heartwarming or pointed things that make your heart melt or hurt, and this story is packed full of em. It has a very original setting and doesn't lack in both heartbreaking or funny moments. MC's really cheeky at times and it's an absolute delight but I regret that it doesn't happen very often the more the story goes on. I will admit, I loved MC's relationship with his teacher the most and I think it's a huge shame we didn't see more bonding moments in the 5th life because their almost father-son like relationship was my favorite.

in fact, the author noted that the teacher is the one most "obsessed" with MC because he's the only one who was by MC's side in all five lives.


But if I could rate this out of 10, it'd be anywhere between 8-9. I think this story has a lot of pacing issues despite the length; there are a lot of time skips that range from years to a few months just to make battles or issues go by faster. A few plot events have resolutions that feel lackluster or that it was resolved really quickly/off screen, and while there isn't any need for a long play-by-play, the sheer amount of time skips makes events less impactful than they can truly be. The author also tried to add colorism as a factor into the drama but it's very touch and go, making it more like the go to for "when you need a reason for nobles to rebel" plot points. Also, while I loved the whole cast of characters, its too big so some characters are literally mentioned a few times and then disappear for the rest of the story. My biggest gripe however, would probably be the ending. As much as I loved what I was reading, the author stuffed quite a bit of filler before the ending to pad out length. After getting to the modern portion of the story, it felt a bit shoe-horned in just to prevent it from ending on a huge downer ending. While I don't mind ML and MC in modern times, I feel like it's a lot less impactful when almost everyone in the main cast popped up in again too because what was the point of saying goodbye then?

Despite the faults, I highly (highly!) recommend you give this story a shot. The world setting is pretty unique, and honestly even with it's issues, I was enthralled to the point where I refused to set it down until I had finished it all. In fact, the ending had me going through so many tissues because I really had gotten attached to our MC in the end. It's not a perfect story, but it's definitely worth at least giving it a try. <<less
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Autumns Spring
Autumns Spring rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: Completed
First off, I'd like to say that I finally created an account just to write a review for this novel because it's just that damn good. I've read so many amazing novels found on this platform but this one in particular really takes the cake for me. Like so many other reviewers have said, this novel is beautifully crafted and well executed. I decided to read this offhandedly because I was bored and the synopsis was intriguing. But wow I had absolutely no expectations and yet I still got blown... more>> away and fell so much in love with the novel and all the characters. I was also one of the readers who had to forgo sleep because I couldn't put the damn thing down. I'd like to mention, English is my first language but I'm not a very eloquent writer and sometimes trying to explain how I feel about something becomes convoluted. Though, for those who are debating reading this, I will definitely try my best to convince you to immediately pick it up because it is seriously worth the read!!

So, as the synopsis puts it, this story is about a boy named Garlan who has to compete with the ML, Hymos for the throne. Garlan is given 5 attempts to succeed at ascending but for the first 4 times he is bested by Hymos and is then brutally murdered. Where the reader starts is when Garlan has been defeated on his 4th try and is about to start his very last attempt. He decides that for his last attempt, he does not want to compete with Hymos anymore because he doesn't want to fail/die again at the hands of Hymos. Now many of you may be wondering, how the hell does the MC get with someone who has killed him 4 times and very brutally if I may add. I also thought the same way when I was first beginning the novel because the author does go into detail about how the MC felt at each death and it was quite heartbreaking. Now at the time of me writing this review, I have seen one reviewer who has questioned the same thing and has already given a 3 start rating for the novel when they are only at chapter 17. This novel has 319 chapters for the main story. The point is to keep reading on because the author beautifully foils out Garlan's and Hymos's relationship. Because the novel is quite long, the relationship is not going to be fixed/mended immediately. In fact, at a point in the novel, Garlan straight up tell Hymos that he wants nothing to do with him ever. Their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs but it comes out strong in the end. I don't want to spoil anything because if you haven't read the novel then you definitely should just give it a chance. I mean I'm not saying you are not allowed to have a negative opinion or criticism of this novel but at least read a quarter (or half is even better) before you decide to make a final judgement/give a rating on it. This novel is kind of similar to "Husky and his white cat shizun" (which I also highly recommend) not because of the plot but how both authors need the reader to keep reading so you get more of an understanding of the characters and how they ended up getting to the point where they got to. Like for the husky novel some reviewers who had negative reviews had stopped before the end of volume 1 when most of their complaints about the novel were explained in volumes 2 and 3. Anyway it's just a bit of a pet peeve of mine when I see ratings for novels and they haven't even read a quarter of it.

Okay, this review is already getting a bit too long so let me cover some final points before I wrap up.

  • Characters
Besides the main characters who are well developed even the side characters have been nicely developed and can actually effect the plot. A lot of times, I see many novels write interesting side characters and then just leave them in the background or have them disappear later in the novel. Thankfully, this is not the case here (in my opinion). The side characters all feel well rounded and how they interact with the Garlan is loveable! I especially love how Garlan's big brother dotes on him. I am a huge sucker for siblings looking out for and taking care of one another. As for the main characters, you see them both grow separately but also dependently. I definitely have to respect that later on in the novel, even though Hymos likes Garlan he does not force Garlan to accept his feelings nor coerce him which I have to say is very refreshing. I also really loved seeing how certain plot points affected the main character's thoughts and behavior but did not change his overall personality. So, for characters I definitely I have to go for a 10 out of 10 for this novel.

  • Plot
The plot felt a bit cliched at first but after a couple of chapters in (20 to 30 chapters in), it finds its footing and starts having its own uniqueness and charm. Again, I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read it but all I can say is there are a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, some expected and some completely unexpected. There are parts that I legitimately cried/full on sobbing. I'm not the type of person who usually cries at novels and I'm not saying this because "I'm different" lol. Usually when sad things happen in novels I feel sad or upset inside but it never really drives me to the point of tears. This only happens if I form an emotional connection with the characters and the story which this novel managed to do. Many times I had to keep checking to make sure this was a happy ending, especially, near the end of the novel. So, for the plot, I definitely give it a 10 out of 10 as well. (Prepare box of tissues, you will definitely need it)

  • Diversity (sort of)
This novel was quite surprising to me since it has a ton of brown skinned characters. Being a brown skinned person myself I was pretty hyped. I mean usually in Chinese novels you don't see much about darker skin types and I usually don't expect to because it's a Chinese novel. Though, I'm really glad the author incorporated this component because it feels more inclusive even though the world is not based on any real world places/people. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about this before I conclude my review.

Alright, I think this is where I'm going to wrap up my review since it's already so flipping long. If you've managed to make it this far, I sincerely commend you XD. I hope this review can convince any person who is debating about reading this to jump in because it is worth it! Whelp thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, Goodnight <3 <<less
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JustAki rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Beautifully made!

I just finished young arc using MTL and it's readable and is one of the better kind to read MTLs. Young arc legit makes me feel closer to MC as a reader; for me, he's basically one of those shoujo/shounen protagonists but better. Dying for 4 times and knowing you only have one chance left, it's bound to make you panic and feel faint.

He used his knowledge for the better and not as a chance to updo any characters. MC is selfless and a great ruler; it's very evident... more>> on:


I don't know what chapter it was because MTL didn't put the chapter title but the first situation was where people were rioting and killed one soldier and injured another; he's not one of those righteous characters who think they're right in any situation but instead:

The little body of the child stood in front of the man who was nearly twice as tall as him.

He looked up.

He looked at the man's eyes without fear.

He said: "The national law of Aaron Landis cannot be trampled on."

His voice sounded loudly.

He is very selfless and this is what he said to the person who led the riot (because his children were taken by thieves or cultists who would have had sacrificed them if not for MC who used his body to get inside where the children were taken) ; in the end, not only did he manage to kill civilians and nobles, he also killed one of the knights who helped with subduing the cultist and injured another.

"I sympathize with you, Gia, but I will not forgive your sins."


11:19 AM. 8/19/2021


I love all the extra chapters of the novel.


Especially the cat arc; it was so cute! "Little prince."

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Grandpapi rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: Completed
  1. Definitely worth the MTL it was epic, heartbreaking, hilarious and sweet. You know the feeling when the author describes something you can actually picture it on your head? Like a movie scene. I cried really hard

    when the lion king died like hes one of my fav characters and I thought that he will grow old to watch his fav crown prince grow but nooooo bich he was betrayed (T^T)

    and damn the battles were epic and cool af the strategies are on point and the battle of the wits are unpredictable Now Read this read it!!! I promised it wont disappoint you
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Hmntlzn rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I usually hates "Slow Romance" but this novel is different!

From story, character, conflict, Everything mixed perfectly!

The love-hate relationship between MC & ML touch me, their pain -ughhh

I'm glad that they got their happiness in the end <3
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Neollle rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is really amazing! Kudos to the author for creating and building such a wonderful plot. There wasn’t one time that it’s boring. It is also not focus on the romance but it is balance. It also made me cry near the end. I like the world building since it is different from other novels which it is more like similar to greek mythology.

This novel is easy to MTL :))

It was such an amazing journey and made me sad when I finally finished it. This one will definitely... more>> on my top list.

Guys, you’ll regret not reading this one. You’ll miss a amazing story. <<less
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blueberry7 rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel was truly something amazing, it’s definitely in my top 3 favorite novels.

The characters:

... more>>

The main characters, Garlan and Heimos, are fantastic - I really fell in love with them, by the end of the novel I wanted nothing more than for the two of them to just finally be happy.

There’s also some fantastic side characters, such as King Camos, when reading I just wished so much he had a separate novel for himself... Really, I love him more than the MCs of some of my favorite novels...

Every minor character had something unique about them, the author did an amazing job.


The story:


Although this is a danmei novel, the setting is western fantasy, but the author’s worldbuilding was fantastic.

The story’s about Garlan’s journey, but it takes a few very interesting plot twists along the way (that neither he, nor I expected). I really liked how nothing is handwaved away - the author has a good explanation for every event in the novel, even the ones you didn’t even think to question.

After around the first half of the novel there start appearing some serious knives aimed straight for the reader’s heart - although I knew from the start that it was a Happy Ending novel, the last few chapters had me crying so hard I had to take a vacation from work the day I finished it.

But don’t worry! The ending is going to blow your mind, it’s absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Plus there are some extras after the main story which are INCREDIBLY cute that will heal your heart for sure.


The main couple:


What can I say here but that they’re perfect for each other?

Like it’s mentioned in the summary, there are a few hilarious situations where Heimos confesses his feelings to Garlan at places he previously killed him. At those scenes I both wanted to laugh and cry - on one hand it was truly so funny, on the other, poor Heimos didn’t know why he was being rejected by the love of his life.

By the way, although this is enemies to lovers (where just one person knows they’re enemies), it actually becomes enemies to the closest of friends to lovers.

Even before they get together they grow really close, and you just know that they would do anything for each other.

Of course, the author throws us some plot twists that really made my cry my eyes out for these two. But it was all worth it reading in the end. I just wish I could read a thousand more book about these two...



This novels was 10000/10, if you like fantasy and romance do yourself a favor and read it. <<less
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Rheyna08 rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: c3
I have read all chapters in the MTL website, I assure you that if you like being on a rollercoaster of emotions, read this one! It will make you laugh, be in tears, happy and fluffy. Another note, the way they fight with their enemies is awesome, inspiring like a hero. :)) I just wish there were more chapters of their future adventures and the couple's romance!!! I want more Mr/Ms Author!!!

ps: Please do let me know if there are any fanfics of this novel ;) and please keep translating!
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Hungry sis wanna eat more bl
Hungry sis wanna eat more bl rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is a masterpiece (in my opinion). I never thought that a novel will make me cry more than once and this hits my emotions like a truck. This is just a literal roller coaster, the moment I thought everything is going to be okay the plot just plunges me to a thriller/horror or drama. Whenever I stopped reading this because I'm busy and got back to reading it the emotions this gives me still hits hard and made me feel all of my emotions all at once. Overall... more>> 100 out of 10 I'd recommend this to anyone wants a good world building, more than 3D character, lore, and the main leads of the story are a banger. I never thought I would cry over and empathize with the yandere male lead than this one. And the MC is also amazing he got through a lot of baggage first before liking ML and man this is a slow burner. MC is a wise person and a Mary Sue throughout this story but he's also human he needs breaks, he break downs and needs to get over the trauma and baggage that he has over his many lives.

Right bellow is some spoiler and my overall thoughts of the story:


So MC gor killed 4 times by this Monster of a ML and at his 5th life he giving up and doesn't want to be the kin and go back to his original world and just wants to travel around the world and stay low-key. But in this life because of MC trying to be low-key he met ML and ML was like: oh he cute, he gonna be my lil brother.

I'ma still continue my opinion later just wait for me.

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Natural_Sapphire rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: c17
I'm only at chapter 17 now and I will update review if I can make it further than this.

Right now I'm just wondering if MC is a fool. How can he not hate/dislike someone who cruelly kill him four times? I even shed tear when author described how MC was killed in previous four times.

If that killer guy turns out to be ML I'm going to drop this.

[Edit after 3minutes] so I saw other review and it said that guy is indeed ML.
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Dango rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I checked multiple times whether this had the tragedy tag, cause man that was a ride.

This is the only story I MTL-ed to the end. I teared up at parts, especially....

... more>>

When Camus dies



When garlan dies and tells Heimos not to follow him and to take care of the country



When they all reincarnated and met each other at the end


This story to me by far, has the best MC I've ever read. He is smart, he knows his limits and he isn't a dumbass that lets people blind him. He doesn't virtue signal and addresses the limits of reality...


e.g. he started to slowly introduce liberation of s*avery but knows that this would have negative impact on people's interests. So he does it within his means, he liberated s*aves that helped with the first war, thus setting up a situation that the owners are more than willing to hand over their s*aves


I also find it heart warming how the people he saved tells him that they will come when he calls, and they mean it.


All his friends came to help when a country called the Gasdads invaded his homeland and killed Camus, and he was cornered into the capital


This is an amazing MC, and it was a great pleasure seeing him achieve what he achieved by the end of the book. The only part that I would have liked more, is more extra chapters of his leisurely life, cause he really catches no breaks.

Heimos is a great ML with a heartbreaking backstory. I love MC's and ML's relationship timeline. ML doesn't force MC and MC continuously rejects ML not because he is some white lotus hoe. But because ML's feelings are so strong, MC doesn't want a case where he gets with ML only to realise it was in the heat of the moment, and break ML's heart in the future.

MC because he cares about the ML not in a lover's perspective, but a close friend and companion perspective, does not want to rush into it.

This is great, romance is always portrayed higher than friendship, but they're heart rending and beautiful in their own way.

I wrote alot but ended up saying not much, but I just needed to gush how much I love this story, and once it gets fully translated into english, I would read it again. <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
To be honest, I am an AVID fan of this author. She really does write excellently. Her plot, characters, and settings never have disappointed me. This novel is the same—I went through the five stages of grief and I don’t even feel a thing. I wrote a longer review for author’s interstellar novel because it was lesser known, so I won’t do the same thing here. But if I were to give a rating...

Plot: 10/10

Characters: 10/10 (complexity in each one)

Setting: 9/10 (author does like describing setting a... more>> bit much but she’s excellent at writing the scene and immersing you)

Writing: 100/10 (I love this author’s writing so much because it always keeps you on edge and waiting for the next chapter and will take you through so many emotions).

Overall, if you like shounen plots written excellently with a great dash of romance, this is the novel for you. MC is just soooooo respectable as an individual and he makes you so pumped for him. ML is like a cold wolf dog who is morally dubious but will do anything for the MC. You get attached to all the characters and you’ll end up binging this in three days despite it being 350 chapters.

I recommend all of this author’s works wholeheartedly. My favorite one is her interstellar one (it’s her first novel so it’s a bit raw and it’s really my personal opinion but ugghh my favorite of all time). This one comes in second place (ahhh the ML and MC~author also didn’t abuse me as much), and her other Kingdom setting one is third. Anyways, now I’m sad because I finished all her works and will probably start reading her fan work as a desperate measure while waiting for her next release *sighs*. <<less
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changingmeee rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this a month ago and I just registered earlier.

I don't know how to start this review coz really this story is amazing!

Lets start with character, Garland, I love how the novel made him not violent but very independent to stand up in every situation I love how he grew and I love how his 4 lives was described and how it can still affect his decisions in his 5th. Anyways the characters was very well written how they have their own remarkable way to make themselves likable. And probably... more>> becoz they're really inspiring and just really good 😊

Second the plot, gosh I love every twist and turns the saddest parts the happiest the loveliest everything gave life to the novel. Despite the loopholes it satisfied me for the whole process of kingdom building (?) and how every people was loyal and the things that made me cry aww I think it's very suitable to how it happened.

Although the ending made me disappointed a bit but yeah maybe it's really better for them to meet again.

And I forgot I really love camos for being the best king and brother. <<less
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Athy_art rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Just read it! You won't regret it!

Plot: 10/10 it's pretty unique and the pacing is one the best

Characters: You will love a lot of characters here but the MC will always have a special impact for me, I feel like a parent watching him grow up just 10/10 and I love the characters interaction!, funny and memorable.

Romance: it's a slow one tbh but I never get tired and it's not a love at first sight troupe, I was like fck yeah, the author really did a great job, I felt... more>> the 'love' between them, for me the development of the relationship is one of the best

it's a rollercoaster ride tbh the humor it's not lacking too, pft this novel played my feelings a lot of times. <<less
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Sharapova rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c315
slow romance is just my thingg!! The plot is the thick mantle and the later on romance is natural and doesent seem forced, just my types of story were you think along with the story about right or wrong.
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Gumamela rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: Completed
At first, I have been avoiding this novel. But when I started reading, I couldn't put it down. The story is different from what I had expected. The MC is definitely the hero of the story.

Definitely recommended.
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One of the best novels on NU, completely worth the read

I cried no less than 10 times reading this and laughed even more.

I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone who wants to try it out but 1000/10 would reccomend
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