I Confessed To You By Mistake


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I became an extra in a private boys’ high school story written by my childhood friend. Once I decided to inhabit this world, I promised myself to live earnestly.

“I like you.”

“Let’s date, then.”

I confessed wrongly. To make matters worse, the person I confessed to is none other than Kendrick Bardy, not just an alpha but an extreme right-wing alpha.

“Um… About liking me…”

“Is it a lie?”

“No. I just want to say it again.”

– Among the students, there is a rumor circulating that he is the son of a mafia.

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실수로 잘못 고백했는데
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January 16, 2024
Status: c26
The story explicitly calls MC out for not being smart, but I am still too frustrated by how thick MC is. He keeps misunderstanding ML and villain. Stopping at chapter 26 because I can’t bear it anymore.
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Doreimoni rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: Completed
MC is naiv. Not the type of naiv that is cute but he blindly trust someone he barely knows. This was just so frustrating.

ML deserves better. One of the best MLs I have ever seen.

The misunderstanding is cleared around chapter 93 I think.
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leleix rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Maybe it's because the reviews here and on ridi were all about how insufferably dumb MC is, or that I've tried some of this other author's works and not enjoyed them, but going into this I had incredibly low expectations so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. Both of them were so cute. The misunderstanding (s) persist for almost the entirety of the main series but their interactions are still so sweet, and ML is just the most adorably awkward and earnest cinnamon roll ever. The... more>> side stories after were also great (and thankfully the author time skipped to college ages for the smut.)

I also felt like MC was not as gullible as reviews make him out to be. Readers have the advantage/frustration of a 3rd-person perspective where we know what's actually going on but MC doesn't. It feels kind of victim-blame-y to criticize him for believing the lies of somebody he deeply trusts, when no one is giving him an opposing viewpoint (honestly I'm more frustrated by how many other characters were keeping their mouths shut, even if they thought it was to protect his feelings.)


As for why MC was so trusting of his sunbae--he may have been 20 before transmigrating, but that's still quite young, and he was kind of traumatized by finding himself in a new body with no clue where or who he was. So if a manipulative psycho who is actively attempting to charm him is the first person who he establishes a relationship with, it's not implausible that he'd develop an unhealthy attachment. Considering that, I think the way MC handled the reveal of sunbae's deceit was pretty mature.

That being said... the weakest point of this is that it's transmigration. This is one of those cases where it's so unnecessary, and his character could've just as easily had the same experience going to live in dorms for the first time after how sheltered his family kept him (and being afraid people would avoid him after finding out about his family.) I'm so sick of reading transmigration where every 20 chapters I go, "oh, right, he's supposed to have transmigrated." Like he had minimal connection to the main characters, so the knowledge he did have had zero bearing on the actions he took--what was the point!?!


Does it deserve 5*? Probably not. But ML is a top-tier green flag, so I'm breaking my own rules and giving it 5.

This also MTL'd smoother than almost any other Korean novel I've read, so don't hesitate to check it out on ridi if you're interested. <<less
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