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You are the last rose in my barren wasteland.

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New ulf6503
May 27, 2024
Status: Completed
This love story is well written, poetic, with a HE. What’s even more amazing is the journey of finding the courage to love. A must read and you will definitely love the CP and side characters.
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New cherryb379
May 23, 2024
Status: Completed
I LOVED it!!! It was difficult to come across books which is really good and hence I got bored and turned off the reading part of me for a few months and after coming back the first novel I picked up was this and it was a Brilliant Surprise... there is no dog blood drama just 2 people in love and a matured storyline... they navigated their issues properly and the leads knew what they wanted and just went for it... It was a very very satisfying read after a... more>> looong time.... thanking the author and the translator for bringing us this piece of gem 💎 🙏 <<less
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YoriMei rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: Completed
An unexpected read that ended up taking up my entire night despite its short 28 chapter length, it's a pretty refreshing story. Our two protagonist are Xiao Yichi, a war-zone reporter and journalist, and Yu Zhinian an extremely handsome big shot lawyer who meet on a blind date set up by their two aunties (older women who are extremely close to them, neither of them are related or actually aunts to MC or ml). Due to YZN's prejudice and high standards, he automatically disregards XYC as just a plain, low... more>> class worker coming back from overseas. Dismissive of XYC's lack of good looks and assumed low class job, YZN sets up four meetings to get their aunties off their backs and then part ways. Jokes on YZN though, XYC's an incredible talented, highly acclaimed journalist and makes YZN eat his damn words.

What's kinda unique about Xiao Yichi is that he actually isn't that attractive, his face is said to be really plain though his body is fantastic. Instead of his face, his appeal comes from his personality and his experience as a war-zone reporter causes him to have a really unique view of life. A lot of people are in love with XYC and YZN himself notes several times how there's not a single person who's met XYC that hates him. XYC doesn't wallow in self-pity about his looks either, he cheers up quickly when down and is very decisive when it comes time to make a decision. It's also kinda rare to find a story where YZN action's are realistic and rational. Finds out XYC has ptsd? Sends XYC to therapy. XYC is drugged? Call the police and bring XYC to the hospital. Wants to attract XYC's attention? Purposefully sign up to the same gym as him. No "loves trumps trauma", "we slept together by accident" or "Surprise we have accidentally run into each other 57 times, is this fate?" plot magic. Both do an equal amount of chasing each other and it's pretty refreshing how there's not a lot of "me? Like him? I could never!!!" moments (there's a few but it's short and not very long)

If there was one thing to complain about it's the fact that due to the short amount of chapters the story focuses mostly on YZN's past and his character growth of looking past appearances and reputation, thus XYC has a lot of potential characterization that's lost. For example his ptsd is pretty much dealt off screen and never brought up again, his past experiences as a journalist/reporter isn't really elaborated much and his past with a guy named Qin Shan is severely neglected. In fact Qin Shan, a very powerful official in their world, is hinted about in the early chapters to be a love rival only to appear at the very end for one scene and that's it with very little about their past.

Nonetheless, this story was a really lovely read focused mostly on character growth with no actual antagonists. It could have done with a couple more chapters but has it's own unique aspects like one of the main characters being quite plain (rare in a sea of "MC is the prettiest, hottest thing to walk the earth" stories), while having really simple messages like "you can't judge a book by it's cover" or "beauty isn't everything". Even YZN has his own hidden aspects, he loves Snoopy! This handsome, intimidating, big shot lawyer is a Snoopy fan!!! <<less
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Karamel Makkiato
Karamel Makkiato rated it
February 8, 2024
Status: Completed
I cried so much.....

The shou is just so strong, adorable, smart, and kind-hearted. I wish there are more novels like this where the characters are just plain-looking ppl but have other outstanding qualities where their merits are not just skin-deep.

The story goes on at a nice pace... there are old flames, old pains, old lover, and etc. but the CP remain sensible and mature. Once it's completely translated, I'll re-read it again since the raws I was reading does not have the 3 extra chaps

... more>>

Edited--Finished the extras and I cried even more. Ngl, I kinda low-key felt sad for Qiu Lanshi tho

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whalien52 rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: Completed
WOW! That was good!

From chapter 1-11, I've been contemplating who is the shou and who is the gong. Lol. It's my first time reading a novel where both parties are willing to be a shou even if they are used to be a gong.

This story is so so good! The smut~ the drama~ everything is just so good. Unfortunately it's to short and in regards to XY work and illness was really not highlighted. The ending part was such a cliffhanger T_T
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Jaz_SL rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c9
This is my first review. I wanted to say how amazing the story is - and also praise the excellent quality of the translation. The nuances and the subtle emotions are captured beautifully and the translator has done an excellent job of transferring them to English. Thanks for translating this. It is a delight to read.
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damnmei rated it
May 23, 2024
Status: Completed
My heart would randomly start aching while I read this novel, just for how real the characters felt and how much I could relate to their struggles. For such a short novel, it truly touched my heart. Kudos to the translator for being able to deliver such poignant lines across the language, really a wonderful translation for such a fantastic short story!

I love the MC so much, with all his insecurities and yet simultaneously blazing confidence. He's suffered and gone through unspeakable trauma, but still has such a fervor for... more>> life that shines through his entire being. He feels some level of attraction to ML from the start, and despite most of this feeling being squashed by ML's personality, MC does still care about ML's impression of him. It's a very vague mentality though, and MC doesn't linger or waste his time ruminating, allowing ML the time to see just how wrong he was in his first impression.

ML starts off pretty unlikable, but he definitely grew on me a lot over the course of the novel. It really is so interesting seeing how his initial impression of MC as being not attractive or successful enough for him is slowly overturned, and he really starts to fall for MC in every way. Despite not being physically attracted to MC at the start, there's no denying that his lust for MC is fully genuine by the time they first become physically intimate, and the attraction he eventually feels measures much deeper than just the surface level of appearances.

I really loved the slow buildup of feelings, and the s*xual tension and chemistry between the leads is so palpable. Their first time had me cracking up though:

the fact that they've both only ever been the attacker and never the receiver but were also both willing to give up their ass v**ginity to the other haha! I really loved how much they talked it out before getting into it.

Also the cond*m being "too small" for MC is too funny because is ML smaller than MC down there or does he just own cond*ms for fingering purposes hahaha


As expected, our lawyer ML drafts a contract for the two of them as s*x friends and we love to see it. Especially since ML literally is ready to break his rules basically immediately. Third day after they've had s*x twice: guess we are going to have s*x more than twice a week oops. Rule to only have s*x in bed: oops we can't wait the car will have to do. Always have to love this trope!

Also the novel kind of glosses over it but ML does lowkey stalk MC for a good bit by sticking his lawyer resources on tracking MC's every move. I honestly didn't feel it was as creepy as maybe I should have felt? It's partly done to protect MC, but all those photos really aren't necessary for that- another case of attractive people getting away with anything perhaps?? MC doesn't really mind ML popping up inexplicably around him at the very least, so it's not really an issue in the end.

I'll also add that the smut in this made me laugh with the phrasing sometimes... when ML's d*ck got referred to as a "weapon" or "pestle" I think I died lol <<less
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Hkimmy rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: c8
Edit: 05/02/2024

To our lovely translator please check the setting on your blog, it won't allow us to comment. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this though?

I'm very much obsessed with the story!!! If you're considering to read it please don't hesitate, it's so good! I'm not good at giving reviews but I can promise that you will enjoy every minute reading this. I chuckled many times, they're just so silly sometimes. Lol

... more>>

You know it's a good story when you physically feel the pain like someone is gripping your heart when the characters are disappointed or hurt. I'm so invested in this story. Thank you so much for translating this novel. <<less
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Summerbllove rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: Completed
I had tears in my eyes🥹 while reading the bonus chapters.

It is such a touching story with a mature love which is so wild at the same time being restrained.

Each and every chapter awoken a different kind of emotion in me.

It has certainly become one of the bestest novels I have encountered so far

Thanks to the translators for their hard work!!😽
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lillin97 rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Very good!! Love this couple! The love between them was so raw and sweet!! The title definitely suits this novel! 🥰 Highly recommend if you're looking to read something that has a mature love, without the unnecessary drama!!
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twobada rated it
May 9, 2024
Status: --
Beautiful, and so was the translation. I love how flawed YZ was and how his mindset changed and grew. XY was also very admirable from beginning to end. Love stories between adults who can communicate, grow, and trust each other are so comforting to read.

I think it's also cute that their initials form 'XYZ' when combined 🤭
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earlgreyt rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: Completed
Although the chapter length isn't long, each chapter was very long and jam packed with material, so rather than categorize this as a short story, it's more like a full-sized novel.

Due to the incredible efforts of the translator, the story read exceptionally fluidly and was filled to the brim with life and poetry. Absolutely immersive writing, I found the novel very hard to put down.

The MC stole the stage. He is so charming and I love his self-respect, his respect for others, his delicate handling of situations, his knowledge, his... more>> generosity, and his courage. I still don't think the ML is that worthy, to be honest


I would like to read an AU where the MC gets together with one of the supporting characters 😂


But... as long as the MC is happy I guess. <<less
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Alberu_cale rated it
May 2, 2024
Status: Completed
The best short story I've ever read. At first, I hate the ML for his prejudice against MC. But as the story goes, we got to see ML other sides and how love can change a person. The smut of this novel is also *chef kiss* although I cried a bucket because of certain plots. Anyway, I love both the MC and ML, they're both really a perfect match for each other.
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Eternalhopeless rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Greetings, translator! I want to thank you very much for translating this lovely tale. This story comforts me. I was experiencing so much inner turmoil while reading this story that I was unable to put it into words. Through the stories of Xiao Yichi and Yi Zhinian I felt as though I had experienced a life as sweet as honey. I appreciate all of your effort.

I would want to make a request. Would you translate more of this writer's stories if you had the time? Pride and Prejudice, or Whose... more>> Gatsby, may be a wise pick! Best wishes to you ❤️ <<less
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tobookmark rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: --
Amazing novel. I can’t believe it is just 28 chapters. I feel like I have spent days and months observing how the pull each other. I’ve read hundred of novels, and am lazy to write a review. But this one is so good. Even better than a lot of long novels. If your heart is tired, I hope you will give this novel a chance and feel more joy by the end of it. Now I wish I can read other novel by this author.
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HiddenHermit rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: Completed
Sweet story. I feel a lil guilty for giving it three stars but I kept thinking, do I feel glad that I took a chance on this novel? My answer is, I'd feel okay if I had passed on it. MC, Xiao Yichi, is charming and easy going. ML, Yu Zhinian, is the cold to outsiders and super considerate to his loved ones type.

ML is into beauty while MC is average looking. The story is about how ML overcomes his superficialness to see MC's true beauty. Overall the plot is... more>> entertaining but I still leave with a neutral feeling.


MC is a war reporter who recently came back to China. He is suffering from PTSD. He and ML meet on a blind date that their "aunts" set up. ML says right away that they weren't gonna work out... MC doesn't fit ML's aesthetics.

However, situations and coincidences bring them together time and again. They are attracted to each other but ML is fighting the attraction. Even so, ML goes out of his way to protect MC but does it without MC's knowledge.

Juicy and steamy things happen. Other stuffs happens. ML realizes that he's a dumbass and they end up together happily.

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