The Lord is Addicted in Infrastructure


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Xia Zuoyi traversed and became a beautiful and delicate little lord in a fictional Western medieval fantasy novel. His gender was male, he loved males, and the role was cannon fodder. Under the shining halo of the Mary Sue heroine, in order to promote the development of the plot, he was constantly mentally disabled. He was, eventually, convicted and hanged to death.

After passing through, Xia Zuoyi touched his white and tender neck and thought, ‘I don’t want to be gay. I’m going to do infrastructure. It was better to do infrastructure than to fall in love! Please let me be beautiful alone! Thank you!’

Pope/Duke/Leader: Did we agree?

Here, the upper class was distinct from the lower class. The hierarchy was strict. Here, food was in short supply, medicine was backward, and city-state disputes continued. The prosperity of the nobility and the depression of the common people flourished together. Here was the romantic capital, but also the wild world.

There were rumors in the Western Continent that the Pope had the favor of God, the Grand Duke had more power than the king, and the leader of the chamber of commerce took over the wealth of the empire. However, Xia Zuoyi, in the name of Lord Rose, promoted the civilization and economic development of the whole Western Continent, unified city-states, and created a powerful industrial empire. He was the glory and the most vivid rose of the empire. Rumor had it that the Pope, the Grand Duke, and the Leader all bowed under his pants, but Lord Rose was dismissive.

Xia Zuoyi: The rumors misunderstood me. Q_Q

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The Lord is Addicted to Infrastructure
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attilde235 rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed the whole novel, up to c200 although I am definitely going to follow the translator’s releases. This is pretty good, I really enjoyed reading MC’s journey in building up his territory, improving the lives of the people in his land and getting competent subordinates/friends. He also has some adorable, fierce animal friends as well!

He’s pretty young when the novel starts so the actual romance starts happening much later. Also, for anyone who is concerned, there’s only 1 ML and you will definitely see hints of who it will... more>> be pretty early on! There’s no dog blood drama, the MC makes sure to straighten things out with the other love interests once he’s aware of those feelings. <<less
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Hell rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: c194
I love the story - it has a good and coherent plot, no unnecessary or brain dead drama, kingdom building elements that are mostly completely correct (the medical details are amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing at the parts on how doctors recognized their “methods” could be slightly... wrong after knowing the new medicine) and the relationship between MC and ML is so good!

No characters are forgotten, not plots, and everything is prettily tied up!

The “plushies” (aka, pets) also fill my heart, that’s my childhood dream lol

Notes overall:

  • The MTL is easy to find and read, and relatively quick;
  • The plot and cohesion is good, as well as the details and character development
  • No non-sense intrigue with O!MC/FL and O!ML (in fact, I kinda like O!MC/FL very much, she’s a cutie and very sensible)
  • It has a system but it’s not really that relevant or a golden finger in the story; it’s more like a cute librarian lending necessary books to MC and leaving on trips more often than not (but it always brings cute new plushies so it’s fine)
  • The romance is slow and natural, but even so not boring, because the interactions are believable and cute; I kinda felt a little bad for the other potential love interests, but hey, I was cheering for MC and ML all along so that’s a plus
  • Speaking about slow and natural, all the progress on the book is like that, but with a satisfying taste. You literally can feel the growth and the cadence of the plot, it’s very great pacing
  • Also the writing is very good, in a stylistic sense.
Overall, I would give 4.5/5 stars (the only half deduction is because it isn’t my favorite novel ever, but it’s pretty close)
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July 13, 2021
Status: c40
I have one brain cell and I am using it to figure out who the ML is.Okay, so this was just what I needed... cute, fluffy, good world buiding, simple

I came back to read bl novels after failing a quest in genshin impact for the 100th time :/

Also, life is mundane and low -key sucks..I needed some dopamine, I got it

... more>> so what I am trying to say is that you tired to losing in real and reel life :''. we got ourselves a protagonist who's winning big time and you can vicariously live through that.

Is it weird that the a 6 yr old presides over so many people and is taken so seriously.. a little ??But there are kids who have brains out there -like prodogies so it's not that inexplicable

Btw, incase anyone is worried about the romance considering the age of the lord, then don't worry. Although the little lord is very meng and everyone wants to squeeze his cheeks -that's it. The interactions are very age appropriate. Actually, the people around him 'his crew' as such occasionally show concern for his health and sleep cause he is after all a child.I think the author will wait for MC grow up.

another P.S -the story is cute but not devoid of logic.. MC makes some strategies, acts accordingly. (I am mentioning this because some stories are super cute but are kinda nonsensical -they are fine, good even because sometimes we need silly cute stuff to read that doesn't make brain hurt but sometimes reading the flawed logic hurts the brain -really depends on the day.)

This one is easy to follow and logical so no brain hurt :) <<less
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moonrune rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: --
Absolutely bizarre and incomprehensible that everyone treats the six year old as an unquestionable voice of reason who can do no wrong. Businessmen from other kingdoms showing up and negotiating seriously with a child, are you kidding me. What is this.
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Tintl rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: c49
I like the development in economics and construction and infrastructure etc. The cuteness overload kinda convinces me to ignore the plotholes.

but, there are problems in this story:

- black and white world view (All the villains are totally irredeemable, there are no depictions of people that just dislike MC for his great changes aka gray area)

... more>> - unrealistic decisions by characters (church pope not caring about homos*xual king, allowing MC unreasonable power over deciding who is bishop etc; all too accepting citizens in the extreme changes MC has made)

- a bit too obviously gary stu (two black and white leopards, a lion, a eagle who all love the MC that no one is uncomfortable with) <<less
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YoriMei rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a nice story (3.5 to be exact) that was heavy on the kingdom building and light on everything else, but I don't think I like this story very much even though I finished it and did enjoy it to a degree. MC and ML are both fine, nothing memorable but they make a cute pair. Plot was interesting and had some really good potential in the beginning, while MC's harem of animals had some really funny antics that helped lighten the mood at times. I think both a strength... more>> and weakness of this story is that it lacks a lot in detail but makes up for it with speed.

A lot of events are just told and never shown, for example a whole war was wrapped up in a few paragraphs, we're never shown any fight scenes or military strategy or anything of that sort. If events are shown, it's through the eyes of a mob character whose affected by the situation and mostly used to push the point that whatever MC's doing in benefiting the masses. Because of this, a lot of events don't feel impactful but the benefit is that these events also go by really fast. Don't really care for war? It's over in a flash. Don't want to read about MC's struggles growing crops or implementing new technologies? It's always a success from the first time. What if you don't care about MC having to garner prestige to get people on his side? No problem, it never even comes up. Also the lack of opposition on freeing s*aves are glossed over a lot, MC just kinda says "ok you're free" to certain s*aves and later on s*avery is abolished; you get told there some opposition from nobles but they can't do anything so that's that.

If you just want to read about MC building his kingdom and improving the lives of his people without the hassle of "how" he does it, then this is the story for you. Even though the lack of detail can hamper the impact, it's still quite interesting and I did enjoy reading it (especially the pandemic arc). That said, even though I enjoyed their presence, the sheer amount of animals that popped up was annoying because half of them added absolutely nothing to the story. Did the lion or Arctic snow fox do anything that the twin tigers, wolf or panther couldn't do? What was the point of the panda or the honey badger at the very end except for a few fun scenes (the honey badger only showed up twice) ? Isn't that what the husky was for? Do you even remember the whale or the bird most of the time outside of sailing/carrier pigeon duties? To be frank, I did actually like some of them, but it got to the point where I wondered if MC was trying to run a zoo with the sheer number of them. <<less
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Nanya rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5 stars!

This was just glorious!

Summary: This novel is based around Xia Zuoyi who finds himself transmigrated into a young, pitiful lord (a cannon fodder) in a Mary Su storyline, who's mission is now to change the direction of this world or ultimately face death. Xia Zuoyi does this, as the title implies, by investing in infrastructure and turning this medival setting on track.

Review: I am in love with this story. Its a really well-crafted world building novel where our protag improves his life and the ones of the people around... more>> him. The story does such an excellent job at introducing the setting of the world and most importantly the people who live in it. It gave me a lot of heart warming tales along with plenty of action/new progress to keep the reader entertained.

I highly recommend checking this out!

P.S. Although the o.g. Text the MC lives in now was a Mary Su novel, don't be too concerned over the original heroine/ML. As with the plot deviation done by our MC, there's no brain dead developments :) <<less
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enklaires rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I like the plot development and the MC didn't invent some modern thingy right off the bat. I mean, he started with public toilets, roads and useful stuffs during that era. Although I like the MC's personality, the ML was... emmm... he came out of nowhere? Weird. Even the 2nd and 3rd ML got more screen time than the actual ML?? It's kind of funny, but it didn't bother me that much.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darkelf01 rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: c100
This is the baby mode version of the conquering trope you might find in this site. Everything's an easy and convenient journey for MC, he might stumble a bit here and there but overall he's the luckiest MC I've ever read.

An assassin group attacked him? An NPC animal would save him. A trade war stumbled him? An OP NPC would help him. A lord coveted his land? An influential NPC would help him. Easy-peasy.

It's also related to the MLs we'd be introduced to. But I can't take the romance part... more>> seriously because the MC's a kid, the MLs' statuses are too convenient for being MC's plot armor and to be honest, there's no chemistry between them no matter which pairing you'd stan.

He did worked hard for his achievement, though. He also treated his people right so it's another plus point for me. Another thing I like from this novel is how... not exaggerated it is. It was easy to turn a gary stu MC into a bad MC but the author's depiction and writing about him avoided that cliche.

Though this novel unfortunately suffered from a bad curve of over-achievement, it's still a good read if you don't mind reading about a kid's easy conquest. I wasn't kidding about how easy it was for him. <<less
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March 27, 2021
Status: c92
I'm not finished with this yet, but so far it's great. It's more of a story about the MC building his territory rather than romance. Romance will definitely be much later in the series since he's still a kid right now. I like this story so far though. He's cute and his pets are cute. My favorite parts are his interactions with them.

About MC in my opinion (maybe a spoiler for some people - even though I tried not to - so I'm gonna put this in spoiler brackets) :

... more>>

Everything MC does is quite reasonable so far. And for being so young and cute he knows his limits and charm very well. He doesn't always act like an adult and make others suspicious of him, which is the best part. I've read too many stories where they seem to forget they're currently in a child's body. He does act mature a lot of times since he's actually an adult in mind but he doesn't make it seem awkward or too much for his current identity. He doesn't pour out every piece of knowledge he knows before finding a pretty reasonable explanation for knowing/finding out about it. He at least shows them that he's learning from books or found by accident due to circumstances. It's not like some stories where the MC would have a lot of knowledge from the modern world even though they didn't specifically learn about them before. There are some modern world common things he knows - like he knows seawater can be made into salt - but he doesn't know how to make it so he buys books from the system to learn from and experiment first.

Also, he doesn't let his enemies go like some white lotus or make enemies for the heck of it. He knows his limits so he doesn't act recklessly and he knows to be patient and logical in his decisions. Also not like an annoying white lotus where he gives without taking, especially to those ungrateful of it.

He's not building on this world's infrastructure for no reason or because he's just kind, but that he needs to change it in order to survive. If he doesn't start building his own power and changing this world, he would eventually be killed by the original storyline. So he's also literally working for his life. I especially like this type of character. Very realistic and logical.


The storyline so far:


I like it. For me at least I think it's quite realistic for its setting. Keeping in mind it's not a modern or - even real - world, there may be details that are not very reasonable but the author does say it's a completely fictional world that was supposed to be a Mary Sue novel centered on the original Female Protagonist. So a lot of details, living conditions, and inventions that were not shown in the original storyline are completely non-existent, especially medical knowledge. Even the other continents that were just mentioned once in the original exist but people only have like 0.1 percent chance at finding their way there.

Actually, it looks like the author did a lot of homework since so far, the infrastructure building elements are correct. I looked them up to be sure.

Other characters have personality and aren't just mindless followers of the MC. They may not all be mentioned much but they have character. And not every single person is completely grateful for the things he does and they get dealt with quite well in my opinion. It just makes sense that there are a lot of people who are grateful and loyal to him for the things he does for them though. In the world they live in, they aren't exactly treated like actual people by most of the nobility and MC does. So of course they feel grateful to him. Plus, he made their living conditions and lives a lot better. And it's not like the MC has all the luck, he has to actively look for people and he doesn't just take anybody. They go to him because they wouldn't be treated better than they would in his territory. Either that or they didn't have the choice, having been bought.

As for the system: I like him. He has a pretty cute personality and doesn't interfere with the story. He basically just collects points for the MC and then sells him books to learn from. Usually, he just goes off on vacation and brings back nice presents and cute pets for the MC. Other than that, he's also a good companion I guess. I think MC treats him and the pets like his own kids, much like some people do with their pets. The only difference is MC knows for sure that they understand him.


As some previous reviewers said, the writing is concise and coherent. Hoping future chapters don't make me hate this later. But before I go, some warnings:

Read tags and see if you'll like them first. MC starts off as a 6-year-old kid and no, there's no romance until he grows up. Like the title and synopsis say, the story goes into infrastructure, economy, and politics quite a bit. It's a story of how MC builds up his territory and gains his peoples' worship basically. But it doesn't go into too much detail that it makes it boring for those not interested (like me).

Also, mentions of s*avery and anti-homosexuality - which, to be honest, is quite normal in this type of medieval/ancient setting. This is mostly because of the other small characters in this story though. MC, having come from a modern urban society doesn't agree with it but he knows what kind of world he's in so he doesn't recklessly give out goodwill; he makes them work for it. But at least he gives them a chance and treats them like normal people. S*avery is mentioned more since that's the kind of society they're in. Anti-homosexuality is mentioned a lot less. Though not any less important considering this is BL. Alright, that's it. Hope there weren't too many spoilers about the content up to this point of the story. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iyok rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: c85
Satisfactory, but not one of the best. I'm sorry to say that it's a bit amateurish.

I came here expecting sicty-building, that it delivered.
However, a lot of other things fell short.

MC has 3 powerful MLs as deus ex machina c*m plot armor. Everything was solved easily and fastly.

MC is also OP in may aspects. Has many powerful pets as helper. Smooth-sailing is his middle name.

I'm not sure if it was written like that or it's the translation (I'm sorry translator, no offense, I do applaud your efforts), but a lot of things were skipped or brushed aside. Sometimes the story was really detailed - too detailed, but sometime it randomly just skipped over with "Three years later" etc. A lot of scenes were mentioned but not elaborated, which is really weird and anti-climax.

Overall enjoyable, but not something I would recommend to a friend.

Now, for the MLs (lots of spoiler, avoid if you do care about it) :


The Pope : I saw a few people said that he's creepy. Yeah, that he kinda is. He was interested in the MC since the MC was 7 or so years old. He also did a lot of things that showed his intention that he liked the MC a lot and wanted to be more than friendly. It's spooky... Also, this is the thing that I find contradictory to the author's own setting. In this world, homosexuals are looked down upon. The religion forbad it, but then the pope himself wants to get in the MC pants without concerning himself with his own religion's views? He's interesting in a way that you might be fascinated by a psycho killer even if you hate them.

The Merchant : actually he's a prince from a large empire. He cam to revenge and try to take the throne back from his uncle. This one doesn't appeal to me much. He's kinda bland...

The Duke : this one is a fluffy ice ball. I like this fuy the most.

I think the MC might end up with the pope though? Jusdging from the way the author wrote them..

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Morfzine rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Especially good for those who don't want to bother about drama/romance and just want to focus on the kingdom building. Like there's no any kind of drama (unless if you include politics and trade suspense) and the romance starts pretty late in the story.

The ML (s) here don't do much in helping MC as they are politic/business partner + they have their own ambition and greed which I appreciate cuz it feels like MC achievement is really on his (and subordinates) own efforts. They do help tho but like, only... more>> to smooth things out, MC can achieve those things without them, just takes a bit more time.

i mean they literally plans a coup d'etat in mc's manor without him knowing until it actually happens lol


All of the love interest (i kinda want to add the original female lead too) is likeable, I don't even mind if mc's and up with the FL and this is not a bl. Author also doesn't boost about mc's appearance and achievement at any given time which is a plus for me. The nationalism is relatively low (or I just read to much high nationalism untranslated novels lol) cuz MC just sh*t about the western continent in this world rather than real life soo...i guess it's better ? (it's pretty much only in the early chapters too)

The plush/pets is only there to balance mc's matureness so it doesn't feel weird to other people that know about MC when he's still a child, I think there's no need to bother about that. Author also don't preach about morals, when MC kills someone, no "insert moral speech" nor do the author goes around telling reader how ruthless MC is (MC is a pretty cool guy, it's just that he might put you under his interest).

I think all the ML (s) has a change with MC, it's just that the 'winner' ML realize his feeling first which is about 10 years after they had met (all of them are dense AF in my opinion lol).

Also I like that there's no continent unification ending, it's cool if there trouble like demons cuz y'now it's better to unite, but if it's non magic world like this, it's better to have other smaller countries that MC can annex but choose not to


The ending and conclusion is a bit stiff, but I guess it's hard to write a suitable ending for most of infrastructure novels.

And I understand why MC doesn't focus on abolishing sexism when it's still early (it's hard to even makes them send their child to school), but why is in the extra (modern times) all the daughter is being married rather than making them leaders if they had the abilities ? just kinda weird for me, ehh I kinda like that there no gender equality talks cuz some of them might put me off and the author doesn't really highlight the difference between gender. But y'know, still weird that gays is legal but women still can't be leaders

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ichigofanz rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Never thought I'd be addicted to novel focused on infrastructure & world building. But here we are, this story is so good & interesting, the world building is quite complete. MC died and transmigrated into a book with a system, the system is cute & likable, most importantly, it's very chill, the system always traveling and come back every so often to bring gift for MC, most often system give MC cute plush (cub or pup, even an orca once), so MC is famous for his army of fierce plush.... more>> Since system is almost nonexistent in the story, MC relied on his golden finger, virtual library where he can get any knowledge he need by exchanging reputation value. The story more focused on world building, not romance. The romance only hinted here and there, and finally realized in the last half of the story. ML always support MC from the start, even when MC didn't know it. A cute story full of fluff with slow romance & extensive world building. <<less
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EndlessLove rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c25
I completed the entire series... It’s so good! The MC mainly focuses on infrastructure and improving the lives of people. Starting from 6 years old, the story is slow but progressive. I wasn’t bored at all. However, it wouldn’t be until ch120 that you’ll realize who the ML is. There’s been hints throughout the story. Regardless, I’m happy with both MC and ML. This is definitely one of my favorite BL novels.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wintercreeper rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: c113 part1
There's very little plot for something so long, most of it is filled with overly detailed unimportant stuff dragged out for multiple chapters, everything that actually adds to the story is mentioned in passing.
No explanation at all, MC decides what to do and two sentences later it's already done.
But we get to know every single thing about how a garden looks like or what random character X did/said + their whole background despite them never being mentioned again.
Oh, and retrospections every now and then to fill another chapter.
You can honestly skip eighty percent of most chapters and still understand the actual story, because there isn't much to it anyway.

MC's Opness is ridicules, he can check whatever he wants and implement it thanks to his system and a bit of socialising/playing the overbearing 12 years old president.
No suspense, you know he won't have any problems, his plot-armor is so thick that even a nuke couldn't harm him.
Really doesn't help that the villains are all brain dead and somehow everyone else loves him and isn't at all suspicious about a child doing these incomprehensible things no one else managed to archive.

I was interested in the core-story but up to now (113 chapters) it was barely mentioned, it got brushed aside and now there aren't enough ch left to actually do anything with it.
I'm honestly not sure what this novel is about anymore, the kingdom building is glossed over, transmigration plays no role, the initial problem seems forgotten... maybe collecting animals?

The ML is super creepy, MC was still a child under 10 when ML made it clear that his intentions weren't platonic.
Maybe there's a reason behind it so I won't completely condemn it until I know for sure, could be that he knows MC is an adult transmigrator but that's really just me hoping he isn't a pedo.

Still 3 stars because it's an easy story, style is okay too, supporting characters nice enough.
Sometimes you don't want to read anything sophisticated and plot heavy, it's a relaxing novel you don't have to get involved in or think about.
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nitan rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL'ed and it was understandable! I was abit nervous starting this because I wasn't sure if I liked harem, turns out there's one true ending, it's a HE (the MC didn't die, he succeeded in diverting the plot!) -- this novel mostly has a very smooth sailing, gary-stu like progress but I love that.

... more>>

The ML is the Pope, I know I was super anxious about this when I first started. I was wary of everyone the MC came into contact with - even the butler, so just to get it out of the way - the one he ends up with is the pope, you don't have to worry about anything else. It's also very smooth sailing, no ups and downs in their romance development flow.


I really like Archibald though, second-male lead syndrome where I enjoy the 'second best' characters but ah, I can understand why the MC ended up wit the ML - he was the only one who gave gifts and was clear about his intentions from the start. The others are a little... well, even if it says 'harem' and there are elements of being interested -- mostly their dynamic are very.. dry

Overall, I enjoyed this story immensely. It's also interesting to read a novel where the MC has to deal with the hero AND heroine (and succeed??) -- the characters themselves aren't one-dimension (the hero/heroine) and have their own design in the plot, I enjoyed that quite alot. I recommend this novel for those who wants to have a good time !! <<less
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remyrem rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c65
Pretty meh. I'm a sucker for city building/resource management games so an infrastructure-building MC should be right up my alley, but it's like the kid's version of infrastructure building where everything always works out for the MC, nothing ever goes wrong, and everything is successful way too fast. It's impossible to get invested in the plot and worldbuilding.

Then there's the genre mixing. Having Chinese influences randomly mixed into an otherwise standard western fantasy world just doesn't feel right. It would look better if there was a pattern, like using CN... more>> names for everyone instead of just the MC (who is the only one in the world with an eastern first name and western last name), or even justifying it in-universe as the MC coming from the 'eastern continent', but MC says that the eastern continent is unreachable. It makes the otherwise interesting story seem lazy and unpolished. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: Completed
The only things I like in this is the kingdom building, how MC build his kingdom bit by bit. Its pretty interesting.

But I can't say much about the romance, the ML just suddenly getting interest and like the MC for no reason, the same for 2nd ml, they are pretty good being a pen pal and friends together, and suddenly he started to like MC too, makes their friendship situation pretty awkward. I really think its unnecessary for other love interest to suddenly pop up between ML and MC.

And one... more>> more thing, me as a woman, all of the successful person work for the MC are men, it would be much better if there is for woman too. Woman are rarely appear in this novel, there like only 3 or 4? But its only as a normal non successful person tho. As a person from the future, MC abolished the s*ave system. But he didn't do anything about system for woman right, I don't know they can even go to school (because the children side character who mentioned also a boy, non of the children mention are girls). The only thing MC done for woman are, opening clothing factory which need woman worker. And thats it, no woman right or anything. <<less
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Cuttime rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: --
Occasionally things happen too fast - things you know should take 3 years happen in half a year, for example - but otherwise the story is pretty realistic within the frame of the 'unfinished world' setting.

The MC is capable and hard working and his cheat (modern books) makes it so he can't just pull solutions out of his hat. He isn't OP and there is no harem. Also - the world around him doesn't stand still and doesn't wait for him, people with objectives and greed act and the MC... more>> is far from all knowing. He gets used by others and trust is not a given just because he has a good relationship with people.

Also - he acts childish on occasion, when he doesn't have to be mature, is generally helpful and well intentioned - but he is also a ruler and conqueror with goals of his own and the characters know that, even if quite a few underestimate him. He definitely isn't a bleeding hear or white lotus, he's a realist and if an enemy is a danger to him he's fully capable of doing whatever is necessary. He definitely doesn't do things he won't get anything out of.

An example is: he got rescued by a marquis who lost his land against the same man who nearly killed the MC. Later the MC wins the war - but he doesn't reinstate the marquis. Instead he makes him mayor of that city he lost. And the mayor is an official position, not a noble one people inherit, the MC basically took the land, takes the taxes and made the former ruler a simple administrator. Not having to take the test to become an official was the only benefit his life saver got because in the end the one who conquered that city was the MC and the MC is a ruler before anything else.

It's definitely heavy on kingdom building and the MC doesn't do everything himself. That's what he recruited talents for. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A good read! It feels like it came out of an isekai manga. Every chapter is enjoyable that I MTLed it until the end (so my review is based on my understanding from the MTL version). Totally gonna reread it after it is fully translated.

If you read the tags of this novel, you'll have an inkling on the character of our MC and the essence of this novel so I won't elaborate much (I'm just bad at writing)

I was afraid the mary sue heroine gonna become some villain and... more>> ruin my enjoyment but thankfully,


she doesn't appear much in the novel.


ML doesn't do much, he looks the most idle among all the other characters.

Well, he's a well behaved ML who supported MC in everything he do (He did a lot too in my opinion but the author did not write too much about it)

Basically the author did not design him as some complicated character with complex background/story.


He does have a 'complex' background but it was not put into attention, nor does it influence the plot development.

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