Banished to Another World


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The scum Medicine God was banished to a savage other world, forced to undergo reformation!

The soul of Yan Mo, who had thoroughly offended the heavens, passed through to another world, not waking for long before realizing the cruel circumstances he was in.

He was hit unconscious by another person and carried back as winter food reserves.

The tribe that he was at was a super-Spartan type of primitive tribe.

The people here only cared about two things: Fighting strength! Fighting strength!

The former fighting strength is used on the battlefield, the latter fighting strength……

Checking illness? Chinese medical doctor? Drinking bitter dregs? What sort of toy is that? Are you conspiring to murder my tribe’s young warriors? Kill!

Growing wheat? Raising pigs and chicken? We’re warriors, not s*aves! Kill!

Teaching women how to make clothes and cook? Making soap and perfume for them? f*ck, unexpectedly seducing the tribe’s women! Kill!

You say you’re god’s messenger? Come to guide us in the direction of a more beautiful life? Very good, give you one day’s period, go and subdue all of our enemies and turn them all into s*aves to bring back. Impossible? Kill!

Yan Mo, “……”

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New Vanlatte rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: Completed

I can't say how much I really love this novel. Apart from the r*pe (well, what can I say? There's no excuse. It's really a r*pe), this is a really good world-building novel. Basically from scratch!

I binge read this (really, it's so hard to put this book down) like two/three weeks?

Back to the story. I think the summary doesn't do justice. MC came from modern world to a really primitive tribe. They said he is a scum, but actually the main villain is the ultimate scum. This couple... more>> is interesting. MC and ML are like two evils (but good in a way XD) and their chemistry is.. unique (?). This is slow-burn romance and ML when he realizes his feeling (well, this is primitive times and there's no 'love' word), he becomes sickening sweet and F**K, I'm melting!! (honest confession, I don't like sweet words that make ur tooth ache, but coming from ML it's different! He means every word he said and I really believe it!).

Now, the plot. A very well made plot *thumbs up*. The most enjoyable is the first half. MC and ML starts from scratch, both in accumulating power and building the world. It's not instant either. They did it step-by-step, even the laws and everything. Also the resistance to the new-made law, the logic-based in solving problems, etc are mentioned. Don't worry, it's not boring at all! All happen simultaneously with actions and allies + villains' appearance! Every character has their own charm and purpose. The adventure is top-notch. I have a hunch that the author actually has more plot for this book. Like, in the middle there's this mer-king appeared in a flash, but never to be mentioned again (just a little narration to glimpse at the far future) and I also have a hunch that the author wanted to make arc about north, south, and central continent (?). All in all it's amazing.

Oh, yeah. One thing worth highlighted is the characters are not the 'full-naive' kind or 'full-evil' kind (urghh, I don't know how to say it. I hope u understand). Like, it's real human nature. U want me to do this, what's good for me? How do u compensate me? I will help u, but I'll make sure first I'm not at disadvantages. It's not blind kindness nor blind evilness. Well, some inclined to either those blindness, but still realistic enough to believe that kind of person exists in real world (apart from the horny part of ML. Maybe because it's primitve era? LOL). Another example is the narrative wasn't like 'Even if he lost control, everyone still like him because he is kind'. No bullsh*t like this. If u lose people's trust, then they'll have different response. Most will be wary, escape, and even oppose. Only few close people will still believe him. And how to get back those people's hearts were not describe in just one line like before which is kinda instant (and not believable at all). No miraculous change of disposition, like suddenly become good people w/o any clear explanation (sorry, man. I just don't believe that) or accept big chance w/o much rift (just "Yeah. It's good for us. Let's do this!" Then everything run smoothly... (Are u kidding me?!)).

Now, the flaws.

  • I never think MC is bad at politic even though he claims so. He is fu***ng good at it, although sometimes his decision is not in-line w/ the era. Why flaw? Because MC mentioned it many times and I never believe it xD.
  • 1/3 to end MC and ML become too powerful. I don't really mind it, but I feel the story line is rushed by the author... (I am so sad it's gonna end!)
  • Many things left untouch and one of them is the 'great prophecy' from the beginning of time. I think the author just... stop? Tbh, this novel can reach the legendary 1000 chapters. I still hope for continuation... (u know, the 'gods' haven't arrived yet...) and so many potential side characters that each can be made their own (side) story. The ending is HFN (Happy for Now) if u're wondering and quite okay to end there, but still..!
So, let's talk about the r*pe tag that everyone talked about. I don't like r*pe too, but let's be real, this is primitive era and if the author removes that part, it wouldn't make sense (well, in this modern era there's still r*pe and suddenly in primitive era there's no r*pe? Is our society going backwards?)

I don't force u to read. I know some people really can't stand it. Just, if u can still stomach it, this is a wonderful novel (the r*pe only at the beginning (MC is actually okay (?). Hurts his pride and wants revenge, but as time went on ML's love and devotion appease him) and at the end (side couple, this one is worse than at the beginning... So maybe stop reading at this point if u hate it? It's the last 5 chapters (I think) in side stories. U will wonder 'tho about the pair if u stop... LOL)

Actually, I avoid this novel many times at first because the tags (r*pe, sl*ve, etc.). But I'm not disappointed at all! <<less
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New Peachyxist rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c659
Tbh this story is really good and slowly you’d get to see and love the characters. I can kind of understand why some ppl don’t like this cuz there’s râpé in there but if you past that and continue on reading, those scenes will slowly go away, not much mentions and the middle of the story or so it gets so interesting (tho the translations can irks you a bit but readable, ALSO thank you for the translators for picking this story! Thank you for your hard work!)
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Fuyuneko rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c600
I just copied the stuff I had already written in NUF

The combination of MC that is the opposite of Holy Mother and a system that's forcing him to do good acts is so funny. I think this is the first time I read about an MC that's tries to outsmart the system. This world is so savage and brutal, but MC is very good at pretending to be pitiful and innocent (except to ML) and quickly adapts to the situations he's thrown into.

I really like how the story isn't one-sided.... more>> It's not just about the MC using future knowledge to impress cave people. He's improving their standard of living, but he can't survive without them. Their skills and knowledge of this world is still better than all of the skills he has from the modern world.

Funny part during chapter 11


MC performs surgery. He has an option to temporarily block the person's pain while he does surgery. Instead, he presses an acupuncture point so that the person can't move and will feel all of the pain of having part of his intestines being cut out for MC's amusement.

System rewards MC for saving him a life then punishes him for torturing someone. That person and his family misunderstand. They think MC is a really good person because they mistakenly thought god was punishing him for saving a person life

When MC does next part of surgery, he obediently numbs that person's pain.


The summary seems only true for the first 15-20 chapters or so. After that, there doesn't seem much fighting and killing until after chapter 300. And, its clarified later that the MC is a prodigy doctor from modern world that was considered to have "godly" skills.

For a chapter, I was worried that the story was going to be about the MC getting more and more skills. But, ML points out that even if MC's has more attack power, he can still be defeated by him. MC also acknowledges to himself that he doesn't have the personality and mindset to become a clan leader. And the story shifts to focusing on how to expand their group and create a new tribe.

Cute part in chapter 59 -

MC temporarily has 9 little buns/children for students from a tribe that he and ML save from goblin monsters. For first lesson, he using rewarding them with hazelnuts as a positive reinforcement to get them into the habit of helping each other instead of older, bigger kids pushing the younger kids around and to have new ideas*. (This is world where the strong rule, so their initial behavior isn't unusual.) At some point, MC pats one of the little buns' head. And all of the kids get super jealous. MC is totally clueless and wonders why patting is better than food. So cute.

* Usually new ideas aren't encouraged because the priest of the each tribe wants to be the only one with special knowledge in order to maintain his power and authority.


A short, rough translation of MC's pov in chapter 188 about love and his relationship with ML.


"Some people love appearances. Others love talent or money. If you say that you love someone, it's only because that person is helpful to you in some way, whether its for family or career. If someone is not only ugly and poor, but also harsh, merciless, greedy, and has many bad habits, would you still fall in love with that person?

If he were to ask Yuan Zhan (ML), are you in love with me? Yuan Zhan would only reply, what is love? He and Yuan Zhan didn't have an affectionate love. Their love was like painfully wanting to die, but also not wanting to. They didn't have the grand sentiment of mutual devotion. But, their relationship was solid and real. Without any chances for refusal, they had slowly joined together into one.

Then, let it just be like that. They both needed each other. They won't discuss their feelings or debt of gratitude coupled with revenge. It would be pretty good if they just continue walking down the road of life like this."

I think that even if the word love doesn't exist in Yuan Zhan's vocabulary yet, through his actions, he has proved again and again that he loves MC. Whether its agreeing to monogamy, or even creepily wanting MC to eat his corpse if he dies, or willing to forsake everyone else if MC wanted to the leave their tribe, proposing marriage, and so on.


I felt like the romance in this story was more meaningful than other BL novels. They feel like partners (which I really like. The story isn't about an OP ML that always helps and protects a weak MC. They're partners who are good at different things.) For a lot of BL/Yaoi novels, if you strip away the ML acting yandere and the MC acting helpless and cute and innocent, there's nothing left of the story. For this novel, if you were to remove the romantic parts between the MC and ML, there's still 95% of an epic story left. Plus, It's a slow burn romance instead of the usual BL novels where MC and ML fall in love early on.

I think the first 400 chapters of this novel was amazing and so unique, but after that..

  1. There was originally minimal face slapping -> There's suddenly ridiculous amounts of face slapping and it continues until the end of the story.
  2. Even though MC and ML are relatively more powerful than other people, they think that they can only use their powers in self-defense, or system will punish MC -> But then, MC successfully figured out how to avoid being punished by system. Every story arc, there's so much build up to try to get everyone to work together to fight the common enemy, but in the end only MC and ML fight.
    Almost every story arc is resolved by MC and ML showing off their powers.
  3. Every time the system gives MC a "reward", there's always a fine print. For example, MC can create a medicine that can bring back a person who died if its within 3 days. But to create the medicine, MC has to use his own flesh and slowly refine into pills -> But then, system gives MC power where he can ask for any type blessing. For example, ML injured a group of people, MC asked for an instantaneous mass group healing without any repercussions.
  4. As their tribes grows in population, various problems comes up. The problems that come up from managing a tribe of 70 primitive people that willing followed MC and ML were very different from trying to incorporate 1000 s*aves into their tribe -> But then, author keeps recycling the same problem and solution. This was the part that disappointment me the most. On the hand, MC acknowledges that his solution is flawed and only works as temporary fix.

I was disappointed when the story stopped being about MC developing primitive society to modern times and focused on MC trying to unify all of the tribes and amassing a giant army to fight the aliens when they invade the planet. It was such a weird change. Around chapter 600, there's an author's note that the story will end before the aliens invade the planet.

I still skimmed through most of the second half the novel because I wanted to read more about the progression in MC and ML's relationship.

I would still rate this novel as a 5 though because the first 400 of 650 chapters was that amazing and unique and the rest of the novel is still above average. I think the author should have split the novel into two books: one before the time skip and one after the time skip. It feels like a different person wrote the part after the time skip, but there's occasionally funny parts and very interesting story arcs in the last 250 chapters that reminds me of the earlier chapters.

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Elizalovesbooks rated it
February 13, 2020
Status: c26
I loved this book but I can't follow with the second translator!! I realize they put a lot of efforts but the translations are really bad.. Or actually they need to edit it to make it readable.. Because of this translator I could not read Number one zombie's wife and now this one.. Please either edit them or stop translating so other groups pick it up.. Seeing the books translated other groups don't pick them up..

Sorry I know I am sounding rude but I had to stop three books because... more>> of this particular translator because the translations are realllly bad!!! <<less
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applebeans rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c246
This type of story is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BtAW difference from most transmigrating novels I read:

  • the plot is to survive and thrive in the savage (stone age?) world; hundreds of chapters... which means.. ADVENTURE!!!
  • some aspects of living is simpler than now, other aspects are harder..
  • there are tons of character to care about.. The main character Yan Mo is the driving character of the story, I see him explore and go to places and achieve stuff, and it makes my investment in the story stronger. Even really trivial things makes me excited!
MC... more>> (Yan Mo) has the ability, but he's also so hardworking (this is not spoiler if you read tags.. as you should). It's hard not to root for him! With this many chapters the character growth is not bad, relationships are allowed to grow naturally. Expect betrayals, heartbreaks, old and new love, family, master-disciple (my favorite!!), politics, alliance!

before I started reading Founder of Diabolism I didn't know novels like this, like Banished to Another World existed in danmei too, that handles relationships like this one, and is so serious about research and details in the story. Millions of thanks to the translators, old and new, who let me discover this and continued to share this story with us!!

spoiler about character development and story below


To be honest, I was expecting the characters to slip to stereotypes around 100ish but delighted to find they only grew more. Maybe I speak too soon, but right now it's great. ML Yuan Zhan is a dear puppy. Also nothing against full-on yandere characters, but constantly trapping your lover to be with you all the time always pokes me in that 'this is not alright' spot.. slightly unhealthy and always makes it feel unrequited, forced. Instead, when the main characters spend time away from each other only to come back together again, you feel the inevitability of that pair and you can relish the comfort they feel when they are finally back home.

Yan Mo (again) is so sly and black-bellied but he has to restrain himself because of the system and this duality adds another layer to the relationship between the characters. Although he's supposed to be scum... he really doesn't feel like one, he can sacrifice quite few but it's for good of many, and aren't we all that way to some extent? sometimes you ask yourself if he is reforming slowly or if it's still just the guide..


TL;DR I love Yan Mo with all my soul <<less
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seasons1 rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c1
The translation is very good and details aren't omitted. In fact, when the MC was doing medical treatment on himself a lot of images came into mind. It was very disturbing but in a very satisfying way. Also, the ML is very simple-minded in the beginning. His thoughts are "Kill, hunt, good for the tribe (?) ". To me, it was very funny that way. There's also a very interesting start where there is a language barrier. That type of beginning makes me so excited for whats to come. The... more>> MC original body owner past is something I'm looking forward too. So excited for this story and I can't wait for more updates! <<less
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isecai rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c16
This. This is everything.

I'm adding more rave reviews because this title is so worth it. Highly recommended, one of the best danmei/yaoi story in WN format. No, it's even belittling to categorize it in that way, because it has one of the most interesting take for a "transported into another world/transmigration" setting. Even if you don't like BL, you'll want to read it for the details and adventure.

The medicine-related details are amazing, the savage world setting is unique, and the main characters have motives that keeps me in awe so... more>> far.


I was in a rollercoaster ride when relying on the MC's pov and finding out that he really needs that berating when calling himself a God's messenger for a joke.


When you already feel invested in a character that far, I think it speaks loud about the author's capability in weaving well rounded personality into the character.

I'm left in awe and ache because that 600++ chapters won't come as soon as I wish. I'll be staying for the journey, definitely. <<less
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whitespade rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: c649
Let me say the ugly word first - the translation is barely above mtl though its still readable. Translator exert great effort to publish 649 chapter in less than 9 months so if you want to complain help him to edit rather than be ungrateful.


The story is very engaging. The plot is methodological so you will not be confused even with the various happenings and characters. The world building is immersive and author really put thought in the cause and effect of race relations and the effect of climates in... more>> the development of civilization.

The best thing is that author have a moral compass. How many novels have authors trying to potray their main characters as the 'good guys' but they are even more disgusting than the villians? How many genocides and rapes do MC did but they all have excuses like its not their fault and they can't help it? Even in the modern setting somehow MC could be a heartless prick.

But the MC here is a true good quality goodness. Now, he's not at first but by the end of the story he really is someone with a moral compass

Let's talk about ML that do not have moral compass. He did r*pe our MC, and I don't think he ever grow any humanity. But! Our MC do not fall in love with him willy nilly and there are great effort in his part to create a space for him in our MC heart thus their relationship is not disgusting like other r*pe turn into love story.

Anyway there's so many great thing about this story and if you could just power through the torture, r*pe and cannibalism in the first part of the story you will find the story really worth it. <<less
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RedsFable rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c1
Kind of a gore-y start, but gooooood. The MC is smart and his reactions are funny and witty when handling (spoiler :p). Cause let's be honest here, dealing with that (spoiler :p) and then having to (spoiler :p) would just suck and there'd have to be lots of grass mud horses flying around.

Sorry if my (spoiler :p) x3 irritated you, but let's face it, at the time I wrote this *points at status* there was only ONE CHAPTER.
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Tazberry rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c52
I was excited to read this at first, it seems to have a lot of interesting details and worldbuilding set up but unfortunately the translations are too bad for me to understand what is going on. At first I was confused by some things but managed to guess what was going on but as I kept reading I gradually could not understand many sentences, which turned into entire paragraphs of nonsense. Unfortunately, unless another translation group picks this up this, it just isn't worth reading. I hope someone does pick... more>> it up, I would love to read it then. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
July 15, 2019
Status: c200
Wow, the jump between the two translators is big... I'm extremely thankful to both of them, but... warning: the second translator is fast, but the quality is noticeably lower. I appreciate them because they're quite passionate and both languages aren't their first language, so props to them. If only they had an editor...

I sometimes almost forget that this is yaoi... it kinda feels more like kingdom building. The world is quite complex and it's interesting to see how the MC deals with bringing "civilization" to more simple areas. The... more>> pros and cons of development are addressed fairly well, so I enjoying this aspect of the book.

Well, since it is a more "primitive" area at the start of the novel, rape, cannibalism, and s*avery occurs. These hardcore aspects get better though, so don't be too turned off by them.


After the MC builds his own city, he sets up laws that prohibit these among other things.


The characters in the novel are of high quality! The "pets" are adorable, and the various tribe members have special characteristics that help you remember or make you like them a lot despite the huge amount of characters. I like how complex the main characters are, especially the MC, who is both "evil" but not. The "system" he has is also quite complex, unlike most other systems, and is both kind and cruel to the MC. The power system has cool abilities too! Other races exist, and the relations are interestingly complex. It isn't as simple as: dwarves=smithing, etc..

Examples of Abilties:

So far, we've seen a type of earthbending initially similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mermaids/men can waterbend, and there are various special abilities.


I'm waiting to see what happened to make Yan Mo's life so tragic... <<less
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Shybreeze rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I found this in one forum, and I can't agree more :

This novel goes from :

    1. primitive world (MC goes from s*ave to priest) ->
    2. fantasyworld (MC and ML build up their adopted tribe) ->
    3. realms/shounen manga-like world (majority of the arcs is exploring the other advance cities in this world and tournaments with interludes about their adopted tribe) ->
    4. western historical world (epidemic, s*avery/racism, MC levels up to god-like powers, too much face slapping, meeting another transmigrator, MC solves problems by impressive displays of power instead of clever ideas) ->
    5. science fiction world (exploring alien spacecraft, history of this planet, why was MC sent here by system, more face slapping, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", recycled information from previous arcs, everyone loves MC).
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Chairgod rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c450
[This is one of the best BL I have read and I have read alot.

What makes this novel so good is that it has a very deep meaning unlike other romantic novels. Which are about a fun love story where the protagonist and the love interest have ups and downs to they finally get together at the end and no one is really hurt well maybe the bad guys but this novel is different there a lot of pain some of it justified some of it not but it really... more>> makes the whole setting fell more heavy.

I don't know if the author did this or not on purpose but this books has alot of similarities with the biblical stories especially the protagonist who is damned at the start left for dead, who has alot of sins on his back and 'God's is making him pay them back.

The protagonist is not a nice person and is not very happy about been force to do good.

So he goes on to do good grudgingly. But on the road of salvation he becomes alot of archetypes the first one we see is the Beauty and the Beast. Where he tame's the top of our story who is a whole interesting character on his own. But the top is still a beast but aleast he is some what civilised.

The 2nd one we see is the savour as the protagonist is force to pay for his sin by be unable to let suffering go by. Meaning he has to save everyone with his knowledge of the modern world and of the old. While trying to make a better life for his followers.

The 3rd archetypes is the holy mother. The protagonist gets pregnant in notreally in the physical sense but more in the spiritual sense well because he a man, men dont get pregnant. But this one is very will done. He gets pregnant with witchcraft frult which is best viewed in the seed of god so you could a say this was a virgin birth.

But the witchcraft frult can go by a different name the son of life very cant be anymore obvious they way to get the son of life is with proper guidance. Which in a sense can be view as if you give all your love and not give into temptation then you will have a savour.

I will not go into much more detail of this book as it too big to talk about but I hope you understand that this book is deep and if you are scared of drowning then this book probably not for you. <<less
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alpineraspberry rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c23
A subtle BL work that has the MC trying to survive in a brutal primitive society. The story captives early with its morbid and gruesome intro, but its uniquely dark humored MC and his relationship with his overseerer and tribesmen, carry the plot forward. The MC is a morally debased figure whose cynicism, contempt, and superior knowledge make the world seem cruelly suppressing, yet truly enthralling as he persists to keep his head on his shoulders and rise from his lowly status; protect his own hide along the way while... more>> being under the watchful eye of a mysterious force guiding him towards repentance. The story will likely develop into a more robust BL series and clan/tribe building segment with a boost from his medical and modern knowledge, The MC has funny and enjoyable monologues all through out this debacle. Binged in 2 days; a worthwhile read. <<less
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Boinkers rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: Completed
I didnt expect this to be so good. The plot is unique. Thou, First 50 chapters of the story has gory content. So beware to those readers weak at heart 😂.

The only problem I find here is that the names are so confusing. But, all in all its a good read 😊

edit: Just finished reading this (took me 20days!!!seriously! 😅)... Just wish the author continued the story. I really wish to see the MC going to north, south and central continent 😁.

Ive read plenty of stories going around 2k... more>> chapters and so far when it hits 800chapters it gets kinda boring and dragging. But, this novel is different and I keep wishing the chapters will go on until 9k hahahah, no, seriously! 😂 its so enjoyable reading this that it became one of my top ten favourite BL novel.

Probably, I will be reading this again when the translations are complete. 😊 <<less
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Mai Mee
Mai Mee rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c14
This one is also a hidden gem. Aside from what other reviewers have already said, what I'd like you to come to attention is the fact that this story (at least at this point) seems to be a yaoi/danmei/BL story that doesn't really focus on the yaoi (imma use this term coz I'm used to this), instead focusing more on other things like (1) a considerably realistic/scientific/not-too-fictitious-'im-modern-and-everything-I-know-is-revolutionary-and-you-uncouth-savages-are-dumb-shits' kind of story, and (2) (from the look of it) a more realistic, romantic (?) romance that, I won't say much (coz... more>> I can't think of how to describe it right now) but is severely lacking in most BL stories I see nowadays on this site (like there's brainless MC dom ML, ruthless-with-everyone-and-also-smarter-than-anyone except with ML, etc., which normally you'd associate with most normal B/G, M/FM kind of romance. Heck all romances might come to be like this. Who am I to judge...). A BL not focusing on BL romance is what BL lacks if you ask me, as we don't normally see things like normal stories that aren't romance (like action, adventure, etc.), that lends itself to BL. (Like you can ship them all you want, but the brothers ain't gonna get together no matter what) meaning that BL is still considered/treated as not normal. But in this novel (from what I currently am seeing) is the author not treating BL as something special, but just another thing, as normal.... I don't know if I'm getting my point across but... anyway, I'm really glad that a story like this exists and is getting translated.

tl;dr Good story. Good romance. Probably. (I'm sensing no ridiculous shits like... you'd prob know what I'm talking about if you hate it.) (It might change. I hope not. TvT) (I'm only on what.. c14? might just try to read ahead by myself some time) A ~psychopathic MC. A yaoi tag. What's more to hope for. (More chapters I guess lol)

//the translator leaves notes about the trans like idioms and such, so if you like it... :D There's also no weird stuffs you have to do coz he/she wants to ward against bots (and as a results does not ward bots but instead readers.)

Update (c111) : The translator is not the same anymore but my rating is still the same. I'll edit my review at some point. <<less
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Freyalily rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: c503
This is a very very good novel, I love their adventure together, their ups and down. The romance are more realistic, in the beginning they only use each other for their own benefit but the feelings slowly become true and mutual, I love that they support each other shortcoming, I love their conversation, and I love ... more>>

that they love their 'children' very much, and they spoiled them.

Slowly, the ML becoming a new person. He described as a 'bad guy', but for me, he's not that bad,

i also love that he have a soft spot for children, he's very patient and will often reward them some handmade candy. He will treat patience very seriously. He wont treat children or patience with disgust (you know, ancient people not so hygienic, poop and pee in the house). And when he teach someone, he will explain the process deeply, he even won't scold if they make mistakes.

He's a good teacher.
Ah, I really love this novel. <<less
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MrMuda rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c241
I can already tell that BTAW is going on my all time favourites list. It's another transmigration novel but the premise and storyline is incredibly different from any others I've encountered (FOD, TLMW, etc). This makes BTAW an intriguing and refreshing read. It has a Scum Point system just like in Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil and The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System but at least 100x more savage (l0l) to the not over powered MC. I do admit, the beginning was hard to read through due to its... more>> unconventional setting and non-con elements between the MC and ML that made me almost want to drop it. I'm not making any excuses but the thoughts and actions of the characters are based on the setting of the story, which is in the prehistoric era. This story makes you sympathetic (I suspect because of realistic plot devices and calculative and smart but not OP MC) and that is dangerous, just like the primitive world the MC is in. You know that the author has done their research thoroughly on topics from ancient civilizations to modern medicine and technology, based on the details and care in which they've written BTAW. This makes BTAW retain a sense of realism in its prehistoric fantasy setting. The plot is very imaginative and keeps surprising you. I look forward to the worldbuilding, romance and character development of Yan Mo (MC) and Yuan Zhan (ML) ! Thank you author, translators and editors for your continuous hard work in sharing this exceptional story with us all.

TLDR: This story is essentially like CIV VI (worldbuilding) but with a transmigrated MC and BL <<less
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paputsza rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c4
This story is just so good. MC transmigrates into a nearly dead caveman about to be drowned in a marsh. He's a bad guy morally, like a sociopath, but he's forced to be good. Like, he starts of as an "idealized sociopath" who has a moral compass that they frequently ignore for self preservation who don't understand the consequences of their actions. The setting is accurate to history so we have s*avery, cannibalism, and constantly warring tribes. They are nowhere on the level of some of the African tribes you... more>> can see on tv. The society lacks base resources. People are no higher than animals. <<less
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Wolvelyn rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: c659
The novel is very engaging and plot-heavy. This is not your usual fluffy fluffy BL. The primitive life is very cruel, harsh, and the MC is there to speed up the process of civilization with his Jiu Yuan tribe.

The system is cruel, yes. Yet it also act as the biggest gold finger for the MC. The MC is also not innocent either, he used to experiment on countless creatures (even human) which sounds psychopatic to me. Meanwhile the ML? At first he's very savage like other primitive people, but he... more>> gradually becomes a possessive with a yandere tendency towards MC. I don't really like him tbh.

I must admit, he really loves MC very much. But, the fact that he rapes MC (cuz he was a s*ave) and MC gradually fall in love with his rapist kinda threw me off. And the last few chapters leave a bitter taste in my mouth, cuz once again a character (Yuan Bing) end up with his rapist (Shi yu).

It gives me an impression that the Author romanticizing rape.

The villains are annoying, their motivation seems quite childish (like envious because someone is better than them blablabla). The Author also tried to make several 'strong' female characters (like Duo Fei, blablabla), yet I think its badly done. Instead of strong, the women scheme like a concubine in emperor's harem. They said they want to be strong to stand on their own, yet they continue to latch on the strongest man they see. I quite like Sha Lang and Cao Ting; they both respect themselves, have pride, yet also have to ability to back up their pride. Cao Ting was a s*ave yet she endures and later becomes an important person in the tribe. Sha Lang was from a weak tribe, but she establish her position as a trusted female warrior. Meanwhile the so called 'princesses' think they deserve to be with the strongest man and hold the strongest position, yet do nothing except scheme and scheme. I thought, as a princess, they should've known the best: being strong is everything. Sigh.

The MC children are cute. I think that's a plus point.

I kinda regret reading this book. I feel like I gain nothing except feeling grateful to be born in a safe environment. But don't let my opinion hinder your curiosity. Cuz this book still have its own appeal. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: c70
You'll like this if you like:

Scummy MC who is hard to like.

An apathetic and annoyingly vague system. (I'm starting not to like system novels...🙄)

An ML who is smarter than his time.

A so-so translation (barely so-so 😑)

No smut so far (Booooooooo!)

Very detailed civilization building and slow... very slow 🐢

Speaking of slow... the romance is still at the MC hating the ML despite the fact the ML is only following his customs... AND THAT IS WHERE I COME TO MY RANT!!

... more>>

The high and mighty MC is so wrapped around his own ideas that he takes forever to realize he's not in the modern era anymore. He's so busy trying to modernize the tribe, he keeps forgetting CULTURE DOESN'T JUST DISAPPEAR CAUSE YOU WANT IT TO. STOP LOOKING DOWN ON THEIR WAY OF LIFE AND STOP JUDGING YOU PRICK BASTARD BECAUSE WITHOUT THEM YOU WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN EATEN BY SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU!!!! 😫


The story isn't bad just slow 🐌 and wrapped around layers of description (and poor translation if you can't read the original. Honestly the translation needs a translation...)

I will come back to it and try to muddle through more when I feel like taking my time, but right now... Nope. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadTillYouDrop rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: Completed
At first the story was very slow but that is reasonable since this story involve a lot of world building. At first I read this story because it's BL but then when I read it I realized that it is not a typically BL novel that only involve around the main cp but it just happen to be a great adventure story with a gay couple. To put it simple, this novel is great and the translator did a good job with the explaining although there are a few mistakes... more>> but it is still understandable.

*I had just done reading all of the chapters and I do feel that the author really love to drag things with the story and I don't mind it but I do think the ending could be more. <<less
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