Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins


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This is the story of a person who transmigrated into a world with a radically different worldview.

So different, in fact, that he is considered a female in that world!

Cheng Nuo: What? Why did you say that I’m female?

Author: You only have one Tintin. The males of this world have two Tintins.

Cheng Nuo: No way! My hands are itchy… I want to cut one off!

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New bllover.123456789 rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c33
This story is interesting but I feel like MC gets badly injured in every f*cking chapter. It's pissing me off. Also I feel like it would be better for him to dress up as a "female" because he wouldn't have to get hurt all the time. From what I've read there is no discrimination or anything against "females" and they are also allowed to join sects, only downside is I guess they have many pursuers. Idk if it was me I'd dress as a female but that might be because... more>> I'm a woman. <<less
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readerz rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c35
Written by the same author as "Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan, " this a parody yaoi novel with a bit of smut later on. It's funny and mostly lighthearted.

Short summary: Cheng Nuo inexplicably transmigrated into a world where all males have two d*cks. Since he has only one, he is considered a female.

The early chapters are slice of life about the MC's daily life. He and the other characters are mostly 10 to 12-year-old children. They grow up later on, that is when the smut... more>> happens.

Spoiler about the romantic pairing:


It's 3P. MC has two romantic partners - the boy who picked him up when he first woke up and the white-haired boy


MC is the kind, helpful, saintly type, but not annoying. He's basically a "white lotus" character. <<less
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Kiki0246 rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c70


Soooo from the title, you'd probably most definitely expect for this to be a novel with intimate scenes appearing often right? But NOPE. If you're looking for a bunch of interc**rse, this is NOT your novel. Instead, there is just a ton of cuteness, adorableness, tsunderes, and just... aaaahhh they so sweet and adorable. nothing happens til like, chapter 40 and even then its still fairly minor at pg-15~?

For when the scenes are, final... more>> couple, and other stuff:


The final couple is... this is a 3P! Liu Guang, Bai Rui, and Cheng Nuo are all together! No second male lead syndrome XD.

The first intimate thing (handjob) is like, 45~ ish chapters in, don't remember rly clearly. It wasn't anything big, pretty minor, R-15 I'd say.

Uhm the MC is kind of soft hearted towards Bai Rui, which might annoy some people. For example, despite being pretty much married to Liu Guang and saying he'd only love him, Cheng Nuo slept with Bai Rui (literal meaning: nothing happened) bc he thought he would leave Bai Rui forever and Bai Rui was turning into an adult. BUT remember that this is a 3P in the first place, and the author intended it to be that way!

I love Bai Rui and Liu Guang's interactions later though XD. Bai Rui even gives Liu Guang a p*rnography/love making guide so he doesn't hurt the MC and the best thing is- LIU GUANG ACTUALLY KEEPS IT ROFL


All in all, I'd say that this is an adorable, funny novel and one of the better danmeis that I've read. Give it a try~!

EDIT: Chapter 85 now and WHERE DID THE FLUFF GO ;-; aaaahhhhh

EDIT: Completed. Oh the fluff came back real soon~ with some other stuff lol <<less
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Celissiye rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: c38
To me, this isn't a BL story about a man thrown into a world where he's become a female. This is a story about a 'guy' who already had personality traits that women often do who was conveniently thrown into a world where 'he' became a woman, which suited his mother hen/kind personality perfectly. And this isn't the unbearable part, but that this world is so overly patriarchal.

Let me give a few examples. The MC meets the first ML, Liu something, who at first beats him up to rob him,... more>> BUT when ML sees that MC is 'female'... ML immediately treats him better and wants to raise him into a wife. It's not that the first ML likes MC for his personality or anything. The only way ML starts to like him -although obviously he becomes attached to MC later- is because MC is FEMALE. It's like being lucky enough to find a diamond ring on the ground and deciding to use that to propose later. Over time, you like the diamond ring you've found more and more because of it's sentimental value. So, interactions up to chs 30+ include the hapless MC thinking that he and ML are some in some kind of innocent family relationship, when in fact the child ML is already blushing and can't wait to be making MC his wife (albeit not knowing the s*xual part yet). The second ML is the typical ice cold type and thus has more potential than the first, as he doesn't immediately covet the MC just because 'he's' female.

This branches into my next point. And that is that this novel reminds me of everything I loathe about overly patriarchal societies--the objectification of women. This story might not be centered on s*x and smut until later, yet the themes of s*xual tension and s*x never leave your mind for even a second. r*pe, stealing females, cutting off one d*ck and pretending to be female for benefits, men flaunting power with multiple females? Yep, common stuffs here! Many of the conflicts include MC fending off jealous folks and protecting his lower hole... and hiding the fact he is female. It doesn't help that women in this world setting are in short supply, viewed scarcely as anything but the 'baby-makers'. The synopsis says MC transmigrated into place with a 'radically different worldview', but I don't think I agree with that. I'm not sure if this is supposed to make me more aware about the state of the world for women in some places/ancient times or simply more depressed about it. Like, this story is essentially just an omegaverse with tweaked settings, which if you haven't noticed by reading this review, is a genre I despise.

Do I hate female protagonists? No. But I don't enjoy them when they are essentially powerless, looked down upon by every ML/male in the story, and can do nothing about it except getting rescued. And yet the MC remains oh so righteous, kind, and mature at heart, impressing the MLs. 100% a Mary Sue.

So, then, why did I read this story to begin with if I should have suspected as much from the author's previous novel and the world setting (mpreg, MC into female) ? That's because these things don't automatically make the novel bad. I was also interested in seeing how an author would handle 3p. In general, there are stories where the MC transmigrates or bodyswaps into a female and I'm okay with it. This story just isn't among those ranks. I was hoping it'd go in another direction compared to the creepy omegaverse 'you're just a baby factory now' setting.

And there were ways to handle this story that I would continue reading it, and, perhaps, even been impressed;

1.) The MC was still male in this world, but perhaps mistaken for a female! Then there would still be misunderstandings, and this would essentially erase the fact that first ML liked MC because he planned to raise him into wife. The two ML would have to fall in love with MC despite the fact he isn't a female and cannot, in fact, deliver them babies. Wow, a male that got two MLs in a world that obsesses over Females, now wouldn't that be romantic?

2.) MC could actually DEFEND himself and grow more powerful throughout the story. So what if he's female if he can stick up for himself without relying on the MLs every time!... instead, MC seems to have martial skills that makes his body resistant to damage and good at wood/medicinal arts. Great, just great, he can have these passive defensive skills that make it necessary for the MLs to act as the brawn. It would have been easy to give him fighting prowess as well, but the author perhaps decided that wouldn't be dramatic enough.

In any case, far, far from my cup of tea. Sorry not sorry to be a stick in the mud to those who finds this story funny and cute. Who cares about the 3p! The first and second ML despise each other so far, I doubt they'll ever stop fighting over the MC. Even if they had seemed like 1 & 2 would get along to create a real relationship between all three of them I would have been more interested, but nope, nope, nope.

Side note-good translation and writing style (thus instead of 1 star it gets 2). <<less
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Hals rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: v1c3
Super loving this so far!

The MC is quite likable imo, he has an easy going personality which I quite admire, but isn't an airhead, if you know what I mean? lol His disbelief about the whole tintin situation and his adjusting to the world is quite amusing but also realistic- for some reason, I just feel he's just a Great Guy haha

The translations so far are ? It's the kind of novel where I'd immediately click on the update if it showed up at almost 1am even though I was... more>> just about to go to sleep lmao. (Not talking big lol I just did this aha ??)

Regarding the romantic pairing...

The review before mine, by readerz, helpfully pointed out that its 3P - I'm eternally grateful! I was actually just reading ch.3 when one ML was being cute and I was like awwww but the other ML before also attracted me with his "leave or die" antics (lmao) so I didnt want either to end up with an achey breaky heart and was really questioning this matter with a heavy heart beforehand. Normally I avoid spoilers like the plague but I was really glad I cl**ked ahead for that one. I just wanted to know who not to root for but the answer was even better than I could have ever imagined ?❤ Now I can read in peace with my mischivous heart at peace lol u guys get what I mean? If u do, clap ur hands ??


So far we'd been introduced to two people who stood out as love interests, but

as u probs guessed im someone who really doesnt have patience for melodramatic harems or love triangles where someone ends up disappointed, so threesomes are forever the answer in my heart ? Super looking forward to the smut ahahaha


Regarding the personalities of the love interests, one is a righteous, kinda tsundere type while I get the impression the other is quite cold and stoic haha.

Man I reaaaaallly cant wait for this 3P ahhhhhhhh

It's only chapter 3, so needless to say if I got their characterisations completely wrong, please shower the rains of forgiveness upon me hahahaha but fr like huhu

Im actually very bad at writing reviews im afraid but Im super excited about this novel! Its really cute so far, and im excited about the romance! The tags on this novel really excite me lmao

Also how gorgeous is that cover art? Im legit dying call 911 I cant get up

131 chapters - 3 down, 128 to go ? But im really looking forward to every update from our hardworking translator ❤ Do give this a try! <<less
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Ukimi rated it
December 17, 2018
Status: Completed
[Will come back and edit my review here later. Just wanted to clarify something that another review said.]

Okay, so I finished MTLing this novel and I really loved it.

But for now, I would like to clarify some things another reviewer said that got my head tilting.

  1. Spoiler

    Cheng Nuo DID NOT forget about Liu Guang AT ALL. Cheng Nuo and Bai Rui were trapped in a seal and couldn't leave, even if they wanted to. Cheng was actually heading back home to Liu Guang but got sealed with Bai Rui. Cheng Nuo thought about Liu Guang daily and was finding ways to leave because he knew Liu Guang would worry.

  2. Spoiler

    Cheng Nuo did NOT leave Liu Guang for 5 whole years. That was a dream Cheng Nuo had, he only left for 2 years, not 5. Also, one day in the seal is 2 days outside, he was gone +6months and it became 2 years.

  3. Spoiler

    Bai Rui isn't a sly bastard, IDK where they got that from. However, he did some selfish things at times due to his love towards Cheng Nuo. Selfish yes, sly no.

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darlingv rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: Completed
I disliked the main plot enough to sign up and write a review lol. If not for the extras I would've given the story one star. In fact I think the author should've just made the extra into the main story!

What I hated:

... more>>

I hated how Cheng Nuo was completely biased towards Bai Rui. Sure, the author tried to balance out the time spent between Bai Rui and Liu Guang, but it's clear Cheng Nuo was more into Bai Rui based on their interactions. I feel like the author should've just let Cheng Nuo end up with Bai Rui to make Cheng Nuo's character less detestable. He just seems selfish and greedy.


What I loved:


I love how we get a glimpse into Li Yue's character. Even in the main story, I found it hard to completely hate him. I, too, felt that he deserved a second chance at life to experience the warmth of Cheng Nuo's love. Cheng Nuo's character and interations with Li Yue were much more lovable. In fact, among the three MLs I feel like Li Yue was the gentlest and most sincere. Imo, Bai Rui only claimed to love Cheng Nuo, but he never truly warmed up to Cheng Nuo, perhaps only during the papapa scenes. It felt more like lust than love.


If like me, you feel empty after finishing the main story, I guarantee the extras will make your insides all fuzzy again!

I also want to add that the translations are really well done! <<less
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Mimilove98 rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read the other novel written by the same author. So I decided to give it a try. The story was pretty much fun to begin with and the interactions between the MC and ML were cute. But in the later parts I decided that it is not my cup of tea. The story is nothing like the villain rehabilitation plan ... more>>

Even though it says it's a 3P the MC really hurts the feelings of Liu Guang. Bai Rui turns out to be a sly bastard. MC is always swaying with his feelings

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BobChan rated it
December 13, 2019
Status: c43
Found it interesting at first but as you continue reading, many of the small things written becomes annoying—leading to putting off reading the book more than once (almost dropped it).

... more>>

The MC, Cheng Nuo is a transmigrator that ended up in the body of a ‘female’. The world that he transmigrated to is a world without any females that we know and instead


females are males who only have one tintin or as you would say: pen*s. Those who have two tintin are considered ’males’.


The MC was likable for the first 5 chapters, than after that he just becomes quite annoying. Being a white lotus and Mary Sue character; he’s like an untouchable little white moonlight. He constantly wants to look out for others even after being rejected more than once (prime example is the second male lead).

His self righteousness often leads him into trouble because his mindset is not like those of this world. Subsequently, others have to clean up his mess for him and there doesn’t seem to be any growth for him.

Not saying that the MC doesn’t grow in strength, but he’s just never strong enough to protect himself—frequently being beaten or forced to comply, lest he wants to die. It would be okay if he could grow and defeat or even be of help to the MLs, but he’s not. He’s just the fuse for the villains and his abilities almost ends up being useless for him.

Another annoying point: he often points out that he’s mentally older and that he only considers them; especially the first ML as children/ his younger brothers. He’s dependent on the first ML (for like the first years of his life, after transmigrating) and doesn’t bother to fix the situation or set things clear with anyone.


I find him unlikable, especially this type of Mary Sue white lotus, who never realizes the devastation they cause by acting as they are—thinking that there’s nothing wrong with them acting so. He never really thinks about the repercussions of his action.


One is the most annoying things that he does is: spare those who shouldn’t be spared. There is a mini villain in the second arc of the book that is solely there because the MC couldn’t bear to deal with the other. Simply thinking that the other would think differently after—the MC left him alive even after being told that they would come back for the MC and get revenge one day.

And that isn’t the only reoccurring villain as well. There’s actually quite a few due to the ‘forgiving’ nature of the MC. (I would rather say that it would be better to say that it is their ‘s*upidity’ that saved the villains.)

I prefer having a cold hearted MC, who has more intellect to think about the future And handles it ahead of time. vs. Someone who keeps claiming that they are, but fails to foresee the pit they dug for themselves.


A quite disturbing part of the world setting that might deter you from reading:


The world is extremely patriarchal. It’s actually quite realistic in sense that their world runs by “power is law”—often making the victims seem pitiful as you read.

Due to the shortage of ‘females’ in the world, they’re forced to share/ fight them. The ones in the Sect are just like the prostitues in the military camp. It’s extremely saddening as you think about it... but nothing you can do really.

It’s also not done voluntarily but it is their way of life, so it’s become the norm for everyone (except the MC, who can’t understand that and comes from modern society).


The translation is grueling slow but the quality is good. I would recommend stocking chapters to read, rather than read whenever it is updated—as that could be whenever.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this novel unless you’re out of something to read. Sad to say that I’m disappointed; especially in the MC and his personality. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c55 part2
I don’t know what I expected out of an obviously smut story of this premise, but I find the progress of the story rather disappointing. The story starts out rather interesting with the MC finding himself waking up in a garbage pile only to find that the world doesn’t really get better from there. This new place he finds himself in doesn’t have much in the way of morals. The first child he meets kidnaps him and takes him home as soon as he discovers the MC is a ‘female’... more>> in a world where there are only men. There is polygamy in this world so females are unevenly distributed. So the child of course is determined to bring this stranger home as a wife.

This ML is luckily too young for anything s*xual to happen this early, so he focuses on trying to raise the MC well (on the premise of future marriage). The MC doesn’t really understand what is going on so he doesn’t reject this arrangement after failing to escape. The MC meets another young male (#2) who stands out in the slums: he keeps himself clean and seems trained in martial arts. His gaze is attracted to this person and he can’t resist seeking him out. It starts as curiosity, but the MC seems to hold actual interest for the second boy. The MC only sees the first ML as a child. I want to forget that what seems to be the third ML exists.

This is a harem novel with distinct extreme ML. You are going to hate at least one of them. You might also hate the MC. The love interests (?) :

  1. Liu Guang: Passionate, but naive
  2. Bai Rui: Cold, but dedicated
  3. Li Yue: Psychopath, but craves warmth
I’m actually not certain if #3 will confirm a relationship with the MC or not, but his appearance rate in the story is really high.

I think something that could have improved the flow of the story (other than a complete rewrite) would be to advance the romantic relationship with ML#2 before the other ML.

MC and #1 have such a forced start that the change to romance from a familial relationship feels too unnatural. Additionally, it could give #1 some much needed room to grow. Not to mention, it would have raised the acceptance of the MC quite opposed to what he considers a ‘taboo’ relationship. The MC and ML are now ‘together’, but they are starting off on such an obviously unhealthy foot.


I kind of wish the romance was either turned down a notch or turned all the way up. As it is, the story feels like it focuses on drama (#3) just as I start to become interested in the world. Then it focuses on expanding the world just when I start to get invested into the romance. My ultimate feeling is that this could be a good smut or a good isekai xianxia, but it fails at trying to find the balance between the two genres. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c49.2
The premise of this story. A 19 yr old MC transmigrated to the slums of an ancient society. There is no women in this world. The 'male' counterpart has two tintins and the 'females' has only one. What makes this transmigration story interesting is that there is no 'system.' (The spoiler box below is just my rant on why I hate these 'systems')

Often times, the role of the system is to assign quests to the MC with the ultimate goal of changing the ending.

What I hate about this is that it leads the transmigrators into treating this as a game rather than an actual story. There's no incentive for them to make an effort to understand the world since they can just ask the system.
It's basically just manipulating the story to have a specific ending, which takes the enjoyment away (like what's the point of reading a story that you already know the ending to?)

MC: Without a system, the MC is completely independent. At the same time, the MC has no one to guide him. When the MC first arrives, instead of having a handy system to explain what's happening, he has to figure it out himself. The MC is very intelligent. Just by observation, he's able to understand so much of the workings of this world. Even though the first people he meets are all still kids, he takes them seriously and tries to get on their good side. (He finds out that he made the right choice as he witnesses these very kids mu*dering full grown adults and ferocious beast)

Liu Guang: The first ML that the MC meets. Despite is almost savage nature, his sincerity and devotion to the MC is really touching. Indeed, he does initially objectified the MC as a prize to him hoard (a mentality molded from the gender imbalance crisis), but he grow to genuinely love and appreciate MC as a life partner rather than an obedient baby-making machine.

Bai Rui: The 2nd ML. The first part of the story where everyone is still kids is probably my favorite part. It mainly focuses on the day-to-day lives of the kids. It's quite funny to see the 19yr old MC wrangling with a bunch of little brats who try act tough and heroic in front of him.
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Painkiller rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: Completed
I was interested in this because it's by the same author as Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain.

The main character is a white lotus type (pure and kind) but hilarious. His reaction when he found out that he is female and that men have two tintins was laugh out loud funny.

The romace is pretty fun and hot. This has smut in later chapters. ;) However, as the author's note warned, the plot is a bit "dog blood" (cliche) in some parts.

All in all, I recommend this to... more>> all BL lovers, especially those who like Mob Rehab Plan. <<less
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Pudica rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: c78
It was interesting in the beginning, and their childhood arc is the most interesting part.. But afterwards it kinda get downhill and repeated. I don't really care about the world setting, it is not something that can be changed by the protagonist in the story, since the author decided such a world setting, then we can only read on, or stop reading if you do not like even the world setting.. But it's kinda hard for me to like the MC and how lack of growth he is, over time..

... more>>

It's a bit long rant.. Like other reviewers have mentioned, he's basically a Mary Sue, and an annoying ones at that.. It's okay in the beginning, since he's basically still 'pure', which is he did not experience any self betrayal to himself. He should just admit that he, personality-wise, cannot keep his supposed 'loyalty promise', he would be a bit more likable to me if he just gone a little b*tchier, rather than trying to 'keep being a saint' and goes all 'it's my fault' with a crying face, as if his decision is not of his own control.. 2nd ML has never forcefully forced himself on him, it's totally all on MC! Up to c78, they have yet to meet the 1st ML yet tho, but I think he would just cry and admitting he's at fault then continue being a 'Mary Sue in a reversed harem story'. There's some comments on the site mentioned it's 2nd ML's attentiveness and patience which made MC's first time acceptable and allow him to enjoy the deed multiple times, while if the first time is with 1st ML, he most probably would be a bit traumatized due to 1st ML's brashness.. But personally, I think 2nd ML is way too good for him. Even if he's to be traumatized, he deserved it, since he promised 1st ML first. He practically betray 1st ML twice, on his own sober personal decision at that. First on commitment to stay in a one on one relationship, and second is he couldn't keep at least his first time for 1st ML. That's the least he could possibly do when he decided to betray then keep him anyway. It's okay for his first time to be with 2nd ML if he decided that he would separate with the 1st ML and feeling he can't keep betraying 1st ML. But NO, he's actually thinking and trying to keep both of them, he doesn't feel remorseful at all.. He actually think nothing of the 1st ML's feeling. He should at least thinking straight if he wants to be a 'Saint', but he's just an annoying 'Mary Sue'

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aNonYm0U5 rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: --
I remember some works of these author, they like to imprison they're MC making up misunderstanding's that will result in them being eaten thoughroughly by the ML.
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Hyperkaoru rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: v1c5
This is the one that I kept waiting and checking for the update everyday. It's funny in cute and weird ways which is refreshing.
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Alliee rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It is a very cute story, unfortunately it is hard to understand Google translation for this novel.

Well storyline has been mentioned in other reviews so I'll write some spoilers for their future lovely family ... more>>

in volume 3 chapter 102 MC will be pregnant with Luo's child, the pregnancy of females in that world takes two years for the child to be born, after two years he give birth to a naughty red haired baby boy, 5 years after he'll get pregnant with Bai's children with Twin a white haired boy and a black haired female


I am happy for MC and MLs, they can finally stay together and live in a warm family after experience such and hard life a enduring hardships. <<less
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Arindag rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: --
Its been a long time since I read this novel, I like it a lot an read it again several times, but I have to confess that after a couple times I just read the extras.
It was entertaining and hot but there are several things that annoyed me.

In the spoilers I will share the thoughts I have being brewing about this novel for a couple years, so is not that evident reading it for the first time, or couple times so don't take it too seriously is just my... more>> opinion anyway.


As I see it Cheng Nuo is obviously in love with Bai Rui, romantic love passionate love since the first time he sees Bai Rui Cheng Nuo thinks that he is beautiful, clean and wants be near Bai Rui, Bai Rui has to grow up a little but after that he falls in love with Cheng Nuo through the difficulties they face together, he doesn't care if Cheng Nuo is Male or Female (their differentiation) he just loves Cheng Nuo and respect him, he just lost his chance to see him for several years, so he lost his chance to be the first and only.

It's a natural and easy relationship that just needs time for them to interact to flow in a mutually desired direction.

In comparation between Cheng Nuo and Liu Guang is different since the very beginning, Chen Nuo sees him as a younger brother there is no attraction, what he feels is familiar love, dependence, guilt and responsibility, he doesn't want Liu Guang to suffer by being rejected so he forces himself to do things he doesn't really want to do, he tries to accept his advances, and tries to feel something when they are intimate, is disturbing and unhealthy he is manipulated and let himself be mistreated and assaulted. Since Liu Guang cached Cheng Nuo, as a kid he catalogued Chen Nuo as his possession, his woman that he will claim when he is older, he never sees Chen Nuo as someone with agency with the right to choose, he forced Cheng Nuo to stay with him first with violence then with food then with guilt then with more violence and then more guilt and the happy ending of sharing, with Liu Guang at least Cheng Nuo has not right to refuse.

Bai Rui accepts all this because Cheng Nuo suffers thinking of the pain that Liu Guang will feel if he didn't continue the relationship with him, and also knows that Cheng Nuo decide to be with Liu Guang first, although is evident that he was sacrificing himself in accepting Liu Guang and being a martyr (sick) by being unhappy to loose what he really wanted but had no time to realize, and because he wants to make Cheng Nuo happy he accept to share and tries to fix the relationship with Liu Guang, besides sharing is normal in this world.

Maybe if the relationship with Liu Guang was healthier I Wouldn´t have issues with the threesome plot, but as I see it the relationship with Liu Guang is unhealthy and a little sad, he doesn't see Cheng Nuo as a person more like a toy or a thing, he never thinks about his feelings and the manipulation is just... not my cup of tea, maybe in some other novels with no alternatives its easier to digest, in this novel there is a better alternative, not just one but two, if you liked the extras as I did.

This self-sacrificing stich is selfish, why do you have to be with someone if you can't offer him true love?, isn't it better to let him hurt a little and find someone who will really love him hole heartedly? To stay with him and give such a love full of pity is not easy to swallow.


So the extras are really good, I really recomend them. <<less
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francinepepping rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: c52.2
This is a great novel. The greatest novel I've ever read so far! Their relationships are somewhat realistic as if it happened in real life! I really look forward to this future updates although I really can't wait I have no choice (╥﹏╥)

I really love the MC and the MLs. Everyone has a unique characteristic that is just too lovable and funny. Now I thought about it, Each character's background are mysterious and kind of sad (just by the looks of it) I'm not sure but....

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH SOMEONE PLEASE... more>> TELL ME WHEN WILL THE NEXT UPDATE WILL BE!? I'M LOSING IT! The Novel is so good.. So far (づ ̄ ³ ̄) づ <<less
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May 20, 2018
Status: --
It has some interesting gender roles stuff. I wonder what a tintin is, and hope that it's nothing like a chin chinchin, otherwise people having two of them is a bit horrific The plot at the beginning is an adult make transmigrates onto a colorful planet completely different to his previous one. Apparently, gender morphology is narrower here so women do not have bobs or even vagenes.
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CapitaMortua rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c51
Writing this review at the point I'm giving up on the novel.

I usually quite enjoy novels that have ABO or other interesting gender themes so the description intrigued me. In all honesty, they might as well have not bothered with the whole "MC is female due to having one d***". The "females" are written the same way females are in a lot of novels (either gentle and delicate or bratty and short-tempered) the only difference being that with their male appearance we get a lot of weird trans/homophobic comments from... more>> the MC about his "scalp going numb" seeing men wearing women's clothing.

Similarly, the MC seems like your average Mary Sue white lotus, sparing villains

who will obviously come back later to cause trouble


Typically I can push past this stuff if the plot and world-building is interesting but it's not really. Everyone gets stronger or improves in ranking off-screen so you don't really get a sense of how strong everyone is. There's magic and cultivation but that aspect is also glossed over to concentrate on the MC getting rescued like a damsel in distress at every opportunity. None of the side characters have any sense of presence either, only there to serve as a background to highlight how strong, handsome or important the main characters are.

Even the transmigration aspect is really underutilized and only serves as a way to explain why the MC doesn't accept being female or why he tolerates the bad personalities of those around him.

Overall a pretty average novel so you'll probably get some enjoyment out of it but I'm dropping it in favour of finding a better novel. <<less
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c42
Mm... it's cute! ノ (・ω・) ノ

Was confused why the kid kept insisting that the MC was female... then I realized the dudes in this novel literally have 2 d*cks. HAHAHA

POOR MC. How will those things fit...
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