I Have Medicine


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Gu Zuo: Are you sick?

Gongyi Tianheng: You have medicine?

Gu Zuo: You’re sick!

Gongyi Tianheng: If I say I’m sick, can you cure me?

Gu Zuo: If I say I have medicine, would you want it?

Gongyi Tianheng: However much you have is how much I want.

Gu Zuo: However much you want is how much I have.

Gongyi Tianheng: Then bring it all out.

Gu Zuo: …

Simply speaking, a scaredy-cat shou transmigrated and had to think of a way to survive. He had a golden finger called Medicine Refining System, but unfortunately, he didn’t have the ingredients needed to refine medicine and level up.

A great young master to an empire’s preeminent clan had a super high IQ, but his potential for cultivation was low. Unfortunately, pill refiners were too hard to develop, and weren’t restricted to his personal service. But he could acquire plenty of ingredients.

Two people, one was sick and one had medicine. Therefore, the one who was sick kept the one who had medicine, and everyone was happy.

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New Briecheese
September 7, 2021
Status: c308
I saw some of the negative comments and most of them didn't make sense to me. They were saying that MC is distustingly naive and ML is manipulative and perfect. And that's what confused me. MC is from our world. It's a peaceful place where he didn't have to take on any intense and grueling responsibility. His personality is naturally on the positive side and he's very affectionate. He's the type to like someone with his entire being once he sets his heart on them. Not to mention the insignificant... more>> fact that he's ONLY FIFTEEN. Of course he's going to be naive and a bit too trusting. Was it necessary for him to tell ML about his system, no, but it also didn't do him any harm. Some of ya'll might not realize and have maybe forgotten about the contract between them. ML can not hurt MC and they both know that. Not to mention it's actually better for ML to know about it cause MC would have no way to explain where he was whipping his technique books from. Space tools exist in this world but they aren't something that MC would have been able to get his hands on, at least not with his position when he first met ML. Also, another thing some might've forgotten or somehow didn't notice. MC enjoys pill making. He volunteered to make pills for ML. ML GAVE MC A SALARY. MC IS A PHARAMISICT AND PILL MAKING IS HOW ALL PHARMACISTS CULTIVATE. MC is not slaving away for ML. Now ML being manipulative is untrue in regards to MC. ML has an incredible amount of self control, he's crafty, and smart. He had to be this way to protect his position within his family. Besides he's also not without flaws. He's a battle junkie and a gambler, he just generally doesn't let it show due to his self control. And MC simping over ML is perfectly normal. We would all at least low key simp over an attractive person who's courageous, protective, and generous. MC only wanted his basic needs covered plus the herbs and supplies necessary to make pills for ML. ML goes above and beyond what MC requested. ML didn't have to treat him like family, pay him for the excess pills, give him more pocket money than MC thought necessary, buy him any extra herbs MC desired, etc. Compared to other pharmacists, MC is spoiled rotten and he knows it, which is why he's so clingy and affectionate, he's merely reciprocating what's being given to him. This is a purely equal give and take relationship with solid trust as a foundation. Not someone being manipulated into unknown s*avery and dependency. <<less
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New TheNobleReader rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c304
This is a well written novel.

I like alchemy theme and cultivation theme, and this story just gave me those. So, I am pretty satisfied.

At first I was annoyed by the slow character development of the MC Gu Zuo, coz he seemed pitiful and his thinking was too lame to supposedly come from the modern world. But no matter how ticked I was with his character, it was the magic of the author. So, I accepted it. However, what's up with that baggage? Carrying him throughout their adventure seemed too much.... more>> But that's me. Maybe that's how the author wanted to develop their skinship. Love is too pure. But their combo was very nice. I like the ML.

Overall, I enjoyed it and would like to see how the story goes. The pacing is just about right for me. The struggles to become OP is spot on. I think this is the 3rd one that I really enjoyed cultivation/alchemy story. Of course my first is Medicine God then Ghost Doctor. <<less
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charysa rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c1085
Read the raw version and enjoyed the entire story.

The "system" tag on the story's title isn't a typical system, per se. ... more>>

The MC's system is actually an inheritance artifact that's disguising itself as a system so as to more easily interact with its host, who comes from a modern world and was initially a fish out of water in the cultivation based world.


I would say it's a romance centered BL (yaoi, shonen ai) story, but the relationship is a very slow burn. MC doesn't realize his feelings for ML have gone from platonic to romantic until about 300 chapters in, and they don't confess to each other until another 100 more chapters, and they don't do more than smoochies/petting for almost another 200 more chapters beyond that (more than halfway through the whole novel!).

On the other hand, the slow progress of the relationship means we get to see it grow organically, going from employee-patron, to surrogate siblings, to most trusted BFF, to secret crush, to dates and kisses, to rolling the sheets, to old married couple. There's no angst for angst's sake, no character-torture for drama, no convoluted misunderstandings, no rivals in love... maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked the fluffy romance that forms the backbone of the story.

The overall plot actually progresses steadily for a thousand-chapter story. There's not much feeling of needless repetition even as our boys go from world to world as they rank up. Elements from the earlier worlds/sections actually turn out to be relevant or foreshadowing for things in later arcs. Earlier settings aren't forgotten even as the focus moves onward. <<less
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rainydayromantic rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading this a year ago, I think this is still my favorite chinese bl novel (which is surprising to me because I generally like a bit more meat/romance than this novel has). The world building the author does is absolutely incredible, the lore goes deeper than you realize, and unlike many cultivation novels, each part is interesting and exciting, and the plot holes aren't many or aren't obvious. As the MC and ML push through to greater heights, they still revisit old places and old friends, which is also... more>> nice!

The main couple is soooo complementary and I love their dynamic! The ML is definitely the OP super-intelligent genius, but he would have gotten nowhere without our MC's help. Our MC is a little silly, quite pragmatic, and determined to become stronger to support the ML and stand beside him (honestly, he undervalues himself sometimes!) He's no weak chicken and grows in strength and maturity in a very satisfying way as the story proceeds. His obsession with collecting medicinal ingredients is the cutest! The romance is slow burn, but a very natural progression. The love is obviously there way before the 'romance' begins. Our main couple is always making their decisions with the other in mind in a way that just makes you want to melt.

The author does a great job of painting an unscientific fantasy world of cultivation and ups the ante each time our main couple expands their horizons. They also do a great job of holding us in suspense as the mystery slowly unfolds of who is the real enemy and why their world has come to such a state. The sheer number of medicinal ingredients, magical beasts (and parts), martial arts, special skills, and interesting side characters that are described in this novel is mind boggling. Seriously, you're going to LOVE some of the side characters and couples. Somehow the author manages to keep it all in order and I didn't feel like the cultivation system was overly cumbersome or confusing.

The ending is ultimately quite satisfying and definitely the logical conclusion of the novel. It's long but doesn't go so long that the story goes off the rails like in some other cultivation novels.

The translator is also doing an excellent job with this story and I'm loving re-reading the story in a nicely translated format. <<less
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Sheyd rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: Completed
Can't wait and readed MTL... It's truly amayzing story! It was interesting from first to last chapter. I should say - it's one of best story I ever read. It have on of best relationship between MC and ML I ever see - it's harmonic and respectful. Romance - very slow, but you understand - why they fall in love - and they have time to know each other and build they relationship on striong base.

Advenyture part very interesting to. It's cultivation and cosmic opera at the same time -... more>> never seen mix of genres like this and love it!

I recomended it for everyone and wish strength for translator - becourse it's huge work. <<less
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LazyDays rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: c25
Still starting to get the plot rolling, but it's really good.

Gu Zuo is rather relaxed and open after securing himself a patron. While he may seem naive to others, in reality he is completely content with his situation. With a smart, rich, talented, considerate, hardworking patron who values his subordinates, Gu Zuo has pretty much nothing to complain about.

Tianheng on the other hand, sees Gu Zuo as a golden goose who has willingly come to him with the solution to all his problems. And treats him nicely as a... more>> result.

The relationship between the two is a rather nice patron-employee one with respect growing to reverence on Gu's side. The two get along pretty well. <<less
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Night Owl
Night Owl rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: c266
Been lurking on this site for a while, and I'm only making a review in response to Tsoob's pathetic review. First of all, Tsoob, are you an edgy twelve year old? Why else would you even use such language like "r*tard"? Think before you speak or act, but from your review, it looks like you won't be seeing this particular response.

To everyone else, I'll go through Tsoob's complaints and refute them.

  1. The immaturity of the MC. Yes, he's fifteen when he transmigrates. His thoughts and actions appear naive, but everyone seems to forget the functions of the guardian contract at the beginning of the novel. Gu Zuo intrinsically knows that Tianheng CAN NOT do him harm. He can sense that Tianheng means him well, and it's due to their mutually-beneficial relationship. Of course Gu Zuo would do what he can to help Tianheng, because by helping Tianheng, he's helping himself! The contract ties them together on a fundamental level, and in my opinion, it's a firmer bond than what LX and YXM had in the beginning of Legendary Master's Wife. (People seem to forget that LX starts off the "relationship" by threatening YXM's life.)
  2. The MC allocating the system's rewards. Tsoob, have you forgotten that Gu Zuo is using the best possible cultivation method already for pharmacists? The Divine Medicine Cultivation Method trumps all the other cultivation methods out there. Gu Zuo didn't even give them the full set of 18 books, and just gave the Sect a single book. Gu Zuo is basically giving away crumbs that he's never going to eat for amazing benefits, while keeping the best for himself! Just hoarding all these rewards that he's never going to use is wasteful and s*upid.
  3. The MC and medicine refinement. What you call slaving away, Gu Zuo considers fun and necessary for cultivation. Before he transmigrated, he literally worked at a pharmacy and processed medicinal herbs. It's constantly shown that he enjoys medicine refinement, even when it's hard work. Plus, medicine refinement is literally how he gets stronger, both for his levels in the true qi realms and in the psyche realms.
Tsoob, literally everything that you wrote in your review was false.
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leva rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Sweet, sweet slowburn. If you're here looking for quick romance, look elsewhere because. The ride. Is so long. The progression is so natural, throughout the years they stay and grow with each other, from contractual relationship, brotherhood, until it evolves into something else.

A lot of people pointed out the similarities IHM have with LMW. I love LMW (the second danmei I've ever read), but a lot of faults LMW has, IHM addressed neatly. They are similar, yet polar opposites in some aspects: IHM has about 80% less dog blood drama... more>> than LMW. IHM also refrains from the repeating rival trope LMW uses. IHM also, in contrast to LMW, does not jump to papapa in 200 chapters (so if you don't like to read them, it's ways away, and very minor). The biggest difference, however, is the balance of relationship between Ah Zuo and Tianheng compared to Momo and Ling Xiao.

In every sense of the word, Ah Zuo and Tianheng are each other's golden finger (just as in the summary, lol). Because they both started off from literal zero: Tianheng chronically ill, couple years off impending death, and Ah Zuo freshly deposited in another world. There is codependency born first from the contract to keep Tianheng alive and let Ah Zuo cultivate the system, then from their shared secrets, living together, hunting and cultivating together and protecting each other. It's also even more emphasized, later on, the difference in power and roles between a pharmacist and a martial artist, and they complement each other (just like in the summary, lmfao).

My favorite part


has got to be the arc where Tianheng went on a mission and got attacked by a higher cultivator, causing him to be stranded in space for a long time. Ah Zuo went ballistic and issued bounties for each head of the cultivator's family members, depending on their cultivation level, until the cultivator is forced to suicide himself in front of Ah Zuo to save his last descendants. GOOSEBUMPS.

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Blue663 rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c200
Can we get a "slow burn" tag or something? People can't seem to understand that some things take time...

I honestly much prefer this to TLMW... (i dropped it around 400-500chs) there aren't many similarities like other people say... Other than the shou making medicinal pills and the gong practicing martial arts... There really isn't (at least not that I remember). While TLMW's shou gets bullied by his gong constantly... this story's gong and shou try to one up each other to make the other happy, healthy, and have a peace... more>> of mind... The gong just really wants the shou to have a peace of mind. This makes me feel gushy in a way TLMW barely ever did...

Also individual backgrounds are already established, characters don't come out of nowhere, it's clear where someone stands from the get go and the reader doesn't get blind-sided by inheritance after inheritance after bloodline after inheritance after secret identity ect.

Maybe my opinion will change in future updates (no way I'm reading ahead, I need a properly structured sentence to enjoy a story) for now i'd stick to this while waiting for more updates on Death Progress Bar so I can binge.

Honestly this is not without it's flaws, but this is loads better than TLMW in my opinion.

Slow burn hurts a lot, but it's worth it. <<less
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Kokoro Mugen
Kokoro Mugen rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c177
I love this!!

I'm so sad that it has not been completely translated yet. I wished I could binge-read this just like I did with The Legendary Master's Wife!

I actually prefer this novel than The Legendary Master's Wife because I like the characters in this novel more, especially their relationship so far.

The MC and ML has deep tacit understanding of each other and their strengths correspond with each other's weaknesses/lack of skills.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: c101
This is for anyone who like a xianxia novel regardless of their thoughts on BL. Already 100chp nothing has happen between the two but lots of cultivation stuff is happening. My first introduction to Chinese novels are xianxia however they all become stale and formulaic but this one is actually interesting (including Ascending, do not disturb and Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being).

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sisithatlikestoread rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c223
I absolutely love this novel I'm just gonna say this lol~

And also for poeple saying MC is naive and stuff, no. Just no. Dude you're literally at the start of the novel, the novel has more than 1000 chapters. A bit harsh don't you think? And also, sure he is a bit naive at the start but he's not s*upid and he grows out of it. Even now, at 200 chapters, he's already very clever and can take care of himself. He just likes to listen to and trust ML,... more>> it's not that he's naive or something. Sure ML is perfect (and we love it!), and the MC may seem naive but that's part of his personality! He's cute, cheerful and also badass thank you! Less than 100 chapters and you're already prejudiced against the characters. What happened to character development?

Also true, for people who don't want "OP main characters" sure, if you don't like it don't read it. Sometimes it's quite refreshing to have OP characters tho.

Also guys it's slow burn. SLOW BURN okay? They start out as strangers, then acquaintances, then friends, then brothers, then closer and closer and ah! Lovers.

MC is dependent on ML, sure, but it's because he trusts him and wants to share everythung with him. It's not like he's s*upid and can't survive on his own jeez. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Night22 rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: c200
I don't usually give negative reviews to bl novels because whichever novel it is they all have their good and bad points.

But this... this book juts made me so frustrated!

1. The ML is way too OP. there's nothing wrong with an OP ML coz Ive read Legendary master's wife and an OP ML and a cute MC who's also and OP apothecary/alchemist trope is amazing. But here, the MC basically has no personality. I mean at first he was portrayed as a thoughtful MC when he first got the system,... more>> but after he met ML... it's like his IQ dwindled to zero!

2. There's no sense of romance. I get thta this is a SLOW BURN novel, but damn, even a slow burn novel has its own sense of ambiguity between the MC and the ML, but it just felt like the ML is using the MC for his own use. And wven if there was romance it felt as if the romance was just for the sake of the book being a BL and it *has* to have romance and also because the ML is too scheming and want to trap the MC. It felt more like a business transaction.

3. MC is too dependent on ML. He was like a little puppy the ML keeps around to keep himself amused and entertained. The romance felt loose and sometimes I get the feeling that the ML would get rid of the MC as soon as he outlived his usefulness. And it's frustrating that the MC doesn't get the recognition he deserved and everything just falls on to the ML, because of cousre he's so powerful and it's only natural that the ML did it, as for the MC? Who the hell is that? That's the ML's book boy. Like what the hell?!

Overall, this novel wasn't half much of a read as I thought it would be. It just made me so frustrated and irritated at the way the MC constantly revolves around the ML. <<less
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XiaoMango rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: c18
I gave this a try and it was the best thing I ever did in a long time. MC is so cute omg and the ML doesn't seem to be bad, I love the time they spent together and it just makes me happy and warm on the inside. No romance so far but still great! I'm really thankful for the translator who picked this gem up


I wonder what they're gonna do with the corpse that's just floating in MC's spiritual storage?

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
auroraRMC rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c920
I actually do love this story. I haven't read many cultivation stories recently bc there's so many of them and it all gets the same after a while, but this one definitely held my interest for a long time. I always love a good system, and the MC's one is pretty OP, which also allows him to be OP. The ML is also really OP. The romance is pretty slow, but that's not to say there's no hints of it early on. It's just really slow burn, but the entire... more>> story is always super sweet. Sometimes I do wish the MC would be a little less shy all the time lol, and the ML would be less polite and reserved. The part when the devil version of him comes over is actually amazing, since you can see how attached the ML is to the MC. But yeah it's your pretty standard cultivation story, the romance is not rushed by any means. It just gets pretty long and things keep happening, so I'm gonna pause with the MTL on chapter 650 and maybe pick it back up later. Romance is definitely adorable.

Edit: I came back half a year later and reread the story, with full intention of reading to the end. However, by the time I got through to like halfway through the second to last "arc", I got kinda bored at chapter 920. I'm never a fan of having life-and-death enemies literally miles stronger than the MCs, and by this point it's already like that. I still love the MC and ML and their interactions, and have really enjoyed this novel. But by the time we get to the 900s, it starts dragging on and getting very dramatic. Wish I could finish and get closure, but for now I'm moving on once again. <<less
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DreamerBL rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c124
Imagine transmigrating into a Xianxia world with an overpowered system turning you into the most powerful alchemist of all time.

You spend your days simping after a beautiful psychopath ML. He used to be disabled but your system can heal him and now he isn't going to die. You become his live-in housewife.

Congratulations, he now grants you the honour of being his little attendant boy. The entire world looks down on you. No one knows you're an alchemist. No one respects you.

But hey, no time to complain: it's time for you... more>> to spend all day in the alchemy basement again. Someone has to earn a living while the MK schemes, pretend to be a hero, and cultivates... <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
judeiiro rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: c195
yall I jumped into this novel and balked when I realised it had over 1000 chapters shdjsj but no regrets!

i absolutely love gu zuo and tianheng's interactions :') their bond developing and growing over time is so heartwarming to read! I want to keep a little ah zuo in my pocket 😪

there is definitely a lot more cultivation and medicinal content in this novel compared to BL not even a smidge 100 chapters in! I'm not too familiar with xianxia but the author is definitely detailed with the terminology and... more>> medicines 🧐 as of 195, romance is still a long ways to go but their brotherhood and interactions are so fluffy!!! (੭ु ´͈꒳​`͈) ੭ु⁾⁾

though our young master tianheng seems to be developing mild signs of possessiveness oho 🤭 gu zuo is loved!


the translation and writing are both amazing! The world building and character growth in the novel are absolutely lovely to read about. The translations by Tetractys has absolutely spoiled me and mtl-ing the novel now is torture [i can't recognise the raw pill names and terminology (cry) thank you tetractys for translating them into easily understandable english!!]

would definitely recommend reading this if you have time!!! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chiakiss rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c172
Story is interesting. I like the ML and even though MC doesn't have much presence, I like him too. That being said i'll drop it for the time being, until chapters accumulate and I can read it all in one go.

Despite having really deep lore and plot, and requiring my full attention on this read, I rarely got bored reading this. The scheming is really clever, and I like seing it unfold. When the situation the story is narrating starts to get repetitive and stale, they move to different... more>> things and change it up completely. ML is simply my dream ML: charming, intelligent, likes MC, teases a bit and is a protective of him, but never overbearing and treting him like a possession/ not listening to what he wants. Extremely slow burn, but I actually prefer that they lay out a solid friendship first. I'm excited for things to come, I know it's very early in the story, but this won my heart.

Gu Zuo (MC) really admires ML and I think that he's a bit childish but in a cute way. He 's also not a maiden in distress, and though he has tecnically a more "passive" ability (being a pharmacist and all), he's very skilled at what he does, and can defend himself too. He's a pure bean, but smart enough to notice when someone is trying to manipulate him/ f*ck him over.

and I know, this story has 1000 chapters. That may seems overwhelming, especially when it's not completed, but let me tell you this is so good that I decided this is the hill I'm willing to die on

THE ONLY BUT I have is the s*avery thing that I didn't see anyone talk about. I GUESS I should have expected it, it's in a historical setting... but it really bummed me out how they just... bought s*aves. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meow4meow rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: Completed
There was really a lot of really good world building, too bad the author didn't spend as much time with the characters tho. Starting with the MC, he died and transmigrated to a new world leaving his father behind. I admire his strength in the beginning. The whole in a new world with a system that just might blow up cause you didnt finish a mission, he really came through. But as soon as it got to the ML it just got weird. So apparently he's perfect in everything, it's... more>> such a shame that he has a sickly body. MC comes along cures him and now he's just soaring. You can say literally, cause from there on nothing could stop him. We met his family but not really, they just popped up here and there cause the ML wasn't living with them. Then we met the mc's family and it was just underwhelming. So disappointing, I mean he met his dad again, something he wasn't expecting and the whole time I just feel like his mind was more on ml, I find that very sad. And even though he brought them, they just stayed in their little corner and I feel like they didn't interact as much as they should have. Then there was a baby, I also feel that the author didnt real go into child caring, like at all. They just took him out when it was convenient which I find really weird. This book would have been so much better if it wasn't just about the MLS aspirations and the MC actually tried to connect with his family than being so apart <<less
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Pinecones rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c278
Some readers go into this story thinking it's another quick transmigration with a fast-paced plot and lots of smut.

Well, it's not.

Keep in mind that this is over a thousand chapters long with tons of slow-burn romance and character development. The MC, Gu Zuo, starts off at the bottom and works his way up through hard work and cooperation with the ML, Gongyi Tianheng. Lots of readers are turned off by how weak Gu Zuo is, but I'll let you in on a little secret...

... more>>

By the end of Volume 3, Gu Zuo is powerful enough to single-handedly slaughter everyone from the Tianwu Continent (the main landmass where most of Volumes 1 and 2 are located).


So keep this in mind when you start reading. This novel is about getting stronger, but because it's so long, it can be difficult for the reader to realize just how far the MC has come. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anon120 rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: --
Imagine going into a slow-burn, 1000+ chapter novel like "I Have Medicine", and expecting the relationship between the MC and ML to skip straight to the romance? I can't believe some of the childish readers here have the audacity to give low star ratings just because it doesn't conform to their pre-existing concepts of romance. They must be too used to reading QT or UF type stories, or their reading comprehension is lacking.

New readers who're just beginning their exploration of BL and danmei might find it difficult to adjust to... more>> this novel. Veteran readers are more likely to enjoy this novel.

Read this novel if you're interested in world-building and relationship-building, not if you're looking for a "quick-fix". Also, I think there's only like five chapters throughout the entire novel that have explicit sexual content? Hard to say, since those five chapters were taken down from the JJWXC site. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RanDom_Chipmunk rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: c246
I compulsively check for updates on this one. I love it. Less abject degradation of females as a whole than you usually see from this translations of this type (not equal treatment, but pretty good for the current culture of the nation) and the storyline is engrossing and classic without being cookie cutter cliché. The translation is smooth, and the idioms are done especially well. I am almost never confused by phrases that make no sense from an English perspective. Honestly, the story is four stars, but the translation pushes... more>> it to five. Seriously. This is the first review I've even written on this site because I hate to review. Read this. Read this now. *Attempts hypnotic suggestion* <<less
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