Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being


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The genius cultivator Lin Xuanzhi didn’t let down the world in his past life, yet he only betrayed a single Yan Tianhen.

It was only when he had been backstabbed and killed by his closest friends, teacher and fellow disciples that he knew what kind of unforgivable crimes he had committed.

After he gained the huge opportunity for rebirth, the Lin Xuanzhi who had climbed back up from hell swore to cherish the person that he had betrayed in his past life.

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New CeilGirl rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c90
I appreciate that it's not an isekai reincarnation novel. All the side couples are M/M, and while I have no problem with marriage being treated as irrelevant of gender, it feels very fanservice-y. The cannon-fodder is strong with this one. I also feel that aside from the two mains being all bro-con for each other, both of them don't really have many redeeming elements. The B-couple is honestly way better. Angsty in all the right ways.
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New holachica rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c250


Yan Tianhen is really f*cking annoying. I get that he's thirteen, and I get that he's a bit f*cked up in the head (seeing all his acts of idoicy). But all he seems to do is cause trouble, trouble, and MORE trouble. Not to mention he seems to ruin MC's plans around every turn. He's so f*cking immature (and being 13, yeah), and gets morbidly jealous too, which is fine, but this jealousy leads to many humiliating situations for Lin Xuanzhi, which is really f*cking irritating. Like can't he keep... more>> his flapping mouth to himself? And he keeps getting into tantrums and screams and shouts and always ends up doing something he regrets, yet even then, he blames it all on Lin Xuanzhi without self-reflection.

Take the umbrella incident. This Shen Ruibing (or something) wanted to share an umbrella, that LXZ had offered her. Before LXZ even said anything, Yan Tianhen started working himself into a f*cking frenzy, screaming and shouting and throwing all the things that LXZ had crafted/given him in petty rage. It's so... I can't even with him. Everytime he throws a tantrum, he only has himself to blame. LXZ has done nothing but care for him, but each time YTH seems to be an ungrateful retch. 9/10 times LXZ treats him well, but the ONE time LXZ scolds him (JUSTIFIABLY, because YTH is a dumb f*ck), he refuses to learn from his mistakes and just runs off shouting 'yOu Don'T CarE AbouT MeE'.

Duan Yuyang, too. He was enjoyable in the beginning, but all he seems to do now is bit*h about things and moan and groan and berate LXZ for treating YTH even though LXZ had been treating YTH well for a long time now. Each time YTH starts being a brat and all wilful and shit, only LXZ is blamed, again and again. I get that LXZ wronged him in his last life, but seeing YTH being so f*cking unbearable... my sympathy is fading away.

Also god damn, all the characters have brain holes. Like that time in the acid rain, shortly after the umbrella incident, LXZ 'indulgently' tells YTH to change his clothes, and he could catch a cold in wet/whatever clothes. And you know what YTH does? He continues to throw a f*cking tantrum, ripping all the clothes off his body and running away, and then Duan Yuyang starts screaming at LXZ for being a jerk even though LXZ had done nothing at all?

It's all so f*cking messy. Not to mention the only reason I made it this far was because I skimmed the chapters. I should've known how mediocre this novel was, seeing how I couldn't even get myself invested in the beginning.

The only decent thing was the misunderstanding b/w Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang, and Han Yuran getting his body f*cked up as retribution. And on the topic of misunderstandings, usually I like 'em, because they make it interesting, but all the misunderstandings b/w the MC (LXZ) and YTH are just so... f*cking stupid.... and one sided. It's just, as in, always, YTH throwing a tantrum and LXZ just smiling indulgently.

10/10 don't really reccommend. <<less
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Attica rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c500
I'll probably update this review once I finish reading the whole thing, but here are my thoughts so far!

Overall, Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being really captures the essence of Xianxia. You've probably heard this premise before: "Our MC Lin Xuanzhi made a huge mistake in his previous life by trusting/distrusting the wrong people, and meets a tragic end. Now the heavens have given him this one chance to do everything over from the very beginning. In particular, he resolves to protect and care for his adoptive younger brother Yan... more>> Tianhen, the person he horribly wronged in their previous life. As he uses his skills, gets revenge, and makes new friends... he also discovers hints of a larger conspiracy/destiny that he missed in his previous life. "

There's a lot to love about this novel: Satisfying character progression, cool powers and artifacts galore, heartwarming and funny character interactions, loads and loads of compelling side characters.

  • Yan Tianhen is one of my favorite characters ever. He's so cute and sharp-tongued at the same time, while also growing into a total badass.
  • None of the main characters in general are perfectly flawless; they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, which complement each other.
  • I personally really enjoyed the pacing of the story. It very much captured the classic Xianxia adventure spirit of the protagonists slowly getting stronger.
  • Many of the plot points hit my favorite tropes, especially how the plot analyzes the many sides of love: the beautiful and the ugly, the gentle and the painful. I shed tears at the stories of many of the side characters.
  • I love love loved the world building and hints of politics in this novel! Better than most other Xianxia in my opinion. It really helped show everything in a grander scale, and gave off the feeling that this is actually a living world.
  • So so many cute side pairings to cheer for!! The author does a great job balancing out Lin Xuanzhi + Yan Tianhen compared to all the other side characters.
  • And last but not least... this novel can be absolutely hilarious when it wants to be. The humor adds a touch of liveliness and even realism to these seemingly archetypal fantasy characters.
That's not to say everything is perfect though.

  • I'm going to be honest, the first 100 or so chapters dragged a bit because of the sheer deluge of 1-dimensional villainous characters. The only purpose to their existence was to get jealous of Lin Xuanzhi, try to kill him, and then get face-slapped in return. Repeat ad infinitum. Don't get me wrong, their annoying scumbaggery makes the moment when they finally get face-slapped rather cathartic. But at some point I was like "please just face-slap them already so we can get it over with and move onto actually interesting side characters."
    • Thankfully this trend mostly stops after chapter 100 or so, as the cannon fodder villains get disposed of or fade away. We get more neutral characters, frenemies, and of course wonderful friendly allies!
  • The novel does have Mpreg (not directly by the main couple, but it does play a role in the story involving side characters). It's only a tiny part of the story but it kind of came out of nowhere lol.
  • I noticed that like 99% of the characters in this novel are male, and what female characters actually exist are almost all villains. Please just give me one compelling female character. Just one.
Say what you will, I literally couldn't stop reading this novel even the night before I had an exam. It had me that hooked. <<less
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Enki rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: Completed
I usually don't write reviews, but this is definitely a hidden gem. At first it started with some cliches: MC traveled back in time, got a powerful artifact, cultivated at speeds unimaginable to everyone else, slapped some one-dimensional cannon fodders, protected the person he betrayed in his past life. I didn't go into this expecting anything more. Boy was I totally wrong. The summary does not do it justice on the depth and complexity of both the characters and the world.

The first 100 chapters or so may be cliche, but... more>> after the story gets moving, there is plenty of good plot development and character building. There's so many things to like about this story, so I'll just list them. Mild spoilers ahead.

  • Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, the MC and ML, actually have very deep characters and backstories spanning three different lifetimes. What you see at first is definitely not all there is. Heck, right up until the very end I was still discovering new sides to these characters, and their love story is both gripping and heart-wrenching. It's beautiful watching each of them develop, come to terms with the events in their past lives, and move forward/grow despite of that and because of that.
  • I really admire the author for writing what seems to be simple plot armor at first but becomes fully explained later on. MC's extreme genius and skill with the sword, ML's somewhat out-of-nowhere pill-concocting skills, MC's soul plate artifact, etc., all of the usual stuff you expect from rebirth cultivation novels become actual plot, and many of these tie to a conspiracy dating back tens of thousands of years, and the twists and turns in the plot kept me in the dark until the very end without making it seem like everything was haphazardly thrown together. Pieces of the puzzle are wonderfully woven throughout the entire story. For example, MC actually toiled away for a thousand years in order to get the chance to turn back time, and even then there was still a price to be paid for messing with fate.
  • The world-building is wonderful, when they go to the Nine Worlds in the future, the politics and clans have diverse histories with well thought-out characters and not simple cannon fodders
  • All of the side character's love stories are interesting. They're so complex that you can take any one of their stories and have an entire novel based on that. I especially loved the phoenix and the corpse general (too cute).
  • Towards the end/second half of the story, the world setting slowly releases bits and pieces of MC and ML's first lifetime tens of thousands of years ago, so tragic romance, high fantasy gods and legends galore. What this novel does is first tell you about the common legends/myths of ancient times passed down throughout the generations, then bring you to the characters who actually lived those lives, and make you realize the difference between their own perspectives/feelings and what the myths say. The ones who were lauded as saints and the ones who were condemned as demons, I love how at the end of the day they're all just - human. With ups and downs, a spectrum of emotions, and trying their best amidst a huge conspiracy dating back to the ancient times (that even still affects their lives today). A conspiracy so secret where even the ones at the center of the ancient events didn't even know the full story. There is so much to uncover until the very end. Beautiful story.
  • The author explores love, especially many different love stories, in high detail. It's always very enjoyable seeing what each side character experienced, and how they finally got together. The pacing for these pairings is on-point as well, where you gradually understand a little at a time.
  • Did I mention world-building? Because the world is so varied, there's tons of paths cultivators can take. Humans, demons, plants, weapons, and even ghosts can all cultivate their own paths. Also "fate"/heaven's will plays a a big role in character's lives, and you'll see plenty of characters who are willing to deny/go against it for love (and the results).
  • At first you only focus on Lin Xuanzhi but for the second half a good portion centers around Yan Tianhen and his sassy, adorable, and badass attitude. Yan Tianhen is definitely not stupid, which becomes increasingly obvious the further you read so if you can get through the first three hundred chapters this novel really is a rare find.
  • The pacing for thee main pair's cultivation levels is well thought-out, and more importantly, eventually both become a power couple who can protect each other, so none of the "one person is obviously so much stronger" trope.
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Celissiye rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c30
You know all those light novels about cultivation and isekai novels, where the MC is in a fantasy world and is re-birthed so he has a super duper advantage and finds magical items to level up before everyone else and is OP and always stuns everyone with his power and the antagonists are super petty and always the exact same and lose cause' they underestimated the MC every single time?

That's the vibes here, except it's with BL fluff added in.

Now, of note, the MC is the Gong, and the Shou... more>> currently has a problem with his appearance/health, so these to points add at least a dash of uniqueness. Although, I assume at some point the ML will fix his all his beloved's problems. And, I always like when a character is trying to make up for a past mistakes, and on this point the synopsis says it in a nutshell. There's also the element that this genre always has, which is throwing in random magic stuff that you don't know what will be coming next, like tigers and talking magic items etc.

It reminds me a lot of Legendary Master's Wife (and look at the chapter length!) and is pretty similar in how it reads (although each chapter is notably shorter). If you like LMW I would go for it. In this case, MC is fawning and gentle on the shou, which is different than how in LMW, ML always mocks the shou.

Simple plot, simple MC always wins, irritating and brainless antagonists like rats. Overall, I personally don't like reading this sort of MC always wins because his opponents are idiots story, where much time is spent describing the next random technique or method MC is using to advance super quickly. So I think I'll safely stall this one. <<less
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ylial rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: c252
I like the plot but I really hate the interactions between the gong (MC) and shou (ML) - there are misunderstandings and selfishness. One is very possessive and the other is very stupid.. Also, the author tried to add fluff but to me it's really annoying. I wish he/she focused on the plot instead. I tried to read it up to 252 but I couldn't bear it anymore.. Maybe i'll try to read and skip annoying parts when I finish other good novel like earth is online, guardian and breaking... more>> through the clouds <<less
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Mai Mee
Mai Mee rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c211
A typical [redacted] xianxia novel but with two genders of annoying people instead of one. Brainless cannon fodders, face slapping, etc., you know what to expect—both the good and the bad.

Some bad things:

Sometimes the author's the book's views* (Yes, the book's. I am not confusing the book's views with the characters'.) are a bit eh..? (The same beheading-happy trigger prone protagonist, double standard—looks almost hypocritical—actions, etc.)

... more>> Some saving graces:

It's BL (so romance). Has comedy. Has plot (that should already be obligatory imo).

Conclusion: it's the same [redacted] xianxia with *similar* setting/plot elements but with BL.

Recommended for people who (1) has time, (2) are not tired of [redacted] xianxias, (3) has never read xianxia with BL (this is the first one I saw) (not those transmigration novels), or (4) just like to read anything BL. Not a must-read. Could be a time passer.

*as of what I've read

/* My initial impression of it was a 3-star novel but I rated it as a 4 considering how xianxias with similar flaws get rated.... And maybe because it's BL */

EDIT: I just read something really good and cannot give this a 4 star anymore. <<less
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afukafu rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c144
I took some time to MTL this story up till chapter 200+ and I honestly find this story to be consistently intriguing - the background stories of the ML and MC and of course, the troubles that they run into every now and then. However, my personal favourite is actually another couple (side characters) of this story - their interaction is kinda bittersweet at first but I'm glad that they finally have their happy ending.

I would like to thank the translators/editors of this story who put on so much effort... more>> in this and make it possible for readers like me to enjoy this story. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: c199
UPDATE 2/19/20: I've reached the 300s chapters, Yay! I can't help but notice that reviewers are bashing the MC and ML's character.... well, there's so much more to this novel than harping on the bad sides of the MC and ML's attitudes. The two of them have so much to fix and the process is very slow.

I actually love the ML, Yan Tianhen, so much. Early on in this novel, I started compiling memorable quotes from him. He's so hilarious! He has a certain way of making people speechless:

... more>>

Snippet from Ch. 43:

But Duan Yuyang couldn't listen to them any longer. He impatiently knocked a pair of chopsticks against the table and said, "Hey you bunch of spectators, what crap are you spouting? And isn't this perfect, Lin Xuanzhi and Han Yuran can annul their engagement, then Han Yuran can go mess around with that Yuan something, so both sides can get their happy endings. As for the rest, you don't need to continue with your damn bullshit, honourable me doesn't have the time to listen to your groundless flattery."

Yan Tianhen nodded, then said, "Since the two of you like each other, then why not just be together. On behalf of my brother, I wish for the two of you to reach old age together and die without descendants."

Duan Yuyang almost spit his drink out.


Snippet from Ch. 73:

When Duan Yuyang heard his words, he immediately smiled mischievously and said, "Aiya, since Han young master doesn't want to see me, then I should really tag along with you guys. When you're unhappy, I'm happy, hehehehehe."

Han Yuran fumed, "Shameless!"


Snippet from Ch. 104:

Yan Tianhen looked at the youngster and asked, "What's your name?"

The youngster answered, "My name is Lin Yan."

Yan Tianhen was stunned, "So you're Lin Yan."

Lin Yan was stunned too, "You've heard of me before?"

"No." Yan Tianhen shook his head and looked at him, "But, I know you now. Don't leave after the test, I want to give you a good beating."

Lin Yan, "..."


Also from Ch. 104:

Lin Yan stared at Yan Tianhen with a profound look in his eyes, "I was just stating the truth."

Yan Tianhen also stared at him with quite a profound look in his eyes, "You don't know this, but whenever I hear people speak the truth, I'll want to hit them."

Lin Yan, "..."


Also from Ch. 104:

"What's wrong, Ah Hen?" Lin Xuanzhi had left for a bit just now. Now that he returned, the first thing he saw was Yan Tianhen sighing and groaning.

Yan Tianhen bit his lower lip a bit unhappily, "Nothing much, but, I think I won't be able to beat Lin Yan up anymore."

Lin Xuanzhi, "..."


Snippet from Ch. 141:

Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue, "Really can't take any teasing, Henhen is more fun to play with after all."

Yan Tianhen nodded his head, "Bullying honest people is the best. "

Duan Yuyang "..."


Snippet from Ch. 173:

Yuan Tianwen: "What other reason could it be?"

Lin Xuanzhi: "That you're blind."

Yuan Tianwen, "..."

"You just said that you weren't laughing at me in secret." Yuan Tianwen said.

"I didn't laugh at you in secret indeed." Lin Xuanzhi retorted, "I'm openly laughing at you, despising you, and spurning you."

Yuan Tianwen, "..."


Snippet from Ch. 238:

Ren Fuyao continued, "However, that bird flew out from your bosom, it's your bird."

Yan Tianhen looked at him with a pair of pure eyes as he blinked at Ren Fuyao. "But, my bird is still on me. When did it ever come out? Dage said before that I can't casually show people my bird."

Duan Yuyang, who was originally still thinking about how to annoy people to death while coming up with possible ways to escape, almost choked to death when he heard Yan Tianhen's words. Ren Fuyao couldn't stop his lips from twitching.

Snippet from Ch. 238:

Si Ling was so infuriated that he couldn't think straight. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws, "My family's Master is talking about that bird that can spew fire, not your junk!"

Yan Tianhen countered, "How do you know that my bird can't shoot fire?"

Si Ling answered, "Have you seen anyone's bird shoot out fire?"

"Therefore, the bird that your family's Master is talking about is not mine." Yan Tianhen smiled cunningly and looped back to the topic again, "My bird cannot shoot fire, so the one that can shoot fire is not my bird."

Si Ling was led around in circles by Yan Tianhen's "bird this, bird that" spiel.


Snippet from Ch. 249:

Yan Tianhen placed Feng Jingyu on the palm of his hand and told him, "But you are small."

Feng Jingyu thought Yan Tianhen was talking about his body and replied, "I will grow up and become very beautiful. "

Yan Tianhen thought about it and turned Feng Jingyu upside down with his belly and claws facing upward.

Taking advantage of Feng Jingyu's unresponsiveness, Yan Tianhen stretched out his index finger to flick gently on the phoenix's unspeakable part.

"..." What the f*ck? You want to die?

Yan Tianhen said innocently, "You are still too small. I don't think you will grow much even in the future."

Feng Jingyu's whole body was petrified and then his expression cracked little by little.


Snippet from Ch. 290:

Yan Tianhen was extremely tired but he still turned excitedly to look back at Esteemed Huai Yu. He cheered, "Master, I did it! I did it!"

Esteemed Huai Yu was very relieved. Just as he opened his mouth to praise him, he heard Yan Tianhen continue, "Great, now you can't ask my Dage for money! You have to keep your word. So if you lie, you're a dog!"

Esteemed Huai Yu, "..."


To summarize my perspective from reading up to the 300s: As I read on, I can't help but realize how similar this is to a game with many pathways. The MC lived and failed through one path and now has taken new path that has it's own obstacles and hidden gems. This new pathway unleashes a whole flux of new characters and opportunities that were completely unknown to the MC in his past life. This novel is so full of characters with their own secrets and knowledge that could help the MC. Just like a game, the MC needs the help of these characters to 'win the game, ' but how much these characters are willing to reveal to the MC depends on the choices he makes.

How this differs from other rebirth/transmigration novels?: There are many novels where the MC travels back in time to 'fix' the endings, but it's usually a transmigrator from the modern era (QWTFOTD, Who Touched My Tail, Rebirth of a Movie Star, and My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him). What I hate about those novels is how predictable they are because the transmigrators are taking advantage of their knowledge of the original plot to purposely manipulating the plotline to achieve a specific ending.

Rebirth = opening a new pathway and opening up a bigger world: Indeed, the MC here had that intention, but unlike those other novels, 'fixing' their mistakes is not as simple as changing decision. This new pathway the MC has taken has it's own course that has it's own unexpected factors that is out of the MC's control. Contrary to expectations, the MC isn't omniscient. As the story progresses, the MC constantly learns new things about the world and even about the people he knew in his past live. As he meets people and gain their trust, he gains access to meet even more people and it just continues like a domino effect. He realizes just how little he really knew about his world.

UPDATE 10/19/19: I've reached ch. 215. There are some really interesting back stories and legends revealed.


Also, since I started re-reading and writing chapter summaries of the novel, I noticed that throughout the novel (even back to the earliest chapter), small bits of random information gets dumped out (much of which I forgot due to the sheer length and added info to keep up with). The random info is somewhat related to the chapters they are released in since they are about corresponding events in the past life or events that pre-dates the novel. Re-reading these info certainly cleared up my confusion in the info revealed in the 200s chapters.

Even though things are still developing, I'm getting the impression that many casual remarks being made by characters are big hints to a bigger mystery that is still very slowly unraveling... the biggest mystery Yan Tianhen himself who's been a key figure since ch. 1.

It's interesting that even though Lin Xuanzhi is re-living these events a second time and already knows what will happen in the next 1000 years, there is still a lot of things that even he doesn't know. He may know what will happen, but he doesn't know the truth behind them or the cause. He only knows the end results, whether it's from rumors or witnessing them first hand as a bystander. There are so many characters and relationships to take into consideration. Many of them met tragic ends in the past life and Lin Xuanzhi never took notice of these characters until the final confrontation between him and those characters. Lin Xuanzhi is always trying to understand the truths and seriously thinks through before making a decision on how he deals with certain characters, taking revenge, repairing ruined/strain relationships, who to regard as ally and who to regard as enemy.

Unlike other travel-back-to-the-past novels, fixing his past mistakes isn't a simple as making small changes in how he lives this life. There are so many characters and factors (social norms, politics, relationships, the unknown mysterious) to take into consideration.

The most admirable trait in the MC is his ability to inspire people to take control of their own lives that would ultimately prevent the tragedy that befell them in their past life. His advantage in living this life a second time is that he already knows many truths. Bringing the truth to light to these people makes them willingly take the initiative to investigate for themselves and may even take action themselves without the MC needing to lift a finger. It's such a gentle, but powerful way to alter people's fates.

He uses discreet tactics that varies from person to person,

  • dropping a few hints peak their curiosity to those less inclined to believe the truth or simply don't want to believe it
  • using gentle encouragement to those who know the truth but simply fear taking action. He may use his experience to provide further insight.
  • sometimes straight out telling them the truth to those who are dense
  • use his knowledge to say what the person would want to hear. He uses those tactics on people who don't trust him

UPDATE: I've reached ch. 199 and I'm so excited! There's been so many new characters introduced and old characters from wayyy back reappearing. There's so many characters that I can't keep up with the new and old characters appearing and disappearing in wide intervals. Since this is a 700+ chapter novel, I decided to keep summary records to keep track of events, characters names, cultivation concepts and tools, and quotes that I think have significant undertones. No joke, the spoiler box below is a very detailed spoiler. They are detailed chapter summaries.


Ch. 1-3:

Lin Xuanzhi (MC) wakes up to see that he's transmigrated back in time to when he was at his worst moment (the Tyrant Martial Hall). Yan Tianhen pays 1000 with a gold piece of banknote to bail Lin Xuanzhi out. The martial hall's supervisor and Wu Qingzong, the MC's opponent, talks and reveals their intentions to extort the MC's inheritance. It is revealed that LXZ got here by using the World Revert Mirror.

Ch. 4-5: They return the Lin residence where the doorman, Wang Wu, refuses them entry through the main entrance and demand they take the side entrance. LXZ kills him with the Ground Splitting Hammer which attracts the attention of Lin Zhantian, an impartial disciple of the law enforcement hall, who questions MC. The MC hands over the Recorder Mirror that contains evidence that proves the MC's justification.

Ch. 6: The MC allows YTH to keep the hammer and makes a great show to everyone that by openly giving YTH permission to use it to handle anyone who disrespects him.

Looking back on this chapter, I realize that this hammer is the very first of the endless gifts that LXZ bestows on YTH throughout the novel.

Ch 7-9: The MC reveals that he consumed a 1000 gold Repair Body pill, left behind by Lin Zhan (MC's dad), which enabled him to use the hammer. YTH reveals his skepticism over the new LXZ who then tells YTH an embarrassing story to prove his identity. It is revealed that LXZ's cultivation level had dropped to a Refining Qi Stage second layer. He abolishes his roots (Dantian), unseals the Soul Plate, bribes him with a book and forged stones in exchange for it's cooperation and the Arabian Crafting Manual in which he obtained a Mysterious Ice Jade (worth 10, 000 gold) from.

Ch. 10- 12 : Han Yanran, from one of the 3 big families in Qing city, appears and demand YTH hand over the amethyst white tiger cubs. We learn about LXZ's betrothal to Han Yuran and promise of gifting those cubs. YTH admits to selling those cubs for the bail out money. Han Yanran gets angered, but YTH corners her by revealing the sibling's involvement with the Tyrant Martial Hall. Han Yanran attempts to stab YTH but is stopped by LXZ aggregating Spiritual Qi. We find out that YTH is stuck at Refining Qi first layer.

Ch. 12 - 13: MC approaches with the Mysterious Ice Jade, which Han Yanran recognizes that it is at least a high-grade tool and tries to demand for it too. LXZ refuses and tries appeasing her by saying it's for the wedding day while revoking his initial promise to gift the cubs. YTH reveals that the tiger cubs were a gift from Lin Zhan to YTH and LXZ.

Ch. 14: LXZ offers to cook but finds out the family steward started cutting their five yuan rice supply from monthly to every two months when the medicinal master deemed LXZ a lost cause.

Ch. 15: YTH explains that he sold the cubs for 500 gold each and that buying them back would cost 1500.

***there seems to be a translation (or author's) mistake because the MC tells him he reached the second layer of Refining Qi which implies that he originally dropped all the way to the first layer. Whereas in the beginning of the novel, it was said that he dropped all the way to second layer, not the first.

Ch. 16: The MC explains that he's now a craftsman cultivator using his soul force and that he'll cook for YTH henceforward. Cooking for YTH is LXZ's earlier attempts at reconciliation.

Ch. 17-18: Han Yanren visits her brother. It is revealed that Lin Zhan was in the primary level realm and left the MC his assests most of which were spent on top-grade repair pills. Han Yuran's intent to break off the engagement after obtaining the tiger cubs is revealed. The tiger cubs are spirit beast, a special type of demonic beast. Han Yanren suggests that he divorce the MC after obtaining the Mysterious Ice Jade, but Han Yuran says they can't afford to offend the Lin family. She then suggest killing the MC instead.

Ch. 19: YTH retrieves Ah Bai, the cub that had yet to be handed to the beast tamer. Hu Po is the other cub. The MC threatens Ah Bai to make him form a subordination contract with YTH (because the tigers turned against YTH in their past life). LXZ pacifies him with high-grade demonic delight fruits, a supplementary medicinal pill.

Ch. 21: They go to a demonic beast marketplace, on the way, legends of the MC's beauty is mentioned (so we find out that LXZ is considered good-looking). Ah Bai finds Hu Po with the primary level realm beast tamer from the East Continent, Ji Yunwei, who in the past life extracted and refined the demonic cores of 1298 beast into a soul pill for the soul beast, a nine-tailed fox spirit beast. Ji Yunwei's reasoning had to do with a beast named Ah Jiu. The MC notes that this encounter didn't occur in his past life because he sent YTH alone.

Ch. 26: Ji Yunwei changed the conditions, but changes his mind when a voice transmission talisman flies to him and informs him of the nine-tailed fox sighting. LXZ speculates that this probably when JYW and the fox first met. The MC gifts JYW a high-grade medicinal bottle worth 5000 gold he crafted (When did he make this?!!) before JYW leaves in a magic treasure level Penetrating Clouds Shuttle.

YTH finally opens up to LXZ about Lin Zhan's death. LZ was killed protecting YTH from cultivators targeting YTH. LXZ never actually found out the truth behind his father's death in his past life. After listening to YTH's confession, he realizes that he was wrong to have accused him in his past life.

Ch. 27 : LXZ tries to find out more about his father's death, but YTH confesses that he has gaps in his memory and only remembered that Lin Zhan was killed by cultivators and he was sent back by Lin Zhan's formation. LXZ suspects that YTH's memory was sealed by an expert and it was done after YTH returned to the family compound. (He believes that Lin Zhan's killer wouldn't have the chance to do that)

The Han siblings shows up after the MC's party leaves and encounters Duan Yuyang who questions them about the fighters Han Yuran employed at Tyrant Martial Hall. Han Yuran is unsettled by the accuracy of DYY's accusations.

Ch. 28: the Han siblings find out that LXZ reobtained the cubs and anticipates LXZ handing them over at his birthday banquet.

Ch. 29: DYY visits YTH at the spiritural plants plantation and and escorts him home. LXZ overhears their conversation and learns that YTH was bullied and exploited by his coworkers employers a like with low pay, intensive workload, and doing other people's work. DYY unreservedly talks trash about LXZ and tells YTH that he doesn't deserve his loyalty. We learn about Lin Zhan's failed attempts to treat the problem with YTH's Dantian Qi sea. LXZ makes his presence known when he overhears that YTH was beaten.

Ch. 30: LXZ treats YTH's wound and then bows to DYY, an action that startles both DYY and YTH alike because this is something that the old LXZ would have never done.

Ch. 31: We learned of the reason behind LXZ show of gratitude in the previous chapter as LXZ reflects on DYY's words in his previous life. We learn that DYY was YTH's only friend in his previous life and risked himself to protect YTH when LXZ turned against YTH. DYY's words resonated with LXZ and seems to be a key factor that prompted LXZ to go through rebirth, treat YTH better, and carefully observe what he overlooked in his past life :

"Lin Xuanzhi, for him to have come this far, who do you think it was for? Everyone in this world can hate him, look down on him, or even want to kill him, but only you have no right!"

Ch.32: Fluffy bath moments between YTH and Hu Po. LXZ flings HP to the bed, getting it wet, and suggests YTH sleep with him. LXZ bribes the cubs to continue peeing on YTH's bed, lol. Ah Bai regards his younger brother skeptically over the bribery.

Ch. 33: A really funny conversation between the cubs regarding YTH reason for choosing to sell HP over AB. LXZ goes to Glittering Jewel Peak and reveals his goal to uncover the Lin family's biggest secret. We also learned that this peak is the best place for absorbing spiritual Qi and cultivation, but cannot repair LXZ's Dantian."as a craftsman, he didn't need his Dantian Qi sea at the beginning stages to store Qi. He could craft and advance through levels based purely on his soul force."

LXZ summons the soul plate and comedic exchange of snarky words takes place.

Ch. 34: The soul plate probes LXZ's body and recognized LXZ's mother's Qi. that he (LXZ) has his enemy's Qi in his body. It is revealed that LXZ doesn't know anything about his mom and tries to find out, but the soul plate is tight lipped and says that "if you really do have that person's blood, knowing who that person is wouldn't do you any good, so it's better for you to not know." It is revealed how LXZ got in contact with the soul plate in his past life. At the time, LXZ was already in a soul body (I'm guessing this means that his physical body was gone) and couldn't form a contract to become his master without it. The soul plate repeatedly rejected LXZ's request to absorb him (LXZ), but eventually did absorb and helped him for reasons that were unknown to LXZ himself.

Ch. 35: The soul plate helps LXZ learn how to use forged stones to fly. LXZ cleverly manages to compel the soul plate to talk about himself by acting indifferent and asking. From the confession, we get a sense that the soul plate is a very old soul. "In the era where Benzun was born, there were genius craftsmen everywhere. There were some whom could even use forged stones to fly the moment their feet touched the ground. Benzun has such extensive experiences, what kind of genius have I not met?"

Ch.36: We get to see YTH's daily experiences working at the Lin family's spiritual plants plantation, thought the income is not enough to feed the tiger cubs so they feed themselves by scavenging. Two teenagers, nicknamed Triangular Eyes and Gold Bracelet, approaches YTH and we learn that they were the ones who beat YTH up. Gold Bracelets forces YTH to comply with his demands to work on his portion of the fields with his Golden Snake Whip, a low level tool used by those in the first layer.

We find out that after Lin Zhan's death, everyone immediately treated him as a servant. All the slackers starts working after news spread of Steward Fang's anticipated arrival. The two teenagers starts fighting over who's field YTH should work on.

Ch. 37: The teenagers calls each other by their names: Triangular Eyes is Lin Xiang and Gold Bracelet is Lin He. We find out YTH's crafty side as we see him secretly gives a silver ingot to a kid who spreaded news about the steward's visit.

Ch.38: LXZ surprises YTH with his sudden appearance and that he witness the scuffle and ingot exchange. LXZ imparts some advice on how to handle future bullies: that YTH should use people whom the bullies fear to pressure the bullies.

Ch. 39-41: It's Han Yuran's birthday. Many respectable cultivators (The head of the Feng and Lin family, Duan family's second elder) are present. Profound Sky Sect's Breaking Sword peak's young master Yuan Tianwen makes his appearance. He's 23 yrs old, a Foundation Stage 5th layer which is below the Hardened Body stage. We learn that it was through YTW that HYR was able to get into Profound Sky Sect. We learn that Han Wuyun is the head of the Han family. Duan family's second elder rejects YTW's greetings and mocks him along with DYY who accompanied YTH. HYR shifts the attention to YTH who wasn't invited.

"this world's magic tools are categorised into five types treasure tools, spiritual tools, celestial tools sand sacred tools; it's not that there weren't any tools of a higher level, but no one had ever seen those before. And these magic treasures are further partitioned into four different grades low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade and top-grade."

Ch. 42: The two tiger cubs makes a dramatic appearance and stands on both sides of YTH. Han Yanran inquires about them and YTH refutes that they aren't for her brother. They are for his protection. The crowd discredits the tiger for their age and second elder internally scoffs:

"Spirit beasts should already be at an infant stage seven star level from birth, which would be equivalent to the cultivation of a Hardened Body stage cultivator."

YTH presents the marriage contract and announces the intent to annul the engagement.

Ch. 43: It is revealed that DYY was aware of YTW's plans: "those who should annul their engagement should just annul it, those who should be getting engaged should just get engaged." HYR's affair with YTW is then exposed. YTW immediately defends HYR and takes responsibility for the affair. DYY gets unsettled and speaks vulgarly at the crowd. We learn that DYY and YTW were childhood friends. HYR finally agrees to annul it, but the contract doesn't react to his command. LXZ appears and says his parts, then the contract dissolved revealing that the contract made HYR the bottom even though the contract was made before their birth.

Ch. 44: LXZ greets DYY's grandfather and rats DYY out as the culprit who slipped him a sleeping pill. LXZ was formerly from the Profound Sky Sect's Broken Sword peak. LXZ, YTW, and 2 others were called the Four Swords. [Before he left, Duan Yuyang looked at Yuan Tianwen with meaningful eyes and said, "Yuan young peak master, I hope you won't regret the decision you made today in the future."] YTW proposes to HYR who expresses reluctance to show face infront of the crowd since he just annul an engagement.

Ch. 47: YTH reveal to LXZ that he found out HYR schemes and his affair with YTW from DYY. LXZ recounts over YTW/HYR's marriage in their past life. LXZ knows that they split but doesn't know why. HYR visits YTW, makes accusations at LXZ to convince YTW to turn against LXZ, but YTW is reluctant and settles for giving a warning. Then he tries to get intimate with HYR who rejects his advances with trauma as an excuse.

Ch.48: The Han siblings plots to get revenge on LXZ and to take the tigers and hairpin. HYR reveals to his sister the truth of how he met YTW when she suggest involving YTW in his scheme.

Ch.49: LTW and Chi Xiao (the penta-colored crane) encounter LXZ and the cubs in the mountain when LXZ flicks a forged stone at them (revealing his craftsman status). When LTW suggested that LXZ could return to Profound Sky Sect, LXZ revealed that the story of getting injured by demonic beast in Yunqi grotto-heaven was a lie.

Ch.50: More details of YTW's past life is explained and LXZ acknowledges YTW's good character and thus, decides not to involve YTW in his matters. LXZ shifts the topic and YTW tries to settle things over HYR. LXZ makes a deal that he would leave HYR alone for a long as YTW wish (LXZ already knows that they're gonna split anyway and LXZ will make his move then). YTW offers to help LXZ if he asks for it.

Ch. 51: Su Mo makes his first appearance as he visits him in his room in the Han family's residence using a Linking Soul Kite. Su Mo questions YTW hard on his engagement, expressing his anger over not being informed beforehand. YTW reveals his story with HYR at Flying Luan Peak. Su Mo is skeptical about the identity of YTW's savior because of his temporary blindness. YTW questions his dad about the Duan second elder and learns about DYY's proposal from 6months prior.

Ch.52: YTW questions why DYY would seek marriage and he complains about DYY's behavior. Su Mo advises YTW to not take the rumors seriously and to visit the Duan family. News of HYR/LXZ annulment spreads.

Ch. 53: LXZ gifts YTH the hairpin and reveals that it is a top-grade magic tool.

Ch.54: Steward Zhang, sent by Madam Bai, approaches LXZ over the incident with the hammer. We learn about Madam Bai's background. She's from a side branch of the Bai family and married Lin Xun, LZ's elder brother. She gave birth to Lin Zezhi months after LX's death. We learn more about the problems behind LXZ's constitution



With my newer updates, I feel like my older ones are messy (and just embarrassing to look at). So I'm just gonna tuck them into this spoiler box below.


When it comes to this novel, I think the first chapter is really noteworthy to talk about. It's one of the most well written first chapters I've ever read. It really gives you a unique insight to the characters when you start out a novel by blasting readers with snippets of all the critical moments that influenced the MC decision on the path he will take for the whole duration of this novel.

If you like the first chapter, then you'll definitely like the rest!

It started off with a countdown from 10. After each second, a snippet is shown. The first snippet is very dream-like, showing that the MC's awareness is very hazy and confused. All the following snippets features specific moments of the MC's life in chronological order. Because the snippets are literally a few dialogues, the snippets are very unclear in the beginning but each snippets add more and more to the whole story. By the time the MC snaps back into reality, we have a clear idea of the big picture and can make sense of the current situation the MC faces: He's in the worst place. In a shady dueling arena, his opponent is about to kill him and they're surrounded by a demented crowd.... who are eager to see his blood spill.

This first chapter sets the foundation of the novel. It sets a precedent that his resolve to make things right has set him on a brutal path where he is shunned everywhere and constant face challenges at a disadvantage.

It may be because of how the first chapter was written, but I immediately took a liking to Lin Xuanzhi. He's very calculating tactician and maintains a stoic disposition. It's interesting that a character with this kind of personality started off at the very bottom of the ladder with very little help. For someone who used to be worshipped on the pedestal and became the trash of society and the subject of ridicule...... the growth he goes through is amazing!

He has a very progressive mindset and he's a man of vision. He isn't thinking just about revenge, he's thinking about the future for not only himself, but the people he cares about. He's laying out the foundation, carefully weaving his way through to open the pathway that he wants to follow.

Yes, he does take advantage of his knowledge of the future, but he uses that knowledge in a really interesting way. He got into trading and business. He's practically an entrepreneur! Because of his new cultivation pathway and his trading business, he became financially independent. His business gives him a chance to approach and gain important allies.

He made a really bold move to completely abolished the roots of his cultivation and change to a craftsman. But this goes beyond just rebuilding his cultivation.

He even uses it to get into a lucrative trading business that opens up the opportunity to establish partnerships and good relationships with potentially important allies (I.g.

Boss Feng, Lin Zhantian, Ji Yumwei, the young master of the Hidden Tools Pavilion)

It's admirable that he did this partially to decrease his dependence on the Lin family, which gave him the freedom to follow his own path. This business enabled him to gain access to valuable resources and connect with reliable people and even gain friendships.

Duan Yuyang is so far Lin Xuanzhi's most trustworthy and important ally.

What I love about this novel is that even though his knowledge of the future gives him an advantage, he's not completely omnisent. He's so predictable yet unpredictable. He has a way of executing his plans in a way that take me by surprise.

Like how his obvious intention to thwart his enemy from buying a special magical tool by offering a unique deal that resulted in a long-term partnership with the extremely reputable and evasive Young Master of the Hidden Tools Pavilion

I'm only at 144 chapters through a 774 chapter novel, but it's quickly gotten really complex with the sheer number of characters and the MC's relationship with them.

The MC himself is a rather perplexing character.

1. His actions often contradict the emotions that he feels.

The most perplexing one was when Lin Xuanzhi chose not to punish Madam Bai when he had the chance to do so.

He made it clear how much he hated Madam Bai.

1. She ordered his food supply to be cut

2. she framed Yan Tianwen (past life)

3. She had her personal servant cut off Yan Tianwen's tongue (past life)

4. she destroyed the evidence of Wu Wang's murder case so that Lin Xuanzhi would get a sentence at the law enforcement hall

But in the end, Lin Xuanzhi pushed the blame onto her personal servant, Steward Zheng. He even went as far as to say that Madam Bai was oblivious and steward Zheng was using her as a scr*pe goat.

However, later on, he revealed his intention to dig up evidence of her scandals (her affair with third elder).

Lin Xuanzhi will make his move in 3 years.

2. He's so considerate he is towards those he view as being innocent that he willing spares those he hates

Since he's good at judging people characters, he goes out of his way to make sure that the good characters are not implicated from his quest for revenge and redemption.

Han Yuran - This person was the first enemy that Lin Xuanzhi identified and targeted for revenge. The MC has so far succeeded in crippling Han Yuran's power and could easily off him but hasn't done so.

He promised Yuan Tianwen that he wouldn't harm Han Yuran as long as Yuan Tianwen cares for him. He did this because he knew from the canon that Yuan Tianwen attempted to Han Yuran soon after their marriage. Yet at the same time, Lin Xuanzhi regards him to be a good character and doesn't wish implicate Yuan Tianwen's life.

Madam Bai - Out of all the decrepit people in the world, she probably the one that the MC hates the most. She is the responsible for much of the torment Yan Tianhen experienced in his early years in both his previous and current life. With the Lin family's third elder to back her up and Stewart Zhang to carry out her nefarious plans, she's a long standing threat to Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Zhantian - the MC never seems to hate him despite being backstabbed. Instead of taking advantage of his newfound status to punish Lin Zhantian, he instead offers him a deal which may allow the MC to gain an ally that would hold the key to taking down Madam Bai.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
positiveaddictchan rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: Completed
I like this novel. The story is complex and there were multiple layers to the MC and ML's story lines that kept me interested.

The ending was a bit abrupt though. But that's forgivable compared to the rest of the story.

It's worth a read if you are into long novels.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c189
It's a pretty enrapturing read. That said, there wasn't anything particularly incredible or original about it.

Characters: 4.5/5

I like where YT's character is going for the most part, with his wit and funny comebacks. However, since he'll be awakening his bloodline this time, I'm scared he'll turn colder and twisted in the way that he treats MC (like there's already hints about how he's treating him almost like a possession?). For MC, he's pretty cool and I like how casually he causes troubles for others haha. The OPness might be getting... more>> a bit much though.. I also like that this isn't a transmigration story where a new person steps into that despicable character; MC actually was that despicable character that hated YT. It was all him. I like the side characters quite a bit too (but huangpu jin is written to be a big too confusing... I'm not a fan).

Plot: 4/5

Nothing super special but nonetheless interesting. I like that the author doesn't rush the story or the plots and they're quite patient with buildup. There's also quite a bit of mystery about where this is going.

Writing / Translation: 5/5

No problems, thanks! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hy-d-ra rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: c176
If not must read, but at least must try. Wonderful BL x xianxia.

What to expect:

  • vast detailed world, yet not overly descriptive, it lays down enough information;
  • wonderful dimensional characters, MCs are not totally perfect and side characters are not plainly good or villain, face-slapping cannon fodder is present;
  • nicely paced, balanced story about rebirth (more turning back in time) and trying to fix past mistakes with many themes to explore. But the story doesn't stop there when it achieves the first visible goal.
The story revolves around LXZ, who unlike many reborn leads... more>> spends thousand years cultivating his soul after losing his life, with the help of an artifact he finally can turn back time and finds himself at the moment of his utmost low, when he lost his cultivation as a swordsman, but also the turning point of his past young self when he started to make wrong choices. What I like about this part is the burden of years, he doesn't turn into a genius craftsman overnight, he worked hard to get there. And also it explains his overly protective and cautious behavior towards the one he wronged the most. Ultimate beauty, but not without faults.

His younger brother he wronged the most in the past, YTH, is one hell of a cute bun. He wasn't bestowed beauty, on the contrary the mystery of the seal on his body made his face bear awful cracks and his leg limp when he walks, but he's quick-witted and sharp-tongued. It's a big pleasure when he retorts with fake naiveness. Always ready to bare his teeth when someone badmouths his LXZ.

This novel has many-many side-characters and side-couples, many of those are impossible not to enjoy. And of course the story. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c92
on the plus side the interactions between the MC and ML are interesting and sometimes cute and I like the mystery behind the ML's poisoning and birth, the MCs non existent "mom" and the MC's dad's "death." now onto the bad. I normally like cultivation stories but after reading up to the latest chapter I have decided I really came to the wrong place. 1) I don't like Mpreg stories and this one has many guys popping out kids.... more>>

where do they grow? How do they pop out? Magic? Or do they get crapped out the back? If they come out the back then where does the kid grow and where does the pregnant person poop from? My inability to find a logical place for them insemianate a nonexistent egg through the back door, to grow a kid somewhere in the male body (which has no womb) and give birth through a nonexistent birth-can*l always gets in the way and throws me out of the story. I will never understand mpreg.


2) I don't like stupid and naive characters.

that perfectly describes the ML as well as a few other side characters. The ML starts off as a 13 year old kid so there's some excuse, though other 13-15 year old kids are getting engaged and plotting the downfall of their enemies and killing people just because they're weak. I don't know if he stays dumb and naive because as of the latest chapter, he's still 13. The other stupid characters are already adults so they have no excuse.


3) I also dislike pointless misunderstandings and this novel has so many that it should be in the tags.

4) and I while I know other people like multiple povs, I could care less what everyone else is thinking and plotting; I'm reading this for LXZ story, not theirs.

this novel has a ton of side couples so it jumps to their stories now and then right in the middle of an arc, which is both messy and irritating. I like it better when the side character stories are told in the extras so I can focus on one couple at a time. And it really bothers me when the author wastes even more chapters of pov on cannon fodder villains that we will never see again.


my conclusion: read the tags carefully before you start (though in my defense it doesn't say Naive and Stupid ML/side characters, Misunderstandings, or Multiple POVs up there). This story isn't for me and I think giving it almost 100 chapters is giving it enough of a chance to really tell. I gave it a 3 because it has some tolerable parts to it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LittleFlowerMJ rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c249
what I like about this novel is that the main character is not OP, he only has his golden finger which is his past memories and a thousand years of 'soul' experience. Contrary to what others say the ML is not stupid but unselfishly devoted to MC. Both characters actually are unswervingly devoted to one another. I do enjoy the face slapping coz them cannon fodders are really infuriating but what I look forward to the most is how the ML cunningly maneuvers (wishing I can be half as articulate)... more>> every difficult situation he confronts that is beyond his cultivation level and resources to resolve. Side characters are gems and the main plot is compelling me to keep going. <<less
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anazianblonde rated it
December 22, 2019
Status: c261
A good adventure novel from a BL standpoint.

Though I'm only on chapter 261, I've enjoyed this more than the Legendary Master's Wife so I figure I should give this a review!

1/1 writing style: primary thing that's better than TLMW.

... more>> 1/1 character development: this is a slowww process since barely half a year has passed in these 260 chapters and there are so many characters present. However, the main and side CP are progressing smoothly in both love and personal affairs.

2/2 plot: From what has been presented so far, some of the plot twists has been presented and makes this story fairly unique in that it combines both the pugilistic life with the royal courts. I'm interested to see how it plays out.

Also, I'm highly focus on all the side couples and feel like they need mini-stories of their own O_O

1/1 enjoyment: have been binge reading this and now and preventing myself from MTL the rest so I can read the good quality translations. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tessa rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: --
It's a decent read. Has a good build up and there isn't any rush in the character developments, but it felt repetitive and the plot is rather boring.

Also, there are some things that disturbed me about the relationship dynamic between the MC and ML and some, I didn't feel quite right.

... more>>

I know MC and ML are not related at all, but it disturbs me to see siblings fall in love regardless (?). Also, ML is 13 at the start of the story whereas MC is 17. A tad disturbing.


Plot is repetitive due the the fact that the MC wins all the challenges that he faces and it's honestly boring to read the same plot for 700++ chapters. There were great character developments, but the plot development was bad. The ending also felt really rushed and out of place and I felt that I was reading it for the sake of reading it and not because I enjoy the plot at all.

Also, there are too many side couples that by the time you finish the book, you wouldn't remember most of them.

TLDR: kind of incest (?), repetitive plot, includes young adult and a minor, no plot development. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OceanMagix rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: Completed
I like this novel. The world setting and character stories are quite interesting.

It's not your usual cliche ones, sure, there's going back in time, righting the stupid things that the MC did... As the novel continues, he gets to meet good people and finally make better friends then he did. And because of changes made as he moves, other interesting things gets to appear.

Yet when I read the final chapter, it was like a wave of disappointment crashing onto me.

... more>> Why disappointed? Cause the ending feels crappy!!!

imean, the author had such a nice beginning, he/she could have further improve on the details ~

But the ending felt like, 'damn, you're just gonna end it like that?! Wouldn't you give us a extra/ss/fanwai? To settle it? T_T...'

And so, this feeling of incompleteness made me realise glaringly that there's still certain loose ends... when I usually don't manage to notice such stuffs...

I wish we could have more about the MC and his parents. Plus because of who his unknown parent is, he got certain things ~ but the author made it useless....... imean, what's the freaking point in writing about that when it's gonna end up nil?????? Freaking upset-_-


Sigh, well, it's not bad, just that the ending and loose ends could have been better. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
paulinhakawaii rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a good xianxia rebirth novel. It's really unique because it borrowed from different cliche and turned it original.

What I don't like is that we don't get much meaningful conversation/interaction between MC/ML, for example. Everything is written while talking with others and I kept wanting to read the fleshed out scenes where they would discuss anything that they clearly should be taking about.

The plot is good up until the 600s chapters, after that the quality dropped.

It's a worthy read
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