The Legendary Master’s Wife


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After an explosion, You XiaoMo finds that he is now a probationary disciple of the TianXin sect. However, he is one with dubious potential, so just when he starts to adapt to his new circumstances, he receives a piece of bad news. If he is unable to produce the required result after half a year to become an official disciple of the TianXin sect, he would be driven out of the sect.

While You XiaoMo is going all out to make medicines and earn money, he runs into Ling Xiao. To his horror, he later discovers that Ling Xiao is actually someone cloaked in human skin.

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Chuanshuo Zhi Zhu De Furen
Truyền thuyết chi chủ đích phu nhân
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New fizakhan
February 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Legendary Master's Wife is my most favourite novel which I have read 4 times and still not bored. Its lengthy but very interesting. In it cultivation levels are thoroughly explained. The ML Lingxiao and MC YouXiaoMo both are lovely and perfect for each other although Lingxiao can be overbearing sometimes but he really loves and cares for XiaoMo and always protects him. So far it's very unique and interesting it doesn't have much angst but face slapping moments are interesting.
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New Nosta rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c731
After rereading LMW for the fourth time, this is still my favorite novel. Though I love LMW from the bottom of my heart, I do have many, not good things to say.

... more>>

1. Ling Xiao can be toxic. He loves Xiao Mo and this is expressed very clearly evenly if both parties didn't utter their I-love-you's. However, Ling Xiao often belittles Xiao Mo by calling him stupid even knowing that Xiao Mo is a genius. Without Xiao Mo, he wouldn't even become a legendary master that rule all the realms. So it wouldn't kill him to actually praise his lover!



2. Xiao Mo can be annoying. When he attended school, an overly cheerful guy tries to befriend him because the guy looks up to Xiao Mo and Xiao Mo push him away. His reason? Because he didn't want to babysit anyone as he did with his annoying brothers from his previous life. The way he thinks threw me off at times. No wonder Ling Xiao calls him stupid.



3. Not enough smut! I love that LMW focuses on alchemy and I enjoy it a lot, but their lovemaking scene didn't even last ten seconds! They should put a 'Shounen ai' tag instead of 'Yaoi'. It was a disappointment in those aspects.


This is pretty much all the complaints that I have. <<less
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Liquid Ice
Liquid Ice rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
The comments suggested that there was very little yaoi content or romance, with the story more focused on alchemy and perhaps adventure. I was totally excited since I dislike yaoi, but enjoy all the other things.

... Yeah the comment people lied. As you read it, you start thinking to yourself: Hey... this is starting to get a bit... gay.
Then you continue onwards, and although nothing major happens, you get the romance vibes from the MC and his new friend.
Then you go beyond that and the sexual tension starts... more>> sky rocketing. You are just expecting an M/M scene, and every interaction has you thinking: Oh my god, it's totally going to happen. I should stop now, why am I not stopping now?!?!

And finally it happens, and you find yourself in shock. That just happened? I kind of liked it. Oh god, am I into yaoi now?

Like don't get me wrong, I absolutely despise yaoi, but this was very well done. I think the main selling point was that it was all very believable and nothing seemed forced. It doesn't really come as a surprise either, so you're constantly hanging onto your seat in anticipation. So ladies! If you ever want to introduce your terrified guy friends to the yaoi genre, you might want to get them started on this. It's a fun read with all the classical elements of a Xianxia novel, but with more emotional characters. <<less
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11thAgent rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
(Edit: I think the name is a bit off, there is no need for "Master, " it should just be "The Legendary Wife, " though I could be wrong)

I do really like this novel, to the point where I’m willing to listen to google reading it to me. HOWEVER, I have a problem with the main pairing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my yaoi and shounen ai, my problem has to do with their interaction with each other.

At chapter 392, their relationship is still so uneven. Everything... more>> has to go Ling Xiao’s way, the only time XiaoMo can do what he wants is when he doesn’t care. XiaoMo has to do or say what Ling Xiao wants him to do or say, otherwise he will get punished. His favorite way of punishing is on the bed. Even when it’s just for pleasure or for training, he doesn’t consider XiaoMo’s physical condition or the fact he is telling him to stop. XiaoMo also has to be careful who he hangs out with or says to other people, because Ling Xiao would get jealous. He is too controlling, and every single time XiaoMo has to go with what Ling Xiao wants, because he is afraid of some punishment. Yes, Ling Xiao pampers and protects him in other ways, but that isn’t a relationship where the two have an equal say or standing. Ling Xiao pampers and protects him because he wants to anyways, so it’s not like he is compromising, something he does not do.

Another thing, when Xiao Mo is with him, I can’t help but feel that the boy gets rather stupid. By himself or with other people, he’s quite smart, but when he is with Ling Xiao he can do/say some stupid things.

I’m not saying the two aren’t cute together, or that I they aren’t the OTP, but it still bugs me that they have such an unbalanced power relationship. If it wasn’t for that, I would have given 4 stars. At first I gave 5, because their uneven power-relathionship made sense in the beginning, but that continued even to chapter 392, so I changed it to 3. Hopefully it will change. <<less
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Chococobo rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I see a lot of people confused over this story's title. As someone who completely finished reading Legendary Master's Wife, I can definitely say that it is a good title. All will be clear later on in the story as the translators didn't even cover half novel yet.

I've also seen some people commenting on how the protagonist is weak = this story is trash. Those people should really stick around as You Xiao Mo's character development is steadily spread throughout the story. It was definitely interesting and satisfying to see... more>> him growing from the kid who pukes at the sight of corpses into a full fledged warrior who won't even bat an eye killing his opponent while still maintaining that stupidly lovable personality.

One thing that makes this BL story stands out from the rest is the way the author focuses more on the plot rather than lovey dovey scenes. Legendary Master's Wife has a very vast world and the author took her time describing each and every little aspect in that world, including many side characters with their own stories. You don't have to like BL to enjoy this Xuanhuan story packed with actions and comedy.

And as someone who read plenty of BL stories, I have to say I like Legendary Master's Wife the most. Because I have read so much, I got sick of seeing sappy romances between the oh-so-perfect uke (bottom) and seme (top) that this story is like a breath of fresh air.

Throughout the entire story there is never once any cliche or over the top romantic scenes between the two main characters. They don't loose control when seeing the other getting hurt and doesn't stalk their partner 24/7 like some sort of freak. They are not one of those unsecured couples that can't live without seeing the other for even an hour either.

Rather than romance, I would say that the two protagonists, Lin Xiao and You Xiao Mo got more of a bond between them. They just eventually ended up standing side by side at some point without us realizing and didn't even need to exchange sappy words like "I love you". Seriously, I can't even remember if they ever said one "I love you" throughout all 713 chapters. That's how little (or none) of these sappy moments that's in the story. The characters express their love through their actions, never words. They don't have mushy romances in any of their interactions, but more of a firm trust that drew them to one another.

There are definitely jealousy scenes, but those scenes are more hilarious moments. Rather than comforting their partner and saying lines like "you're the only one for me", Lin Xiao would harshly twist You Xiao Mo's ear as punishment while You Xiao Mo's would just mentally ranted since he doesn't want Lin Xiao to know he's jealous and get teased for it.

While in other BL stories the seme would go completely berserk when the uke gets hurt, Lin Xiao would let You Xiao Mo handle things on his own. The one time You Xiao Mo got seriously injured and barely escaped death, Lin Xiao asked him if it hurts and when You Xiao Mo said yes, he earned a smack in the head from Lin Xiao who told him to grow some brain cell next time, then proceed to tell him to hide while he deals with the enemy.

It's small scenes like these that makes me really love what You Xiao Mo and Lin Xiao shares. Their relationships feels so natural that they literally don't need to say it out loud for the readers and more importantly for one another to know.

This is definitely a great story, as a romance novel and as a simple Xuanhuan novel. The beginning might be slow, but as you read on it gets more and more interesting later. You Xiao Mo and Lin Xiao's backgrounds are definitely the key to the plot and once it's revealed, any questions or confusions people have now will all be answered. <<less
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CloudySkySadMoon rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: --
Funny story, lovable YXM, cunning LX, their cute interactions, the storytelling and everything else makes it an amazing story. Those who feel itchy reading BL can read this without any problem for at least a 100 or so chapters I think?
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Keima-kun rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c137
I love this novel!! Absolutely topped the list among all of those wuxias, xianxias novels right now (my opinion but I may be biased, lol) . The only downside that I can find is that the chapter is too short. I love how the character develops in which they are not clichey, compared to most novels. Translated BL novels are uncommon while the good one is rare, and this novel is included in the rare kind. You will absolutely adore the MC and how he interacts with the other characters... more>> especially his 'husband'... the plot is kind of slow but it is compensated with character development, albeit not too much but considering the progress of the novel (ch.137), still quite good. <<less
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Farika rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: Completed
Its 4 am.. And I'm crying, for goodness sake.. and I had no sleep

Its really interesting novel, with good story about cultivator life with Bl theme, the pace of story kinda slow in the begining but not really slow that make you want to skip going at the end of book (in the last chapters the pace feel rushed) , consistent character,

above 200 there will be many many smut scene.. Although its not really explicit, the smut scene will always be smut scene


and I'm crying because its ended
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maimim rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: c679
I really enjoyed this series in its earlier chapters. I really did. This was my first BL novel, which I had discovered through Exiled Rebels. I liked the world building and how the MC was learning about how to survive. I loved the development of the Qiu team the most. I liked it when they were part of the story more. But in the end, I agree with what many of the low-rated reviews stated: it was boring and repetitive.

The novel doesn't have much going for it except its length... more>> and world building. The length is more on powering up rather than character development. I wanted to see how MC grew up mentally, facing drawbacks but presevering. What draws me to a character is how they react towards difficulties. But the MC hardly faces real danger. His "predicaments" are quite shallow. I keep thinking, "Can we just get on with it?" It is to the point that I don't even feel excited or happy that MC face-slaps people or gets to the top because it is expected he wins in the end.

ML is not much better because he keeps making fun of the MC and then just forcing s*x on him. It wouldn't hurt to see him express his love every now and then like at the beginning. We actually get glimpses of his feelings! But this far into the novel, he's kind of dead inside. The teasing about MC's negative IQ is really sad because it's just overused, and then somehow, MC is smart when the need calls for it. More recently, MC and some other high-leveled mages are attending this competition with the last round requiring them to traverse through a maze. MC apparently has experience with mazes because his brother was fascinated with them. Did MC actually go through mazes physically or do it on paper? I think even hobbyists, if those exist, will still have a tough time going through new mazes.

The part that annoys me the most was that it seems like the ML was challenging the READER'S knowledge as well. I feel this way because whenever ML asks MC to guess the answer to his question, MC has no clue. ML questions are usually ones that even the reader cannot figure out because the author doesn't give clues prior. Then ML proceeds to berate him, which made me feel like I was in the MC's shoes. This keeps happening so much that the MC ACCEPTS that he has negative IQ, and then he starts feeling happy when ML acknowledges his smartness. MC doesn't have self-confidence in this regard even though he is so "powerful."

I didn't mind reading this initially. In fact, I MTLed the whole thing because I wanted to know the ending. But a second reading with translations made me more critical of the novel. It's not bad, but not that great either. There were so many exciting parts in the beginning that I was a bit let down as I continued reading. I know ExR warned readers about how it was less BL and more adventure, but I could care less about the BL as long as the characters were further explored. I would say that the author's other works are better. <<less
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skylars rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c250
You are being lied. This is not BL. Well it is but let me explain.

The main character is not man. He is but he is written like a classic wuxia girl. He depends a lot on his alpha male/borderline rapist lover, like any generic wuxia girl.

Actually I want to rate it 4 stars. But in the end, it's just male Protagonist written like a female. Worse he doesn't have the usual assassin skill (kept the medecal gift).

Why does it bother me so much? Imagine I rewrote Harry Potter but changed... more>> wizards to magicians. Would you think I did something amazing? At least I don't think this author did. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: --
Amazing!!! This is well done because its not all smutty, cliched BL... the characters are amazing. As a fan of both Yaoi and Xuanhuan, I give this an A+++ Now I want to erase my memory and read it all over again :3
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wistful rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: c650
Started out interesting, then rapidly goes downhills. MC started off as a normal character trying to figure things out, then the author took the lazy route of neutering his personality. Now his only personality is to become conveniently smart when the plot requires it, and conveniently make stupid decisions when the plot requires it.

Follows a main pattern of go to a school/new continent, be conveniently stupid and make a rival, and after a series of adventures, ML swoops in and kills rival. Repeat as many times as needed. Intermixed with... more>> random OP power ups and convenient plot progression caused by MC randomly acting smart and dumb.

There are no intriguing side characters, they are all unmemorable and easily replaced. Villains have no real motivation for their actions other than the fact that they're just dumb and jealous of MC and ML. You can't even compare it to MDZS, which has actual plot and every character contributes something to the story.

In comparison, this is just a cheap power fantasy for people who wished they had an ultra hot/rich/powerful boyfriend to beat up all their high school bullies. We're 50ish chapters from the end of the story and MC has less personality than he started out with. Thats really impressive. <<less
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SHIPPER rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: c188
Slow when it comes to BL scenes and focuses more on the cultivation aspect at first.

Oh but they do flirt from time to time like hold hands, kiss, hide in their rooms to play with their *coughs* and are almost always inseparable.

They like to sneak out and the guy gives a lot of stuff to our diligent and treasure loving MC. If you read the Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss before, the male lead there is kinda similar to the lead here only he is not M.I.A. All the time... more>> cause he sticks around to protect You XiaoMo.

Basically like a sugar daddy and a sugar baby type of relations--- scratch that--- like HUSBAND AND WIFE! MC got this very wifey temperament: diligent, hard working, good with money, doesnt get mad easily oh but when he does, he knows how to use motherly tactics to make you do what he wants!

This was my first cultivation novel and I found it slow at first since I started this primarily for the YAOI tag but then the pills cultivation process of breaking through to the next level is very interesting!

Based from the comments, I heard the cherry popping scene is somewhere along the first few chapters of 300.

\ (^O^) / Updates became faster too! <<less
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LuluCrapibou rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c107
Okay, so I'm new here and I've only read two chinese novels so far, so maybe my opinion isn't worth posting a review, but seing all the 5 stars I had to write something even if I'm bad at writing in english.

I. Hate. That. Novel.

Just reading a hundred chapters was excruciating (and I've learned that word just to describe The Legendary Master’s Wife !). The only good point maybe is that everything is explained, so even if you don't know a damn thing about cultivators and all, you can understand.... more>> But it gets boring, the action is sooooo slooooow... well, if you can consider what happens in the novel like actual "action". Because, honestly, after 100 chapters nothing really happened. Except for the yaoi part, but I will talk about it later. I really did not like the way the novel is written. I can compare it to the style of a middle schooler, but still, that comparison is too kind.

The MC :... was there a MC ? Oh, yes, him... He's so transparent I didn't notice him. He has no personality, he does everything the ML says and never dares to rebel, he is always scared of the seme, he is not cute, not really smart, not sassy... He is not even a man ! Each time I had the feeling the author was describing a girl ! Where is your d*ck dude !?

The ML : rude, selfish, bossy,... rapist... long story short, he is a d*ck. And you don't know how accurate this statement is, because the bigger part of the man is his lower part. And because the ML is a rapist with a big d*ck, blowjobs and s*x scenes in general are awful... I am not kidding, and it's not an understatement.

I'm glad I've found an other chinese BL (The founder of diabolism) while reading LMW, because without GDC I would have given up on chinese novels. <<less
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Lyn0108 rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c713
A nice bl novel

As for why it was called legendary master's wife and why not the legendary wife or something. You'll understand when you read further...


Things will be revealed about the ML, how he bacame a legend and the most powerful in the story. This story is about both side's path becoming a legend... not just about MC.

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Polinsesi rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c728
+ This is an updated review (c728)

I have juste one advice for you guys that you should read.. trust me.. the EXTAs are really worth it. Even if you couldn't finish the main story because it was so long or boring or the relationship between the MC and ML hum hum was not "healthy"... whatever the reason. Just GO read it, you won't regret it.

Now some explanaions for those who are curious:

So I'll make it in three points because it is fun... there are sure more points but I'm too lazy to write them down and you can find out by yourself after reading anyway :p here I go...

  1. I agree to say that the final of the story was getting a bit boring I mean these chapter (650-700) But the last chapters (700-713) were'nt too bad. So I can understand that some people can change their minds on the novel and say that it was unnecessarily long. But I continued and thanks god that I did so because the EXTAs were sooo good... right I mean quite nostalgic and rich and exciting.

    Finally the MC will introduce his husband to his family from earth.

    I only waited for this moment and it really came. :' (
  2. Naturally, it is not as simple as summerized in the spoiler. (For those curious... I don't really think it's a spoiler because it was a pleasant surprise. And if I have known earlier I wouln't have taken so long to finish the novel and to discover this treasure *_*). Okay.. here is the point: Even if you have'nt finished the novel, you must definitely go check the EXTAs. I might even give you the will to finish the novel (if you stopped in the middle) to find out how did they achieve this point in their evolution that is really the apotheosis of what it was meant to be, in my humble opinion. :p
  3. Which leads us to this point that I was developing in my previous review... you shoud take a look at it by the way ^_^ Anyway :) __________________________________________I WILL NOT STAND ANY MORE PERSON WHO WOULD CLAIM THAT THE RELASHIONSHIP BETWEEN THE MC AND ML ISN'T "HEALTHY" JUST AFTER READING ONLY 100.. or maybe a little more.. we can say... 400 after that... you shall not speak either xD Only after reading the EXTRAs, you should grasp the meaning of a Perfect relationship.. I hope so :p Needless to say that the most beautiful thing is noticing the small changes in their relationship and being shocked at the end after comparing the first chapters with the EXTAs.. it's really dumbfounding.
PS: Sorry for all the CAPITALIZED LETTERS... I was a bit frustrated after reading some comments... :p

PS n2: I still maintain my previous review even after reading five more novels (of which I can recall "The Founder of Diabolism" and "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil" being two masterpieces, I can't compare with other novels because their translations are still not finished). Even after reading those, I can still enjoy this one.. especially the EXTAs so give me a little face now, please. x)

------------------------ Review (c641)

Shortly... I loved this novel. All the characters and the relationship between them. And especially the main couple.

I read a lot of comments on how their relationship was not "healthy" and it's true BUT... in fact it's perfect.

I will explain in 4 points:

1) There is an evolution in their relationship and it's becoming more and more "healthy" to the point that the MC is actually willing to "endure" in the last chapters. To some point, if you really pay attention, you can feel how much the ML values his "wife" despite...

2) His personnality, yes the personnality of the seme makes him behave this way and there is some improving in the way he treats him. There are people who aren't just that "romantic" in their speech so you can feel their love in their actions and it is way more wanderful and intresting than some boring shojo romance... they are men sh*t. So, he is smart and their conversations turn out so hilarious... which leads me to the 3rd point.

3) The seme teases the uke about his IQ not to hurt him or to dominate him but because he is fed up that the MC is so depending on him. ML knows that the MC is smart and it is demonstrated several times but he also knows that he is "dumb" with him just because he spoils him so much. So the uke won't think for himself but prefers relying on the seme... not because he is becoming a "girl" but: first because he relies on the seme and mostly because he feels idle like any human on earth. Who would kill a cow and cut it to get the meat when it's already sold in supermarkets... (ok I got lost :p)

4) Finally, the characters are like what they are each with his own peronnality. And I am extreamly satisfied with the way their relationship is built because it is logic based on their personnalities and even more when we see the development through the time. It is at least way more believable than those "love at first sight stories" when they become so close and comfortable without even knowing each other.

I don't say it's an ideal relationship but isn't it a fu*king well written one and oh god how much it is funny.

I really recommand this one although it's only the 3rd novel I have read and I don't know much. I'd really like someone to recommand me such great novel after this one.
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inclement rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: c31
The story looks interesting and is quite different from anything else I've read, so at least for originality it gets 5/5. But a very big drawback, at least for me, is that the MC is the weak one, getting used by the other character. I really dislike weak main characters. Switching them would be enough to make this 4/5 at least.

The other issue is the plot holes so huge that you can drive a titanic through them:
... more>>

MC has his own space that he can go to at any time, but the one time Lin Xiao threatens to kill him, he completely forgets he has it; MC is the only one to realize that Lin Xiao is a double, even though he barely saw him before, while nobody else realizes it.

. <<less
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iampheng rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c449
EDIT: I meant to give this 4.3 stars, but dang I forgot to press the stars again...

After reading 449 chapters, I think I'm qualified to have an informed opinion on this novel. I didn't really wanna read this novel because 1.) I don't really like Xuanhuan and 2.) the characterization of the MC like dumb, weak, door mat like those. On the first point, the world building is consistent and rich. The pace that the world is introduced, to the MC and the reader, is good. I did have to... more>> do a couple of double takes here and there.

Second, the characterization. I'm not sure if these are completely true (that the lead is dumb or weak). In front of the ML, well, these are not completely off, but I think the MC's behavior comes from a place of... complete faith in the love of the ML for him. That is, the MC can choose to ask questions that are not so smart, can choose to be cowardly, and can choose to relinquish control because he knows that the ML will hold up both of their portions of the sky. The couple is very much in love, and it is not one-sided.

Also, the MC is not dumb or weak, in fact, normally it is his contracted beasts and ML who think or say these things. Just think about it... many of these beings are much MUCH older than the MC. So the MC is not dumb or weak at all, he's just young and mortal. Compared to other rather "normal" people that we encounter, very few can best the MC in talent, intelligence, and ability. That the MC seems less cunning that others in this world (at least in the beginning) is because he comes from a world like ours, Earth. We experience less hardships compared to the ancient times, and if we're lucky enough, we've never had to wonder if someone was trying to cheat us (yay, Americans).

The Legendary Master is the ML. He's okay. I personally wouldn't tolerate being teased as much as the MC, but it works for their dynamic. The ML only jokes around with MC. We never see him have a complete two-sided conversation with another person. Although the ML "bullys" MC with s*x (which is mutually enjoyed), most other people are treated with distance or hostility. MC humanizes the ML. ML knows his boundaries with the MC.

The beginning of the novel reads very "slice of life" Stay to witness how the MC grows through his own hard work. Yes, he's got some cheats, but without these cheats, he'd probably still be an amazing mage albeit slower to be a legend (which is he is, in his own right). To be frank, the cheats are what the make the story entertaining. <<less
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conspible rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
I'm giving this a 3/5 because the title still has no relevancy whilst 100 chapters in. I'm really confused, I like the style of writing, and the BL kinda came outa nowhere for me since no one tagged it as such till recently (OR I WAS REALLY STUPID AND MISSED IT). I'm really questioning my sexuality reading this, but the plot so gud tho I keep coming back.
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TropeTrash rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c300
I don't know why this is rated so high when the story is drab and the MC is an OP bland daft cardboard who can't survive without the ML.

Other than the cheats being handed to the MC on a silver platter, he doesn't experience any single character development, it's not a lie to say the ML doesn't allow him to grow as a character. The relationship of the MC and ML is unhealthy, s*x is for the ML's pleasure only, and MC is more like a pet than anything else.... more>> You don't even get how and why the ML is "in love" with the MC. The MC halo demands that he loves him.

The story just repeats itself again and again. If someone doesn't like MC, then they're shitty canon fodders, MC is given every cheat there is, including the existence of the ML himself, and the ML pampers him like a brat. Everything the pair does is the Right Thing™ and everyone who says otherwise is EVIL™. ML does all the work and solves all conflict.

The story has been dragged out for too long, the characters don't even have motivations to do anything, they're just doing as they please and are excelling at it through the Protag Halo™. I swear, the characters don't work hard for anything. They're just good at everything they do and they're perfect and that's basically the point of the story. <<less
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LingShei rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: ch191
The slow romance of this novel really touches me because it both focuses on the relationship of MC & ML and the story they go through. I don't mind that there aren't much of 'hot' scenes, which makes this story nice to me.
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drewjn rated it
April 7, 2016
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First off, I’m not into bl/yaoi.

That being said, before this series had the tag (which confounded many early adopters, myself definitely included) I read this series and found it to be very well written and equally well translated. Characters actually had their personalities, the main character actually felt like a person, and the story had great pacing and progression. What it also had was a very good sense of humor.

Considering the title, I had no clue it would turn out to be a bl, even assuming that Ling Xiao was... more>> actually a female in disguise. For story and characters alone, it is a great read (at least up until the tag lives up to its namesake). As for later on, depends on if you can get into it. Personally even though I loved the story, I can’t get much further into it. <<less
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