Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother


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Transmigrating into a novel one morning, Wen Jing arrived at the side of the one he worshiped and admired the most, becoming a loyal hound that was willing to go through fire and water for his senior brother.

Even the most arrogant cultivator said: “There is no one in this world who can enter my eyes, but only Jun YanZhi is truly noble.”

Wen Jing grew up alongside his senior brother, idolizing his senior brother beyond all means.

Unfortunately, he was ignorant, and as for this novel, he had only read half of it.

Midway through the storyline, he finally realized that things didn’t seem to be the way he thought they were.

Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother infiltrated Master’s abode. Master, please take heed.”

His master: “Nonsense! Your master was inside the abode all night last night, and did not see anyone else.”

Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother left on his own without permission to meet someone. Martial Uncle, please thoroughly investigate.”

His martial uncle: “Nonsense! Last night your senior brother and I were drinking and chatting merrily, all the way until morning.”

Wen Jing: “Last night, Senior brother was improper towards me……”

His senior sister: “Nonsense! How can your senior brother possibly do that kind of thing? Don’t tell me you’ve long held those kind of intentions towards him, and unable to obtain what you wanted, you’re now framing him?”

Many years later.

Wen Jing: “There’s this evil brute, specializing in using his top-notch, exquisite looks and elegant disposition to fool people, and everyone is in the midst of danger while not even aware of it themselves.”

Jun YanZhi: “If it wasn’t for you, that evil brute would most likely still be struggling in pain and suffering.”

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Ai dám nói xấu sư huynh
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97 Reviews

New RavensChrome
May 10, 2024
Status: c92
I have 5 star this but I do want to get a couple of things out of the way as a huge disclaimer to those that are sensitive to the following topics:

    • Rape
    • Beastiality
    • Underage grooming
The first one is in the tags but I missed those tags and it caught me off guard a little. The last two definitely caught me off guard especially since the 2nd one didn't have any warnings for it at the beginning of the chapter like the 1st one.

But none of those discouraged me from reading further or knocked off a star due to the fact that this really is a good story to read. If sensitive topics like that made bad stories, then something like Game of Thrones and its books wouldn't be as popular as it should be. Obviously, these acts

should not be enacted in real life.

As for the last one, ML (24) is very creepy when MC is 15:


ML has this drug breath that he has going on to put MC to sleep in order to mol*st him. But it becomes obvious that ML is not an upright guy when the story shifts to ML's POV. Along with a backstory to explain his behavior. It's not an excuse for the creepiness but it's an explanation.


Outside of this, this story is very good! Of course, it's not completely perfect but from start to end, I never put this story down for a second. The plot is very clear, you know what the MC wants to do, and there's no wishy-washy feeling of uncertainty that slows down the plot. The pace stays the same from start to end with the appropriate fast-paced and slow-paced scenes. Each chapter felt like they had purpose to them.

The romance is very Romeo and Juliet-esque with how it just hit the fan. Yes there's build up to it, but then the story of the plot clashed with story of the romance and it blew up like how it did with Romeo and Juliet. Only MC and ML will live longer than 3 days lol. But it works! As it should!

And to the main plot, barring what was revealed in the summary, it's still the generic plot formula that I see in most cultivation stories. Only this focuses more on the relationships between people than the experiences the characters go through when cultivating. I thought that was really nice. Instead of toiling through the hardships in gaining treasures or the suffering they felt as they're cultivating in isolation, the author pretty much cuts it down to, 'open their eyes and X amount of days passed...'

The one thing that does bother me was the end.


It felt like a deus ex machina situation but it wasn't unreasonable. There was also the fact that the conclusion had the feeling of being wrapped up and it felt a little rushed. Basically, the bad guy just gave up without and that rubbed me the wrong way. It's like reading a fight between a wife and her mother-in-law that doesn't like her. Just lots of words and yelling tbh.


Please give this story a shot if my disclaimer at the beginning doesn't bother you!
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Jun 08, 2017
Status: Completed

The MC and ML interactions are super cute. The MC admires the senior brother, Jun Yanzhi, because he was the main character in the novel that he crosses into. So Yanzhi suddenly gained a little tail that follows him around everywhere, even when he tries to push MC away, the MC always come running back "Senior Brother this, Senior brother that", and Yanzhi fell in love with the adorable tail.

I love how YanZhi (top) can act cuter than the MC (bottom) as he secretly try to make the MC falls in love with him, while not ruining his cover of being the ideal senior brother. YanZhi's cute sides only comes out when he's with the MC, he's still a calculating and ruthless character towards his enemies, so you get the best of both world!

At first, Jun YanZhi might seems cold and uncaring, but he's a classic case of hard on the outside and soft on the inside. After falling in love with the MC, he acts as an ideal and graceful senior brother, but he's squirming on the inside trying to figure out how to trick the MC to fall for him and give him more attention. Yanzhi's easily jealous and prideful, but that's really just his cute way of saying "I'm mad you know, come spoil me", which is adorable and not overwhelming at all. The MC can seems shy and unreliable as he often follows YanZhi around, but the MC can be rational and stand up to speak out, as shown later in the novel.

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Aug 30, 2017
Status: Completed
What impressed me the most was that the world building and the plot were inextricable tied to the romance, as if the world was made for their romance instead of the romance just being an afterthought. The story borrowed a lot of elements and cliches from other novels but the author somehow wrapped them together in a very satisfying way.

The story worked surprisingly well as a mystery novel. When you think you know what's going on, everything you know turns on its head. All the major plot points were... more>> resolved, but near the end there are a couple of details the author (or maybe it was a translator error, I'm not sure, I read this in Vietnamese) got wrong as well as a couple of unresolved details but those weren't important.

The main couple was really cute. In the first half, the MC follows the ML around but the ML was also trying really hard to seduce the MC.

Which bastard said this was fluffy ah? After chapter 20 it got progressively darker and darker (the story even warns you in chapter 1) before picking back up in chapter 60. ML has some yandere tendencies and there's a bit of bestiality.


I was a bit shocked that... basically everything that happened in the novel was the result of someone being gay... <<less
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Oct 09, 2018
Status: Completed
What does it mean to trust someone? Is it enough to blindly believe in that person, to follow them with utter devotion and faith despite not knowing their true motives?

In the end, trusting someone without understanding their true self will only lead you to a dead end of disappointment and betrayal.

As the main characters of Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother find out, true trust must be earned--through suspicion and inquiry, through fire-forged bonds, through opening up about both the good and the bad. And only through that trust, can... more>> they build a love that could last millennia and lifetimes.

1) Story

The young teenager Wen Jing is an adorable fanboy of a certain Xianxia novel's protagonist, the perfect gentleman Jun Yanzhi. Unfortunately, Wen Jing dies before he can finish reading the ending of this novel. Fortunately, he ecstatically discovers he has transmigrated into the world of that novel. Alongside his "JYZ-senpai please notice me" routine, he begins investigating the underlying plots and mysteries of the original novel... and discovers forbidden secrets he was seemingly destined to uncover.

At first, the story of Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother gets off to a somewhat slow, almost slice-of-life start. However, I found myself shockingly gripped by the advent of the aforementioned mystery/conspiracy elements. I loved the use of dramatic irony in particular. I couldn't stop reading to see where the constantly evolving dynamic between Wen Jing and Jun Yanzhi would go next <3

Don't get me wrong, the story definitely had plenty of flaws. Some of the plot points were kind of shoehorned, including a certain time skip. After Wen Jing and Jun Yanzhi's amazing reconciliation about 3/4 of the way through, the plot really struggles to finish on a strong note. It uses rather dry exposition dumps to tie up the remaining plot points, which weren't very dramatic/compelling. In general, the ending was a little abrupt and shoe-horned; the pacing could have been improved by fleshing the final arc out, extending the story 10 chapters or so.

Still, I will say that I absolutely adored how this novel gave a wonderfully plot-relevant explanation for the MC's transmigration, incorporated into the reveal of the MC's true identity!!

2) Characters

To be honest, my favorite part of this novel was the MC's growth! Wen Jing started off as a naive, fanboying, mildly annoying little kid. This fit perfectly since he did transmigrate at only 14-15 years old. Then as the plot revelations started piling up, I was extremely impressed by his realistic reactions and growing maturity. I could empathize with his changing emotions of denial, suspicion, and anger. I adored the scenes where he actively confronted the ML over some of these revelations. Ah, it was overall such a pleasure to see his worldview mature, from blind worship of ML, to willing to kick ML's ass, to accepting both the good and bad sides of ML <3

The ML Jun Yanzhi was also a really fun character, as the archetypal "appearing to be a perfect gentleman, yet actually a scheming mastermind under the surface". His motivations, methodologies, and powers nailed all my favorite tropes~ Any more than that is spoilers lol.

I will say I felt Jun Yanzhi's possessiveness/Yandereness was rather overdone, including some very questionable dubcon/noncon moments in the first half of the story. I'm also not sure what happened to his personality near the end? The MC kind of started overshadowing him after the two reconciled.

Still, the frequently changing relationship between Wen Jing and Jun Yanzhi was such great fun to read. Man I'm such a sucker for these "initially blindly in love --> uncover secrets and get disillusioned with each other --> find out the truth and get back together" plots.

Now for the supporting cast... I enjoyed all of MC and ML's disciple-brothers--they really did feel like a real family. The MC and ML's shifu was also very compelling, so I'm glad he had such an important role in the story and extras. I will say I wished the disciple-brothers got more closure, and that the shifu showed up more near the end. The writing of the villains could have been done a bit better (see the aforementioned "dry exposition dumps" above), but I appreciate that the author did try to give everyone 3-dimensional motivations.

3) Overall Enjoyment: Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother has a wonderfully unique and enjoyable take on the classic "transmigration into a xianxia novel" genre, and hits many of my personal favorite tropes. It ran into some problems in execution (especially near the end), but it was definitely worth it overall!

[Side note: I totally agree with one of the other reviews that literally everything that happens in this novel, both good and bad, is ultimately caused by gay love hahahahahahahaha] <<less
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Aug 17, 2021
Status: c65
im not gonna focus on the "good things" in this novel / about this novel.

find one of the many, many, high-rated reviews if that's what you're looking for.

there's mainly 4 things which really put me off, disgusted me and made me stop reading:

    • literal underage grooming, and groping (in general just groping underage or not.)
    • rape
    • something happened in a certain snake form that left me throwing up im ngl
    • ML fell in love/showed interest in MC when he was 15
as for point one: underage grooming and groping (or just in general groping)

this point gets as literal as it can get: ML would every single night grope MC, with the help of some spell (??? Idk what the f*ck it was) put MC to sleep, deep sleep, and then grope him. Which included kissing, sucking (not dick, but hickey ish), "pressing" (like body to body) and litterally, deVOURINg mc's mouth. Sigh. Not to mention all of this started when MC was what, 15? And ML was like 23-24? That's f*cked up, down right

point two: r*pe

yeah another one which can't get any more literal.

and there's literally no discussion about whether or not this was r*pe. MC multiple times yelled "stop" "get off me", but ML kept going.

and then there's the people who'll go: "well technically it's not r*pe, because the d*ck was only half way in!!! Uwu", no stfu that's r*pe. THAT WAS r*pe. Stop trying to justify literal f*cking r*pe, that's disgusting

spoiler warning for this one

point three: some explicit content when ML was a snake

:) I shall inform you that I am still traumatized after reading that chapter. Genuinely what the f*ck was that?

context: ML can turn into a python. MC has a "deep bond" with this python and thus "cuddles" with it every night (platonically), at one point this mf of a ML gets a bit too h**ny and begins doing

things? To MC. And as far as I understood had a d*ck out. A MFKIN SNAKE DICK, , , , , , , , ,

nope. NoPE. That's geniunely too f*cking disgusting. And idc about the kink-shaming now, because NO I WILL kink-shame when it comes to sh*t like this. Not to mention, MC was still underage at this point in time.

point four: showing interest in MC when he was only 15

okay, so, bear in mind, there's like an eight or nine-year difference between MC and ml? Which isn't necessarily wrong. EXCEPT IT IS, WHEN ML FALLS IN LOVE WITH MC AT THE AGE OF 15. Ew. What the f*ckidy f*cking ew? ML also wanted to f*ck MC when he was 15

haha, wh at? Im sorry, author, but, what? :D

sure, ML would say stuff like "sure, he's still too young" or "i will wait until you grow a bit older

", and people might go celebrate that and be like "oh my god!! Yesssss!! Such a respective king!!". ?+?+??? Yall are literally missing the point. F*ck whether or not ML decides to wait, the point is that he literally f*cking thought about having s*x with a 15 yro, a minor, and not only that, had romantic feelings for a 15 yro. That, in itself, is beyond concerning. I mean bit*h wtf, he's a pe*ophile and I don't get why, like 90% of the reviews decide to look past that. Ew.

anyways, in general the ML was kind of f*cked up, I mean, , , , all of his actions towards MC just left me in a "what? What the f*ck? Recap, rECAP"

and MC and mls relationship had no foundation whatsoever. Like one person just suddenly fell for the other, and soon the other would make troop and fall for the other. (Did that give any sense? Not sure)

(it got 2 stars due to a decent plot, that (personal meaning) turned for the worse, bored and confused me.)

anyways, peace out.
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Aug 25, 2020
Status: c66
I really don't understand these people who complain. Didn't they read the tags? ML is a male yandere - meaning he's damn crazy. He isn't a good person. Don't expect good things from him when you start reading this novel. Why did you people even start reading this? You obviously know this is going to be a dark setting with questionable morals, but you still have to read, rate and complain about this. Please don't read novels that don't conform to your values. Read what you like and stay from... more>> books with male yanderes. I'm so sick of these delusional people expecting the behavior of Prince Charming from a crazy bastard.

I've just started reading this and I'm in love with the plot, characters as well as the world building. It's beautiful. Whoever said psychos don't need love, come have a fight with me! This is clearly a book about how love reforms a morally defunct bastard into an angel. I've already seen the beautiful ending and am going to enjoy the whole process. Hahaha. I'll add more once I'm finished reading.


I regretfully have to go back on my words. ML was not a crazy bastard. He's so pitiful that he was abused by life in every possible way and ended up becoming a tad obsessive and possessive. However, he didn't do anything too over the top. In fact, I found the MC infuriating. He's simply too s*upid to read. He believes any random idiot more than someone who he grew up with. I even questioned why the title was so when MC didn't live up to it. Then, I had to hatefully take back my words again!!! Author, do you like playing with us so much?!! Frustrate, then twist, then frustrate some more until the whole truth is revealed?!! Ahhhh, I have so many claws scratching at my heart. Anyway, about ML being pe*vert... This is a mini spoiler, so it's ok to read it. I just wanted to leave it open but what if I destroy someone's reading experience? Ok, maybe it's a big spoiler but it's your choice if you see it.


So, some reviews have revealed that ML hypnotizes MC to sleep and mol*sts him. Well, he's literally a beast and he was restraining himself to wait until MC grows up but basically, MC is perving on ML too. And later, when ML was injured and dying, MC gropes ML too. He like, literally chomps on him and takes a few kisses for recharging as he was too much of a coward at that time. So I say, they're made for each other~ Two pe*verted fools who don't know how to be honest with each other. Heh.


Also, MC is so frustratingly s*upid that he can't even put one and two together. I just... thankfully, he fell in love with a smart man. MC was s*upid cute at first, then just plain s*upid for a gruelingly long time, then when they make up for their misunderstandings, he's starting to behave ok. But I really wanted to smack the child. He's so freaking immature. He turned out ok towards the end.

Welp, it ended just right and Attica was right. All the problems were caused by gay love. Lol. The mystery is strong in this one. Although frustrating to not have the truth pronto, it is more satisfying to enjoy the reveal after some torment. sigh <<less
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Oct 17, 2019
Status: c48
The MC has low emotional IQ, and is stuck in his belief that the ML is a good person thus blind to everything he does that doesn’t add up ?

The ML has fallen for the MC a long time ago but instead of telling him, drugs him to sleep every chance he gets and basically performs non consensual acts on the MC stopping short of r*pe ?

These two things basically ruins an otherwise perfectly good cultivation/mystery story.
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Apr 04, 2020
Status: c50
i hate to be that person that will tr*sh this, because it seems this is a lot of people's favorite. I had high hopes coming into this, and the beggining was interesting, storyline was nice, but as the story progressed I got so bored. Here's my problems with this:

1- first, let's talk about the romance. After ML hipnotizes MC and finds out MC genuienly respects him and doesn't want anything in return, they have a few friendly conversations. And then out of nowhere he gets this unbearable lust to the... more>> point he uses his "power" of turning into a snake to sleep with him/ kisses and gropes MC in his sleep (* POLICE SIRENS*) like where did this come from? is so random and I get that people don't need a "reason" to fall in love and it just comes sometimes, but in this it was really sudden and weird. They're barely friends. So it feels hollow. MC also likes the ML and I get that a bit more bc he already admired him, and not this person is trying to woo him and he's hot, but still...

2-problematic much?? I don't wanna be THAT person but fr ML is a creep. He groped MC in his sleep more than once without an ounce of guilt, and even justified it with the reason "he's waiting for him to get older", and even tho the actual romance doesnt start after MC is a bit older ML is already viewing MC in a s*xual light at 15. He's 24. How about no? Yeah, MC likes him back, but thats not a reason for ML to do things to him while he's unconscious.

3- Plain characters, plain story. I persevered and got to basically the climax but I just couldn't care because I don't care about these characters, nor the story. <<less
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Aug 14, 2020
Status: c66 part1
Okay. All the bad things about this novel are pointed out by those who have given it a low rating.

Personally, it didn't really bother me so much so it depends on your tolerance. Now, the reason I keep on reading this is because the mystery is keeping me hooked and on edge. I just want to find out the truth behind the Hengyang Palace massacre. I don't care if the ML is a creep nor about the MC being slow. I just want to know the truth.

The writing is... more>> good enough to keep me attached to the story and that's enough for me. <<less
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Sep 04, 2020
Status: c66 part2
Overall: 2/5

In danmei, yaoi, etc, questionable behavior that people wouldn’t tolerate in real life runs rampant. For example, possessive behavior that would normally result in a restraining order instead elicits fangirl squeals of delight and approval. Physical and s*xual abuse? Sure, why not, depending on the presentation and supposed reason. (That’s just a little sarcastic.) And this disconnect between fiction and reality is usually fine. After all, most horror movie lovers don’t actually actually want their friends and family killed off by ghosts and most war story afficiandos don’t actually... more>> want to experience trench warfare themselves.

What does matter is if the writing goes past a reader’s bottom line, and this novel crosses mine. One, pe*ophilia. ML is 22 when he starts seeing the 14 year old MC in a blatantly s*xual light. One could argue that MC is a transmigrator so he actually isn’t underage. I would counter that ML doesn’t know that and also MC is not written with a mentality of an adult. Two, lack of consent. Not just dubious consent but full on forcing MC to fall asleep in order to sexually assault the minor. This isn’t just something to be laughed off as ML being yandere.

The story and writing aren’t necessarily any worse than many other danmei novels that I’ve rated higher. The plot isn’t the most interesting or coherent, but the above issue on MC and ML’s relationship is just a flat out “nope” for me. <<less
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Sep 10, 2017
Status: c51

The main character is about to read the final chapter of his favorite light novel when he's suddenly caught in an accident. He is reborn as a child in the world of the novel as an insignificant character. Upon becoming a teenager, he meets the novel's protagonist, who he has always admired. He joins the same sect with the intention of just following his "noble" senior brother's story. But now that he is personally in the novel, something seems... different...

Review as of Ch.12:

The story has yet to really develop, but... more>> I am preemptively giving this 5 stars because of the quality of the writing.

The author has put a lot of detail into the world-building and set up for the story. Even though it's only been 12 chapters, the characters (including the side characters!) are likable and have distinct personalities. The pacing of the story is smooth -- not too rushed, not too slow, just eventful enough to keep your interest and steadily progress the plot.

I will update this review later.


Unfortunately, this series has switched translators. While I appreciate the new translator's efforts to keep the series going, the releases are in dire need of editing, and the chapters are practically unreadable. (It seems like MTL -- where the words are directly translated into English, but don't have any context, barely any grammar, and don't make narrative sense. For example, sometimes a person or technique's name will be translated into nonsense.)

I'm sad that I'll need to drop this series for now since the new chapters are so difficult to read. <<less
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Sep 04, 2021
Status: c80.1
Honestly, one of the best novels I've read so far. And before I even get into more detail for this review, know that my standards are sky high. Anything that I don't find likeable in the story, male lead, or the main character, I won't hesitate to drop.

Now let's get into what most of the reviews complain about. Ah yes, the non-con. Now, I don't want to ruin it if some readers are into that stuff, but really, it isn't as bad as some comments make it seem. The grooming... more>> isn't that bad, but the r*pe issue... it can be overlooked. (Yes, the non-con really does happen. Non explicit, however.) The novel doesn't make it into a big deal, and it doesn't get in the way of the plot whatsoever. Just look at the ratings, would a novel dealing with the tag "rape" usually get this high of a rating exceeding over 3.8 stars? Nope.

The plot surprisingly, was great. Coming into the novel, I didn't expect at all that it would be this good. I'm talking about a rollercoaster of emotions. The angst, comedy, romance, characterisation, etc. The novel is lighthearted while also perfectly fitting in angst crucial moments which contributed to the plot. The characters weren't one-dimensional, like the OG female leads for example. Usually in these types of novels, the female lead will be all over the male lead, fawning over their every move, but the female lead here is much more humane. There's not much jealousy involved that's to the point of annoyance.

Overall, this novel is simply a very cute story! Though this claim might face controversies. I don't want to say any bad things about this novel to keep the review positive amongst dozens of other reviews complaining about this novel. I just have to urge any newcomer readers to please, give the novel a try. I spent a whole two days completing this without stopping (except to sleep). It was worth it. Oh, while we're at it, for those who have finished this novel and want something that gives off a similar vibe/plot go try out 'Legendary Master's Wife'! It's also a BL and deals with cultivation as well.

Good Luck!! *\ (^o^) /* <<less
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Jul 06, 2017
Status: c7
So far so good!

The plot is interesting and well-paced! It can keep you attention and leave you wanting for more with all the mysteries and unanswered questions surrounding the characters lingering in the background.

The MC, Wen Jing, is not an OP character but he can be smart and endearing!

No BL so far, only mild hero-worship. But, I can sense an interesting dynamic coming up!

Looking forward for more of this one!
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Mar 30, 2022
Status: c49
both the novel and some of the reviewers here are seriously problematic, to be honest. this novel just doesn't sit right with me.

first of all, let's talk about the characters. except for the ML and MC, only the shifu and second shixiong stood out to me. the other side characters are... bland. typical side characters, even the two I mentioned didn't really have anything special, to be honest. anyways, I can't really say that the MC is smart but can't say that he is dumb either. he is just normal... more>> and that's not a bad thing. after all, at the beginning of the novel, he was still 14 or so. normal is a good thing. the problematic one is the male lead. I know that he is a yandere and yandere doesn't have the right mind but, seriously, lusting over a minor like that, groping and mol*sting MC after making him fall deeply asleep somehow, is just downright wrong. I'm reminding you again, the MC was 14 when ML started.

i am stopping at chapter 49 but seeing some of the reviews here, I somehow got a gist of what happened during the rape scene. i... dont understand how some of the reviewers here. why would you disregard the s*xual abuse of an adult to a minor and justify why he raped the MC? no matter the reason, rape is rape and that is wrong. please do not ignore the misdeeds of the ML.

anyways, for the plot, it was not that bad. it started interesting and by the chapter where I dropped it, the mystery was still fascinating. although I really want to read the ending, it is too bad that I can not see it because of this ML...

unless you are a sadistic person that enjoys reading the MC getting mol*sted by this kind of ML, I dont really recommend this novel. <<less
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Dec 16, 2019
Status: c50
The plot, mystery, and cultivation aspects of this story are what draw you in. And while I personally think some aspects of the mystery were revealed a little too early, it was still interesting to watch for if the main character could finally figure it out.

The romance tho. It started off cute and endearing with the main character's affinity for animals, but it was promptly ruined by the non-con nighttime shenanigans while the main character was sleeping. Nothing explicit happens but the fact the non-con nighttime shenanigans keeps happening ain't... more>> for me chief. Plus, the main character was 13 when this story started, and the main lead was already catching feels at 22. He grows up soon after, and I learned age is but a number in cultivation stories so ok sure I can overlook that.

But my biggest gripe with the story so far is that while I appreciate the effort of the most recent translations (LovePeace), they're a far-cry from the work of the previous translators (SilverNekoTranslations). It gives me MTL vibes and is difficult to understand, so sadly I'm stopping here. <<less
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Jun 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't really like MC at first but by time, he's getting mature and better (trust me)

ML also kinda cute to me, crazy dark sometimes and a crybaby (he really cry a lot, apparently he gets really weak and emotional if its have to do with MC)

Like to seduced MC a lot (though always fail lol)

... more>> He also like to be pampered a lot by MC, acting all pitiful and weak lol (i roll eyes everytime haha)

They both have mistakes, but they slowly work it out in the end. <<less
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Jul 02, 2018
Status: c27 part2
I enjoyed reading this story mainly because the translator does a very good job at translating. It's easy to read and understand. To the translator, please continue translating until the end. You are doing a very good job.

The other reason is because of the presentation pf the plot. The author takes time to build up the characters, specially the MC. I can only hope that it wont be too long before we reach the part that everyone here is waiting for.

The MC is a good character in the sense that... more>> he isn't too s*upid or too helpless. Thanks to his knowledge of the plot, he can think of ways to adapt to the situations even tho they don't go according to plan. The ML is so mysterious. Something happens in the story and you suddnly realize, "so that was him!". Towards the MC, he takes his time to wait. Though MC is fanboying right now, I think he is nicely innocent towards the ML. I can't wait for the moment when he realizes his feelings.

I also wish the ousted FL to have her own romance with someone else worthy. I like where the subplot is heading :) <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: c74
Through 74 chapters, I was confused why there's a tag s*xual abuse? Yes, there is r*pe but it's not explicit. Only half through.

I thought this novel would be heavy and dark but it's not much.

Maybe, it tagged s*xual abuse because the ML would secretly kiss, s**ked its neck, caressing the MC without consent? It's not abuse. I thought the ML would slap him or pull his hair or something lmao.

... more>> The ML is h**ny. But didn't abuse though. He is a soft creature towards the MC. He cares for the MC.

In the r*pe scene, the ML did it because he was in distress, sad, and was betrayed by the MC.

Tbh, for me, at that time, the MC is kind of not thinking thoroughly. He acted without thinking. The MC accused the ML and used harsh words. That snapped the ML.

I pitied the ML.

It's just, the MC already knew that the ML was accused wrongly in the novel. But he, himself accused the ML too. Lol.

But well, it's needed after all for the plot. I understand.

Just like Jujutsu Kaisen's author, stated that they didn't care who they kill a character in the manga just for the sake of the plot. Protagonist or not. They stated that they planned to let Yuuji die after Sukuna ripped his heart.

I also don't understand the comments. Why would they call the ML bastard? It's clear that they don't understand the characters LMAO. <<less
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Feb 27, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL-d because I noticed the date of the latest update. ;W;;;;;

It's such a shame that this one is dropped because I really, really enjoyed this one. The storybuilding and their relationship's progression was just fit to my taste!


MC and ML are both the reincarnation of the original black phyton and the banished sect master.

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Oct 08, 2021
Status: c45
First off, some TWs. Under a spoiler, but if you're sensitive at all you should read it:

... more>>

Underage - Nothing happens, however ML starts mol*sting MC when he's around 14. I think this is a transmigration novel where this is actually a big deal, since for once the MC died as a kid (14 so technically early teen, but still a kid to me), so his early years in the world was more like an extended childhood/teenagehood. I keep forgetting his age, but I think ML is around 9-10 years older than MC? So it's a 23yo mol*sting a 14yo.

Somnophilia/Dub-con - Related to above, all the mol*station and kissing happens while MC is asleep until he's 17.

Bestiality (?) - Also related to above... some of the stuff ML does is as a snake. So it's a lil better since it's a human in an animal body, but it's still a snake mol*sting a human.


Now for the actual review:

I think it's really interesting how this time, the transmigrator was a kid in his original life. He dies at 14, then the main story starts when he's 14. It makes sense for him to be so emotional and a little dense/dumb. I like how aside from the transmigration plot, I can also enjoy a lil bit of "growing up plot", which is usually impossible since most transmigrators died as adults (or late teens that had to grow up early bc of abuse/parent death/etc).

I also like how the transmigration plot is handled by the author. It isn't treated as this huge deus ex machina that helps the MC be OP or anything, but the author uses it as a tool to add suspense to the story. The mentions of the ending MC wasn't able to read, the dark tag on the original novel, etc, all serve to make the reader question things and look forward to the story developing.

The characters themselves aren't amazing but are still interesting. MC is adorable in an "eager and honest but dumb shota" way. ML is sorta bland at the start, he got interesting when he "darkened" but I'm not sure I'd say I like him. The side characters have a lot of character and I love the other brothers. However, sometimes some characters seem important, but suddenly disappear when they're no longer needed, and some characters just sporadically appear and disappear with no important actions, like they're just there to fill words.

The main CP dynamics is funny at any stage of the story. There's a lot of misunderstandings, not just from outsiders but also between the two of them. ML is fond of acting weak to get spoiled by MC, which then causes MC to worry because he thinks ML isn't becoming OP but instead weakening. MC is almost too considerate of ML, to the point where ML's attempts to get closer or confess tend to fail.

Very fun read if you're not sensitive to the TWs. I would hesitantly recommend, but only to people I think can handle it. <<less
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Oct 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Well I won't say much. I enjoyed the story, but some things aren't well explained and with the mature and adult tags, I was looking forward to a nice smexy scene, which of course didn't happen and I was disappointed. Just one and it wasn't detailed. The rest were implied. Sue me okay, but I like my stories with good plot and at least one real smut, but preferably two or more.
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