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Group Name Isohungry Translations
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Series (151)
Releases 4835

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
08/04/21 Shoujo Grand Summoning c961
08/04/21 I Just Want to Die c100 part1
08/03/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c393
08/03/21 The Resplendent Farming Apothecary c131
08/03/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c392
08/03/21 My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World c89
08/03/21 Shoujo Grand Summoning c960
08/03/21 Shoujo Grand Summoning c959
08/03/21 Today, the Foolish Scum Gong Screwed Me Over Again c55
08/02/21 Unlimited Anime Works c143
08/02/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c391
08/02/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c390
08/01/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c389
08/01/21 The Resplendent Farming Apothecary c130
08/01/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c388
08/01/21 Return of the Goddess c88
08/01/21 I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck c30 part2
08/01/21 Shoujo Grand Summoning c958
07/31/21 Chusan’s Liuyi Children’s Day c8
07/31/21 Shoujo Grand Summoning c957
07/31/21 Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again c65
07/31/21 Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again c64
07/31/21 Pampering My Husband Every Day c10 part3
07/30/21 Holistic Fantasy c171
07/30/21 Sinister Ex-Girlfriend c387
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