Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil


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The top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn as hundreds of thousands of villains,

Every world ended in a dead end,

Every end is tragic.

Finally he escaped the control of the Villain System,

He decided to enact revenge, change his fate as an abused slag

Even if his every bone is rotten,

He’ll occupy the heights of morality, even if it’s just the surface.

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil average rating 4.8/5 - 541 user ratings
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Face of Devil
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New Clouxd rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c10.14
Every time I check for updates my heart aches. I love this. Every chapter is a 180 so you never get tired, and many you will want to keep continuing, like chapter 10 I could read way longer. Some you'll cry all the way through like chapter 9. I love this series to death, I've never read something this good. ... more>>

It's a love story that crosses the universes and they fall in love over and over and it's so beautiful and tragic but I want his immortal lover to remember all these lives and they can be together ugh but the ugly sobbing i'd do... Like, how does a story go from cute fluffy top model reality tv show to a horrible zombie infested world with blood all over?! He takes what he learned from the villain system to figure out the puzzle of a situation he's always put in. Everything is carefully calculated but not obvious and not easy to guess. Each one of these chapters could be it's own WN!

As I wait for chapter 11 I can't imagine what world he's going to go to next. It's impossible to guess. I want this WN to never end. To me it could be limitless and if there were hundreds of chapters i'd stick with it. Every chapter I start I get anxious knowing it ends at 15. This is damn life changing I swear. It's a work of art! <<less
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New urbanscrappy rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: c10.14
This story is perfection and I don't say that lightly. I was intrigued by all the reviews and high ratings and was hopeful of an interesting story bu this blew away my expectations. It's smart and very well plotted, funny, touching, thrilling, I could go on. Love it, love it, love it. In fact I love it so much I'm actually staying away from the spoiler threads, which is extremely rare for me.
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zteambun rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: c3.9
This story is very interesting! It's basically 15 different stories that the protagonist goes through. The protagonist was trapped in a system that controlled his actions and forced him to be the villain timeless times, being reborn in a different scenario. But slowly he hacks 007, the AI of the system, destroying the system's ability to control him. This is after he was reborn thousands of times, so he had picked up numerous different skills. Using these skills and the knowledge he picked up from hacking 007, he aims to... more>> change the course of the stories he is in, for the better for the character he had taken over and ultimately paralyse the system.

The most interesting part about this novel is the different scenarios he is placed in and

how the love interest is the same soul in all the stories. There's Rich Heir, Autistic Painter, Royal offical to the Emperor, Model/Teen Drama, Noble, Rockstar, Fallen Nobility, Supermodel, Scientist in a Zombie Apocalypse, Light Priest, Omega in a Space Future, Disciple in a Xianxia setting, Business CEO, Classical Musician, Emperor


Although the translation is MTL, it is of very high quality and very easy to understand. The translator works very hard and updates frequently and with one complete story at a time. (But they're on a vacation rn, so no updates for 2 weeks) I had fun reading! Thanks so much for your hard work and have fun on your vacation~ <<less
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Jiang Chen forever
Jiang Chen forever rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c3.9
My reaction when binge reading this: Kyaaaaaaa. Sooo cute. Where has this been all my life.

After I finished reading it: My life has no meaning. What do I live for? WHAT IS LIFE?

After finishing the latest chapters, I went into depression because there was nothing else to live for, the only thing that kept me going was knowing more chapters were coming.

Every morning and night I would check for an update. Please read this novel at your own risk. HEED MY WARNING.
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KKristen rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c5.10

  • This is a yaoi / shounen-ai / boys love story. There are fantasy elements and a noticable plot (that's actually pretty good), but overall a huge plot element in the story is the male MC's romances with men. You have been warned.
  • This isn't the most realistic, heart-pounding, or complex novel, but it's still pretty well-written and an easy read. If you don't mind BL and just want a fantasy romance, give it a try.

  • The main character was a genius hacker before "God" trapped him in a virtual hell. Always reborn as the "villian" or "cannon fodder" character, he's forced to play out the roles and dies an unseemly death in thousands of worlds, over thousands of years. When he finally breaks the cycle, he resolves to ruin God's plans... and finds love along the way.
Plot Notes:

... more>>
  • Even though he's finally developed a tool that enables him to stray from God's "script, " he is still trapped in an endless cycle of lives. He decides to slowly corrupt God's system by changing the path of his character, the protagonist, and antagonist in each world he enters.
  • This novel is essentially about following the main character as he lives many different lives, and watching him manipulate and change the pre-written stories in order to spite God. He also builds a strong romance in each life.
Main Character:

  • Basically, the MC is a genius who has lived thousands of lives as thousands of different characters. He has become immensely talented in all fields. He is extremely intelligent, calculating, and alluring... and somewhat OP... but he's still likeable.
  • The MC's original self was gay. However, "God" forced him to play the villain and do unspeakable things with/to women for thousands of years. When he finally regains self-control, he is relieved and ready to pursue men again.
  • Note: even though his relationships are homos*xual, they're not just "exaggeratedly gay" or smutty. (Everything is pretty clean. PG-13 at the very most.) The MC's relationships are actually pretty solid, developed, and healthy.

  • The translation quality is really good, and the chapters are nice and long.
  • This is a very easy and smooth read. Perhaps it's not the most complex novel (it's mostly just nice fantasy-romance fluff), but the plot is solid and the romance takes center stage without detracting from the actual story.
All in all, I'd say that if you enjoy an easy fantasy romance, and don't have a problem with BL, give it a try. You might enjoy it. I know I did. <<less
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chemelon rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: Completed
This is an amazing story, told in sixteen different segments. Each of the segments have unique storylines, but it remains strictly 1v1. The stories really start to pick up by the ninth segment, after which the overarching storyline becomes more apparent. The romance is adorable, and the ending is reasonably satisfying. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light and incredibly sweet reading experience - including those who would usually avoid the yaoi genre. The translations are very good, and the translator always updates each segment... more>> in bulk. Expect updates approximately once a month, for about 11-15 chapters each time.

Note that there is a considerable amount of internal monologuing and background explanations in this story, usually in a condensed form with few specific details so you can quickly understand the gist of things. If that is not to your preference, the beginning of each story segment may be somewhat difficult to read.

For those who are interested or would like to keep track, the MC's role in each setting is:

Rich Heir/Major IT Developer

Autistic Painter

Scholar/Aide to the Crown Prince

Money-Grubbing Boyfriend



Concubine to the King

Supermodel Contestant

Biochemist in the Apocalypse

Light Priest

Omega Intergalactic Soldier

Disciple Cultivator

CEO of an IT Company

Hidden Twin/Piano Prodigy


Genius Hacker (in real life)


Likewise, the love interest (ML) in each setting is:


Caretaker/Yakuza Leader

Adopted Brother

Crown Prince

Boyfriend's Uncle/CEO of Luxury Goods Company

Amnesiac/Military General


Adopted Son

TV Show Producer/Top Model

Soldier/Test Subject

God of Light and Destruction

Alpha Intergalactic Soldier

Master Cultivator

Investor/Mafia Boss

Adopted Uncle/Family Head

Military General/Occasional Abductor

Evolved Human/National Hero (in real life)

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lorry rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c3.9
I'm always left feeling letdown after finishing a novel, because I crave more chapters, wishing that the story was never-ending. But this time, I don't feel dissatisfied or wanting. Like one reviewer has already said, this story is addictive. In fact, to call it a story is underplaying it, it's a little like a 1000 and 1 Nights, where the end of one story only means the beginning of another. I'm only getting more and more excited for each new chapter. So far I like every new setting introduced, and... more>> the way the author made something different with every new clichéd plot. Most of all I like the strong-willed and ballsy protagonist. Thankfully translation is fast and top quality, so all in all, a highly recommended read! <<less
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Heartfel rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: Completed
I have to say, I love the translators work. You are amazing.

I love this story so much, I started reading the raws using MTL. I have to say, I love it. Depending on the world, the MTL is understandable but some is slightly harder due to xianxia world and the Chinese olden days.

If you are thinking twice about this book. Think no more. This book has every genre you want. Xianxia (check). Superstar (check). ABO (check) and etc. Oh man, if you don't like the first world, move on to... more>> the next. It won't feel like you miss much except the profound deepness of the romance between two characters. Each world is it's own story. If you get critical, maybe you'd see similarities but honestly, I don't notice cause it feels like I'm literally reading a new book every time he moves on to the next world. In short, I LOVE IT. It's like saying no matter who they are, they will always love each other. Also, you won't feel annoyed by the MC being OP or anything cause he's not. He might have more abilities than normal humans but depending on the world (genre also), he uses only that specific ability. Ahhh. I love it. I can't say anything more but I love it. It's the perfect love story. It's the perfect romance and for someone like me who like reading almost all the genre out there, this is the perfect book for me. <<less
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darksideofthecookie rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: c3.9
Truly exceptional, one of the best BL novels I've read here on NU. Each part is a complete story on its own, and they fit the main plot line perfectly, making it even better. The romance is sweet, but not tooth-decaying or crude, you can really feel the love between the characters - and they are, well, simply awesome! Especially the MC, he's my favourite type :) although his partner holds up really well too. In short, I absolutely recommend!
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SiLverHearT_ rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: Completed
Tooo Awesome! Too cute! Too interesting! Tooo much love!!!!

Out of aaaaaall the yaoi I ever read (and I read really a lot of them...), this one is the most interesting and complete. What do I mean by complete?

Well, first of all it's not a harem type but you get to have all kind of personalities because the MCs reincarnate in different characters, in different worlds, and experience all kind of different loves!!! From the first story I already understood that I would like this novel, but after reading it and... more>> then searching for the raws I fell in love with it!

What kind of worlds? Well, 15 worlds and 15 lifetimes:


There are stories in the modern world where the MC becomes a singer, a painter, a pianist, an idol, a model, then there are stories in the ancient china, in apocalyptic worlds with zombies and gods, wuxi worlds, ABO world, there is even a world where guys can become pregnant.....>///<


The main is the uke, but he is so cute, so clever, so charming that you might as well fall in love with him. The seme though does not lose in anything, his love is so strong that I blush whenever he speaks or thinks....... (the novel is not too explicit, but some descriptions are...>///<)

After reading it once, you cannot resist to read it another time, it's like reading 15 different yaois of the same level (though you might not like some kind of worlds), you really can't get tired of it. If you really do not like a world, just continue reading it until the next one, they are sooo fantastic I cannot even express how much I like it.

Strong and possessive seme, charming and intelligent uke, different lives but the same strong love, what are you waiting for?

I must say that I really do not want to push people in the same abyss I am, because yes, Yaois are an addiction you cannot get rid of once you fall for it, it's been 5 years prob since my first yaoi anime my friends recommended me and I still cannot let it go...I'm completely a fallen woman now.

But really. To the other people who have already fallen with me, this one is a real masterpiece, at first I didn't want to write a review for a yaoi, because I feel like it really resembles an obsession I shouldn't talk too much about, but this one.....

You like True Star? Kill the Lights? Reicarnation of a Superstar? ABO cadets? Rehabilitating the Villain Plan? The founder of Diabolism? Whatever you like, whatever you have tried, this one satisfies all your desires, completely.

Oh, well, except for those who like netorare or anything, this one makes you really feel the strong love the characters have.... awwwwww

What should I say now? Mm.... Bon Appétit! Hope you will enjoy this beautiful treat! Thank you very much translator for choosing to translate this novel and allowing me (and all the others who enjoyed it) to experience such a rollercoaster of love~ <3 <3 <3 <<less
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Ritu rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c5.10
Good quality novel. (Hard to believe that the translator MTLed it and them did their magic on it. It takes talent to make mtl comprehensive. You Won't even notice that it's mtl.). This novel is addictive. It's like reading a fairytale. You how the story is going to go and you don't get bored reading it because it so beautifully written. Chapters before chapter 8 are pretty simple plot wise compared to the chapters 8 and above. The chapters start to become waaaaay more long than the initial chapters... more>> and more heavy with plot.

As the summary explained, the MC is forced into a 'world' by the 'god' of that world and is forced to play the villians in multiple universes. He cannot change the plot and has to play the perfect villain, only then he will be allowed to go home. And as we already know how the end of the villian is in a novel, it's no surprise that the MC, after suffering and doing things that mentally broke him, became ruthless. He has spent thousands of years in this fake world, playing the role every sort of villian you have ever read about. He slowly regains control over his life and starts to disrupt the power of the 'god' so that he could go home.

The story proceeds in arcs where in each arc he is reincarnated as a person who suffered due to the actions of the protagonists, be it a connon fodder, love rival or the main villian. Then he goes about making the lives of those protagonists hell and fulfilling wishes of the bodies he has reincarnated into.

What I really appreciate about this novel is that through its many arcs focusing on the common and uncommon storylines, we get to see that be it a protagonist or antagonist, every one is capable of good and every one is capable of doing bad. It highlighted how in thier quest to be successful, the protagonists of a story in thoughtlessly destroy the lives of others. How sometimes they just go too far andd do more inhumane things than a villian.

The plot is nice. The characters are nice. The MC is OP but it's pretty obvious why. The ML is nothing new, the cold hearted ML of BL novels. But surprisingly, he is really passionate about the MC and might be a bit of a masochist. He is very mature. And really REALLY obsessed with the MC. You'll understand as you will read the novel.

Also I've noticed a few people uncomfortable by the fact that MC most of the times is only around 18 years old physically while the ML is near 30. I wish for you to bear in mind, the MC is thousands of years older than the ML mentally. Had it not been for the ML being older and more mature, the MC wouldn't even look at the poor guy.

1000% recommended. The translation speed is really good. It's a good fun read. Take your time to enjoy it ;) <<less
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June 29, 2017
Status: c4.11
Absolutely stunning! I truly love this story.

I, personally, love overpowered MC and Zhou Yun Sheng, with his knowledge from thousands years of hosting villainous characters learnt various skills that he later used on his slow-and-steady-virus-planting revenge plan.

But the aspect I truly love is

... more>>

the romance! Du Xu Lang is such a likeable character and their relationship as lover in the first world is truly heartwarming. I love how Zhou Yun Sheng stayed in that first world to be by Du Xu Lang's side until his death. Once he died, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately left the world and recovered from heartache for a long time in the hidden world he own. And when he went to the second world, turned out the next love interest is the same person. At that time, both of them have different names, different background, different personalities, and different everything but it was HINTED and I was CONVINCED, that the love interest, Nian Si Nian, is the reincarnation of Du Xu Lang. If Zhou Yun Sheng is trapped to be the villain, then there is a very high probability that Du Xu Lang/Nian Si Nian is also trapped by the God Lord and experienced the same kind of repeated lives like the MC.

In the third world, the love interest even have double name (maiden name? Can't remember) that is Gu Si Nian. Gah! The romance though!


Of course, not to say that the whole other plot is useless. The MC is very capable and never stray from his objective to slowly cause changes in the worlds so they would no longer in the control of the Lord God.

I really can't wait for the ending, though. Will the MC succeed in returning to his real world? Will the MC and ML meet in real life? So many questions~ <<less
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Vineri rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c3.9
This story is absolutely amazing! I love the protagonist and the seme in everyone of the story. While the name of the seme may change, you can still see a hint of their personality in each life peak through. I enjoy watching the protagonist's antics as he went from one life to another.
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Reitian rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: Completed
When I first started reading, I thought, oh, this seems interesting. However, the longer I read, the more invested I became. This story is one large story encompassing 15 smaller ones. However, you shouldn't forget that the MC's original world also counts as a world (for 16 total) and I may be wrong, but I believe there are 3 extra worlds and extra H in the printed version, but that's a different story.

I thought the first story line was alright, but I was hooked from the second story because I... more>> admired the author for touching on so many different subjects. The author/translator would have to look up so many different subjects such as the terminology painters use, and the feeling portrayed during war or when passionately playing music. Just the sheer amount of dedication and the details make this story worth reading and it far surpasses the stigma of the yaoi category. It's extremely addicting and I want to congratulate the translator for all of their hard work.


The plot starts to get more intense (as if it wasn't already) after chapter 9, when the MC starts visiting stronger worlds. The author also starts mixing up their formula and the stories start referencing each other, so it's not as if each arc is completely independent.

I always looked forward to what the new world's settings would be and the identity of the ML, not to mention how the MC will mess up the original story line. It's interesting to note that the story will give you hints on what happened in the original plot but keep you guessing on how the MC will turn the tides (even if you know he'll still win in the end). Although the MC may seem overpowered, there are times he's backed into a corner as well. But no matter what, he always keeps you guessing.

The author always points out the character flaws in the protagonists of each world the MC goes to, showing that even if they're the protagonist, they're not perfect. This is highlighted with part of the series' nickname "Turning Black to White, " a twist of the saying "Turn White to Black, " which usually means twisting the facts, often for malicious purposes. Here, the MC is twisting the facts to save his cannon fodder/villian counterpart in each world. However, that's not to say that our MC is perfect or always the victim either. He himself knows that he's kind of an asshole and the author doesn't attempt to hide it at all.

The main story line encompassing the entire series shows just how much the MC fell in love with the ML. For example, after the first world, the MC mourned ML's death for a long time before jumping into the next world, but after realizing that he would meet ML again, he starts immediately jumping into the next world. I've seen people complain that the main story line didn't have signs of showing up, but even in its absence you can infer some things.

There's so much I could say about this series, but I think I've covered the main points. For those of you who really want to know, here's a list of their counterparts in each world. As for what it means, or the setting, I'll let you find out yourself, or you can look at the spoiler forum.


  • Legitimate Young Master x Mob Boss
  • Autistic Painter x Adopted Brother
  • Scholar x Crown Prince
  • Gold Digger x Boyfriend's Uncle
  • Landlord Ger x General
  • Singer x Producer
  • Concubine Ger x 6th Prince Son
  • Super Model x Producer Fanboy
  • Genius Doctor x Soldier
  • Fanatical Priest x God
  • OP Omega x Misunderstood Alpha
  • Waste Cultivator x OP Master
  • Company President x Mafia Boss
  • Hidden Twin x Disabled Clan Leader (Uncle)
  • Emperor x Treacherous General
  • Genius Hacker x Future President
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icecream rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c3.9
This is one of the most addicting novels I've ever read. It's hard to put the awesomeness into words but the quality of the story to the characters to the translations... holy crap. It's so fantastic I couldn't stop reading since the first chapter. The author writes each scenario within about 10 chapters, so I greatly applaud the amazing effort of the author and translator for the high quality of well worded phrases, nice thought out premises, plot, characters, romance, and thrill that is packed into the story, even with... more>> the limited number of chapters to write it in. I also love how the whole transmigration things is taking classic set ups and adding small twists here and there to keep the story fresh... that just makes it all the more satisfying. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH that this is definitely not a story to miss out on!! <<less
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Novela rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c4.11
This novel is one of the best novels I've read so far. It makes me feel mushy, happy, sad, excited, hallow etc, in some chapters [universes].

The first chapter [universe] was confusing for me, but even though it felt confusing, it felt good and exciting to read with a happy, mushy, sad ending T^T.

The other universes are practically perfect. Making the other universes seem way better, as their connected to each other (I like how the author set the pieces of the puzzle in the story together through universes). They bring... more>> out all your emotions in different chapters [universes].

I like especially how the author makes the uke (mc) and the seme (ml) meet in every universe and how they have an 'immortal love'. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: c6.10
Almost all the reviews here are screaming that the novel is awesome. I agree.

Okay, sure it gets repetitive, but that's the formula! Just like how Pokemon games usually follow a similar plot.

The love between MC and the male lead is sweet. Sometimes mature, but there hasn't been anything super graphic between them so far... (I dunno, the TL says the next chapter is sorta... kinky...) The MC's always pretty in a feminine way and the ML is usually the dominant possessive type. It's funny since the MC found the ML... more>> through certain aspects of his character.


Smokes, dominantly possessive, over a certain height, and handsome. It's interesting that the ML's soul has being following the MC without remembering that they're lovers or anything. MC only realized at the... 4th story?


The premise behind the story is interesting. I wouldn't mind reading it even if there was no romance. (not a fan of romance novels in general, but whatever) I'm wondering whether we'll get to see the confrontation and the final reveal. We probably will.

I admit that side characters don't get a lot of characterization, but they still get a decent amount.

MTL, but it's of high quality with fast and complete releases. <<less
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KimiKazoo rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: Completed
I am so happily surprised to see this being translated here! I have read this in Chinese as this is one of the more popular transmigrating book in China.

This story is truly exceptional! Both main characters are so great and the parallel world stories are very interesting.

I highly recommend!
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akaihanabito rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c3.9
Beautiful writing! I rarely write reviews, but for this novel, I just had too. It's heartbreaking, has wonderful plot, sweet and bittersweet love. On top of everything, it's not corny at all. A world of its own, it makes you become absorbed. I will be checking for updates daily. Am so hooked!
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ShanShan rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c6.10
Someone said on the reviews for thia novel that it was very addicting and once you start, you can't put it down. I definitely agree 120% haha.

This novel is such a guilty pleasure, no weak, crybaby leads. No male leads who keep hesitating or pretending they don't feel anything for the main lead. From the start, the main character knows what he wants, what he needs to do and totally not hesitating to achieve his goals. Attractive, intelligent and witty characters, what else would I want in a novel?

The love... more>> between them is just so beautiful that no matter what timeline, they will definitely find each other once again ♡

To those who haven't read the novel yet, please do so. It's worth your time and I'm sure you will get addicted too haha ^-^ <<less
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Raksha rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Ahhh..... Too cute. So good 👍 This story feels like a classic. I've read this again and again I've lost count already. Ah ah ah. It's just too good. I don't think I could find something like this again. There might be similar genres and tags, but I'm pretty sure the charm and aura would be very different
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Falconzoro rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: Completed
This is my 2nd time reading this gem. I assure u that I can read it again and again without being bored. This is one of the best novel I had the honour to read out of all novels out there. If u skip this novel just because of yaoi genre, then u miss a big time. I felt a bit loss after the story come to the end. It will be so wonderful if there is sequel to this marvelous gem.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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