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“I curse you to never die in peace!”

Thus, Shang Ke started a never-ending cycle of constantly throwing away his miserable life.

He would always show himself as a martyr while letting others cry over his death.

It was because of a woman’s curse that Shang Ke was hit by a car and turned into a human vegetable. This led to him becoming bound by an unlucky system in which he was cursed to die. The most unfortunate part was that he never cheated on anyone’s feelings. The reason for why he was cursed by a woman was because of a guy named Qi Chen. Qi Chen was a ladies man, and he would always use Shang Ke as an excuse to break up with any woman that he was with. As a result, Shang Ke was always blamed for the breakups. Since then, the main character could only be forced to cross into different worlds. He would thus experience for himself, the hero’s “thrill”.

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Hệ Thống Anh Dũng Tìm Chết
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281 Reviews

Feb 02, 2018
Status: Completed
At last! At last someone finally picked up this novel! To those who like Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, this novel shares a similar premise.

MC transmigrates to many different worlds (ie. ABO, fantasy, zombieland, sci-fi, etc.) but not always as a human, heh. And as stated, he has the duty to die heroically, hence the tragedy tag. So be prepared for lots of drama and misunderstandings.

The ML is in the same mould as ML from QWFD, super possessive. In fact, you kinda pity him as he keeps losing... more>> MC time and again, which doesn't do great things to his mental well-being.

I'd been hoping it would be picked up, and I'm grateful a high quality translator did, thank you! <<less
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Sep 15, 2018
Status: c50
The story is okay and makes you want to keep reading, the usual transmigation novel - except that the MC dies everytime and 30% of the story is describing the MC as a male god. It started out quite nicely but then the ML turned into your typical possessive dude that forces himself on the other. Why is this type of character so popular? It's pretty much Stockholm Syndrome.
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Feb 11, 2018
Status: Completed
DEM ONION NINJAS!!! I don't know how many times I cried while reading this story. This novel has EVERYTHING! Fluffy, heartwarming, heartbreaking, etc. So so so good! I enjoyed reading the arcs very much. Like the title suggests, this is about the MC dying heroically. And yes, he did it flawlessly. You'll feel sad for the ML. *sigh* I shed a bucket of tears everytime I finish the arcs because the way the MC died was just...

... more>>

I really like the character development of the MC. He was just a simple guy trapped by the system and then he grew up to an awesome - omnipotent - character. Oh and, he was straight at first but then he became a freaking seductress. LOL


I liked the ending. It had a proper closure. This story is just so beautiful. <<less
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Alexa Esme
Alexa Esme
Jul 04, 2020
Status: Completed
For new readers, although the chapters posted are only till c174 here, Snowy Codex has already finished translating n the official website has posted all 275 chapters.

Now for my review: Great novel. I've re-read each arc 7 times. The only QT novel that is almost on par with QWTFOFTD, in my opinion. (I say almost bcuz HDS had an extremely rushed ending. It's honestly a perfect novel had the author not messed up so bad with the ending).

Now for plot. I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. EACH. AND. EVERY. ARC (except the... more>> last one...). I hope that suffices? Each arc's plot is exceptional, world building on point, characterisation on point, ROMANCE on hella point. What makes this novel very unique tho is that the MC's mission is to die heroically in every world or he fails the mission. So there's a bit of angst in each arc cuz of that (poor ML tho. He has to go through the trauma of losing the MC every single time). But the BEST part is that, after his mission success progress percentage reaches a certain point, he can go back to that same world and have a HE with the ML. And almost all the times, the ML reincarnates from the same world with the BE (so he has his memories of losing the MC in that particular world) so we get the satisfaction of seeing the sad ML finally being happy. Those arcs are called RE: arcs, I think.

Now, Shang Ke. I absolutely LOVE the MC. He's calm, gentle, patient, positive and very caring. And I love his motherly streak where he takes care of every child with deep affection n sincerity and will go mama bear if you threaten their safety or make them upset (he even plays mother hen for the ML in one arc where the ML has autistic tendencies and I'm living for that).

ML is the typical overbearing, possessive, obsessive type but his personality changes with each arc so I really like that. MC-ML romance is just.... perfect. I love it so much, their unconditional love for each other is *chef's kiss*.

Overall, this is a 100% must read, no questions asked. HOWEVER. I must say this, I was seriously tempted to take off a star cuz of the highly unsatisfactory ending (at least it was like that in my eyes). It was just so not it n the epitome of "I wanna get this (amazing full of potential for a great ending) novel over with". It was perfect up till chapter 274 (basically the whole novel's perfect lol) but messed up with the finale (chapter 275. Yeah the entire ending is described in one chapter). All the author needed to do was create ONE more arc (the finale arc) and the story would be 100% perfect since everything else was wrapped up n explained perfectly. Instead of one more arc tho they went for one more chapter for the finale T_T. I would've preferred if the ending had been like


Shang Ke would've been sent back to his original original world, the very first one (not the modern one), the cultivation one where they were immortals (imma call it the origin world, the one where it all began) where the tragedy of Shou Mo (Shang Ke/MC) n Chen Xiao (ML) 's separation and curse had began due to Wu Du (Qi Chen) who was also in love with the MC n wanted to keep them apart. After Qi Chen officially lost control of the reincarnation lamp (the thing that controls them meeting in every life n also what Wu Du used with bad intentions to curse MC n ML so they would never have a HE with each other) after MC completed the last world, instead of going to a new world (the one in c275), it would've been better if both MC n ML went back to the origin world with both of them having all the memories of their past lives that they experienced n finally having a HE there. It would've been so much better. Then they can continue reincarnating and falling in love in other lives like the author described in c275 either with or without their memories (if immortals have a life span limit. Most cultivation novels state they don't live forever so I assume so).


It genuinely makes me so sad that such an amazing novel would've been the epitome of perfection that has everything u want in a QT novel had it not been for the ending n if the author had put in some more effort to create a finale arc for the immortal world n made that the final HE instead of that measly chapter 275 one.

Anyway, I'm gonna ignore the written ending of this novel n just imagine it had ended the way I envisioned it to. That way I'll be happier n not feel so fudging unsatisfied, regretful n disappointed. Dw it's a HE tho n the MC n ML live happily ever after. Highly recommended. The story's perfect up till c274 and for the ending just ignore c275 (or read it then wipe it from ur memory) and envision the ending like the one described above.

P.s translations are amazing. <<less
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Jan 11, 2020
Status: c149
While the novel is great, there is one thing that made me deduct two stars from what could have easily been rated five. I'll mention that in the cons, but before that, I'd like to mention the things that I liked about it.


    • The Main Character: He's not really OP and has to work to obtain the talents that he has. The arcs truly aren't easy and it makes you sympathise with his situation. He's a genuinely nice and kind person, which makes the appeal of this novel go up by several levels. I can assure you, if he wasn't the way he is, I wouldn't have enjoyed the novel as much as I did. I also enjoy the fact that he keeps becoming progressively more outstanding as the missions pass.
    • The Arcs: Very interesting arcs and completely based on new ideas. They are original and the new things certainly are very interesting to read and explore through.
    • Realism: This novel does not promote the s*upid concept of world-hopping being easy. It's hard, you die, there is no time to relax, and the MC still emerges with a pure heart. The system is an as*hole and I love that he isn't the "cute systems" you usually see to increase the kawaii-factor. It's nice.

    • The Male Lead: He is the reason I removed two stars. He's such a f*cking bad character, I dislike him immensely. I have my reasons, of course. He r*pes the MC in almost every arc, doesn't regret it and enjoys it. He loves to force the MC and somehow bed him. It's clumsily masked and portrayed as something acceptable and cute. He's a yandere. Especially in arc "I am an evil pen", he literally imprisons the MC when they meet, threatens the MC to sleep with him and when he denies, he forcefully r*pes him. And then the next day, he looks that his cowering body (MC is acting, but still) and goes "he looks cute". It's clearly written that he knows what consequences forcing himself upon MC would bring but he says in the same sentence that he doesn't regret and would do it, given the chance. I hate this. This glorifies r*pe and abuse. I hate his character. He gets progressively worse as the arcs go on and I bet it's a character setting. Even if it's a character setting, I absolutely loathe it.
    • Edit: I'm on the next arc Re: A + A and the ML is a darling. I don't hate this one. I think my dislike only emerges when he is his yandere self who enjoys forcing and raping but there are a few arcs where he's a sweetheart, like in this one. What a bag of mixed feelings. But I did not like him in the "I am an evil pen" arc, not at all.
It's not bad, far from that actually. Even though I find him to be a prick, I will continue to read the novel since it's a pretty nice read; I'll just have to bear with his existence. You've been warned though, his behavior is pretty crazy. If yanderes who r*pe, threaten, and force their lovers are your thing, go for it.
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Feb 03, 2018
Status: Completed

I DONT BELIEVE IT!!! SOMEONE FINALLY TRANSLETED THIS!!!! This novel is very good. If u love QWFOD, this novel will greatly satisfied your taste!!!

Every world is damn suck! I pitied the ML very much.... MC will ALWAYS died in this novel, so it will be particularly tear-jerking. BUT DONT WORRY!!! The author is not that abused to his own character. MC WILL GET BACK TO THE BAD END STORY AND MAKE IT HAPPY END, soo your fav arc wont get end bad. BUT IT WILL GET HAPPY END IN LATER CHAPPIE SO BE PATIENT AND KEEP READING.

I very much like the first arch and for me this is the most tear-jerking event. And I love the dolpin arch, if I am not forget, its in 9th arch. This story is soo damn excited. Ohhh and dont forget the 2nd and 3rd arch. 2nd arch is very very much make me want to slap the MC. and in the 3rd arch I am very very much feel heart pain for ML caused his beloved brother (MC) is blown up in front of him. YESS. BLOWN UP!!!

That is. Hope u can read it cause this is a great story. I am very much recommend this, and assure u this is not fall back with QWFOD. ^_^

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Jan 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a lower quality version of "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil". The MC is more annoying and the sub-stories are less interesting. The MC doesn't ever take the initiative, which often makes the ML very r*pey. If you're looking for more after reading QWTFOTD, this is a might be an okay fit.

The story is composed of multiple sub-stories where the MC & ML reincarnate into multiple different universes. The main plot in this story is the MC is an unfortunate character that needs to die a "heroic... more>> death", which typically is just to complete the mission set out by the system. The unique flavor of this novel is each sub-story is told twice, once with a Bad Ending (first run) and once with a Happy Ending (revisit).

While the novel overall is labeled "Happy Ending (HE) ", I would categorize it as ambiguous.

I disliked the ending immensely. I would have strongly preferred the childhood friend mentioned in the intro text to be the ML. Also, his "heroic death" in the IRL world felt unnecessary. The last chapter (275) was ambiguous and confusing.


Overall, would not recommend unless you are a superfan of QWTFOTD. <<less
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Feb 04, 2021
Status: Completed
TL;DR: With the amount of hype and high rating, I was sorely disappointed. The story would've been much better with likeable/complex characters.


This might contain uncensored spoilers and triggers.


As contradictory as it sounds, he's both bland and inconsistent.

He's often described as elegant but sexy but cute (he had a whole tsundere arc that frustrated me to no end because no one took him seriously, and it was really out-of-character)

but skilled (one thing I really liked was how his skills would gradually develop, though the author just uses a line to say he spends a decade of training, and it feels really empty)

but loving (it was constantly stressed that he cared about others, but I only saw him "care" when it benefitted himself) . No matter how many synonyms the author came up with (which is especially difficult in Chinese, since we don't have much of those), I could never see those traits in action. Clearly, the author never learnt what "show, never tell" means.

It was also dull how MC constantly stuck to the name "Shang Ke", even after... ... more>>

acknowledging that each character was a reincarnation of himself

... like, he never connected with the people he hosted. I found it unrealistic that no one would notice anything wrong when his personality would suddenly do a 180 and he'd show off a ton of random skills that original-owner never had. Even some characters were "melancholic" or "evil", and he never played those parts properly, which dampened the quick-wear part of this story.

Overall, he's a character who's described as a white lotus, but we never see this in action.

MALE LEAD (0.1/5.0)

It's clear I'm not the only one who loathes ML. He r*pes MC in literally every arc (including dub-con, and, no, it's not a "kink") and gloats about it. He's unreasonable, self-centred, tries isolating MC, and constantly h**ny. In EVERY world, which is dumb considering the fact that he literally has no memories

and is a new person in EACH world. Even the MC started reiterating that he recognised ML due to the scummy vibe. My 0.1 star... you'll see in the next part (romance).

I'd like to mention that it was really dull that the author would make ML the protagonist or powerful character in every arc. It made the worlds rather convenient for MC, who only needed to hang onto this golden thigh to have a smooth growth in the world.

ML is also completely unforgiving to other characters who associate with MC whether positively or negatively (even his own family at some points).

Overall, he's a typical danmei ML.


It's a pointless loop: MC grooms ML to be the "perfect" lover

> ML violates MC

> MC's life is on the line (maybe he dies)

> ML regrets his actions towards MC

> MC grooms ML again.

In terms of the MC, it seems like he stays with ML because ML's the lover that has followed him through worlds, and he feels guilty for leaving him every time. He accepts ML raping him and keeps telling himself that he'll "fix" ML's scummy attitude but never gets to it.

Meanwhile, the ML literally sees MC as a chef and sex-doll in every life. MC has an opinion? r*pe him. MC makes friends? r*pe him. MC leaves ML for a second? r*pe him. Sometimes, ML might be wowed by MC's intellect and skill, but it's all thrown in the bin once his d*ck is involved. As well as this, it's heavily disturbing how ML literally cannot live without MC. Each tragedy arc leads to ML destroying his own life and not even TRYING to continue MC's legacy, making it all go down the drain.

To me, it honestly seems like MC gaslights ML in a way. MC always makes ML feel like he's in charge of the relationship, but ML relies only on MC for positive emotions. It's disturbing to me how no one points it out

even soulmates shouldn't live for and because of each other.

Moreover, I never actually see fluff in this story. It's either MC cooking for ML, or ML raping MC. Maybe a little emotional monopoly somewhere in between. They literally never discuss their feelings properly, and it's so unhealthy.

Overall, guys, do NOT see this as an ideal relationship. There's way too much manipulation and barely any communication. It's UNHEALTHY.


One of, possibly, the best parts of this story. Each arc is interesting (not necessarily new to the quick-wear genre), and the original-owners are all unique.

There were a few scientific issues with the premises (the translator actually explains quite a few of these) that we excuse with "fantasy" and the worlds are info-dumped, though, so that takes off points.



I found them quite cute, except they were rarities and never given another dimension. Their personalities were flatter than my bedroom wall. Similarly to the ML, they each couldn't live without the MC (more minor gaslighting here), and they literally just disappeared after their respective arcs.

Villains got similar treatment. They just went against MC and ML. We're not supposed to like them. That's all.

Overall, they existed to make MC and ML look good.

MISSIONS (3.5/5.0)

No, the missions weren't to die a heroic death in each arc. That was just a requirement.

The missions were actually quite interesting! They each helped the world improve (though it always went to bull once MC died, and it was also the only reason why MC was "kind" to others), and I loved that. Unfortunately, MC would spend the majority of the arc lamenting about his ML, the missions being, like, a paragraph of words. The author completely eradicated them at some point.

Overall, the missions were all amazing, except they held zero value in the story except to make it the typical system quick-wear.

MAIN PLOT (0.5/5.0)

It was promising, except most of it was based off word-vomit speculations of MC, making it extremely dull. Foreshadowing only appears in the last quartile of the story and wasn't substantial.

Eventually, the word-vomit got boring and made the plot lose value. I barely understood near the end.

MAIN VILLAIN (0.3/5.0)

You know it's bad when you literally still do not understand who the main villain is. Like, I can't tag spoilers because I have no idea whatsoever. The author over-complicated things with him way too much and tried too hard to make him 3D to no avail. All I know is that the story would literally run without him even though he caused the trouble.


Really appreciated the translations from SnowyCodex! The edited ones are basically flawless, and the unedited ones are high-quality!

Some minor over/under-explaining, basic grammar mistakes...

The issue that knocked off a star is the use of the r-slur (r*tard). It's a derogatory term for people with mental disabilities, and I'm certain that there are better words to translate the Chinese to, even if the author had bad intentions in writing them.


    • r*pe (iterated several times),
    • Basic gaslighting (mentioned)
    • Borderline beastiality,
    • Promoting toxic relationships,
    • Mislabelling, romanticising, and brushing off autism (no, it was not just "autistic tendencies". Autism is the inability to communicate, not necessarily being unable to think),
    • Misuse of split-personality disorder,
    • Racial stereotyping (dark-skinned people in a poor, thug-like country),
    • MC sexually taking advantage of ML when his mental age digresses (grooming),
    • Promotion of in*est.

Funny how I'm already at the end, because that is literally just how few this giant amount of chapters held.

MC was an inconsistent "white-lotus" with problematic traits, ML was a psychopath, their romance would literally destroy the world, and that was all that mattered.

If you guys want a comparison to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, don't ask. They're completely different. QFOD is about face-slapping (actually caring about the original owner), whilst HDS is about a manipulator and a psychopath improving to lose all progress.

The end.

P.S. If you ever meet such people, please run away.


) <<less
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Feb 03, 2018
Status: Completed
I, personally, love angst with heavy fluff and HE, and this story gives me plenty of that, BUT, I emphasis once again, with HE!

There is a redo for each time he dies tragically and MC falls in love with ML with each passing arc, which I totally love.

I really recommend this, even to straight readers since the s*x is not explicit (kinda sad ? ‘Bout that #FujishiHere) and is pretty blurry, and if you really can’t bear,... more>> you can just copy paste it and replace the ‘he’ pronouns with ‘she’, which will make it more confusing but works. <<less
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Jan 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I loved this book till the last arc where it just started giving me different vibes.


The plot is AMAZING! Each arc is completely different story than the usual cliches and since each of the arcs end with a BE, Author-sama does a re-arc where Shang Ke goes back and lives till old age. Each arc is wonderfully done and the re arcs just makes you go fluff fluff fluff.

The characters are kinda 2D honestly but still good in a way ig.
Shang Ke was Amazing. All around OP.... more>> Great character and he also took some time to realize that he likes the ML and bent himself. Good character. Great writing.

I don't like the ML. He just gives off the all around scum aura, almost forcing Shang Ke into a relationship in the 2 and 3 arcs. Too possessive. Too jealous. And the last arc is honestly just making me hate him. Almost r*pes the MC and forces him into a relationship in every arc especially "Evil pen" and "Present life" (which the rant is about). I understand that he suffered cuz Shang ke died but I have a bottom line and when he starts being Yandere, I just wanna skip the whoe chapter.

He r*peS Shang Ke after the first few meetings because he got jealous and Shang Ke wasn't replying to him and does not even feel ANY REGRET! IDGAF if you guys are soulmates! R*pe IS r*pe and they throw around the word so much in the chapter after it happened and Shang Ke doesn't even do anything cuz he has the memories of his past life. Them just casually using that word in conversation just made me so uncomfortable. Then, they decide to be friends and when Shang ke went abroad to get a patent and didn't inform him, The ML followed him broke into the hotel room and again r*peD HIM! Then tried to FORCE him into a relationship. Shang Ke acknowledges that the ML is becoming scummy and only considers Shang Ke for family and s*x. IMO, THIS sh*t IS NOT OKAY!

The Book was going so well but this arc (it's only been 3 chapters) and I already want to drop the novel after diligently following it for so long. Everything is okay to an extent and even if you have past memories, Some guy breaking into your house and raping you and not saying anything against it and still comforts them is ABNORMAL. He should have been taught a lesson.

Honestly so disappointed because of this.


EDIT: I finished the novel and I am incredible disappointed by the last arc and the ending of the novel. This book was honestly one of my favourites but it just dropped a lot below because of the reason mentioned above. Don't like the ML and plot became cringy. <<less
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Oct 30, 2019
Status: c30
I go into each one of these novels hoping for actual decent writing and structure, but I guess the yaoi writing community is not past writing fanfic level stuff yet.

Now before I get DMed by a bunch of ppl, there are some BL novels with decent plot. Its just that once you realize the relationship and personalities of the ML and MC are the exact same as every other BL novel, its kinda hard to enjoy it.

Having read pretty much every BL/shonen ai on this site, I have to say... more>> this type of novel is more like p*rn than an actual novel.

This is the type of novel you pick up when you've had a long day and you just want instant gratification.

The premise is so overused that cliche is an understatement. Reincarnate with system continuously while the same ML slowly becomes more aware and possessive, etc.

I really wish someone would write a novel where the MC meets a different type of man in each world and learns something new about himself and what he wants to be or becomes more accepting of his sexuality in each new world. But I guess its too much to expect character development other than -> ML increasingly possessive, MC -> increasingly in arbitrary love with ML in a BL.

If you want some quick instant gratification, this is 3.5 - 4/5

Otherwise, if you're looking for actual story, character development, a decent plot, this is a solid 1 - 1.5/ 5

Edit: Read to ch 80 or so, novel gets more garbage as it goes. Or if you're reading it to satisfy your masochist cravings, it gets better I guess.

Plot armor becomes more apparent as bad things start happening to MC for the dumbest of reasons. Everything feels even more forced than before. A few new fetishes are introduced: Bestiality, in*est, ABO, etc

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Raven Blues
Silver Raven
Feb 06, 2018
Status: v3c25
Warning for all with weak heart and sensitive soul (like me, but maybe I'm an M) : this stories revolves around a guy who's trapped with the system and have to play the role of cannon fodder who's have to die, every ark (Its not spoiler since its already stated on the very first chapter).

... more>>

Ark1 make me cry yet laughed a lot, but ark2 is the most heartbreaking one I cried like a f*ckin' baby.


For Snowy-sama. I gave my most sincere gratitude for translating this series and for making me squeal with joy whenever I saw the update and cry like a little s*it at the end of the ark, cutting my heart until its bleed. So, thank you. :) <<less
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Dec 31, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't even know what to say abt this. It's simply a big mess of non-con, the whole way through. The ML isn't that "rapey" in the beginning, but as the arcs go along, he just turns more and more into a scumbag. I really didn't like the pairing, but the plot makes it bearable. The ML is immoral and extremely disgusting and the MC is just a pushover who can't stand up for himself. I will literally fight anyone who claims that this is a love story. And just... more>> pushing the recommendation of other people: don't even bother reading the last arc, unless you want to have anger management problems. <<less
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Jan 25, 2020
Status: c130
A generic, incredibly r*pe-y system transmigration novel.

Some arcs are cute, but all are inevitably ruined by the ML raping the MC, then bragging how good he is at s*x the next morning.

And somehow, the MC is into this? Once he figures out he loves the ML, instead of saying 'do you wanna go out with me', or asking to make out in a heated moment, he will 'tempt' the ML until he r*pes him, by doing things like walking around with no pants, asking ML to hand him a towel... more>> in the shower, or knocking on ML's door when he's messed up spiritually.

Some of the arcs end KIND of nicely, because he dies before ML can further ruin their relationship, but the RE arcs make sure there is no timeline left unsullied by r*pe/dub con/forced play.

I recommend reading specific arcs 1, 2, 5, 8 & 9, which are kind of cute; either because of side characters, or MC dies before ML can r*pe.

Again, the r*pe is just so overwhelming, its just prevalent in every arc, and 130 chapters in, it is clear it will never get better.

PS, if youre wondering why im complaining so much if I read up to c130, know that: a, the chapters are pretty short; and b, this is all in one day of reading, now that its the next morning and im not night h**ny, I cant see past any of its flaws. <<less
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Feb 11, 2018
Status: v1c30
Amazing!! Very similar premise as Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. MC is reincarnates into many different worlds but is forced to die heroically in each world. ML is the same in each word, and he is possessive of MC :) Novel Updates says only 2 chapters out but there are really 30 chapters out as of right now! There is humor and lots of fluffy moment, the translation is really good and clear. Go read this!!
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I just didn't like the ML. The ML was a huge turn off for me, he r*ped the MC and the MC was still super nice to him I genuinely don't understand what good points he had. He's rather rude to everyone and he treats everyone other than the MC like dirt, yet the MC still finds him cute. I'll be damned-
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Dec 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm uncertain why the page only lists translations up to 67ish, when the actual project has them to 134, but so far the story is enjoyable enough.

I quite dislike the typical forceful ML who will basically r*pe the MC (with consent, but still forceful) to get his way and doesn't see anything wrong with that; in some worlds he's better than in others, but overall this issue will always bug me in a lot of the BL genre. (Small edit: in the last "real world" arc, the ML is the... more>> scummiest so far, outright r*ping the MC repeatedly and gets away with it and all the rest of his scummy abusive actions, so if that triggers you, steer clear from the last few chapters.)

The worlds are fairly fun, some more interesting than others, and I quite like the chances of revisiting them to fix the endings. The MC is likeable though quite OP. Overall a good story despite some of its shortcomings. <<less
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Nov 28, 2019
Status: c124
Reading this novel is exhausting.

It follows ShangKe, who's tasked to die heroically in various QT worlds.

His ends are quite tragic and emotionally traumatizing. I have a deep hatred for this system. It's just unbelievably cruel for relatively meager rewards, imo. The situations SK finds himself in and the choices he's forced to make for the system are abhorrent and emotionally/mentally/physically abusive. Downtime between worlds is also extremely isolating and draining. Thinking about the premise of this novel and the system, there's just very little to be happy about.

The thing that... more>> keeps me going is the MC, who is just so steadfast and bright amidst all this tragedy. He suffers so much and still remains positive. You can't help but root for him.

The ML...I can do without. I like him better in some worlds than others, but the obsessive beastly yandere CEO trope churns my stomach. I kind of liked seeing him suffer, but I don't really think anyone should suffer like that, and especially not when his suffering is tied to the MC's extreme suffering and death.

There are undeniably sweet moments between them. The ML just isn't my favorite person.

After a certain point, the leadup to 'falling in love' becomes perfunctory and basically defaults to 'ingrained in the soul/love at first sight' followed by the ML overbearingly cementing the relationship. I feel like this is a missed opportunity, tbh. The chase is where most of the interesting fluff is, since their domestic scenes are usually just very aggressive love making, food, and time skips where we're told they're happy. It gets boring after a few arcs.

The non-stop tragedy with the occasional bittersweet moments is exhausting to read through. I felt a lot of anger and sadness reading this, and I'm not sure if the fluff and occasional joke is enough to counteract these bitter emotions.

Some arcs are written better than others from a pacing perspective, and they carry more weight/impact. Some of the arcs are just plain weird, but that's subjective.

3.75/5 <<less
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Feb 06, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm really torn on the rating. This novel is between 3-4 and since I'm generous I might as well give it a 4. Okay so starting from the most important point:As the 2nd most highest rated QT and a QT which is regarded as a perfect one after QWTFOD, I agree, it didn't live up to its expectation. But its by now means a bad novel.

I really went in all hyped and excited because I had been waiting for it to complete for 2-3 years after I read QWTFOD. But... more>> I was let down. It was 'complete' QT novel but it didn't really have the thrill/hype to make me madly love it? But it was a fine read regardless. The people hating on it are only angry because they compare it to FOD. Even I think its nothing compared to FOD, but if you don't compare it, this novel still has its strong points which make it good! So let me just make a list of its good and bad points so before reading, maybe it'll help you guys?

    • First of all, To make sure no one gets duped by the reviews let me tell you the Re arcs are not exciting revenge arcs.I, myself thought that the setting might be like no OOC and the MC suffering greatly in orig arcs and we'll witness his and ML's pain leading to his heroic death and then in the Redo arcs MC will literally live all his life again but with sassy exciting revenge, reaching successful heights! But haha colour me surprised! There was no OOC restriction, MC could do whatever he wanted in orig arcs except he had to court death and die in/survive heroic near death experiences (which was tough in its own way not complaining) and then Redo arcs were just him not dying when he was supposed to and living his fluffy life with ML. Well, ngl, it was bland. Idk about you guys, but my dreams were shattered! But it was heartwarming and romantic so well isn't it fine?
    • Don't trust the reviews on the feels/angst/onion cutting ninjas. Tho it was a bit sad to see MC dying and ML spending his life like that but compared to Scum gong/scum shou and the endings of Perfect Destiny Arcs, this was literally nothing! So don't get scared! Read it if you want!
    • The concept of 'heroic death' and what led the MC having to go through 'heroic deaths' was unique and great tho. It was fun on its own to see what kind of dangers the MC will encounter and how he did his tasks. It had a bit of thrill of its own.
    • The MC is a new type of guy like we mostly see hilarious/dumb/cute/super intelligent MCs but this MC's strong point was that he was gentle/graceful. All arcs describe him as that. While I wasn't really a fan of him. It wasn't bad to see this type of beautiful/gentle MC and he wasn't the type to be taken advantage of tho. He was wise and decisive when needed too.I don't really have much opinions on him but his love for the ML as he accepted his all and wanting to survive just for him has my respect! He himself called the ML a scum and bastard but he still loved his all aspects. Even in the face of death, he never gave up just so he could live with the ML.
    • The ML is someone who more or less is hated by nearly all readers. Why? Because he's forceful/partly rapist. But I have some things to say in his defence. In first few arcs, where he had 'common sense' and the world view was normal, Yeah, he was pushy but he didn't r*pe the MC. He just acted forceful because he always felt MC didn't really have the world in his view and wanted to bind him asap. He only did 'it' first time with MC's consent. Then there were arcs where the rule was 'might is right' so he did force the MC in those but you can read for yourself if MC strongly resisted he did stop once/twice and after discovering that the might is right rule of the world is not right he did sincerely reflect on his mistakes and start to treat the MC right. In later arcs, rather than 'forcing', he just went for the MC and the MC didn't resist. MC himself knew of his scummy aura and he accepted it so I don't really care. In the last arc, yeah he was a pure freakin rapist type but we got to see his character development with our own eyes. Guys, I'm not really fond of rapist MLs myself but the reviews do make him sound like a pure criminal so I had to speak in his defence. In the Re arcs, ML really did suffer and then started to treat the MC more gently. And most importantly, We do know the ML greatly loved the MC deeply.
    • About Romance:Rather than other QTs where the leads hook up in the first world, MC only fell in love and allowed relationship in the 4th arc after real careful consideration (which was a plus). The Titles of each arc, can we talk about them??? Freakin romantic ah!!!! Those really melted my heart!!! Other than the heroic death, this was solely focused on romance which I loved! The sweet "i love yous" shared!! And ML literally considering MC his whole world! Ah yes freakin romantic! I felt submerged in sweetness!
    • What novels lack these days is smut. They just go like 'then they kissed/fell into bed and now its morning'. Even tho this novel didn't have detailed smut. It clearly told the frequency, duration, place and how hard they went at it in different arcs. Don't tell me you guys don't like that? Hmm?
    • The real history of MC and ML wasn't really described (it'll be a spoiler if I elaborated so I can just tell you except telling us what led to their situation vaguely nothing much was revealed)
    • The ending (ch 275) was a good one telling us the story will continue on never ending...
I don't have much impression of stuff except these. It was a fine novel. Nothing great but still good. Please don't read it expecting some great stuff like FOD because then you'll keep comparing it have your expectations shattered and won't be able to enjoy the novel on its own! If read on its own, I truly do think its a pretty good read! <<less
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Feb 05, 2018
Status: c98
As the tittle said, died heroically in every task world. Quite a few times to save ML which sometime make me think the ML is quite weak. One thing I felt a bit dissatisfied is how we cannot know what happen afterward in each world after MC died. I mean, in some world, did antagonist characters luckily go around after MC died or they got their retribution. Plus, what about the ML who very much in angsty everytime MC died. Edit- well, after a few more chapters ahead, dont worry,... more>>

u got to know what happen to each world after MC died, and without doubt, ML is so damn miserable without mc

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