As the Minor Gay Rival in Het Novels


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There are always four kinds of people in the traditional Mary Sue world. The Male Lead, the Mary Sue female lead, the woman who never wanted to see the female protagonist live a good life, and the infatuated man willing to destroy heaven and earth to get the female lead.

However, with the rapid expansion of the army of rotten women, there is also a growing type of character, and that is a man who is also infatuated with the male lead… This character is referred to as the gay guy. They share the same infatuation as the second man, also has a tragic end and works together in hindering the male and female protagonist’s love.

Fan Yuan has walked in every time and space playing as the gay man. He had always enjoyed it, until one day, with superb acting, he made the male lead bent… o (╯-╰) o

Fan Yuan (affectionate confession): “I do not want to be your brother, in fact, I have always loved you.”

Someone (fondly looking back): “Me too.”

Fan Yuan (⊙_⊙): “…”

You’ve got the wrong line, bro!

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BG wén lǐ de jī lǎo nán pèi
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Cian-Chan rated it
May 11, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the most important parts of the story:

The very first part where MC died due to sickness. It is important because it was the start of the chase of the ML. That is also the last time that the script is done perfectly. It made me cry when it was the ML's point of view on the first world (this was done on the later parts of the story). To tell you a secret

... more>>

From the very first world, the ML already got bent by the MC


This story is about a straight MC's journey of trying to be a very good gay supporting male lead to finish the script and a bent (straight man turned gay) ML who keeps ruining the story just to chase after the MC.

The MC is very straight at the start but then gradually become bent as he pass other worlds. In the middle of the story, the MC still insists on being straight but at that time, he can only say that as a last defense even though he's already bent due to the things he and the ML did. He starts being accustomed to the ML.


The story later introduced that there are other "actors" and they come to the source world. It turns out the ML is the boss of the higher ups and is akin to Lord God. Then it turns out that the MC that seems to be a bit of a white lotus (because he always stop ML from destroying things) is a bad ass king in his first life and he sealed his memories because he wants to be the innocent and ignorant young man he used to be. It seems that sealing his memories made his soul weak so when he remembered his past, he became OP, too. Although I said these things, it is understated and played down. There are some things that I didn't say here.


You should read the story. Their interactions are interesting. The worlds may be cliché. If you already saw other quick transmigration stories, the genre of the worlds is pretty much the same. But the character development is nice. The plot is good. This is another good read for fujoshis/rotten women. <<less
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Emaris rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c2 part3
Okay, It's really funny.

It's basically a man who keeps reincarnating as the the token gay guy doomed to fall for the male lead but never get his attention. As a straight man, the MC is quite alright with the fact that he only has to pretend to be in love with all the ML's...... until the ML actually falls for him.


It's fun to read and quite entertaining and the translation is pretty nice. It's just a fun little novel to read.
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hy-d-ra rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: --
The further it goes, the more boring and annoying it gets:

  • CHARACTERS: MC is a rag. I often get frustrated at him because of his actions. He should follow the plot and should not OOC, but MC often does the opposite and those ruined by ML plots counts as well, so what's the point? He tries to cross over as smart, but he's not. Not smart enough to fix the plot or adapt to it accordingly when ML changes it to his will. When he gets with ML his main thing is to find him asap, which obviously will lead to ruin of the plot he cares so much about... like where's the logic. ML is another overbearing beast. Another one who decided to stuck himself to MC, doesn't care if MC finishes the plot or not (well, he's great God, so who cares) or fixes the plot on a whim. Has weird tendencies for role plays when MC can't recognize him and he gets messed up emotionally (like read Arc 7, you'll know what I mean). All the other characters don't count, they're so forgettable it should be awarded.
  • PLOTLINES: flat AF. They're so flat it's exhausting. They're boring, forgettable and really don't even move your heart a little bit. It only describes things, but doesn't incorporate many things in the plot to somehow express it. Also plotlines move only by interactions of few characters and mention of few events. There are little to no description about the world or what is happening, only simple actions and simple things. As for ending, I don't know atm, I'm actually considering dropping this and switch to something else.
  • RELATIONSHIP: can it be called this? Well, author tries to make you think like this. I suppose they think overbearing ML who basically forces MC along should be called a love story? I call it 'cringe story' hun. Ironically, I doubt MC would "love" ML eventually if that one didn't tag along. Actually him tagging along cheapened the entire 'fated' thing. It's simply forcing and later MC just gave up, no matter how prettily author tries to portray it.
RATE: 2. Doesn't age well.
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rhianirory rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: Completed
This was better than I expected. The MC isn't diabolically clever, nor are the bodies he inhabits always beautiful. He's easier to relate to than some of the world hopping geniuses out there and seems a lot more normal and down to earth in the beginning.

The MC is also very straight (very dismayed about his new role), and unlike some of the other novels he doesn't suddenly become bent in half a story arc. It takes several worlds before he can even admit to himself that maybe he 'likes' the... more>> ML who keeps chasing him and ruining his story lines. It makes a nice change from the MC's who normally become bent in a matter of chapters, not story arcs, and hops right into bed. That doesn't mean there is no fluff, there is, it's just that this MC acts in a more logical manner than most, after all, this guy is messing up his job and he's the one being punished for it. <<less
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Saikick rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c4 part10
I can't bring myself to like the typically controlling, possessive ML and his overbearing habits (it just reads as abusive to me, no matter what).

The worlds are fairly basic and the story seems to avoid any particularly clever points (such as explaining a scheme or tactic rather than just vaguely referring to its existence and use without any details) which results in somewhat plain atmosphere.

With the story and the characters both somewhat lacking, I can't give this one a good review; I merely hope the ML grows up in nature... more>> before the end of the story. I couldn't bear to keep reading it myself. <<less
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Sceer rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: --
[After a long time, Fan Yuan's soul finally returned to his body. His voice trembling, he said, "Xiao Wu, I seem to have unintentionally made the male lead bent... "

"Ding. I can see that."]

LOL the system is so blunt.

There are good and bad times in the story. Overall, it bored me as I kept on reading. This would probably be the last time I'll read BL with "straight" MC. They end up lackluster.
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itsabunchofletters rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: --
Wtf did I read..? Nothing made any type of sense.. The only good thing I could think about is the translation (Which is the reason why I gave 2 stars instead of 1)

1. MC - Infuriating and dumb as rock. The bratty and spoiled type, annoying very annoying.

2. ML - Literal rapist and super abusive.

... more>> 3. Side Characters - Don't even bother. They prostrate themselves at the bidding of the MC and ML.

4. Plot - Flops from mediocre to excruciating painful to read, not to mention the ridiculous amount of plotholes. It tries to add humour but its dry, dryer then the sahara desert.

The further the story progresses the more brain cells I lose. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
devils_dont_fly rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: --
Doesn't deserve the high rating.

I was extremely excited seeing the summary since it fit my tastes. But I was thoroughly disappointed by this tr*sh.

Probably the first novel where I wished ML wasn't so 'dedicated' and dumped MC's unlikable, annoying, indecisive ass after the third world, so MC can forever remain that minor gay rival and lead sad, depressing lives for eternity.

Going from a purely objective point of view, this might not be so bad. I might even give it 2.5 stars. But I am writing this solely to describe if... more>> I derived any satisfaction or pleasure from reading this, and the answer is a huge fat NO.

The MC is devoted to doing the best in his tasks. Okay I can admire his dedication. But at the same time, he annoys me so much. He doesn't have any likable qualities.


He rejected the ML in previous worlds, acted as if he was so annoyed with the ML ruining his tasks (which is an okay reason but come on? It's so hard to find someone who loves you sincerely and seeing ML's love being treated like that by him made my heart bleed). Moreover, they were husbands for 18 years in the second world. And in the next world, he kills himself to complete the task and leaves the ML to suffer alone for decades. (He did it in order to achieve revenge against ML for what he did in second world, but still I felt so extremely hurt and bad). Is he even a human?Wtf? Even a stone can develop deeper feelings.


Now coming to the ML. I did feel bad for him at many points in the story, but then again

He cheated the MC in second world. Caused him to believe he almost died while saving the MC, so that MC will stay with him for the lifetime. I can't accept such a relationship based on lies. So ML disappointed me alot.


Their romance was based on ML one - sidedly pursuing MC for decades in various worlds, sometimes cheating him, or lying to him or hiding things from him. And MC being his usual unlikable self.

My major dissatisfaction with this novel was with this scene in particular


MC was in 4th (?) world. He thinks that finally he got rid of the ML and he will not annoy him anymore or ruin his tasks. (Wow what a heartthrobing romance, one cannot wait to get rid of the other). But then he cries like a bitvh thinking of how ML abandoned him in this world. Like what? So indecisive. What do you even want bitvh? And then ML appears and they confirm their relationship blah blah blah


The romance was devoid of sweetness and their relationship just didn't appeal to me at all. More like ML was obsessed and MC said 'oh whatever'.

The only thing I liked about this novel was probably it's synopsis and the ML's backstory. Rest it was a waste of my time.

(Keep in mind that I only read till 5th world so maybe it might be better afterwards. However, I don't have the patience to read further.) <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: c1 part8
The premise is fun. MC though not gay has been promoted to become a the role of the Minor gay Rival in Het novels. It's also fun when the author points out the inconsistency and illogicality of the cliche situations in said Het novels which are then prompt brushed aside.

Something odd happens, however, and the plots start to derail completely seeming to transform into BL novels which revolve around the MC. Who who laments and complains about it to his system. Said system often notices that something is off before... more>> the MC does but usually keeps quiet about it.

So far this story is pretty average though the premise gives it a little freshness. Making it a fun read. 3.5* <<less
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Taekookie rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: --
You've no idea how many times I've wanted to curse out the MC. I mean, even being idiotic has its limits, okay? I can't handle how dumb and selfish the MC is, he either never thinks things through or over thinks something too much to the point where he not only brings down himself but others as well.

Another bad thing I've noticed about MC is that he acts very egotistical and often makes his own decisions even with the system reminding him not to. I mean it's fine if those... more>> decisions end up with him getting the desired results, but sadly, it doesn't. Not gonna lie, I kinda feel bad for the system.

I get that maybe the author was trying to make MC the cute and bratty spoiled shou type, but it just didn't work out for me. Besides that, he also blames the ML everytime the plot deviates not realizing that it's the fruit of his own doings.

Halfway to the 4th arc and I'm already regretting wasting my time on this story. Believe me when I say that I really, really tried reading this. Sadly my patience towards the MC only lasted till the 2nd arc and me continuing till the 3rd arc was only my wishful thinking that the story would get better. Spoiler, it doesn't - well at least to me it didn't.

The ML wasn't that bad in my opinion, just your classic obsessed and protective, slightly yandere type. He's also really smart (what kind of ML isn't) which is a huge 180 to the MC. And again, I get that some authors love this kinda smart and dumb pairing since it's a classic cliché but this MC was just so dumb and selfish, he made me lose my last bit of motivation to read the rest of the story.

Lmao ya'll can probably tell how pissed I am at MC for being so dumb by reading this. The only reason why I'm willing to give 3 stars is for the translators, since the translation was great. Then again, don't take my word for it. This story just wasn't my cup of tea. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: c8.10
5 stars -> 4 stars | Edited Review

On reread, I'm noticing how so many important characters fall for MC basically at the drop of a hat, including ML... not a fan of love-at-first-sight plots. Although, yes, the worlds were Mary Sue worlds where love interests can fall in love at first sight and never let go until death. But shouldn't the ML be separate?? Technically it was many years, but given their lifespans it's absurd to be so infatuated due to that world. Literally everybody in all the worlds... more>> fall in love so absurdly, including side characters & side couples.

In the beginning, clearly ML knows MC doesn't like it but can't refuse, which is why he takes liberties with him. This is literally non-consent, which I hate. It's like a boss sexually harassing a subordinate taking advantage of their position of power, barf. And then he plays all sorts of tricks to continue emotionally manipulating MC to take liberties. Seriously, just because you love him doesn't excuse you alright!!! Fortunately, this doesn't go on for too long, but still.

Btw this is one of those stories where it's 1v1 and romance is continued from world to world, ie. they both world-hop and have memories of their emotions. This also means that they don't fall in love afresh in each world, which is tbh my fav plot. V unfortunate.

Another thing, MC is basically a white lotus that hugs ML's big golden thigh everywhere. He acts otherwise but he's pretty much the delicate pampered princess character. In addition, because the goal is always "follow the plot" there's no real difficulties in the story like if there's a big war or something, we won't see the plotting just that "everything goes according to the plot". Because ML is always one of the most important characters, there's practically no difficulty outside of "ML is infatuated with MC".

Side note: The whole thing w YK is absurd tbh. If he really fell, fine. But he knows himself that he didn't actually do anything, yet remains infatuated for "hundreds of years of missions".

In the end, I skipped around and read the arcs that seemed interesting to me.

Original Review (Rated 5stars)

Characters: 4.7/5

The MC is humorous and logical, refreshing compared to many MCs where they remain a dense white lotus. He has his tasks and wants to accomplish it, and reacts appropriately when things don't go as planned. I also like the author's slow revealing of the MC's true feelings towards ML. The ML is definitely super black-bellied, very much the classic might and possessive ML troupe of Chinese webnovels. Their relationship at this point has yet to deepen, so I'm excited to read future chapters.

Also I'm SO happy that, so far, we see ML gradually falling in love with MC in every world (hopefully this continues / isn't a misunderstanding!!). Like it's the same person but his memories don't come back to him until some point? Or maybe he's just acting the character of someone slowly falling in love with MC every time, but either way it makes me happy since many other stories it's "ML and MC immediately pick each other out". I fear that this story will probably become like that too, but at least up to now it's not.

Plot: 4.5/5

It's the classic world-hopping troupe. So far, none of the worlds has been particularly unique and special, but I'm a sucker for the classics anyway. Most importantly, there's no inconsistencies within its setup, so it flows pretty smoothly (compared to eg. I'm Scattering IQ [..] where ML always has full IQ the moment he sees MC anyway). MC reacts realistically in the situations he faces, given the circumstances and his feelings, and it doesn't feel forced by the author. The over-arching explanation of his actor role is also coming earlier than other world-hopping novels, and seems quite interesting.

Writing / Translation: 5/5

No problems at all, clear and coherent. The story flows smoothly and the pacing is good. As always, Chrysanthemum Gardens does a good job of explaining the subtleties of Chinese language where relevant to the story to enhance understanding and enjoyment. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Scaranpannoir rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c2 part4
I've only read 2.4 chapters and I'm already hooked X3 MC is just one of your typical system-bound people, but he has a hilarious streak in him. I can imagine how cute this story will become in a few more chapters... (or a few hundred. *shrug*)
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 10, 2021
Status: --
I won't rate it, but I just wanted to say why I added this to my "things I didn't like" reading list so that If I ever come back to it, I'll know why it was in there lolol.

I dropped this around halfway through the 3rd world, so pretty early on, maybe one day I'll give it another shot. At this point, I'm tired of reading the type of danmei where the ML is manipulative and there's a really weird power-dynamic between MC & ML. I want to read something... more>> more light-hearted and with a healthy relationship or at least one that doesn't seem abusive or manipulative. I just really don't like the way that the MC seems like such a pushover and how nothing ever goes his way, and everything seems to be controlled by the ML. I've had enough of the type of MC that can only resign himself to his fate, even if he tries his best, things never go his way. I want to read a danmei where the main CP is on equal footing with each other, and neither is forced into a relationship they didn't want; the MC has a grasp on his own life and can control the direction of which it moves. Again, maybe I'll come back to read this and give it another chance sometime in the future, but right now it's not what I'm looking for and I can't stomach it, so I'm dropping it and putting it in my "things I didn't like" list. <<less
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SuouNono rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c9 part7
As I read on, it was obvious that MC's personality was changing (blackening) a lot, and I didnt really mind, even if it was a bit cliched. The arcs in itself werent actually even that fun to read, but they had their good moments, and the most I usually ask for is for it to not be repetitive, but... this chapter really made me think it wasnt worth it to continue reading if this was the kind of writing the author decided to do.

... more>>

To 'face slap' the female lead, the MC drugged her, some servants, and someone else in her family (who's related to her? forgot who he is) with some aphrodisiac, and the world's female lead and the man who was related to her in the room were r*ped by those servants. And MC just watched with joy. I think the female lead was actually planning to do something similar, or possibly even worse, to him, but nevertheless of what she intended to do, I never think r*pe is the answer, and I think this was an absolutely disgusting chapter.

I miss the slightly naive, yet smart and skilled MC. Further into the story, and the MC and ML dont seem to have much character anymore aside from "blackened" anymore <<less
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Seriously_Misspoken rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: c3 part2
I tried. Oh did I try. I really didn't find this novel good. But first, before I get into why I didn't like it, let me say that the translations were amazing, the translators did an great job!

As for the story, it's a QT. The MC is paired with a system, has to go to different worlds and act out as the gay rival, who tries to sabotage the protagonist and main lead's love life. However, the worlds he visits keep getting messed up because the main lead seems to... more>> always fall for him instead of the protagonist.

And now for why I didn't like this story:

  1. the system and MC's interactions were so dry. So dry I thought I was drinking a dry red wine.
  2. The ML is really.... boring? Like ok, he likes the MC no matter how he acts, but also doesn't regard him as a person who has to complete the mission of the world he is in. I wouldn't usually harp on this, I'm all for needy and possessive MLs, but man did the way of "handling" this drive me up a wall!
  3. MC is so boring AND DUMB. Let me say, I understand he needed to "act" out his roles in the worlds to get EXP to travel to different worlds and upgrade his system, but WHY WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO ACT IF THE WORLD IS ALREADY COMPROMISED!? That just seemed nonsensical to me. Shous who don't twist the worlds they visit into their bit*h make me incredibly sad.
Anyways, I feel like this was just not my cup of tea and it might just be me. If these points don't bother you, then you'll probably like this. I just didn't like it. <<less
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lilogscute rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: --
So many rate this 5 star so I guess it's just not my cup of tea. When reading this novel in the first arc I expect it to improve in the later arc, the MC is okay but not the type that you would actually like that just my opinion I guess? Cause evertime the system always says he's a "godlike actor" but always ooc let's just say the mission target also at fault but he's supposed to be a veteran who's already travelled 3000 world! But in the slightest... more>> detail he can't maintain he's composure. Like he's supposed to be an experienced actor right? It's not that I want some op MC, you can't expect that in this novel cause he need to act according to the original plot not like other mc's and the same world hopping novel. I just want to see him show he's still reliable and experienced Transmigrator. It's just quite disappointing knowing he's thoughts. He also act naive some times, ignorant that's why in the first mission he failed. I can't express my opinion right, I can't think of the right words to explain just know that the MC at the first few arcs is quite disappointing if you read the novel and find it ok then I think it's a novel for you. And about the ML he's also quite disappointing you will know if you read the first arc besides the one on the prologue. <<less
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Rida rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: --
I suppose the arc concepts are good but I don't like the execution.

... more>>

The MC is OOC from the start (e.g. He's a glutton and eats a lot even when he's not supposed to etc.). He'll make excuses to the system and the system ends up not penalizing him every time. So apart from giving him the story information, the system has no other uses. The dialogue between the two is not even comedic. He basically acts whatever way he wants and there's no sense of urgency. The MC only starts to worry when he finally realises the story has diverged too far.


Maybe it's because I haven't read enough chapters so I find it really boring- though in my opinion, a good story should have an engaging and interesting start. In conclusion, I really don't recommend this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gryffinpuff rated it
March 11, 2020
Status: c3 part7
Initially interesting story with MC transmigrating and the ML chasing - not many brain dead people in it, so the story's centered more around the two protagonists...

But by 3rd arc, the jokes are getting repetitive, ML is way too possessive and controlling and pretty much doesn't care about MC's feelings, MC-ML interactions are too forced. We barely see any story moving, everything is happening in the background...
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darlingv rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel was very interesting in the start, then things got sort of stale in between and started getting interesting again towards the end. It's cute how MC would get annoyed with ML because of the constant plot deviations in his missions. ML is the typical OP, possessive, overbearing type, which at first was a little endearing but towards the end it was a too much for me. MC likes being spoiled by ML and gives into ML's possessiveness eventually. I just didn't like how ML doesn't allow MC to... more>> like or care for anyone or anything else (he's not allowed to have friends, family, pets that he cares for). The worlds are your standard ones, with little variation. Overall this is more of a 3.5 but I rounded it up instead of down because the novel has its funny, cute and fluffy moments. I'm just disappointed that some questions remained unanswered about MC's past.


I wanted to know more about his past when he was known as Danwen.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AvariFey rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I tried to like this story, I really did. I picked it up and dropped 3 times before actually finishing it, but in the end it just was not my cup of tea. The story is well-translated, but the plotlines just have something missing. No matter the situation, our MC just feels... impotent and helpless. It's frustrating to constantly watch him being condescended to and his actions feel pointless. He can't accomplish anything and the ML can do anything. The arcs and various worlds don't feel like they matter and... more>> by the end, are usually reduced to rubble in the face of relationship drama. I read QT novels because I like having separate worlds that I can go back to and treat an arc as a cohesive story, this doesn't scratch that itch. The story gets boring and repetitive. I also don't feel like there's any good relationship build-up, it's just the ML forcing his way until the MC gives in. The entire story ends up feeling forced. <<less
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