I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist


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System: You are the only human who meets the binding requirements of this system- please bind with me!

Su Yu: I have money, good looks, power and influence, why should I bind myself to you?

System: You haven’t fallen in love ye-

Su Yu: Aiya! My stomach is hurting all of a sudden!

Su Yu bound himself to a system; his only task is to scatter some IQ to the brainless male protagonists. The soft-headed male protagonist chases after the female protagonist, the male protagonist with some intellect chases after him. He feels that something is not quite right…

Su Yu: System, is there something common between these male protagonists?

System: Yes, they are all male protagonists.

Su Yu: …Suddenly, I don’t feel like talking anymore.

Male Protagonist who has been scattered with some IQ: Then don’t talk, just kiss me.

Su Yu: …Suddenly, I don’t feel like doing the task anymore.

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wǒ wéi zhǔjué bōsǎ zhìshāng
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88 Reviews

New AerynJay
Feb 13, 2024
Status: c1 part1
It is repetitive and gets boring at times. The worlds, some interesting, get glossed over and are half baked, the attention is focused on the couple, and them two get together fast -always (and often lol, could have used some more details there). Despite the flaws, I liked it. It’s a type of low quality candy that gets addictive the more you eat it. Helps that the MC shou was not gary sue-ish or s*upid.
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New InsomniacWho
Feb 02, 2024
Status: v4
Definitely not something I'd recommend. It's like going down a slide just to get stuck half way.

Synopsis seems fun, first arc is questionable but fine. 2nd arc is okay, 3rd arc a little more interesting, (I personally liked the ending.) And then you lost me at the 4th arc.

I personally don't even know why the author decided to stretch this out as long as it is when the plot is so f*cking repetitive.

Also, the MC and ML got together way too fast- I know

... more>>

that ML gains his braincells in the first arc and somehow carries them all the way through, but doesn't that solve the problem by the time MC gets there? Not to mention that the side quest for 4 is so f•cking weird, because originally the system says nothing about needing to date the protagonist, so how the h•ll was that autogenerated? Making it involve smut but make no smut is just baiting the readers.

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Dec 19, 2017
Status: Completed
Ack! I actually already read this!!

Basically, this story is about MC who trasmigated in a few world, in his way, he encounter ML and fall in love. His boring live come to END, and his love dovey life with ML is coming ??

  • MC, logical, smart, badass, have a bad personality (the prove is he teased his own ML and he teased even worse to his own system), smart, Bored, and lack of trusted to love (proved at the beginning story, even though already gone trough a long time with ML, his lack of trust for ML is kinda worrying him. Fortunately, because of hard work and effort of ML, MC will became more passionate, and will more focused to search him then finish his task).
  • ML, lack of logic (proved at every start story, like too believe his women and became idiotic-sugar daddy, or amnesia for few time and revenge in wrong person. Fortunately, because of MC effort, his logic is back to where it belong. But he still s*upid if he face MC, because he is just too love him ???), obssesed, crazy ML (just in second story, when he collected item all over the world for MC. He didnt even remember his first world, but he is collected all tht for fear MC will got bored with him, soo touching), dedicated ML.
  • System, cute, s*upid, easy to used, easy to be bullied (by MC ??)
  • Black system, gloomy, fall in love to sytem, dislike MC evem though later he resisted his dislike for its beloved system (soo sweet)
This is quite like QWFOD, soo fans QWFOD is very recommend to read this... ???
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Jan 05, 2018
Status: c77
It has similiar story line with "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil" but its not up to same lvl, I did read till ch 77 and so far I like it, the plot is not that much but still fun, Also this author always skips the s*x scenes for some reason, they star huging then suddenly its next morning ;-;

Well I like the novel and its worth reading, I hope translators pick this up soon :3
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 19, 2019
Status: c25
This series is honestly average for a world hoping bl. The reason I put the novel down was due to the writing around the main character. He supposed to be real smart, we are constantly told this. The author makes the MC smart by making everybody else look like an idiot.

In world two the MC looked at a script and dicovered a piece of insight and convinced writing team that they had missed an opportunity they never saw by expanding on one of the characters devolpment and stubbing another (the... more>> bad villian for this arc). The writers are "enlightened" by this insight and rewrite the script.

I honestly couldn't see how a group of writer would just "miss" something so simple. This was enough for me to look for a different novel in the same genre. <<less
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Sep 15, 2019
Status: v4c59
I honestly feel this novel is overated. The interaction between the system and the MC is overly annoying. There are times when I just skip over their interaction.

From the first world, I couldn't understand why the ML 'fell in love' with the MC. I just can't feel the intimacy between them. Their relationship feels forced to me.

When I read the background of the 3rd Arc it got me interested at first but soon turned boring.
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Nov 16, 2019
Status: v4c66
MC is high IQ and EQ man that gets tied to the system after its begging, but frankly he's just come off as arrogant dipstick that thinks he's better than everyone. Sometimes there's misses that he really should've seen, which makes me question his "high IQ". ML is one dimensional and don't have much recurring personality besides his "love" for MC.

Also, I get that the interaction between the MC and the system is supposed to highlight how high his IQ really is, but if it gets repeated practically every chapter,... more>> it just becomes tiring.

The plot of the novel itself is pretty standard as a quick transmigration and so far has pretty okay plots every world.

Overall, would not really go for it except if I really ran out of stuff to read. <<less
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Jun 12, 2020
Status: --
At the beginning I thought that this might be a hidden gem, and while the first arc was both refreshing and funny, I lost nearly all interest during the second, and now at the third, I'm not sure I can continue for much longer.

The novel starts out rather strong, we have a "highly intelligent" MC, like in most QT novels, but all other characters seem to be set up as actual morons instead of letting them act as such while still claiming they are clever – one of the most... more>> annoying aspects in QT novels.

To me it seemed to be a parody of this aspect, now after two arcs, I can no longer tell if it is or isn't, maybe it was overdone and lost its impact, or I was wrong right from the start.

So far, it's unclear how the "scatter IQ" systems really works, the ways to archive it are bafflingly random, like saying hello to the protag a certain number of times.

Strangely even that was somehow no longer important, while the first arc at least limited it to once per day, the second arc made it possible to complete the task in one go and we as readers were unable to see the before-after picture due to zero prior interactions between our two mains.

The arc could have ended right then and there, luckily, we now had side missions to drag it on for many more chapters.

Every arc follows the same pattern, MC transmigrates, does more or less nothing but giving orders to his system, crawls into bed with ML, and that's it.

He's immensely passive, all he does is sit around and order his system to collect evidence, spy on people, or outright mess with them, the only time he becomes active is to slap certain people's face with the result of his system's work.

MC uses unnecessarily complicated means to archive his goals, under the pretence that "it would be too boring" to do it more efficiently.

The initial setup, that MC is only participating to have fun and mess with the whole world instead of simply completing his tasks, felt like a fun and fresh idea, I was excited to see what kind of chaos he will cause – the answer is none.

A good idea was dropped right after it was brought up, the author limited it to unimportant side characters, so we can read about MC messing with character x for no real reason, with no real impact on the story.

For me it became very annoying, very quickly, coupled with intense repetitions, I found myself just skimming through several segments, too tired to read the same sentences over and over.

MC is so clever, the system so s*upid, MC's waist hurts from his and ML's intense love sessions, more praising...

I often felt like all of this was done to expend on arcs that could have ended 4 chapters earlier, this is indeed something a lot of authors do, but I've never seen it to this extent.

In a QT typical manner, there's a system shop, its relevance was reduced to nothing in the second arc when we learn that even the most expensive props can be easily obtained because his system can lower prices like it sees fit.

They could give out these items for free, right away, and it wouldn't make any difference.

Let's go over the characters, there really isn't much to say.

MC is super intelligent and has a high EQ while being a schemer. I'm unsure if the author knows what EQ is, MC shows zero empathy or compassionate behaviour, he pulls down even characters that have done close to nothing to hurt the body's original owner or the ML.

The way he face-slaps the bad guys is underwhelming and easily archived due to the lack of everyone's IQ, not once did I feel satisfied with it, just increasingly bored.

His overall character is hard to stand, arrogant, self-centred, uncaring, and mean, he only shows consideration and love for the ML, everyone else is below him.

It leaves me with a bad taste whenever transmigration-MCs look down on the person they are replacing, or those they have to safe, sadly that's the case here, in addition to him doing all of this just for fun, it feels heartless and empty.

He has one bonus point – he was gay before he met ML.

ML's character changes a bit in every world so it's hard to judge him, at least in the first three, he's at least not one of those Yandere-types and earnestly loves MC, respects his wishes and boundaries.

He really doesn't get that much "screen time", the lack of meaningful appearances makes him rather flat and forgettable.

Side characters have no personality whatsoever, it's a miracle that they have names.

The antagonists are depressingly one dimensional and very similar with no good sides, they are reduced to their role, like cheap comic villains, none of them feels human, they are props to showcase MC's cleverness, nothing else.

Romance: Consensual, healthy, hardly believable.
They fall in love during the first arc, out of nowhere, and continue to love each other in the following worlds. I'm still wondering how, why, and when, they developed feelings, there were no prior signs. It just happened.

I can firmly say that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good story, decent characterisation, or satisfying revenge - you'll get neither.

If all you want is to kill some time with a nonsensical novel, are into hilariously bad villains and MCs, and have nothing else to read, then give it a shot. <<less
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Apr 03, 2018
Status: Completed
I was torn between 4 and 5 stars- ideally it's a 4.5 but I rounded up since I rather liked this novel. The story was good. Very similar to Quickly Wear the face of the devil, but I think we really got a good collection of characters and scenarios. The end was also rather interesting- ... more>>

I like the fact that the author didn't just send him back and say "game over". Instead, he's still got the mission of going around to worlds with his lover and collecting bits of him. It's also rather fun how they turn it into a game at the end.

Plus, the main character is smart and absolutely loves messing with the female leads in sadistic ways so it's pretty satisfying as a reader.

One minor complaint I have, however, the whole 'scattering IQ' plot point disappears almost instantly. Literally the ML is smart from the 2nd arc on, which is quite the disappointment as the entire premise of the summary seemed to be giving intelligence to the protagonists and then getting chased by them in return. We see that in the 1st story, but from the 2nd until the end, I don't see any attachment to the female lead. <<less
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Jul 23, 2020
Status: --
Idk why there are so many bad reviews. I, personally, think this to be a hidden gem.


I have read so many C-novels, specifically BL, where, either the character is going through denial (read: I'm not gayyyy) or the bottom is so feminized that I start to wonder why its BL or the relationship is toxic and has power disparity... and half the time it seems like the MC is forcefully dragged into the relationship by ML. This was not the case... more>> here.

2) ML


these are the lines he said to MC:

"I came out to my family.

At first they didn’t agree, because they thought that I should have a wife and a child, and live a normal life. But I didn’t feel that liking you was abnormal – in fact, only if I’m with you will my life be normal and complete.

To walk with you, I am ready to do anything and to face any test.

I don’t need you to feel moved or burdened, but I still wanted you to know. Nothing more.”


As u can see, he's way better than those who just scream "you're mine"


God... the MC is neither s*upid or oblivious. He goes after his man... enough said.


MC schemes but its mostly for relieving boredom.

Although I do understand that the plot could've been deeper, I am so relieved that someone is finally about healthy relationships. I mean, is overbearing CEO the best we can do?? <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2020
Status: Chp. 70
- MC doesn't really feel like he got high IQ & EQ.

It's more like villains & side characters were made really dumb just to make MC look "smart".

- System is really annoying. I wish they made the system unable to talk instead.

... more>> Up until now, there's no explanation how can the system give MC insane discounts when system's threatened by MC.

It's not like the system is the owner of the store, yet somehow there's no consequences when system give sudden discounts.

- Nothing unique about ML really. I'm a bit relieved he's not the r*pey type.

- These worlds feels like they're all on easy mode, especially when villains are just plainly dumb & the system is too cowardly to refuse MC whenever MC wanted something he can't afford.

- The quests MC needed to complete in order to restore ML's IQ is way too easy & random. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 28, 2019
Status: c37
the novel so far is holding my interest but I don't love it. I don't like the MC (not a fan of manipulative types) but at least he isn't bland. As this is still only the second world, we don't know much about the ML yet, other than that he's jealous, doting and pervy (just like the other MLs in this kind of story).

I'm not sure why this MC keeps being compared to the MC in QWFOD. They both have high intelligence and the ability to play others, but they... more>> do it for entirely different reasons. One was used and abused in thousands of worlds and lifetimes with no control over his own actions and wants revenge once he breaks free of the system. The MC in this novel is just bored, voluntarily jumps into the system, and sees people as toys. He builds up situations so he can enjoy watching them struggle and fall. Its not about winning for him, it's about damaging the other side in all ways possible; mental, physical, and psychological because that way it's not boring. The two are not alike.

stories like this one make me realize how important back ground motivation is for characters, especially an MC. Sometimes the actions themselves might be almost identical but the motivation behind those actions makes all the difference when it comes to liking a character or disliking them. <<less
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Aug 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Since I have a very large, possibly life changing exam in less than two weeks, naturally I should best prepare for it by reading totally relevant light novels. For the past month I've been browsing through jjwxc for quick wear, my most recent obsession. Specifically BL quick wear ofc. In the past week or so, I've probably gone through around 5 different BL quick wear novels, not finishing any of them, after a string of around 5 other pretty damn good ones. Do you know how hard it is to... more>> find a BL quick wear where 1. The MC doesn't just immediately have to leave after he finishes the task/has to die or have a tragic fate in every world, 2. The MC is affectionate and loving toward the ML instead of being a cold and emotionless person without love, 3. The MC is OP and black-bellied instead of being a weak naive dumbass, and 4. There's some sort of actual interesting plot in the worlds and slightly in the overall story instead of being some sort of matchmaking system or something like a lot of the BL quick wears?? Of course, the presence of large gold fingers is also a major plus. And the inclusion of modern/ABO/interstellar/apocalypse worlds. Probably bc I've read so many cultivation LNs, I've been more enthusiastic about those worlds rather than cultivation/animal ones. Oh and of course, I appreciate smut. Tho these quick wears rarely have much in the way of that, but I did find one earlier that did include more on that so < ( ̄︶ ̄) > (kaomojis have started growing on me after reading so many adorable BLs with prolific use of them)

But yeah, this has been on my reading list for quite the while now, and after a period of slight frustration, I found that it actually conformed to my requests quite a bit, and quickly blew through this. While the worlds didn't include everything I wanted/the plots weren't ideal, I did find it quite interesting, esp the interaction between the MC and the system. I often find these naive systems really annoying, but the MC being OP made up for it. The love between the MC and ML is adorable, and the possessiveness of the ML is always a great addition. Plus the MC seems to quickly also get really attached to the ML, and this reciprocity always makes me happy. Though the previous premise of scattering IQ doesn't quite last past the third world, instead turning into a sort of reverse the plot of the original owner, I do enjoy that. Probably due to my wish for some sort of plot in the worlds instead of just romance, I've been quite drawn to the cannon fodder BL quick wears, since reversing the cannon fodder fate counts as a quite interesting plot point, and the MC is usually relatively strong and smart in those cases. This one didn't disappoint. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 30, 2018
Status: c33
Its not great.

The MC is supposedly super smart and awesome, but everything comes so easily to him that he just comes off as sarcastic and arrogant. His system is cute but annoying and does everything the MC says with minimum resistance.

And the ML is indeed in need of IQ. Because everytime the MC is around he becomes an idiot. See my earlier comment of everything comes too easily to MC.

I'm still gonna read it, cause who knows, it might get better. But right now it's just a fluff mary sue... more>> story. <<less
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Feb 15, 2018
Status: c49
Well, it's definitely like QWFOD, except with a system. The system is a cute little thing, but often bullied by the MC.

I think this is good for a light hearted read, but it will not give you the impact QWFOD gives. Mainly because the MC can do no wrong, and the system is the underappreciated golden finger that fixes everything for the MC. So it feels like nothing is a challenge for the MC.

The ML is rather sweet, and he always finds and falls in love with the MC as... more>> soon as he sees him. He gets progressively more possesive, but it feels ok.

All in all, not a bad addition to your reading list. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 27, 2020
Status: v4c69
D-do my eyes deceive me? A face-slapping-focused QT novel without a terrible r*pe-y male lead?!

Yeah, so I actually quite like this. It's not high art, but it doesn't pretend to be, and it puts itself heads and shoulders above most other QT novels by simply being... not objectionable in the least. No weird pervading sense of sexism. No overbearing, r*pe-y male lead. No bestiality! Like, those are #lowbars, but #lowbars which most QT novels don't clear so. A+, scattering IQ. Not best in show, but I'll give you runner-up.

The face-slapping... more>> is, well, face-slapping, though other than the first arc, I never felt it was too excessive (probably because the villains get more villainous with each arc), and it never crosses a line for me, so +1 like.

As for the characters... All basically one-note paper cutouts there only to move the plot forward. And to be face-slapped. Not super interesting, but they do their job. The main character and male lead's relationship remind me of the one in Holding Onto My Man except without the excessive possessiveness and weird sexism. Male lead's personality differs from world to world, but after the first arc, he falls in insta-love with the main character every time they meet, so there's no tension there. But the shining grace is that, even when the male lead is feeling jealous and/or possessive of the main character, he! never! crosses! the! line! Yes, this is a QT without s*xual assault, everyone!! Praise be!

Honestly, I probably would've just put this novel to the back of my mind if it wasn't for that moment in the third (emperor) arc where...


The male lead gets "blackened" because of the main character's constant teasing and so secretly chains the other to his bed while the other's sleeping and unaware. Even though he also really wanted to get it on with the male lead, main character was fully prepared to give the male lead erectile dysfunction to teach the other a lesson, but male lead actually comes to his senses and releases the main character before anything happens! He then apologizes sincerely and even offers to let the other leave the palace!

Like, I feel like I've been worn down by way too many s*xual assaults in webnovels that this scene honestly surprised me. I was expecting the same old s*xual assault = love trope, but instead I got the male lead (and author) genuinely saying that if you love someone, let them free!! Yes, that should be the absolute bare minimum when it comes to love, but hoo boy, if I had a nickel for every QT that doesn't get that...


The main character is kind of black-bellied but, for all that the story (and author) seems to want to convince the audience that he's an amoral rascal, he never crosses the line for me, and it never feels like he treats people bad for the sake of it. The revenge never feels heavy-handed either, unlike others I've read *coughHeavyasMtTaicough*. So all in all, I'm cool with him. The only thing is that, as others have mentioned, the author wants to convince us that he's super smart, but it's really more like he has such thick plot armor that he'll always succeed. Not a huge deal, but if you want like the careful orchestrations of, say, tr*sh Bin Boyfriends, you won't find that here.

Oh, yeah, and the scattering IQ thing gets tossed out the window after the first arc, since the male lead (the protagonist of each world) falls in insta-love with the main character from then on, so he doesn't need any "IQ" to defend against villainous love interests anymore. So if you want actual tension in your narrative, you should probably read another novel.

TLDR; a QT novel that certainly falls into the category of "popcorn entertainment" but one that doesn't make me want to take a long, hot shower afterwards! If you're looking for a world-hopping novel where the two main characters PDA, make fun of genre cliches, and don't make you feel skeevy after reading, you could do a whole lot worst than Scattering IQ. <<less
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May 09, 2022
Status: c1 part1
Su- eating melon seeds - Yu

Su- white lotus - Yu

Su- kinky - Yu and ao on BABABBAB

... more>> Su Yu-flavoured-dog-food

Su- simp -Yu

Bruh, the cultivation arc MC spend ten s and thousand years having s*x with ML HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love the hacker arc 🤣 its too funny

Little mermaid ML HAHAHAHA

MC through out the Fairytale arc: Who am I? Where am I? What the heck happened? What logic???? *EXHALE* PATIENCEEEE 🧘🧘🧘🧘

The fairytale arc made me aware that NEVER TELL YOUR NAME WHEN YOU ARE AT THE BEACH!!!!

I have observe that MC became livelier and naughty every chapter 🤣

Also the System Ball tsk tsk tsk 🤣🤣
ML: who are those ugly balls?

MC at first: if you want to be my lover dont make me bored.

MC as he travel with the ml: well, I dont mind being in the deserted island as long as I have you. 💗 <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 18, 2021
Status: --
  1. I had a lot to say about this novel but it all got deleted and I exhausted my dissatisfaction with it so I'll just keep it simple. MC:

    • Supposed to be smart but just seems average.
    • He's really not scary. Really.
    • He thinks he's so smug with the system, villains and with the ML but really, you're not.
    • Said you hated boredom and in the 2nd arc...

you realised the protagonist might be your man (smart point +1 there tbh but that's all) and found it interesting saying you won't be bored for a while but then guess what. Half way through the arc, you get frustrated and threaten the system when he finds out that a tool to let him see the ml's soul is too expensive.

And here I thought you were smart and would figure it out by GOING to the ML not concocting your own theories and not trying them out.


The system:

    • Author tried to make the system cute and lovable but no, just no.
    • It's irritating, annoying and absolutely s*upid.
    • Finds the MC oh so scaryyy uwu yingyingying I'm crying but really, he hasn't done sh*t to you except threaten you with empty threats but you know, s*upid. And that needs to emphasised.
    • It gave in to the MC wayyyy to easkly and I know its a baby system but seriously?? Even a baby system still has a brain right? Clearly this one wasnt created in mind with one.
    • Actually, it was definitely like that to let the MC have OP tools to get his way.

    • Boring, flat, no personality.
    • A massive pleaser for the MC. Nicer ways to put it, 'wife s*ave' and 'henpecked husband' and I don't mind that but the ML is really not lovable.
    • Fell in love way too easily and the next arc just went wayy too overboard with the transitions of the ML overlapping each other (if you know what I mean).

    • Boring???
    • The chemistry was low, like really low. Almost non-existent.
    • Wasn't exciting, heartwarming and definitely did not intrigue me.
    • It felt shallow (I know it's a QT novel and they go through worlds pretty quick but at least spend some more time fleshing out the ML at least?? He's one of the main characters in this story after all.)

    • I only read up to arc 2 bc I couldn't stand the MC and the system, especially their interactions so take it in mind only from arc 1 and half of arc 2.
    • Villains are flat, world is flat.
    • The plot is simple (which I don't mind as long as the MC spices it up a bit or adds some funny dialogue but guess what? Nope.)
    • There's no tension whatsoever. At least make 1 villain in at least 1 arc that gives the MC trouble because its just repetitive??
    • Tbh, it would've been better if the villains, even if they were flat and boring to at least have brains that compete with MC bc who said you need to personally know them? You just need to know the reason (even if it's just bc they were bored or smthing) bc it adds some depth to their character unintentionally and gives MC a run for his money even for a bit or makes him surprised his calculations were slightly off but hey, it's fine, bc you're smart, you can adapt and change your plans and ways of thinking to deal with them. (This would be more interesting right???)
    • Faceslapping can be considered satisfying, especially for arc 1 I guess.
Overall, I really didn't like this novel. It had only minor good points and a majority of bad points I couldn't get past.
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: --
It a ok book, if you want read a book without any tragic heartbreak or kill time. Quite enjoyable in that case. The book is a 2.5-3.5 not 4-5 star.

1 star- translation

2 star - for the ML

3 star- Arc 3 was a bit better but not still a bit underwhelming. Im guessing the author is heavily influenced by QWTFOTD cause the MC has a lot of characteristic similar to the MC from QWTFOTD. The one that stand out the most is the arrogance in the both characters. However, what... more>> makes them different it that the MC from QWTFOTD is loyal to people that genuinely care about them, in this book other then the MC's arrogance (which is caused by his "high" IQ and EQ but I just think he is a bit dumb) he doesn't have a personality that I would call likable. Maybe a likable trait would be he is to an extend cunning, but then again he reminds me of a kid that cries if he doesn't get what he wants.

The ML on the other hand is hand puppy like personality and I find it quite cute, so I can tolerance this book for the ML.

The system, it a failure, despite having a CONSCIOUS of this OWN! Which many transmigration system do not get, it's a pity little dog like personality that irritates the reader. Like the system clearly has control over the situation of MC yet it obey that MC like a dog, the system could have been stricter with him, or have had double personality, which would have been more interesting, to see the system gain control of MC. Clearly the system is the only thing that can sent the MC back to his world, which is a HUGE advantage for, which is being disregarded, that can be used against the MC (cause like I said he is like a baby that will cry and throw a fit if he doesn't get what he wants, give it sometime and he will stop crying because of tiredness).

The part where it greatly differs from the OGs like QWTFOTD and TRAPDHTBITL, is the this plot is based on the fact the MC is "smart" or "cleaver", which I find is very boring and bland but OGs have a motivation and drive in their transmigration. The author clearing is trying to make the MC of this book look like the MC from QWTFOTD but MC from QWTFOTD went through hard ships before he got out of the control of the system. This MC has no hardship hence more spoiled and pampered by both his system and the ML.

The plot is your typical QT (if not worse cause the plot is so boring) the only difference is the MC voluntary transmigrates.. <<less
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Nov 06, 2021
Status: --
One word- Average.

It is average in everything. Be it the writing, romance or characters.

Either there's some problem with my definition of high IQ& EQ and black bellied/black hearted or there's a problem with the author's concept of these terms. It could also be that I've already gotten used to better IQ-ed and black bellied QT MCs (like Chi Xiaochi DPUBFTB or Xie He from SCSG) in better written works. And the MC supposedly transmigrates to prevent collapse of the world but it's never described how/why the world collapses if protagonist... more>> & FL achieve a HEA.

The MC here's pretty much average. But he's repeatedly expounded as someone extremely smart and talented. All the supposed plots/plans/schemes he comes up with could be thought of by anyone with average brainpower. Especially since the system does most of the work anyways by providing heaven defying hacking, cracking and spyware skills. You know, just the normal c-novel representation of hackers... just that it's even more OP cause it's a futuristic Al.[and I can't even comprehend how it retains its spying abilities in ancient settings... How tf do you do that? What did you hack into? The pigeons? the maid/eunuchs's brains??] So idk why he had to be the highest IQ/EQ, Masters degree at 13, company at 16, best actor/artist/presidentyadayada dude.

And forget the lack of tension from an extremely host friendly system, world settings that make it feel more like going on a vacation and the so simple it's s*upid tasks

like for eg: greet the ML 100 times, act opposite him 10 times etc.. The ML is the freakin Protagonist he's supposed to scatter IQ to!! And the worst part? He invariably falls for the MC even before his IQ recovers to the level of an amoeba..🙄 So there's ZERO tension whatsoever.


The ML? Idk... he's got the character depth matching the depth/thickness of a tissuepaper and is as generic and bland as plain bread. So I really can't comment on him much except that he's of course Always Tall, Rich And Handsome~🙂

The romance? Idk how it happened in the first arc and since every subsequent arc has the pastlife-lovers-reunited theme and basically goes meet->greet->into the sheet, I find it a bit forced. Btw the 'into the sheet' part is full fade to black so don't go in expecting that either~

The Villains? So brain-dead that I suspect zombies to possess better functional brains. I guess the only way the MC could seem smart is if the villains are all ret*rded.🙄

And of course they are all the FLs the protagonist (ML) was supposed to fall for.


The supposed comedy is from the interactions between the system and MC. But it feels like watching an adult snatch candy from a toddler... On Repeat. And someone update this Al. It sounds/acts like a freakin 5yr old.

There really are better BL QT works out there. Ones that don't bait you with the title and let you down so hard you feel your IQ scattering. The translators have done a wonderful job so 2/5⭐. read only when you feel very Bored (cause not everyone's lucky enough to find a host friendly system that helps to alleviate boredom via safe and secure world-hopping) <<less
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Jul 23, 2021
Status: --
I loved it.

Objectively speaking, it might not be that great, and the plot may not be the absolute best and the MC might be too OP, but I still definitely enjoyed it alot.

I was only looking for something where the romance develops quickly and no braincells are utilised and I definitely got it.

... more>> I liked all the arcs so much. Tbh, the MC completes his task way too easily, but I still enjoy it so I don't really care.

I liked the MC in this one, and I liked the mutual love between MC and ML. In some QTs, I just feel bad for the ML cause the MCs are so cold and it seems as if the ML is just in a one-sided love. Which was fortunately not the case for this one. Thank god.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. <<less
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: c192
wish the plot was a bit deeper but I enjoyed this read. ?

... more>>

It was refreshing to read something that kept the same ML around.

I liked the face slapping. But if you start to get bored, then like don't feel like you should have to push through till the end. Doesn't change a lot once they break through to the ML keeping his memories and ECT. It is pretty much over plot wise once this happens. Even tho he still hasn't gotten all his soul fragments? ? I guess too many worlds by that point it will feel a lil meh. Skipped it ig.

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