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Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-class looks. He crawled his way out of hell on hard mode to become a winner at life.

Then, he was smashed into a vegetative state by a chandelier.

061: Hello, here’s a brief rundown on the scum gong reconditioning system. This system measures the regret level of the scum gong. Every time their regret level reaches one hundred points, you will be able to leave the current world. A friendly tip, usually, through dedication and self-sacrifice, our employees slowly foster a sense of dependency in the scum gongs, gradually making it so the scum gongs can’t live without them.

Chi Xiaochi: How many regret points is a complete loss of reputation and standing worth? How about a fall from grace? Or wanting something but never being able to obtain it?

061: ……

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New HoloSol rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c40
Amazing. If you liked "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, " you will also enjoy this novel.

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New meowraa rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c50
An absolute gem.

I'd even say that it's

genre-changing. I've read multiple quick transmigration stories, and while I've had those I liked, this one takes the cake. There are so many little details that brings the characters to life, and it honestly makes me want to sob, lmao.

But golly, the romance is really well built here. There are sub plots within the overarching plot, and I think they are both developed quite well, or at least as far as I've read. The romance isn't rushed and it comes naturally; characters are developed... more>> and interactions actually make my emotions soar (depending on what interactions lol)

As for CXC, he's an absolute gem! Precious boy, I love how he's smart and while cunning, he still has that humanity and consideration for the bodies he inhabits. He try to expand the original hosts social circle, extract them from their predicament and ensure that they would be able to live their lives in the best condition after he leaves their body. (So far for the past two worlds, his parting words has me shedding tears LOL)

There's so many other things to love (the friendship between the systems is one of them), which makes this novel really root itself in a genre that's rather overdone. Quite a breath of fresh air, very lovely, and finally... I LOVE THIS COUPLE.

Hopefully the other non-AI systems do get to return back to their original worlds! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, also, translation quality is really good. Understandable and clear, thank you! (I get a mini headache trying to read the raws lmao, it can get quite confusing) <<less
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namio rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Is there such a thing as a perfect story? I don't know. But this novel certainly came close, I can't even see it as a story sometimes.

Just as a warning, this story isn't like others in the genre. It covers heavy topics with the realism and complexity it deserves, so I'd like to mention these trigger warnings:

... more>>

Emotional abuse and manipulative behavior and classic alienating techniques in the first world, extremely violent domestic and animal abuse in the second world, gaslighting and manipulation in the third, non-detailed past rape (?), physical and emotional abuse as well as possessive behavior in the fourth, and child abuse and neglect, repeated and systemic sexual abuse towards minors by adults in position of authority (here by a teacher) in the tenth world. This also involves victim shaming of rape victims, especially of male victims.


Chi Xiaochi does not play god and lets the owners decide their next steps regarding their abusers, and actively paves the way for them to a brighter, healthier future.

Chi Xiaochi is the best MC I've ever had the pleasure to know. The premise of this novel is "Scum Gong reconditioning", but in the hands of Chi Xiaochi it is so much more-- rather than revenge, what he truly focuses on is the future emotional wellbeing of the people whose lives he's redeeming. This difference is incredible, because then he treats the lives he temporarily takes over with utmost respect; this is not a frivolous game, nor a simple task-- it's a life. This man is the most empathetic, compassionate, strong, intelligent, and incredible individual I've ever had the pleasure to know.

But those types of people are rarely born from happy lives. As the story progresses, we get to see how the Chi Xiaochi of today came to be born, and why he wanted to go back to his world just to sweep a childhood friend's tomb.

061, his system, finds it curious, too. Step by step, world by world, he becomes more and more emotionally invested in his host, and discovers the entire entangled truth underneath it all....

CP details:


061 (Lou Ying) / Chi Xiaochi. 061's original identity isn't a secret for long and is part of a deeper storyline, so you do find out early. Lou Ying is incredibly sweet, attentive, and patient with Chi Xiaochi. He is protective as well, but is staunchly respectful of CXC's individuality, never forgetting that he is his own person and never acting like a "jailer".

They have a happy ending, and the extras cover their post-canon sweetness. It's really helpful because the last arc will beat you black and blue.


CP past details, for anyone who might worry about some of the trigger warnings:


Last world is a parallel world Chi Xiaochi, who committed suicide at age 14-15 and accepted the contract as a host for a chance that his Lou-ge might live.

Here we get details on what actually happened: Lou Ying died pushed out of the window by a middle aged teacher who was attempting to molest 14 years old Chi Xiaochi. The man then set it up so that it looked as if Lou Ying attempted to rob him, and for months Chi Xiaochi attempted to reopen the case for proper investigation and failing. In reporting it daily, he had to reopen the scars of being molested many times. Nobody believed him, so he took matters into his own hands, stalking the teacher and recording blackmail of him trying to lure other teenage boys, and eventually beat the man with an iron pipe when he almost raped another boy. At the hospital, he used the blackmail to stress the man to death.

Realizing that there's an unbearable void in his chest that he can never do anything about, Chi Xiaochi planned his own suicide with the same care he planned that murder.

In this parallel world, Chi Xiaochi jumped.

In the original world, Chi Xiaochi remembered the blind yellow dog he and Lou Ying adopted, and then how there's nobody to sweep Lou Ying's grave....

And now they are here: host, and the man who will take revenge on the abuser who murdered his Lou-ge.


Main plot details:


Lord God is big bad a***ole and tries very hard to make Chi Xiaochi not return to his own world-- when that fails, he tries to get him killed, then has him kill other people with his bare hands to forever stain him and make him unable to face the modern world.

Chi Xiaochi shows off his big d**k energy and replaces him as the Lord God, and does his best to ensure all past victims, both hosts and systems, are given a second chance, as well as setting a system where systems can ask for best way to proceed to ensure humane conditions.


Ngl, this novel ruined me forever. Please read it. It will be very well worth your time, I promise. It is more than 5 stars. For Chi Xiaochi, I'd give him an entire googol of stars.

EDIT: Now that the translation has come this far, I'd also like to extend my applause to the translator for the AMAZING translation! It's so clean and readable with little notes making the text come alive.... it really makes everything even better as a reader. Thank you! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: Completed
This is literally one of those life-changing, genre-changing novels that after you read, will make you want to revisit (and possibly lower the rating) on other novels you have given 5 stars to in the past.


I could go on for 10-pages about everything I like about this novel. I will attempt to keep things short:

    • The MC is truly a genius/mastermind, and boy is it AWESOME to see him in action. I guarantee this story will be unpredictable because of how smart everything is done.
    • Every world is very detailed, the world-building makes you live it (show, not tell), and each world is a twist on common tropes found in romance/BL/other transmigration stories. Recall the yandere ML? The childish tsundere? The overbearing CEO? You can find a dose of reality in these stories that parody the cliched and romanticized views found in other novels. And it's GREAT.
    • The author is incredible at crafting characters and relationships. I still remember almost every single world's main and side characters because of how unique and memorable their personalities and actions were. That's 10 worlds, and a LOT of characters.
    • The main romance (and side romances) are seriously beautiful. We get crafted little details like a character's dislike of the waffle part of an ice cream cone, a hand-drawn storybook, or how a stray dog they picked up got his name changed. Little things seem unimportant only to make a big emotional impact later. These details truly make everything feel real.
    • There is continuity despite it being a QT/multi-world transmigration novel. The continuity is extremely intricate, detailed, and everything makes logical sense.
    • There is an undertone of realism. This makes tragedies even more tragic (prepare those tissues!) but also the redemption even more satisfying.
You don't get:

    • Obsession with Chinese-only culture/superiority/nationalism
    • Predictable cliches, overused storylines, paper-thin cannon fodder
    • Unequal relationships or romance with one partner doing everything for the other
    • Overly summarized plotlines (most QT novels will do this)
This is a long story, but it's completely worth it for the ride. I have never been so immersed in an author's works before this. This is a freaking long story but I seriously wished it never ended. I give 1000000+ thumbs up!

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SilverCyanide rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Original review before I completed the novel. My updated thoughts are below the spoiler tag, now with even more spoilers.

... more>>

I don't usually (actually I've never) write reviews. One because I never know what to say and two because I can never straighten out my thoughts enough to make it coherent. But I love this story so much I'm going to damn well try.

Firstly I want to preface this by saying there will be spoilers up to where I've currently read, which is c170 or the 7th world. You have been warned.


It's been heavily compared among the other reviewers already, mostly because QWTFOD (which is an incorrect translation of the title FYI, the correct one would be something like 'Quick Transmigration as a Fierce, Face-slapping Devil') is known as the pioneer of QT novels here. So I'm going to be using it as the point of reference for this review. In my opinion, QWTFOD is quite shallow. It has shallow characters, shallow worldbuilding, shallow motivations, even the reveal on the Lord God's identity was bland. Characters in each arc never feel alive, they feel more like props there to move the plot along and to raise ZYS up to make him more badass, and honestly I couldn't care less about the ML. There's never a challenge too daunting that ZYS can't overcome with a wave of his hand or some magical hacker skills and I don't buy how he and the ML fall in love. The worlds never feel quite alive (hated the reality TV show arc and the musician arc was forgettable) and are filled with many unexplained/dumb parts that I won't go too deep into. A brief example is when he was in the A/B O world and omegas can apparently become like slightly weaker betas if they just cut out their scent gland - and you tell me not more omegas have done it? That ZYS is one of the first, if not the first to do it? Omegas choose to live with heats and potential r*pe simply because of what, they don't want to lose the ability to give birth? Like I said, dumb.

Before I digress too much into a rant about QWTFOD (not what we're here for) let's get into the true meat of this review, which is what DPUBFTTB (henceforth referred to as Trash BF) does better in each aspect. Firstly let's talk about characters.

We have Chi Xiaochi, our main character. He's quite similar in ZYS in that they're both portrayed as intelligent, cunning, sly characters who are always twenty steps ahead of those slag gongs and evil villains. What makes them different is that ZYS could literally not care less about other people besides the ML, case-in-point the last arc set in the 'real world' with the comatose General/Major/Sergeant/who cares. However, in CXC's case, he, s not like that. He genuinely takes his task seriously and doesn't only think about finishing his job ASAP so he can leave. He made plans to improve the hosts' lives so even after he leaves they won't suffer because of his actions or lack of foresight. Under his lackadaisical, devil-may-care attitude is a heart of gold that doesn't want these hosts whose lives and future are entrusted to him to go through what he went through. That alone puts him leaps and bounds ahead of ZYS. The side characters not being barely-smarter-than-a-grasshopper doesn't hurt either when it comes to showing off how he's a truly intelligent character.

Next, my favourite character, is the ML or System 061, Lou Ying. To keep things simple I'll just call him 061 because that's what he's referred to as for the majority of the novel. 061 is a rare gem in the pool of overbearing CEOs or yandere ML or pressuring-your-loved-one-into-being-with-you-is-romantic ML.

061 is gentle, he's kind, he's sweet and he's strong-willed but not pushy. He's protective but not overly, and he gets jealous but he doesn't go crazy and harm the MC like so many ML do; in fact, his idea of giving CXC the cold shoulder is cooking for him, taking care of him, reading to him at night so he can fall asleep, peeling oranges for him etc, the only difference between his normal behavioue and this is he doesn't take the initiative to start the conversation - because he's upset. It's kind of cute actually. He also tries not to let CXC worry and tries to act fine even when he's hurting, because he doesn't want to see CXC sad. First thing that comes to mind is in the apocalypse world overtaken by rogue AI a la Terminator, he's besieged by AI viruses sent to send him into eternal sleep (aka death) and his firewall's only holding up because he's doing high-speed analysis and reparations, Even so, he splits his attention to help CXC with something that he needs help with and doesn't even let a hint of the danger he's in slip out. If that isn't self-sacrificial love I don't know what is. And 061 as Lou Ying is just the ideal boyfriend, like, I need me a man like him who'd do anything, even be willing to die for me (sobs). Comparatively, the ML of QWTFOD is... a sex-hound? Overbearing? Black-bellied? A hollow imitation of a well-developed character? Not the most ideal partner I have to say. Who decided gentle MLs were out of fashion and that black-bellied ones were all the rage? I'd just like to have a short talk with them.

I won't comment on the Lord God plotline because it's so intricate and it still hasn't been fully revealed yet. I might edit this review once I finish reading.

Instead I'll talk about the world-building because it is gorgeous. The author likes to take standard cliched tropes and give a fresh twist to them. Like the A/B/O world where instead of being born as one of the three designations, everyone is a beta at birth until this ceremonial battle that's modeled after tournament-style elimination matches, where the winner takes the loser's spiritual energy and if you win enough times and collect enough energy, you become an alpha. Likewise, lose enough times and you become an omega. If you're somewhere in between, you stay a beta. Interesting, right? Did I mention every designation can give birth? Alphas, betas, omegas alike, regardless if they're male or female. In fact there's a GL alphaxalpha couple and I live for their cute interactions!

Have you ever thought about what happens if you pit two systems against each other? Or what if the system actively helps the MC in his tasks by taking on the role of different characters in each world? Or maybe even what if a character from a previous world can communicate with and actively help the MC even in different worlds? All this and more are beautifully and organically laid out in this novel.

I'll leave a warning here though. Because the worldbuilding is so detailed and thought-out, it rather realistically portrays many different types of unhealthy relationships without downplaying or glorifying them, which can make some arcs triggering/hard to read for some people.

I could go on forever about this novel but the enjoyment in reading a novel is experiencing the worlds it shows you, yourself. So I'll leave it off here and let you discover for yourself what makes this story so amazing.


So I've finished up the last 100 chapters (about a week ago to be honest, just didn't have time to write this until now) and I feel quite justified in my rating of the novel. Without giving too much away because the last world and the conclusion must be experienced on your own, I think I can safely say that the foreshadowing that's been dropped since the first world, with more trails and details and crumbs along the way have all come together in an absolutely satisfying ending. I think all the plot points have been settled with the extras and the last world is sufficiently heart-wrenching enough to make you cry, and the actions of the Lord God get so malicious that it's cathartic to see him get his retribution in the end.

If you are dying to know a little bit about why the last world is so painful, it's because it's

a parallel world to CXC's original world, where the only difference so far is that in this world, CXC committed suicide by jumping off a bridge while in our CXC's world, he decided against jumping at the last moment. This arc goes into their past and why CXC has touch-phobia, why he's an insomniac, what happened to Lou Ying and why 061 got formatted to begin with, as well as many more revelations about the Lord God. If you haven't realised by now, yes, the host this time is a parallel version of Chi Xiaochi himself.


By the end of the last world, I wanted to personally end the scum gong (I feel sick calling him this) with my own two hands for what he did to the host of that world. I'm not usually a violent person so you know this is good.

Luckily the extras are like a balm upon my hurting soul and provide a much-needed follow-up on their lives after they completed the 10 worlds. Won't say much about them because quite a bit of it ties in to the ending and the conclusion of the Lord God storyline. But you can rest assured, it's a happy ending and they even get married in the end :D <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c39
This novel will make other works of the same genre feel inferior and shallow. I must confess it did make me revisit other novels and lower their rates just because how impressed I am by it.

Reading other QT genre novels I asked myself - is it possible to make this interesting and not the copypaste version of each other? DPUBFTB answers with a 'YES'. And here's why:

  • PROTAGONISTS. Though MC follows the smart and beautiful cliche, while being cunning in nature, but what impresses you more is CXC's considerate heart and all the small details about him implicate what kind of person he is and actually make him more real than simply being all-powerful cheating character who meets no obstacle. CXC is so charismatic and interesting to follow. ML is nothing like your usual ML of QT, the author proves that ML can be gentle and interesting, that there's no need for some all powerful machine that is forceful on MC;
  • RELATIONSHIP develops naturally and you believe their feelings for each other. So there's no feeling of - oh well, he follows me and I got used to him, so let us be together kek. It almost feels like the author took a piss off all those QT novels with their shallow explanation and reasoning for love and lack of objective. MC and ML slowly get to know each other and care through the process of completing the worlds;
  • STORY. Absolutely amazing take on transmigration. For once, there's no dumping of entire plot from the first chapter, when you don't really care about anything or anyone. Everything comes at a right time and creates a nice pace. CXC being only part of the deal adds another layer of dramatism, which I think is something stunning. There's no stupid sudden change in MCs character when ppl around are like - well, he totally changed, but whatever. Each world is taken with a note of realism and moral message. I especially like the part where no one is trying to come to the top of the world, but at the same time scum gongs are not sent to the afterlife or end up in jail. Author beautifully shows it's not the only way how to deal with it and that's why I came to appreciate it even more.
Just by thinking there are so many chapters ahead makes me feel excited and want to follow this... more>> author with their other novels as well. <<less
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ylial rated it
July 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Really the best among the rest that I've ever read so far. One might thought of the usual fastwear bcoz of the world hopping arcs, but this is longer (25-33chapters), has depth and more complex than u can imagine. Each story is well thought. Everything is described well.

... more>>

There are various system governed by different "God" (serves as warden, forgot the right term).

Aside from other worlds, parallel worlds also exist.


I love the Arc where the MC is transported to another world in which the person he transmigrated is bound to a survival system. I also love the apocalypse-AI world, it made me cry


I really hate slag male on system vs system arc. I could slightly emphatize with the previous worlds' slag MLs. However, the slag male in system vs system arc is really greedy, ruthless and shameless


Also, there are flashbacks about the MC&ML in every world... and they sadden me.. Especially the world where everything about the past of the MC was told, it was too detailed and heart breaking I'm really holding back my tears 😭 😭 😭

parallel world of Xiaochi in which his past was divulge


I would rank this above FoD. This has depth in which I find lacking (little only) in FoD

PS. For the first chapter readers, don't worry the ML of this novel is not the slag ML of each world. <<less
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wrezkai rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c25
Nice story so far; the MC is calm, has humane feelings, and retains a desire to go back to his og world.

The thing is, the time MC will spend in various worlds is equivalent to how much time goes by in the mc's og world. Therefore, the MC has the motivation to complete system tasks as fast as he can.


Great start, I'm hoping the rest will be just as dazzling.
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Sceer rated it
June 12, 2019
Status: arc 2
I'm still at the 2nd world but the target there is f#@king crazy.


He cooked MC's dog!


Our MC is amazing though, it's like the enemy takes one step but he already has planned 100 steps ahead (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C).
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FanGirlNoha rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c15
Ahhhhh!!!! I wish I could give this more than a five - that's how good this is!!! ୧ (☉□☉) ୨ I've read the translated chapters and a few more in MTL and I have to say, I'm completely psyched to read the whole novel. The writing is wonderful amd this becomes more evident due to the EXCELLENT TRANSLATION. The translation is one of the best I've read to be honest. (゚ヮ゚) As for the MC & ML : The setting isn't completely clear yet but the MC seems to... more>> be the cool headed clever type that is REALLY GOOD at scheming. But he's very compassionate towards the original body and that's not something you usually see. All the reviews have already mentioned about the plus points of the novel and I have to agree that this is a masterpiece. I don't know if it'll be the same later on but this is definitely worth reading based on the few chapters that have been translated. Rather than just simple face-slapping and counterattacking, the novel puts a lot of emphasis on character development - both for the MC & ML and for the characters whose bodies the MC occupies during the missions. The ML becomes quite obvious to the readers after a few chapters but there are a lot of complexities involved which makes me want to madly MTL this. Alas, the MTL is worse than dog s**t compared to the translation so I can only hope for the translators to pick up their pace ASAP! _ (:зゝ∠) _

There are a few spoilers and warnings though. Just as it's been mentioned in the previous reviews, the novel has quite a lot of angst. I couldn't help reading the spoiler to keep my heart safe. Firstly,

the author's note in the TOC quite clearly states that the system is the ML gong. As we read further, we realize that he's the MC's childhood friend+crush who had died in their original world. Some of the spoilers in the other reviews say that he died to save MC from molestation and all but I can't comment on that till I've finished reading. He seems to be very caring about the MC despite losing his memories.


There's also some intricate plot relating to the MC, ML & the lord god. But I guess we'll need to read further into the novel to know that. Overall, it's a MUST READ!!! (●♡∀♡) <<less
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solomaize rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c24
This will probably rival my love for FOD (blasphemy!).

It is set with almost the same premise as FOD, a host gets paired with a system, and after completing 10 worlds, the Lord God will grant one wish to the host.

The host needs to help the people to counter attack against despicable scumbags of a gong and raise the Regret Meter of the slag gongs to 100 point before they could go to a new world.

The MC really reminds me of Zhou YunSheng of FOD. Arrogant, lazy, super intelligent, charming, playful,... more>> and doesn't take the easy way out when counter attacking.

The System however isn't like any I have read (Thank God). He is a gentle, charming, hardworking, innocent, warm cinnamon roll and must be protected at all cost!! (T^T)

Anyway, there seems to be a history between the two of them, but both of them don't realise it because memory swipe. #A$$HoleLordGod.

Anyway, why you should read this:

  • MC and system are so funny and warm together. But they are just friends. Yup.
  • The heartache of the host shou will push you to want to personally kill the scum gong.
  • Conspiracy between the Lord God and the system worlds.
And I'm reading all this on MTL so imagine how good reading the translation will be. <<less
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attilde235 rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c22
I finished the first arc and I could not contain my excitement! One of the best twists on system novels I've ever read. You get a tantalizing set up near the end of the first arc which really changes the mood up from a typical system novel! I wanted to quickly write a review on novelupdates before I dive back into the story and to increase the rating!
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Ishikawa.chie rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c89
Different from the usual slag system story that always gives u headaches. In this novel, the MC made actions that u would love so that the slag male/s would increase their regret value. I super love every story in arc.
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nekomemeow rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c23
guyyyysssss GUYSSSSSS I just finished the first arc and I FELL IN LOVE SO HARD WITH THE MC!!!! SO HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just... the fact that the MC is extremely scheming while being kind is just ugh. so precious to me. the story development was just at the right amount of my emotional threshold bc I can't handle too much angst but a bland plot is a no go either and this story just gives me that sweet sweet spot of plot and AAAHHH JUST!!! I love it!!!!

as usual, the... more>> translator group did an excellent job and looking forward to more chapters!!!! <3 <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c23
i only read to the end of the first world and already things are very complex, bouncing back and forth between the MC and... more>>

the Lord God and all the systems. Right now it seems like LG is the big bad of the novel and he never fails to piss me off

once I realized just how complicated everything is I decided it was better to wait for the translations so I don't miss things with MTL. Looks like there is a lot of scheming and behind the scenes maneuvering and politics so I might not like it but i'll give the translations a try at any rate (not a big fan of politics and scheming). The MC is the cool calculating type but he's also very human and flawed, so it's easier to relate to him as a person and the ML is broken and not the object of the raiders. <<less
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fltstrt rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: c42
Story 5/5, TL 5/5

Saw a reviewer stating that this story is life-changing, genre-changing novel and they're right. Never been a big fan of fast wear having read several other popular ones like FOD but DPUBFTTB is fast wear novel done right!

I could never get into FOD as I felt their romance to be shallow and expected- Each arc is like a formulaic repetition of the previous. DPUBFTTB is different even though it follows the same precedent of revenge fast wear novels where the MC have to dish out 'retribution' to... more>> every scum gongs. However the MC's methods aren't overly crude, he considers the motives of all the party involved and plays the long game. There's a touch of humanity in every arc that is missing in other fast wear stories. The focus isn't wholly on face slapping/revenge. The trivial interactions w other minor characters and how the plot change would affect them, made every arc more believable and real. Initially I wasn't too convinced by the ML as he is a system after all, however I soon changed my mind as their backstory gets unravelled bit by bit. The MC and ML's interaction feels warm and heartbreaking at the same time as they have no idea of each other's real identity.

A must read, esp for ppl who have tried this genre before and did not like it- you might change your mind just as I did. <<less
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Ishikawa.Reina rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c34
Just trying to post 😂
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Morir de amor
Morir de amor rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c61
This story is so good, I love the MCs calmness and 061s fluffiness. I need more of this story. So glad it was picked up
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
joun rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c75
Better "quick transmigration's novel with a system" ever !

The novel's background is quite dark. The secrets are many and each arc is so different that you feel hate, pity, sadness, frustration.

-The first arc pissed me off (i mean the story of the original was so pathethic that you wish that the scum lover will suffert thousands tortures).

... more>> -the second arc is worse, it's maddening and frankly, I never read this kind of abusive novel (thanks god our MC saved the day).

-The third arc, for now, it's my favourite ! Finally I loved the setting (not much hate).

-The fourth arc (actually reading), I fell sorry for the scum guy because his problem is that he is too possessive, mentaly instable, violent and that he is too obsessive toward his lover. His lover's tragedy was all his indirect fault and so being together brought him (the lover which is taken over by the MC) nothing but a miserable and tragic ending.

I have to say that I was reluctant to read the novel after reading the comments. The spoilers crushed my fragile heart but the story is too well written and too interesting.

5 stars ! <<less
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I really like this so far. It has been much different from typical BL or typical quick transmigration with System novels. The MC treats the 'characters' bodies and lives he's inhabiting with respect and tries to get them justice and put their lives on track to a mentally & physically healthier place. The author addresses abusive relationships, racism, homophobia, child abuse etc in refreshingly honest way. Most BL novels are written by women for women. This seems different. It seems more like gay literature (written by LGBTQ person for a... more>> LGBTQ audience). The ML is not blackbelly tsundare possessive control freaks like other MLs that are so popular. He's kind and supportive. <<less
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August 26, 2019
Status: c43
Okay when I read this, I figured it was a typical QT type thing but omg I was wrong in the best way. Like damn! This is only two arcs in and it’s intense, honestly much darker than I thought it would be too, especially in regards to the whole system. The gong and shou’s past is slowly explored and makes them incredibly well rounded, the MC despite being quite, uh, I guess morbid (?) has a strong morality as well as a simple if sad goal to work to... more>> for.

Anyway I’m not gonna spoil but this is definitely unique, taking faceslapping to whole new heights really while also having a very interesting subplot with the mystery of the system itself. Also the arcs are long af which I like lol 100/5 <<less
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MissZer0q rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c39
I haven't even finished the 2nd arc yet but one thing is certain to me, if this book continues the way it is now it will undoubtedly be a gem.

It's one of those stories that makes you remember of a love you've never even felt and experienced before. It's also one of those stories that makes you want to start learning chinese to know what the heck happened next, it's really reaaaaally good.
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