Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin


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Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-class looks.

He crawled his way out of hell on hard mode to become a winner at life.

Then, he was smashed into a vegetative state by a chandelier.

061: Hello, here’s a brief rundown on the scum gong reconditioning system. This system measures the regret level of the scum gong. Every time their regret level reaches one hundred points, you will be able to leave the current world. A friendly tip, usually, through dedication and self-sacrifice, our employees slowly foster a sense of dependency in the scum gongs, gradually making it so the scum gongs can’t live without them.

Chi Xiaochi: How many regret points is a complete loss of reputation and standing worth? How about a fall from grace? Or wanting something but never being able to obtain it?

061: ……

Associated Names
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Bùyào zài lèsè tǒng lǐ jiǎn nán péngyǒu
Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trashbin
Đừng kiếm bạn trai trong thùng rác
Не підбирайте хлопців зі смітників
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185 Reviews

May 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Is there such a thing as a perfect story? I don't know. But this novel certainly came close, I can't even see it as a story sometimes.

Just as a warning, this story isn't like others in the genre. It covers heavy topics with the realism and complexity it deserves, so I'd like to mention these trigger warnings:

... more>>

Emotional abuse and manipulative behavior and classic alienating techniques in the first world, extremely violent domestic and animal abuse in the second world, gaslighting and manipulation in the third, non-detailed past r*pe (?), physical and emotional abuse as well as possessive behavior in the fourth, and child abuse and neglect, repeated and systemic s*xual abuse towards minors by adults in position of authority (here by a teacher) in the tenth world. This also involves victim shaming of r*pe victims, especially of male victims.


Chi Xiaochi does not play god and lets the owners decide their next steps regarding their abusers, and actively paves the way for them to a brighter, healthier future.

Chi Xiaochi is the best MC I've ever had the pleasure to know. The premise of this novel is "Scum Gong reconditioning", but in the hands of Chi Xiaochi it is so much more-- rather than revenge, what he truly focuses on is the future emotional wellbeing of the people whose lives he's redeeming. This difference is incredible, because then he treats the lives he temporarily takes over with utmost respect; this is not a frivolous game, nor a simple task-- it's a life. This man is the most empathetic, compassionate, strong, intelligent, and incredible individual I've ever had the pleasure to know.

But those types of people are rarely born from happy lives. As the story progresses, we get to see how the Chi Xiaochi of today came to be born, and why he wanted to go back to his world just to sweep a childhood friend's tomb.

061, his system, finds it curious, too. Step by step, world by world, he becomes more and more emotionally invested in his host, and discovers the entire entangled truth underneath it all....

CP details:


061 (Lou Ying) / Chi Xiaochi. 061's original identity isn't a secret for long and is part of a deeper storyline, so you do find out early. Lou Ying is incredibly sweet, attentive, and patient with Chi Xiaochi. He is protective as well, but is staunchly respectful of CXC's individuality, never forgetting that he is his own person and never acting like a "jailer".

They have a happy ending, and the extras cover their post-canon sweetness. It's really helpful because the last arc will beat you black and blue.


CP past details, for anyone who might worry about some of the trigger warnings:


Last world is a parallel world Chi Xiaochi, who committed su*cide at age 14-15 and accepted the contract as a host for a chance that his Lou-ge might live.

Here we get details on what actually happened: Lou Ying died pushed out of the window by a middle aged teacher who was attempting to mol*st 14 years old Chi Xiaochi. The man then set it up so that it looked as if Lou Ying attempted to rob him, and for months Chi Xiaochi attempted to reopen the case for proper investigation and failing. In reporting it daily, he had to reopen the scars of being mol*sted many times. Nobody believed him, so he took matters into his own hands, stalking the teacher and recording blackmail of him trying to lure other teenage boys, and eventually beat the man with an iron pipe when he almost r*ped another boy. At the hospital, he used the blackmail to stress the man to death.

Realizing that there's an unbearable void in his chest that he can never do anything about, Chi Xiaochi planned his own su*cide with the same care he planned that mu*der.

In this parallel world, Chi Xiaochi jumped.

In the original world, Chi Xiaochi remembered the blind yellow dog he and Lou Ying adopted, and then how there's nobody to sweep Lou Ying's grave....

And now they are here: host, and the man who will take revenge on the abuser who mu*dered his Lou-ge.


Main plot details:


Lord God is big bad as*hole and tries very hard to make Chi Xiaochi not return to his own world-- when that fails, he tries to get him killed, then has him kill other people with his bare hands to forever stain him and make him unable to face the modern world.

Chi Xiaochi shows off his big d*ck energy and replaces him as the Lord God, and does his best to ensure all past victims, both hosts and systems, are given a second chance, as well as setting a system where systems can ask for best way to proceed to ensure humane conditions.


Ngl, this novel ruined me forever. Please read it. It will be very well worth your time, I promise. It is more than 5 stars. For Chi Xiaochi, I'd give him an entire googol of stars.

EDIT: Now that the translation has come this far, I'd also like to extend my applause to the translator for the AMAZING translation! It's so clean and readable with little notes making the text come alive.... it really makes everything even better as a reader. Thank you! <<less
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Jun 30, 2019
Status: Completed
This is literally one of those life-changing, genre-changing novels that after you read, will make you want to revisit (and possibly lower the rating) on other novels you have given 5 stars to in the past.


I could go on for 10-pages about everything I like about this novel. I will attempt to keep things short:

    • The MC is truly a genius/mastermind, and boy is it AWESOME to see him in action. I guarantee this story will be unpredictable because of how smart everything is done.
    • Every world is very detailed, the world-building makes you live it (show, not tell), and each world is a twist on common tropes found in romance/BL/other transmigration stories. Recall the yandere ML? The childish tsundere? The overbearing CEO? You can find a dose of reality in these stories that parody the cliched and romanticized views found in other novels. And it's GREAT.
    • The author is incredible at crafting characters and relationships. I still remember almost every single world's main and side characters because of how unique and memorable their personalities and actions were. That's 10 worlds, and a LOT of characters.
    • The main romance (and side romances) are seriously beautiful. We get crafted little details like a character's dislike of the waffle part of an ice cream cone, a hand-drawn storybook, or how a stray dog they picked up got his name changed. Little things seem unimportant only to make a big emotional impact later. These details truly make everything feel real.
    • There is continuity despite it being a QT/multi-world transmigration novel. The continuity is extremely intricate, detailed, and everything makes logical sense.
    • There is an undertone of realism. This makes tragedies even more tragic (prepare those tissues!) but also the redemption even more satisfying.
You don't get:

    • Obsession with Chinese-only culture/superiority/nationalism
    • Predictable cliches, overused storylines, paper-thin cannon fodder
    • Unequal relationships or romance with one partner doing everything for the other
    • Overly summarized plotlines (most QT novels will do this)
This is a long story, but it's completely worth it for the ride. I have never been so immersed in an author's works before this. This is a freaking long story but I seriously wished it never ended. I give 1000000+ thumbs up!

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Jun 30, 2019
Status: c130
This novel will make other works of the same genre feel inferior and shallow. I must confess it did make me revisit other novels and lower their rates just because how impressed I am by it.

Reading other QT genre novels I asked myself - is it possible to make this interesting and not the copypaste version of each other? DPUBFTB answers with a 'YES'. And here's why:

  • PROTAGONISTS. Though MC follows the smart and beautiful cliche, while being cunning in nature, but what impresses you more is CXC's considerate heart and all the small details about him implicating what kind of person he is (like he smoked only once to feel that he's alive and never touching cigarettes again due to original owner being a singer, he keeps owners' characteristics, only changing those parts that even owners wanted to change) and actually making him more real than simply being all-powerful OP character who meets no obstacle (there are obstacles and of different kind). CXC is so charismatic and interesting to follow. ML is nothing like your usual ML of QT, the author proves that ML can be gentle and interesting, that there's no need for some all powerful machine that is forceful on MC;
  • RELATIONSHIP develops naturally and you believe their feelings for each other. So there's no feeling of - oh well, he follows me and I got used to him, so let us be together kek. It almost feels like the author took a piss off all those QT novels with their shallow explanation and reasoning for love and lack of objective. MC and ML slowly get to know each other and care through the process of completing the worlds;
  • STORY. Absolutely amazing take on transmigration. For once, there's no dumping of entire plot from the first chapter, when you don't really care about anything or anyone. Everything comes at a right time and creates a nice pace. CXC being only part of the deal adds another layer of dramatism, which I think is something stunning. There's no s*upid sudden change in MCs character when ppl around are like - well, he totally changed, but whatever. Each world is taken with a note of realism and moral message (many things to do with betrayals of "beloved" people, effects of abuse etc.). I especially like the part where no one is trying to come to the top of the world, but at the same time scum gongs are not sent to the afterlife or end up in jail. Author beautifully shows that it's not the only way how to deal with it and that's why I came to appreciate it even more.
Just by thinking there are so many chapters ahead makes me feel excited and want to follow this author with their other novels as well.
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the absolute best of genre, and actually imparts a generous amount of moral value. The relationship between MC and ML adorable and they have absolute trust in each other. Beware that this is a slow burn.

... more>>

It's kind of cute how MC knocks himself out with a bunch of cards when he first realizes ML is in love with him because he's afraid of taking their relationship to the next level. He doesn't want to spoil the good thing they have together.


Each individual arc is different and brings something new to the table. The novel addresses some real world issues such as:


Self harm, su*cide, torture, PTSD, r*pe/gang r*pe, child r*pe, racism, blackmail/extortion, gore, animal abuse, victim blaming, and domestic abuse


Major spoilers for those who would like to know the story as the novel is not completely translated yet:


The first arc:


It was supposed to be the standard tutorial world, but this is where you really figure out MC's personality and how he exploits the system for his own gain. While he appears to be emotionless, MC also realizes that the original host, Cheng Yuan, is still present so he deviates from the standard approach and saves Cheng Yuan from a perpetual cycle of su*cides. However, his way of doing this draws the ire of the primary antagonist, the overlord of their system the Lord God. It's also revealed that MC's system 061 (ML) has been reformatted once and no longer remembers his original identity nor the reason he wants to be reincarnated, only that he's "late for an appointment."


The second arc:


This arc deals with issues of domestic abuse as well as racism, primarily against black people (which is a huge issue in the Asian community). The host of this arc, Shen Chanqing, is the second spouse of a powerful businessman after he killed his first spouse. His only companion is a small Labrador puppy named Help. His abuser abused and killed his dog, leading to the host's su*cide. Through various means, MC tricks the public into believing that the abuser had Alzheimer's. MC then utilizes the host's body in order to condemn racism and domestic abuse while allowing the host to heal on his own after he leaves the world.


The third arc:


Something something Yuri on Ice. The third arc is more light-hearted and pretty fluffy. This is the first arc where you really start to see ML's personality and MC begins to have some inkling of his identity. The arc is pretty fulfilling as this is the first arc where the original host, Dong Ge, has a happy ending with a different love interest. It also shows how MC is willing to stay in a world in order to farm more points, haha.


The fourth arc:


At first, this arc seems in line with some of the more cliche ABO worlds. However, in this ABO world one's status is dependent on their spiritual power. The original host Ji Zuoshan had enough spiritual power to become an alpha without having to absorb anyone's powers, but was ens*aved and turned into an omega by his "owner". There is gang r*pe as well as victim blaming. However, the original host is so strong that he retains his own consciousness while MC inhabits his body and he becomes friends with MC and ML. Despite being an overwhelmingly strong god (seriously this guy can break into other dimensions), Ji Zuoshan is a fluffy cinnamon roll. He's also the only person who thinks MC's singing sounds good (it makes grannies faint, kids cry, vases break, make the dead... stay dead, dogs bark, etc etc).


The fifth arc:


If you don't like ghosts, creepy things, or pretty graphic gore, then skim through this arc. There's a twist in this arc where MC is actually inhibits the body of a host who already had a system within another system in a game of systemception. The original host, Song Chunyang, lived in a world that operated off of fear. As the host had heterochromia (yin yang eyes), he could see ghosts and completed the tasks easily but was betrayed at some point and died. MC subsequently acquires the host's system and is unable to contact his own. It's also one of the most difficult worlds for MC to clear as he has a deep fear of ghosts. But it's okay, ML finds a way to help him along the way. At the end of the task, Song Chunyang has helped his system reach 10 tasks and his system subsequently reincarnates. They profess their love to each other.


The sixth arc:


This arc is a post-apocalyptic arc with zombies and rogue AI. The original host, Ding Qiuyun, is a military veterinarian (raising a leopard... lol) in a highly advanced society that was heavily technology dependent but ultimately succumbed to forces of zombies and rogue AI. Ding Qiuyun was betrayed by his (most likely Aspergers or autistic) boyfriend. The way MC handles this arc is heavy handed and extreme, with a bittersweet ending where the reformed gong dies. You gotta do what you gotta do during the apocalypse, I guess.


The seventh arc:


The seventh arc is personally my favorite arc. In another episode of systemception, MC is sent to the world of a novel, where the host, Duan Shu, was not actually the contractor. The original novel had Duan Shu, a merman, as the main character, with his rival as the black snake Ye Jiming. However, a transmigrator who was supposed to assist with the progress of the plot, raised Duan Shu and Ye Jiming together and stole Duan Shu's role as the protagonist which ultimately led to his death. It is Ye Jiming who formed a contract and summoned MC to the world in order to thwart the other transmigrator and fix the world. There's sweet, sweet vengeance and mermaid/black snake love. The host is really cute too. MC lets Duan Shu have control of the body during his free time, and MC has no idea why, but Duan Shu loves to tragedy novels and cries a lot. They later find out he's been collecting his pearl tears in order to raise money for an underwater temple for his black snake. ?


The eighth arc:


This is arc exists in ancient China and in the beginning, MC is disconnected from the system due to the intervention of the Lord God. However, he quickly finds that the original host, Shi Tingyu, is a general from a famous spear-bearing military family. He is betrayed by a s*ave that he picked up when he was young. Despite being a s*ave, Shi Tingyu treated the s*ave like a brother. The arc involves the mind games and politics that surround war. Like the previous arc, the host has a happy ending with another love interest even though MC and ML gave him a lot of little vinegar along the way, haha.


The ninth arc:


Hunger Games meets X-Men, here we go. In the world of the ninth arc, certain humans have gained mysterious powers but are restricted by many in-humane laws as they are classified as "non-humans" and therefore undeserving of human rights. The host, Bai Anyi, is a meek scientist who was betrayed by his boyfriend and thrown into a battle royale. During this battle royale, Bai Anyi awakens his second personality who is a colder, more vicious, and calculating version of himself that is able to form a corporeal body. MC finds a way to escape from the facility whilst resolving the human rights violations. Bai Anyi lives happily ever after as a researcher loved by uh... himself.


The tenth arc:


The Lord God was playing dirty before and in this last world, he plays extra dirty because this timeline is MC and ML's original timeline in a parallel world. Except, in this world young MC committed su*cide by jumping off a bridge after ML's death. Their past is finally unveiled and it's revealed that ML had saved MC from being r*ped by a teacher but the teacher pushed ML out of a window and framed his death as a botched burglary. Because of the incompetence of the police department and the victim blaming society of China, the teacher was never charged. For revenge, MC tricks the teacher into going to the United States where he is incarcerated and beat up by fellow prisoners. MC also gives advice for young MC and young ML to lead different lives than their timeline.


The end:


MC overthrows the Lord God and becomes the new Lord God. ML's friends 089 and 023 are able to complete their tasks and return to their original world, although they agree to come back to work for him if MC gives 023 a working pair of eyes. During his vacation, MC wakes his severely atrophied body 4 years later and meets ML who has reincarnated as a 24 year old MD PhD who has relegated himself to personally nursing MC back to health. The world is spooped when MC comes out of the closet for ML. At the end, MC is preparing to go back into the film industry.



MC and ML visit the previous worlds to see how they're doing.

1st world - Cheng Yuan has become a successful singer. MC goes to watch his concert and leaves before the end because he can't handle it when people say "thank you" because it makes him feel awkward.

2nd world - Shen Changqing has moved to Melbourne and renamed his dog from Help to Hope. It is revealed that he's found love with the lawyer who helped him divorce his abuser. ?

3rd world - Dong Ge is a championship ice skater and is happy with his boyfriend. MC and ML watch one of his performances.

4th world - Ji Zuoshan says hello again to MC and ML, since Ji Zuoshan is a god and can go wherever he wants so he's met with MC and ML a few times already. They have some dinner together when the scum gong barges in to bug them. The scum gong in this world has been reformed and still pines after Ji Zuoshan but Ji Zuoshan is a strong independent man who don't need no man.

5th world - Song Chunyang and his system are living happily together where Song Chunyang works as a nurse while his boyfriend attends university.

6th world - Ding Qiuyun and his team are still busy rebuilding the world. His team has rebuilt the scum gong, Gu Xinzhi, into an android with his old memories intact. MC and ML have a chat with Ding Qiuyun and after they leave, Ding Qiuyun and Gu Xinzhi have s*x on a cliff top. ?

7th world - Duan Shu and Ye Jiming are having a happy reunion after Duan Shu has returned from his sect. They're in the middle of getting busy when MC and ML arrive, much to Ye Jiming's chagrin. MC and ML make like a tree and leave so the couple can get back to mermaid snake fun times.

8th world - Shi Tingyu has just returned from the countryside and is greeted by his lover, the Emperor, with a red carpet, red blossoms, everyone wearing red, almost like a wedding... All the officials think aww, the Emperor and Shi Tingyu have such a great childhood friendship. Since it's their first reunion in 3 years, MC and ML decide not to bother them and let them do the do while they... watch from the rooftops. ?

9th world - Bai Anyi's other personality can leave the body for up to 1 month now, and MC and ML have dinner with them while they try to guess which the original body is. Turns out to be really easy because Bai Anyi is right handed and the other is left handed. After MC and ML leave, Bai Anyi has s*x with himself in a room full of mirrors.

10th world - Young Chi Xiaochi is now a university basketball player in the Humanities department while Young Lou Ying is on the Graduate department track team. Chi Xiaochi's team asks him to sabotage Lou Ying for the upcoming championship between the two departments ("squeeze him dry") but Chi Xiaochi can't bear to tell them that they've never gone past hugging, hahaha. They have their first time that night. Later, when older Chi Xiaochi and older Lou Ying go to watch the championship, they find out what happened and muse "no wonder we didn't see him [young Chi Xiaochi] today."

Proposal - Lou Ying invites Chi Xiaochi to the same restaurant as their first missed appointment. Chi Xiaochi expects a ring, but instead of handing him a ring, Lou Ying gives him 15 peeled mangosteens because in the 2nd world he'd mentioned that he would marry anyone who peeled 15 mangosteens for him. The end.

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Aug 05, 2019
Status: Completed
Original review before I completed the novel. My updated thoughts are below the spoiler tag, now with even more spoilers.

... more>>

I don't usually (actually I've never) write reviews. One because I never know what to say and two because I can never straighten out my thoughts enough to make it coherent. But I love this story so much I'm going to damn well try.

Firstly I want to preface this by saying there will be spoilers up to where I've currently read, which is c170 or the 7th world. You have been warned.


It's been heavily compared among the other reviewers already, mostly because QWTFOD (which is an incorrect translation of the title FYI, the correct one would be something like 'Quick Transmigration as a Fierce, Face-slapping Devil') is known as the pioneer of QT novels here. So I'm going to be using it as the point of reference for this review. In my opinion, QWTFOD is quite shallow. It has shallow characters, shallow worldbuilding, shallow motivations, even the reveal on the Lord God's identity was bland. Characters in each arc never feel alive, they feel more like props there to move the plot along and to raise ZYS up to make him more badass, and honestly I couldn't care less about the ML. There's never a challenge too daunting that ZYS can't overcome with a wave of his hand or some magical hacker skills and I don't buy how he and the ML fall in love. The worlds never feel quite alive (hated the reality TV show arc and the musician arc was forgettable) and are filled with many unexplained/dumb parts that I won't go too deep into. A brief example is when he was in the A/B O world and omegas can apparently become like slightly weaker betas if they just cut out their scent gland - and you tell me not more omegas have done it? That ZYS is one of the first, if not the first to do it? Omegas choose to live with heats and potential r*pe simply because of what, they don't want to lose the ability to give birth? Like I said, dumb.

Before I digress too much into a rant about QWTFOD (not what we're here for) let's get into the true meat of this review, which is what DPUBFTTB (henceforth referred to as tr*sh BF) does better in each aspect. Firstly let's talk about characters.

We have Chi Xiaochi, our main character. He's quite similar in ZYS in that they're both portrayed as intelligent, cunning, sly characters who are always twenty steps ahead of those slag gongs and evil villains. What makes them different is that ZYS could literally not care less about other people besides the ML, case-in-point the last arc set in the 'real world' with the comatose General/Major/Sergeant/who cares. However, in CXC's case, he, s not like that. He genuinely takes his task seriously and doesn't only think about finishing his job ASAP so he can leave. He made plans to improve the hosts' lives so even after he leaves they won't suffer because of his actions or lack of foresight. Under his lackadaisical, devil-may-care attitude is a heart of gold that doesn't want these hosts whose lives and future are entrusted to him to go through what he went through. That alone puts him leaps and bounds ahead of ZYS. The side characters not being barely-smarter-than-a-grasshopper doesn't hurt either when it comes to showing off how he's a truly intelligent character.

Next, my favourite character, is the ML or System 061, Lou Ying. To keep things simple I'll just call him 061 because that's what he's referred to as for the majority of the novel. 061 is a rare gem in the pool of overbearing CEOs or yandere ML or pressuring-your-loved-one-into-being-with-you-is-romantic ML.

061 is gentle, he's kind, he's sweet and he's strong-willed but not pushy. He's protective but not overly, and he gets jealous but he doesn't go crazy and harm the MC like so many ML do; in fact, his idea of giving CXC the cold shoulder is cooking for him, taking care of him, reading to him at night so he can fall asleep, peeling oranges for him etc, the only difference between his normal behavioue and this is he doesn't take the initiative to start the conversation - because he's upset. It's kind of cute actually. He also tries not to let CXC worry and tries to act fine even when he's hurting, because he doesn't want to see CXC sad. First thing that comes to mind is in the apocalypse world overtaken by rogue AI a la Terminator, he's besieged by AI viruses sent to send him into eternal sleep (aka death) and his firewall's only holding up because he's doing high-speed analysis and reparations, Even so, he splits his attention to help CXC with something that he needs help with and doesn't even let a hint of the danger he's in slip out. If that isn't self-sacrificial love I don't know what is. And 061 as Lou Ying is just the ideal boyfriend, like, I need me a man like him who'd do anything, even be willing to die for me (sobs). Comparatively, the ML of QWTFOD is... a sex-hound? Overbearing? Black-bellied? A hollow imitation of a well-developed character? Not the most ideal partner I have to say. Who decided gentle MLs were out of fashion and that black-bellied ones were all the rage? I'd just like to have a short talk with them.

I won't comment on the Lord God plotline because it's so intricate and it still hasn't been fully revealed yet. I might edit this review once I finish reading.

Instead I'll talk about the world-building because it is gorgeous. The author likes to take standard cliched tropes and give a fresh twist to them. Like the A/B/O world where instead of being born as one of the three designations, everyone is a beta at birth until this ceremonial battle that's modeled after tournament-style elimination matches, where the winner takes the loser's spiritual energy and if you win enough times and collect enough energy, you become an alpha. Likewise, lose enough times and you become an omega. If you're somewhere in between, you stay a beta. Interesting, right? Did I mention every designation can give birth? Alphas, betas, omegas alike, regardless if they're male or female. In fact there's a GL alphaxalpha couple and I live for their cute interactions!

Have you ever thought about what happens if you pit two systems against each other? Or what if the system actively helps the MC in his tasks by taking on the role of different characters in each world? Or maybe even what if a character from a previous world can communicate with and actively help the MC even in different worlds? All this and more are beautifully and organically laid out in this novel.

I'll leave a warning here though. Because the worldbuilding is so detailed and thought-out, it rather realistically portrays many different types of unhealthy relationships without downplaying or glorifying them, which can make some arcs triggering/hard to read for some people.

I could go on forever about this novel but the enjoyment in reading a novel is experiencing the worlds it shows you, yourself. So I'll leave it off here and let you discover for yourself what makes this story so amazing.


So I've finished up the last 100 chapters (about a week ago to be honest, just didn't have time to write this until now) and I feel quite justified in my rating of the novel. Without giving too much away because the last world and the conclusion must be experienced on your own, I think I can safely say that the foreshadowing that's been dropped since the first world, with more trails and details and crumbs along the way have all come together in an absolutely satisfying ending. I think all the plot points have been settled with the extras and the last world is sufficiently heart-wrenching enough to make you cry, and the actions of the Lord God get so malicious that it's cathartic to see him get his retribution in the end.

If you are dying to know a little bit about why the last world is so painful, it's because it's

a parallel world to CXC's original world, where the only difference so far is that in this world, CXC committed su*cide by jumping off a bridge while in our CXC's world, he decided against jumping at the last moment. This arc goes into their past and why CXC has touch-phobia, why he's an insomniac, what happened to Lou Ying and why 061 got formatted to begin with, as well as many more revelations about the Lord God. If you haven't realised by now, yes, the host this time is a parallel version of Chi Xiaochi himself.


By the end of the last world, I wanted to personally end the scum gong (I feel sick calling him this) with my own two hands for what he did to the host of that world. I'm not usually a violent person so you know this is good.

Luckily the extras are like a balm upon my hurting soul and provide a much-needed follow-up on their lives after they completed the 10 worlds. Won't say much about them because quite a bit of it ties in to the ending and the conclusion of the Lord God storyline. But you can rest assured, it's a happy ending and they even get married in the end :D <<less
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Dec 06, 2019
Status: --
This is one of the very few novels on this website (or any website for that matter) that I honestly found to be organic; and I'm talking about novels as a whole, not just yaoi. I can proudly say that it's better than Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil (this is big coming from me because that was the first yaoi novel I ever read and I know the arcs by heart).
    • Originality: This is one of the few novels which has absolutely original storylines in each arc. It's not like most of the others in which the sole goal of the arc is romancing bae and most of the times, the "mission" is kind of just there to add a little bit of substance to the arc. Ever realize how shitty those kinds of arcs are? Here, romance and the missions go hand-in-hand.
    • Authentic World-Hopping Trope: This novel is the prime example of a world hopping novel done right. You know what world-hopping actually is at its core? New worlds, societies, people, cultures - all of which change after an arc. Here, this actually applies; you'll find new characters (not just names, actual people), new motives, original arcs, and so much more. Each arc is like a story in itself.
    • Character development: In any world-hopping novel on this website, you wouldn't find even a single one in which the main character and the love interest actually go through character development, and I mean true character development, overcoming-trauma-and-accepting-the-past kind of development. So much depth, I would drown in it. Happily.
    • Character Power Balance: Have you pondered over the character's power-balance in romance novels? One character is always superior (the male/dominant one) while the other is inferior (the woman/submissive one). It might be their appearance, wealth, intelligence, or whatever. It's no different with BL novels because it's written mostly by women who, like straight romance writers, are subconsciously trapped in the belief of being inferior to their male counterparts. So in most BLs, you'll see an inferior bottom (the woman's role) and the superior top. Here, it isn't like that. Both have their strengths and their weaknesses, they're organic, flawed, and so much better. They're not omnipotent. This "power-balance" doesn't exist in lesbian novels, I wonder why? ;)
    • Beautiful Arcs: The content, the development, the interactions among characters, ugh gorgeous (underline that five more times lol).
    • Power Couple: Always, and I mean ALWAYS a trope I adore in novels.
    • Villainous Villains: A villain that isn't superficial, what more could I ask for? Wait, it gets better! Each arc has a villain that's truly twisted and means harm. There is no villain who is actually fuelled by plain jealousy, anger, or 2D-ness; it's a mixture of complex thoughts, emotions, and pure evilness.
    • It's just damn good, what more do I need to say?
Not one con I can think of. None. I don't want to, either.
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Mar 13, 2020
Status: c86
at first, I did not want to leave a review refuting another review, as everyone is entitled to their opinion, but after reading 'could give 0 stars if I could' I just had to say something lol. I have no idea how someone would be able to want to give this novel 0 stars, and for completely ridiculous reasons. firstly, no matter how bad a novel is, someone had painstakingly spent time and effort to craft and outline and write a story. secondly, even if the story is really bad... more>> (which it isn't), I believe at least 1 star should be given for readable writing that is logical at least. better than I can say about many other novels with many plot holes and convenient MLs popping in to save the day. can't believe you only rated 2 stars 'for the translation'. I love the translator btw.

number one, MC has too much emotional baggage? it's called character building, and making the MC seem real, seem human. what I'm getting from you right now is that you prefer MCs who have no problems, no past. only when the novel starts does his life actually start lol. If you prefer your characters to be this one-dimensional, sure. Perfect and unrealistic, that's totally fine. I understand that complex characters perhaps just aren't your cup of tea. you are entitled to your opinion that MC has too much emotional baggage but imo his 'emotional baggage' can't even be named such. his actions are simply a remembrance and appreciation for the one he had lost. he has no issues with moving on and where in the novel have we seen MC moping or whining about his lost love? he picked himself up, went on with his life, and became really successful. I'm not getting a feeling of emotional baggage to the point where it gets annoying. help me out here, guys. I don't understand, maybe it's just me.

secondly, it's totally fine if you dislike flashbacks when reading. perhaps you just don't like how the story flows when flashbacks are included. you just don't have the mental capacity to appreciate the purpose and intent behind the flashbacks; to give readers more background info and get them more invested into the story. mxtx, for one, has done a decent job with flashbacks in mdzs/gdc. I honestly wouldn't have said anything as disiking flashbacks is your own personal preference and based on your fluency and experience in the language and reading. however, for you to say that they are not 'strategically and tastefully' placed is just ridiculous. for me, not once have I felt that the flashbacks were distasteful or disruptive to the story in any way. there is clear evidence that the author has tried her best to great effect to make every flashback related to the current events in the story. in fact, I think that each flashback just makes the MC and ML interactions in the story more bittersweet. it builds up anticipation, and makes me as a reader very impatient for them to realise and get together already!

your third point. first and foremost, be socially responsible and please hide the spoiler if you are going to spoil other potential readers. I know the author has included the spoiler in her synopsis, but the translator has hidden it in a spoiler so please, respect her work and other readers. going on to address your point. I actually begin to doubt whether you've read the translations on cg or you just mtl-ed the whole novel. maybe this kind of relationship is just a trigger for you and you dislike it. however, I feel that there is a good reason why the author has

made the ML the system. if ML was like MC and became a normal 'player',


there would be no chance for them to meet at all. which kind of defeats the purpose of the story. in no way has this novel made me feel that there was romance between AI and human, that's totally not what this novel is about or has conveyed to me, in many parts of the story we have seen that there are many instances where the systems are extremely humanlike, having their own human forms and being able to talk to one another, have hobbies, and joke around. (like humans!) the only character that seemed unhumanlike to me was the lord god with a corporal form of a huge brain. can I also mention that another great QT novel (FOD) has

the ML as literal data.


if this story is totally not your cup of tea, it's fine. what I'm not fine with is you shitting on it saying it deserves 0 stars just because it's not suited to your tastes. no matter what, I believe it's worth at least 2.5-3 stars for good plot and being well-written. (perhaps it's not for you, but it's at least readable no? flows smoothly at least instead of being a bunch of gibberish) saying that you just gave it 2 stars for the translator's work is a load of crap.

I'm not going to say this novel has zero plot holes and is totally and completely logical, but at least the characters are believable and memorable. They are not extremely OP, every action is spontaneous and creative, and I live in anticipation every day to see what chi xiaochi (MC) will do next. overall, this is a really great novel, to the one reviewer who said this cannot be compared to FOD, um.... what? this is a quick transmigration novel, characteristic with many arcs, just that it holds more meaning behind each transmigration. did you even read this? or maybe you didn't read FOD so you're confused. man, I'm confused.

this is officially my favourite QT novel (sorry, FOD). the truth behind each QT honestly has me reeling and it makes me feel that this author really has thought a lot about this genre. lots of kudos!

i do not mean to offend anyone in my review. just using my opinions to refute others' opinions. whether or not you agree, it's all up to you :) <<less
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Dec 06, 2019
Status: c42
Originally, I would have given this novel a 0 rating if I could. The only reason I gave it a 2 is because of the translators work. The translation is pretty neat and dope.

First thing that I did not like about this novel is the MC (or his character setting). He has too much emotional baggage. I think the author wants people to sympathize with him to offset his OP-ness. This was a total fail for me, the whole background story for his condition and viewpoint just feels forced and... more>> disconnected.

Second thing that I did not like is the way the story is being told. This is just my personal preference, but I really hate it when there are flashbacks. I know that this is being done to let the readers know how deep the MC's feelings are for the ML., but I think it just cuts the progress of the story and takes away from the story build up. So whenever there's a flashback on the story I just skip those parts. I mean, I'm fine with a bit of flashbacks specially if they are tastefully and strategically placed, but this novel have flashblacks almost every other chapters, that I wished the author just started the story from when the MC and ML are still together and living in their original instead of cutting the progress of the story almost every other chapter.

And the most biggest turn off for me in this story is the ML setting. I've read a lot of quicktransmigration novels and while the ML setting for this novel is unique, I can't help but be put off that the ML is the system assigned to help him with the task. I know there is a conspiracy and dramatic twist behind it and the author has clearly explained at the beginning the the system is also human like the MC and is also under a contract, but my tolerance for this setting is pretty low. Whenever the author tries to develop a romantic scene between the MC and ML, I can't help but cringe. I can't help, but imagine a real life person having feelings for an AI like siri or alexa and having an imaginary relationship with them. That's the kind of feel I get from the ML and MC's love setting.

I did try to give this novel a chance to grow on me, tried to read it until the second arc, but it is just not for me. Will be moving this to my "Got tired of list". <<less
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Apr 22, 2021
Status: c44
Trigger Warning: Racism, anti-blackness, multiple use of racial slur (that are thankfully 'censored'), and degradation of black features. This takes place in Arc 2, starting from chapter 28 until chapter 43.

Never in my life did I imagine I would read a danmei with racism as a main theme, it was honestly very jarring. A trigger warning at the start of the chapter (like it was done with other traumatic topics) would have been greatly appreciated.

From the first time I saw BLM indirectly mentioned I got anxious, with the way... more>> danmei novels use foreshadowing I knew it would be used later on, but how was the cause of anxiety for me. I am satisfied the author makes it clear the scum gong being racist is wrong and is made to suffer for it, I even liked how the scum gong was astute about being racist because it does happen... my complaint is: there was no need for that many racial slurs, using them once or twice would have been enough racist behaviour. In another instance the scum gong starts to criticize the MC for allegedly cheating and starts to curse him out, but the author cuts off his speech and indirectly tells us the scum gong spews rude remarks but doesn't say which, I wish the same would have been used with the racist remarks. <<less
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Nov 04, 2020
Status: c88
Slow and boring fluff. Lacks conflict. A good story if you're in the mood for scum boyfriends very-slowly-getting-their-comeuppance + fluff.

Since this has been highly praised by almost every other reviewer, I'll skip all that and get right to the point.
    • Every task MC is given, MC completes flawlessly with little effort. If you like when MC breezes through everything and never breaks into a sweat, this is for you.
    • MC is called "clever" and "outrageous" because he takes a unique approach to completing his tasks. But this is because the author created a backstory in which all other hosts s*upidly played by the rules. I would have found it more compelling if other hosts had tried to experiment and failed because they were not as skilled as MC. Instead, nope, they never even tried, MC perfectly completes everything and has godlike insight into the setting. This comes across as pretty Mary Sueish for MC.
    • The main relationship isn't interesting. The main CP is established in the first arc. After that there's essentially no further development and no meaningful roadblocks. The barriers consist of amnesia (caused by the villain) and "forcing you to lie about your identity" (also caused by the villain). If you think that makes for a compelling romance, you'll enjoy this more than I did.
    • Tons of space is taken up by the main CP engaging in boring activities like watching movies together or reading books aloud. After 50 or so chapters of this type of flavorless fluff I began to find it not very interesting. However, it's possible that other people might enjoy it.
    • The villain is not interesting and has zero likeability or depth.
    • This is one of those stories where ML constantly takes care of and does nice things for MC, but MC never does anything for ML. Personally I find that pretty one-sided and selfish, but MC just accepts all the pampering without ever thinking or trying to reciprocate. Perhaps this changes in later chapters, but I'm on c88 and nothing so far.
    • At one point the author seems to "critique" the QT subgenre by suggesting it exists as wish fulfillment for people who want to play god. In reality, the author is criticizing their own work (where they created the rules and the world) and readers. All light novels engage in wish fulfillment. The point of QT / transmigration / rebirth is that it increases the complexity of the story, which makes it more interesting. The genre also provides a handy excuse for explaining the rules of the world to readers (because MC needs everything explained to them also).
    • The worlds are boring and lack interesting ideas. So far, 3 arcs set in modern world, 1 arc set in an uninteresting ABO.
    • Each arc lasts too many chapters with too little plot development, which allows the author to waste time having the characters play mobile games, deliver food, and watch each other sleep.
As I mentioned, countless other reviewers have praised this work to the skies so I don't need to go into the good points all that much. For me, the best thing about tr*shbin is the scum boyfriends. The author does a good job of creating some truly scummy people you'll love to hate. However, the process of getting revenge is so drawn out and slow that by the time it arrives you hardly notice. The second best thing is the treatment of the original host, which is frequently glossed over in other QT.

I agree the novel is written pretty well. It's just a shame about the lack of conflict.

Feel free to disagree with me, it looks like most people do. I was also hoping I'd enjoy this more.
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Jul 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Really the best among the rest that I've ever read so far. One might thought of the usual fastwear bcoz of the world hopping arcs, but this is longer (25-33chapters), has depth and more complex than u can imagine. Each story is well thought. Everything is described well.

... more>>

There are various system governed by different "God" (serves as warden, forgot the right term).

Aside from other worlds, parallel worlds also exist.


I love the Arc where the MC is transported to another world in which the person he transmigrated is bound to a survival system. I also love the apocalypse-AI world, it made me cry


I really hate slag male on system vs system arc. I could slightly emphatize with the previous worlds' slag MLs. However, the slag male in system vs system arc is really greedy, ruthless and shameless


Also, there are flashbacks about the MC&ML in every world... and they sadden me.. Especially the world where everything about the past of the MC was told, it was too detailed and heart breaking I'm really holding back my tears ? ? ?

parallel world of Xiaochi in which his past was divulge


I would rank this above FoD. This has depth in which I find lacking (little only) in FoD

PS. For the first chapter readers, don't worry the ML of this novel is not the slag ML of each world. <<less
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Sep 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating 5/5

This should be everyone first QT novel, or maybe it shouldn't because it will make your bar way too high to enjoy other QT

DPUBFTB starts with Chi Xiaochi. Unlike other QT protag, he challenged the system. He didn't play by the rule and he always reminding himself that he only borrowed his current body. He wants to give his best to his host while cutting off those scum boyfriends out of the host life. He adjusted his personality to his current body. If his current body was a singer... more>> then he won't smoke nor hurt his vocal cord. If his current body was an ice-skating athlete then he will keep practicing ice-skating.

His way of face-slapping is different from other QT novels and suited for his host personality. A meek and introverted host won't suddenly become an extrovert that face slap everyone in his way. The hosts won't need to worry about those scums that lead to their death anymore, and that may be the reason why I love Xiaochi. He thinks of his host well-being. His hosts were abused by said scum, will those host willing to be together with those scum again? Probably no. Thus, Xiaochi cut them off completely from his host life. As for the host romantic development, Xiaochi left it for the host to decide. After all he only borrowed his current body so he knows there are some line that he can't cross. He wasn't a god that can decide his host body life, he can only pave some ways for them and let them get a better future.

    • Story - Masterpiece for QT genre. Each arc have their own flavour and uniqueness. Each arc also contain some realism and heavy topic, such as racism, emotional/physical abuse and manipulation, victim shaming... DPUBFTB by no mean is an easy read. This is a plot-driven novel that deals with such heavy topic. I think, what catch me off guard is Chi Xiaochi personal reason as for why he want to join the Scum Gong Reconditioning System. It is.. pretty simple. He just want to sweep his precious friend tomb. If he wasn't there, who will? His precious friend will truly die when no one else remembered him in Chi Xiaochi's world and Chi Xiaochi can't let it happen. It's not a grandiose reason such as revenge, it just.. a simple wish of never letting his friend left forgotten by the world. Such a simple wish but it was so Chi Xiaochi. He journeyed through 10 world, with each world more horrible than the last, doing his best and never wasting any time so his friend won't wait too long.

      For every arc, there is a balance between Chi Xiaochi growth and the host growth. You didn't get info-dumped in 1 episode about how the arc will goes. Along with Chi Xiaochi, you will uncover the host past.

      The system helps a lot during each arc, but that doesn't mean the system is omnipotent. The system is under control of Lord God. It's easy for Lord God to plant some bug here and there, won't it?

      Each world are:


      1. Genius Cannon Fodder Counterattack

      Entertainment Industry. A singer host that killed himself because of pressure. Gong scum-level is 4/5. Gong loves the host, but he loves his family more. No romantic line for host.

      2. Get rid of that Big Guy

      CEO Gong. Physically and mentally abused host. Gong scum-level is 5/5. Creepy gong with weird fetish, he deserves his end. Host may or not may have a romantic line, but not with the original gong.

      3. Love Songs on Ice

      Ice-skating athlete host. Fall to his death in a freezing pond. Miserable. Gong scum-level is 5/5. Manipulative gong that shot his own foot. I'm glad Dong Ge can have his own happy ending. 061-laoshi tried his best to understand Chi Xiaochi. Failed and ate his own vinegar. A romantic line for host and another person. They are a switch!

      4. I heard that I am the God of War

      A/B/O dynamic. Host wants to be an Alpha, but forced to be Omega in his last life. Gang-rap*d in his estrus because scum gong was throwing a tantrum. Gong scum-level 4/5. Gong loves the host, but too s*upid and probably doesn't deserve the host. Only the host can decide if there'll be a romantic line between him and the original gong. A kiss between 061 and Chi Xiaochi, finally some development?!!

      5. The Cycle of Cause and Effect

      Yin-Yang eyes host. Get killed by his own gong that want to have his yin-yang eyes. Gong scum-level 4/5. Host get a romantic line with his system that accompanied him during his journey. Poor Chi Xiaochi, so scared of ghosts but need to see them, haha. 061-laoshi get many screentime. Keep your hand to yourself, laoshi. Lord God scummy trick actually resulted in a grand discovery?!

      6. I raise a big cat in apocalypse

      Reliable leader host, killed himself by su*cide when he found out the truth about gong. Gong scum-level 3/5. Yandere and possessive gong, but he can be trained to be better and he did become better. Redeemed scum gong.

      7. System vs System

      a sweet Jiao host (mermaid), was killed by transmigrator gong. Gong scum-level 5/5. Typical transmigrator that think everyone and everything is only 2D character in a book. Scum Gong System vs Transmigration System. Host end up with someone that loves him so much. Scum got get yeeted to oblivion. Finally, Lou Ying and Chi Xiaochi reunites.

      8. Overbearing General

      PTSD General host. Scummy Lord God. Gong scum-level 5/5. Recovery journey both for the host and Chi Xiaochi. Host have a romantic line with the next Emperor, even in his past life. Said next emperor was eating vinegar because of Chi Xiaochi and Lou Ying. Remember it's Chi Xiaochi currently controlling the host body.

      9. Battle Royale

      Researcher host, a nerd. Killed in a batte royale. Gong scum-level 4/5. Scum gong didn't get many screentime and that's good. Host end up with a version of himself. Lou Ying and host's current gong eating their own vinegar because it's their lover body/personality but it's currently hosted by Chi Xiaochi.

      10. Perfect New World

      alternate universe for Chi Xiaochi own world, Chi Xiaochi jumped from the bridge. Gong scum-level 5/5. At last, Chi Xiaochi and Lou Ying get their own happy ending.

    • Character - MC Chi Xiaochi is stubborn, shameless, a good boy beneath all the bad boy behaviour, and actually a good person. He is OP but the delivery of his OPness is refreshing and in a way, not out of the world. He rely on his host talent, but his OPness lay in his acting skill and intellegence. For other skills, such as singing.. Well, let's said the first world was the only time Chi Xiaochi won't offend anyone with his singing. It's not hard to try to love Chi Xiaochi as a main character. He can eat hard but can't eat soft. He protected his host will all his might. Someone as brilliant as Chi Xiaochi, who won't adore him


      Supportive. Not abusive. Not manipulative. Surprisingly cute. As devoted to MC as MC to him. Finally, after many separation, they can meet each other again. It's refreshing to see ML that not only supportive of MC, he also let MC do things on their own. He won't cut MC wing. In some cases, he even accompany MC in his mischief. Easily jealous, always eating his own vinegar before he remembered everything.

      Side casts

      All the hosts, scum gongs, real gongs, and side characters. They are memorable and have their own personality. No one is a carbon copy of another, each time they went to a new world, a whole casts of new character was created. Some villain seems like a real-villain and some are petty-villain. In a peaceful world, the villain is different from villain in wartime world. You'll come to love some of the side casts. I love 1st host big brother, so tsundere but so kind. It broke my heart when we get a glimpse of host past life when said big brother found out about his little brother su*cide.
    • Relationship All relationships progress naturally, relationship between MC and ML, MC and the hosts, Hosts and their new romantic partner, MC and side casts. Everything happen because of a reason. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. Hosts aren't only a task for MC, they bonded over. Hosts are real person and they get treated as such by MC.
DPUBFTB really set my bar too high for other QT novels. Would I recommend this? Heck yeah, but maybe you want to read some other QT novels before reading this so you can still enjoy them. DPUBFTB really bring a new light to me when I see QT novels. Just like Chi Xiaochi, DPUBFTB doesn't follow the other QT novels rule. It's end in happy ending, so that's a plus. You won't regret following Chi Xiaochi journey! <<less
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Feb 12, 2022
Status: c150
this is probably one of my favorite QT novels. Unfortunately the original translator dropped this at ch 150 so I will be waiting until someone from chrysanthemum gardens translations picks it up.

i appreciate the attempt that tea novel has made at translating but the names, grammer, and even pronouns are scrambled/inconsistent making it challenging to enjoy the beauty of the novel and even understand the plot like I used to.

i would definitely recommend reading up until ch 150 at chrysanthemum gardens since you will be able to read without a... more>> cliff hanger in the arc. <<less
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Jan 08, 2022
Status: c270
Tea Novel is currently updating the novel, and sadly, that person needs an editor. The gender is inconsistent and paragraphs are dropped.

That said, I couldn't bring myself to stop reading and for the most part, I'm satisfied with the ending. I'd like to re-read one day, with better grammar, though!
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Sep 14, 2019
Status: c50
An absolute gem.

I'd even say that it's

genre-changing. I've read multiple quick transmigration stories, and while I've had those I liked, this one takes the cake. There are so many little details that brings the characters to life, and it honestly makes me want to sob, lmao.

But golly, the romance is really well built here. There are sub plots within the overarching plot, and I think they are both developed quite well, or at least as far as I've read. The romance isn't rushed and it comes naturally; characters are developed... more>> and interactions actually make my emotions soar (depending on what interactions lol)

As for CXC, he's an absolute gem! Precious boy, I love how he's smart and while cunning, he still has that humanity and consideration for the bodies he inhabits. He try to expand the original hosts social circle, extract them from their predicament and ensure that they would be able to live their lives in the best condition after he leaves their body. (So far for the past two worlds, his parting words has me shedding tears LOL)

There's so many other things to love (the friendship between the systems is one of them), which makes this novel really root itself in a genre that's rather overdone. Quite a breath of fresh air, very lovely, and finally... I LOVE THIS COUPLE.

Hopefully the other non-AI systems do get to return back to their original worlds! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Oh, also, translation quality is really good. Understandable and clear, thank you! (I get a mini headache trying to read the raws lmao, it can get quite confusing) <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
Apr 15, 2021
Status: --
This book has so many high ratings and great comments, even on the translator's site, that for the first time, I pondered if these reviews were real.

It's no big deal anyway, different tastes, I guess. This story... this story is bland. It has potential but it is slow to the point of annoying. Despite the generic system settings, you can't help but wonder what the aim of the MC/system is. Plus, instead of cutting to the chase, it's filled the bland fillers content that pop up from nowhere. Granted, these... more>> things are important but I guess the story telling is terrible. It fails to capture attention for even 5 minutes. <<less
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Oct 20, 2020
Status: c139
So I've been pushed to write this review because of the person who gave this one star lol. Honestly, I don't know how you read and interpret things neither is it my job to teach how to read but I'll advise that you don't start this novel with the picture of Mother Theresa kind of MC if you know what I mean. This is the most balanced novel I've ever read to the point where I feel like all other novels are of low quality. This is no sappy "yeah... more>> we're in love so let's do it" kind of novel it is one that spans on a wide range of knowledge and understanding of different worlds and that's what makes it more charming. From the cunning MC to the intelligent and soft ML combined with the interesting plotline the author has balanced everything so well that there's no room for loopholes. This is literally my most favorite novel so far. <<less
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Jun 03, 2020
Status: c108 part1
Long story short, as far as I'm concerned, Don't pick up boyfriends from the tr*sh bin leaves all others QT novels behind in the dust. There's no comparition, even with the flagship of the genre FOD. The story is deep, the love is real, and the translation is just amazing. Recommending to my deathbed.

Short story long (very long, you've been warned ^^') : the main points are the same, but there are some aspects in particular that deserve extra pointing out, and are definitely plus sides.

1) The Writing, meaning both... more>> the author's particular one, and the translation. I already said the translation is exceedingly good. It is the one thing I check before anything else, because I truly have little patience for MTLs or slightly better. This instance was flawless from the beginning to current time, and I have no reason to believe this will chage as long as the translator stays the same. I have nothing but praises for baumkuchen, and I pray nothing will ever happen that will force them to stop their great job. As much as the worth of the translator, though, better yet, more than it, the original text needs to be good so that the TLr can work his/her magic and enchant the reader. Well, if I could read chinese, I have no doubts whatsoever that I would have devoured the original work just as well. It probably boils down to my personal preference, but the writing is very down to earth, with just the right dose of the chinese language typically lyrical quality to make it precious and not just about inconsistent as I often find it to be. I swear I can't remember one occasion in which I read about a character being described as "profound, period", which I find extremely frustrating on multiple levels. Besides that, the pacing is stable and well balanced between the main plotline and the side plotlines of each world, and it just flows very smoothly. So, this is definitely one of my favorite aspects.

2) The Characters: so, I don't think this can be considered spoilerish, because it's kind of a trope that, in QTs, the MC takes upon themselves the behavior of the characters they play to avoid OOCness. Which should mean those characters actually have a personality, not just very very oh-so-very shit-luck. Don't misunderstand me, they do have it, but they are more than just that. They are talented in ways the MC isn't, and I'm not going to go deeper there, 'cause, no spoilers!, but their depth was something I enjoyed so much. As for the main characters, well, I have really few words for them: Chi XiaoChi is wicked, smart, cute and the best MC ever. ML is so sweet and caring in a non-passive way, and you can't just help falling in love with him. The feelings are perfectly relatable, and I. Just. LOVE EVERYONE. (Besides the Evil Pig Brain. You'll understand)

3) The Plot is frankly one of the most intriguing I met in my novel jumping. I won't speak much of it, because the reader deserves to be surprised by it, any anticipations would take something from the experience, but I will say that it runs deep below the surface. Also, another plus side, it keeps on developing during the transmigrations. It happens that, sometimes, the main plot just seems to disappear whenever the MC starts working on a new world, and only gets mentioned in the in-betweens. This is not the case in this novel, which gives extreme importance to the main plot, but without taking from the importance of the single instance. Don't know if that can make any sense to someone who's not read it yet.


So, seriously, just go read it. You will love it.... Why are you still here??!! <<less
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Cravn dgfood
Cravn dgfood
Feb 04, 2022
Status: c154
This novel is one of the best QT I have read... But really the chapters with tea novel needs to be edited, I can't bear to continue reading like this, it's hard to understand the key points and Its confusing... I'll just stop here until it's edited, before I lose interest... I'll keep coming to check tho.. hope they won't be left like that...

Thanks for the translation..
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Jan 12, 2022
Status: c150 part3
I find the novel really enjoyable. The ML is doting and not domineering like many Chinese novels that end up bending the shou MC over a table and taking him with dubious consent. Of course, at this point, the MC and ML still aren't together due to shenanigans by the main story antagonist. ML has memory issues and MC is looking to get back to his world (because of ML). It's very obvious that they love each other dearly and regardless of identity, they're very important to each other.

MC is... more>> a smart protagonist, so almost everything goes according to his plans. ML does as MC says at first, but then starts taking initiative to protect MC (without taking over the entire plot on his own). The antagonist rarely gets a leg over so far, but as I said, I'm only halfway. And the mini-villains are pretty different from each other that you generally won't find it repetitive.

I do think a lot of negative reviews are true, but it also entirely depends on your taste. I do think that the story could do with less flashbacks. And, personally, I prefer a smart/clever MC over one that's oblivious and unintentionally hits the right answer or relies too much on the ML to get through their problems. I do think MC could use more setbacks, and the main villain, the system God, is too... unlikeably shallow, arrogant and shaded too heavily in villainious tones. Another review said that they don't like it that MC seems Mary Sue because he's the only one that tried and succeeded, while his predecessors just followed the default route. This was touched upon in the story, mentioning that the system God deliberately chose people based on specific character traits that usually leaves a person compliant and desperate.

Anyway, I did enjoy the story, and am looking forward for more.

Warning: The newest translator (Tea) should really needs to stepup their game and get a proofreader at the bare minimum. The first chapter, first paragraph has gender confusion for a reoccurring character and it's very hard to comprehend what's going on following that. You can kind of tell it's heavily MTL, and I'm not even sure if they read the story before that or not, or just wanted to takeover a popular story for views. /shrug <<less
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