Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect


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A cultivation story about how a declining sect is restored by a narcissist, a troublemaker, a meanie, an idiot and a wimpy kid.

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06/23/18 Blob Translations v2c33
05/24/18 Blob Translations v2c32
05/09/18 Blob Translations v2c31
04/26/18 Blob Translations v1c30
04/20/18 Blob Translations v1c29
04/19/18 Blob Translations v1c28
04/10/18 Blob Translations v1c27
03/29/18 Blob Translations v1c26
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03/13/18 Blob Translations v1c24
03/07/18 Blob Translations v1c23
02/28/18 Blob Translations v1c22
02/21/18 Blob Translations v1c21
02/14/18 Blob Translations v1c20
02/09/18 Blob Translations v1c19
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New flopyxing rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: v2c1
The translation really brings out the wittiness of this novel! I adore this story and its characters 💖 BUT MOST OF ALL IM IN AWE OF THE TRANSLATOR WOW I CANNOT EVEN FIND THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW INVESTED I AM IN THIS STORY BECAUSE OF THE WAY ITS TRANSLATED ilu nanming thank you for gifting us with your words 😭
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New meridianna rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: Completed
the first thing that attracts me is the characters. They are so unique and fresh, also not 2-dimensional. Even in the middle I can relate to MC. He looks so annoying at first but then he has some depth. Just say, he's actually humanely. The interaction between brothers-sister is great too even after they meet again. Not to forget the master
... more>>

he's so like a weasel becoz he's actually dead for long and integrated into a weasel. Man I won't forget that this so-unreliable master is very dear to his disciples :' (


i actually like the plot very much, but thanks to MTL, I can only understand bits. I know my comment will look cliche, but everything happens here has reason.
the only thing I dislike maybe the lack of smut. Well it's more to brotherhood than love anyway <<less
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Nemone rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: v1c18
I wasn't expecting much from this at first but it's actually off to quite a good start. I really didn't know what to expect at first and the narrator (MC) also seems to not quite understand everything that's going on around him. That doesn't take away from the story at all though. When he meets his fellow apprentices, I have to say, the story just gets better and better. They all have very "unique" personalities.

Each of the apprentices, including the MC, has distinct flaws and these flaws lead them... more>> into conflicts with each other but not something like an undying hatred. It feels like real siblings to some extent, like if you had a brother who played with frogs or slugs but you yourself were a clean freak you'd find it absolutely intolerable, or if you had a brother that refuses to bathe for weeks you might feel disdain and tell him that he's a dirty scrub. Reading about these guys and their antics so far is just really enjoyable.

I can't tell how the story will go in the future but it's worth giving it a try at the beginning. I like the way cultivation is introduced in this story with the MC having some doubts about his master's legitimacy, wondering if he's just a con artist that's going to teach him how to fool people. It seems very realistic considering common people might not have any contact with real cultivation. The MC is the diligent type but he's not a genius and reading from his point of view it feels like he acts his age rather than acting like an adult in a child's body. <<less
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Chi rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: v1c30
Oh gods!

This novel is so good! And I'm not talking because I'm a BL fan (actually it seems like it won't actually even have much), but because of how it was well written and how the plot is fascinating with characters alive with their own personalities and quirks! Truly a jewel!

Man, when you think of a cultivation novel one always think of lots of people in a sect, all working their all to achieve great prowess and ascend even if they have to kill/scheme against each other, with awe-inspiring master/elders............ more>> but when we see this novel's Fuyao sect we are like ".......... this is a charlatan sect, right?"

A weasel quack like master, a niangniang 1º disciple, a naughty 2º disciple, a sharp tonged 3º disciple, an idiot beggar 4º disciple and a kid who can't even talk as the 5º disciple, in a declining sect that can only hold on because of the god of fortune lol

Quite the ragtag group, right?

This can be said to be one the few novels (and I'm not talk just of BL, but general) where we can see a character's growth (not only MC, but the side characters too) not only as cultivator but also as a person, and it's actually done well!

It's quite slow paced, but without that feeling of dragging and describing things over and over again that we get from other novels, but a rather slice of life kind of feeling.... that is, until sh*t hits the fan, because when that happens things happen in succession, fast but without skipping details and leaving mysteries around to be solved/explained later.

Quite peaceful, but the undercurrents are still going, the inevitable is still going to happen. So many twists and turns. Things aren't as they seem. The mysteries of Fuyao sect and the world of cultivators!


In a way, it actually made me remember Mao Ni and Er Gen.....

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MyRAMEN rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c10
The MC is a mortal who believes his master is a scam. He believes almost all sects are tricksters which no one can actually defy the heavens. Its a good book but I didnt like how everything in the book was written like even the author was confused. Im ok with mysteriousness but with the slow paceits going I cant stand the novel much.
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