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A dog-blood cultivation story about a human and a yao(*) …. alright fine it’s yao gong x human shou, hypocritical shou vs paranoid gong.

(*) yao: a type of supernatural being that has evolved into a human form and consciousness is from plants, animals, or inanimate objects. Typically can shape-shift into their original form.

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Jǐn Sè
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meridianna rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: Completed
=> A cliché yao - human love story with xianxia background

cliché.... sure, priest, suuuureeee.

i stretched myself... the plot is not bad, but more like... too fast-paced. many things were condensed into 80 chapters.

this one definitely feels more bleak. not exactly sad that makes you cry, but the kind of sadness that is creeping into you and then makes you feel empty. this one really got into my dream, making me restless until I know the ending.
the pairing... T.T
both were suffered, getting into misunderstandings, but fortunately everything was resolved.
definitely HE but... let me sit at the corner of room, and lamenting at both of them.

... more>>

gong is half fox - half devil. but the one whom shou really loves is the fox, small white fox at the beginning. so he was really against gong's devil side. at the end, shou really accepts gong. while gong can finally restrain his devil side, becoming much calmer than before. as such, I hope you all remember the gong as small white innocent fox than a devil. he's actually very pure Q-Q

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Ouryane00 rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: Completed

    • I love how the ML is portrayed here, he was powerful alright but he was gullible, s*upid at times, obsessive... simply, he's very unlike the usual MLs! There are times that his actions are so hate worthy but then you can't hate him cause you really can understand why he does things.
    • The plot is brilliant! MC's schemes and everything just falls into the right place, it can be overwhelming at times but definitely, definitely well thought plot!

    • I rate this novel a 3.5 to 4 stars. It's really good, overall plot, just wow! I love how the story started and up to the middle but then maybe a couple of chaps before volume 2 ended or starting volume 3, everything felt so fast paced I couldn't grasp much of the characters, I wish the MC/ML's feelings weren't just described in a few sentences or something. At that point, it was more on the war plot and I do understand that the novel centers the MC's revenge but I wish the MC/ML's relationship was described to that point to like how the war plot was narrated. That just felt rushed to me and somehow made the ML/MC very 2D unlike at the first half of the story.
Major Spoiler ahead! Basically, this is the summary of everything that happened between MC/MC

When ML (fox spirit) was going through heavenly tribulation, it was so difficult he almost lost his life until he saw MC and took him as a "shield" (heavenly tribulation doesn't hit humans I think) and because MC saved ML's life, their karma got entangled, ML and MC's fate got entangled. MC thought that ML was a girl and so always thought that he's his "wife".

Moving forward, MC was sent by his master to another cultivator because something bad was brewing in their sect. MC wanted to go home so he snuck away and went back but then, their sect was in chaos. It seems like the emperor at that time wanted to borrow luck/prosperity from the heavens and their sect assisted in that (borrowing from the heavens is taboo because it is "borrowing" you'll have to return it someday).

So MC went searching for ML because he was worried and he found that the ML was prostrated into the wall (?) by other fox spirits including his mother! (seems like they think ML is a curse and must be killed). MC saved ML (There were some touching scenes here of MC not leaving ML and saying he wasn't a curse, ML asking if MC isn't mad that he's actually a boy and MC isn't at all - he just thinks if ML can't be my bride then he'll be my sworn brother. In summary, ML just thought MC is all he has left) bu then when they were escaping a tunnel, ML got "killed" by a black mist and MC couldn't save him because he also fainted.

Then, MC snuck back into their sect searching for his master so he can save ML but then he saw one of his senior brothers being killed by his fellow sect members (some more scenes here showing how smart MC is, sneaking around at 10 years old with little cultivation against those with advanced cultivation). He also found that his master died and in the end, he was caught but he pretended that he didn't know anything so he still lived in the sect but was also trapped their.

So five years passed and MC grew up into this seemingly s*upid and slow teenager (he was really slow in speaking, walking etc but he was no where near dumb) so some things happened and MC got the chance to escape and he did.

Maybe 8 years passed and he's 23 now, he's joined the rebels and stuff (I think MC's long term plan is to rearrange back the stars/fate which was altered when the emperor borrowed prosperity from the heavens, his master didn't want the emperor to do so and he was killed btw).

So fast forward to a few chaps, MC met the ML again, he thought ML died but ML was actually taken to the Hall of Demons (ML is half fox, half demon). ML escaped and he also committed patricide because ML's father wanted to kill him and take his powers for himself.

So ML has always been vocal about him wanting to be with MC, taking MC away etc. Simply, he's obsessed with MC. Take note that even though maybe 10 yrs has passed, ML is a demon so that time just seems like a day to him and so he's very caught up with the past and MC is all he have left. He's very obsessed with MC to the point that if he can't have him, might as well just kill him etc. I can't explain much but reading the story made me really understand ML's emotion and sympathize with him. Also, when MC (who's heteros*xual and for him, a human, a long time has already passed since he met ML, although he feels like they are closed brothers, he can't see him romantically) rejects ML, I can also understand him especially since MC is focused on his revenge and he hasn't thought about love at all.

So another 1 1/2 year passed, ML stayed with MC and a lot of things happened in their rebel group, they succeeded in claiming a city or something etc. So MC found out that the reason ML could leave the Hall of Demons was because somebody opened the path for him, and this somebody turned out to be the emperor's adviser (Yan Zhen).

Yan Zhen's subordinate wants ML to return and MC heard that conversation, he didn't want ML to go so he would always bring ML along in his political discussions so ML would see why MC and his group are rebels and this might make ML stay.

(MC's greatest secret, I think, is what happened to their sect and his revenge plan. He's never told this to anyone, even ML)

So things happened and the subordinate was talking sh*t to ML saying stuff like he can never have MC, MC never wants to be with him, MC never feels anything even the slightest bit for him, MC might even use him to get his revenge etc and the ML seemed to have been hypnotized that he almost killed MC (what saved MC was just an artifact given by ML which contains ML's fox blood and could repel him, he gave this to MC the very first time he had the urge to kill MC, you see, ML's not that mentally stable but we can imagine by reading the story that he's really been through a lot and he's only light is MC but then MC isn't the MC of the past anymore).

After the ML was repelled, and his mind cleared up, he tried going to MC and saying he didn't mean to do this but this was the drawing line for MC. MC thought that no matter how much he tried to influence and change ML, he can't. He can't quench the ML's blood thirst. Right at that moment, one of MC's sworn brother goes to their yard with some cultivators, and they saw what happened, they fought with ML though ML didn't fight back.

At the end, MC activated a blood array using ML's artifact to trap ML. This array couldn't have been drawn in just a few moments, had to be prepared for a while so ML realize that MC has always been wary of him. ML is saved when Yan Zhen's subordinate shows up and admits that he is from the emperor's faction.

MC returns the artifact to ML and ML says he regrets keeping his fox blood for someone who doesn't appreciate it (he stabs a knife to his heart, taking his fox blood away which dropped to the ground and became a white flower).

So another 5 years passed, maybe MC's 29 now, and the wheel of his revenge plan is really turning. Now, ML feels like he really hates MC but then also loves him at the same time, he seems even more obsessed now with MC and this obsession is also somehow his weakness.

Can't remember much afterwards cause I kinda skipped the war sentences but it was mostly MC going with his revenge and ML trying to ruin MC's plan.

There was even this time when ML shoot an arrow at MC (the bow and arrow was actually from MC as well when they still had a good relationship) and MC barely lived! What was sad was when MC was in his death bed, his sister asked what happened with MC and ML and MC was just like "you know, if he just gave me time, I know I would have gave in to what he wanted"

meaning if ML just didn't force him like that, mostly likely MC would have fallen in love and agreed to be with him in the future.

Afterwards, time went on and things happened, ML and MC got trapped in the upper underworld or something and their relationship was kinda getting fixed (ps he also found out that ML soul is incomplete) but then when the portal opened and MC was planning to scout it out and get out of that place, ML went mad thinking MC's gonna leave again and ML ended up raping MC.

MC wasn't actually mad at ML after what happened, or he just can't get mad because ML looks to really really regret it but then when the portal opened again, MC trapped ML and escaped from that place.

So moving forward, MC returned and his pet (he has a rabbit pet from he was young) was getting weaker, it didn't want to eat and so on. It eventually died but then!! It turns out that half of ML's soul is actually in the rabbit and ML seems to be guarding MC that way (ML wasn't always the rabbit but when he took away his fox blood/soul away from himself, that part of his soul attached to the rabbit because that soul really wanted to be with MC). If my interpretation is correct, it seems like ML went mad at times or wasn't really mentally stable was because his soul is incomplete.

Afterwards, the MC realized that he actually misses and loves ML and he subtly went looking for ML cause ML kinda went missing because there was trouble with fusing his soul with the rabbit's or something but eventually ML found MC and they made up saying sorry etc (though it was touching but I was kinda disappointed at this part cause it was too short!)

Afterwards more on war plot, MC's schemes etc. MC also drinking a "potion" that would intertwine his and ML's fate even after so many reincarnation etc and ML crying after being so touched etc.

Then finale, MC sacrificed his self for the finale of his scheme. But! He's still alive but he was reborn as a tree I think but everybody except MC and a sect leader I think thought he died. Afterwards, he and ML lived away from the human life etc and the end.

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Inanis rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c69
I'm really a fan of this novel and it ticks all my boxes!

- not transmogrification or rebirth

- cultivation

... more>> - ancient setting

- good world development

- the MC isn't a Mary Sue and doesn't win every fight

- demons

- the main relationship isn't a perfect easy going one

- not ever character is gay

- the characters are multifaceted and have a depth to them

- good translation

The only thing that I've been slightly annoyed at is that he was said to have fate with an instrument and a former master of his sent it to him and it was never brought up again. It's just a small lose end. <<less
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greta676 rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c60
I am more that half way through this book and I loved every moment of it.

I like Prist, very much, but at times I struggle with some of her windy plots. I enjoy her witty narrative, quirky ways to tell a story and how she sketches her characters and the situations they find themselves in. It is always fun to read what she writes. Having said that, I sometime have to drag myself (specially when on a marathon reading) through the twist and turns of some of ther plots, wishing... more>> she would get to the point. I did not feel like this AT ALL while reading this story.

The plot is always moving, even when people are stack in the same unmoving situation for years. And although someone may say the story is blick and the two leading characters not as charming as some of her more iconic ones, I loved every moment of this story. And both main characters 💕💖👈


There is a r*pe scene and it would normally spoil the story for me. I was upset to begin with but as the protagonist does take it in his stride and at the end progresses the story I managed to get over it. This is a first for me. I find r*pes gratuitos usually, no matter what. It is all due to Prist's ability really, I am full of admiration.

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Cocole rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I am a Priest fan so enjoyed this novel. Fast past, never a dull moment, lots of action and plot is intriguingly complex. Top it off - translation is ace so the reading experience was wonderful. 🧨🤩🙏💐❤️
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CynicalStrawberry25 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Tragic, bittersweet, but sweet HE. This is actually very much like Priest's Guomen if you ignore the fact that one is set in modern day and the other in an ancient cultivation setting. Both MCs start out as blissfully happy and slightly spoiled before tragedy strikes. Both MLs are borderline yandere who see the MC as their only light in life. Even the arcs of the stories is similar. The two characters get to know each other and become attached when young, they try to stay together but circumstances force... more>> them apart and the MC makes the decisive move to split the relationship, the ML comes back thinking the MC hates him and events make them realize that neither truly hates the other. <<less
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Levia rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I was struggling to read the first arc, then the gear starts to move and plot thickens.

Next thing I know is I’m writing this review and it’s 9 AM.

Please read the TAGS before reading and it won’t be a waste of your time.

Have fun I need to deal with this PTSD and sleep.
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Charmian rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Even though I struggled through the first 10 chapters or so I enjoyed the novel very much (pulled all-nighters).

I think that, even though there was a good plot and story (man do I love war/battle/rebell themed stories), the main focus was on the relationship between Shi Wuduan and Bai Li, from the beginning to the end, from their innocent childhood, through all the insecurities, unsaid words, struggles and mistakes to realisation and acceptance, leading to a slightly bittersweet ending I was happy with.

I really would've liked to a few more... more>> extras about them being happy together after all the suffering they went through though.

Plot, humour, angst, action, emotions, I found them all here. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: prologue
The rating is horse sh*t and really shouldn’t be that low.

This novel has consistently exceeded the expectations I had for it. I really enjoyed this. It completely s**ked me in and my emotions were connected to the MC to the point where I almost felt more than him.

I don’t forgive him. He may have redeemed himself in the eyes of the MC but I just completely feel like the author whitewashed him to the point where apparently all that he did, didn’t even measure up to what the MC did.... more>> Which is bullsh*t seeing as how at most the MC hurt the Ml’s feelings with words alone.

I really hated the constant vilification of the MC. I understand that he said things that emotionally hurt the ML, but I feel like the author just casually forgets that even so, he didn’t do or say anything hurtful until he was mauled by his so called friend/ the person that “loved” him.

Although I understand the fact that he was more guarded and jaded than when he was a kid and he felt maybe that was a debt he (the Ml) was owed, but in reality, just because someone says something to hurt your feelings doesn’t give you the right to abuse them physically or sexually. And like lmao check and check cause Mr. “I’m in love with you” did both of those.

Blaming it on the fact that he didn’t have his reason due to the his missing soul is a cop out in my opinion because even so. Even if he wasn’t in complete control of his desires, it wasn’t as if the ideas just appeared out of thin air. At most it’s more like a drunk doing something they wouldn’t do sober. Ultimately, the lack of restraint on your inhibitions just means that the idea is still there and you had the thought the whole time but only act on them when you have the excuse of being inebriated. Honestly, I don’t even think is be as annoyed or pissed if they at least showed the ML feeling apologetic, sincerely apologetic, but he didn’t even apologize at the very least, and that is my problem.

i honestly wished this wasn’t a HE, because I really hate the ML thoroughly. I can’t see why or how he should be forgiven or how he can just become this sweet person just because he got his soul back. It’s like an abusive drunk buying flowers after they sobered up. It only last so long as they don’t drink; it only takes a small slip or argument then everything crumbles. And while I understand this is a novel and it’s not a complete depiction of real life, I hate that in novels, MC’s always end up with their abuser simply because they forgive them. That’s so f*cked up to me.

Ugh I just — it’s hard trying to read through the humanization of bai li after his soul is back and he’s now saintly and good. Like, was the MC wrong to start a war and ultimately climb over thousands of innocent for his revenge? Yes. Completely. But in what way did that harm the ml? In what way should he apologize to the ML when I have yet to read even a sincere apology from him for what he did which two times almost resulted in the mc’s death and the other just straight up humiliation (SA) it’s driving me up a wall and I feel like, after reading through some of the top rated, I’m the only one thoroughly pissed about it.

The one thing I will say, is that I’m glas the assault didn’t go into full detail like I’m sure other novels had. At most it was just a paragraph and showed he felt pain. That was it, so while I do hate the Ml, and disliked the whitewashing, because the assault wasn’t dragged on and the MC didn’t immediately cow and behave submissively afterwards it was very easy to continue reading.

Again, it was a really interesting novel seeing as it was the first an more than likely last one I’ll ever read that has legit SA and the abuser becoming the lover, but I did enjoy it. The plot was unique and I loved that the MC was so smart that his machinations saw so far into the future.

I’d say it’s something that’s definitely recommended, just skip chapter 57 if you don’t like SA. <<less
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BlackLoveInSpace rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: Completed
So from the first arc I thought this was gonna be a cutesy romance to brighten the mood... boy love? More like boy obsessed with hurting the other because of mommy issues. Aside from the first and last chapters, it is hard to find a moment when they are not at each other's throats (sometimes literally (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).

The protag is relatable. He starts trouble everywhere, he moves and thinks like internet explorer, but also has an awesome superpower; no, not reading the stars and manipulating the very... more>> essence of the sky. I meant eating like a pig and staying skinny. He is not very talented at martial arts, which is why his only weapon is his wits and his constellation tablet (he's gonna kill you by telling your fuuuuture).

The other boy starts as a lil precious kid and becomes a crayzeh yandere, pushy, who doesn't understand boundaries and empathy. But the way the author handles him is awesome; he is not given praise and he never gets what he wanted as long as he stays like this, even when he works so hard to achieve his goals. His whole story is so satisfying to read.

Priest is never forgiving of her main characters; until they learn to be better people, worthy, mature, they will never get what they desire.

The theme of the story is fate/karma. Everyone's fate seems to be bound left and right by others. When you bring someone down, others fall with them. Those karmic concepts tangle the story but also give it life.

(about the misunderstandings, minor spoiler)

Seeing the two main characters as kids, holding hands and skipping around, melt my heart. Seeing Bai Li chapters later, ruthlessly biting into Wuduan was terrifying. Like come on this is not what I meant by eating him up.


(about the title, end spoiler)

Nice sounding title but not sure I get it why it's called like that. The jin se gets mentioned like 4 times and is not a plot device. It's an instrument that stopped being produced because it sounded too melancholic. The only link I can think of is from the last extra chapter, stating that Wuduan was also forgotten by history as time passed, even though he himself continued to live on.


The politics were not complicated but my marshmallow brain probably missed some points. Also, I expected this story to drag on as they tend to, but it was pretty fast paced and perfect in length. The translation is also high quality. So go ahead and read it while you can, until the danmei tl apocalypse takes every novel down. <<less
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Elyurias rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, how to say it... Jin Se is incredible. It's so beautifully well-written, at every word, my heart would skip a beat, it's like a poem, it's amazing. I couldn't expect less from a novel by Priest. I won't make a useful review, but I think everyone should read Jin Se. There're a lot of teachings that we can get from this story, I believe we can learn with the characters. You may think that Bai Li is difficult to handle and is a problematic person, but he isn't. He's... more>> literally incomplete (you'll understand this later), there's a special scene that people can use to say that he is a beast and a bastard, but, I repeat, he is not. Now Shi Wuduan... Ah, Wuduan is a genius, he was born to fix the whole mess in the empire, and he works hard for this goal of his. Hard enough to the point where he almost lost the only person that he still had... In summary, Jin Se it's an artwork, it's a unique form of perfection, so you should read it. I said earlier that I wasn't going to write a long review but just to think about this story and all the feelings it gave me, makes me wanna cry and read all over again. One last thing, Liduan 🛐 <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Another very interesting story from a consistently good author.

The summary doesn't explain anything, of course, but to try and give a summary here would take too long. It's a cultivation setting story where the themes are defying fate, the consequences of abandoning morality for loyalty, and the power of need. As for the main couple, I would say their story is about love surviving mistakes, broken trust and two people who end up on opposite sides.

I thought this couple was very interesting because the author doesn't spare either of them... more>> from having screwed up or making bad assumptions that betray trust in the relationship. It's not a one side is victim the other is the sinner thing, its mutual mistakes. They both have to go through a lot of personal growth and changes to find their way to each other, but the love persists. I'm not a big reader of stuff with some angst, but this was done in a very interesting, nuanced way.

I saw that some people felt that the story was too short or rushed for cultivation epic, but I actually appreciated that it was only 80 chapters. Cultivation stories are frequently so long that I lose track/lose patience with them. Keeping it shorter also keeps it feeling more immediate, and action-filled.

Altogether a worthwhile read. Enjoy! <<less
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October 10, 2021
Status: --
Are there ML who gave up on MC cause they keep giving false hope and then escaping? Not this, so I want to read one. Tiring.

Revenge only hurts oneself and people with that mentality are most likely incapable of love. It's bs to say if you were given time then you may have returned ml's feelings, time waits for no one. If so, why would anyone have regrets in this world, and that is another wrong mentality.
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ricoerrr rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: Completed

mc: shi wuduan

ml: bai li

... more>> summary:

MC is a happy go lucky kid with a natural aptitude for astrology and arrays. ML is a fox yao he befriends as a child. They spent a happy childhood together but are forcibly separated after disaster befell their home. The emperor went against fate and borrowed luck from the heavens to keep his dying empire above water, but people close to MC die as a result. MC joins a pro rebellion force and vows to take revenge. He and ML meet up ten years later and he learns that ML is actually a half yao half demon. They cant meet eye to eye as ML is in support of the court due to his demon powers being tied to the current dynasty. They meet multiple times over the next five years but none of it is a pleasant reunion.


ML becomes the demon lord but realizes it cant get him the person he loves. He rescinds his powers and joins mc's force. MC and his rebellion force topple the old dynasty. However, the heavens strikes him down for meddling in fate, and he is reborn from the roots of a divine tree. MC and ML reconcile, chose to remove themselves from worldly affairs, and spend the rest of their lives in seclusion.



what I loved the most was the main couple's relationship. The raw love-hate they held towards each other. Everytime they come together theyd both leave the other party with terrible scars that feels especially painful since they both cant let go of their sweet childhood memories. The back and forth turns them worse for wear and they both start to lose sight of the things that make them happy - each other. Near the end, they both come to realize theyve spent all these years fighting each other tooth for nail, and its made them tired and weary. Bai li comes to term with how his powers mean nothing in the grand scheme of things and yields first, giving up all his twenty-five years of hard work and suffering to be with the love of his life. Shi wuduan is a bit more stubborn; he always has the big picture in mind. Ever since the injustice on mt jiulu, I think he wouldve been trapped forever in his little self destructive bubble until hes met his goal. Thankfully, after he succeeds, its as if the bubble popped and he no longer has to concern himself with wordly affairs. Hes finally able to focus on his own happiness and live the rest of his days with his little li zi :') the ending was extremely cathartic in this way - both had lived with so much pent up hate and resentment, balloonned out of proportions - yet only when theyve both let go did they find something a little bit more meaningful to their lives, and then they never looked back.

(also I feel like I havent said this enough but I love bai li. I love how hes obsessively playing cat and mouse w the object of his affection like a crazy psychopath. I love how cold and calm he looks while doing committing mass crimes. Everything abt him is just *chefs kiss*)

one thing that peeves me is how priest loves jargon, and it was especially obvious in this novel. I felt like I couldve enjoyed the magic system in this novel a lot more if it was presented in a way thats more palatable. But unfortunately a lot just flew over my head. If im gonna be real honest it felt like the magic system wasnt fully fleshed out and priest was just going with the flow. The fancy words sound pretty on paper but made no sense. And seems like she didnt have any intentions explaining it, either.

all that said, its still possible to enjoy the story without getting hung up on the small details.


the other thing I cannot get my head around is why shi wuduan decided to drain the land of spiritual energy and completely get rid of human cultivators, period. Makes no sense to me. His grudge is with the great sects only. Just.. In what capacity or right does he have to take away cultivation from so many people who made it their livelihood??? Say its to prevent another seven lantern disaster, but is he really naive enough to believe that if cultivation is gone, humans will get along?? Im just so miffed about this decision. Dont get it at all.

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Anissia rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is undeniably one of my favorites. I highly reccomend it, it's worth it. The characters are deep. The misunderstandings between the protaginsts really made me cry and wonder about relationships and how misunderstandings may be conceived. You may think that one of them is absolutely in the right and the other is wrong, but then when you see it from the other's point of view, it turns out that both of them may have done something wrong and it depends on how each of them conceives it and... more>> their point of view. It really tought me some life lesons. I got really attached to this story, and still love it. It is a story that lingers in my mind. <<less
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December 19, 2022
Status: prologue
Our MC was a man who brought chaos and order in the world. He was a such a little daredevil that nothing can faze him and it was hard to watch him grow up to someone very different. Still a daredevil but none of his mischief and smiles.

This story made me wish no one would go through such hardships as our MC to the point of transforming to someone unrecognizable.
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August 21, 2022
Status: Completed
An amazing story. Priest never disappoints. While it keeps her distinct style and introspective writing it is also very different from her other works. The couples relationship is turbulent and so incredibly human- which is funny considering they are both anything but regular humans. Their flaws dont magically disappear with their love, and their relationship has dramatic ups and downs. That being said, they are both heavily flawed, but how they work through their problems is deeply satisfying and real. They are absolutely frustrating, but if you take the journey... more>> with them you find that their feelings come from incredible trauma. I would add a **TRIGGER WARNING** for implied non consent. I don't believe it should be in the story, and I don't think this sort of traumatic event should be taken lightly. This is my only real problem with this work. <<less
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clea rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: Completed
A priest fan. I like this book though some part are a bit windy..... Overall a good read.....
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