Thousand Autumns


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Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses.

He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others without asking anything in return.

One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader of Mount Xuandu, the number one Daoist sect under the heavens, was challenged to a duel but somehow fell off the cliff.

Yan Wushi happened to pass by down there.

Seeing Shen Qiao who was seriously injured to the point of dying, he suddenly came up with a perfect idea…

After thousands of autumns, who could stay eternal?

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Qian Qiu
Thiên Thu
山河剑心 [Animation]
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169 Reviews

New Adira
Sep 02, 2023
Status: Completed
Whatever I wanted to convey was already expressed by @Gerboker, so I definitely implore everyone to go and read that comment once (doesn't matter if it's to your liking or not as taking others perspective can be considered okay especially reading something like this), as everything was noted down by them from beginning to end in very articulate form. Especially with the traumatic comparisons between thousand autumns and my one of the most favourite HOB due to similar characteristics of MCs.

In the end, I just want to say that MC... more>> needs a good and strong mental health class to recover with what people like yan wushi, yu ai, his own sect people, other sects people, that c*ckroach chen gong, and many more.


I rather ship Hulugu and MC, in terms of romance as the current one is really depressing and below par (you can't tell me you're not confused as I'm with how MC fell for that scum anyways)....

    • overcoming challenges especially qi fengge as past resentment on Hulugu's or taking on master fight over as a disciple on Shen qiao's part and changing with times
    • after making mistakes and rectify in more satisfying way (like kunye involvement where Hulugu regret and will not definitely belittling MC by sending him over to enemies hand just for own amusement as Hulugu's character is more stabilised compared YW)
    • and last but not least healing each other (after defeating that yan-sshole wuss-hi) as they further went down on the road of martial arts way on that little white deer A-qiao along with Duan weyuang babysitting Shiwu, yuwen song and dong yin.
Let's all normalise romance with not uniting victims with their abusers (emotional and physical in any form) !!!! <<less
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New nanzhuist
Aug 28, 2023
Status: Completed
OH MY GOD MY NEW COMFORT COUPLE WITH SHEN QIAO AS MY COMFORT CHARACTER! Everything about this is GOOD! Well-written villains and the ML, Yan Wushi?!?@?!@?! My tiddie daddy??!?@?! DILF???
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Aug 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Thousand Autumns is a fantastic analysis of what makes a strong man. A man isn't strong because he can shatter mountains with a single strike, or make a nation bow with a wave of his hand.

A strong man is one relentlessly betrayed and beaten down by everyone he holds dear, who can still take every blow and stand back up even straighter than before.

A strong man is one who can go through hell and emerge on the other side with the same warm and gentle heart he started out with.

A... more>> strong man is one who brings out the best of every person who surrounds him.

Shen Qiao is one such strong man. And luckily for us readers, a wonderful character like him is the MC of this novel.

1) Story

The story starts with Shen Qiao as a martial artist at the very peak of the world, until disaster strikes and he finds himself falling to the same level as the dust and mud. At this vulnerable time in his life, he finds himself aided by another martial arts master, Yan Wushi. The only problem is, Yan Wushi is definitely not a benevolent person--in fact, he wants to see how far a good man can be pushed before finally succumbing to the same evils of human nature that plague humanity.

It's the classic Boy Meets Girl, except, you know, for the part where it's actually "Righteous gentle Taoist cultivator becomes complex frenemies with an amoral trolling Demonic sect master."

On a more general level, Thousand Autumns feels like a living Wuxia world, with factions and politics galore. Each area and martial arts sect has its own time in the limelight, weaving the plot points together beautifully.

Overall, Thousand Autumns nicely juggles numerous characters and plotlines into a coherent epic, all seen through the eyes of best MC Shen Qiao!

Of course, it's not absolutely perfect--I think the 1st half of the story is a bit more compelling since that's when Shen Qiao faces the most hardship (I swear I'm not a sad*st or masochist lol). The 2nd half of the plot does have a couple cliche plot points too like

fake deaths and split personality.

The complicated politics can make your head spin a little bit at some points too. And the ending is a bit rushed (effectively ending immediately after the climax, just when Shen Qiao is recognizing his feelings), so we don't get full resolution on some of the side characters that have shown up over this massive plot.

Still, I can only bow in respect to the author for how well the plot flows--I couldn't stop reading, and ended up binging the entire book in 3 days!!

2) Characters

Okay, yeah, I love Shen Qiao. Pretty much everyone who reads this book loves Shen Qiao. The book itself loves Shen Qiao--in fact, Thousand Autumns is very much a character study of Shen Qiao :P

Unfortunately, this means he undergoes lots of horrible tragic circumstances to test his mettle. His allies abandon and betray him, his kindness is repaid with cruelty, his enemies pressure him from all sides, he is spit upon as a useless failure of a beggar. You know, fun fun fun!

However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these hardships also grant him the opportunity for his true inner strength to shine. For in the end, no amount of dust can possibly obscure the beauty and shine of a real pearl. This makes Shen Qiao fall into my absolute favorite category of characters: Genuinely good people who suffer horribly, yet keep walking forward just as beautiful and kind as before. Warm as the sun and gentle as the grass, yet with a core as strong as steel and enduring as the mountains.

Now onto the other main character--the amoral, ridiculously powerful, cynical, and hedonistic Yan Wushi. The initial Yan Wushi really did terrify me, especially how he treated Shen Qiao as an experiment and toy. But that only made it that much more satisfying when he finally realizes Shen Qiao truly exceeds his expectations. That just this once, there could exist a real human as wonderful and genuine and good as Shen Qiao. I was very much pleasantly surprised at how the dynamic between these two characters continually changed and evolved, until they finally reached a very adorable equilibrium of "genuinely playful Yan Wushi teasing a Dere-Tsun Shen Qiao". Both characters are such complete opposites, yet they both grow to understand the other's perspective while managing to preserve their own core.

Now for the supporting cast... yeah it's massive in this novel thanks to the political aspects. But every single character has their own role to play, and the political alliances/betrayals make those side character dynamics really fun to keep track of. My favorite supporting characters were probably Bai Rong/Fifteen/Yu Ai, as well as the long-deceased Qi Fengge. Now I only wish the story gave us more time with the side characters so everyone could get resolution :P

3) Overall Enjoyment: This is of course entirely subjective. But I will be honest, Thousand Autumns got me absolutely ridiculously invested into one man's story. I smiled with his joy at being able to save a single child, I cheered when he showed his true strength and proved his enemies wrong, and I goddamn wept like a baby every single time he cried.

Now if only our current world had someone like Shen Qiao. But if there are none, that's okay too--all we have to do is each aspire to become someone Shen Qiao would be proud of.

P.S. One last warning, whenever Shen Qiao has a flashback to his long-lost happy childhood, get those tissues ready because you know those waterworks are coming!!!

[Also of note, as I previously mentioned, the BL romance in Thousand Autumns comes really late and is pretty downplayed. This is because Shen Qiao's character is naturally not a super romantic person lol. Still, I feel the romance fits the story really well by bringing out the human side of both Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi.] <<less
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Mar 08, 2018
Status: c14
This is an extremely unusual BL story. I'm giving it 5 stars precisely because of how unusual it is. As of Chapter 14, it doesn't feel like a BL story, it's more like the story of a once-great martial artist who is betrayed and crippled, but continues being a strong, smart, and kind person. Compared to other BL novels, the MC feels much more like a real person. So does the ML. He doesn't instantly fall in love with the MC--in fact, as of right now, he's a backstabbing bastard... more>> actively out to harm the MC. I suspect for some people that will make them dislike the story, but I found the realism to be refreshing. From the spoilers I've read, the romance develops very slowly but also in a realistic way instead of a yandere-at-first-sight way. If you're looking for a change of pace from the usual BL, this is the story for you. <<less
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Feb 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Q: How to make the corniest confession and proposal sound like a joke?

A: Say it the Yan Wushi-way.

Next to Faraway Wanderers, this has become my new wuxia novel favorite. I gave it perfect 5/5.

... more>> STORY:

First off, the "Yan Wushi" there mentioned in the description is not the MC; he's the ML. I would also like to add that if you're going to read this awesome story, condition yourself that this ML is so despicable and black to the bone. That's his nature, and we have to settle on that. I would like to thank the author for 'warning' us beforehand so we wouldn't be too shocked and despise him to the core as he relentlessly 'bully' our cinnamon roll MC, Shen Qiao.

The story is a mix of history, politics, action (LOTS of awesome action!), and *cough* romance. And if I may add, comedy (seriously, why not add comedy tag there as genre? The main characters' interaction is hilarious!). Although I mentioned "history" and "politics" as part of the elements of the story, it's very mild. Not too complicated (though I admit I googled the name of the dynasties mentioned, and to my surprise, they did exist! And yeah, through that I 'accidentally' read a spoiler XD), but deep. As advice, all you have to memorize is the two major dynasties of the North, and the other one at the South, and also the names of the factions/sects supporting them because the story heavily revolves around them, as the main characters make their way to pursue their goal.

Under the wuxia genre, story and plot-wise, for me this is one of the best. Excellent set of characters, intricate yet not so hard to follow politics and change of events, superb action scenes, solid romance build-up—this is just excellent! There's really nothing much to criticize, but I would like to point out the 'conclusion' part of how the two 'properly' ended up together—which surprisingly can be read in the EXTRA chapters. I don't know what the author was thinking but I find it... weird? After reading, I was like, "That's it..?" Some extra stories are also 'weird' (what's more normal is when they are discussing about politics, LOL) . It's feels kind of out of place. Anyways, overall, the ending is satisfying. Happy ending is happy ending. And I would like to thank the English translator for giving us the chance to get a peek of this awesome Chinese novel. Although I find it weird to read a kind of western titles/addresses in a Chinese novel (personally, I prefer to see the pinyin reading accompanied by a footnote), it's still good.

Overall, I like the author's writing style. And I honestly hope to read more of his/her works. Though I just finished reading this through MTLing and through the help of my little Chinese language knowledge, I can say that it's very smooth and fluid (it's funny that I can judge the author's way of writing through dissecting their masterpiece in its raw form, haha). And if you're going to try MTLing this on your own, worry not. It got like around less than 200 place names/titles/addresses, etc. to edit to get a smoother output.


Of all the Chinese novels I have read so far, this contains one of the most interesting and colorful characters. Powerful "masters", despicable and likeable "villains", transient side characters that will make you cry, certain characters you will really wish to die (I got two in my list). Oh, special mention to the ML's "very capable" apprentices. And of course, there's our main characters with "extraordinary" relationship (yep, that's how the two describe it themselves). All in all, a very solid set.

The MC, Shen Qiao, is like Xie Lian of Heaven Official's Blessing. Kindhearted, selfless, pure, and extremely good-looking. But behind the angel-like countenance, a powerful and bad-ass tiger lurks. Oh, but unfortunately though, they are also a disaster-magnet. Our MC here used to live in 'heaven', but due to a certain event have experienced 'hell'. Despite all hardships, he gathered himself up and remained true and honest as he naturally was. It's quite disappointing to know that the ML also contributed to this hardships 'intentionally' by playing the 'devil', tempting him to curse mankind and bring out the worst in him, and also inhumanely treated him as his 'guinea pig'.

So, does that mean we got a weak MC? Nah. He can be ruthless if he wants to, but he always chooses to follow his beliefs and principles. And his beliefs are heavily influenced by his nature of being soft-hearted and generous. Oh—and he also possesses insurmountable level of patience and tolerance, especially towards the ML. Some may think that the ML bullies our MC too much, but for me, since MC is already an adult, calmly don't take everything to heart, and most of the time just choose to ignore ML's quirkiness, I decided to take it neutrally and enjoy how they're going to stick to their personal beliefs about the 'human heart'.

What about the ML? Well, Yan Wushi is a version of Wen Kexing of Faraway Wanderers—but 10 levels higher when it comes to shamelessness, eccentricity, ruthlessness, and unrivaled level of arrogance reaching the cloud 9. Yes, this is the ML. Sounds like not so ML-like but as I mentioned earlier, that's his nature. But of course, since the public usually don't like and won't accept such characters as one of the mains or deserving to be paired up with our precious bun, that's where the character development comes in. I don't like putting spoilers but let me assure you that the MC and ML's character development here is solid. And to put some points to the ML's 'redeeming' qualities, he's smart (very!) and hilarious! (especially in chapter 50 onwards). He's so shameless and thick-faced that you couldn't help face palming while laughing at his crazy antics (I'm not gonna lie, I prefer these types of characters as ML over those saintly-types, which I brand as 'boring white wallpaper', or those selfish and r*pey yanderes).

To give a good preview of the relationship of the two, they don't necessary like and trust each other (at first). But due to a common goal, they stick and look after each other (in japanese term, it's called "kusareen"). A very unromantic relationship.

Given his rotten personality, how the hell did the ML fall for the MC?!

As I said, I don't like putting spoilers, but...

SPOILER! Sounds like a spoiler. Read at your own risk


Hah! ML did fall. Yan Wushi dug his own grave and jumped down voluntarily. For the first time in his life, he made an 'exception', and before he knew it, he turned into an 'admirer' who would 'court' and manage to 'confess' and 'propose' the normal way, but sadly no one would believe him because he got a bad record of saying and treating everything as a joke. And then he even became a good 'actor', even employed the acting prowess of his own 'very capable' and supportive apprentices just to get the MC's attention!

It was a success, though.

Curious? Continue reading the novel until the end. Chapter 100 onwards is where the ML's shamelessness reached a whole new level; relentlessly smearing the romantics' lines black. Just pray hard that the translator won't drop the story if you don't plan to MTL it on your own *wink*



A very good read.

I'm not fond of history subjects. And definitely not interested in any politics-related topics. But this story is so awesome and very well-written that I couldn't help waking up early and leave the office always on the dot just to read this one for a good whole week.

So, if you're the type who enjoys superb action scenes, interesting storyline, characters with depth, comedy, and don't mind reading slow romance and a *cough* 'mild' BL story ("kiss" is mild, right? It's a hot one, though XD) , I highly recommend this. You won't regret it. <<less
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Sep 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The MC truly is the star of the show here.

His entire character revolves around the concept of kindness. Not the hypocritical kindness that only occurs when the MC knows it will be reciprocated, nor the idiotic kindness that harms those around the MC, but true, genuine kindness. Besides the obvious, like standing up for the weak and sacrificing his own interests/health for others, the MC's nature shines the brightest when his kindness is tested. Plenty of people betray him throughout the novel - even the ML. What makes the MC... more>> stand out is that this doesn't make him angry. He never hesitates to help out others, knowing full well they may never return the favor or may even stab him in the back, just because this is who he has decided to be, and nothing, not even the weight of the world, can change that.

I think the author demonstrates this perfectly with the two characters, Chen Gong and Shiwu, and how they react to the MC's goodwill. Both meet him at the lowest point in their lives,


with Chen Gong having been driven out of his home by his stepmother and Shiwu starving in a refugee area. The MC is a saving grace for both them. He introduces Chen Gong to the world of martial arts and saves him from a local magistrate (don't know if this was his exact position but basically he was a powerful person) while he offers Shiwu food and guidance. In the end, however, Chen Gong betrays the MC many times for power, dismissing the kindness that was bestowed upon him. He's insistent that the MC is no different than him, only that he is much luckier to have been chosen by his Master. Shiwu, on the other hand, never forgets what the MC has done for him, saving his life and accepting him as his master later on. In this sense, they serve as perfect foils for each other.

The MC runs into plenty of Chen Gong's throughout his journey. He helps them out only to get screwed over in the end. But because of the chance he may be saving someone like Shiwu, a genuine, good person, he doesn't mind. And I respect that a lot.


On the other hand, the MC doesn't let his kindness get in the way of his rationality. He's not the sort of hypocritical character that will leave a character alive just because he thinks it's immoral to kill someone - if he runs across a psychopathic murderer, he'll end their life so they can't commit violence anymore. It's incredibly refreshing to see someone who is confident enough in their morals that they can make such a decisive action (I'm really sick of these Batman type characters that let their Joker's live just because they don't want to "stoop" to their level). The MC isn't a pushover either. He'll tolerate when people snub him, because he respects the fact that not everyone has to like him, but he won't let people walk all over him unnecessarily.

I just love the MC's character. He's extremely clever in how he discovers plots and how he can navigate the complex politics of the world. Although he is subdued and quiet, he still has his funny moments, and his purity is genuine and not white lotus like at all.

If I'm being honest, I think he's kind of too good for the ML. I don't hate the ML - I think he's hilarious, shameless, and I enjoyed reading about his antics. But I don't like him either, because he really is a sh*t person.

I'm not sure if I can forgive what he did to the MC. Sure, he did end up saving him, and he was the one that allowed the MC to regain his martial arts. However, I'm a person who values intentions over actions when it comes to a relationship. Initially, the ML didn't do anything because he genuinely wanted to help the MC out, it was all for his own amusement and gain.

And I find it revolting that he was willing to hand the MC over to someone he clearly knew would r*pe and absolutely destroy the MC, just to prove a point that all humans are innately evil and that the MC would have a breaking point too.

The excuse that "oh but it's already established that he's a bad person" doesn't work for me - you wouldn't justify a murderer killing someone just because you know he's a murderer, right?

That's not to say that the ML doesn't try to make up for what he did. Once he realizes his feelings, his attitude for the MC changes and of course he starts to treat him better. But it's hard to quantify how much the ML should do in order to "earn" that forgiveness.

For example, let's say your friend decides to break your leg for fun. How should she repay you? Is your friendship restored if she pays for your hospital bills? If she gives you a genuine apology? If she lets you break her leg as well?

In the novel, the ML makes up for the past by

leading a dangerous sect leader away from the MC in a critical moment and by attacking the MC's Master's nemesis in order to protect him.

Most people would be satisfied with this repentance, but I didn't feel any remorse for his past actions. I wanted him to acknowledge that he f*cked over the MC and could have genuinely led to his ruin had the MC not pulled through on his own. I'm not saying there should have been chapters worth of regret and angst and what not, but a heartfelt apology would have be nice. Overall, I guess I'm just trying to say that I don't accept the ML's ideology of "the past doesn't matter as long as I do better in the future". Him treating the MC better now doesn't erase how he screwed up before.

I still enjoyed their relationship though, and I don't fault the MC for being more forgiving than I am. I actually wish I could have seen more into their relationship, as they don't officially get together until the very, and I mean very end of the novel, but alas.


The finale made me cry tears of laughter. I can't believe the author actually ended the main story by having a whole "sike" moment, I was in disbelief.


Outside of the two main characters, I really enjoyed the side characters as well. Bai Rong's development, in particular, was my favorite. I love how the MC was able to influence her for the better, but in the end she stuck to the path she decided for herself. If I'm being honest, if this was a BG novel, I wouldn't have minded if the MC and her had gotten together, but yeah she really grew on me.

It goes without saying that the plot and world building of this novel was superb. The politics behind the different nations and the sects were executed perfectly, and I was intrigued until the very end. I will admit that the beginning was confusing as hell, especially to a wuxia novice as me, but the only advice I have to give is to keep going. Power through the first twenty chapters, even if you don't understand who is who, and eventually the information will cotton on. You'll begin to remember the important characters, as they will show up often. Once you reach a certain point in the novel where you begin to understand why a certain sect is backing up a certain emperor and what not, go back and read it from the beginning again. A lot of things will be made clear, and the novel is certainly worth the effort.

The translation so far is amazing as well. I MTL'ed it but it was pretty bad (the MC's poetically named sword, "Celestial Grief" tragically turned into "sword of sadness" lmfao), so once the translation is completed I'll definitely be back to reread this. Thank you to the translator for picking this up!

Anyway, sorry for the long review. It's a fantastic novel, and you should read it. You won't regret it in the slightest. I rate it a 4.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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Sushi rice
Sushi rice
Jul 07, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this novel, and the writing is great. The characters remain true to themselves, and I personally enjoyed the dynamics of their relationship.

That said, there are things you need to come to terms with if you are going to read this novel. If you can't, you probably won't like it:

    1. Yan Wushi (ML) is not a good person
    2. Yan Wushi is not a good person
    3. Yan Wushi is NOT a good person
By not a good person, I don't mean that he's a yandere (that tag isn't there to begin with). I mean he is manipulative, teasing, his actions carry malicious intents,

and frustratingly betrays the MC, Shen Qiao.


Beginning of the story: The story starts off with Shen Qiao being defeated to near-death, and Yan Wushi (a powerful sect leader cultivator following the demon path) saving him on a whim after accidentally finding him. From the start, the reader is made aware that Yan Wushi does not have good intentions in saving Shen Qiao. He does not help him out of the kindness of his heart (does he have any lololol). This is brought up again and again and again, so it's not a surprise.

Shen Qiao: At the start of the novel, Shen Qiao is a trusting good person, naive to the ways of the world because he's lived in seclusion as the leader of a righteous sect. He's not weak, at all. He soon learns that although he helps others with the belief that there is goodness in everyone, those he helps will not necessarily repay his kindness. Your heart will yearn for Shen Qiao, and his development throughout the novel will have you proudly cheering for him. He's trusting and will give people the benefit of the doubt, but he isn't s*upid.

Yan Wushi: Scum. He knows it, Shen Qiao knows it, everyone in this cultivation world knows it. He practices demonic cultivation and is the exact opposite of Shen Qiao: he believes that everyone is inherently bad. And his views of this are reaffirmed when he sees Shen Qiao's good intentions constantly repaid with ungratefulness. One of the main reasons he took interest in Shen Qiao is because he wanted to see his fall to ruin. He constantly pushed him to the breaking point because he knew Shen Qiao hadn't been exposed to the bad sides of humanity.

He betrays his friendship in one of the worst ways possible, trading Shen Qiao away to a murder/rapist in exchange for a sword he didn't want. All this to push Shen Qiao to the edge, hoping he would give up his "good" views and practice the demonic arts.

Shen Qiao, however, remains consistent in character and in his beliefs, and this is one of the reasons Yan Wushi falls in love with him. Although he doesn't change his views of the world, Shen Qiao becomes the sole exception.

CP dynamics: Despite the history between them, I feel they're a well-matched couple (although I still very much want to beat Yan Wushi up). Throughout the story, circumstances force them to depend on each other, and Yan Wushi slowly redeems himself. After he's realized his feelings and wants to display his sincerity, he falls into the pit he dug for himself because Shen Qiao is no longer willing to trust him as easily.

Regardless, Shen Qiao is moved by him. He treats everyone the same (politely, at a distance) except for Yan Wushi. And Yan Wushi makes space in his tiny heart for Shen Qiao. Whereas before he was only willing to view people as 'enemies or ants' Shen Qiao becomes someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

They have a push and pull dynamic in their relationship, and I personally enjoyed their interactions throughout the novel, particularly Yan Wushi's. He teases Shen Qiao, flirts for the heck of it, and then sincerely flirts for the sake of wooing. Their relationship is formally established in the extras, and Shen Qiao*gasp* is the one to formally initiate their relationship (although Yan Wushi also had a hand in this I believe). It helps that they talk about politics and have that common interest throughout the novel and in the extras.

So yeah, I recommend this novel. I don't hate the ML (Yan Wushi) but I do want to smack him a few times. Most importantly, Shen Qiao at the end of the novel is happy :)
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Jun 29, 2018
Status: Completed
this one is the "wait how they can be together?!"-type of novel. Towards the end, I see it all makes sense. I feared that MC was the Mary-Sue kind but fortunately it's not. He's genuinely kind and honest, but still know the limit how to be kind to others. A hidden gem. About ML, he's a real devil, but the great and noble. You know, that kind of villain which looks so noble, mischievous, but still great. I can't hate him at all as his principle is actually justified. The... more>> plot is unusual, I even compared to some shounen manga. I really hope a manhua or something like that, I really want to see MC skill at martial arts in drawing forms. The description looks very great q.q <<less
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This story was one hell of a ride!

Full of battles, betrayals, and hidden schemes, I was expecting a bad ending. For those worried about it, the ending is a happy one!

The story is very well written and the translation is superb. The only reason I rated this 3 star is because of the ML.

... more>> Main CP Overview:

MC: a righteous, kind cultivator who helps people in need

The MC is not a white lotus who indiscriminately helps every person regardless of good or evil. The MC has a bottom line and knows that evil people i.e., murderers and the like should be killed, not saved. But overall the MC's character is caring and gentle, preferring to do charity and do good deeds.

ML: a chaotic, evil cultivator who does not believe in sincere feelings i.e., kindness, love, etc.

The ML is the typical shameless, bullying type of lover seen in The Legendary Master's Wife. I'm personally not a huge fan of the bullying type of lover, but due to the high rating, I decided to give this story a try. And needless to say, I was disappointed by the ML and MC's interactions.

Here's a spoiler of why, how, and when I decided to boycott the ML.


I know the ML is an evil cultivator, but I really gave up on the ML when he betrayed the MC. This is not your typical betrayal like adultery or manipulation.

First, the ML saved the MC, helping the MC regain his martial arts and so on, building trust. Then the ML proceeded to give the MC away to MC's enemy. When I mean give away, I meant give away as a s*x toy. The MC's enemy planned to sexually assault, torture, and ruin the MC's life. The ML knew all this. And gave the MC away. Thankfully the MC was saved by his sect member before being assaulted, but the MC once again lost his martial arts ability and even became blind for a while.

Yes, the ML has a tragic backstory for being who he is and why he acts the way he does. But this does not excuse the fact he was perfectly okay with ruining the MC's life. Later on when the ML realized his feelings for the MC, he does not show regret or remorse for betraying the MC.

Yes, the ML somewhat attempted to atone for his betrayal by 1. leading the MC's pursuers away, 2. battling the MC's master's enemy, and that's it. Just two instances of atonement. The ML never regretted his betrayal, never verbally apologized to the MC, and in all honesty, I feel like the MC is too good for the ML. To put it nicely, the ML just does the bare minimum. To be a little rude, the ML is utter garbage.

Because of all this, I lowkey wish the MC died at the end so the ML can feel regret. The MC deserved better aye...



The characters are very well fleshed out. The story is convincing with minimal plot holes. The translation is amazing. But the ML can go f**k off. So angry with the ML I almost puked out blood. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: Completed
The basic theme of this novel is the MC becoming totally emotionally detached, so that no matter how disgusting people behave towards him he has no emotional reaction. After the big, traumatic betrayal in chapter 26 he simply ceases to have any negative emotions about how people treat him, and ceases to have any meaningful judgement towards how other people behave, shrugging and saying its their path and not his. This is portrayed as virtuous and inspiring and the epitome of Taoism. I don't know a ton about Taoism so... more>> I don't know if this is an accurate portrayal. For me, as a western reader, it came across more like the MC having untreated trauma and serious mental health issues.

(compare Heaven Official's Blessing, which has a similar portrayal of a character who has suffered so much he's become very cavalier about suffering, but does it in a much more nuanced way, where I felt like he'd genuinely integrated his trauma and emerged stronger rather than going numb to escape further pain)

An important difference between HOB and thousand autumns is the role of the ML. In HOB the ML is a source of comfort to the MC. In thousand autumns, the ML is the cause of the trauma. This novel features one of the biggest "ML treats MC disgustingly" scenes I've read.


MC trustingly allows ML to stay with him. In response, ML kidnaps him and sells him to someone who sexually tortures his victims to death. He does this specifically to make a point that he couldn't care less about the MC - he trades him away for a sword, and later in the novel its revealed he doesn't know where the sword is, as he only asked for the sword to make sure the MC understood he was worth less than a sword to him. Bear in mind that the MC has done literally nothing to cause this - there's no revenge back story or anything else to explain what the ML is doing -- the ML is doing it solely because he wants to break the MC for his own entertainment. MC escapes being humiliated and slowly tortured to death by destroying his cultivation core in an act of suicidal self-immolation and survives solely due to plot shenanigans neither ML or MC knew in advance-- in other words, at best ML drove MC to su*cide for the laughs and coincidentally MC survived the su*cide attempt -- at worst, ML didn't necessarily realise su*cide was even an option so you're back to "let him be slowly tortured to death with no escape"


Now, I am okay with romances in which the ML is horrible at first, and then eventually they reconcile. I'm actually a total sucker for redemption arcs, done well. However, there needs to be some sort of matching in intensity between the betrayal and the repentance.

Let's take two other novels for comparison -

in Non Human Sub District Office:


the ML hides his identity to pretend to be the MC's pet for various reasons, and ends up stuck in the lie. He guards and protects the MC while he's at it, and in both of his identities tries to take care of the MC, but the MC is still upset about being deceived. The ML cutely regrets getting on his lover's bad side and has to do a little bit of coaxing.


In Life is Suffering:


the ML slowly drains all the MC's blood over the course of several days while he is alive and conscious, killing him slowly and torturously. (he is not able to get redemption in that lifetime and ultimately they are reborn into a different life, where the ML sacrifices an entire life of privilege, even being tortured, to stay together with the MC)


This novel treats what its ML did to its MC like NHSDO, even though its more like LiS. Except that the ML gets off even lighter than NHSDO, and for what imo was a much worse betrayal than LiS (in LiS there were very clear reasons for ML's actions, not just a desire to torture MC for no reason).

In NHSDO the ML sincerely apologizes. In thousand autumns the ML never apologizes and does not seem to feel that he's done anything wrong - his only regret is the inconvenience, having very thoroughly taught MC to never trust him again it's annoying that the MC now doesn't trust him.


You can argue that at the end he does something redemptive by risking his life to fight the Big Boss. However, the entire novel has emphasised that ML craves fights with worthy opponents, and that he'll happily risk his life and expose himself to danger for that. This means that the fight doesn't feel selfless or about the MC at all, it feels like he would have fought anyway. It just feels like a crass manipulation (by the author) to enable the MC to be worried about the ML - followed up immediately by a crass manipulation from the ML, of course, who continues to be incapable of communicating honestly or respecting the MC's boundaries.


In short, the romance between the leads is a horrible disappointment. It took me a while to realise this, since I kept waiting for some kind of real redemption arc, and only at the end realized I was never getting one and the novel was going to make excuses for the ML until the very end. For me, the "happy" ending for the romance made the novel feel like it had a bad ending instead.

Why does the novel still get two stars? Because if you forcibly excise the romance plot line (admittedly difficult, it's like 40% of the book) the remainder is interesting and well done. There are some truly horrible villains that get satisfying comeuppance. There's a lot of interesting political shenanigans. There's some badass female characters. There's a melodramatic storyline of brotherly betrayal with shades of grey and a sort of tragic ending (an actual redemption arc!). There are even scenes with the ML that are interesting in themselves, if only you remove romance entirely from the picture- he's very smart with politics and does some mentoring of the MC...

For me personally, because I went in expecting better from the romance, my experience of the novel was really tainted. I think if someone else went in forewarned that the romance is terrible they could tune it out more and enjoy the rest. <<less
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Mar 14, 2020
Status: c85
Rating: 4.75/5

As long as I believe this is worth doing, Why should I care about how other people see me or what they may think of me? Your family, your friends, those who truly like you and have your best interests in mind will definitely understand you one day.

If you are looking for very unique type of character dynamic, that is very different from usual relationships - not to mention the very VERY slow burn romance, then you are in for a ride of your life.

This is a book about... more>> betrayals and of how much a person can withstand those betrayals and threats without backing down and staying strong, but also remaining human. Shen Qiao suffered a lot of unfortunate circumstances, and while he recovers, he also has very strong mentality, high morality and huge amount of belief that everyone possess a certain kind of kindness and that that kindness will be repaid.

But Yan Wushi is different. He trusts no one, he believes in no one, he considers emotions and human relationships inferior things, while also striving for uniqueness and searching for interesting things and people who catch his attention. One of those people is Shen Qiao.

In other words, Yan Wushi is type that will test SQ's limits, while also testing himself.

In other words, Shen Qiao is not an easy person that relents or surrenders under pressure.

Both of them, in the end, strive for their own morality and beliefs.

And after many trials and tribulations, many tricky situations and many many chapters later, after realizing - after properly meeting each other... only then will they realize that the other has something the former lacks.

I feel sad that only YWS sometimes went overboard, and in the end

broke Shen Qiao's complete belief and trust in people, as he no longer expects his kindness to be returned,

but that doesn't stop Shen Qiao from being kind, considerate and very reliable person.

Side characters are good, but not as good as Wushuang's. Expect Bai Rong is amazing and she is the only one worth mentioning since she's just... so interesting. Everytime she appears, I love her more.

There are some triggering things to consider while reading this book, but mostly nothing major happens, but may cause discomfort, such as:


r*pe threats and actual behind the scenes r*pe of side characters or unimportant characters.


In the end, what this book comes to is Shen Qiao trying to make Yan Wushi understand that there is selfless kindness in the world, while Yan Wushi tries to make Shen Qiao understand that not everyone in this world is kind, and that his kindness will amount to nothing when the party he's helping has other motives.

Both are right, but also, both are wrong. In the end, it all comes up that world is not a black-white, but rather gray.

Overall, this is highly fascinating book, please consider reading it! <<less
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Jul 28, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is truly a gem; a precious BL literature. Even the title itself, seems to have left pieces of its thousand autumn fallen leaves inside my heart that I felt compelled to register for an account just so I could rate and leave a review for this book. I've been reading novels on novelupdates for a long time, but have never bothered to leave a review. Even after reading Mo Dao Zu Shi and as much as I loved MDZS, I didn't even take the time to register an... more>> account, rate it, or leave a review. So that says a lot about this novel.

All of the characters were fleshed out to the point where you could visualize them in your mind. The MC is not a Mary Sue, nor did he ever act like one. The MC and ML stayed true to their characters up to their very last moment in the novel. What I loved about this novel was that the love and respect they had for each other was honestly earned by themselves. They were truly deserving of each other. It wasn't a matter of the ML blatantly confessing to the MC that he fell in love with him at first sight. The love and respect they had for each other was shown to us thru their actions over a period of time.

Everyone knows that the ML is evil. He was so evil, he hurt the MC, but I couldn't even hate him because he never pretended to be kind, nor be someone he's not. He was a villain and he knew it. Everyone else knew it too, so how could anyone hate him for being true to his character. The MC may be naïve about life outside of his sect and world matters, but he was definitely not weak. Sure, he got tricked by the ML, his friends, and family, but he never held any grudges because he was true to his Taoist character. Instead, he literally rose from the ashes and overcame all the obstacles placed in front of him and became the ML's saving grace.

Our ML is super strong and started out super strong. By all means, he wasn't perfect, but what I love about him is that he BELIEVES he is perfect; therefore, he is. LOL. Once he realized that he loved the MC, he acknowledged that fact and moved on to the next step. He was very aware of the fact that he had hurt the MC, and the thing was, he didn't even regret what he did, because he wasn't in love with the MC at the time. Later on, he did briefly think about what he did and momentarily sighed, but the feeling was brief and fleeting and then he never thought about it again. However, instead of crying over spilt milk and begging for forgiveness; as his true evil self, he just moved on from his mistake and made up for it later on. He never regrets, nor apologizes for any of his actions, even when he had hurt the MC in the past. There were no angst and nothing annoying about him going all out, trying to impress the MC with material things or constant flowery flattery speeches. The ML was very clear about what he wanted and whom he loved and just kept it moving without breaking his stride. The very reason why I love the ML is because of the way he loved the MC and the unique way he expressed it.


Towards the end of the story - The MC previously killed Hulu's apprentice (mid-novel) so Hulu was bound to go looking for the MC for revenge. However, the MC only ranked as the 5th-6th highest martial artist because he hadn't fully recovered from his previous injuries, so there was no way he could beat Hulu, who was ranked as the top #1. There was infighting in MC's sect for the position of sect master so the MC wanted to go back to home to take care of that issue. The ML knew that Hulu would never let the MC go until he avenged his dead disciple. ML was also worried that Hulu would go looking for the MC while MC was distracted with issues at home. To help eliminate the MC's problem and draw Hulu away from the MC, the ML issued a challenge to Hulu to fight for the the #1 spot. The ML has always been arrogant so everyone believed this to be true, that ML wanted to be the #1 martial artist in the world. The MC questioned him about his true intention for the challenge and ML told him that it was because of his ego. The ML basically said life wasn't worth living if he couldn't be the best. The MC thought the ML was still recovering from an injury from a previous fight. He was over wrought with worry about ML's impending fight that he was losing sleep so the ML played pitiful, saying that he might die in the fight so the MC (Taoist priest) should put aside his reservations and drink with him. ML got him drunk and hit his sleep acupuncture points so he fell asleep for 1.5 days and got lots of rest. Lol. When he woke up and ran to Half Step Peak, the ML was already fighting Hulu.


Anyway, I am very sad that this novel has come to an end. It's going to be hard to find another one that is just as good. The translators are also doing an excellent job so I hope they don't drop the translation. I will definitely visit this novel again in the future. <<less
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Dec 02, 2018
Status: Completed
This is my favorite Chinese novel that I've read in 2018. The characters are extremely fleshed out - and more importantly, the writing has great literary value, which is a far cry from some other web-novels I've read. The translators do a great job of capturing the complexities of the language, as a lot of the descriptions and battle scenes are written in the formal style. The writing is succinct yet poetic (especially in the original Chinese), and the pacing is quite rapid.

The story itself is deeply historical with a... more>> Wuxia element, which can make for a very difficult read even if you're fluent in Chinese, unless it's your first language ('twas a struggle for me, but it was worth it). There are three schools of thought - Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism - of which various sects follow as they fight for political power in Ancient China. For example, our MC, Shen Qiao, is the Sect Leader of the Xuan Du Mountain Sect, which is a Daoist Sect. While various entities vie for power internally, the ethnic Han diaspora is framed as the "enemy" of Tujue foreigners - the Turks - which is something I hadn't really thought about until reading this novel... then I started to notice it was somewhat of a trend amongst Wuxia or historical novels.

The novel takes place over a thousand years ago, back when Xi'an was the capital of China. This is why you might see various references to characters feeling obligated to go to "Chang'an" for official business, aka what Xi'an was called back then. I really enjoyed this layering of politicism and history sprinkled throughout the novel.

That aside, the characterization is phenomenal. I don't want to spoil much, but the relationship dynamic felt natural and real. Both characters are extremely likable. Even the side characters get development to a certain degree! <<less
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Apr 22, 2021
Status: c93
i absolutely love this novel it’s one of my all time favorites

shen qiao is and forever will be my favorite kind of character.

he’s not the weak kind that always needs help from the ML, in fact he rarely depends on him and would rather do things himself if he can.

one example of him depending on Yan Wushi ... more>>

is when shen qiao asks him to take him away while he’s visiting his former sect brother that poisoned him, and that is only bc the poison was acting up and he wasn’t able to leave on his own


im unsure of my feeling on Yan Wushi though. I absolutely adore Shen Qiao with my whole being and I feel he deserves someone better. Someone that can actually apologize for his wrongdoings. I’m already at chapter 93 but I’m still holding up hope that I’ll end up liking Yan Wushi at some point...

Either way this is a must read if you’re interested in stories that not only revolves around the main couple but also is plot driven!

(btw if anyone is interested in the rest of the English translated chapters just dm me and I can send you the links, I had to do a lot of digging to find them 😩) <<less
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Feb 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is a masterpiece from the characters to the romance to the plot to the pacing. Definitely not one of those stories that just hang on by the romantic development of the two male leads. The plot is interesting and the side characters are not just plot devices. They feel like real people and reappear consistently and appropriately, leading the plot and character development along.

The romance is perfect in its own way. The love development is extremely slow but extremely convincing. You can literally see when they started to... more>> feel differently toward each other (way before the characters themselves) and why (the author does a really good job showing why they like each other). This is the perfect definition of opposites attract and loving each other flaws and all.

Warning: The romance is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, definitely not for the faint of heart. That is why it is important to be realistic and grounded when reading this book. Not every character or love interest is going to be sweet and kind. Those characters are for fluffy stories and this one is not a fluffy story. After all, different types of characters are meant for different types of stories. <<less
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Jan 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I fell in love with wuxia with this novel.

Qian Qiu made me feel a lot of things through reading it. Although has a lot of stuff related to the wuxia genre whichmade it like a fantasy, the characters are so well written, they felt like real people. Shen Qiao.. what a character, I really admire his strength after all that he had been through. Naive at some point, but never weak, he had his deveplopment in the best way it could be portrayed with such a beautiful writing skills, he... more>> was not a saint, he was just a good person, he could not remain without blood in his hands, he reached his limits with bad people but he always stood in his beliefs, looking for tomorrow with hope, not forgeting the ones who showed real kindness.

Not gonna lie, I also wanted to know how many things does a person can manage to deal before getting insane and becoming that certain type of nihilistic when you do not care about humanity anymore. But Shen Qiao, you did it.

Alright, now, Yan wushi.. my dear favorite character, now I am going to tell you why. He was a bad person, he was egotistic, egocentric, narcicistic, only cared about his interests and so on... we do not have exact information of HOW he became like that and just make it more interesting, he is not s*upid blindly bad, he is just realistic to the bone and has this believing that human nature is do bad, not trusting anyone. Always expecting the worst coming from anybody. The exact opposite to Shen Qiao. After he experimented some changes, he even said that he didn't regret any of the things he did and that makes him different from the other bad people out there, who at least would lie about it. He always stayed true to his beliefs too.

I even forgot this was BL, at some point, because I was so focused in the plot WHICH IS SO WELL WRITTEN WITH SO MANY HISTORICAL FACTS that... guys, the author really put historial references in the book which just ended up solidificating my love for her. Im so sad this novel is not as popular like other ones, people really need to give this a try.

Last but not least, side characters are also so interesting and likeable, Sorry guys but I fell in love with Bai rong inevitably.

Having sayed this I just hope more people feel free to read it and enjoying the same way!

“ Ah-qiao, you’re so foolish. When have I ever treated you well?" <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: extra 13
Looking for romance? This novel has basically none so spare your time.

Looking for politics and long-winded ramblings about history? You will love this.

Looking for cultivation and action? Yeah... no... not really that good.

Don't get me wrong, I can like a novel without romance if the story and writing fits but this...i don't even know how to explain. It is easy to see that the writer put in much effort and inserted lots of historical facts but sometimes I felt like reading a history book and got bored cross-eyed. The... more>> story was lined out but it felt flat like a pancake. It's really heavy on politics. Basically the whole political schemes are the reason for everyone what they do. The large sects are basically each bond to their own country and emperor and do try to do politics for their own growth. This kinda sucks.

There were of course fights between the different masters but to be honest it was rather hard for me to imagine and like those parts. The fights are written in so much flower speach that it gets nauseating. There is never just a simple sword strike, no its a strike with intend like the ocean's waves crashing but soft like flower petals in the winds of a misty late spring morning, the oriole flying over cloud covered peaks while the sun bathed it in is glint..... yeah and when you are through the sentence you already zoned out and don't know what is going on.

The whole cultivation is a sham in this novel. There is no deep working on it. They read a text, ponder on it and then get enlightened and get stronger... it's not a technique depicted but just some deep insightful text. Yeah this sucks big time. Also MC acquired some little disciple for himself and then the kid was left at another sect to "keep safe"... more like the writer wanted to check a box in their plan. Check, cute kid acquired, but doesn't fit in the story so let it stay somewhere.... oh another cute kid, put it with the first one and forget about them.

Concerning the "romance". There is basically none. At the end of the novel ML fell for MC but the parts which should feel sweet were really dry and I wondered where the writer saw "feelings" in there.

I wonder where that character growth tag comes from.... they don't grow any bit. Well you may be able to consider it growth that the MC which was a homebody is jumping around for some time because of the politics just to become a homebody in another city at the end. His character didn't change. Neither did ML.

So I fought till the end but dislike this novel and was bored to death. I would give it one or two stars but it wasn't made bad, it just is so not my cup of tea. <<less
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Aug 20, 2021
Status: extra 12
Mama, I'm in love with a criminal

SHEEEEESHH Yan Wushi (ML) is a walking red flag! To the very bone, he's the pinnacle of bad. Let me be clear; there are plenty—& I mean plenty—of sharp-tongued, hot-headed hot bullies/villains that have walked among the danmei realm. But of course, there's a silver lining in each one, no matter how bleak it seems. BUT HOHOHOHO Yan Wushi is a legit psycho who, as stated, only categorizes people into two: opponents or ants. Someone call my therapist because I OBVIOUSLY NEED HELP AFTER... more>> FALLING FOR THIS GUY HAHAHAHA

Back to the novel- it's really good. I have to applaud all 3-4 translators who have tackled this novel because have you seen the amount of pinyin? Absolute headache. But TL has been exceptional & thorough (the switch from English to pinyin was jarring but I adapted quickly). Cultivation novels aren't my favorite because the process of cultivation, incorporation of Buddhism, Taoism, along with other beliefs all amount to an impending stroke. I will admit that I have gotten lost & terribly confused with names, but I have extremely enjoyed my time with this novel.

Shen Qiao, a reserved sect master falls into a trap & loses in a fight, becoming severely injured at the bottom of a cliff. Notorious demonic sect master, Yan Wushi, picks him up on a whim.

Let me just say it: ENEMIES TO LOVERS. If that's not enough clickbait, then let me also put in: SHAMELESS FLIRTING. I've seen a lot of baddies, but Yan Wushi (ML) takes the crown so far. He's extremely crude, manipulative, & cold-hearted. He really does everything according to what he feels like & gives no sh*t about what people think. He's got a lot of bark, but also has the ability to back it up. He's definitely an acquired taste because it's pretty difficult to find someone who can truly accept this crazy man's extremes. Shen Qiao (MC) may appear to some as extremely gullible & foolish for allowing himself to be walked all over by people, but I see it as humbling. Many people aspire to be like him, but very rare can actually succeed. His heart is boundless with affection & forgiveness- something you don't often find in people. I love how the main CP contrasts in beliefs & perspectives, but they still manage to understand & accept each other. Ah plot? It's pretty good, but I think overall it falls short. A lot of the material emphasizes on the ups & downs of MC's journey, how he faces the reality of people's darkest moments & unflattering sides. Where there is light, there are shadows. At times, it seems boring because it's just continuous episodes of MC being ridiculed & coughing out blood. Overall the storyline stayed consistent & the pacing was decent. Ending was abrupt but I actually like the way it finished lol. Extras are where it's at <<less
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May 04, 2018
Status: Completed
I really like this story - the plot flows very nicely, and the character development and eventual romance is believable and well written. The wuxia theme is quite heavy in this one, and the cast of characters is quite bulky despite the novel not being very long, but it works out quite well, and the world-building is really cool to me (as a fan of wuxia and that era of Ancient China in general). I was very impressed with how the author wrote MC, as he could have come off... more>> as just another Mary Sue character who does no wrong, but he didn't. Instead we get to see why our MC grew up to be a kind and upright person, and how his experiences managed to change his worldview, but not the moral principles that he continues to stick to. The slow-build romance is indeed very slow, but makes sense given how different MC and ML are.

The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that we didn't get to explore ML's character as much compared to MC, despite hints here and there.

Spoilers for the get-together:


The slow-build is so slow MC only admits his feelings for ML in the very last chapter. However, we do get about 13 chapters of extras where MC and ML get together properly and some peeks into their life together afterwards.

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Jun 15, 2021
Status: c128
After watching the donghua and liking it, I decided to read this, to see the rest of the story but also compare it overall. I already liked the donghua, but I didn't know that I would love this as much as I did. It's become one of my top 3 novels, and I'm really controlling myself to not MTL the end.

If you came from the donghua like me, I strongly recommend that you read from the beginning instead of picking up where the animation ends, because although they where able... more>> to capture the most important stuff in the story, a lot is missing. The romance not so much (the main couple doesn't interact much romantically in the beginning), but all mentions of s*xual and cutsleeve things, a lot of political alignments that the sects have that are very important to the story, and also some things are just better explained reading shen qiao's point of view.

The plot is absolutely amazing, as I said before there are a lot of political elements in this story, paired with a top-notch wuxia setting, so if you like these things, this is the novel for you. Not only that, it has amazingly lovable (and hateable lol) characters. I don't think I've ever loved a fictional man as much as I love Shen Qiao.

The MC is very gentle, and treats everyone fairly and helps them when he can, because he believes in the best of people. He was never naive, not willing to just bear people trampling over him, but his behaviour and whole worldview came from a very sheltered life. But even after being betrayed over and over, and seeing the worst of humanity, he does not bear hate or desire for revenge, just detaches himself and does not associate with the person who hurt him, and decides to still be a good person regardless if the other stranger is going to be good back. He only kills enemies when they start making a lot of trouble, as not to let evil who could potentially hurt more people loose in the world, and not out of rage

These forgiving traits are very admirable, because after getting to such lows, most people would really just succumb to hate, worst case scenerio living in the name of revenge (which will inevitably leave them hollow), and in the best showing no regard for humanity anymore. But he maintains his positive personality, keeping such a kind stance truly shows how strong he is, to have suffered so much and still choose love. He actively chooses to love, believe, and care for people.

At one point I even stopped to research buddhism, confucionism, and Taoism and it's very clear the influence of the values of taoist philosophy in his character

It hurt my heart seeing the things he goes through. It's the kind of MC you get genuinely happy if they succeed, and cry when they fail. The side characters also do not disappoint, from multifaceted villains like cheng gong, yu ai and Yan wushi himself, to friendly characters like the disciples Shen Qiao "adopts", Bai Rong, Zhao Chiying, Li Qingyu, Fan Yuanbai...

This novel is a testament the author's abilities. Well written story, with no plot holes, nice balance of political scheming and wuxia; nice battles and fight scenes, kept me on edge a lottt of times; amazing characters, with different motivations, personalities and morals; very clear, comprehensive writing; good pacing, no part was rushed, ever plot point that was brought up was resolved, very intriguing, that person sure knows how to keep a reader hooked on a story.

The only "flaw" that I could say is that it is very poetic at times, describing fight moves and physiques... in a very detailed manner. But it's the way chinese descriptions are, so I was already used to it (but it does annoy me a bit when it's in a very tense point in the story and I have to read nature metaphors to describe a persons move lol)

Romance: Don't know how to feel about it yet, I have to see how the novel ends before talking about it. But it is certainly not my favourite part of the novel, since I really hate Yan Wushi. Now I tolerate him lol, and I do like their dynamic and interactions, but I dont care much for it romantically or root for Shen Qiao and him to get together. I am waiting for them to redeem Yan Wushi a little bit, and show more of his past. Nonetheless, even if the romance ends up completely sucking, I dont think it will take away my enjoyment from the book, since every other aspect of it is flawless, and the plot is not dependent on the romance

10/10. I hope you give this novel a chance and go on an amazing ride <<less
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Mar 12, 2021
Status: --
You will never get boring with this novel. It's adventurous contrasted cute moments. I really like Shen Qiao for being kind-hearted, soft, gentle, understanding and being savage. This is the reason why Yan Wushi, a hard-hearted man, melts. I also like Yan Wushi for being a villain but you can't hate him lmao.

Yan Wushi is the only man where Shen Qiao endures his being 'good-tempered' man but wants to smack Yan Wushi hahahaha. It's a friendly and funny novel

Their progress is good. No cliche, and has a good relationship. Yan... more>> Wushi simped Shen Qiao's hands and smiles lol how cute. The way he teases Shen Qiao and Shen Qiao gets flustered with rage. When they kissed, Shen Qiao fainted because he was so mad hahaha.

Also, the rumors between them make me laugh oh my god. That they have an intimate relationship and Yan Wushi, being Yan Wushi, fans the fire while it's still burning. He teases Shen Qiao very much and I think this is where their 'unconscious' feelings started.

Overall, a perfect novel. It's NOT BORING. I'm looking forward to the next chapters that I knew it'll take months and years but worth it since the translation is understandable. When I tried MTL, my mind can't register what I'm reading lmao 😂.

Highly recommended novel. I'm a straightforward person and my ratings are not favorable. <<less
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Mar 08, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is slow-build with solid story, the romance comes near the end but really worth it. Most of the novel focused on character development of MC & ML, and the happenings around them. MC & ML have opposite personality, but in the end they get around it and come to understand each other (ML is quite shameless when it comes to MC, but they're not the bickering/bantering type, MC is too calm and kind for that). There's a lot of character, but they serves some purposes to the story... more>> and not just put in there to fill the world-building. I give it 5 stars, aside from the story, I like how both MC & ML stand on their own principle and do act like a mature adult.

If you're not sure about the couple:


MC: Shen Qiao

ML: Yan Wushi



There's quite a big betrayal concerning MC and ML later at the story, but in the end it's solved beautifully between them (major part of it thanks to the MC's own nature).

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