Thousand Autumns


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Yan Wushi had walked a path full of blood and corpses.

He did not believe in the good nature of humanity. Even more so, he did not believe that there could be someone with great kindness and sense of justice, who would be so considerate of others without asking anything in return.

One day, Shen Qiao, who was the sect leader of Mount Xuandu, the number one Daoist sect under the heavens, was challenged to a duel but somehow fell off the cliff.

Yan Wushi happened to pass by down there.

Seeing Shen Qiao who was seriously injured to the point of dying, he suddenly came up with a perfect idea…

After thousands of autumns, who could stay eternal?

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Qian Qiu
Thousands of Years
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New Paper_Plains rated it
July 1, 2019
Status: c41
I've been reading this novel for awhile and grown to love it

Many people may not understan because the politics and also that it goes to different POV but to me it makes it very interesting I feel this novel doesn't get enough love I really appreciate the efforts the translator put into this novel it's well translated too

I really want to read more specially since the audio drama is coming soon

But I must be patient (ó﹏ò。)
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Attica rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Thousand Autumns is a fantastic analysis of what makes a strong man. A man isn't strong because he can shatter mountains with a single strike, or make a nation bow with a wave of his hand.

A strong man is one relentlessly betrayed and beaten down by everyone he holds dear, who can still take every blow and stand back up even straighter than before.

A strong man is one who can go through hell and emerge on the other side with the same warm and gentle heart he started out with.

A... more>> strong man is one who brings out the best of every person who surrounds him.

Shen Qiao is one such strong man. And luckily for us readers, a wonderful character like him is the MC of this novel.

1) Story

The story starts with Shen Qiao as a martial artist at the very peak of the world, until disaster strikes and he finds himself falling to the same level as the dust and mud. At this vulnerable time in his life, he finds himself aided by another martial arts master, Yan Wushi. The only problem is, Yan Wushi is definitely not a benevolent person--in fact, he wants to see how far a good man can be pushed before finally succumbing to the same evils of human nature that plague humanity.

It's the classic Boy Meets Girl, except, you know, for the part where it's actually "Righteous gentle Taoist cultivator becomes complex frenemies with an amoral trolling Demonic sect master."

On a more general level, Thousand Autumns feels like a living Wuxia world, with factions and politics galore. Each area and martial arts sect has its own time in the limelight, weaving the plot points together beautifully.

Overall, Thousand Autumns nicely juggles numerous characters and plotlines into a coherent epic, all seen through the eyes of best MC Shen Qiao!

Of course, it's not absolutely perfect--I think the 1st half of the story is a bit more compelling since that's when Shen Qiao faces the most hardship (I swear I'm not a sadist or masochist lol). The 2nd half of the plot does have a couple cliche plot points too like

fake deaths and split personality.

The complicated politics can make your head spin a little bit at some points too. And the ending is a bit rushed (effectively ending immediately after the climax, just when Shen Qiao is recognizing his feelings), so we don't get full resolution on some of the side characters that have shown up over this massive plot.

Still, I can only bow in respect to the author for how well the plot flows--I couldn't stop reading, and ended up binging the entire book in 3 days!!

2) Characters

Okay, yeah, I love Shen Qiao. Pretty much everyone who reads this book loves Shen Qiao. The book itself loves Shen Qiao--in fact, Thousand Autumns is very much a character study of Shen Qiao :P

Unfortunately, this means he undergoes lots of horrible tragic circumstances to test his mettle. His allies abandon and betray him, his kindness is repaid with cruelty, his enemies pressure him from all sides, he is spit upon as a useless failure of a beggar. You know, fun fun fun!

However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these hardships also grant him the opportunity for his true inner strength to shine. For in the end, no amount of dust can possibly obscure the beauty and shine of a real pearl. This makes Shen Qiao fall into my absolute favorite category of characters: Genuinely good people who suffer horribly, yet keep walking forward just as beautiful and kind as before. Warm as the sun and gentle as the grass, yet with a core as strong as steel and enduring as the mountains.

Now onto the other main character--the amoral, ridiculously powerful, cynical, and hedonistic Yan Wushi. The initial Yan Wushi really did terrify me, especially how he treated Shen Qiao as an experiment and toy. But that only made it that much more satisfying when he finally realizes Shen Qiao truly exceeds his expectations. That just this once, there could exist a real human as wonderful and genuine and good as Shen Qiao. I was very much pleasantly surprised at how the dynamic between these two characters continually changed and evolved, until they finally reached a very adorable equilibrium of "genuinely playful Yan Wushi teasing a Dere-Tsun Shen Qiao". Both characters are such complete opposites, yet they both grow to understand the other's perspective while managing to preserve their own core.

Now for the supporting cast... yeah it's massive in this novel thanks to the political aspects. But every single character has their own role to play, and the political alliances/betrayals make those side character dynamics really fun to keep track of. My favorite supporting characters were probably Bai Rong/Fifteen/Yu Ai, as well as the long-deceased Qi Fengge. Now I only wish the story gave us more time with the side characters so everyone could get resolution :P

3) Overall Enjoyment: This is of course entirely subjective. But I will be honest, Thousand Autumns got me absolutely ridiculously invested into one man's story. I smiled with his joy at being able to save a single child, I cheered when he showed his true strength and proved his enemies wrong, and I goddamn wept like a baby every single time he cried.

Now if only our current world had someone like Shen Qiao. But if there are none, that's okay too--all we have to do is each aspire to become someone Shen Qiao would be proud of.

P.S. One last warning, whenever Shen Qiao has a flashback to his long-lost happy childhood, get those tissues ready because you know those waterworks are coming!!!

[Also of note, as I previously mentioned, the BL romance in Thousand Autumns comes really late and is pretty downplayed. This is because Shen Qiao's character is naturally not a super romantic person lol. Still, I feel the romance fits the story really well by bringing out the human side of both Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi.] <<less
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katydid rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c14
This is an extremely unusual BL story. I'm giving it 5 stars precisely because of how unusual it is. As of Chapter 14, it doesn't feel like a BL story, it's more like the story of a once-great martial artist who is betrayed and crippled, but continues being a strong, smart, and kind person. Compared to other BL novels, the MC feels much more like a real person. So does the ML. He doesn't instantly fall in love with the MC--in fact, as of right now, he's a backstabbing bastard... more>> actively out to harm the MC. I suspect for some people that will make them dislike the story, but I found the realism to be refreshing. From the spoilers I've read, the romance develops very slowly but also in a realistic way instead of a yandere-at-first-sight way. If you're looking for a change of pace from the usual BL, this is the story for you. <<less
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meridianna rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: Completed
this one is the "wait how they can be together?!"-type of novel. Towards the end, I see it all makes sense. I feared that MC was the Mary-Sue kind but fortunately it's not. He's genuinely kind and honest, but still know the limit how to be kind to others. A hidden gem. About ML, he's a real devil, but the great and noble. You know, that kind of villain which looks so noble, mischievous, but still great. I can't hate him at all as his principle is actually justified. The... more>> plot is unusual, I even compared to some shounen manga. I really hope a manhua or something like that, I really want to see MC skill at martial arts in drawing forms. The description looks very great q.q <<less
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baruna rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: Completed
This is my favorite Chinese novel that I've read 2018. The characters are extremely fleshed out - and more importantly, the writing has great literary value, which is a far cry from some other web-novels I've read. The translators do a great job of capturing the complexities of the language, as a lot of the descriptions and battle scenes are written in the formal style. The writing is succinct yet poetic (especially in the original Chinese), and the pacing is quite rapid.

The story itself is deeply historical with a Wuxia... more>> element, which can make for a very difficult read even if you're fluent in Chinese, unless it's your first language ('twas a struggle for me, but it was worth it). There are three school of thought - Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism - of which various sects follow as they fight for political power in Ancient China. For example, our MC, Shen Qiao, is the Sect Leader of the Xuan Du Mountain Sect, which is a Daoist Sect. While various entities vie for power internally, the ethnic Han diaspora is framed as the "enemy" of Tujue foreigners - the Turks - which is something I hadn't really thought about until reading this novel... then I started to notice it was somewhat of a trend amongst Wuxia or historical novels.

The novel takes place over a thousand years ago, back when Xi'an was the capital of China. This is why you might see various references to characters feeling obligated to go to "Chang'an" for official business, aka what Xi'an was called back then. I really enjoyed this layering of politicism and history sprinkled throughout the novel.

That aside, the characterization is phenomenal. I don't want to spoil much, but the relationship dynamic felt natural and real. Both characters are extremely likable. Even the side characters get development to a certain degree! <<less
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Melska rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is slow-build with solid story, the romance comes near the end but really worth it. Most of the novel focused on character development of MC & ML, and the happenings around them. MC & ML have opposite personality, but in the end they get around it and come to understand each other (ML is quite shameless when it comes to MC, but they're not the bickering/bantering type, MC is too calm and kind for that). There's a lot of character, but they serves some purposes to the story... more>> and not just put in there to fill the world-building. I give it 5 stars, aside from the story, I like how both MC & ML stand on their own principle and do act like a mature adult.

If you're not sure about the couple:


MC: Shen Qiao

ML: Yan Wushi



There's quite a big betrayal concerning MC and ML later at the story, but in the end it's solved beautifully between them (major part of it thanks to the MC's own nature).

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solowars rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: Completed
I really like this story - the plot flows very nicely, and the character development and eventual romance is believable and well written. The wuxia theme is quite heavy in this one, and the cast of characters is quite bulky despite the novel not being very long, but it works out quite well, and the world-building is really cool to me (as a fan of wuxia and that era of Ancient China in general). I was very impressed with how the author wrote MC, as he could have come off... more>> as just another Mary Sue character who does no wrong, but he didn't. Instead we get to see why our MC grew up to be a kind and upright person, and how his experiences managed to change his worldview, but not the moral principles that he continues to stick to. The slow-build romance is indeed very slow, but makes sense given how different MC and ML are.

The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that we didn't get to explore ML's character as much compared to MC, despite hints here and there.

Spoilers for the get-together:


The slow-build is so slow MC only admits his feelings for ML in the very last chapter. However, we do get about 13 chapters of extras where MC and ML get together properly and some peeks into their life together afterwards.

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aiji rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Q: How to make the corniest confession and proposal sound like a joke?

A: Say it the Yan Wushi-way.

Next to Faraway Wanderers, this has become my new wuxia novel favorite. I gave it perfect 5/5.

... more>> STORY:

First off, the "Yan Wushi" there mentioned in the description is not the MC; he's the ML. I would also like to add that if you're going to read this awesome story, condition yourself that this ML is so despicable and black to the bone. That's his nature, and we have to settle on that. I would like to thank the author for 'warning' us beforehand so we wouldn't be too shocked and despise him to the core as he relentlessly 'bully' our cinnamon roll MC, Shen Qiao.

The story is a mix of history, politics, action (LOTS of awesome action!), and *cough* romance. And if I may add, comedy (seriously, why not add comedy tag there as genre? The main characters' interaction is hilarious!). Although I mentioned "history" and "politics" as part of the elements of the story, it's very mild. Not too complicated (though I admit I googled the name of the dynasties mentioned, and to my surprise, they did exist! And yeah, through that I 'accidentally' read a spoiler XD), but deep. As advice, all you have to memorize is the two major dynasties of the North, and the other one at the South, and also the names of the factions/sects supporting them because the story heavily revolves around them, as the main characters make their way to pursue their goal.

Under the wuxia genre, story and plot-wise, for me this is one of the best. Excellent set of characters, intricate yet not so hard to follow politics and change of events, superb action scenes, solid romance build-up—this is just excellent! There's really nothing much to criticize, but I would like to point out the 'conclusion' part of how the two 'properly' ended up together—which surprisingly can be read in the EXTRA chapters. I don't know what the author was thinking but I find it... weird? After reading, I was like, "That's it..?" Some extra stories are also 'weird' (what's more normal is when they are discussing about politics, LOL) . It's feels kind of out of place. Anyways, overall, the ending is satisfying. Happy ending is happy ending. And I would like to thank the English translator for giving us the chance to get a peek of this awesome Chinese novel. Although I find it weird to read a kind of western titles/addresses in a Chinese novel (personally, I prefer to see the pinyin reading accompanied by a footnote), it's still good.

Overall, I like the author's writing style. And I honestly hope to read more of his/her works. Though I just finished reading this through MTLing and through the help of my little Chinese language knowledge, I can say that it's very smooth and fluid (it's funny that I can judge the author's way of writing through dissecting their masterpiece in its raw form, haha). And if you're going to try MTLing this on your own, worry not. It got like around less than 200 place names/titles/addresses, etc. to edit to get a smoother output.


Of all the Chinese novels I have read so far, this contains one of the most interesting and colorful characters. Powerful "masters", despicable and likeable "villains", transient side characters that will make you cry, certain characters you will really wish to die (I got two in my list). Oh, special mention to the ML's "very capable" apprentices. And of course, there's our main characters with "extraordinary" relationship (yep, that's how the two describe it themselves). All in all, a very solid set.

The MC, Shen Qiao, is like Xie Lian of Heaven Official's Blessing. Kindhearted, selfless, pure, and extremely good-looking. But behind the angel-like countenance, a powerful and bad-ass tiger lurks. Oh, but unfortunately though, they are also a disaster-magnet. Our MC here used to live in 'heaven', but due to a certain event have experienced 'hell'. Despite all hardships, he gathered himself up and remained true and honest as he naturally was. It's quite disappointing to know that the ML also contributed to this hardships 'intentionally' by playing the 'devil', tempting him to curse mankind and bring out the worst in him, and also inhumanely treated him as his 'guinea pig'.

So, does that mean we got a weak MC? Nah. He can be ruthless if he wants to, but he always chooses to follow his beliefs and principles. And his beliefs are heavily influenced by his nature of being soft-hearted and generous. Oh—and he also possesses insurmountable level of patience and tolerance, especially towards the ML. Some may think that the ML bullies our MC too much, but for me, since MC is already an adult, calmly don't take everything to heart, and most of the time just choose to ignore ML's quirkiness, I decided to take it neutrally and enjoy how they're going to stick to their personal beliefs about the 'human heart'.

What about the ML? Well, Yan Wushi is a version of Wen Kexing of Faraway Wanderers—but 10 levels higher when it comes to shamelessness, eccentricity, ruthlessness, and unrivaled level of arrogance reaching the cloud 9. Yes, this is the ML. Sounds like not so ML-like but as I mentioned earlier, that's his nature. But of course, since the public usually don't like and won't accept such characters as one of the mains or deserving to be paired up with our precious bun, that's where the character development comes in. I don't like putting spoilers but let me assure you that the MC and ML's character development here is solid. And to put some points to the ML's 'redeeming' qualities, he's smart (very!) and hilarious! (especially in chapter 50 onwards). He's so shameless and thick-faced that you couldn't help face palming while laughing at his crazy antics (I'm not gonna lie, I prefer these types of characters as ML over those saintly-types, which I brand as 'boring white wallpaper', or those selfish and rapey yanderes).

To give a good preview of the relationship of the two, they don't necessary like and trust each other (at first). But due to a common goal, they stick and look after each other (in japanese term, it's called "kusareen"). A very unromantic relationship.

Given his rotten personality, how the hell did the ML fall for the MC?!

As I said, I don't like putting spoilers, but...


Hah! ML did fall. Yan Wushi dug his own grave and jumped down voluntarily. For the first time in his life, he made an 'exception', and before he knew it, he turned into an 'admirer' who would 'court' and manage to 'confess' and 'propose' the normal way, but sadly no one would believe him because he got a bad record of saying and treating everything as a joke. And then he even became a good 'actor', even employed the acting prowess of his own 'very capable' and supportive apprentices just to get the MC's attention!

It was a success, though.

Curious? Continue reading the novel until the end. Chapter 100 onwards is where the ML's shamelessness reached a whole new level; relentlessly smearing the romantics' lines black. Just pray hard that the translator won't drop the story if you don't plan to MTL it on your own *wink*



A very good read.

I'm not fond of history subjects. And definitely not interested in any politics-related topics. But this story is so awesome and very well-written that I couldn't help waking up early and leave the office always on the dot just to read this one for a good whole week.

So, if you're the type who enjoys superb action scenes, interesting storyline, characters with depth, comedy, and don't mind reading slow romance and a *cough* 'mild' BL story ("kiss" is mild, right? It's a hot one, though XD) , I highly recommend this. You won't regret it. <<less
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sqaz rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: c39
I'm seriously obsessed with this novel so far, which is only helped by the fact that the translation is soo high quality. A lot of people were expressing unsureness about how the main couple will get together, but I'm already completely sold on their dynamic. I looove the MC, he's a great example of a character who could be one-dimensional and boring because he's just so nice and good, but he feels very complex and well-written. The world-building is so solid (which is a very important factor for me), and... more>> the politics seems really interesting as well. There are some interesting female characters (I mention this because I always have a big gripe about BL novels that completely exclude women from the world) which I hope will continue. After mainlining all the available translated chapters it's going to be hard for me to wait!

EDIT: SOMEONE PLEAAAASE PICK UP THIS NOVEL I'm starving over here pls ;_; <<less
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December 10, 2017
Status: c8
Witholding a rating because it's still very early. At 8 chapters, I'm still rather confused about which characters will be sticking around. Most series make it quite clear who the protagonist is, and it's easy to identify the deuteragonist (i.e. The main love interest). Within the first few chapters, my interpretation of both roles changed several times.

This series seemed to have a very interesting premise, but is meandering along rather than having an actual direction. If it continues this way, I would give it 3/5 stars for being "okay."
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dona rated it
June 5, 2019
Status: Completed
This has a solid plot. Each character had their own purpose in the story. Unfortunately the politics is quite heavy in this one so I got often confused with all the names etc. Still it was a really interesting read however...

MC was too good-hearted. In yaoi we mostly get kind but weak MC´s. Here our MC is cool-headed and has strength to back it up but it just got too much with his innocence and always forgiving those who never asked for forgiveness. He kept trying to help people and... more>> everyone around him (including ML) kept betraying him so much so that I actually got shocked when there was finally a character that didn´t look down on him and treated him with the same kindness. He seriously suffers and it´s really unfair but that wasn´t my reason for giving this wonderful novel 3 stars.

At the end I was seriously disappointed at MC for not demanding a proper apology for the way ML treated him. MC pretty much became his loyal dog/friend and it just pissed me off. He should´ve given ML the middle finger when ML finally confessed his feelings but no, he never got a proper apology and the worst part is that he actually blames himself for all the times ML betrayed him. Calling himself too naive.. does that really justify getting treated like a rag doll by ML?

Point is, he was too much of a mary sue character, it´s okay to be kind but he let others walk all over him, and even when he managed to stand at the top again, it didn´t give me any satisfaction.

Despite my ranting, don´t let that stop you from reading it. The plot is quite good and there is proper character development in MC at the end, although quite a mild one. <<less
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ylial rated it
April 11, 2019
Status: c75
Interaction between MC and ML is hilarious. I enjoy the story.. But I eventually become fed up with the ML attitude.

The MC is good natured but there r times that he's really stupid/hypocrite. There's no sane person that will forgive and trust someone repeatedly. It's okay to keep saving the ML (for his conscience and his "goal") but to keep being by his side and become the ML's clown/dog,.. That is stupidity.

MC could still be a good person and do good things and cautious at the same time (like some... more>> scenes in the story). But since this is danmei, his cautiousness is not applicable to MC. 😤 Though ML has really a twisted personality (keeps betraying the MC, letting the MC suffer-physically and emotionally, always push the MC to the brink of death and vomit blood due to severe injuries), he's not really evil. At least he didn't force himself to the MC <<less
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bmb rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c39
I'm obsessed with this story.

The plot is great, the protagonist is awesome and I love how clever he is, also the translation is top notch, I hope it doesnt get dropped I want to know what happens with the MC and ML 😭
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vinzha rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c38
Even though I haven't finished this book yet due to lack of further translation as of now, I was immediately enraptured from chapter 1. The beginning was done beautifully, the language in the book is just wonderful. I loved it from the first few lines. The writing itself deserves to be applauded, as well as the efforts of the translator. I especially love descriptions of the fighting scenes, very poetic most of the time (though also funny because of the extremely dramatic names, as per tradition).

So far, the story is... more>> fairly intricate with many minor characters coming and going. What I love is the use of political climate. Very relevant and also well done if I may say so. I won't spoil much of that though, since while I enjoy reading it, I'm not very good at explaining it. Just know that there will be a big focus on "real world" conflicts of sects and various groups in this world. I absolutely adore that when it's well done, and it is very well done in this story. While exposition is done a lot in the form of Shen Qiao overhearing conversations, there are also well used in person experiences on the way.

Now, I must lead to the star of the show: Shen Qiao. Definitely one of my favorite characters in the novels I've read so far (I'm bad at picking definitive favorites, but it stands he's one of them). It may seem if you go into this blind that he's one of the stereotypical "do-gooder with zero real world common sense and normal emotions" that crops up in a lot of stories featuring that certain type of Mary Sue, but he's not that. He has strong values, because he chooses to, and it shows that he is also human and has his own limits. When he is betrayed, especially when by their free violition for personal gains, he still shows genuine emotion, even when he chooses to be more compassionate. He's not blind (haha) by willfull ignorance but rather he chooses to be who he is and knows himself well enough to have that sort of freedom.


Also he kills someone because of their extremely evil and irredeemably selfish/sadistic deeds. Won't say their name, but it happens relatively early on in the story, and it is because of their evilness. It was expressively stated before that he did not hold any strong urge to go against Yan Wushi at that point in time was because he did not see him do anything particularly bad yet. So Shen Qiao is someone who is gentle and compassionate by nature, but also understands that there is in fact evil in the world, at times irredeemable.


Yan Wushi thus far is bit of a closed book, but he generally seems to be the type of guy who does some things out of pure enjoyment of doing it. It shows as well in his fighting style, described to be an amalgamation of techniques to fill in any gaps rather than any single strict faction training. He does stuff because he finds some (sadistic) pleasure in it, though it hasn't been shown yet how far that goes. Of course, I'm keeping an eye on him, as well as this main pairing. So far, it's been a very interesting, borderline amusing trip. There was no "love at first sight yandere" trope, but rather his reasons for helping Shen Qiao range from entertainment, self-benefit, or to stir up trouble and conflict. I am going to enjoy seeing them explore each other and themselves as human beings in the future.


The little spoilers I've seen told me that there's a big betrayal in the future, so I am definitely looking forward to that. Currently, I have a feeling I know what it is, if Yan Wushi's behavior and actions at this stage is foreshadowing it. I'm wondering how exactly their relationship will progress to and beyond that point. I'm also a little like... how in the world did they actually end up falling for each other??? So far they're pretty... I mean, tolerant, but love? I'm curious but also worried. Hope the development is good...

I'm genuinely at loss on how would they fall in love but... well, its only the halfway mark so. We'll see.


5/5 so far, favorite wuxia xianxia cnovel I've read as of now. Rating may change though ;) <<less
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aldehyde_chan rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is one of the best that I've read. The intricate plot, the politics and the character development and the dynamics between the MC and ML is really interesting. I'll be honest, I read the entire novel thrice.

One of the best things about this novel is how naturally things flow into their places and the fact that even MC and ML have their own perspective they are willing to compromise for the sake of the other. The side characters too are very human and we see glimpses to a... more>> more realistic part of the society <<less
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SilverStream1706 rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: c29
Up until now, I can't find any fault with this novel. The plot is gripping, politics is well written and interesting and I really loved the dynamic between the characters.

This is a preliminary review though, but I hope Thousand Autumns won't disappoint in later chapters.
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