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The well known Ming Wuxiang of the comprehension plane did not expect that luck would favor him again and let him return to his world. He was back to the age of eighteen when many things happened in the year.

Looking down at the grass, even if it was all disorganized, it was still unable to cover up the man who was full of honor and nobleness.

Ming Wuxiang bowed his head and pondered: mm-hmm, this handsome wounded man looks familiar. Take it away ≥ ▽ ≤.

President Gu: ^_^

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Luyện đan sư chuyên môn của tổng tài
Tổng tài chuyên chúc luyện đan sư
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BaoBaum rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: Completed
So far it's been very interesting to read, I loathe that I don't have the ability to buy jjwxc coins for this, but for anyone who does, I definitely recommend you to try at least the free chapters. The story so far, in a nutshell, is:

... more>>

MC came back to his own world after transmigrating to a cultivation world (higher plane) and decided to do some fixup in his early life (he came back 10 years before he transmigrated to the higher plane). He saved the ML (which is his male god) and decided to heal him (I haven't read to that stage yet, but it was implied in the earlier chapters).


P.S. If somebody knows a site where I can mtl this, please do tell me, it's highly appreciated Thanks :)

Edit: For the people who helped me find the raws, Thanks! (, , &Gt; w <, ,). I did binged on the whole novel and I must say I really liked it. The only thing that's stopping me from giving this a 5 star is that I wished there is more to the epilogue than there is, but I'm quite satisfied! <<less
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November 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Modern day slice of life cultivation.

Has a vibe similar to other second chance novels that don't have to do with revenge.

Getting stronger slowly. Farming. Falling in love.

... more>> No knives, no angst. Slow and sweet.

Agreed with reviewer who said it could be longer. It doesn't feel unresolved per se, but it sure does wrap up quick.

A cool down arc would be appreciated, instead of wrapping all the side characters and what not up in a few sentences.

It also feels like a loose end that the real cultivation world wasn't addressed at the end, even in an extra. It seemed like there'd be a short after story where the MC and ML go to that world after having high enough cultivation. (Just because of several points where the MC was surprised/suspicious about noticing some overlap in the worlds, and the ML's cultivation method lets you tear through realms or something at its highest level.) so not going anywhere with that vague expectation made it feel a bit abrupt at the end too I guess.

That's nitpicking though. It was a pleasant read without stress. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: c124
It's rare for a novel to be this... unbalanced.

Character are fine, they actually live even when MC isn't around, which isn't common in webnovels.
They aren't too flat or stereotypical, their dynamics are nice to read about, too.

Yes, it's very cliché and lots of cannon fodders getting slapped every few chapters but most of it is totally okay.

... more>> Would be a mediocre novel that won't make you feel like you lost a part of your lifespan for nothing.

The problem is, that the writer worked incredibly hard to stretch the wordcount.
Every little thing is explained in so much detail that it reads like a scientific report, background information no one needs to know (because they have no significance or use) are dragged out over a whole chapter.
Repetition, be it the whole alchemy process, things about MC/ML, show up every couple of chapters like they have been copy pasted.

It's not that the writer is longwinded, wordy, or rambling to a certain degree, it's blatant wordcount inflation.
You can see how they overworked their brain to add as much filler as possible.

An easy, lazy, and cheap way to get more money out of a novel than it deserves based on its overall quality (that's at best mediocre).

I switched to MTL (very understandable) just so I can skip the 50% of the story that has no value because putting effort into translating it is a loss of energy, and even then I'm not sure I really want to continue until the end.

Not recommend if you value your time, because the writer obviously did not. <<less
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ri_n rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c196
It's fine. I came here thinking that the story is all about cultivating plants and making medicines based on the title however, it focused more on how the MC's current world is so low class that its tr*sh compared to the immortal cultivating world and how MC is so OP despite not even stepping on foundation building period (if you've read other xianxia stories, you'll know this is kinda like elementary level normal). I understand the premise that the modern world MC is in, lacks spiritual energy, but it just... more>> feels bad how the author keeps making him OP when the level's just that.

The interaction between the MC and ML is just *rolls eyes*. Take this with a grain of salt because I got tired of reading this as can be seen on my chapter progress. The MC is fine cos ML was his male god and he's been alone for hundreds of years so a short time of companionship can lead to deeper feelings, however, ML just went 'I fell head over heels for you at first sight' and his description is always just "his eyes darkened" every single time that his eyes might as well go pure black, like come on. He's been described as the national male god for his control and power but from where I am I can only see him as a huge a*s teddy bear that the MC just carries around.

Also, the author's way of narration is a bit bad, they switch to a gossip type narration all the time to narrate a few parts. It really feels like rather than reading the MC's story, it sounds like the author just wants to jump over the 4th wall and talk gossip directly to the readers.

It's fine to read if you dont really have any expectations but be forewarned, the title is a bit misleading but the focus of the story is not about cultivating elixirs and finding suitable plant substitutes for medicine materials only found in the xianxia world but it's more on exploring the small world and finding substitute items to aid him in his cultivation.

I'm pretty sure theres gonna be some plot twist (but it seems predictable) in the end that'll make the whole story seem cohesive and whole but maybe I'll come back to this sometime in the future. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I've always enjoyed Mo Tu's writing. They have a way with explaining things without info dumping a whole ton onto the reader. However, for this book, it seemed the author used a lot of repetitive phrases that were worded differently.

Nonetheless I really enjoyed it. Mainly because Mo Tu's a real pro with making the flow of the story smooth as water. I didnt realize I was on ch 100+ until I looked at it. That's how good it is.

As for the content of the story. Its fairly simple, transmigrate, return... more>> back, cultivate with golden finger, and dazzle the mortals and rookie cultivators.

The premises is similar to Mo Tu's other novel "I have medicine" but I like this protagonist much more. The gongs are quite similar however.

Additionally, the drama and "tense" moments are well written and solved in just the right amount of chapters. Not too quickly or too long despite how easy it is for the MC considering the lack of spiritual aura and cultivators in the modern realm.

As for the ending, it's quite rushed, solved in 2 chapters. I felt like Mo Tu's became tired of writing because there isnt anything else to write, but at least they tied it well with the item Wuxiang obtained in the middle of the story.

There were some plot holes, one being the weird amount of spiritual artifacts that were lying around. However, The author wrote this off by having the MC say "maybe the secrets of this world and the cultivation realm will be revealed once I reach a higher level". It's something along those lines, but considering the lack of spiritual aura, we readers will never know.

As for the lead's relationship, it's very sweet and endearing. It's also quite natural with the author's description of how the ML looks at the MC or how the MC teases the ML. It truly makes you think "Ah yes, they're a true pair".

Despite this, the only main things that stood out to me is 1) princess carry, 2) Gu Tang's eyes became deeper and deeper, and 3) Ming Wuxiang gambling for jadeite.

Overall, good story to pass time.


Enjoi and Adieu! <<less
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trash_generalist rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c200

The MC is a young man from modern times that ended up falling off a cliff and transmigration into a world of cultivation.... BUT, the story isn't about his journey in the cultivation world. He exploded himself in that world after being chased for his treasures, resulting in him wearing it back to modern times. Only, rather than go back to the time when he transmigrated (after falling off the cliff), he went back ten years into the past. He's 18 years old, and just about to graduate from highschool.... more>> His only family had died just a month ago, leaving him alone.

If he followed his previous path, he would have self-destructed because of depression and never been able to stand up in this life. Things are different this time around. Not only does he still have his golden finger (a space with rare elixir and some things from the cultivation world), but he also has cultivation knowledge that the cultivators of modern times can only dream of having. With this advantage, he becomes a complete winner in this life.

(As for the ML, he's the MC's male god from his first life. Too far away to touch. This time around, they coincidentally meet when the ML had been seriously injured. Having elixir and alchemy skills in hand, the MC takes care of him and the two become entangled from then on.)


RATING: 3.5/5

This novel is both too short and too long. It's too short because it feels like there's always something missing. Like, the novel has loads of potential, but since the author focused on slice of life -- mostly casual stuff, very little tension -- it feels like the story never really goes anywhere. As for why I think it's too long, well, that's because the author is VERY wordy. They like to go on tangents, which is amusing at first and makes the reader feel very close to the story... BUT, then it went overboard and just kept going. Like, there is SO much info dumping in this story that it's a bit maddening. What's worse is that those tangents don't really change the story much. Instead, when the author SHOULD go into tangents -- like why the ML never says anything about his feelings, for example -- they keep it tucked away like sharing it will cause some kind of calamity. LOL.

ANYWAY, to keep a long story short. This novel is not bad. Nothing too special either. I had high expectations -- which both kept me reading for so long AND forced me to stop after the dullness became too much -- but unfortunately most of them were not met. If you want to read a casual story about a cultivator in modern times picking up leaks and so on. It's not bad. Just don't expect too much excitement. The tone of the story is very casual. Again, very suitable for slice of life feels. <<less
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Yarichin rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c86
Interesting premise, but then it got boring. Very very slow burn. I usually dont mind slowburn, kinda like it in fact. But this.... the interactions are bland. The characterisation are fine, but both MC and ML are always written to be repressing their feelings and expression. Fleeting expression, repressed so nobody realize their feelings, even when they are both alone. Like... JUST TALK DAMMIT. The communication are very very bland, with only 3-4 words each sentences. Everytime the MC talk more, its of course about refining and medical issues. Not... more>> complaining about that, but really though, nothing happend for 80++ chapters. Just preparing medicine and all. No excitement. Tried to hang on, but feels pointless to continue. <<less
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GregLikesBooks rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I liked this, the MC was not OP and also actually acted like an adult rather than a 13 year old kid in a 10, 000 year old body....

My only major issue is that I would have liked it to be longer.... (And perhaps a few areas could be more fleshed out....)

We can only hope for a sequel I guess.
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December 8, 2023
Status: Completed
(I've already written a long-ass review and is about to press the submit button and suddenly the browser backed on the previous page. IM SO MAD.)

Anyway not bad but also pretty nice as it mix cultivation and modern times. It is cultivation so as per protocol pls bring your patience. Fortunately, the MC is also not a fan of the plundering and greedy part of ancient cultivation. He and the modern cultivators had a different sense and is quite up-to-date with social sensibilities which I appreciate. Author was... more>> able to properly paint how cultivation should interact with the recent world from ordinary civilian to elites

ML is a full-on wife s*ave and supports MC and Spoils him to the max. This is a second chance novel and it is indeed a better ending than the previous depressing end. It may be a good save, good end for both but this lifetime being together definitely made it better. As it also made our couple a better person when the met each other

The reason why I say its okay-ish is because I did enjoy the story and find it entertaining but there are loose strings in some parts. Nothing major but distracted me for a little bit still overall finished reading it till the end. <<less
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art3micia rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: c1
I liked the story's pace, both for the general storyline and the romance part. Especially the romance part was realistic IMO, plus it was somewhat secondary which is my preference.

I would say this is a novel I would have liked to read more as it feels like it has more to give. Although most of the loose ends were covered, the ending could have been a little more expanded.

All in all a great short, relatively, novel.
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January 26, 2021
Status: --
When the romance novel was dragging too long it got boring with so little char development. It really boring.... Especially when the trivial matter got narration so thoroughly and some development got cut off suddenly, it frustrating. And the translator the later part even worst than MTL. Some parts got cut out make it really confusing. 3 stars just to give it so it not too bad ratings.
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December 11, 2023
Status: --
I made it to chapter three. Somehow I missed that this was the modern story of a high school aged student. He's family-less, but he also hasn't seen his family in a hundred years and is very moody. I think this could be interesting to some people, but I am literally the wrong demographic for this genre. I haven't seen any fantasy happen yet. The MC is just driving to a restaurant around a bunch of people trying to be good to him. Very much a nothing burger somehow.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bohda27 rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Sweet and short story for a relaxed weekend. As I like: OP character is not annoying, no face-slapping, no family or love drama. No tragedy. Definitely for re-reading.
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Pudica rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: c144
I was actually torn between 3 or 4 stars... but let's just give more..

The story writing itself is fine, a happy go lucky MC that succeeds in whatever he does, all goes smooth for him.

As someone mentioned before, the ML is a bit random, he fell with MC fast.. and the repeated sentence about staring helplessly indulging the MC, or the dark stare whatever was giving me goosebumps overtime.

They were mentioned way too much, so that when that kind of expression were used on an extra, I got another goosebumps... more>> x_x


I kinda want to shout to ML, who are you to stare to MC indulgingly!? You're way weaker than him anyway, ML should feel some complicated inferior feeling of wanting to protect, instead of "indulging stare", you don't have the capability to "indulge" MC in anything yet, anyway! Honestly that gives me goosebumps!

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WallEyeKnee rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I think there's alot of potential still to be explored in this novel. The author just doesn't want to do it. I guess why the slice of life tag

We have alot of Rock gambling, farm work, selling medicine plants. We didn't even interact with the Rich families that much even though they are the main core in the novel. The villains was ala tr*sh, I was expecting alot more face slaps.

MC is just weaker than I thought, he died when he was Nascent Stage, I thought he would be... more>> much higher level. Usually we also a revenge plot story but I know that's too basic because everyone does that. That's fine but I expect alot more faceslaps though. Also lack of reactions when people found out about him a cultivator. He lift a rock everyone is like whatever. Also ML kicked a car no follow up with that.

MC saved basically every single person in the novel that was in trouble, I don't really get why he doesn't get more recognition until near the end when they wrapped up the ending real quick. I thought another person was behind the evil cultivator behind ML's incident. But that was scraped.

MC was too low key, but I get why, but still he really too low key, we were fed with alot of just getting ingredients for his pills or building formations. I felt like where's my actions and plot..

ML is just random, I get love at first sight. We never will know why he likes MC besides you know he save him.

Also the author keep hinting that ML seems to have some sort of background / reincarnation but all that was a tease screw that. It was explained in one chapter and it was nothing. So lower any expectations.

I find this okay to read, just don't expect alot of actions, super cool scenes, or faceslaps. Alot of flirtings and coddling ML tolerating MC's being grumpy. ML pampering MC all the way, not a single person can say anything about. Don't even talk about love rivals, they are non existent. <<less
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User.948761 rated it
January 22, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought it was good. This story is one of those feel good, everything works out type of story. It felt a bit long winded at times but I think they had more to do with me reading it all at once. This most likely isn’t an issue for those reading with chapter by chapter update. The cultivation aspect was quite heavy. The overarching plot is quite simple with MC trying to create a better life for himself. Most problems are quickly handled and don’t arise again later on. The... more>> only exception is the antagonist who hurt the ML at the beginning of the story - this is resolved at the very end. However I’m still confused about motive. The story mostly involves MC being OP. <<less
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nitan rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: Completed
It's not too bad, a little weird, but most of why I'd rate it between 2-3 is because the pacing makes it dreary to read. Besides dragging on for too long (50 chapters in and you still feel like the beginning) -- the characters and their interactions are really... bland.. really 2D... it could be better/it's very mid...
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 29, 2020
Status: c181
i'd say its okay-ish. maybe I was more in the mood for a more exciting story so this really just bore me a lot. but I have to admit not really a fan of how they got together, I feel as if the emotions of the ML were not explained well, in the MC's case we know he had admired ML for long as a male-god but even then there were not so many heart-moving moments to make me feel that they were falling. ughh maybe it's just me but... more>> I could'nt help skipping thru various chapters cuz I felt nm was going on... its not bad just not my cup of tea. <<less
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