The Abandoned Son Runs Rampant


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“I want to marry him!”

“Young Master Ye, that person is a rich second generation, a third generation of the founding family, the famous noble son of Beijing, he will not marry you.”

“Why not? I’m handsome and smart, with a hundred strategies in one step!”

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Bai is not someone you can covet.”

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New Plotbunnies rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c68
I will not be finishing this novel, I am far enough into see where the story is going and determine that it is not worth my time. The novel has some high points and is interesting enough to have kept me on for more than 50 chapters. It is funny and the face slapping are pretty satisfying. The gags hit most of the times and the characters play off each other well enough. The world is flushed out pretty well and is an interesting worldbuilding.

The reason I can't continue is... more>> that I personally don't like the characters and the CP's interactions. The MC is supposed to be transverser and is clueless genius type, which is fine, he does give some good laughs. My problem with the MC is his hypocrisy, if he is a fool just let him be but don't turn around and make him say stuff that makes it clear he is aware and is just being a jerk. The MC would be so much likable if the author will just go all in and make him the blunt honest fool with high IQ but low EQ, instead the MC just comes off as hypocrite and a liar. The ML isn't any better. The ML is a high-cold flower tsundere, but comes off as a blank slate. The ML's tsundere moments fall flat cause there is no contrast. If the ML is suppose to be a high-cold flower on the outside than let him fumble and blush or act like an angry baby to the MC to playoff his lovestruck foolishness, but what we do get is him being lukewarm at best and blank through most of their CP interactions with side-characters doing the bulk of the CP lifting.

Overall, not terrible enough that I will hate but not good enough to recommend. It is kind of tepid like the ML and full of cheap laughs like the MC. <<less
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ferociousreader rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: FIN
I love protagonist, he's hilarious. Image negative EQ coupled with absolute lack of shame and a very high self regard. His talk back and reasoning is always logical at least according to common sense of his previous life (cultivation word). Still busy pursuing his future wife as of chapter 85. On the plus side protagonist level up is slow, at level 5 he still finds bullets annoying to deal with.

Story takes place in modern word with a dash of ghosts, three legged taoists and cultivators. Due to scarce spiritual energy... more>> that lead to scarcity of the above the general population is unaware of the supernatural.

5 stars as of ch85 (mtl)

Edit: After finishing novel (mtl) I still love the protagonist. 5 stars as of FIN

At some point they leave earth hence multiple realms tag. <<less
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getawaysrodpodnow rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c25
This novel is really fun so far! I've been grinning as I read. I thought it was going to be an average guy pursuing a rich guy, but it's (disowned) rich × rich, but it's still really fun.

How the MC falls in love with the ML is a little abrupt. It made me wonder if he was the type to fall in love easily in the past?
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timma rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: Completed
u: 2022 May 25

I like this author. Found this to be a fun read.

... more>>

Like translator too.

I MTL'd from chapter 100 and I'll probably reread when it's completely translated (or in a few months).

The MTL isn't bad. If you know thr standard realms of cultivation, then those few weird places are easy to process. Like whatever infant realm MTLs as "have a baby". It was funny first time I bumped into it.


Extras were funny.

Overall I'm finding this as a funny read. MC is a genius.

Few gripes, but normal with realm stuff.


I found the Wu Haoqiang character extremely cute. Missed him when in higher realms.


Realm breakdown


Note: on re-read, should track every chapter he teleports or travels.

  • Earth: 1-182
  • Self cultivation: 183-400
  • Fairy realm: 401-End
  • (Barb world is 513)
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Kikiji rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: c71
The logic in this story is simple, without any twists or turns. In fact it's a bit flat in some places. But I guess this type does serve well in propping up the MC, who is quite the unique one in just sheer eq levels. You can say in any and all human interactions, he would flamboyantly say the very thing that can insult the other the most, friends and allies are no exceptions. To some extent the ML, who he is chasing, has a margin better treatment, but he... more>> still has to deal with the fallout of being around the MC in social situations.

Now this in itself has its own humor, but in regards to the romance, it's far more difficult to accept.

If you're looking for sweetness, you're going to have to wait to grind out even the smallest bit every few dozen chapters.

I'm personally getting less and less invested in our main pairing. On MCs side, ML is cold as hell, frequently insulting to him. It's understandable considering the things MC does around him and too him, but it's starting to reach a point where it's deeply uncomfortable when we're supposed to expect feelings to grow between them (or even have grown already) and his words are still as cold and sharp as ever.

On the other hand, every time they interact, by fallout of the MC's personality and low EQ, ML is always placed in embarrassing or awkward situations due to the things MC does and says.

I just can't see either of them honest to god having a good time in each other's presence. Yes they brush off all of this openly or secretly, but that doesn't mean they actively enjoy the cold retorts, or embarrassment that comes with accompanying the other's socially outrageous actions.

The only time they have anything close to a harmonious time together is when one of them is full on asleep and the other is working. That just doesn't say great things for their relationship to me.

On the MC specifically, personally I feel like the author should have dialed it down at choice moments just so that his behavior doesn't start losing its impact after his 1002th insult. When it's just hammering away again and again and again, not only do you just, get used to it and it starts getting predictable, but his shamelessly and low eq ends up overtaking everything else about his characterization. We can't dig deeper at all when it comes to him because it just become a layer of low eq... and another layer of low eq.... and look at that, another layer of low e -- you get the idea. Moments like "oh he can actually say something right for once" and then slam them with another MC shameless and low eq moment would at least let the readers breath. But the format of this story is just back to back insults coming from the MC. Which in its defense, creates its own unique atmosphere, but can be done a little more effectively. <<less
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Keikey rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: --
At first it was great. A comedy to relax after too emotional readings. But that's it. MC is shameless, it's fun at the beginning, after it's to repetitive, and the author wrote illogical things but that's okay because she wanted to put accent in mc's marvelous cultivation skills. But reading more than 100 chapters like that, it's impossible for me to read more. The fan MC and ML got together like that one day without real emotional reason, is in the same tune as the story's rhythm.
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