Rebirth After Divorce


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Lu Xiao never expected that his lover of seven years whom he loved deeply to betray him with his ‘good’ cousin.

And the thing that he couldn’t accept the most was the fact he caught them cheating on his wedding anniversary. At that time, both his mind and body were engulfed in extreme emotions. He quickly slammed the door open and left the place where he used to live for years.

But he didn’t expect that his final outcome was to be pushed down the cliff.

Before he died, he was told off that he would “voluntarily” divorce, “voluntarily” give all his properties away, and “voluntarily” leave the place that made him heartbroken.

Then everything sinks in. Lu Xiao finally knew that he fell for a trap from the very start. Unfortunately, it was all too late.

Lu Xiao, who was given a second chance, found himself coming back to the time when he was still ten years old. Seeing the familiar place, a decision was quickly made in his heart: He won’t stop his parents from getting divorced this time, instead he will add more fuel! Then he will bring his mother away from these evil relatives and make a fortune.

And when he finally has the power to fight back, he will calculate all the interests of the debts that his ‘good’ relatives gave to him and his mother and will pay it all back one by one!

However, he would never thought the he would meet a person who can accompany him till death. Although the encounter between them was a dark history that he wished to forget.

Ye Lan: Baby, baby, baby~ What do you love most about me?

Luo Xiao: …

(Thinking) Ye Lan: Ah~I knew it, you love me so much that you don’t know where to say you love me~

Luo Xiao: … (No, You think too much!)

Ye Lan: Baby, don’t worry. I will always be yours, and I will always love you~

Luo Xiao: … (Speechless mode in progress)

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New Couldnt_Tell_Ya rated it
July 1, 2024
Status: Completed
This story was all over the place. It felt like it was trying to be too many genres/tropes at the same time, but not fully delving into any of them.

The story is advertised as a face-slapping romance, but then they bring cultivation into the story which seems a little out of nowhere.

It could have gone to really interesting places to help tie in why he was reborn but felt like a second thought just to explain some plot points and make the world more interesting.


The MC has a peach tree spirit in his palms that gives him his spiritual power to cultivate. But, after the first time the plant grows from seed to sapling, they never talk about growing it and how to cultivate it again.
The MC finds spirit stones at the beginning that act as energy for the seed to grow but then never looks for them again. The author kinda just says oh MC has been cultivating behind the scenes while he's been doing all these face slapping and knows now how to fight and use talismans but never shows us how he cultivates and levels up.

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New A.S.P.
June 28, 2024
Status: c83
I will force myself to read tp the end

It is not tipical rebirth revenge story, it is more of a rebirth strike it rich with past events story with cultivation extra. The only slaping back part happens at the begining and the whole thing seems like if the protagonist isnt in his old family it would self-destruct...
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: c8
I read the one translated chapter and it looked good, so I went to read the raws. Oh boy, I shouldn't have done that. The author's writing style is so annoying! The author writes like this~~~ every couple paragraphs~~~ sometimes in multiple sentences~~~

Then at the end of a certain chapter the author complains about how the MC's name made it impossible for his nickname to not sound girly. Like the way the MC and his cousin have been talking wasn't absolutely girly this whole time too?

After being reborn, I thought... more>> the MC would just take his mom and get out of that hellhole ASAP, but nope. The misery drags. But what really made me want to drop this was


When MC was reborn to the past, he woke up in the hospital because he went back to when he was 10 and one of his cousins pushed him into a lake in November and he couldn't swim. His mother saved him and he had to be hospitalized for over a week. Their family is poor because only his mother works and his father gambles away all of the money the mother earns. The father almost even took away the money the mother was going to use to pay the hospital for MC's treatment, but the mom ran away before he could take it. Not surprisingly, the father regularly beats the mom. MC wants to grow up quickly and be strong to protect his mother.

With that in mind, when the MC finally goes back to school, during lunch his friend asks him for the meat in his lunchbox and the MC just gives it to him! ALL OF IT! He didn't even just give him a piece or half of it. The MC just out right gave him the whole thing. Yes, I understand MC really loves his friends, but come on! MC's family can't afford good food. I'm pretty sure the mother gave away her portion or made other sacrifices in order to be able to afford a small amount of meat to give to MC to eat, but not only did MC not think about that, he didn't even think that he should eat properly in order to grow stronger. He was still weak from his trip to the hospital. On top of that, the friend's family are comfortable enough to eat as much meat as they want, except the friend once overate and got the runs, so the friend's mother became more strict about the amount of meat the friend eats. Why is MC giving away his food to someone who doesn't need it??? It's understandable that the friend doesn't know any better because he's a 10yo kid and he just wants to eat what he wants to eat, but the MC is a 30+yo soul! He should know better than to give away the food his mother worked so hard to prepare for him!


That pissed me off so much. That plus a bunch of inconsistencies and so many grammar and spelling errors in the story and all the s*upid ~~~~. I'm done. I've never seen such a s*upid way of writing in my life. <<less
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lyre rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: Completed
First off, this novel is very fantasy like. MC died, reborn to his past at ten y.o. Unexpectedly got a golden finger bcoz he had good karma in his previous life, and suddenly it becomes supernatural, when in his previous life he never heard anything involving these stuffs. Like the world just got reset or that's the vibe I got from his master. Whoever link this novel to NU should add the extra tags up there, really.

Second, the story is inconsistent, unless it's not rebirth, but another dimension/world (my brain... more>> just work like that, ik). I might got it wrong becoz I MTLed, but e.g. His previous husband's family has complete family, but suddenly after rebirth, the story said a different kind of story where his ex husband's dad died and the mother raised him by himself. I forgot the details, but I remember the dad's disgust toward MC, so he's alive when they got married.

Third, altho insignificant, but I feel MC's father side really become passerby in this story. I mean, this new life after rebirth, other than the scum couple who killed MC, has no other purposes other than to fill the story.

Anyway, it's not bad, since I can finish reading it. It's just I know some people will dislike this one to death (me being hyperbolic) 🤣 <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Minisummer rated it
September 29, 2023
Status: c35
The story was all over the place.

The first chapter started well, nothing new or groundbreaking, but interesting enough. In summary, the MC’s boyfriend cheated on him with a family member, and the same family member kills the MC, who then wakes up in his childhood body determined to change his fate.

It goes downhill from there. As with a few of these novels, the author didn't seem to plan out the plot or the characters and is making this up as they go along, leading to plot holes and inconsistencies.

Below are... more>> just a few of the things that made me drop this novel:


The MC states that he lost contact with his childhood friends because he prioritized his relationship with his boyfriend, but a few chapters later, MC is on a hike with one of those friends a month before he dies and is reborn.

Then, there was the issue of a 30-year-old man admitting he had feelings for a 12-year-old boy. The author tries to ease the wrongness in the reader's mind by tacking on a sentence that the MC will wait until they are in college to start a relationship if the ML still has feelings for him. No. Just no. Why would a grown man have feelings for a boy? Just on the basis that he treats him well? That’s it?

Said 12-year-old, the ML, is ten when he decides to pursue the MC faithfully. For unknown reason, just whoops, you appeared in front of me and were better looking and more special than anyone else, so it's me and you until the end of time. The odd references to the ML’s grandfather's advice to chase his wife come across as creepy, not cute. The author's excuse of the ML being a mature genius was flimsy at best.

The MC also displays one of my biggest pet peeves in rebirth stories. He acts like a child, but to make it worse, he has moments of maturity that make those childish moments stand out, making it clear it’s only for plot purposes why he’s behaving immaturely in that moment.

I stopped as the story entered the middle school arc because I couldn't be bothered to sit through the obligatory misunderstanding and face-slapping as the story went nowhere in particular.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WallEyeKnee rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: c35
I don't know the story was all over the place. Like who this and that, MC turn back into a kid? Then started his life all over. I thought it was a Rebirth story with revenge and finding new love. He would back as a teenager at best.

I also thought he was from a wealthy family because all these story usually go.

We were introduced to cultivation and divination or sects. But for 40 chapters we are stuck in these family gossips and going to school. I don't even know we... more>> came back for revenge but to live another life.

ML is also really a loyal dog. I guess that was weird also since he started this at 10...

Also usually we get face slaps, but why are we suffering for a whole 20 chapters+ of physical ab*ses, wheres the police? MC having rebirth knowledge really couldn't do anything but endure? The divorce should've been first hing he suggest when he woke up. He also has magical powers but he's not learning to use more but focus on more school... and normal things. I don't know why cultivation is included but follow through atleast?

I find myself bored and confused. even abit disappointed how powerless MC is after his rebirth. I don't recommend this actually. <<less
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