Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds


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ExR’s summary:

An average, ordinary university student had his first life burned away in a painful death from a fire, causing him to transmigrate into a prince of another universe. However, never did he expected that his younger brother, who he fiercely protected and ultimately brought to the throne, would be the one to betray him. Upon being on the brink of death after suffering three years of torture, he was thrown into a river.

Scarred physically and mentally, he ended up being washed up at an eccentric yet peaceful place he had never heard of before. Having nowhere to go, he began working as a helper in the government office, apathetic about his life.

Will he be able to heal from his traumas and rediscover the beauty of life?

Tldr: A healing story of a transmigrator who slowly recovers from his trauma, finding happiness and fluffy romance in a strange yet peaceful place.

Author’s summary:

An average, normal university student transmigrates into the royal family in another world, where he becomes one of the successors of the throne. Life in the palace is inevitably difficult though, what with all the scheming enemies around him. This man’s only wish in this world is to be able to protect his “younger brother,” and for that, he’ll do anything–whether by hook or by crook–to ensure his brother’s safety and have him succeed the throne.

The man never once expected, though, that the person whom he swears to protect would be the one to stab him in the back. He got locked in a dungeon where he was tortured for three years. And when he was on the brink of death, his body was thrown away into the river.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in an eccentric and peaceful place, where everyone is suspiciously more than what they seem…

Associated Names
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Xuân thụ mộ vân (Tác Giả: Vị Lương)
ราชันในม่านอัสดง (Thai)
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New Kisumi
June 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Literalmente la definición de una historia para curar tu alma. Absolutamente hermosa esta novela, su historia podría ser perfectamente un cuento, y la narrativa es increíble por lo directa y poética que es al mismo tiempo. El trasfondo de todo es sorprendente e interesante y los protagonistas son muy interesantes. Demasiado recomendada.
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New klarinha123 rated it
June 9, 2024
Status: Completed
As they say in my country: He promised nothing and delivered everything!
I didn't have high expectations for this novel, I just expected a calm read and it was calm, but I was moved, and I even got two shocks while reading.
It's a story with a focus on recovery, on leaving the past behind, on healing, which makes it a light and peaceful read. You can see that the city has a certain mystery, but like MC Nam Ge Er, I didn't care much about it either, but this mystery also makes you engage in reading, not making it boring.
ML Mo Shu is simply a sweet person, I love how he doesn't force his feelings, nothing in general on the MC, because he knows he's been through a lot, so he simply waits for the MC, even if it takes years. I thought it was very beautiful and sincere on his part, you could see the love.


Imagine the shock I got when I discovered that he sees others outside of Guang Tian as ants, basically he is xenophobic to the extreme. But then when they talked about the education he had, I could understand.


And the exciting chapter 38?! Nam Ge Er saying that he wouldn't be able to live if he wasn't adored by Mo Shu?! My eyes really filled with water.


And Zhu Xin is ML Mo Shu's half brother?! I wasn't expecting it either, I was really surprised when I read it.


Novel Rating: 9.5/10
Translation Rating: 9/10
I really liked the translation, the only thing I found a little annoying was the translation notes at the bottom. Basically, when I finished reading the chapter and read the notes, I no longer remembered their context. I also didn't want to go downstairs in the middle of reading. But other than that, I liked it, it was very fluid and well done.

This was translated by Google Translate.
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turelight rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c35
For me, I really love this novel.

I don't know how to describe it in words, but it is kind of a 'rest your exhausted heart here, and immersed in warm light shining through tree branches in spring day' story.

Instead of showering you with cute, fluffy or sweet feeling, it warms your heart with silly yet deep interaction between the characters, and gives you various views of life (like Barakamon or Natsume Yuujinchou without Ayakashi).

... more>> "Seek for the place that you can belong. Not just exist, but live.

Learn to trust, to love, to accept and be yourself again."

- This is Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds from my point of view. <<less
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Legend rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c38
So I found Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds to be a little different from the average romance/bl novel found on NU. For one thing, the novel is more on slice of life side, it doesn't have very much action or intrigue and isn't very fast pace. There is a little bit of mystery regarding the town, but that's resolved fairly quickly (and I wouldn't say that it's a real mystery seeing as the townsfolk don't really try to hide it). For another, although STSC comes off as a sweet and... more>> slow romance novel with lots of fluff, for me the true story here is about the slow road to recovery for a broken man, the people who didn't give up on him, and the man who loved him for who he is. The story is really heart warming, but it also doesn't just skip over the fact that the MC was traumatized because the mc's growth plays a very big role.

STSC begins with our MC washing up in a strange place even though, logically, he should have died. At this point in time he's already been living in this new world for quite some time, and what he's been through has already sort of broken him. The first half of the novel is very much about the MC integrating into his new life and slowly gaining back a little bit of that will to live that he originally lost. The MC and ML begin basically as employee and boss but their relationship quickly turns to friendship which slowly turns to love. There are a lot of sweet moments (and some funny ones too), and it's nice to see how gentle and patient the ML is.

All in all it's a great read and definitely worth a shot.

I've added an excerpt below that was taken from the translated work. Gives you a good idea about the MC and ml's relationship. Includes some light spoilers.


This is the MC (Nan Ge Er) 's thoughts. The person mentioned below is the ml.

He, from Bei Jun, drifted through the river. With his body filled with rounds and his heart packed with despair, he arrived at Guang Tian while nearing death. He initially thought the entire world had abandoned him, or that he was hated by everyone. However, unexpectedly, he met a world, completely different from what he knew, here with his own eyes.

A different life, scenery, and people. Bit by bit, his broken spirit was melted by the warmth. After that, it congealed into a new shape and colour gradually. It wasn’t intentional, nor was it unnatural. He was, truthfully, noisily, then gently, integrated here after starting afresh. And then, presently, a certain person said, it was worth it no matter how long it takes.

Regardless the substantial amount of time needed to heal those previous wounds, the person still thought it was worth it. The person stated, even if others threw him away like a used rag, he is still a treasure in the person’s eyes. Although he was an untrustworthy fellow and had problems with his personally, he still said that seriously.

Nan Ge Er just felt- joyful. yet, he felt like crying for a bit.

I don't know if I like him or not, but, I just felt delighted. There's a person who treasures me as such. He protects me, mindfully in places I'm unaware of, as he is fearful might suffer any bit of wound again. He treats me as though I'm a rare treasure, guarding me carefully since he doesn't have the heart to let me encounter any difficulties. And then, people around me look at such a cherishment innocently; they smile while considering it natural.

I... I don’t know

But, I think, maybe I will try to protect my body even harder, and live on.

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PotatoCakes rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I generally enjoyed the story until it got a bit too ridiculous. Personally, I like to pretend the last 1/3 of the novel doesn't exist. It's a slow paced slice of life novel that delves into what it means to be happy & fulfilled. The premise of the story is interesting and a breath of fresh air. There's not much plot, but that's okay since the story is mostly about character progression. Too bad the characters are one-dimensional and the world building is abysmal. MC lives in a Chinese version of Stardew Valley. He spends most of his time farming, raising livestock, and interacting with townsfolk. He's escaping from his traumatic past and is trying to find a reason for living. Nothing he does is particularly noteworthy, but everyone loves him for no good reason.

The characters are a very typical for BL novels. MC is whiny, annoying, and constantly throws tantrums when the ML is around (think throwing rocks, salting his food, and other childish things). I can't imagine how anyone would think this is cute. ML is the typical perfect, powerful, and respected figure who is lord of this Chinese Stardew Valley with a dark side, which he holds back because of MC.

The latter 1/3 of the story is utter bullshit. The whole entire backstory for Mo Shu is inconsistent. It's best summarized by "why did you save me when you kill all other outsiders indiscriminately?" "Dunno, just felt like it". It's lazy and inconsistent - a hallmark of a poorly written story.


Overall, the story is short enough to be acceptable since the beginning 2/3 was okay. I would recommend reading on a rainy day when you have nothing better to do.
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namio rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: Completed
There are books that exist with such a shade of subtext that it could argue opposite stances depending on when you read it.

Is living worth it?

This novel has always fascinated me ever since I reread it. The first time I did, I was sleeping with knives on my bed and all cleaning chemicals moved out of my dorm room for safety reasons. The second time I did, I was, thankfully, riding out the worst of the depressive episode. This novel could not have been more different.

Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds... more>> tells the story of Nan Ge Er, a young man who lived through what he should not. The details of his tortured lives were succinctly summarized in the first chapter; all of this has come to pass. It is not a story of dragged angst, because the author knows, what is to follow is just as heavy a load: the long road to recovery. When he first woke up and became financially dependent on the strange governor running this kooky, idyllic paradise, Nan Ge Er finds himself establishing a little routine for himself to try and make a living, so that the finances of this place isn't in this much shambles. Along the way, he gets to know more about the inhabitants' strange habits and even stranger mindsets, and the bizarre, kitschy man who earned all their respect...

Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds tells the story of someone's long, banal, slow recovery from mind-numbing trauma. What fascinated me was the tone Nan Ge Er's daily lives took between the different viewpoints-- one showcased how agonizingly tepid, thankless, grueling recovery is, how endless the many years it took was, and how even then there was just a level of pure joy and happiness you aren't capable of feeling anymore, even after getting better. Another was a poignant point about how recovery is composed of small, reachable, consistent steps towards a sense of rhythm and safety, about the importance of routine and community support and acceptance in reestablishing a normal life. One felt like grief over loss; the other felt like acceptance of it.

And that's what made Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds special, to me. The fact is, though the first time around I found only emptiness in Nan Ge Er's hollowed soul after his breakdown that day, in the second, I saw catharsis and the resurfacing of traumas so that it may be addressed and be allowed to heal.

And isn't that what's amazing about how we see the world? <<less
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emiliers rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I really, really enjoyed the beginning of this, enough to bump my score up to a 4/5, but I have mixed feelings about where it ended up going (as someone else mentioned, the last third of this novel is kind of... Not Great). The last bit isn't awful enough that I regret reading this, but it did bring my enjoyment of this story down a notch.

But, as a story about a man recovering from trauma and learning how to live and be happy again, this story starts out very, very... more>> good. The early slice-of-life portions where the main character is adjusting to life in Guang Tian are probably the best parts of this novel. And even when very little exciting things happen, the narrative flows smoothly and even the little things feel fun to read about. (I really liked learning snippets about Nan Ge Er's storytelling for the kids in the village--I definitely wish we got more about that!)

I think the story really falters when it decides to explain the "mystery" of Guang Tian (and consequently Mo Shu, the magistrate) in the last third. Before that, I was perfectly happy accepting Guang Tian as a magical realism-esque utopic society where people lost in life go to heal and make a new one. The last third of this novel completely shattered a lot of my expectations, and some of the sentiments espoused by the characters were very... yikes to me.


Mostly, I just really didn't like the implication that everyone in the outside world is naturally inferior to those born in Guang Tian. Like, I thought the novel was lowkey about overcoming fate (e.g. the main character's "fate" as a transmigrator, as a prince, etc.), but those last few chapters seemed to imply that, just by virtue of being born outside of Guang Tian, certain people aren't worthy of the same considerations/respect as those born on the "inside". The author tries to offset this by having orphans be adopted from the outside in Guang Tian, but it doesn't really fix the base issue.

There's also some really bad implications with the idea that "Guang Tian was made by the only true descendant of this mystical emperor who united the continent" and so "the rest of the continent is Guang Tian's playground to use and rule over". Like... 1) the idea that "blood" rather than "upbringing" is more important (e.g. the emperor's "bloodline" made the utopic Guang Tian, while his adopted children brought the world into chaos) and 2) the idea that there are just people who are naturally superior and so should rule over inferiors (ala, those who don't conform to their standards of living) is just... yikes yikes yikes.

All of this honestly just seemed to contradict a lot of what I got from the earlier parts of the novel. Which might be that I've just been misinterpreting the actual thematic weight behind this story. Though I'd rather believe it's an issue of the author accidentally contradicting themselves rather than my misinterpretation of previous themes, because otherwise all my love for this story would be gone.

I mean, I did enjoy the closure that Nan Ge Er got from going to Bei Jun and realizing he didn't actually need (or want) to be there, and that he'd rather be home with Mo Shu. I felt that this realization was good, and necessary, for the story and their relationship. But, again, I feel like the author overexplains herself here when she reveals that Nan Ge Er's brother hangs himself. Just... just let the ambiguity sit, OK? Much more poignant that way, instead of attempting to explain everything and explaining yourself into a mess.


This is definitely an instance where I felt the author could've been better served to let the mystery hold, and just allowed the readers themselves to draw their own conclusions. It's a novel about Nan Ge Er's healing and recovery, after all, and as long as that aspect of the story has a beginning, middle, and end (which it does!), nothing else really needed to be explained.

TLDR; beginning bits about Nan Ge Er's healing/recovery from trauma is really, really good, the remainder bits overexplain the "mystery" of the setting and love interest and is not. <<less
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nixxara rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c9
I don't know how to describe this book and I also don't know what direction the story is going in since the MC doesn't need really have a goal. At first, I was a little bored but getting further into the story, I found that the story may seem simple but many deep thoughts are expressed through their actions.

The life of the MC after being washed shore to an unknown land is monotonous but he finds that there's more to the people living there than what meets the eye. The... more>> MC himself isn't ambitious due to all the bad things that happened to him after reincarnation. He just wants to live in this new place where everyone seems friendly and kind. It's a new environment for the him who's always lived in a toxic environment where it's kill or be killed after reincarnating. This new way of life reminds of him of his life before reincarnating. Everything is super peaceful, but there's always a feeling of some hidden danger... Like the people living there are hiding their strength/abilities in order to live a normal life.

This isn't really a spoiler but: A cool thing is that only those who have no where to go are allowed there. It's hard to have people with bad intentions enter (since there are hidden people regulating it in the dark) <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: Completed
This isn't a novel to be taken literally; it's a spiritual journey in the magical realism genre.

Some people complain about the later 1/3 which took an unexpected turn; I had also gotten whiplash from it in my first read, but subsequent reads made me realize that the story was about moving on (or achieving zen).

MC's growth is accepting the karma / cycle of life. Him asking the ML to not care about that country anymore even though he could easily get his revenge at the drop of the hat, is the author's way of showing that the MC moved on from his past mired in mortal baggage and complex relationships/manipulations.

MC should have died if he hadn't come across the island (and we, the reader, do not know if the MC did actually die and the entire story takes place in a metaphorical purgatory or 'Heaven' of sorts, so to speak). Even if everything else flew over your head, the fact that the island is a metaphysical/fantastical place should be very obvious.

Granted, some parts seemed sudden, but just keep in mind there's benefit to treating the events as symbolic, not literal.

Understandably, some things don't make too much sense, even when explained, but keep in mind the crux of the story is not about finding answers to the mysteries surrounding the island.

It's about a person's journey towards healing after hardship, struggling with depression, surviving through deep emotional betrayals, and trying to understand what it means to be human.

Told in a very surreal, yet humorous fashion, the author is able to skillfully take heavy topics and turn them into something very natural and paced in-between moments of daily life.

The overarching theme is subtly expressed through the still moments between the characters.

Overall, this is a very different breath of fresh air and something I would certainly recommend to people who've also struggled with darkness in their lives.
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yuukine rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.75/5

Road to recovery is never easy. And this story is realistic. Traumas cannot be easily swept under the rug and hidden like they never existed. They will always be there, waiting to be triggered. But a person can be healed, can be helped. This is a slow paced story of a man broken who finds a place that accepts him after he lost everything. And of him trying to relearn how to live in this new broken body, with a new identity he chose for himself. It is time... more>> for a new beginning.

This is a story of a modern day transmigrator, who died by fire, and got reborn into a prince of a prosperous country. He helped his brother to climb the throne, but all he got in return was endless torture and suffering (for 3 years), and left to die.

Until he got washed up on a shore near a certain village... where no one is normal, even if things seem like it.

Horribly scarred, both in mind and soul, Nan Ge Er finds himself on the road of recovery, where it becomes very hard for him to find the reason to live. As the story goes, NGE finds himself being accepted by the people there, especially Mo Shu, the leader of the misfits, while trying to understand that not all his hope is lost.

There are some loose ends, even though the main mystery is solved (and what a shocking twist it was in that certain devastating chapter), that could have been solved in more chapters, but the main point wasn't in the story plot itself, because the plot story is

a road to recovery of Nan Ge Er, who seeks place to belong, who unknowingly longs for people's companionship, and who in the end found a person who longs for him.

Mo Shu is mystery itself. He's hardworking, always busy, considerate, but also playful, mischievous and has a very interesting survival sense and protective stance of his people.

Some plot twists came out of nowhere, but when you reread, you find out that there were clues, and if you skim through them, you won't see it coming until it's too late.

Overall, highly unique story with good combination of hurt/comfort and do I even have to mention:


mu*der husbands!


After all, Nan Ge Er has fought his way to the throne, so he's not completely all that innocent.


✭ Characters: 5 - well done characterization! Well fleshed out. Nan Ge Er especially. There are different sides to every coin.

✭ Side characters: 4 - detailed, you get attached.

✭ Story: 5 - extremely easy to follow. It's road to recovery story with a plot twist that hits out of blue.

✭ emotional impact: 5 - if you don't cry reading this, I don't know then what to say to you

✭ humor: 4 - not much, but it was good! <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: c31
This story is beautiful. It is a gentle love story.


MC's face was destroyed so he has become unattractive. ML loves him regardless. ML is also very patient and kind.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
September 24, 2020
Status: Completed
What a great read! The plot and the character setting are just so well-detailed. The suspense for the hidden county "Guang Tian" and the county people.

It's a story how an individual proceeds on to his own new life and indentity. Yes, he transmigrated. MC experience 2 deaths on his lives and had a great character set. I like how he doesn't forget the values he had over the past lives and still incorporates it to the present.

ML is doting and mysterious. He appears to be naive, yet somewhat scary.

I like... more>> how the main characters arent the flat types, but instead they are the flexible types.

The translation is great 💜 <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
indecisive rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c17
Slow romance, but it's a wholesome slice of life with a bit of mystery for the backgrounds of the townspeople! Refreshing that the MC isn't a pretty-boy! Although, he is still delicate...
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IceLight303 rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: c54
This is a story that is very fluffy. The summary is kind of misleading it has almost nothing with to do with his life in the royal palace. There is very little angst in this story. I found the story engaging and the ending was satisfactory. I a going to miss the characters in this story. I would definitely recommend this story to others and may reread it in the future.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
huilianglovebot rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the perfect novel for anyone to rest their soul with. Yes, it does deal with trauma but it's more about healing and understanding than anything. I felt so happy, free and warm as I read it the first time that I always come back to re-read. It's honestly the perfect cure for anyone who's feeling down. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone and everyone.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
X1NK3R rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this book.

On one hand, the romance is very good - if you're looking at this aspect, then I thoroughly recommend it.

However, some of the things I have trouble with are the setting of the world, and mainly how the characters in the secret village treat outsiders.

So, a rundown:

... more>>

The MC transmigrates into a prince, helps his younger brother ascend the throne, but his brother tortures his and throws him in the ocean. The MC lands in a secret village, where he is rescued and nurtured back to health.

Now for the mystery part: the village, despite being in the land of a specific country, is basically the central hub of the world - they adopt orphans, raise them into incredible talents who are all giant figures in the outside world, and when they get tired, they return. But, herein lies the problem - how they deal with outsiders.

Despite all of them being just human, it seems that the people from the village, and especially the ML, have a superiority complex bordering on psychotism. The ML treats outsiders as not human, going to the extent of conducting a massacre because people were blocking his way. And the worst part of it is, the MC accepts it, and decides not to change it.

I can understand why the ML has such an attitude considering his backstory, and I can barely accept killing people who intrude into the village, even if unknowingly, to protect the secret, but such wanton massacres of living, breathing humans just because they said something wrong or stood in their way?! f*ck that, I can't accept that. That's behaviour of a villain, and it's the ML...

Ffs, and the MC doesn't even do anything. If I were in that situation, and knowing the other's affection, I'd at least use his affection for me to stop his wanton massacres. Because ffs, they are wanton.

This setting is making me question just how did the ML manage to accept the MC at first without lopping his head right off when they bumped into each other or something.

Thinking back now, the MC didn't meet the ML for the first month or so when he was in the village, and I think it's precisely because of this.

Still, if you need the MC to avoid the ML for months because if he didn't integrate into the community he'd get killed without a reason, that's a pretty big red flag...


Anyways, this is the reason why I gave this novel 4 stars, and not 5.

If this issue was somehow addressed by the author, it'd be 5 stars, but since it wasn't...

:/ <<less
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veritere rated it
October 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This is an odd novel. On the surface, it's a simple slice-of-life about healing and recovery after betrayal, slowly falling in love, and the small moments that make life worth it. That was nice! I assume it's why there's so many five star reviews - anyone would love to start again in a peaceful, safe place where everyone supports you. The romance is genuinely sweet, at least up until they travel together.

However, the philosophical undertone and morality of this story is... unhinged. It actually makes me think, more than anything... more>> else, of that horrible, self-righteous, smug pile of crap - Atlas Shrugged.


The way everyone in the city is apparently a genius, everyone outside it is treated as utterly worthless, killed as easily as one would kill ants or bugs... good grief! The casual mu*der of random people, the denigration of them as being mere fodder for the people of the city, all of it made me nauseous. Mo Shu will starve himself for the people in his city, but mu*der twenty innocent outsiders without batting an eye for just.. being there. And, of course, it's all down to birth in the end - the Guang Tian people are descended from the "true emperor" and so are special, the outsiders are not and are therefore treated as animals raised for slaughter.

I'm still angry about what happened to Mo Shu's character, actually. Kindness and strength of character aren't based only on how you treat the people in your circle or community. Genuinely good people are good to everyone. I'm not suggesting naive kindness in response to cruelty, but recognising that innocents deserve to live as much as anyone else shouldn't be too much to ask!


Not nearly as kind and sweet a story as it seems! After the MC discovers all this, he prevents an immediate atrocity,

letting go of his past and any desire for revenge, which is nice

but accepts the overall setup since he's safe - I just can't see that as a good thing. It's framed as being thanks to how broken he's become due to his background, but... ugh. Where's the healing in that? It's just flat out bad writing, honestly.

We would all like to believe we'd be the "insiders", the special chosen ones who would be treated well. But I can't like stories like this, I don't think the message they send is good or kind, especially in these times.

I went into this looking for a sweet story that would give me some hope. I finished it feeling even more depressed than when I started. I wish I'd dropped it at the point they started to travel; just assume they officially get together, let go of the past, boink a lot and live happily ever after. None of that awful excuse for a plot. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tearlesereph rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: Completed
4.5 stars if I could give halves.

I adored this novel. It was a quick read with great translations and nothing felt dragging. The MC went through a few years of horrible torture but there aren't gruesome details that would give anyone nightmares, just mentions of some pretty famous torture devices like the bronze toaster etc by name and it's up to the reader if they want to look up how these torture devices work. Either way, he's scarred physically and emotionally and the story is really about him coming to... more>> terms with his third chance at life. The people around the MC are honestly amazing for seeing him beyond his physical body and accepting him the way he is.

The romance is really soft and builds slowly in the background. One thing I really enjoyed about the romance was that it wasn't built on any physical attraction at all. ML has no interest whatsoever on how MC looks, he could be scarred, he could be pretty or he could look like a female and it didn't matter.

Like, actually didn't matter. When MC asked if there was a way to "polish off" his scars, ML thought he was asking for a new face and straightforwardly stated what kind of options he had - which was anything, and it really didn't seem to matter to ML.

ML also was not pushy, his feelings were just there and open for the MC to take. He didn't kiss MC until MC invited him.. with honestly the cutest and purest way ever, I won't spoil so the readers can find out on their own.

The only reason I'm taking off half a star is because

I felt a bit jipped by the whole 'mystery' behind Guang Tian. I honestly thought it would be supernatural, like the world was in limbo and only accepted certain souls and maybe the ML himself was a supernatural being or something. All the hints seemed to lead up to that! The mythical beasts that are hunted and found in Guang Tian and seen nowhere outside that world for hundreds of years. The fact that the river washes up outsiders and then they go and 'decide' whether to send the people out or accept them into the city... like how did they 'see' that MC wasn't a soul with harmful intentions as opposed to another one?

I also don't understand ML's background... like his mother saw his ruthlessness (from his training...!) and wanted to drink the amnesia potion to forget about him... and forgot about him and managed to remarry and have another family and son... and the second son is only a few years younger than ML. Like, isn't that way too young to decide right away? I feel like that part and the part about ML's father dying of heartbreak later was just there to get pity points from the MC.

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Chuyin rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: Completed
So, I rarely write detailed reviews of works, and I do it only when I think that there is something in the book that can be truly appreciated.

I read this short story at the beginning of the summer, feeling the fatigue coming up after hard student days. And you know what? It really helped me relax and find inner harmony. Someone from the commentators before me compared this work with the "Natsume's Book of Friends", only without spirits, and I will join in such an assessment.

Have you ever felt how... more>> the whole burden of the world rests on your shoulders? How does the external environment poison your very existence? Oh, believe me, the main character experienced this in full. His exhausted soul and half-dead body thrown into the river, like garbage, could only disappear, it would seem. But fate gave him a second chance, which was not wasted.
In this book you will not find dizzying adventures, incredible fairy-tale heroes, meaningless pa-pa-pa and dubcon. Perhaps the maximum of mystery that you will meet here is the name of the village, haha. The story stretches through the years, like delicate silky honey, filled with the aroma of summer. This life-battered boy who has lost everything learns to do what he never did before: plant vegetables, raise livestock, save money from selling in a shop. And here you will have the opportunity to observe his interesting and in his own way very competent, respectable philosophy, his attitude to life. The biggest and most painful-happy miracle that he met in his life was... the village. It is not known which, it is unknown where - eccentric, but sweet in its own way. It does not store the elixir of immortality and does not live Taoists, but these wooden houses and a dry plum tree outside the window become the embodiment of "The Peach Blossom Spring", the Chinese "heaven on earth." About this place, remembering with tenderness, I want to say: "home, sweet home."

Perhaps this is not the most terrific novel of those that I read, but I give her 4.5 with a deduction of 0.5 only for a slightly specific incident at the end, and for me this story will be the one that I still want to re-read time from time. <<less
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March 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Firstly, forgive me for my bad English cause I use mtl

Even though I really appreciate novels, I never write reviews about novels because I am a very introverted person. But for this novel I will give my review.

This novel is the best BL novel my whole life that I will forever remember. This is not just a novel that I just read to pass the time or because I just like reading. When I read this novel I was at the lowest in my life, being seriously ill for up... more>> to 6 months made me think I was going to die, the fear of death made me suffer from a severe anxiety disorder that made it difficult for me to breathe and had to use a breathing apparatus.

In between times full of anxiety and fear, I try to divert it by watching videos or reading novels, although sometimes it doesn't work. But God give me this story, my tears came out seeing the how damage MC and what he had gone through, how he ended up damaged physically and psychologically. Just like me at that time.

but I can see that slowly the pain will pass, hurts and bleeds will heal. The story told me that it's okay to worry and be afraid but everything will turn out well and it won't be that scary,

we just neet to see in a different way and have someone right by our side, no matter how damaged our body and soul are, even though it is slow, it will heal. Thank you to the author and TL of this beautiful story which is able to give me the strength to live. <<less
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StarPhia rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly this book was incredible! It was super binge-able. I really loved how this story not only has an incredibly fascinating plot, but also does an incredible job in the romance department. The two lovers were absolutely adorable together!

The scene with the plum tree blossoms were Nan Ge Er let Mo Shu kiss him with the petal was so cute and romantic <3

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stardustmist rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I had finished reading Erha and was feeling so empty, saw a tweet which had screenshots of the novel, and I had to read it.

The story isn't full of actions and adventure, but I definitely loved it. Could it be called soft romance? I don't know, but the interaction between the main couple is endearing and lovely. I always thought that it would lead to revenge and solve those knots in the MC's heart and life. He unties the knot, but not in the way I was assuming he would.

The... more>> story is paced nicely and the MC learns to live a simple and happy life. The simplicity of this novel is astonishing, it shows that you can be satisfied with a little bit and you don't necessarily have to avenge yourself.

It was a lovely read and would definitely recommend this to others~ <<less
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