Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds


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An average, normal university student transmigrates into the royal family in another world, where he becomes one of the successors of the throne. Although it sounds nice, who would understand the hardships that come with it?

And thus, he should simply leave, conceal his identity, and disappear into the depth of this flourishing mortal world.

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Chūn Shù Mù Yún
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New Legend rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c38
So I found Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds to be a little different from the average romance/bl novel found on NU. For one thing, the novel is more on slice of life side, it doesn't have very much action or intrigue and isn't very fast pace. There is a little bit of mystery regarding the town, but that's resolved fairly quickly (and I wouldn't say that it's a real mystery seeing as the townsfolk don't really try to hide it). For another, although STSC comes off as a sweet and... more>> slow romance novel with lots of fluff, for me the true story here is about the slow road to recovery for a broken man, the people who didn't give up on him, and the man who loved him for who he is. The story is really heart warming, but it also doesn't just skip over the fact that the MC was traumatized because the mc's growth plays a very big role.

STSC begins with our MC washing up in a strange place even though, logically, he should have died. At this point in time he's already been living in this new world for quite some time, and what he's been through has already sort of broken him. The first half of the novel is very much about the MC integrating into his new life and slowly gaining back a little bit of that will to live that he originally lost. The MC and ML begin basically as employee and boss but their relationship quickly turns to friendship which slowly turns to love. There are a lot of sweet moments (and some funny ones too), and it's nice to see how gentle and patient the ML is.

All in all it's a great read and definitely worth a shot.

I've added an excerpt below that was taken from the translated work. Gives you a good idea about the MC and ml's relationship. Includes some light spoilers.


This is the MC (Nan Ge Er) 's thoughts. The person mentioned below is the ml.

He, from Bei Jun, drifted through the river. With his body filled with rounds and his heart packed with despair, he arrived at Guang Tian while nearing death. He initially thought the entire world had abandoned him, or that he was hated by everyone. However, unexpectedly, he met a world, completely different from what he knew, here with his own eyes.

A different life, scenery, and people. Bit by bit, his broken spirit was melted by the warmth. After that, it congealed into a new shape and colour gradually. It wasn’t intentional, nor was it unnatural. He was, truthfully, noisily, then gently, integrated here after starting afresh. And then, presently, a certain person said, it was worth it no matter how long it takes.

Regardless the substantial amount of time needed to heal those previous wounds, the person still thought it was worth it. The person stated, even if others threw him away like a used rag, he is still a treasure in the person’s eyes. Although he was an untrustworthy fellow and had problems with his personally, he still said that seriously.

Nan Ge Er just felt- joyful. yet, he felt like crying for a bit.

I don't know if I like him or not, but, I just felt delighted. There's a person who treasures me as such. He protects me, mindfully in places I'm unaware of, as he is fearful might suffer any bit of wound again. He treats me as though I'm a rare treasure, guarding me carefully since he doesn't have the heart to let me encounter any difficulties. And then, people around me look at such a cherishment innocently; they smile while considering it natural.

I... I don’t know

But, I think, maybe I will try to protect my body even harder, and live on.

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turelight rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c35
For me, I really love this novel.

I don't know how to describe it in words, but it is kind of a 'rest your exhausted heart here, and immersed in warm light shining through tree branches in spring day' story.

Instead of showering you with cute, fluffy or sweet feeling, it warms your heart with silly yet deep interaction between the characters, and gives you various views of life (like Barakamon or Natsume Yuujinchou without Ayakashi).

... more>> "Seek for the place that you can belong. Not just exist, but live.

Learn to trust, to love, to accept and be yourself again."

- This is Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds from my point of view. <<less
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nixxara rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c9
I don't know how to describe this book and I also don't know what direction the story is going in since the MC doesn't need really have a goal. At first, I was a little bored but getting further into the story, I found that the story may seem simple but many deep thoughts are expressed through their actions.

The life of the MC after being washed shore to an unknown land is monotonous but he finds that there's more to the people living there than what meets the eye. The... more>> MC himself isn't ambitious due to all the bad things that happened to him after reincarnation. He just wants to live in this new place where everyone seems friendly and kind. It's a new environment for the him who's always lived in a toxic environment where it's kill or be killed after reincarnating. This new way of life reminds of him of his life before reincarnating. Everything is super peaceful, but there's always a feeling of some hidden danger... Like the people living there are hiding their strength/abilities in order to live a normal life.

This isn't really a spoiler but: A cool thing is that only those who have no where to go are allowed there. It's hard to have people with bad intentions enter (since there are hidden people regulating it in the dark) <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: c31
This story is beautiful. It is a gentle love story.


MC's face was destroyed so he has become unattractive. ML loves him regardless. ML is also very patient and kind.

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itikky rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c17
Slow romance, but it's a wholesome slice of life with a bit of mystery for the backgrounds of the townspeople! Refreshing that the MC isn't a pretty-boy! Although, he is still delicate...
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Otwentyfirst rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c11
Sweet and interesting, a very pleasant slice of life story. Good for when you want to take a break and just enjoy a nice read. A little like Yotsuba to! just replace the crazy adorable cuteness with a relaxing balm instead.
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