Banished to Another World


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The scum Medicine God was banished to a savage other world, forced to undergo reformation!

The soul of Yan Mo, who had thoroughly offended the heavens, passed through to another world, not waking for long before realizing the cruel circumstances he was in.

He was hit unconscious by another person and carried back as winter food reserves.

The tribe that he was at was a super-Spartan type of primitive tribe.

The people here only cared about two things: Fighting strength! Fighting strength!

The former fighting strength is used on the battlefield, the latter fighting strength……

Checking illness? Chinese medical doctor? Drinking bitter dregs? What sort of toy is that? Are you conspiring to murder my tribe’s young warriors? Kill!

Growing wheat? Raising pigs and chicken? We’re warriors, not s*aves! Kill!

Teaching women how to make clothes and cook? Making soap and perfume for them? f*ck, unexpectedly seducing the tribe’s women! Kill!

You say you’re god’s messenger? Come to guide us in the direction of a more beautiful life? Very good, give you one day’s period, go and subdue all of our enemies and turn them all into s*aves to bring back. Impossible? Kill!

Yan Mo, “……”

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Yi Shi Liu Fang
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YukiChan801 rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c6
An interesting novel with a new concept through transmigration and making totally different than the rest. I will not elaborate too much as to not spoil it but all I can say is that it is truly well written and you easily get pulled in to want to continue reading how this will continue. I am angry at myself for not knowing Chinese and being bad with MTLing otherwise I would've already continued reading without waiting!
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readingthings rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c23
All I can say is that this novel is not for everybody... but it's brutally awesome. Like brutal. Literally. MC is not OP and there no love at first sight. Very different from other transmigration novels I've read. But the experience really depends on the reader... sometimes I have to stop reading to contemplate my life choices. It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time.

Read the tags my peeps. Read at your own risk. :)
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wayson rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c21
Very good, I hope it will continue in this level. The main character is interesting and have a strong personality, but the great problem with these kind of novel is that sometimes the protagonist change and become super passive, dependent and helpless as the time pass. I'm hoping that these novel don't go these way and the main character stay strong and not turn in to a house wife.
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January 27, 2020
Status: c26
The story seemed amazing and I desperately wanted to go through with it till the end but I just couldn't follow with the second translator. I know they work extra hard to give us this books so I'm not complaining. I'm just extremely sad that I had to let this one go.
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learningabc rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Probably one of the best BL transmigration stories I've read. Although it isn't without its faults, the pros outweighs the cons by a long shot. It has a relatively interesting premise and I really enjoyed the MC's transformation as a person. The story was quite exciting to read, especially MC's journey into uncharted territory, seeing how he deals with situations without the ML. Although his interactions with the ML is also really entertaining; and it was interesting to see their changing relationship throughout the story.

I got the sense that the... more>> author wanted to end the story when the MC and ML became a little too OP and dealt with all hardships and complications through brute force. And my hunch was basically confirmed after seeing how the author rushed the ending. Either way, the story was still interesting enough for me to not feel too disappointed with the ending. <<less
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HusbandDontRunAway rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c98
One of the best danmei novels that I'm currently reading.

As I am binge reading this, I got to know and gain knowledge about primitive people (although not accurate but still). I kinda hate the ML at first since I do not like forced bs but realizing how his character growth makes me love me him. As for the MC, he's a smart scum but pessimistic type in some ways.

Best to not eat while reading (some chapters are really disturbing and detailed that you can imagine the scene vividly in your... more>> mind.)

Relationship's pretty slow. Just hoping that there's no dog blood if they get together. <<less
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XavierForest rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: Completed
So this is pretty much a story about a cold-blooded researcher/doctor who was reincarnated (transmigrated) into a primitive world and is monitored by a Guide (System) which promises him that if he can earn the required amount of points via doing good deeds, his child from his previous life that died early will be reincarnated with him.

The Guide rewards him when he reaches certain numbers of points and punished him brutally (e.g. Blindness, limb paralysis, aging, pain, etc.) for set periods of time when he loses points due to committing... more>> bad deeds. This results in him trying to be "good", and because he doesn't tell people about the Guide, everyone around him is generally led to believe that he's soft even though he's actually a really insidious bastard.

Ultimately, this is literally just a guy from the 21st (?) century swindling a growing number of barbarians into believing he's the priest of the gods until he ends up becoming basically that. The lies this guy tells to get what he wants and the ways he twists his words is hilarious at times, especially when everyone either believes him completely or it comes back to bite him in the butt.

The story is really interesting, with a lot of world building and civilisation building. There's so much explained and there's even more difficult things that I had to reread a couple times to be able to wrap my head around the concepts. The author did skip over some bits that I would have liked to have read about in more detail, but not really anything too important.

I recommend opening up a document and writing out the names of all the characters and their respective tribes or you might get lost at times. I was able to keep up because I binge-read this in the span of a month, but sometimes I had to pause and remember who was who. There are dozens of different races and even more cities and tribes, and remembering who was the son of which chief and which witch was which and who the ML's old tribe friends were and which collections of tribes they met at which city proved to be a challenge at times, especially as the story progressed and there was a massive increase in the amount of characters with the expansion of the tribe.

Overall, I had fun reading this (even if it hurt my brain at times) and wish it didn't end where it did. I could have easily read another couple hundred chapters of this and been happy. <<less
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Strange BR Dude
Strange BR Dude rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Honestly? My favorite Novel, the translator is very fast, and the plot is one of the bests

About the MC

... more>>

The MC is not OP as the others Isekai or Transm. MCs. His character development is truly worthy a gradution prize, why? Because he is not born with Overpowered mana, energy or whatever, he is a simply graduated chinese doctor


For the people who would judge it as bad because it is yaoi...

Well, the yaoi part is always present but not such important I mean, it´s not that sugar and candy kinda of yaoi and you will only note this sweet part at the end of the novel (if im not wrong c500 up)


About the History

The MC is Banished to this primal world and ends up being a s*ave of the ML and ends up helping the village treating some injuries ('cause he is a doctor, get it?), I won't spoiler much any more, I will only write that the people of this world have some strange powers (not op powers, its like a well balanced MOBA) and the MC and ML end up making theyr own tribe and the history goes on...

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anon25 rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c659
One of the best BL novels. I MTL'ed and read till the latest chapter. But a little confused because it seems incomplete or maybe there is a sequel.

... more>>

This is a spoiler. Its my first time reviewing so I don't know how to use spoiler. Hope it came out right.

So like I said the novel seems incomplete even though its status reads complete. I mean the alien demon gods haven't attacked, the new bio witch weapon has not been popularized, MC hasn't accessed star network. Nothing about what happened to the Western civilization after he left has been mentioned. He still has a million scum values and is still controlled by the exile guide. Most of the east civilization is still divided and primitive. There are many more things but these are the main points. To be clear other than the fact that both his children have been born, none of his final goals/mission have been realized. It doesn't seem like it is even anywhere near being realized. Like the story came to a stop right at the climax of the novel.


My original rating for this would be 5. But if this really is a completed novel and if there is no sequel then I would give it a 3.5 because there is nothing more disappointing than an incomplete story or a story with plotholes no matter how well its written or how interesting it is. <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c28
I don't agree with a few people that like this. I also don't agree with a few people that dislike this.

The ML is unlikable. No one knows for sure if he's eaten a human before but you can tell he's not new to it... So he's definitely eaten a human before. I... Vampires are the furthest I'm going for BL. Cannibalism is too far. Sorry. I have to draw the line. They would eat their children. I cannot have any sort of sympathy for them.

He is scum. Worse than MC.... more>> At least MC uses the lives of others in the pursuit of knowledge. But we don't necessarily know if he's actually done it. His thoughts hint at wanting to do it but eh. He saves people. May not be the code of doctors but sure is the code of scientists.

The whole s*ave thing... Is probably 2nd to the whole cannibal thing. I'm okay with this more than the cannibal thing because of the shield hero novel and eqyptian based novels... And servants in Ancient China being s*aves etc. So it's not that bad. It's better treatment than other novels... Just... The cannibalism thing is just no. I can't feel any good emotions to the characters when they've all eaten another person. Idc if it's their culture or whatever. It's my culture to not fxcking eat people. I can't read this novel. It's just off putting.

I love that the scummy main character, Yan Mo, has a

kid that he loves and wants to bring back to life. It's actually given him depth. Might even explain why he's such a scum and doesn't care about others. He only cares about himself and his child. He'd do anything for his little baby. I hope he can bring that Bao Zi back to life. I love his character setting. It's enjoyable for scum to be selfish. But I don't understand why he's labeled as scum. Scum should be a man who manipulates others for his entertainment and endorses pain for pleasure. All we know so far is that he was apathetic to the world because of his character and backstory.

I hate the system because of my like for MC. In my opinion, the system should be on his side and let him kill all the disgusting mongrels that eat, kill and rxpe each other. Doesn't matter if it's their culture. They deserve to be rehabilitated or exterminated. You cannot empathize with them, especially if you are the one being eaten, killed and rxped. Plus there are so many more disgusting scum. I wouldn't even label MC as scum because he wouldn't eat, kill and rxpe someone. At the most he'd kill, but his doctor talent and pride probably wouldn't let him lose his patient.

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mick-02 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Love it! It took a while for me to finish reading this as I have work. Its a long journey for me. I have watched how he grew up from nothing to everything. This is such a good story I dont want to spoil anything. Just read it!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
averageneet rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: Completed
i spent full 3weeks to finish reading this, just a heads up the translation is inconsistent honestly its a headache but still thankful that somehow the translator tried his best to deliver.

the plot is good I appreciate story like building civilization, leveling up, fantasy world with magic and beast stuff. However as the story goes the more things become complicated the author is ambitious which is not necessarily bad but because there is too many things going on I felt like the resolve was not enough, later it become mess... more>> up like the author loses his focus on the storyline and just want to end the novel, there are some parts which can be shorten, some parts that needs to be stretch and some parts that on my opinion can be eliminated.


the author just suddenly throw alien world out of nowhere, I wish the story just focus on building the civilization, knowing more about the life after the war with the horn people, how they unite the whole continent the everyday life, the completion of his banishment task and so on.


The reason I stick with this novel til the end is because I love JiuFeng and Meng Er. <<less
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Oiramocirol rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: --
You can't really judge the book by its cover.
- this is the thought that I realized after I got to read this book. At first glance, you will feel hesitatance because there were some comments and tags about the that isn't appropriate. However, once you get to actually read it, you will that the turn of events have really has its purpose. Though truthfully, I can claimed that the first chapters of the book wasn't to good in the mind, and eyes. However, I can still... more>> judged that its the part of the story and how would the characters would cope from it. All in all, reading is just base on your discretion, but to me, its a book that should not be miss by everyone. Also, you need to be level-headed by reading this book and so that you will not be affected by it that much. <<less
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cv rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c462
it was cool in the beginning, a slow but interesting burn. However the characters just get more and more as the story builds up.

and having op characters who beat up any and everyone is cool but when there’s absolutely no suspense; no balance; extended time that the op character is just.... op and no story plot or anything, it’s just boring.
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HanNweNyein rated it
December 9, 2019
Status: c649
This is a very unique story. It is about a slow but steady process of civilizing a primitive tribe. The world building is very interesting. And you have many awesome characters whose existences are not just decorations to enhance the brilliance of main leads.

... more>>

They have gods, abilities, non-human intelligent creatures and even alien spaceships.


Unlike other tribal novels, MC didn't become OP immediately after he transmigrated. It feels realistic when he has to struggle just to keep his life.

Both MC, Yan Mo and ML, Yuan Zhan are strong, very strong. Though MC has so many cheats, he didn't get them for no reason. And our MC is the exact opposite of white lotus holy mother. He is black bellied and always thinking about how to take advantage of others. It is refreshing to see this type of MC who is tough and independent. We are tired of kind, weak and pathetic MCs who get cheated easily and always needs MLs' protection.

Our ML is a very devoted lover. He only has eyes for MC and everyone or everything can go die for all he cares.


In the middle of the story, when MC gets stronger and stronger, Yuan Zhan felt pitifully insecure and always thinking of how to make MC not to abandon him.


The romance is very slow. Well, we can't expect someone like Yan Mo to fall in love that easily. But because it took time and the relationship was built step by step, when it happens, it felt genuine, solid and healthy.

Just read it. This novel won't disappoint you. Just make sure you notice all the tags before reading because this story is extraordinarily terrific, and I don't like it when someone gets frightened at the beginning and drops it before they get to fully appreciate the wonderful story.


They had two sons. They were very cute and mischievous. It was to be expected when they have Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, two wicked devils as dads.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miktus.Jr rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c235
The idea is pretty good. The story is nice, the relationships and character interaction is good too. The power system is not a bad one, and the races and stuff is not overexagerrated. I like the primitive society mentality described in this novel. Overall the novel is really good, but it's not really considered a masterpiece. The bad thing about it is the translation quality and the romance (?) between the MC and the love interest. If you enjoy a kingdom building novels you might like it, but you need... more>> to keep in mind they are real primitive people, so you are not building a kingdom but a tribe, and this is a fantasy world, so you need to keep that in mind. The absolute best thing for me is the descriptive nature of this novels idea of chinese medicine. I do recommend it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hilyantomi rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c167
The novel has a rich structure of informations and plot, but it is still a cliché. A big cliché. I really hope you all to read all the readable chapters before rating.

If you don't mind the repetition of cliché characters and situations, it would be easier for you to enjoy the story. It is very well written and it does not only focus on the danmei side like most of the other BLs. The author is not bad but in this novel, her narration takes ages just to tell simple... more>> things and that becomes very annoying, so for those who have already read other novels from her, be considered of either a huge disappointment or a full-of-fictitious-science novel.

On the other side, the love between the ML and MC is very meaningful, but that doesn't mean that the novel itself is better than other BLs. Tragedy tagged ones with no cute shou and yandere gong are there with a reason. <<less
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Phrille0507 rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: Completed
Yaay finally finished reading this thru MTL and it was worth it.. I really enjoyed reading it although I feel that the end is too abrupt.. Like I really want to read more about how they rule the world, or atleast until the MC finished the negative scum points that he has, and how they fight the alien race or something lol.. I wanna read more about their family life

... more>>

with their 2 sons, and other adopted childrens, and Jiufeng, oh I really love that bird, he is sooo nice to MC and I was really happy when he can became a human child.. He is sooo cute always acting spoiled with MC lol 😂😂😂😂


Hope the author will continue the story.. If not its okay also, the end is still very satisfying.. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
roquelg rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: --
It has its humor and moments but overall it wasn't enough to make me wait for more chapters. I mean, I think is a nice concept but the MC's personality didn't make click with me.


Nice starting idea

Nice pacing


MC and ML's personality (individual and together)

The System

Sometimes the narration
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RoseColouredSin rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: c12
There aren’t many novels that keep me hooked enough to keep wanting more after every single chapter. The world is harsh (and a little gross at times) but that’s what makes it so interesting to read about. I’m very eager to see how the MC manages to get himself out of all these sticky situations. The ML and MC both seem to have very complex characteristics that aren’t all apparent right now, and I’m super excited to learn more about them. Would definitely recommend to those who like plot!!!
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