The Earth is Online


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Six months ago, tens of thousands of black phantom towers appeared all over the world, floating above the cities. Chemists, physicists, religious people… all of them could do nothing.

Six months later, people became used to the towers and no longer paid them attention.

One day, Tang Mo saw a flying insect crash into it instead of going through it. The next day, a sharp and clear child-like voice issued an announcement to all humans.

“Ding dong! November 15th, 2017. The earth is online.”

The black tower’s three iron-clad rules:

1. Everything is explained by the black tower.

2. 6 o’clock to 18 o’clock is the game time.

3. All players, please strive to attack the tower.

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New Nomin rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Absolutely one of the best. Became attached to all of the characters no matter how hateful they seem
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Alya fujo
New Alya fujo rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel needs you to read it to the end to know whether it is good or not. The beginning part of this novel might be boring but it gets better as you read more chapters.

Earth is online is my most favourite novel out of all my favourite novels. I like the characters (the MC is monotonous but he's smart), the plot twists which make the story more interesting and mind blowing (i don't get why some people find the plot twists are ridiculous when they are the ones spicing... more>> up the story), the puzzles and games which blown my mind away and the romance even though it's very slow which makes the story more realistic. Some people said that the romance seems forced and unrealistic because it didn't seem to be progressing. I admit that the romance is moving like a snail because it starts at ch 100+ or maybe 200+ (i don't really remember cuz I finished reading this novel long time ago and only writing this review now). But let's be real, how could the MC and ML find the time to fall for each other when all they have to do is think how to survive?

Even though I like it so much, I must admit that it has flaws too but that doesn't make this novel bad. At most, it only deserves to lose one star. You really should read this novel to the end. Don't just say it's boring when you haven't even reached any of the good parts. Have fun reading! <<less
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Sinsey rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c150
Action and survival in a BL story, you say?! SIGN ME THE F*CK UP! ( ̄▽+ ̄*) What else can I say? This novel's really good in terms of testing wits, solving puzzles (some might even find their IQ increasing while reading it. Lol) and most of all: SURVIVAL!

Once I picked this up I couldn't stop myself and just had to go torture my brain cells with MTL but fortunately it's readable so I survived! But honestly in the further chapters the interaction and chemistry between MC and ML is something... more>> worth looking forward to!

They compliment each other so well. Their level of compatibility really makes one wonder. It takes time to establish their relationship but I believe they'll reach that point eventually. And that process is precisely what makes you more excited. I can't wait to see them together. Really tests my patience. (T▽T)

I also love the MC so muchh !!! He's really smart and doesn't need anybody to rely on ! He's strong and self sufficient and can survive on his own. He's ruthless when he needs to be and isn't fixated on helping those in need and being your typical mother mary character. He will only help when it doesn't risk his safety and isn't overly emotional.

Apart from that, the side characters also do a great job in progressing the story and the story doesn't entirely revolve around the MC.

The Tower's one great mystery. As the story progresses there's a lot of speculations made but aren't confirmed as of yet! But the part where I'm at has definitely given me one major shock. DEFINITELY DONT READ THIS IF YOURE A NEW READER AND DON'T WANNA GET A MAJOR SPOILER THAT'LL RUIN THE THRILL OF THE STORY:


So you aint gonna listen huh? Well sure, go ahead and get ruined. _ (._.) _

The 90% of the population consisting of billions of people who got erased in the beginning of the game actually didn't really die but they were just living in a different dimension and were playing their own version of tower games I believe? I'm not sure about that part but apparently their average level of players are much stronger than the survivors and now their world is slowly integrating with the survivor's world and it's causing great chaos cos it means that the survivor's families didn't actually die in the beginning and now to live in the real world they have to kill the survivors and extend their own time to be able to live.


Well thats all I've read up till now, its still ongoing so I'm waiting for more chapters to confirm this fact. I've almost broken my F5 key to say the least. phew! I swear I've never typed such a long review for God's sake.

Anyway, This one's a great read so I totally recommend it. The translater releases chapers frequently so sit tight and enjoy the ride. Alright that's all. <<less
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Ease rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c181
This is an amazing story featuring an intelligent man, set in a deadly world that is Earth which is no longer peaceful.

The setting of the novel is a dangerous strategy game that requires the players to actually think and analyze the rules carefully. Not only are the NPCs very deceiving, the Black Tower itself is purposely misleading the players towards a different conclusion.

Fortunately, Tang Mo the MC is a very intelligent and sharp-minded man, able to pick up any hints and clues, strong, and independent. He is a man who... more>> persists under pressure, never give up even when the front looks bleak and gloomy, and very courageous.

Others might think that a game is 1+1=2, but Tang Mo analyzes the rules carefully and discovers that truthfully, it's 1x1=1. Only a slight change but the results are very different.

I am up to date with the raws because of how addicting this novel is. The summary might not be much (because I put it off many times before too) but give it a try and you'll understand why it's so good.

On a scale of 10, I'll give this novel a 10. <<less
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Wondy7 rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: c189
This is an amazing story, with great characters and plot where the games and its resolution always feels well planned by the author.

MC does have a cheat ability but this one comes with limitations that doesn't make him fell into a typical OP character and he has his shortcomings too, like due to him being an ex-librarian he still needs to improve his psysical strenght. Besides (until c189) he is not the strongest player of the tower in the world, there are other characters that are before him and even... more>> the ML has rivals to his power.

About the romance.


If you are looking for a "in you face" romance this is not your novel, don't get me wrong, they know they like each other but apart for some little moments and some scenes you won't see them acting lovey dovey. I have read the latest chaper and they haven't shared a kiss yet.

Even then, those moments are sweet and always make you wish for more. For example, Tang Mo was in a coma state for days and while he waited for him to wake up, Fu Wendou took the chance to grab his fingers, and althought later that scene ends in them discussing who fell in love first they don't have enough time alone to talk about it.

Another sweet one was when after Tang Mo got someone else ability, he was looking to give a prop in exchange but Fu Wendou end up being the one who gave one of his own props.

Ah! Vinegar.. FW is the only one who has drink it, two (clear) times at the moment. First because there's a character who likes to torment Tang Mo and in one chapter suggested that he will give him a kiss (it didn't come out of nowhere but still) and FW quickly say he was going to kill him (Tang Mo sugesst it first), the second was after a game when Tang Mo was interested in another character ability and express it out loud, FW then told him "my ability is better than hers"

I really can't wait fot their romance's progress! But the sory itself it's amazing so I know it's worth the wait!


People that skip this one due to one of its genre being BL, shouldn't left their prejudice control them, they are missing a good novel. <<less
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azha_ rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c81
This novel is like that one book you knew you were looking for in the back of your head, but never really knowing what that book was! I don't know if I'm making sense or not :3

Like seriously, I could rant all day about this. I honestly love this book and and I hope others will come to love it as much as I do.

Okay so this is a survival/puzzle BL novel. I never really appreciated the survival genre until this book. Whenever the MC finishes a game I realize... more>> again that I'm actually quite dumb :P. Even after the explaination I have to think about it for a while. The plot is set up in a way that just draws you in. You are always wondering what other game instance he is going to be pulled into next. I think its pretty fast paced, well maybe not so much in the beginning, but it was nessasary, believe me. Oh and the BL part! It's a delicious slow burn that you just love and hate at the same time. You want the MC and ML to keep each other on their toes and GET TOGETHER ALREADY at the same time. For those of you who don't read BL, *sigh*, you are missing out on a beautiful thing....

I haven't really written anything that really should be in a review but whateves, there's many a reviews out there yonder. And all you really need to know is that this is a TOTALLY GOOD BOOK and you should really give it a shot. <<less
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DaBrick rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: Completed

At first, I found this diamond because I was searching for some good yaoi and then I see Mo Chen Huan name (which is one of my fav author) and then proceed to read it.

I read plenty of Survival Game genre prior to this and I can say that this story is one of the best survival game story I've ever read. Why I said one of the best survival game story and not yaoi is because... more>> although I found this story because I want to read some good yaoi, I STAYED FOR THE PLOT but BL is also a plus point.

Anyway, I would still definitely read this even without the BL 10/10 therefore please don't just vote 1 stars because this is yaoi/ BL because the BL part is very scarce and not yet completely shown by the author. At most its only skin touching until now (like holding hands, not d*ck touching so it's still R-15 but the gore part is R-18).

Firstly, the plot. The story plot is really very much interesting. Like what the Synopsis said, suddenly the entire world have this black tower thingy and indeed this black tower thingy is the game operator (maybe? It's still a mystery) basically because the premiere is where the MC and other survival are suddenly pulled to the game. Before this there are plenty of MC background storytelling and how he usually feels about things and so on (these details also will pop up in the entire story not only in the beginning).

MC is a guy (duh ofc he's a guy) who is in his 20s who's a librarian. He spent much of his time between home and the library he worked for. He's also portrayed as someone calm (but in his mind he always grumble about how unlucky he is when the game started bwahahah) and he's not the genius kind of person, more like very smart and very witty person if he focus on something. And like I said, he's a librarian, so what is his hobby? It's watching porn! Of course it's reading books! (Unexpected right?) so he has good general knowledge + he's smart and he has quite a cheating ability so he's pretty OP I guess? But not so op cause he's pretty unlucky and often got into life threatening situation.

And about his cheating ability (THIS IS NOT A SPOILER cause it's also introduced pretty early in the story) so his ability is like getting other's ability while the others still got their ability. So you can say it's copying other ability, BUT! If he can copy other ability just like that, his ability will be a super cheat and not only quite a cheat ability. His ability will copy other ability and get 40%~60% of the other's ability (not quite sure about this cause it's not definite).

Now back to the plot, the survival game is not always on going/ non stop, but it's more like there's the main game where people can choose to get into and there are other mini games too if I speak more it would be spoiler. And there's also many gore and killings, tho the gore is not specifically described well maybe there are some heavy describing, I forgot :p. All the game survival each have overseer (?) who we all know. Who you said? It's famous cartoons, fairy tales, and game characters! Ex: Mario, mole, sonic, Cinderella, schrodinger, red ridding hood, etc. So each game is not like 'individual game' but it's like mini stories that makes up a bigger story. Each overseer or like the novel called them, monster, have their own twisted emotion (there are some normal one but mostly they're kinda twisted).

So, destroy your childhood MEMORIES! I'm kidding don't take it to heart. As you see your beloved character become an evil maniac! Actually I don't even feel anything. Prepare for the worst cause the end has come! The story is not even halfway yet BLACK TOWER: THE GAME what the hell am I doing.

Every game is unique on its own and have different game rules. The game are all clever thinking of the Author cause its all very good. And the mystery surrounding the black tower and the characters are also heightened which make it more interesting!

Lastly thank you for the translator (which I deemed as MCH fans too) for translating this novel. Because of you translator that made the story become an addicting drug for me (tho drug is never good) and the translator translation are also top notch which I can't find faults with.

5 stars!



After I finished reading this novel, I realized that the author have brought so much emotions to the black tower monsters to the point where you feel attachment to them. Even though all monster like to kill/ eat humans, their characteristic which are unique and really show up makes you can't hate them. They often make you laugh because of their action and reaction. Every monster like Santa Claus, circus leader, queen of hearts and many more have their own unique characteristics and I'm very fond of them. Especially when almost at the end of the novel when they show you their own perspective, tbh I actually cried because of these monsters because I'm so fond of them.


This is one of my most favorite novel and probably number 1/2 on my top list. <<less
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Evergreen rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c11
I LOVE THIS. ML and MC have not yet met but I dont care (altho I normally care) cause Im having a blast in reading MC's road to survival. It is soo good, soo exciting and soo unexpexted. Before obssessing about BL novels, I used to love reading apocalyptic novel where MC uses his wits to survive and this is exactly it! Definitely my cup of tea!! MC is calm and smart. As of now, he does not need any man to protect him. Woooohoo. Hoping for more chapters and... more>> less cliffs hahaha. Love you translator sama for bringing this wonderful novel to us. <<less
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LazytotheCore rated it
September 18, 2018
Status: c64
I love this web novel more than words can describe. Seriously. This was one of the best web novels I've read and that's saying a lot since I have read more light/web novels than I can count. I'm not the most eloquent person, so I can't properly articulate exactly how much I loved this, but if you're reluctant to read this because it's bl, I think you're making a big mistake. There doesn't seem to be much romance so far and what's currently there could probably be brushed off as... more>> friendship. I think.

Anyway, this web novel is filled with action, adventure, and is utterly hilarious at times. I don't know how to continue this review without spoiling the book nor do I want to make this too long and bore you, so I think I'll end it around here, but I think this book is better than almost every other book I've found using this site. You should definitely give it a try.

(The 15 people who gave this 1 star can suck my non-existent d*ck.) <<less
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akihiki rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: c115
This is the smart protagonist I’ve been looking for. Do you like games? Do you like reading carefully into rules to see which you can bend and which are trying to lead you astray? With their survival on the line, every person on earth must now play this game and attack the black tower.

This is an incredibly thrilling story with clever characters and logic that’s for the most part, believable. Even if you don’t like BL, this is a great read. It’s not focused on romance (the MC doesn’t even... more>> meet the male lead in person until at least 50 chapters in and then some more for them to stick together as partners to work through games together, not because of a romantic interest but out of genuine respect for each other’s abilities, like picking players for your basketball team during gym class).

I can’t say much without giving spoilers but this story sucks you in and is an incredible page turner. Thanks to the wonderful translators, we have daily updates too! <<less
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itikky rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c44
Highly recommend. Even for non-fans of BL (it's hardly a normal BL, it's more like "ADVENTURE/MYSTERY -maybe MC is gay-" sort of thing). The plot is amazingly planned-out, and the MC is better than you could ever hope for in this world full of twisted puzzle games!

I'm useless at puzzles and get lost a lot in the complicated games, but I like how calm the MC is within reason! As in not being unnaturally cool... he is anxious with us! He is calculating and clever but also compassionate, and he... more>> is quite modest despite being able to outsmart and physically beat many other players. In no way is he OP from the very start, though. His controlled persona 90% is quite admirable, but it's hilarious whenever he does get frustrated at his little notebook and the useless NPCs and items.

[tiny SPOILER]

Now that we're getting more interactions btwn ML and MC, the BL is starting to show!! lmao ML seems a bit OP, but their minds are a great match for each other. (The little "wife-husband" notes at the end of the chapters are hilarious and cute and somewhat make up for the lack of any BL for like 40 chapters.) <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the best bl novels I have ever read!

To give a more in-depth summary:

The MC was a librarian and met the ML (military commander) through an online game. They have both been teaming up online to play a game for years now, but have never actually met up in real life until the "end of the world". When the world ended, in order to survive, every human needs to play survival games made by the black tower and most often than not, the winner (s) of the game receives... more>> a reward while the loser (s) die. The only way to remove the black tower is to complete each floor of survival games in the black tower with a total of seven floors. All of humanity have started to develop special abilities and basically formed a dog eat dog world where the strong generally rule the weak.

Bl Development:

In terms of the romance department, it is considered a slow romance. Both the MC and ML slowly discover each other's identity as their virtual game teammate before confessing their feelings. The MC and ML have a tacit understanding with one another, meaning by just making eye contact, they already know what the other person is thinking. In this way, the chemistry between the MC and ML can be seen throughout the novel. The ML is very caring and considerate towards the MC, but don't worry, the MC is actually pretty proactive when it comes to skinship once their relationship as lovers is confirmed. The romance is very sweet and tame, so it leans more towards the shounen ai genre than the yaoi genre. As for male side characters, there are many ships to be made between them, but sadly they never sailed boo hoo hoo~


The ending of the story is done very well, it gives a closure to the plot but it also leaves the readers wanting more about the afterstory of certain characters. The truth about the black tower is revealed at the end, so prepare for a plot twist! I enjoyed reading this novel very much and would most likely go back to reread it again in the future, so whether or not you like bl, I highly recommend to give this novel a try since the bl doesn't affect the suspense and thrill of the story. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thatoneperson0000 rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c45
This was a really interesting novel :0

The details and plot going into this book is amazing, and the puzzle results are always so mind blowing! I definitely recommend reading this :)

Honestly, the bl is incredibly subtle, and this novel focuses on plot mostly :))

... more>>

edit: now at chapter 245 (the end)

Ok so the BL became much less subtle after like 90+ chapters, but it's still amazing. The way it ended left me satisfied, but also feeling bittersweet, and the games always left me baffled and hoping for more. This was an amazing read, as I binge-read through this for about four days :) Definitely read it, even if you're not sure about the BL! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iceflecks rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is so good! I love how complex the games are, and how the MC uses his intelligence to overcome the often difficult tasks in this almost apocalyptic world. The MC and ML interactions are great, and every character has some substance to them. The story is very well written (although the tasks are often confusing). It is worth a read. [MTL-able]

Edit: Now fully translated!! It's too awesome! A very shounen-ai story... I kind of wish it had been more hot with action, but the lack of fits with... more>> the mood/tone of the story very well. =D <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the best stories I've read. I don't know for others but this story is relatively fresh to me. I've been reading these cultivation stories, quick wear, entertainment, apocalypse, etc. But this story seriously opened a new door for me. Well, it maybe because I've not been browsing more that I did not find the same kind if story. Anyway, the Earth is Online is a relatively good one. If you haven't try reading this kind of story, I strongly suggest you read this one. Unlike other stories where... more>> they just drop characters A to Z, the characters of this story really stuck till the end. They might not be with the MC anymore but they still pop up every now and then.

Also, it's really funny how the MC is confused by his feelings for the ML.

When MC still didn't know that the ML and his crush (Victor) is the same person, every time his heart beats for the ML or something, he's like: Victor, Victor, think of Victor. I'm not a fickle person 😂😂


The tower bosses are also funny. This story somewhat ruined my fairy tale stories or game character perception.

For example, when I think of Cinderella, I'll think of her being a host of a show who loves to see her participants suffer to increase ratings. When I think of the circus leader, I think about how he licked and kissed gold or how he made out lol with Noah's ark while still acting like a gentleman. For Santa, I would think, did he properly cleaned his butt? Cuz it stink like hell haha. When I think of Snow White, I would pity the seven dwarfs seeing as how she enslaved them, making them drink her feet wash, do household chores and hunt bunnies for barbeque. As for Mario, poor Mario is so angry at Angry Birds and Candy Crush haha. Anyway, there's so many of them like Mosaic, Grandma of Red Riding Hood, Queen of Hearts, etc. Basically this story made me not think of these characters the same as before especially stinky Santa and the narcissist Snow White haha


The story is really good. Made me hook till the end. You would always wonder, just what is the black towers? Who created it? What is it's purpose? Why chose Earth?Where did the rest of the population go?

It's really good to the point that I mlt-ed it even though it made my head hurt like hell with all the grammars and words haha.

I also like the extras. Like how they portrayed what it is like if the black towers didn't appear. The main couple were so cute lol. Though, it's just sad how the comrades on the main story just by pass or don't have that much interaction if black towers didn't appear.

All in all, reading this story is totally worth it. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aurinne rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Real rating: 4.5 stars.

This is one of those rare C-novels that isn't formulaic and predictible, but instead is driven by a proper plot and proper characters. It is intelligently written (although not heavy, despite the heaviness of the brutal survival-game theme) and is easy and enjoyable to read.


    • A "shou" MC who is actually equal to the "gong" ML. This is rare in C-novel BL/danmei, as even stories with wonderfully strong and independent protagonists like Rebirth of Supermodel or Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil have an ML who is actually stronger/more powerful and more influential. This MC is equal to the ML, with some advantages the ML doesn't have, while the ML has some advantages the MC doesn't have. There isn't that feeling that the ML has to protect the MC, but rather they both are able to act independently.
    • A well-developed romance, almost completely absent of cliches, tropes and stereotypes. While it might be too slow for some readers who look for the quick-hook-up and endless dog food (and sex) type of stories, for me this was one of those satisfying romances that took its time to develop properly and strongly. The strength of their relationship is not always overt and explicit, but, as it develops, it becomes a clear and consistently presetn component of the story. As alluded to previously, it's a relationship where it feels like a proper partnership of equals and, unlike many stories, the MC's strength doesn't come from something more passive (such as healing or creativity) compared to the ML's assertive strength (such as fighting or having massive business influence). Honestly, it was a really satisfying romance.
    • The plot doesn't suffer because of the romance (but the romance is still important). The point of many stories is either romance from the start or it becomes romance (for instance, vengance stories end up as dog food while the ML protects the MC and smooths away any bumps in the MC's goals). In this story, the focus of the characters and the plot stays strongly on the survival game.
    • A strong and varied cast of characters. The characters in this story aren't clearly divided into "good" and "bad" or "trustworthy" and "not trustworthy" or "clever" and "stupid". The MC comes across a variety of characters with varying degrees of strength, intelligence and trustworthiness, many of whom are given a reasonable amount of depth and complexity. (Reasonable considering that the writing focuses more on progressing the story than spending a long time reflecting deeply on emotions.) The success of the MC isn't always only because of his own (or the ML's) strength or intelligence.
    • The balance of puzzles and action. The story's feature is that most of the challenges faced by the characters involve strong elements of trickiness - characters must think and work out the catch in the rules, find and decipher clues or outsmart the enemies in order to succeed - and yet this is seamlessly intertwined with exciting and interesting action. I often get really tired of action or intense scenes in stories because it's either relentless or formulaic and predictible. I enjoyed that this gave me many mental breaks between the action or highly-tense parts, but also provided action that felt interesting and purposeful or logical (rather than inserted because it's time for another piece of drama).
    • The readability/lack of heaviness. As I mentioned earlier, it's not a heavy story. It's intense and exciting at times, and is always interesting, but the author focuses on moving the story forward rather than dwelling on the psychological impact of the events the characters experience (although these are acknowledged). I, personally, tend to avoid stories that are too intensely heavy when I just want something entertaining to read, so I enjoyed that this story managed to deal satisfactorily with a serious topic while not getting bogged down by it.
CONS (only fairly mild, worth the loss of only half a star) :

    • The main con I found is in the explanation or description of some of the rules, game set-ups or solutions, which are sometimes a bit convoluted or confusing unless the reader is willing to stop and methodically work through everything. (I should clarify that I don't mean the intentional confusion created by the author to mislead or hide things, I mean things like sometimes the descriptions of rooms/buildings or when the solution is fully explained.) Of course, it's a strength of this story that it has puzzles that readers can spend time trying to work out for themselves, but its a weakness that at times explanations and descriptions are not clear unless you do that - which sometimes prevents readers like me (who prefer not to pause while reading) from pondering and speculating as we go, or fully understanding a solution. I'm not sure if it's mainly the fault of the author or if it's more the difficulty the translator (who is very good) had conveying things in English. It is only sometimes throughout the story, though.
    • Small inconsistencies in logic or failures of true deduction. I can't say overall how strong this story was in its logic and reasoning because I didn't stop and painstakingly work everything out as some readers would enjoy doing, but there were a few times when the results of their reasoning wasn't as absolute as it was portrayed in the story. For instance, decisions were made based on deductions that characters concluded were "definite" but they couldn't have known for sure. (Hercule Poirot wouldn't have approved!) At other times there were small inconsistencies (such as decisions based something never lying, but later that same thing not being strictly truthful, although in circumstances unimportant to the story). It's being picky, but it was mildly jarring and made it harder to work out solutions to problems because I wasn't sure how strict and reliable the author was.
Overall, I would recommend this to any reader who enjoys plot-driven stories with adventure, abilities, puzzles, action, survival, interesting characters and a slow, steady romance. It's not heavy, but is fairly cerebral, so read it when your brain isn't half-asleep!
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sapiojia rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: c146
I just want to remind to strengthen your cognitive functions to get along the pace of black tower's logic games, and conversations between brilliant characters or you will be dumbstruck by any plot turns.

Plots are not like frustrating random twists as all details are mentioned beforehand. Just stay eye-sharped and don't miss out any information the author described, also run your brain like mad to imagine all possible scenarios at the meantime.

Romance is realistic enough for me but sometimes their tacit understanding makes your heart cry in silence lol

A fore-prepare... more>> a pen and paper to scribble on in case you can play along when it comes to detailed grid games. The whole plot seems well-fabricated (I haven't finished it whole) but I can tell the author can handle it.

It even inspired me to learn more about logical reasoning. It's also freaking addict-able and stimulating that I even craved it for three days and one full night.

To conclude is that this is not average type of novel that you go flow with it.

good luck with your own read and enjoy the adrenaline rush, ah! <<less
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Nuinui rated it
October 3, 2018
Status: c75
Wow, it's kind of a shame that not a lot people read this, because they're missing out on something amazing! This novel has it all... a great plot, awesome world-building, compelling characters, a super (swoon-worthy) slow-burn romance, and cool action scenes!

Was that cheap attempt at getting more fans for this novel good enough? If not, then let me convince you.

For a BL novel, this story has quite the complicated plot/world-building. At first it might seem confusing, but as the story continues, more hints about what's happening to earth is... more>> explained. I'd say the novel is slightly similar to No Game No Life, in the sense that people are forced to play "games." So the novel is dystopian, as people have to survive and fight against each other in these so-called games.

The games themselves is what makes the story really good. (And no, they're not some simple rock-paper-scissors kind of games.) The author is super creative and comes up with all sorts of creative games and even introduces pop-culture into them! Without giving too many spoilers, all I'm going to say that there's a "board" game that involves Mario, and it's absolutely frightening. All the games are complicated, but the solutions to them are ingenious and are well explained.

Since the novel is dystopian, there is a bit of gore/bloody descriptions. I wouldn't say they're over the top, but some readers might find that a big icky to read, so fair warning there.

The MC and ML are really the highlights of the novel as well. They're both the quiet, reticent type (though the ML more than the MC). They're also super intelligent, which of course is the reason why they become a really fearsome duo to compete against. While they both are very strong in their own right, I wouldn't say they're OP. Personally, I like that. Since the main characters aren't OP, they can't simply blast their way through games with brute force and have to use their minds to figure the best way out of the games. It makes the stakes a lot higher, especially when the Tower doesn't let them off easy either.

The romance... ughhhhhhhhh I have so many FEELINGS about it. I love it and hate it at the same time because it's so beautiful and amazing yet it's so slow it's painful to read about. The MC and the ML just work really well together, and many times they share ideas just by looking at each other. It does take a while for them to meet up in the novel, but when they do, it's glorious.

While the novel's overall tone is serious, there's some unexpected humor sometimes. Hilariously enough, the author is quite harsh on the MC. (I think she likes bullying him...) Without giving out spoilers, let's just say the MC doesn't have it easy. He has shitty luck, and well... he's put into embarrassing situations. Also, the chapters end with an author's note in the form of a "mini-theater." It's pretty much just a few sentences of the MC and ML interacting over what occurred in the chapter it follows.

Have I convinced you to read this story yet?? Seriously, go read it now, because it's awesome.

Also, the translator is super good and her update speed is mind-blowing. (So what are you waiting for???) <<less
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tehrealone rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c172
First of all, I am not a BL lover/fujoshi/etc. However, this novel is just too good, so interesting and intriguing that I was willing to keep reading it even after all the BL scenes.

The purpose of my review is to inform any friends who are having second thoughts about this novel due to its BL nature to read this novel anyway. There are few BL scenes and they don't really last too long. The scenes are easily avoidable by skipping ahead and dont really contribute too much to the plot... more>> (IMO at least).

Now this novel is set out in an apocalyptic world, where people have to fight for survival among themselves and the mysterious entity known as the Black Tower. However, this novel differs from other standard apocalyptic novels in that the characters aren't fighting zombies, monsters, etc. Instead they are transported into random scenarios which they have to solve in order to pass and get stronger. The games played are reminiscent of Thriller Paradise, same with the MC. Both are highly intelligent and use their intelligence to help them advance.

Again if the BL tag is holding you back, I would strongly advise you to ignore it and read this novel anyway. <<less
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Xiaremae rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c80
One of the most amazing BL novel out there, it is truly worth reading and is not your typical formula web novel. If only I knew Mandarin I'm sure to actually read the raws... Anyways, a bigbthanks to the translator for having dug up a true gem.
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keinnan rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c216
This novel is amazing. It starts a little slow, and the first few games are a bit grotesque, but I'm so glad I didn't stop reading it as the progression of the characters and just the cleverness of so many little details combine together to make this one of the best novels I've ever read. I'm on tenterhooks every day waiting to see what happens in the next chapter, and I haven't been disappointed yet!
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puffiness123 rated it
June 9, 2018
Status: c25
Such an interesting and beautiful story! :) The concepts are new and interesting. I like the world building and the characterization.
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