Escape the Infinite Chamber


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One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”

There is a sequel called Reincarnation Night (轮回之夜) that takes place in the same universe but has different main characters

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New JoyBliv77 rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Had always enjoy these type of BL novels. This one in particular mix horror extremely well together. I felt shivers every time I read some certain scenes. The romance between MC and ML was rather sweet and cute (to me though) which also help relief some tensions. Ahh even our side couple was adorable!
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finily rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is an amazing mystery novel with well-written characters and plot. Overview:
Due to the horror genre, I was shying away from reading this amazing novel. The horror parts are mostly in the first half of the novel and actually kind of cliche in a way. Every time the MC encounters a dead body I keep praying it doesn't move but alas, because of the horror genre they always do without fail. The horror actually lies more in the gory descriptions of things. Especially, when it comes to... more>> dead bodies and how "characters" in the settings of the "Infinite Chambers" dies. If you can get past the gory bits (which never stops being described throughout the novel by the way) and focus on the mystery (which are kinda solvable if you read close enough) this story is quite interesting to read. The author does an amazing job of building characters relations and describing the plot and setting in a way that makes it easy to envision. It also makes the settings so much scarier because you can feel the tension and it feels as if something is going to jump out at you at any moment. The ships in this novel can be defined very loosely as enemies to lovers, which happens to be something I really enjoy. There are random angst moments that tugs at your heartstrings so be prepared for that. Characters:

Luo Jian:
Luo Jian is our adorable main character who's naive about what he has to do to survive the "Infinite Chambers". Although some of his too calm decision-making seems to hint otherwise. He's also quite possibly the most tragic and unluckiest character in this novel. Not only does he get sucked up this "escape game", he gets stabbed in the beginner level, accidentally drags his best friend into this escape game mess, catches the (loving) attention of the enemy, encounters a serial killer (who also happens to fall in love with his best friend), and has to deal with this escaping the cycle of "Infinite Chambers" nonsense. Luo Jian only continues to suffer more as he tries to solve the mystery of this "game". It's easy to think you understand his character, but by the end of the whole novel as you watch his growth. Luo Jian has quite literally become a different person.

Feng Yu Lan:

Feng Yu Lan is the perfect shou I never knew I liked (He's actually closer to being bi-sexual though). Although he's physically weak, he doesn't let that hold him back. Feng Yu is smart, tough, stands up for others, and extremely loving and loyal towards people he considers his friends. Before the start of the novel, he stands up for Luo Jian when his family turns on him for admitting he's gay. He even lies to his own family that he's gay and "elopes" with Luo Jian to help get him away from his family, giving up his easy happy life in the process. He's pretty much the perfect best friend everyone wishes they could have.


I think one of the saddest parts was when you find out that he didn't actually make it out alive with Luo Jian on the Ghost Ship. Because of his physical weakness, he dies of cold and drowns just before the exit. That made my heart hurt a lot. What's even sadder is he "dies" again shortly after because he lost the escape game and consequently needs to be killed in the real world too. On top of that, he basically gets his life bound to his killer. I don't think it's completely a bad thing though (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Feng Yu Lan's life can be described in one sentence: Living to die


Luo Jian & Stalker (Xing Yan) :

I would loosely describe their relationship as enemies to lovers because they practically fell in love at first sight with each other. Even though they're technically enemies, after the first clash they never actually fight each other again and help out one another. Their relationship is interesting to watch develop because it's kinda naive and very passionate. It's pretty adorable to see how Xing Yan finds loopholes in the rules just to help Luo Jian out. Xing Yan is super possessive of Luo Jian and later on, he basically acts like a crafty big dog that follows Luo Jian around.

Feng Yu Lan & Duan Li:

I think this ship had the most interesting dynamic in the book. This ship was the true enemies to lovers ship where they start off as enemies and take a super long time to get together.


To the point that it takes a whole another timeline to officially get together. Later on, revelations about their connected past also put a fun twist on their relationship.


Duan Li doesn't know how to treat Feng Yu Lan, he only knows that he wants to hold Feng Yu close to him but knows in the process his claws will hurt Feng Yu Lan. He's very protective of Feng Yu and ends up physically carrying Feng Yu a lot in the "Infinite Chambers" because of Feng Yu's vulnerability.

Animal Symbolism:
I really liked how the author gives each character an animal that is symbolic of their personalities. Luo Jian - Crow, Feng Yu Lan - Owl, Xing Yan - Black Cat, Duan Li - Wolf. If you think you know their personalities, their animals actually reveal traits they may not have shown yet even as far as half-way through the story. Luo Jian's animal in particular, actually reveals a lot about his character later on.


Be warned this novel contains a lot of red herrings! It is a horror mystery novel after all!

I was wondering if this novel was going to be one of those take down the system that is causing this whole mess and to my surprise it was. I didn't think the author had the guts to tackle writing down this type of complicated story. I was worried it wouldn't end well because a lot of novels I've read have really bad explanations for why the system exists or have gone very badly.
The author presents a lot of interesting twists that change how events are perceived. She makes good use of symbolism and foreshadowing to hint at future plot points so that when you finish the novel you ask yourself why you didn't notice it sooner. She draws a lot of attention to things that become extremely relevant later on in the story. One hint of symbolism that I'll give that could possibly spoil the entire story if you go through enough mental gymnastics and have a creative enough imagination is the Ouroboros symbol, which she makes a point to highlight multiple times. I think this is the type of novel where you need to read at least twice in order to catch everything.


Ending Thoughts and Spoilers:
In order to fully enjoy the novel, I think it's important to read the whole book in order to catch all the details. Summaries won't do this book justice because this novel is a mystery novel meant for the reader to figure out the clues.

The characters were well developed and had extremely fitting weapons and personalities to match. Their relationships were so fun to watch and see how they cared for each other in very different ways. There were only five extras about their lives after this whole troublesome ordeal which makes me crave for more. There is one extra chapter for each ship except the main couple which has two chapters (and yes that means there is a third unexpected ship) and the last one focuses on everyone meeting again.
The story ends with the original characters who "developed" the "game" (I'm super summarizing here, this isn't exactly what happened) developing a VR game instead, which makes me think that there's bound to be a whole new set of issues with its creation. Especially, when I've seen so many trapped-inside-a-VR-game novels. There is apparently a sequel and the intro has something about the VR game so I'm extremely curious about it all. I'm really looking forward to reading the author's other novels.
I think there are some random plot holes but they're not really important for me to care. Although, I believe when it comes to mystery novels the author should be vigilant about them. There's also a possibility I could have misinterpreted or missed things due to using google translate. That being said, I can't wait for the novel to be fully translated!

On an ending note, if you want to find out more spoilers you can find me in the forums or pm me directly questions! I'm itching to discuss this novel with someone else!

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Shigure Hakuya
Shigure Hakuya rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c25
This novel is 'one in a thousand' that you will definitely regret if you don't read this novel.

About that BL tag, it even complements the whole story. Without that element, the progress of the story will be disrupted.

... more>>

Regarding the different elements of the story:

1. This is a escape room story with many arcs that focuses in the different closed spaces and how to escape from it.

2. Usually, the ones that can participate in this game are 'chosen'. There are many ways to be chosen.

3. Within the allotted time, the participant/s must escape the room through solving the different clues provided. The more participant to participate, the harder the difficulty is.

4. There are entities called Stalkers that rarely appeared in each chamber. These Stalkers usually have the mission to prevent the participant to pass the chamber. They (Stalkers) have different roles provided in each chamber. After the participant/s passed the chamber and escaped, the Stalkers will "reincarnate" and will appear on the next participant to come.

5. After the participant/s completed the mission, there will be rewards provided after waking up. The rewards provided will depent on how many chamber has the participant completed.

6. A charm of this story is how the development between the pairing will happen:

  • The main pairing is between a participant and a Stalker. They will both meet in the chambers the participant will enter.
  • The next pairing is revealed in later chapters, but both of them are revealed as psychos.
  • There is a third pairing but barely shown.
Please anticipate the next chapters as the story slowly unfolds and make you sit at the edge of your seat. <<less
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porkbuns rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: c8
A disorganized and biased review, with a bit of SPOILER.

8 chapters in and I'm already pretty drawn to this novel; then again...I've been pretty infatuated by novels with the survival game (A powerful entity forces the main characters to fight for their lives in an organized competition) tag recently. Our MC Luo Jian is randomly thrown into this game one day while sleeping; he didn't die or get any sort of mental notification, just poof... and he's in the game (though he gets to return to the real world after... more>> every game).

The general gist of the game:

  • Players have to complete 1 session of the game once every 10 days
  • The main objective of each session of the game, so far, is to escape from the "chamber" that the game session is set in
    • The term "chamber" is used pretty loosely in this novel. The term "chamber" doesn't only refer to room of sorts, it can refer to any sort of environment that is secluded from society (e.g. locked room, ghost ship, deserted island, etc.)
    • The "chambers" so far seem to have a mystery/horror/supernatural atmosphere to them
  • The players are given a sheet of paper, at the start of each session, that explains the circumstances around this scenario (task (s), time limit, etc.)
    • The players are given a clock of sorts to keep track of time
  • Entities known as stalkers may appear with a chance of 8% (or maybe it was 6%, I really don't remember :P, read the 1st 8 chapters while half awake last night)
    • The stalker takes the place of a essential character in the current chamber's scenario
    • Their task is unknown, but it can be assumed that their main task is to kill the player
    • It's unknown whether the stalkers are another group of humans participants with the goal of killing players or monstrous existences created by the game's creator
      • I'm leaning more towards the later conjecture, due to the "Human-Nonhuman Relationship" tag
  • The players are rewarded based on their performance in each session
    • There doesn't seem to be any point system, with a shop to purchase things from, or any game-like system with stats and battle logs (at least not in the 1st game session, though the party system is introduced shortly after the 1st game session and there's a Game Element tag)
      • The game's creator chose which item the MC was given in the 1st game session

Right off the bat, I just want to divert your attention to the Yaoi tag, in case you haven't noticed it yet (the MC is a cis gender homosexual male). So far, it seems like there might be some sort of a love triangle going on (between the MC, his male childhood/best friend, and the stalker that almost killed him in the 1st game session).

  • The stalker that the MC meets in the 1st game scenario is an extremely handsome male
    • The MC kiss/bites (memory is a bit fuzzy on this, there was something about biting during the actual scene, but later, the MC says something about kissing) the stalker's lips (or maybe it was the other way around), while he was dying from being stabbed by the stalker
      • This may have led to the stalker taking interest in the MC, leading the stalker to spare the MC
        • Going by the fact that the stalkers are called stalkers, maybe the stalker will have somewhat of weird stalker (a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention) relationship with the MC
  • The MC tells us that his male childhood/best friend is heterosexual, but he (the friend) ends up breaking up with his girlfriend and gets kicked out of his family just to support the MC's sexual orientation
    • The MC and his friend currently have a rather ambiguous relationship as of the moment
    • After getting stabbed, by a murderer (potentially a stalker or maybe even another player that's been given a task by the game's creator) that been killing people recently, and sent to the hospital, the friend gets tricked into joining the game, in the MC's party during the 2nd game session
      • It seems the game's creator gives certain player, mission to do in the real world (e.g. the bar owner of the Red Spider Lily, is tasked with guiding new players)
Just on an endnote, there's only around 200 chapters, so this novel probably won't get bogged down by repetition as much compared to novels with thousands of chapters. <<less
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veihakase rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c11 part4
Here is what you have to consider in reading this first: THIS IS DANMEI/BL pips.

Anyway, the story is really thrilling and (for me) has the same effect of watching horror movies where time is really needed. What I like in this one is that you would also think about the riddles presented. It's like those riddle games but with your life at stake. (It's a fresh concept for me since it's BL *v* plus this kind of genre). It keeps you on the edge on every chapter. The main character... more>> is also very likeable. Not the damsel in distress type (maybe also not the Mary Sue type but maybe we should wait for more chapters to see if this is true) and can fight on his own. As of this chapter I still don't know who the ML is so it's a guessing game yet again. I'm kinda bias on this since I really love horror themed BL and this is the right thing for me. The horror scenes is well-described and told right (kudos to the translator and editor). Try tot read this. Truth be told, you are not wasting your time in reading this :3 <<less
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DimensionalRoamer rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: Completed

You won't regret reading this. The journey is wonderful and the worlds are really immersive! I'm not too thrilled by the ending ... more>>

it's one of those typical 'everyone's memory gets erased once they deal with the big boss ie the infinity room, but they find each other in the real world again' tropes. I would have loved it if everyone kept their memories : (BUT THIS SHOULDN'T STOP YOU FROM READING THE STORY -- I just ignore the ending lmao

but everyone ends up happy and together in the end!

The pairings are

1) MC (Luo Qian) and stalker (Xing Yan) ----- 2) duan yi and feng yu lan ----- 3) luo feng big bro (nicknamed ghost) and the clown (dr. Hong) --> this one doesn't should up until the very last story, after they've defeated the system and gone back to the real world.


Anyways, amazing story, one of my favourites. Read it! Highly recommend.

-DR <<less
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xxBlackRabbitxx rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: c8
It has a great start for me since it seems like we can already see some of the personality of both the MC and the ML even though we are only on the first chapters.

I can't exactly say the overview much but it goes like this;

... more>>

its about a young man suddenly waking up in a closed room with a note saying to escape the room within an hour and a consequence of death if not done. After escaping, our MC came to know that its not done yet and it will happen again in another 10 days time and will happen again and again. He also came to know that there are other people like him called players in this death game

Now where he met our ML (?) was at his first chamber and was called by the other players as "stalkers" which is a type of monster place inside the game

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BobChan rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c36
The book starts out fairly well and as you read, one can't help be captivated by the mystery. The story isn't for the faint of the heart, there is actually gore, r*pe, and many of the other listed elements, so proceed with caution when reading as it may not be for you.

This review is only what I've read up to.



    • The MC doesn't start out OP or with cheat skills.
    • There's potential growth in what the MC can become.
    • The MC is relatable as he's not so calm headed and can be a headless chicken.
    • The horror written is well written.
    • The MC doesn't rely 100% on the ML to pass the instances.
    • The chambers really force the characters into using their intellect.



    • There are so many things thrown at you after the second chamber that it can discombobulate you for a bit. As an example:
      We're hinted in the earlier chapters that the incident the MC's friend is involved in is somehow related to the chambers. After leaving the second chamber, his friend is once again targeted. We suddenly learn about demonization, the friend gains magical powers, we learn about 'stalkers' roaming the real world, we learn about the ML's identity, we're introduced to who the 'stalker' chasing the friend is, we're introduced to a new character, another supporting character is further explained, new props, items used are mentioned... It kind of leaves you astonished at the end of it all.

I know I'm just nitpicking, but I just wished that we weren't just given this one mass explanation as a major event occurred. I am aware that it's early in the book and we're supposed to uncover things as they come.


The side couple's relationship...


It's iffy for me as this is where the tag r*pe comes in. The author kind of brushes over the scene and it's not explicit but... meh, I'm reluctat to approve of their relationship, despite what all the other reviews are saying. The starting point of it is also shitty tbh, but I guess that's how you build growth, right?


The MC's personality.


As stated above, I really liked how his personality doesn't start out with levelheaded--however, the changes in his personality sometimes happens too fast in such a short duration of time. Sometimes they contradict what was aforementioned.

I understand the author's usage of the weapon, drawing out the inner 'demon' (the repressed part of a person) and it gradually changes the person's personality overall, but, the changes in the MC were very quick. He's scared and screaming one second in a scary scenario and in a similar situation, he's very calm and collected--it's just odd. I understand that the character is supposed to be 3D, meaning that changes are likely to occur within a person as the situation depends on it, but the changes sometimes are too big for it to be possible.


I believe this book has potential but I believe the author's other book is much more enjoyable. It's called: Unlimited Cycles of Death. The story is much better arranged and even though the translations are only in the beginning, there isn't much deterring me away from reading it. (Also, the peculiar changes in the MC's temperament aren't as strong and is more fluid.) I'm in no way stating that you should stray away from the book or that's it's bad.
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Sapphire-Saph rated it
August 29, 2019
Status: c36
Okay, to be honest, I wanted to give this like a 4 because I can't take horror that well, but the 4 would have been just because I do not like horror. But the story deserves the 5. It's perfect for all the people who like horror movies and murder mysteries and all that. It's really chilling and I don't get why people don't like the story. The translation is well done and the plot? Outstanding.
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Foreveralone rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel! The MC wasn't an idiot and the horror aspect was played out pretty well in my opinion. There were some nice plot twists and the story made sense for the most part. I read the tags beforehand, so new what I was getting into, but if I had to list a complaint, it would be in regards to the r*pe part ... more>>

my issue wasn't so much with the scene itself (it was pretty much skipped over) but the couple as a whole. MC's bestie gets raped by this dude and after that, for the rest of the book, I couldn't bring myself to like the guy. He never seemed apologetic about it, just was sorta protective of bestie afterward? He was sort of an ok dude towards the end, but he never really redeemed himself for the awful first impression. Even after you find out their past, it just still didn't really make it up for me.


As for the MC/ML interactions, I love how kinda scary and awkward they start out, but kind of adorable they get later.

I also really love how there's a couple chapters where you can see the ML's POV and you can see, it wasn't the stereotype "I see this person and immediately want to love/protect them for eternity". No, he straight up tries to murder the MC when they meet. The reason he didn't? Curiosity. Its because of that curiosity he gave the MC a chance and that's how the feelings started, which I found much more believable.

All and all, nice story, nice characters ('cept one dude), and nice well rounded ending. <<less
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Anrix rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved this book to pieces! It's become one of my personal favorites. I actually made an account just so I could review this masterpiece. Shigure Haku's review is spot on, and this book really is that 'one in a thousand'. I can't praise this book enough!

I feel like this book just gets better and better as it goes on. I found the MC super likable. He goes through so much and it is really cool watching him grow as a person throughout the story. The side characters are fantastic... more>> as well.

The ML may seem op in the first half of the story (which he admittedly is) but as the story progresses that role changes. He starts to fill more of a supportive role later on instead of the main fighting force. He supports the MC through and through and their relationship is really sweet.

This book is a horror mystery at heart. I see the story as a big puzzle that begins to piece itself together after every ark through the MC. You start to realize things that you never even considered. Minor details become major plot points. You begin to change your opinions on characters as the story progresses. You may hate a character one minute and love them the next.

This story really makes you think and I feel like I would need to read it all over again in order to catch all the details I missed. There is so much thought that went into this book and I think it's a shame that more people haven't read it yet. If your on the fence about whether or not to give this book a go I highly recommend that you do it.

I came into this book for the horror and stayed for the plot. 10/10 Masterpiece! <<less
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Eclipse9 rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c80
The novel is one of the rare few survival themed bls I've read. Its actually pretty good.

Games are smart and MC has a likable personality.

It was so good that I went to find the raws to continue reading.
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Ichigoeater rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c28
Crap. It was going so well. It's my fault, since I didn't read the tags carefully enough. I'm 28 chapters in, too.

Sorry, author and translators. It seems like it's a good story, but there's some things I really can't stomach.

Ignoring my bias against the r#pe tag, which is only fair since I didn't stick around to see how things concluded, 4 stars. Peace, homies, I'm out.
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