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Xiao Lou was killed in an accident and reborn in the Card World.

Each card here represents a secret room and clearing the instance will give a reward. Xiao Lou draws a card and thinks he could draw all types of equipment and weapons. As a result: Su Shi, Li Bai, Tao Yuanming*… character cards keep coming one after another.

Xiao Lou, “???”

What was this escape game? What type of fate made him keep drawing character cards?

*famous poets of ancient China

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New Azul_UwU_ rated it
November 23, 2021
Status: c7
Didn't like it.
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Ali06P rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c2
Tentative 5-star rating, based on the synopsis and faith in the translator's taste in novels.

This novel seems to be pretty interesting, and this translator is one of my favorite translators. Picking the exact kind of novels I want read; BL with actual, riveting plot.

Also wondering how this novel and the other novel the translator has on CG, have instantly gotten a 3-star rating, when it was just posted today. I see you BL haters.
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keinnan rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c37

I've read up to the currently released chapters of this, and would definitely recommend it! The mysteries are compelling, the characters both clever and complement each other beautifully, and the chemistry between them is tantalizing. MC is a doctor of forensics who has a hobby of solving escape room puzzles while ML is the head of a Major Crimes Unit who makes criminals tremble with just a look. One of the most hilarious moments in the first few chapters is when MC solves the novice puzzle room in 58 seconds (there were 4 puzzles, and you open a treasure chest after solving each one, so that's pretty much 10 seconds per puzzle), and there's a worldwide announcement of the puzzle room record being reset, which ML hears while being like "........." is still staring at the first puzzle with a headache after one minute. Meanwhile, the MC just barely makes it out of the zombie survival game a few minutes before the time limit after many harrowing escapes and creatively using all the props he's earned so far, and then hears that ML finished it in a record 15 minutes. (MC: WTF did he bring a bulldozer?) MC asks him later how he did it, and ML is like, I picked up a stick and bashed the zombies' heads in. (MC:... he really did bulldoze through it). In particular, the way they each solved the final boss in that room had me laughing for minutes. MC smartly figured out the boss's ruse and avoided the trap, meanwhile ML was like, "he turned out to be evil, so I killed him." MC:... very straightforward!

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Efu-sama rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c310
There are 3 points that the author originally did very well in the earlier chapters, but degraded so much and makes me frustrated and disappointed in 2/3 of the middle and later chapters.

But first, I want to say that I honestly like this novel. It's the mixture of "I Became a God in a Horror Game", "Earth Is Online", and "Meeting a Demonic Cultivator even a God Cries". In terms of the setting of going into another world, meeting many other players, forming a team, and there is a central... more>> world where players meet, this novel is similar to "I Became a God in A Horror Game". But in terms of the setting where the players could get so many props with interesting and sometimes mundane props in every survival game, then this novel is similar to "Earth Is Online". While in terms of how in some games it involved murder mysteries, then it is similar to "Meeting a Demonic Cultivator even a God Cries".

The MC is a forensic doctor, while the ML is a police officer, a cool combination of IQ and muscles.

The ability of the MC and ML is really acceptable and understandable due to their profession prior.

To sum it up why I have to drop this novel without finishing it, is because there's a lot of drama. Teenage romance drama in MC and ML's romance despite the two of them are nearly 30 y.o, and dramatic action or plots in the survival arcs. It's like the author deliberately wrote some plots just because she wants some drama mixed in. For most people, it's definitely alright, but for me who's tired of any drama, it's a minus thing.

To put it in more detail, then I will say it in:

First, as the chapter went on, the author spent times waaaay too much to praise the ML. Okay! I know it, the protagonist must shine, the ML must be cool and strong, I know it! LOL. But, the way the author went to praise them too much, in every single case, with the author making the statement of "oh, I meet a Great God, I can win by lying down", when they meet ML and MC, that was repeated in every case, EVERY CASE, by so many characters, either the soy sauces and even the supporting characters, I was so fed up, like:

"I know they must be great, and I know protagonists are cool, but can you tone it down, please??? It makes people feel annoyed instead if you overpraise some characters. Just write it casually and let the readers admired them judging by their actions in the novel instead of forcing the statement that they're amazing using propaganda in narration and outright saying by the Soy Sauce characters and Supporting characters... not just a few times but REPEATEDLY in every case and many scenes."

Overpraising. It is a detrimental thing when the novel is actually very good but the author makes the protagonist shines too much and repeatedly forcing the idea that the protagonists are amazing using the overpraises from other characters.

Then, this overpraising infected to the second problem, that is "Overshadowing".

The teammates in this novel actually have their own strengths and unique characteristics in them. I really like that. They have a certain charm in strange aspects. Regardless, they're still strong overall.

However, after they joined with MC and ML, their cool persona went down the drain and got overshadowed by the MC and ML. It's not because the MC and ML are too OP, but because the author herself that forcefully make the MC and ML shine the most, and deliberately make the other characters that originally are cool and interesting, becoming somehow lackluster and ordinary.

Yes, they still get stronger by each day just like how MC and ML are, but, to be honest, I can't seem to see their charms anymore with how much the author praise and make MC and ML to shine like a diamond, LOL.
Protagonist buff! The author annoyingly creates a protagonist buff that forcefully makes other characters' charms dim down when they got closed to the protagonists...

But, perhaps that feeling did come because there's a WHOLE LOTS of supporting characters close to the protagonist that even the authors found it difficult to care for them while also not neglecting the protagonists.

Next, the romance.

Oh, God.... the romance here is really, causing me to facepalm. It's full of second-hand embarrassment. Some people say it's full of sugar, then why do I feel like it's actually just awkward and... borderline childish? I mean, well, if you're still below 20 y.o, and still haven't read tons of romance kinds of literature, I guess it's true that their romance is sweet and fluffy. Yet, when it comes to adult readers, it's just full of second-hand embarrassment... something like, when a boy and a girl shyly peeking at each other, and then get shy all over again, that kind of romance.

In the end, their romance is what makes this novel different from its two cousins, Earth Is Online, and I Became A God in A Horror Game. Those two novels have calm, and clearly mature romance. You will know that the MC and ML there, are adult, with the way they deal about romance and relationship.

While this novel, clearly making you wonder if the MC and ML are 14 or 15 y.o boys, LOL.

It's not bad, but really, I can't handle tons of second-hand embarrassment.

Lastly, and the most disappointing one, according to my own taste. I have to say that I read BL stories mostly to find the excitement of reading A GUY, a handsome and definitely GUY I Repeat, somehow fall in love with another handsome and definitely ANOTHER GUY. To put it simply, my taste in BL couple is, two GUYS, who both of them make me admire them as a MAN, makes my girly heart to want and chase them. Therefore, if one of the guys was turned into a FEMININE one, then I can't worship them as a GUY, can I? It's gonna make me feel sour, and causing me to feel like I just read yet another GIRL and GUY romance, that I am not fond of.

So, in this novel, The MC at first was a calm scholar, described to be a handsome fellow, causing many girls to go red and blushing. It's a totally good character set and I really like it that the author gives us the justice that Seme or Uke is originally a guy. And handsome guys deserved to be pursued by girls, don't just make the Seme who is cool and pursued by girls, while the Uke was like a transparent guy, ignored by girls.

However! Again, starting from chapter 160 or something, at 8th of Hearts case, the author ran from her original setting and went into the direction of "FEMININE UKE"!!!! God damn it!!!!!!!! I was so annoyed, frustrated, and weeping for this! Why??????? Why author-nim, why??????

The originally calm, cool, and handsome Uke, was transformed into a feminine one. The author didn't waste words to make him more and more Feminine in action! Starting from he is very good at cooking, from soft speaking, from gentle like a mother, to blushing in many scenes, and even went to make a role-play of being "husband and wife" with the ML in one of the arcs, to finally make the MC like a damsel in distress need to be rescued by the strong ML!!! The author spent every effort to describe the "PERFECT AND IDEAL FEMININE UKE"!

There goes my favorite cool and calm handsome uke in the earlier chapters............ RIP!~!

I would like it if the MC indeed originally is a frail one, just like the novel "Peerless" where the MC was indeed so weak physically while only good at the brain, and could even be blown away from the wind, LOL.

So, why author????

Why author-nim?? Why did you break my heart away???? QAQ

Why did you break all my expectation, and why did you break all of your previous and earlier setting???


I got so depressed and frustrated....

This novel is good in general. If you ignore the exaggerated, the overpraising, and the creation of the protagonist buff, plus the second-hand embarrassment, then it's okay for you.

If you actually like femininized uke then it's also okay for you. For, things like that are actually just personal taste.

Because this novel's plot is really honestly good. <<less
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astrobabe rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c133
Like everybody else, I love love LOVE this novel. I'm reading it everyday as the author releases new chapters. For all the people wondering, the "romance" or the very, very beginnings of it starts in the Spades 4 room. There have only been inklings but it's cute and funny.

Edit: *INTENSE CACKLING* Idk if the readers got antsy for the BL but the author started adding in a lot of sugar. ... more>>

Lots of mild, fluffy stuff like blushing and sweet thoughts. They're still not together, but it doesn't even matter.


Besides the general suspense and thrilling aspects of the novel that goes hand in hand with them solving mysteries, overcoming puzzles, and trying to generally survive against the rooms as well as unforeseen circumstances, I really like how the author uses the rooms to address heavy subject matters like r*pe or abuse of power and some other stuff. Also straight up dunks on stallion novels LOL.

The characters are wonderful. They're just generally well-intentioned, likeable people in a bad situation who happen to be super capable. I wouldn't say they're the most original by any means, but you can't help but root for them anyway and enjoy their dynamic.

I don't think you'll regret reading this one... well, except for not being able to find out what happens next when you hit the wall of available chapters T_T. Happy reading! <<less
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pephem rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: c52
Okay I normally think it's unfair to write reviews for novels that I drop because I feel like it's unfair to judge something when you haven't finished it and given it a chance to redeem/explain itself HOWEVER I literally cannot stop thinking about this even though it's been months and it's driving me insane.

The first few parts are fun. I got pretty into it and even had a good time putting on mood music while reading. (Some smokey bar noir piano in the BG during the poker scene is choice.)... more>> Then it hit the Financial Crisis arc.


So there's this mechanism in the 'game' where if you lose, you get sent to a punishment room that has some infinitesimal survival rate. It's almost guaranteed death. And up until this point, the reader and the characters really have no idea what that entails and it's a suspenseful threat hanging over the heads of the protagonists. Then, in this arc, the characters meet someone who has been there and survived and it turns out his punishment was....... wait for it...

To be... homeless for two weeks. That's right. The.000000001% survival rate challenge is. Homelessness. For like not even a month.

Okay. Did the author forget that real life homeless people exist.... ? Question mark.

I mean I was already baffled by this whole arc because it's like 'survive for x amount of time in a city facing a financial crisis but you start out with a butt load of money and it's not even that long of a time period to have to survive for.' And I was sitting there, unemployed, in my pandemic quarantine room that I hadn't left for months, eating my one daily allotment of instant noodles for the nth time. And I get to this point and I look around myself like... Am I supposed to take this challenge seriously?????????? Huh??????? Have none of you suffered even a little bit before???

Then the punishment room hit and I was like okay the bad writing is getting worse. But I can keep going it's not completely hopeless yet. BUT THEN. The angelic beautiful singing voice teenager who survived TWO WEEKS OF HOMELESSNESS (wow) tells our protagonists that he did it.......... Without stealing.

Because that would be wrong.


It's SO so important not to steal from NPCs in a life or death game with a.0000000000000000001% survival rate even if you just steal like bread or something. /sarcasm

???????????? WHY?????????????

What a bizarre moral bottom line.

And the adult protagonists are like yes that was the correct moral decision and it's because of this that you deserve to live and not because you're a minor in a life or death game. If you had chosen to steal we wouldn't care if you died. You can be on our team because you are a beautiful and pure youth who is attractive and can sing and who knows how much more important it is to maintain your morals (of not stealing like $10 worth of food) than it is to survive. That's the guy we want on our survival game team.

Absolutely baffling.


Anyway I immediately dropped it. I couldn't do it. It was not only preachy and moralizing but in a way that was completely absurd and totally detached from reality. This might seem really petty but it broke the immersion so hard for me.

How can you write a story realistically depicting what someone would do to survive a situation like this when you won't let them commit even the tiniest, most inconsequentially morally gray actions? What kind of naive sheltered life is this author living? Do people really have this kind of unrealistic expectation for human beings under intense stress? It wasn't even that intense of a situation!!!! Why did you build it up so that it seemed like it was!!!!!!

I'm not joking when I say this continues to drive me insane even though I stopped reading this novel ages ago. I don't understand this kind of thinking at all and it makes me indignant whenever I see someone praise this novel or even if I just like. See its name. How can anyone take this seriously? I really can't suppress the compulsion to complain about it to someone anymore. <<less
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Achiless rated it
March 16, 2020
Status: c143
Story pretty good. The survival games are in between mindgames and survival, like both are included. All survival games are also really original and enjoyable. One of the best survival themed novels I've read.

Also the CP is on point. No fast romance, which is good bc you can see their feelings develop. You'll definitely feel the change in feelings of the MC and ML towards each other.

BUT at a certain point it gets so cringe. Like "his hart felt warm when he saw his teammates following him without a second thought...", "looking at... smiling, his heart felt warm..." and "He almost got fooled, but thank god... was by his side. He looked at... sideways and his heart felt warm" or something all the time. Bro get your heart checked... more>> on.
Also at a certain point the MC will explain the situation or their way of sovling a problem WAY TOO detailed and sometimes even repeatedly in a way as if the target audience are elementary school kids. Like I appreciate it, but I'm not that s*upid. It's such a turn-off that I deducted a star.
Another thing is that the environment the characters are in is always ideal. Like oh, do you need a toilet (something readers won't even think about themselves) ? This side-character just has a toilet card. Going to the restaurant? Best seats near the window available. There are lots of these events that are just way too perfect and therefore cringe, but I won't mention all because some I suspects some will have something to do with a plottwist concerning how the cardroom world works.

HOWEVER Card Room is a must-read regardless, because of the story itself. <<less
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ylial rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: c483
The novel is really good!! ?

It is really entertaining, the story has only a little lapses. I really ship the MC and ML, as well as the secondary BL couples. Compared to other survival danmei novel, this one is really well written that when reading other novels, I feel bland and lacking... I'm really excited to see how they can escape fr the cards. Most notably, the MC, ML and side characters are not annoying.

The author really put effort in making the instances. I like the hidden instance of... more>> a combined 10 ♠️❤️♣♦ I really look forward to the next chapters. Will wait for another 100 chapters to be released before continuing to read. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Iwanttoreincarnate rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c89
My favourite is heart rooms.I mtl because I can't wait and reached the latest chapter. Mtl is easy to understand except for spade and clover game rules. I like both MC and ml. Two supporting characters are good too. Recommend it to people who like The Earth Is Online. Right now, there is not much romance and only focus on plot.
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Hualan rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c233
I came to this novel after finished The Earth is Online, which I absolutely loved, so I went to look for more "instances/survival" type of genre. In this book, there are 4 type of instances but the big ones are the Spades, survival, and Heart, mystery. They take up the bulk of the level because of how much stuffs happening there. It is pretty fun to read through it and try to find the mystery yourself. The puzzle and gambling card instances go through pretty fast, lasting only 1... more>> or 2 chapters or so, so it does feel a little imbalance but personally I find those to be least interesting so I didn't mind lol some of the puzzles involved chinese word game too so I couldn't get involved in it.

Now about the lead characters, the MC and ML are pretty smart people but they're not OP. MC is good at puzzle games and he's basically the big brain while the ML is the fighter. They respect and trust each others and help carry the burdens for what the other lack. MC is physically weak so he rely on ML in fights, while ML is strong at fighting but suck at brain puzzles so he just let MC figure out the puzzle stages.

They also will end up joining with other teammates who specialize in certain skills on their own like money making, someone who's good at crowd control when vs mobs in survival stage, or teammates who can spy and gather infos, or someone who's good with space and maze levels. Even tho the 2 main leads are definitely the stronger members, I like that the other teammates are also contributing to the team in their own way and there is no way they could clear the later levels with only the 2 main leads so there're no Gary Stu/OP leads just taking the glory. The team also have good trust and relationship with each other.

I've seen other reviews saying they don't like MC getting praised or he's too OP. I should emphasize that yes, while people do acknowledge MC/ML are smart/strong, once they pick up their teammates you'll will see people sharing roles to clear the tasks more.

For example, the bugs parasite chapter, the one who is the biggest help is the one who has no "fighting power" in the team, not the MC/ML.

Also it make sense MC/ML can clear mystery and survival instances because they already has experiences in the police force figuring out murders so it make sense. The world building is quite interesting with the 2 main cities, the different orgs, and the "free people." There are players who are complacent with their situation and want to stay in the beautiful cities instead of coming back alive while others want to get back home. There are also opposition who hunt down players and I'm interested in finding out the boss in the shadow as the story develop.

Now the romance between the leads is definitely slow burn. There's no hint of anything romantic until after chapter 100 which is fine. I generally like it when development happen naturally and I'm not too focus on romance anyway. The MC/ML knew each others when they were alive but they were not close. They joined up because they were familiar with each others and came to be close and start to develop their feelings. They're both single guys so the moments when they start realizing their feelings and trying to feel out if the other like them back is really sweet.

However, this is a plot focus novel, not romance focus. Their relationships is not the main point. The main plot is them trying to survive the games. While the later couple moments are cute, I wouldn't come into this expecting omg cuTe fLufF sQueAl. The murder mystery so far are pretty dark and contain mature situations like r*pe <<less
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erikvio rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c70
Tense mystery thriller.

The story follows Xiao Lou, a forensic scientist that gets trapped in a death game system after dying in order to get the chance to resurrect.

The closest comparison to this novel is The Earth is Online (if it was less fantastical and morbid), but I won't draw too many comparisons since I'm reviewing this fic in particular. Just know that you'll probably enjoy this if you liked EiO or wanted a version that is less intense/torture-p*rn-esque.

The setup is great for the games/mysteries. Since the challenges are organized around... more>> the theme of a deck of cards, the protagonists have to undertake challenges of increasing difficulty within different suits (hearts, spades, etc.). The suits have different types of challenges, which provides much appreciated structure and breaks in narrative tension. The heart (murder mysteries) and spade (survival) challenges are particularly tense, and take up the meat of the novel's word count. Clubs (pvp) can be tense or relaxed, depending, while diamonds (logic puzzles) are a fun break for the protagonist and for readers as well. This makes it pretty great for binge reading without getting burnt out by nonstop tension.

The challenges can be pretty harsh, and we're still early on. The mystery thriller vibe is a constant, and the protagonists are on the constant lookout for clues/information. Some scenes were actually pretty chilling.

The level of competency of the two protagonists is pretty exaggerated, imo, but if you've read similar power couple type novels, you'll probably ignore it pretty easily. It's nice that they aren't perfect, even as a duo, which allows for side characters to be relevant.

Their amazing luck with the gacha draws is a running gag, but I think this break from realism hurts the novel overall. At least the author is employing the rewards in creative ways. Personally think it'd be cooler if the leads were succeeding with tools still within the same realm as everyone else, just used more ingeniously; instead of getting super rare cards with great effects so the characters can be badass and for a running joke.

In fact, all the 'jokes' that break the rules and common sense of the world for the sake of humor were a weak aspect of the writing. It just brought attention to the fact that this is very much a fiction, which really broke immersion.

The relationship is definitely a slow burn. The MC and ML were only professional acquaintances before this all began, and it's nice seeing them slowly become more aware of one another. Emphasis on slowly. I probably wouldn't have picked up on anything if I didn't know this was BL due to the tags. They're easy characters to like, but I feel like we've only scratched the surface of these characters even 70 chapters in.

If I had a criticism, it'd be that irrelevant challengers are almost painfully two dimensional, and sometimes start fawning over the protagonists as big thighs to hold onto as a running gag (it doesn't happen often, only in club/spade). I don't think it was that funny, even the first time, and I think this is the type of novel where pointing out how cool they are makes them less so. Should've just let the actions stand on their own. <<less
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mallowmochi rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: c6
I tried reading once, I fell asleep. I tried reading twice, I fell asleep twice. The writing style is too redundant. Well, I'll understand if a thought was repeated for emphasis or summary BUT MY FRIEND as long as there was some "analysis" which is actually not that deep there is a freaking paraphrased paragraph (not sure what to call it but it's like active tone it became passive but same thing was said) and sometimes there will be another paraphrased paragraph again because idk the more the merrier like... more>> dude. Then I see all these 5-star review and like what the hell did I read the wrong thing? I felt like I read Card Room for Dummy

and seriously 80 million people and you are the first who was calm and rare


TLDR writing style redundant mystery not that mysterious 1 star for the translator (thank you) 1 star for the potential <<less
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hejikkk rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c137
(The mood of the synopsis is inaccurate, it honestly has a darker tone and is more focused on solving murder and other mystery cases lol)

The plot and world setting is really good, but sometimes the dialog and interactions just get kinda boring after a while.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel though, the cases were fun to follow and it was nice trying to solve the puzzle yourself. This is probably the selling point of the book imo, I'm quite impressed by how different each room is... more>> and how the author manages to come up with so many different story lines. The MC and ML are likable and smart. Truth be told, this novel might have been one of my favourites if not for some key points:

The MC and ML are a bit overhyped by the others. Like I lowkey feel like about 50% of the dialog by the other players is how they praise them (especially the ML) and how they can just lie down and win.

Also (unpopular opinion?) I wish they didn't add so many characters to the team. Probably a tactic to continue the progression of plot/character development and all, but I preferred it when it was just the four person group. There was more personality in each member and they could interact more closely. In fact, the recruitment of the later additions were so rushed, the actual subjects and villains in the instances got more development than them. Since I wasn't attached to the characters as much anymore, it just didn't become as fun to read.


i do love shaoqingge and ye qi though, their characters are a bit more unique and theyre really funny haha


Also is the fact that they become sooo overpowered later on, by how many cards they have. At first it was a bit exciting to see the MC and ML obtain the OP cards, but later, theres so much that I have trouble remembering them all and gaining new powers just becomes tiring.

5/5 for the beginning stages, 3.5/5 for my current stage. Don't let this review completely dissuade you from reading Card Room though, it really is an amazing story. I'm just kind of ranting out the parts I wish were different cause otherwise this would have been one of my top picks based on just the mystery settings alone. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: c300
(Reading the raws, but great translator).

I really really like this novel. This is probably the ONLY chinese novel I'm actually following the raws/reading the updates (I prefer already completed novels).

This novel takes a different approach from many Chinese novels.

... more>> One of things you start noticing quickly in CN is that they frequently feature extreme hyper-competitiveness as a positive thing (even [The Earth is Online] was not exempted), short-sighted thinking trumps all, and everyone is playing a zero-sum game.

But as science, data, and literally human history has shown us: Teamwork based on trust and openness, NOT hyper-competitiveness, creates the most productive organizations and is what advances society.

That's what sets this novel apart.

So if you like stories that feature:

  • lots of teamwork (eg. in group stages with many strangers, MC/ML frequently do their best to help everyone pass)
  • moral integrity (MC/ML were in law enforcement, so they don't do shitty things like stealing/massacre)
  • two exceptionally strong protags (MC is an OP doctor/forensic scientist, ML is an OP detective/special ops)
  • multiple arcs/escape rooms with puzzles, mysteries, murders & mayhem
  • slow burn, friends to lovers, (with almost mutual timing of "realisation" of feelings)
This is the story for you!

>>Response to another reviewer:

  • The earlier stages are supposed to be easy (with like a 70-80% pass rate or something for "regular people"). The MC/ML have an advantage in all the murder mystery stages because of their inherent jobs as forensic scientists + detectives. So yes, regular people can follow the police to solve the crime in the Bloody Maple Leaf arc, but that's intentional and it won't happen again.

    For me, I read that arc as a "let MC and ML develop feelings in a relaxed atmosphere" type break arc, which won't be necessary in the future because they'll get a house and stuff. :D


The stages absolutely get harder in the future, so don't worry.


I especially enjoyed the group stages, such as the one with the Zergs and the werewolf card game. Ancient times one was the best too haha.


One thought about the crime arcs:


A ton of the murder mysteries had to do with crimes on women, which I'm sure are very frequent... but it made me realize that Western crime shows like Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Bones, Mentalist, Castle, Dexter etc. (ok yes, I've watched a lot of crime shows) don't write a lot of plotlines or criminals centered around using sex/assault as a means to an end, compared to the high frequency in this story.

I feel like it's a cultural thing? Most C-novels like to romanticize r*pe and Asia in general has terrible laws and enforcement around it. Although this story definitely does not romanticize it (in fact, condemns it), but almost all the murder mysteries so far were related in some way to like sex, cheating, assault, etc. (And what was that kink shaming in the train murder!)

Anyway, so I got a tiny bit tired of that, like change it up a bit! Where are those wholesome little sociopaths?! Or cannibals?!


Anyway, I'm leaving off the 5 stars because the book isn't finished yet, but I'm eagerly awaiting the next arc. <<less
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A188 rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: c79
I really didn't enjoy the novel as much as I wanted to. Ended up dropping it.

The MC is painted as this super smart person and side characters seem to be there just to praise the MC. For me this ended up as just annoying.
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WanderingReader rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c175
I'm amazed by this novel, the world building is planned so well and the plot is revealed naturally as each chapter progressed.

The MC and ML are both main characters that have great quality, they're OP but not unreasonable, because other side characters and their friends also have skills that balanced it.

Every character is meticulously planned and didn't feel like just a passerby or unimportant, I'm curious for the further chapter.

I'd definitely recommend this novel highly if you like mystery, puzzle, adventure, the romance is cherry on top for this novel... more>> which made it more appealing because the romance between MC and ML feel so natural

The only downside is because this is a translated novel and the original probably consisted of difficult words, it sometimes feel hard for me to understand some bit and I just skipped those parts, which honestly didn't impact things that much

Also the writing style of author like to repeat things that we reader can know ourselves by reading the story, but the author probably worried the reader will not understand and repeatedly sending out hints, explaining things again and again which is a bit boring, but again it can be skipped

Oh and I love how MC and ML interact with others, because there's actually real relationships between the main and side characters, not everyone is their enemy and it's honestly relieving. It's realistic as well.

I just hope this novel will have a good satisfying ending, it will be a novel I'll remember for a long time and might even re-read <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c324
different than I was expecting. I like most of it. The MC and ML excel in different areas and complement each other and both are smart and very observant which, given their professions, isn't that surprising. I think I was expecting some kind of card game, like star card trading, but it's nothing like those types of stories. It has nothing to do with a single game and more to do with the 4 suites and increasing difficulty, though if this story is going to have 52 rooms then it... more>> will be on the longer side by the time it's done (which it is).

edit after c300:

I didn't find this scary or anything like that but the murder cases in the hearts suit were just as heavy and complex as the police arcs in Meeting a Demonic Cultivator, Even God Cries. Certainly it's thought provoking and interesting. I'm disappointed that the MC is made out to be more and more soft and feminine as the story goes along, moving from the mentally strong, cold, logical, and independent person he was at the start to someone to be pampered and protected, with lots of blushing maiden actions and a few damsel in distress moments. And both of them suffer a severe drop in EQ when it comes to the other person though thankfully their intelligence is still in place. <<less
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XieJyun rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This book deserve our five stars. And I don't know why it has 1 star ratings.

The author is done writing this book. And I have to say. This is so good. I am done reading this but I'll be back later again. I won't forget you Xiao Lou, Team Leader Yu, Chief Shao (the golden master, lol), Ye Qi, Luo Quiao, Old Mo, Qu Wangyue, Long Sen, Cousin Lu, Spider Goddess Jing, and Old Gu. The description of their cards are also unforgettable especially Xiao Lou's card. Ahh. That's... more>> all I can say. I'm still relishing the fact that it's done. The extras are also goooood. So fluffy. My mind is all over the place. My review isn't so good. Hahaha. <<less
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xiaoliyang rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c238
You don't understand, this is one of those that got me hooked with mystery and infinite flow genre.

The story is so good, the world-building is superb, and the characters are quite likeable. This isn't like other stories were, with the main character and main love interest as the focus, the others are forgotten. No, in this story, they all have a role, which I find quite great.

You also don't forget to root for other characters, whether they are part of the main gang or not. You hope all of them... more>> survive.


I love each and everyone of the gang. In the latest arc alone, I love how salted fish Chief Shao aka Gold Daddy becomes the key in getting them their S-clearance. Wow. Look at that, even the littlest characters aren't forgotten.


The mystery is great. I love the Hearts and Spades Room for this reason alone. And the whole storyline about going home to reality and that there's a goal to every action... damn!! This is really top-tier.

This story is probably why I get scared of starting Earth is Online even though its written by one of my favourite writers. I heard good things about it, but I'm scared that it will not live up to it (especially when I read some spoilers about its characters). <<less
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Emphyteuta rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c6
Honestly this novel is really infuriating and I wouldn’t recommend it.

1. Every other sentence is about how great and super smart and soo calm our protagonist is which I found really excruciating after the third sentence like this. I did understand from the action and thinking of the protagonist that it was a smart move, the author didn’t need to emphatise this fact all the time. And the thing is, many times what the protagonist is doing is just common sense (which won’t be a problem if it’s not presented... more>> as the smartest thing ever).

I don’t really like novels in general when the protagonist presented in this way and I don’t think I can read more chapters from this fiction.

2. Every fact is explained over and over like the reader is some amobe whom needs consant supervision or it will dissolve in the plot of the novel (maybe the author is paid by the number of pages or something).

All in all the reader got a “calm and super smart” did I mention smart? MC who is exceedingly smart and sentences without end about the IQ of the MC and about the “complex” system of the novel. <<less
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Latirachu rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c71
Haven't completely finished it yet, since there are only 71 chapters up right now, but I like what I've read so far. The translations are good and so is the grammar, so for those who can't stand bad translations this isn't something to worry about for this one.

As for the plot, I'm not usually into the mystery and problem solving genre and read it on a whim since there were a ton of chapters, but I ended up really liking it so I'll definitely keep reading. It gives me a... more>> similar vibe to The World Is Online in that it is based around a death game-like premise. The games can be considered as required to be cleared and records can be made, and the "NPC" characters are not set in their ways and can be considered much like actual people with their own ideas and opinions and such. The relationship between the MC and ML can also be considered a bit similar.

In Card Room the games are more often known as Worlds, and each card suit specializes in a particular kind or world. This is noted in the beginning of the story, literally chapter two has a better explanation of everything, and this has a big enough role in the rest of the story that you literally cannot miss it so I'll only tell the basic idea for those who are reluctant to jump into it.

Everything takes place in the Card World. We don't know a lot about this world yet but basically each playing card is it's own small parallel world and after playing out their card's storylines the people connected to those mini worlds may move about freely within the main world (?). The four suits are the same as those of a typical card game, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs/Clovers. As I mentioned before each suit is focused around a particular kind of world, I will give a basic rundown but I recommend making it easy on yourselves and checking out chapter two as that is where all the rules are.

Basically, each suit has it's own specialty:
  • Hearts represent problem solving puzzles (like solving murder mysteries)
  • Diamonds represent a secret room with different mechanisms (escape rooms and mazes and the like)
  • Spades are survival rooms (the trend seems to be surviving for a certain period of time or completing a task while surviving some kind of event)
  • Lastly Clubs are challenge rooms (card games and possibly duels and similar activities between Challengers later down the line).
This much is simple and easy enough to understand. It's an interesting premise and each room has it's own plot and there are tasks that can be considered as mission objectives that must be checked off before one can successfully leave the card's world. Failure to complete the tasks in a certain time frame will get you sent to the punishment room, which appears to be similar in nature to whatever card world you just failed but with a harsher or more difficult criteria for success. Cannot be sure since MC hasn't gone through one personally and has so far only heard of one from a new acquaintance. Contrarily, by fulfilling certain benchmarks one can upgrade the extent of completion and have a chance at a bigger or otherwise better reward at the end.


Similar to the Props in TWIO, challenger's recieve Cards after completing a world, even getting more than one in some cases. These cards usually have something to do with the world they were just in and most if not all have powers like the props, and can be anything from tools like weapons to summoning cards that can bring in some kind of assistance like a hound or historical figure. This is mentioned in the story summary too actually, how MC gets several summoning cards. They aren't all consecutive or particularly op though, and most of the ones he has already need to be leveled before they're of much use.


Overall I love the story so far and look forward to following its progression. <<less
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