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Xiao Lou was killed in an accident and reborn in the Card World.

Each card here represents a secret room and clearing the instance will give a reward. Xiao Lou draws a card and thinks he could draw all types of equipment and weapons. As a result: Su Shi, Li Bai, Tao Yuanming… character cards keep coming one after another.

Xiao Lou, “???”

What was this escape game? What type of ghost made him keep drawing character cards?

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New DarkAngel268 rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c333
Currently reading the raws (*cough* 333 chapters done). I'm waiting for updates now. It's a good novel with survival as the main focus. In their respective fields, both the leads are amazing.

The thing is, there are four types of rooms they have to go into namely Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs - hence the name Card Room. They all have their respective themes. The Heart room is mostly focused on criminal investigation and since the ML is a police man and the Heart rooms get the maximum screen time, the... more>> ML waaay more highlighted than the rest of the characters. MC comes in second but still, seems less impressive than the ML.

Let's not even talk about the poor side characters, they aren't given focus most of time time. It's all ML and MC hogging the limelight. I would've liked it if both the leads, especially the ML, weren't so blatantly favoured.

Besides this though, the card rooms are interesting AF. Even without the romance, I wouldn't mind reading it. The romance is a slow burn (333 chapters in, and they're catching feelings now QAQ). It's worth it because otherwise I wouldn't have stuck around for 333 chapters! <<less
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New idledays rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c130
I like to think of this as The Earth is Online's slightly softer brother.

This novel addresses heavy topics, but lightens it up with moments of comedy to prevent it from being too heavy. It's pretty good for someone who wants to read about a survival world, but isn't too keen on a depressing atmosphere. There's a strong sense of hope and determination, and the relationships that (platonic & romantic) are super cute! The MC and ML feel like real and likeable people, even if they're slightly overpowered haha
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Ali06P rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c2
Tentative 5-star rating, based on the synopsis and faith in the translator's taste in novels.

This novel seems to be pretty interesting, and this translator is one of my favorite translators. Picking the exact kind of novels I want read; BL with actual, riveting plot.

Also wondering how this novel and the other novel the translator has on CG, have instantly gotten a 3-star rating, when it was just posted today. I see you BL haters.
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keinnan rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c37

I've read up to the currently released chapters of this, and would definitely recommend it! The mysteries are compelling, the characters both clever and complement each other beautifully, and the chemistry between them is tantalizing. MC is a doctor of forensics who has a hobby of solving escape room puzzles while ML is the head of a Major Crimes Unit who makes criminals tremble with just a look. One of the most hilarious moments in the first few chapters is when MC solves the novice puzzle room in 58 seconds (there were 4 puzzles, and you open a treasure chest after solving each one, so that's pretty much 10 seconds per puzzle), and there's a worldwide announcement of the puzzle room record being reset, which ML hears while being like "........." is still staring at the first puzzle with a headache after one minute. Meanwhile, the MC just barely makes it out of the zombie survival game a few minutes before the time limit after many harrowing escapes and creatively using all the props he's earned so far, and then hears that ML finished it in a record 15 minutes. (MC: WTF did he bring a bulldozer?) MC asks him later how he did it, and ML is like, I picked up a stick and bashed the zombies' heads in. (MC:... he really did bulldoze through it). In particular, the way they each solved the final boss in that room had me laughing for minutes. MC smartly figured out the boss's ruse and avoided the trap, meanwhile ML was like, "he turned out to be evil, so I killed him." MC:... very straightforward!

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astrobabe rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c133
Like everybody else, I love love LOVE this novel. I'm reading it everyday as the author releases new chapters. For all the people wondering, the "romance" or the very, very beginnings of it starts in the Spades 4 room. There have only been inklings but it's cute and funny.

Edit: *INTENSE CACKLING* Idk if the readers got antsy for the BL but the author started adding in a lot of sugar. ... more>>

Lots of mild, fluffy stuff like blushing and sweet thoughts. They're still not together, but it doesn't even matter.


Besides the general suspense and thrilling aspects of the novel that goes hand in hand with them solving mysteries, overcoming puzzles, and trying to generally survive against the rooms as well as unforeseen circumstances, I really like how the author uses the rooms to address heavy subject matters like r*pe or abuse of power and some other stuff. Also straight up dunks on stallion novels LOL.

The characters are wonderful. They're just generally well-intentioned, likeable people in a bad situation who happen to be super capable. I wouldn't say they're the most original by any means, but you can't help but root for them anyway and enjoy their dynamic.

I don't think you'll regret reading this one... well, except for not being able to find out what happens next when you hit the wall of available chapters T_T. Happy reading! <<less
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Iwanttoreincarnate rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: c89
My favourite is heart rooms.I mtl because I can't wait and reached the latest chapter. Mtl is easy to understand except for spade and clover game rules. I like both MC and ml. Two supporting characters are good too. Recommend it to people who like The Earth Is Online. Right now, there is not much romance and only focus on plot.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: c290
If you like puzzles, mysteries and some action along with highly intelligent MC/ ML along with extremely useful/ talented side characters, then this book is for you.

Translation - 10/10
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Latirachu rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: c71
Haven't completely finished it yet, since there are only 71 chapters up right now, but I like what I've read so far. The translations are good and so is the grammar, so for those who can't stand bad translations this isn't something to worry about for this one.

As for the plot, I'm not usually into the mystery and problem solving genre and read it on a whim since there were a ton of chapters, but I ended up really liking it so I'll definitely keep reading. It gives me a... more>> similar vibe to The World Is Online in that it is based around a death game-like premise. The games can be considered as required to be cleared and records can be made, and the "NPC" characters are not set in their ways and can be considered much like actual people with their own ideas and opinions and such. The relationship between the MC and ML can also be considered a bit similar.

In Card Room the games are more often known as Worlds, and each card suit specializes in a particular kind or world. This is noted in the beginning of the story, literally chapter two has a better explanation of everything, and this has a big enough role in the rest of the story that you literally cannot miss it so I'll only tell the basic idea for those who are reluctant to jump into it.

Everything takes place in the Card World. We don't know a lot about this world yet but basically each playing card is it's own small parallel world and after playing out their card's storylines the people connected to those mini worlds may move about freely within the main world (?). The four suits are the same as those of a typical card game, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs/Clovers. As I mentioned before each suit is focused around a particular kind of world, I will give a basic rundown but I recommend making it easy on yourselves and checking out chapter two as that is where all the rules are.

Basically, each suit has it's own specialty:
  • Hearts represent problem solving puzzles (like solving murder mysteries)
  • Diamonds represent a secret room with different mechanisms (escape rooms and mazes and the like)
  • Spades are survival rooms (the trend seems to be surviving for a certain period of time or completing a task while surviving some kind of event)
  • Lastly Clubs are challenge rooms (card games and possibly duels and similar activities between Challengers later down the line).
This much is simple and easy enough to understand. It's an interesting premise and each room has it's own plot and there are tasks that can be considered as mission objectives that must be checked off before one can successfully leave the card's world. Failure to complete the tasks in a certain time frame will get you sent to the punishment room, which appears to be similar in nature to whatever card world you just failed but with a harsher or more difficult criteria for success. Cannot be sure since MC hasn't gone through one personally and has so far only heard of one from a new acquaintance. Contrarily, by fulfilling certain benchmarks one can upgrade the extent of completion and have a chance at a bigger or otherwise better reward at the end.


Similar to the Props in TWIO, challenger's recieve Cards after completing a world, even getting more than one in some cases. These cards usually have something to do with the world they were just in and most if not all have powers like the props, and can be anything from tools like weapons to summoning cards that can bring in some kind of assistance like a hound or historical figure. This is mentioned in the story summary too actually, how MC gets several summoning cards. They aren't all consecutive or particularly op though, and most of the ones he has already need to be leveled before they're of much use.


Overall I love the story so far and look forward to following its progression. <<less
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erikvio rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c70
Tense mystery thriller.

The story follows Xiao Lou, a forensic scientist that gets trapped in a death game system after dying in order to get the chance to resurrect.

The closest comparison to this novel is The Earth is Online (if it was less fantastical and morbid), but I won't draw too many comparisons since I'm reviewing this fic in particular. Just know that you'll probably enjoy this if you liked EiO or wanted a version that is less intense/torture-porn-esque.

The setup is great for the games/mysteries. Since the challenges are organized around... more>> the theme of a deck of cards, the protagonists have to undertake challenges of increasing difficulty within different suits (hearts, spades, etc.). The suits have different types of challenges, which provides much appreciated structure and breaks in narrative tension. The heart (murder mysteries) and spade (survival) challenges are particularly tense, and take up the meat of the novel's word count. Clubs (pvp) can be tense or relaxed, depending, while diamonds (logic puzzles) are a fun break for the protagonist and for readers as well. This makes it pretty great for binge reading without getting burnt out by nonstop tension.

The challenges can be pretty harsh, and we're still early on. The mystery thriller vibe is a constant, and the protagonists are on the constant lookout for clues/information. Some scenes were actually pretty chilling.

The level of competency of the two protagonists is pretty exaggerated, imo, but if you've read similar power couple type novels, you'll probably ignore it pretty easily. It's nice that they aren't perfect, even as a duo, which allows for side characters to be relevant.

Their amazing luck with the gacha draws is a running gag, but I think this break from realism hurts the novel overall. At least the author is employing the rewards in creative ways. Personally think it'd be cooler if the leads were succeeding with tools still within the same realm as everyone else, just used more ingeniously; instead of getting super rare cards with great effects so the characters can be badass and for a running joke.

In fact, all the 'jokes' that break the rules and common sense of the world for the sake of humor were a weak aspect of the writing. It just brought attention to the fact that this is very much a fiction, which really broke immersion.

The relationship is definitely a slow burn. The MC and ML were only professional acquaintances before this all began, and it's nice seeing them slowly become more aware of one another. Emphasis on slowly. I probably wouldn't have picked up on anything if I didn't know this was BL due to the tags. They're easy characters to like, but I feel like we've only scratched the surface of these characters even 70 chapters in.

If I had a criticism, it'd be that irrelevant challengers are almost painfully two dimensional, and sometimes start fawning over the protagonists as big thighs to hold onto as a running gag (it doesn't happen often, only in club/spade). I don't think it was that funny, even the first time, and I think this is the type of novel where pointing out how cool they are makes them less so. Should've just let the actions stand on their own. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c43
different than I was expecting. I like it. The MC and ML excel in different areas and complement each other and both are smart and very observant which, given their professions, isn't that surprising. I just hope the MC doesn't suffer from a sudden drop in EQ later in the story. So far so good.

I think I was expecting some kind of card game, like star card trading, but it's nothing like those types of stories. It has nothing to do with a single game and more to do with... more>> the 4 suites and increasing difficulty, though if this story is going to have 52 rooms then it will be on the longer side by the time it's done. I read ahead until it got to the financial scenario and that was it for me. I'm more like the ML, I hate numbers, so working through that room in MTL is too much. My eyes went crossed and refused to focus and I skipped two pages before I decided to stop reading and just wait for the translations. <<less
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Sapphire-Saph rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c8
This is So GOOD!!!! LIKE I CAN'T EVEN!!! Askdjfhl I think its better than the earth is online tbh because it's really riveting and even though rn it's really short, you get drawn in. I legit growled when I came to the end of the translations 😂

Btw can we just show our appreciation for the translator like damn, they always pick the best stories to translate and they ROCK AT IT!!
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February 13, 2020
Status: c300
Literally one of my favorite novels to date. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is my favorite. Even though it's filled with situations my five IQ points can barely understand - especially when reading mtl - it still manages to keep me coming back over and over for the newest update.

(Well, not recently. The mtl has a habit of skipping random chapters which leaves the readers absolutely confused as to what's happening in the story, so I'm waiting for them to fix that before continuing. It hurts to wait,... more>> though 😢)

The romance is veeeeeeeeerrry slow. In fact, you don't get much of even a blush (in the shy, romantic way) until, like, chapter 200 or so. Probably a little farther ahead lol.

Even still, the plots are freaking awesome and intense. Everyone's so freaking smart and watching them slowly get stronger and closer as a team is very satisfying. The side characters in the team don't feel like side characters, which is great. They aren't there just to push how great our ML and MC are, even though they are lol. They all have their strengths and are all able to help in some way.

Reading the mtl is a little difficult, but worth the effort for the amazing plot.

My only complaint so far was a missing sentence in one of the plots which left me a little disappointed.


it was during the train to hell plot card. In the mtl, whilst Xiao Lou and ML are checking for clues and looking at the dead body, they come across some semen.

Lmao, ML has seen a lot of sh*t as a cop and was immediately just like "oh probably s&m play, " whilst Xiao Lou was like "People do this kind of weird stuff?". It's been a while since I read that part, so what I wrote in quotation is just a lose summary of how they reacted. What I found adorable was how ML went silent for a second and was just like "i feel like I've corrupted him.." in his head. He didn't say it exactly like that, but it was freaking hilarious and adorable lmfao.


I was disappointed not to see this scene in the fully translated version because it was sooooo cute.

But, yes. Now it's just a waiting game. Waiting for new chapters and the messed up ones to be fixed. 😭🥺🥰 <<less
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Ariens rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c72
Sadly I didnt read that it is still ongoing. Now I have to wait for it to be done before Im coming back to read the rest of it.

Overall. The MTL is easy to understand and the story plot is also interesting involving bunch of game type survival game.

The chapters when they looking for clues/hints about the murderer is quite long for me personally.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 9, 2020
Status: c289
The novel is really good!! 💕 Though the story has some (very little) lapses, it is really entertaining. I really ship the MC and ML, as well as the secondary BL couples.

9 of spades already, and I'm waiting for d chapters to be completed before I finish this novel.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rinshi rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c320
I started this novel mostly because I really like rainbowturtle's translations. I usually share her tastes and of course her translation quality is always top-notch ! And unsurprisingly, the story was just my cup of tea.

I had to MTL most of it, since, although rainbowturtle is already really fast, I am an extremely impatient person and could not stop myself. And to be honest, this is really easy to MTL. Barely any issues understanding what is going on (whereas with most other novels there is at least some degree of... more>> brainf*ck going on). The premise of the novel is really intriguing and something new and refreshing. The different kinds of card rooms keep the story exciting and the mysteries are well-handled. Although, it did have some boring moments and some rooms were not as exciting as others, it overall really kept me on my toes and left me wanting to read more. The MC and the ML are both extremely likeable and have their own distinct personalities. They also have great chemistiry, and both of them seem like the perfect pairing, not just for romance but also for solving mysteries (which is, granted, kinda obvious given their real-life professions :P) !

I would definitely recommend it! <<less
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_shinigami_ rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c304
If liked earth is online type of novel then you will also like this one.

the dynamics between the members and their cooperation as well as their character stand out in different settings. Sure the MC and ML is the main focus but their teammates were were not treated as shadows as they all have roles to play in.

the plot is engaging, a page-turner if I may say and as for the romance, its a slow burn but the author is pleasant enough to throw some fluffs here and there
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cole rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c120
this is really really good, although the romance is slow, there are some bits and pieces of fluff and it's really cute.

the MC is smart and cautious while the ML is the typical action person, they really have a good chemistry.

the side characters are also useful and have good mentality.

the plot is also very nice, you won't be bored and the mystery solving are very interesting.

all in all, 10/10, I just hope more chapters would be here soon.
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YellowNoodle rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: c64
I had nothing to read and this was in my bookmarks and I really didn't want to read because I'm a reader who usually reads chapters in bulk when the series is completed BUT I couldn't control myself 😋.

This is so good. Super super good. The card worlds are quite original in the sense that I haven't seen them in other novels.

Characters are likeable and the plot is slowly unfolding as well as the hidden pits.

I can't help but wait for more exciting chapters to come and unveil the mystery... more>> of the card world.

And as a previous reviewer said, the romance hasn't barged in your face but the hints are there.


It's especially glaring when the ML thought about how Xiao Lou would be a good man to his wife. Hahaha, don't worry ML, Xiao Lou is your wife.


Now I have to control myself and not go mtl <<less
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August 22, 2019
Status: c9
Main character is similar to a detective and solves different things in a game world/system.

The chapters are very wordy. The beginning can be pretty dry to be honest. There's not much action. I think it gets better later? Or maybe it's because I've read too many mystery/detective novels haha.

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xanxan19 rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: c5
Currently reading this one. Because its still on first chapters so there's not much development, I havent see the ML too. Aside the BL tag, this one is quite good, and its fun to solve the case too. Tbh I already guess in the first case, its the husband but I dont know that he also killed the cousin, I dont know if our MC solved it perfectly is good or not. The real plot tho, very very scary.

Until this point I gave it 5 stars, its easy to read... more>> but also made you wonder about the puzzle, so far so good. Almost like Earth is online vibe.

Its amazing how can novel that still on going and only around 30 chapters already get low rating. Like, you dont even know whats the real plot and already judged it bad. Wow. <<less
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namio rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c32
Just MTLed the first 32 chapters (the author double-updates all their paid chapters) and BOY was I sad I hit a dead end so soon! The MC and ML have amazing chemistry, but especially in regards to cooperating as professionals-- the first big mission of the second "book" is their first real cooperation, a school murder mystery, and it was a blast to read. ML being the head of a Major Crimes Unit and MC being a doctor of forensics, they both use their professional experience and skills to add... more>> their part to the overall puzzle, but it's all done in such a way that the "secret room" feeling never goes away. Ultimately, what they do is dig deeply into the depths of the mystery, and the author gave us a lot of meat on this bone.

Also, the MC and ML work so well together and are so good at what they do I'm just thirsting for them to get together o (-- ( <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c122
This is excellent as an "infinity room" survival game type of novel. Very creative powers + varied games! The romance is very limited, so there's very light BL and the MC and ML don't have much character depth. The translation is great, so kudos to the translators/editors. I would read this for the plot/action rather than particularly excellent reading quality, moving romance, or life-like characters.
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