I Wasn’t Born Lucky


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“I wasn’t born a lucky person, I’m just too strong.”

On his way home late in the evening, Xiao Li found a letter asking for help and inexplicably came to an unknown place. He had to finish the task given before he could succeed in returning to reality. In the legendary haunted school, Xiao Li looked at his companions’ task of ‘survive until dawn’ and then looked at the tasks displayed in his book:

Tell me your name.

Tell me what you like.

Kiss me.

Xiao Li: ????

He was very confused and then refused.

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astrobabe rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: c50
There are three issues I have with this novel:

    1. The ML sucks. He's a creep, not only through his excessive, aggressive sexual badgering in book form but also the s*upid dreams. :thinkingface: "I'm certain that my love interest (MC) would really enjoy being chained up to a bed in his dreams and being touched and kissed without consent, especially after he's rebuffed me five dozen times while awake and conscious." It's also nice that MC conveniently is unable to remember these dreams where he's harassed.
    1. The MC is ?????.... more>> He seems to be inconsistently characterized by the author. He's mostly a robot a lot of the times. I think he's emotionally stunted, but there doesn't seem to be a very comprehensive reason why. He's super smart but also kinda dumb, and I mostly say that because he starts thinking that the ML in book form is cute for seemingly no apparent reason. The only characteristic of the MC that I find remotely interesting is his compulsive curiosity.
    1. Theres... like zero tension in any of the instances. The MC just walks around and does whatever he wants with no consequence because he's being protected by ML. The mysteries of the instances and the ghosts will just eventually be solved because the MC will conveniently get hand-held as he takes merry strolls. Then he just deduces everything. The end. I think it's supposed to be funny when people react to him doing supposedly dangerous things and coming out unscathed, but the way the author writes it makes it really matter-of-fact. It doesn't have the comedic punch it should like it does in other novels. It should be suspenseful or it should be funny. But it's neither.
Honestly, the first two ghosts that the MC meets and befriends are more interesting characters than ML or MC. And they don't even do that much. <<less
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IndusEla rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c88
Personally, I don't understand the praise this novel is getting in the reviews. I'd much rather read other novels of this genre which are better, like The Earth Is Online and Card Room.

I can't really think of any pros but I sure do have a lot of cons to talk about. This novel is pretty bland and didn't leave a positive impression on me even though I've read close to a hundred chapters already, waiting for it to get better. But it didn't. It's not bad, just... forgettable. Really forgettable.


  • The MC: Bland and two dimensional. Although you come across a bit of the main character's back story, it doesn't really connect with you because the MC is so utterly bland. I've read so much and still, I don't have a strong impression of him. It's his stoic and cold disposition (common in Chinese novels) which makes him such an uninteresting main character. You don't understand what's going on in his head, and the lack of connection to him just sucks the fun out of reading.
  • The Love Interest: Eighty-eight chapters in, and I don't have strong feelings for this guy either. Eighty-eight chapters. He is just this bunch of random lines that shows up to expand the chapter length. The only qualities I've come across through his random and jarring appearances in the novel is that he's obsessive, creepy, a stalker, and just an unpleasant person.
  • The Side Characters: They are just there to highlight how awesome the MC is. While most people are struggling and can't figure out how to solve the mysteries, the MC is literally breezing through it, charming these foolish side characters with his indestructible main character halo. They are just as out of the loop as the readers.
  • The "Missions": Tragically uninteresting. In the other novels I mentioned before, the missions made sense and the reader was able to see the logic and how the characters achieved the result that they did because it made sense. But here? Nothing makes sense. It just happens and while the other characters are just as out of the loop as us readers, the MC smoothly sails through it with absolutely bullsh*t logic. None of the clues connect and you have to just sit there and read what's happening because you cant make sense of it - like why did the MC randomly stab the ghost ship without logic or reason? And then BAM, in the next chapter this random thing he did to seemingly check the sharpness of a weapon is the ultimate clue the MC knew all about. It's gets annoying real fast. Basically, the arcs don't make sense and they are just there to make the readers go "oh man, I don't understand anything but the MC is so OP, he made logic disappear and arrived at this conclusion which didn't even need build-up and logic. Wow, he is so cool". No, he isn't cool. The missions are shit.
Oh, I remember what I liked about this novel. First off, the translation quality is good and secondly, the MC collects ghosts which are pretty cute (their behavior, I mean). That's it.
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Larsn rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: c131
Really good. I really like this story. I heard people say it's bland and repetitive and the MC has no personality, but I completely disagree.

The story is funny, each world is interesting and involving, (and most importantly not too long, contrary to some worlds in Card Room, for example. Like the Heart Rooms. I found myself almost completely skipping them after the C level ones...)

The MC has various (though subtle, perhaps) layers to him. I found him particularly cute at times and cool at others. It is... more>> true that he's perhaps a bit too OP compared to others, but each main side-character still does its part in the end. They each have their own skills set, characteristics and background, whcich makes them more likable. Besides that, I like the MC's attitude with ghosts. Although at times a bit exaggerated by now, it's still funny and can immediately break the tension.

The ML is, perhaps, the only thing which I really don't like. He's a total creep and a control freak - at least at the beginning. More than when he's a yellow little book, I had difficilty swallowing his behaviour when he manifested himself at the start. Especially during those dubious dreams (?). That is not how a healty relationship should be like. Consent is important, people.

Fortunately, in the latest chapters he starts calming down. Especially in his human form he has quite a good personality for now, caring after the MC. The dreams (?) have gotten better as well.

Contrary to what others may think, what I like most about this pairing is exactly it's slow pace. The MC doesn't fall in love with a book and, although he likes the ML's human person, he does not fall immediately in love with that either. Especially not after hearing the other's reason for liking him is just that he is 'cute'. And the true reason the ML is after him is obviously not really just because he likes his face, contrary to what he says (I'm really curious to know what's behind that as well).

In short, this is really an interesting story and my favourite of its gender so far. Although it has some elements which aren't exactly good (like the, at times, exaggerated OPness of the MC or the creepiness of the ML at the beginning) it is, overall, still menageable and a pretty good read. <<less
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Sin devil
Sin devil rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c49
Nice plot with elements of comedy and horror.

The MC is intriguing and, thank god, doesn't have a holy Father attitude. ML is cute and a big pervert but he takes good care of his wife.:)

The horror plots are small but bewitching. I got hooked up once I started.
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hy-d-ra rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c100
Revisited review.

Can't help, but revisit my own review due to the shift of my opinion of this novel. The shift happened due to the following thoughts.

The more you read, the more you realize that the "romance" part of it is not exactly unbalanced, so far it's practically dead. Some people might have rushed, while tagging this as 'yaoi' and my problem doesn't lie in that, since I never care if the story is not romance-oriented, but it makes the story look odd, especially the furniture ML. With instances coming and... more>> going one after another and his inability to appear before the MC, unless it's his thoughts as Little Yellow Book, his presence in the story is very little. Here and there he expresses his yellow thoughts, and sometimes there's a line how he mysteriously appears and disappears, but it totally ruined his character and doesn't allow his character to be redeemed. Why redeemed? Well, from first chapters the ML strangely acts as if they're a married couple with MC and except from yellow thoughts it seems nothing comes out from his mouth. This makes you care less and less about him and their relationship with Xiao Li at all. I'm sure some want the switch of ML for someone else because of his weird attitude. Though he's not the worst ML I've seen, at least he doesn't kill people left and right because someone dared to look at his precious.

Next part is the story. Since it's an ironic horror it has a lot of humor twists based on MC's actions and words that contradict "standard" behavior in dangerous or ghostly situations. He befriends ghosts, trolls them etc. Unlike other reincarnators Xiao Li doesn't see the instances as something horrible, due to his lacking emotional range, life and autistic behavior (thanks to obvious family neglect), he perceives meeting ghosts and solving puzzles as biggest excitement there is. But due to repetitive actions this can become a bit tedious, especially when real life parts get so little of time and instances follow closely one after another. But Xiao Li is actually quite charismatic, he acts quite logically so it's interesting to follow him. Plus he doesn't fall for ML's provocation, which I think is a plus, since ML comes as overbearing.

All in all, the first review I wrote was around 50 chapters. And it was good. At 100 chapters my impression dimmed a little, though Xiao Li still stays the moving force that makes me follow this novel. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c163
i read this through MTL. from BL point of view it's really a sloooow burn romance. well, so if you want to find some romance you got the wrong corner. the story contain many arcs, and every arcs have different horror and mysteries inside. the mysteries and horror plot are good, but the characters foundation are lacking. overall, it's worth noting for if you want a little break from dog blood drama novels, or you just want to read some horror and mysteries with BL taste in it.

every story arc... more>> are quite intriguing. it's a mixed up horror and mystery solving, so I really like it. the horrors also quite thrilling, somehow makes me didnt want to read it in a dark room LOL. also, the horror stuff are taken from many sources, from the cliches school horror types, into bloody marry, sadako, even western devil. though actually I really wanted for it to explore the folklore in China, so I feel a little bit dissapointed.

the characters are so-so. personality wise, the MC is actually just a simple character. he's super lucky. I still dont know if he has a supernatural power or not until the latest chapter, but he's lucky and got a golden finger that is the OP ML. also, he likes to bully the ghost and treat them just like any other human, so he somehow makes acquaintance with some powerful ghost and collected them. whenever there's a ghost tried to hurt him it'd always failed, whether it failed because he bullied the ghost, got a help from the ghost he collected, or it failed because the interference from the ML (the ML is OP). so the MC doesnt really has a good character building. still I ignore it since I just read it for the mystery and horror LOL.

the supported characters are even more worse, even though they've appeared many times, they dont really have a solid existence, like they're just there to be the younger brothers the MC collected. whether they're there or not it's actually make a little difference to the MC, since at the end the MC will wander around by himself searching for clues, collecting ghost for his army, and finally cracking the mystery. so, the other chara are a perfect example for the word "cannonfodder". also, aside from MC and ML, until the latest chapter there's still not one human character worth noting for, not for a rival nor an enemy.

the romance... it's still ongoing, so even until the latest chapter 163, the MC and ML still having push and pull relationship, though actually the MC's feeling now is starting to bud, not bloomed yet LOL. many people think the ML is a yandere or a freak because he likes pestering the MC and describing his desire so boldly through written words. but actually I feel the ML is still normal, his twisted thoughts are just a bunch of words, it's just like you're typing/writing madly on your diary or social media expressing your love toward your idol, something like : "ahhh my husband I love you", "i want to marry you now", "i want to kiss you so badlyyy", "ahh I'm so jealous to the girl next to you", "ahhh please just look at me"----- and stuffs like that, so it's actually understandable right? beside, the ML doesnt do anything crazy to the MC, so I dont understand why people called him a freak. <<less
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_shinigami_ rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c163
the MC is a mix of the MC in a crowd of evil spirits and ghost knows what I experience.

MC is the my pace type of guy, he has an extremely curious side that it always gets ahead of him. Being a mistress born MC had some sort of this unfeeling attitude about his family. He has this introverted attitude of just being by himself.

As for ML he could come of domineering and aggressive. Always taking advantage of MC in his dreams. The only thing I like about him so... more>> far is he just let MC satisfy his curiuosity. Right now his identity is still a bit mysterious though

the devil had hinted that ML might be some god or a higher being

. Oh he also redeems himself by stopping his harassment and showing up in person.

As for solving things.

MC tend to explore things, observe then deduce. He is a risk taker and like I said a my pace type of guy. <<less
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July 3, 2020
Status: c148
Oh I love it. I love how the MC is an introvert but feel comfortable with ghost. I dont read horror novel often yet this is the second time then I love their horror aspect as its give a slight anxiety when reading along. The only thing I found bad about this novel is the ML. At the start I could guess who is the ML and had supported him greatly. I like how kinky he is. But with the lack of romance I wasnt looking forward to the ML.... more>> I blame the fact that he seem to be taking up MC time. I had personally fell in love with MC which means I might be biased. Anyway The best part of the novel is listening to the ghost calling ML the evil spirit. Also I love BLOODY MARY. <<less
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Brumalis rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c130
This story is really good. At the beginning I found it a bit boring but this is one of those rare stories that only get better with time.

If you like good horror, fantastic translation and cute romance, this is perfect for you.
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orenjisun rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: c161
Thank you to Rainbow Turtle for translating this interesting novel. Love the characters and the plot.
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rhianirory rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: c153
Sadly, the story is still ongoing. Sigh.

I really like the MC, who is clever and reminds me a little of Master Gu from A Crowd of Evil Spirits, though less overly nice. This MC, too, seems to be asexual, emotionally detached, and lives in a world of his own; he is a lot more practical than Gu though, and a lot less patient with the ghosts. The copies are interesting, but the time in between, when he's in the real world, is so short, (less than a day usually),... more>> that the story outside doesn't progress much after a certain point and most of the MCs motivation and why he's so strong remains a mystery.

As for the ML

I'm not a big fan of the "I will stalk you and sexually harass you until you give in" type of ML and apparently it's the same for a lot of other fans. The author realized it and eventually stopped with the worst of it. The ML stopped harassing the MC through the book and started showing up in person. He's a lot more restrained as himself (so far), but it's fairly easy to see the person connected to the book


also, I don't understand the logic

behind changing from Sherlock to Moriarty. The first guy knew his real name already, so why does it matter that the second guy also knows his real name? The change in name seems to be there purely for causing comedic misunderstandings between two side characters and makes no logical sense within the story. Why does he suddenly care about a name when he hasn't cared about much of anything (except playing games) since the whole story started?

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Ali06P rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: c2
I'm posting a review on this novel and the other novel this translator has started today, because some other guy put a three star rating on them, probably cause it has a yaoi tag.

Anyway I'm gonna give it a five star rating cause it seems funny, yet thrilling and I need a new BL novel after the end of #1 Lazy Merchant of The Beast World, and Game Loading.
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Misqua rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c131
I love, love, love this story!!

I like how he is so darn unconventional with the ghosts. Sure anyone with a normal self-preservation can never imagine approaching problems like this- but his puzzle solving excitement I suppose trumps a lot of that. He is really a lot like Sherlock in that way- sucky in social interactions, inexplicable in his hunting and weird in his explanations and ultimately comes out as a genius.

The others are not inferior to him, really I am sure they are competent in their own rights- it's just... more>> I think they fall to a bit of fan worship every time- whether they know or not. I don't grudge them that- if I were ever to meet Sherlock- I will hanger on to his every word and every action too!

The ghosts are interesting! And I like how he turns totally inescapable ways to his benefit.

I will deduct 0.01 points though- for the fact that no one really got mad and attack instead of... well, I suppose ghosts are set in their ways and any deviation is gonna trip them up.

Besides MC-poo has his own support group.

About the romance thing- I like it. I know people find it stagnant.

But 1. It is not the focus, not really.

2. And I think the ML was scared of rejection- which was easier to take as a inanimate object rather than a person.

They were both shy in their interactions... even it did not seem like that first. But it was cute! <<less
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Enther rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: c20
Inoffensive, but boring. There's nothing making me hate the novel, like say the characters being s*upid or the plot being illogical, but it's just really boring.

I really love the little ghosts that the MC has interacted with so far though, so I might end up reading it all the way just to see more of them.
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Fiaro rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c101
It’s like an episodic tv show; the state of the world and the characters never really change, even though each “episode” is moderately interesting. But after 100 chapters, I want to see character growth. And the MC in this story still hasn’t even shown that he has a personality in the first place, much less growth. There are also a few places where the MC pulls an answer out of nowhere without any logic whatsoever. If this were a tv show, I’d probably watch the first season and enjoy it,... more>> but I wouldn’t watch season two. The translation is great, though, and some of the ghosts are cute. <<less
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September 24, 2019
Status: c11
I am not getting the comedy in this... So far, the MC is just an indifferent, good looking, yet lucky bore of a person and is even somewhat of a jerk. The side characters aren't funny or interesting either.. The ML is definitely the most interesting so far (his mysterious character, his plot in the story, and the way he acts), but I am not sure if this is good or bad.

I will check back when I read more.
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ShioriSai rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: c145
I really like this novel, actually I'm not really a fan of scary novels. I don't even know why I was so obsessed with infinite flows when I was so easily scared.

However, this novel just happened to really fit my taste, specially the comedy, and ML's occasional dirty dreams.

The MC was also the type that I really like in this genre.

I just hope that this novel would be finished soon, so the translator can finally pick up their translations.
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Lanemesis rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c143
I honestly love this novel to death.

No kidding.

At first I was confused and scared, but then I realized that... Nothing is as frightening as the MC. Excluding ML, he's just a yellow gay book, shameless and confusing. Strong, but meh. He's wasting it with his personality.

... more>>

MC was unlucky perhaps, entered this kind of horror game. The game package came along with a yellow book, literally and metaphorically—The ML. Nothing known about his real identity, but his human form was already revealed. So, MC is like a heaven-defying guy, super OP, like how could you befriend (not so much for them, poor Ghosts) Ghosts so easily? Ghosts are scared of him cuz *beep*. So in this game, he have 3 identities as for now, and basically destroyed the image of those three owners of names he was borrowing from. Two of it made it to top list and spectators speculated that they're enemies (hint hunt, names). He have two friends, and they each supporting different person when technically they're the same person, MC's fault here, he's too lazy to reveal his identity and alternating using his pseudonyms. At present, the global instance of the game has been opened, so I am expecting something to happen, maybe the real plot. And the relationship is suppperrr slow, kind of wanting to just locked them in a room so they would at least do something. Or not. This isn't for you who love fall-in-love-at-the-first-sight novels, also those who don't like OP MC. Example, he could use his Ghosts friends to clear each instances and earn S rating. He also could avoided death effortlessly. And he used the ghost without the ghosts's consent and they're not happy at all seeing him again.


Aside from the suppperrr slow romance—I'm just exaggerating it, this is a good novel. I don't feel scared when I saw the Ghosts in this novel. I feel pity, they would always ended up scared of MC.

Forgive my confusing English. <<less
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Foreveralone rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: c66
I wanted to finish this story, I really did, but at chapter 66, my patience finally ran out. The MC is calm, level headed, and smart, which would normally be a good thing... if there was a decent foil to his persona or if he seemed to struggle with, well, anything. I'm all for a stalker/obsessive ML, but in this story he just comes off as perverted without really doing anything. The MC doesn't struggle at all with these "dangerous" instances and just breezes right through them and any time... more>> there would even be a hint of possible danger, the ML causally redirects him away from it. I was really looking forward to the horror aspect, but

half the time its the MC who scares the ghost due to his always calm/never scared personality, and he treats the ghosts more like minor inconveniences than bloodthirsty evil spirits

, so there wasn't really much horror in my opinion. its a shame, really. <<less
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March 16, 2020
Status: c79
At first the story was kinda intriguing its making me want to read more but as the plot goes by and more missions occur it really became boring. I have already read up to chapter 78 but the progress between the ML and MC is still stock like the first or second chapter of the story.
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